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ttiU C. CCAftU.I
111. J
.titive 9 An0Ba
for This Week
t l from
iUrJO'jr . . . .
Kcvjir Oakt.
I'.tii Creek.
i'-r.-h, It. 2
h D iprc . .
i',;r; r ....
I :? boro.
rco; -r, R. 1
h Mckenzie.
i'.pr.vn . .
ivn-i'-r. It.
Page 1.)
... 7,900
Mlai Sara Walter
Ml a Mary Brown
Mitt Mamie Bright ....
Mia Gertrude Campbell
Ml Kannfe Carton . , . . .
MI LilHe Lee
I Columbia.
G000fMlsa Minnie Taft
Mlsa Mary Cutler ,
30 000Iiejs c,ariCe Smith
70 100 -I'fS Carrio Ilardison .
.Miss Annie Haskett ....
. .41,009
Taxes in borne Instances are
Four Times as High as
Tea Yaa Ago
tuil tliat ssmmi rae&-& is
mm u c;it i&r stir traiais
Kosti to that Uktf ijr t4 turfwj
fe!l!lrrsily a&4 fw!t totter ft-1
irw for thir e8y,' f
trr. tf the t3tjrffUe& If
. 7.S00 1
. . 1.400
Marlon Ilafk-r lUJrlxh ftprrch CNa
of the Crrtf-Pt Krrr MjmV it One
fknitl Contrjf Xwl Mor Men
Who Mill Sen! for t?r f tight?
Editor Caueaatan: I bate a few
thoughts that I ib to r;t. The
Srtt is how much we a)u ra-lm
o.T!j ano-aM 4? ssot an
tissy to the k4trtltessst. Tfco
,ctol recogaiic IS at a nr?olaUa
in tourism in well tan4r y 4 that
t.fcri I a ra,ra! snetrtae.at antes!
I the reliabW tro4sfwr to t&4af4U4
thtr foods and to oVUter sailiy ta
rs!03t at fair price., TTu-an4t
of 'ossn at 111 bell that the tf
Unire a4fertl!ciS' of an article
mezZM Isrgef tnu as4 it IH tk
toe tiaae to remote thU mltajfit
J ale Trm tf SS-
. TVs tlsi1
Tfra a? feS-S4 tSt-a? ttwsf tfe
Tessa H, UilAXim ft.ff tiri5lt
rH araifct yet fr trmm lm
Ufa. If U. of ywfio Cw-afL
t&o faiaoiff ttttt w4i ute4
13,100 !
k. U. 1.4 5,2 00
Mis Klla Sawyer
Misa Iiura Gavin . . . .
. ... a a a. z t . .
joar papr. icmi u or oi i3f tr.c.n, but a sirap? :a-y of
very Wt Jai-r that roajea to rjcomk w Mn twoir thlt JstijcoJ;
home. It i a clean JKilitkal inper. tiertiilsj; hlcH mean Ur? 4
antl I think It ought to be a dally v.rtillfir rsl-rtcily prue4 if
paper. I surely tbiak the Ite-tWi- . LjflU rh. tA th asirmi!
; cans ought to te proud of lucb an rosfirt" hkh It th nome. The
10,000 honorable paper at Tie Caucasian. 1 roucer a bo entrt upon tal
I think every Republican ought tof.A,jr -,nPi0f affarii to eh
rnrof of f ht gri rmj. fHramM
do to eml SaffiIr.Wfi rewr.
Any rnljr thtt U-u2U 2;twa
trrnthnt tte nrr.
Tl n-r rte entrrt iie!r untritin
eetitrt !.rr. aa.taiA, afc4 nrri"5'
dtbilitjr i Ihm teulU
lm $1 4tf f tltt .isl tt4 r
tsrme-4 It? tf tike f
Wale Cotnty tfa ealerNFl
75,000 1
ix)rND r.vTiir.it in woods.
Unusual Ixirieme of a Lady Scliool
Teacher Near Wilmington.
New Bern, X. C, Sept. 26. Last
take The Caucasian, and every ib-
ficriber ought at least get one T?mo
crat subscriber. I think, to" be sure,
they wouM turn over a Lew leaf ami
try to io better by Just reading The
Caucasian a few months. Just a fe
weeks past a poor womau came to
me with tears in her eyes and saM:
"We have worked hard, bought and
of hi proiuc!, for by the.
v.-ry act of publicity he court con-;
slant turveillance and critirltut. He jn
banks his whole Intettment tspoa the;
reputation be may a-?ure from the? N-or,, CtrolintWtke Couaty.
good faith and exacting demand of! iea m. Moocejhsnt
the people. "The World About lt." ;
in the Uidlea World for October. Minale G Moos&yhaia.
I't'iiLiCATioN or sonuiNs.
the Superior iVort April Term,
Votings ville.
!, Strickland 11,100
rv Julia Pierce 29,100
Saturday xuornlng Mr. Benjamin Ca-naKi lor a piece oi iana, now our
json, an elderly gentleman living in jheajth has failed us. we are not able
! Itoaufort Countv. left his home for to work, and they have put more
Wilmington, X. C
his daughter. Miss Aleph Cason,
near wtiicn city i on u
and what will we do?"
say was: "Everything
e Moore 70,000
Siler C'ty.
Maud White 32,000
Maud Petty, It. 3
j;;ss Al:na Wicker,
. 5,100
R. 1.
At AAflLl Jt . U U.,nlnn
Ynsn Miittie Jiiirvvare i ,v v v r aiaraieu ove me oiLuauun,
uin 1 boarded the train for New Bern.
1 J !WI J
Miss S. II. Tysor, R.-F. D. .
Miss Christine Tysor
Miss Leila Lyons 40,200
Miss Fannie Boddie 23,100
Miss Maud Hicks 27,300
Miss Mary Bell Macon 8,700
Miss L. M. Murchison 21,000
Mis3 Bessie Ethridge 3,200
Miss Martha Harris 8,900
Miss Ida Peed 150,000
Miss Camelia Barbee, R. 7.. 31, 000
Miss Pearl Curl 41,000
Mrs. Carl Mangum .19,000
Miss Burma Sanford 8,900
Chapel IUU.
Miss Annie Norwood, R. 1.. 180,300
Miss Annie Gattis 17,400
Miss Margaret Gattis 41,300
Mijss May Harris 18,100
Miss Lucy Ellington 27,200
Miss Annie Baldwin, R. 4.. 200,000
Miss Bert Stone, R. 4 60,100
Miss Mary M. Moore 200,100
Pedlar's HiU.
Miss Georgia Smith 79,500
teaches school. The daughter was
expecting her father's visit and was
at the depot Saturday when the At
lantic Coast Line train arrived from
New Bern, but no father appeared oni
the train. Miss Casos was uneasy
over the situation, knowing that her
father had left his home for that pur
pose, and on Sunday, becomirg
ting in the train and looking out of
the window, when passing North
East, a small station along the road,
Miss Cason was startled by seeing
her- father 'sitting on a log in the
Jumping up, she informed a gen-
a Single To Minnie O. Moor.eyraci:
I ThU it to notify you that your but-
hand, Ben XI. Mooncyham, hat
brought suit araintt you to the April
Term, 1911, of Wake Superior Court.
for divorce from lha bondt of mttii
mony, and that the summons Utued
for you hat been returned by the
sheriff with this endortement tbero
on: "After exercising due diligence,
the defendant, Minnie O. Mooncy
ham, la not to be found in this coun
ty." You are. therefore, further noti
fied to appear at the July Term, 1911,
of Wake Superior Court, which con
venes on the 10th of that month, and
answer, demur or plead to the com
plaint which will be filed In thlt
court during the first three days of
that term, otherwise the plaintiff will
demand to be allowed to prove the al
legations of his complaint and hare
Judgment accordingly.
Clerk Wake Superior Court.
Attorney for the Plaintiff.
looks gloomy for us all." I broke
down with the poor woman in tears
of sorrow. I saw only a few days
ago an old mother and father, their
heads silvering for the grave, bend
ing their care-worn hack in the cot
ton patch. Help was scarce and they
bad to try and save what they could
to pay high taxes. What's going to
bcome of this country. When the
wictfed rule the nations mourn. All
that have been studying the Sunday
school lessons for several quarters
know how It was in days of old, how
the wicked rulers were punished.
Look at Ahab; how he succeeded in
getting Naboths vineyard. He want
ed to satisfy himself with the prop-
Democrath Can't Agree on
The Lincoln Times. j
And now the Democrats are fuss-!
ing about whether or not the Initia
tive, referendum, and recall are
democratic principles. It is impos
sible for that party to agree on one
single doctrine? It sems so. No
wonder the people distrust them.
tleman on the train of the state of erty and cared little how he got it.
affairs and he had the conductor to It is so much thaat way now. The
stop the train. The train was officers are after the money and care
brought to a stop and backed up to
the place and Mr. Cason was found
still sitting on the log very much
wearied and hungry.
The old gentleman was taken on
the train and brought to this city,
where food and stimulants were giv
en him and on the following morning
he returned with his daughter.
Miss Jessie ePrry 24,200
Mrs. Clayton Meads 202,000
Miss Ullie Glenn 8,900
Miss Daisy Joyce 8,100
Mrs. R. L.. Stone .1 40,100
Miss Ora Hunter 49,200
Miss Jessie Proctor 189,000
Mis Ida Summers 14,800
Miss Clara Hudson, R. 3 16,900
Miss Wildred Stephenson .... 9,600
Miss Lena Henderson 22,100
Indian TraiL
Miss Maud Stallings 1S.180
Miss Amelia P. Gordon ....1,009
Misa Dumpey Jones ....10,300
Miss Josie Rearis 48,100
Miss Iaora Nicholson
Miss Mamie Woodley ....
Miss Pearl Davenport . . .
Miss Hester Smith
Miss Lois Workman
Miss Hazel Albright
Miss Swananoa Patterson
Baird's Creek.
Miss Bertha Brinsdn
Both Factions Greet the President
and Assure Him They Will Pre
sent, a Solid Front In the Next
Baldwin Station, Kan., Sept. 24.
The warring Republican factions of
Kansas burled the hatchet today and
walked side by side to pay honor to
President Taft. Governor Stubbs,
who Is generally conceded to belong
to the "insurgent" faction, welcom
Mr Taft at Lawrence with the
hone that the State, without i regard
to church or party or faction, would
extend the most royal reception ever
jHvm a President of the United
Republican State Chairman Dolley,
who holds office in the State under
Governor Stubbs, and Republican
National Committeeman Mulvane
united in telling Mr. Taft that the
Kansas delegation to the next Re
publican national convention 'would
be solidly for him and United States
Senators Curtiss and Bristow, the
one a regular, the other a leader of
the progressives, rode side by side
in the tonneau of the same automo
bile over Kansas countryside, and
sat on the same platform to pay
t a iv f'Utn.t T?vfn f $ XT a
HOIlOr LO UU uuici av-ukl,v"
The predictions of Mr. Mulvane
and Mr. Dolley, who are close to
political conditions in a State sup
posedly "insurgent," followed close
on the declaration of Governor Had
ley, of Missouri, to President Taft
that the State would instruct its
delegates for him and the promise
of the Illinois Republican leaders to
send a solid ' delegation to the con
vention pledged to Mr. Taft.
Much .interest was shown in the
President's reception by "insurgent"
Republicans of Kansas
Mr. Mulvane and Mr. Dolley talk
ed freely to the newspaper men.
"Kansas," said the national com-
..... m v m xa.
mitteeman, "will send a soua xaii
delegation to the Republican nation
al convention of 1912," and Mr. Dol
ley later endorsed the prediction, to
members of the Taft party.
little how it comes so they get in pos
session of it. I never see anything in
the paper about our county. Its
Democratic and of course its in bad
shape. I know its in debt and taxes
go higher every year. Ten years ago
we made a start with a home of ouri
own our taxes then it was between
five and six dollars. We have since.
bought fifty more acres of land. Last
year it was near $25, and I have no
idea what it will be this year; just
outrageous, I know that much. Let
all Republicans wake up in good
house-a-fire style and see if some
thing can't he done to save the coun
try of to-day from going on the down-
hill road to perdition. Don't be so
careless or too thoughtless and let"
these warnings pass unheeded until
it is too late, then go down to our
graves sorrowing over what cannot
be helped. I know of one great man,
and that is Hon. Marion Butler, who
is telling the people of their own.
Oh, that we had several thousand
more such men. Men that can stand
for the right thing and tell the peo-
f ; Hniriiv U'hn ia H that can-
yiX; Vi- t uv" " y
not face Mr. Butler? Stop and think
who they are. It Is men that cannot
bear sound doctrine; they don't care
to know the truth; they want to keep
on fooling the people with their
trashy news. Hon. Marion Butler
made one of the greatest speeches
that has ever been made in the South.
When the copies are sent out in
pamphlet form I hope every man will
, j
get one. Humanity neeas goou ioua
to sustain life so that we may keep
the wheel moving; also we ought to
have good literature. If we are go;
ing to read political papers, read one
like The Caucasian, and let the slan
derous, dirty sheets go; they are not
fit for our children.
Harnett County, N. C, Sept. 22.
1 Am We "
writes Mrs. L R. Barker,
of Bud, Ky., "and can do
all my housework. For
years I suffered with such
pains, I could scarcely
stand on my feet After
three different doctors had
failed to help me, I gave
Cardui a trlaL Now, I feel
like a new woman."
the "AVtr 4-ruat
Case?!! J!. IsUuII l feat (a I
farther nrtlSrJ tSut n raesrUiti
4 a tt-ff thefff t&r j'ons. at
po!t4 In the C:ffe t Ufk ot
Xtm Farrier Coxrt ef Wl. Cofcty.
a the Uh 4y of Jet. IfU, ai
jo'jh tn ppet at t 9t4tJNrr
lens, UH, cf Wale Smrtat
Court. fetch c?-stm v t0 JSiti
day of that scofcth, t&4 tiier, 4e
ssr or p3 to tj jI4 cosetttai,
ether Ue the plt'.tttJT t:i 4eiss4 to
t aBourtd to prev the tHectUo&a
of her rosspUint and have Judnseat
accordingly. MILLARD Ml U
Clerk Wake Superior Cosrt
Thit July 1. if 11.
Attorney ef the Pltiatlff.
m mm m m m a
IflKH nH
- tat j i miiii
Tho Woman's Tonic
A woman's health de
pends so much upon her
delicate organs, that the
least trouble there affects
her whole system. It Is
the1 little things that count,
in a woman's life and
health. If you surfer from
any of the acheg and
pains, due to womanly
weakness, take Cardui at
once, and avoid more seri
ous troubles. We urge
you to try it Begin today.
When writing advertisers, please
mention this paper.
KXKctrroir?! Noncn.
Htrlnr QnaU!ie4 at exeeutor of
tho latt will and teaUtsest of Anna
Wllliami, deer a ted, Ute of Wti
County, North Carolina, thlt It to no
tify alt persons bavin .clalra asil&tt
the estate of tald deceased to pretest
them to the nndertlcned. duly veri
fied on or before the 5th day of
August. 1912. or thit notice will bo
pleaded Ja bar of their recovery. All
persona indebted to tald e-ttate will
please make fmmedltte payment.
Thlt 5th day of August. 1111.
We want tgentt in every county U
the State. We have tome good pre
mium offers In connection with the
paper. Write ut for terms.
Ralelfb. N. a
The Caucasian and the Ladies' World
The Cancatian httjbeen enlarged to eight page, ,
and it the best weekly paper In the State. The
Ladiet' World U an excellent ladles' xntgtzine.
It bat a handtotne cover ptge each month, and U
beautifully lllnttrated. Itcostalnt excellent tbort
stories, aitldet on cooking, drmmtklng-tnd Is
fact, on all robjceU that are cf icterftt to the
ladiet, It cental nt several pages each month
showing the fashion s, and bow nice simple dreaeet
may be made f at a reatonable cost. In fact, the
Ladiet World rtnkt among the best of the
If yea mil to accept of this ciccpt'onzl cff:r
do not dslay, but sesd in your cr&rat ones.
. 4.100
. 7,200
. 1,000
. .5,700
Money Spent for Food.
A recent bulletin of the University
of Wisconsin states that more than
ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000
is spent annually in the United
States for food, shelter and clothing,
and that 90 per cent of this vast sum
McCall's Magazine
and McCall Patterns
For Women
Have More Friendt than any other
magazine or patterns. McCall s is the
reliable Fashion Guide monthly in
one million one hundred thousand
homes. Besides showing aU the latest
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mrmmA Keep M StyU by sutacriWng
' Mara z in at once Costs oni? S
inr Urii'a Mara
cents a year, including aay oa of ta cskbrattd
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MeCaB Fatten
sunplioty, econosBT widt swl or
dsalers sell McCall Patterns tfaaa any osacr two
an otters ts strfe. fit.
an4 sMsabcr sold. Mora
makes combined. None
trom yoar deSJer, or vf
htr than ss cests. Bey
236-246 W. 37tfe St, tlnr York 3tf
i top, Titmtm
REMEMBER. 3 on can get your money back if yon are cot tatiaed.
"dress THE CAUCASIAN, Raleigh, North Carolina.
Hobby Brothers &
New Furniture Store
Gall and See Our Complete Line'of
Furniture and Household Goods
Stock Is AU New and Up-to-Date
118 East Martin Street, Raleigh, N. Carolina
Miss Beatrice 'Emsley ...
Miss ; Maud Rawls . . ... . .
Miss Janie Holton 2,100
Miss Gertrude Fagg. . . .37,600
Miss Annie L. Waller . . . .64 500
Miss Eva Preddy ........ . . 69,000
United States Government Will Com-
pell Company to Comply With the
- Law. 'I
New York, Sept. 21. It was re
ported to-day on excellent authority
that the matter of dissolving and re
organizing the United States Steel
Corporation is receiving the earnest
attention.; of" the Department of Jus
tice and the legal representatives of
the so-called "billion dollar trust."
There Is great insistence that the
steel corporation . is making a' . stren
uous effort to meet the demands of
the Government, but by reason of the
complexity of the situation little
headway has yet been made.
RMoi Miller's Msigii Specti
Will Cost Only 5 Cents a Copy, Postpaid, in Pamphlet Form.
Send in Orders for Copies for Yourself and Friends.
Enough orders have been received to justify printing in pamphlet form
Marion Butler's speech made in Raleigh November 4th.
It will make a pamphlet of about 50 pages and tho cost will be 4 cents
It will make a pamphlet of about 50 pages and the cost will be 4
cents a copy, but 5 If sent by mall the cost will be 5 cents a copy.
If you have not sent In your order, do so at once. After the speech
Is printed and tne type is aistriuuiti, m uuw w
more copies.
A copy of this Epech In the hands of every voter would mean the de
feat of the Democratic ring In this State. ;
Make out your order In the blank below and mail AT ONCE.
Dear Sirs: Please have printed and hold subject to my order
copies of Marion Butler's Raleigh speech. -
NAME ; ; ;
p. o. . . ... ..... . . ' ' "m ' ' "'
DATE ........ ... . ............ -
To Write LIFE INSURANCE for the
More than 550,000 Paid to Home People
Last Year.
All Money Kept at Home and Paid Only to Home People. No Ugh
. salaried officers to support.
. Appty to '.

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