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-. taker 2S, 1 5111
nifieant. coming from the soarce It
doet. Ten, ye. een a yetrt sfo.
Lft Advisers Ure Him for
Ctmpiiio Haaafcr Could
Fetch Insnrenta
bo preacher fa a itreit Soothers city Oilldm Thrvmn tt tJb Air d
would have dared such an utterance. Ctot lo W Willi Ijm .
But cur people ar bucfanlngr to Ttwy fkrreMi.
think and to study the cause for oar
retarded lodottrlal development here M'xko cttr &L 2-
in the South, where e tsar all the ras. resident of
natural advantage. And aa oar Acu m town ls ?
....... rnt. htr. v v..t.. l . ... Chiapas, was cruel d br th rbJ-
rr41 ..... leal ilmrrar, Ioa',,, i Charaula Indians when they
" I,1Tf " " The day 1. not far distant when wcke4 thal Saturday, ao
k Mat IW Oatl-Think New lne rreat goUtQ Is j,olng 4o ?ree her cordis to telarramt recited fey El
elf from, the erasn of a noiitir! Pr 10-wgni iroa Ttttua pat-
iKihl Harmonize
liiinn to lie Made? in
.tr-on Post, Sept. 17.
York, Sept. A special dis-
hrsy that is as antiquated as it la
vicious and destructive. Krer since
the war, the South his !een kept in
the demoTitlc column by appeal to
sectional hatred and nr!n1ir Itnt
a new ra is (iuwn:nr. the era of had Un Ieft for da4- aftr bTtc
lerrret. the State capital.
Tfc story brought to the Bed
Crott headquarters tolday by Fran
co's wife and later coo finned from
other sources. The woman herself
World from Beverly political and Industrial independence.
The end of the rein of a get of sif
and political advisers of seeking ' political demn?cruej, who
T if t have nearly corn- thrive on keeping our p-o:e bllndel
r work to bring about the by prejudice, is in s;?fct.. Thtr South
ion of the President at the ia about to emerge
a a era of
,:iM:can national convention, political slavery that" ha coat her
y finished do they consider millions of dollars In money and us
( rt that they already count told suffering and hardship among
i k-nt renominated, and are our people. .
for his re-election. a
efforts between now ana
1st will be on these two
The ousting of Postraaster-
T. L
Farrow, Kr., of Winston, Oom
mit Suicide.
coatrM of the Republican national Lying on his back at the foot of an
i . v, rr-m ( r. rr f r altar In tho M a "inn ir !oii?( room on;
William Loeb, of New York, the nun noor o: tne Masonic iem-j . , . ,
chairmanship of the next Pie with a bullet wound in nis right - -
ten stabbed several times with a
lance by an Indian.
Aerording to the stories that ba
reached Tuxtla Gutlemey, the !nur-
r-t(r committed their depredatioss
In a manner most barbarous.
Women and children were siaugh
tered by the mobs, one of whote
leaders was a fanatical priesf. He
was one of those killed. Refugees
declare the Indians made of the mas
facre of babies a gruesome sport,
tossing them high into the air and
i catching them on the tips of their
Mil la u' tut ltUUtnn t ltf
Schools and Colleges
mi a mm m m m
iiwrri SM9S
or uurn.
rmnmast to th ordrf of th S-
PrIor Cosrt el W&ka) Cois&tjr 1 ih
caj of CaxiU U BrmfiU7 ul&stj
f?lA fJ. flrt! in AtLm 1 t!l t
2tr for aal ml th batt-Wttt doer j r.BQVCWttJT , .lM,frtiiirsf,
Of SepUSber. lflU th folloS& W-fl f re?!M tVw
piece or parcel ef tsd adiolaisi the j U--SWU Ul341.3 IX-Tr, i-C.
Gray Maasey hoaeu,a4 W. B- Brast-I t5 t H
ley and others, bo&44 aa fol!ot: t w irtei ta tu tr.
Beginning at a stikt en the Hal-1 tfff?:t
t.ga ana Tirtoro road near . H. tee?rMi 4 .rf
TiranUey'i hour, thet.ee Martjr st SSilKSS. wtt ltL
to the ih-pond branch, thesce do a, a. tx. Dl Kiia, x.t
aid branch to the little creek, thnc?
up said creek to the said Maeyf Mrwwi
line to the road, thence do a thc!1 FOu OluiATAED
road to the beginning
fifty acre more or lets.
C. M BERN A Till.
Terms: Cash.
July 34. 19111
Hf Wht f tff w M
lr eiJ.'...y4 wnagant Drnmrn
rti rMr 4mti4 trw
Nr f w ksl1
mis. uiai cms Alio. ft.
Sccred Cenrl Collcca
' Sfl fc(p f K mLt lr i&4 tM?l4 r
. a j. X . . A. . A V. . n
( nal committee, to Da seiectea xempie, jusi aoove iue ear anu a -
. the conclusion of the convention, calibre Remington revolver on the( ML Olive Tribune (Democratic.) 3
after-General Hitchcock has floor about a foot away, the body ot, f . ... tw rttltr,trfcrtna mnP
I .hU "V V (pj Vwj m -
I Hnrs hara hon rnmmitfwl Hht npar
or tne national iour years. wa8 xouuu IU1S au, .
a successor is ny tne coiorea janitor at me Mason-j Wfiekg; an(J tfaat neither of the perpe
ic lempie. ju me aitar iue diuic
i us i iiiii . i- " -
. t i m t , rr T ... C" " A
rrnincfd tnat ne nas reiirea irom .yr. i. a--, rduuw, oi., t&w uu;-
cbairmansnip oi me nauouai iuui ; , "-"".".."" f Mount Olive during the past few
con.ittee, and that
toMing tne omce. " "'"i tratora of these two revolting crimes
Th.s these leaders declare Is not was opened at the 18th Psalm, the e been apprehendedf ls suffiCient
0; that Mr. Hitchcock has not re- pages being held down by a square , f gecUon ge.
:r.e 1 and cannot resign until mere anu compos. j rf pause. Conditions hereabouts
meeting or tne executive com- iue upm u . iu tUB. ..fc..i would indicate that the vicious and
r.:--.- oi the national committee, fired while Mr. t arrow naa nis nana; .. . . am0ne the negro
There has been no meeting of the on the Bible and was kneeling at the( populatiorit are rapidiy increasing,
cf x- .tite since the election of altar. A note was left by the ae-j and the gituation m03t assUredly calls
rre?i!ent Taft. ceased giving instructions about the. fQr gtremious effort3 and specU1 ac.
There will be a meeting of the disposition of his body, and saying! Uyty the parfc of our people tQ
national committee in the early parthat he did not see any "use in try-' ed Qut thIg vicious and lawless ele
of December. Soon after there will -Big to fight it out." ! ment. A little more of this sort of
v., o rrtine- of the Presidents The coroner aeciaea an inquest
is a
Voadari. TodT a4 Wadacadif 1 Wrn
dell (Wall BuikUnc): TbardaTi. frt4T and
ftr. JM P. Slraaft. tt 15,
S tuniajt. KslrUrti. N.
tiooil Back Ba.ldtBf).
C (Commerctai Na-
fiends and political advisers at the , unnecessary. The deceased was
House for the purpose oi aDout ai years oi age. sencu
the Postmaster-General out as city tax collector for Winston for
of coiiiniission,
politically. At tho nine years.
same time tne name oi wiiiiam uucu,
will be put forward, as the proper Coroner Calledto Sit on Amputated
man to stand at the helm of the next .
oralozen leaders, who are close Durham. X. C. Sept. 26-Ooro-to
the President, no one supports ner Jordan was to-day called into
Mr Hitchcock politically. All are the country a mile or two by the
after his calp. President Taft has finding of an amputated leg belong
been a;;r:sed of the -fight against ing to an unknown colored manr
hi, Po:c:aster-General and the man Two colored boys were rummag
who -ered ibis course for his first ing about in the woods and ran upon
campaign. He has been told Mr.1 a lard can thrown into ravine.
Hitchcock cannot run the next fight, They opened it and found the dis
tor can the next campaign Se run membered part. It was an abnom
f is.t nn, xvas con- ally large leg. bigger at the ankle
.wt ThP President is said to have than it could possibly have been, at
acquiesced in the matter, but is re- the hip No explanation had been
' lotti Mr Hitrhcock given for its appearance where it
gV He believes that the next cam-; was found up to this afternoon The
iaign must be conducted more open; theory of the coroner is that it was
L. Mia mt h reached cut off at the colored hospiUl and
iore direcUy: and tha't this cannot ordered buried, the JJ
be done by the Hitchcock methods, away having decided to get rid of it
Can Enlist Insurgents.
i thing and we will be in the midst of
m . . 1 t ,
a veritaDie reign oi lawiesbiitss,
where "murder stalks abroad." This
is strong language, but the situation
calls for such. It is time our people
were waking up, to the end that the
life of our people may be protected
and the good name of our town and
section preserved.
None of the leaders believe there
in the best way.
They say if there is
it will not mase any maierwi in
will be any trouble in getting cou-j Hqw would you like to number
trol of the organization the Post- ulends by mnitons as Bucklen's
master-General has built up since he Arnlca galve does? It3 astounding
became the head of the Postoffice In the past forty years made
Department, They say ii mere ia It. t bSt in the world
. fnr sores. ulcer3. eczema, burns.
' niia soaids. cuts, corns, sore eyes,
The leaders who have their eyes j SWiiings, bruises, cold sores.
on Collector Loeb believe tnat m mm j fof Ues Twenty-five
the party has a man who can get centg &n druggists.
the support of the insurgent element .
of the party once Mr. Taft is nomi-'. AGENTS WANTED.
natd. They count on the close
relationship between Mr. Loeb and We want agents to represent The
Former President Roosevelt bringing Caucasian in every county jrhere we
x c . . .r not ntrpadv renresented. - Write
to the support oi Mr. lau we 7 " to
velt wing of the party
The new text-books adopted by the
State Text-Book Commission, will
call for an outlay by patrons o the
Public Schools of more than $i00,
000. The Republicans introduced a
Littleton Female College.
Our fall term will begin Septem
ber 20, 1911.
For catalogue, address
Littleton, N. C
International Correspondence Schools
vill trata you, during spare time, foi
Government posltloa or to fill a re
sponsible technical posltioa at a larg
.r salary thaa you are now gettiag
For full Information, fill out th
roupoa below and mall It to our
Washlngtom omce.
D. Haaley. Supt, "I. C. 8.." Wash
ingtOB, D. C Office 619, Pena
sylvanla Avenue, N. W.
Bear Sir: Please send me lafor
matlom as to how I can become r
, mentloa &Gt
ion) by spare time study wliou
leaving my present work uatil 2 an
4y aame la
Street and No
rows aaa stato
tttJ I tISJM Mn hftari. talda m4 nM
tl ma ia tbc Lhcrarr Zrpzrinni !
Piedmont UiQh School
Far Ustiom tl Kbt UamOa.
9 b fttMwjaae A .ny arWaMiaOMt IHta
mm trm t H3i a4 fM3a.
TIIK NOJtTli ainouxA
UldhHtiC AttTS
The State I odaat rUl CoBtv
iMMrthr I f i an Mm tea nat a3 1m
C E. Tartar. tifiKlx at Wk far! Caet.
la Kr aotaAna tara I ct la lata aaii wf
Um emutirp at aaa ttMra 4ttnmi
E- T. w. Mabr af t
Far 6Uartrt4 catmWa vtrn ta
Lawadalc, JK. C
State Normal and
Industrial College
Maintained bf the Statt tor the Wooaen ef
North Caroliai- FTt rtsa'ar Cooraet leadiac
to Desrrt-ea. SpecUl Coara for tacher. Trea
taitioa to thoa who agree to Weoro tcbra is
the State. Fail Session besrio Seottcbfrrr 13.
1911. For catalosn and other loforraaltoa ad
JULIUS I. FOUST, Prcsidtnt. CrefSaber. H. C
Fonf-year coumt la AxrtenUvre;
Ia Civil, Bitrkat. a&d Uecha&Scal
Esgt&eerific; In IsdettrU) Chtaia
try; 1& Cotton llaanfactqrtsf aai
Dytl&g. Two-ytar eourtca ta Me
chanic Arti and In Textile Art. On
year course In Agrlcultare. Theee
courc are both practical and atien
tific. Exxsiicatlont for admUtloa are
heid at all county-! on July 11,
For catalofue add re
a in
Vet IUlHtft. N. a
V V " a t attt h aww tU
Wfcm" writing our school drr
tiaera. please mention thU piper.
Guilford College
For Both Men and Wonuw
Courses ia Mathematics, Ancient and Modra Lnaurs. History, Cattish Uterttore.
Phiiosophr. and the Natural Scinees. Dt art ment i ia Bible Stttdf and Maale. Notod for
thorougb instruction. bib moral tone, and homelike surround to a; a. Located ta the health
ful Fledxaoct section of soflp Uarolma.
L. L. HOBBS, President,
Guilford College. N. C.
WMIT a Mtar
FM(0)i T
IBiie's Creek tatany
Gives tboroturb preparation for College. Universitr or Basicesa. Siren Tnentty. Qmlet eootr
location. Vocal acd Piano Music Elocution. Art. Telgrtnr. Buateess. aptt low, u
students, from 68 counties, states and Cba. More than too former students ta CeUe teat
year. For catalogue, address
J. A. CAMPBELL, Principal, Dcic's Creek, H. I
That question will be asked you almost daily by business men seeking
your services, if you qualify take the Draughon Training and show am
bition to rise.
More BANKERS indorse DRAUGHOX'S Colleges than indorse al
other business colleges COMBINED. 48 Colleges in IS States. Interna
tional reputation.
Banking, Typewriting, Penmanship, English, Spelling, Arithmetic, Let
ter Writing, Business Law FREE auxiliary branches. Good POSITIONS
GUARANTEED under reasonable conditions.
Thousands of Bank
Sua Cor sample copies and terms to
matter will be laid before 1 agents. Our terms are very uoerai
Mr. Loeb after the meeing of leaders-ano you cau B
. s -mmi-i-ntr rnnr enarA time to tne wOfa.
at the White House In Decern oer, iu . - -
sueh a manner it will be hard for Aaaress,
him to refuse.
Raleigh, X. a
Bookkeeping. Bookkeepers all over
the United States say that Draughon's
New System of Bookkeeping saves
them from 25 to 50 per cent in work
and worry.
Shorthand. Practically all U. S.
official court reporters write the sys
tem of Shorthand Draughon Colleges
teach. Why? Because they know it
is the best.
Home Stndy.
cashiers, bookkeepers, and stenog
raphers are holding good positions as
the result of taking Draughon's
Home Study.
"CATALOGUE. For prices on les
sons BY MAIL, write JNO. F.
DRAUGHON, President, Nashville,
Tenn., for free catalogue on course
AT COLLEGE, write,
Easl Carollna Teachers' Training School
A Stale School to Train Teachers for the Public Schiois o! orib Carolina
Every energy is directed to this one purpose. Tuition free to all
who agree to teadi. FALL TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 26,
1911. For catalogue and other information, address
Robert EL Wright, President,
Greenville, Nortb Carolina.
Draughon's Practical Business Collej
Raleigh, Cor. Fayette YUlg St and Exchange Place.
The Democratic Tariff Doctrine
Would Destroy Industries in the
South The South is About to
Emerge From an Era of Political
The Lincoln Times. : , !
ETidences multiply daily that there
is at present a general awakening
in the South to the fact that our
People have for .years blindly sup
ported a party committed to a tariff
policy that can but retard our in
dustrial development- Almost daily
we read words of warnings to our
people from men ground in tne doc
trines of democracy.
On last Sunday Rev. H. H. Hul
ton, D. D., pastor of the First Bap
tist Church of Charlotte, preached
on the subject, "The Divine Law of
Retribution." The following ex
tract we copy from the sermon:
"Whv this business depression
over the country?" asked the
speaker. "Ia it caused by a change
in the monetary standard? No, for-;
tunatfelT. tt have had none of that
since the days of wild-eyed Bryan-'
ism. Is St the tinkering with the
tariff? Let ise warn you Southern
people In passing yon had better be.
careful what your congressmen uo
at the next session of Congress, or
else some of you who own cotton
mill rtoclt may be offering It for
-sale at 25 cents on the dollar." ,
The aboTe warning is Indeed sig-
Don't Yon Want a 1911 Edition of Hammond's Modern Atlas of the World?
Tils new Atlas contains 128 page, of MAPS, printed in colors. "Presenting t 4 f."
It Is TO-DAY These plates haTe been engrared from new drawings, based on the latest inrreTS. w '
ILherSeT; ttenfbe the most complete and careful edited 1
The lettering U carefully graded In size to conrey at a glance relatiTe Importance oi places, rauroau
shown and named and almost every railroad station and post-office is named. countries.
The work contains double page maps of many sections tf this try fnd of L
while the other States and other countries are shown on P SSS&m ioT
On the margin of each map is an ALPHABETICALL ARRANGED EOEX OP f' li
nor divisions), CITIES AND TOWNS. A division or place may be Blatantly located without turning the page.
The convenience of such a quick reference index will be readily appreciated. , thm
Another Taluable featnre of this work is a rery complete list of the dtles of the world, giTing the latest
population statistics, including the t
1910 Census of the United States
with the new population figures of all States. Territories, comities and the principal dUe. Aa ffluatraied chap
ter on the Panama Canal gives a detailed description of this greaterprlse, with riapa in cotor.
The lives and portraits of our Presidents from Washington to Taft is another raiuahle feature. .
This Atlas is printed on high-finish paper, is strongly and handsomely hound la red doth, with attraetrre
coTer stampings. It measnres, closed, 10i x 13 1 inches. . ' , e
The price of this Atlas la 12.00. It would cost yon that amount if Tour should send to the publishers for
It. We win give you a copy of this modern ATLAS OP THE WORLD FREE If yon will send
ly subscriptions to The Caucasian at one dollar each. We are able to offer so raluable
for four subscribers because we are partly paying for Atlas in adrertlaing. and are giring toe heaefit of the ad
vertising to an our' agents. Every household in the State should hare a good Atlas. Jf.fl
to secure one of these excellent premiums. We will send the Atlas to anyone who wishes to fenytt. postpaid,
for 3.0 0, or remember, we giro it FREE for FOUR yearly subscribers tn The Caucasian. Adores,
Raleigh, N. C.
One of the few eollesres for women in tne Socta that confers an A. B. Dare repreaent
inff f-)or years of ffeaoine college work accordioa to tne Standard Coilearts-
Dioloma awtrdeJ In tie Schools of Elocotioa Art, and Masic
Library fadltvies excellent. , , , . . , . .
SrsUmalie trainlss ia Pfajsicil Edacation nnder Director. Courts for Wsiet-fetn and
Boarding Club wbere hr about half an fcoor a,f dailr dotaestic aerrice. stsdecta sare froai
112 toG5t year.
Students cot offering tne neceessarr cnita for eatrm&ce mar prepare ta Meredltk
Befiered to he th ckeapest wotsaa'e eoUesre of its crtde fa the Scetb.
For calaiosr. Quarterly b&Iietis, -or fsher Inforasalion address.
Raleigh, N. C.
Three metoorabte dale: The Graotin of th Clnr for Trfaufy CaS ilw BaorJ of
tbm CoUexe to tbe growing mod proaeroks City of tHaiiam; lim Bmddm A ttom New a4 Cre
er Trinity.
Mzn tfioeat new bvUdmz wkh new easSpmeast mttd enljarred facitetSe.
Comfortsbl brriraic dorroiMri and fcstfal piemtmrn asarrcwKMSiass.
Frre fepartmestK Academic Mechanical. OtjJ, sod CJectrical fiecric; Law: Z4e
tkm; Gradtwte.
For catalogue aad other iasornaatioff. naore
R. 1 FlvOWEHS, Secretary, DarSxaxn, W. C
nttrnxa cea to health- A tecber ta each oomanory oo trrinx cotic& X boy
rpjfar has care. " - -
FmcaStr of coSege gradwatra- Moat aBodcra methoda of iaatntetkam.
W W. PEELE, nendmcslcr, Crr&ssia ft. C.
VVlll Bi203ti Ito FrillTepm Scp. lt IQll
The youcg sea who prefer boarding cad lodging cpe the enm&sm
BSd aeecre eeexasiaodasicnj 1 one, as tbe limned eeomBOdposs
are beiB rapidly reserved. For cslalec aad other laloraaaioa. sAdress
FuESnZST J. B. ECIIY, n s z QrztzzlzTO, XL C.

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