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nt Minister Arrested
o3 Charge of Murdering
Pretty Girl
itiutyrr urn tammaxv.
(Calisat4 from fx 1,1
Suffragettes at Louisville Ky J14 sa4 T uh ep-to-
er dtswrur i srta at fg aa H aaiir
HaiL Tmts ftuuracati Mm gats a a j'tn i
Have Some bharp
rt a&4 assstssltioa.
! !t l a lose Use r?is If
! ItaSr abo!4 continue to hoi 4 Trf
poll, for ! ra& hot 4 It la p-cac '
bforp tfcMM fiunroui asd fcrta!4-.
tr&tn r r li-.r-s fcSs&atl aiirjrt aif,si sSt4ia. Cb-1 i
taUotu 9UlIjr f fesy &t&-ni I ts,i&m&t CatfVam Carr caS Will lZ tzZlg Tt
Dtocrt b bt aar eotfcttea trm !? Mi 2U 4 ti?f?l
or (t fctBHfSjr b to uif J ttfc bias, 1
pAfty rt la $rf. for
ro. of tjpeUa, Vat for ib jur;
m.H to Ilr, hut Wa j nutrrnm" and UMfrwn"! Arab omiprtec back ,rfT tftiUtcat t&-
Armtlirr Ciirl at t!
f th. Tragedy Will IU-
Hiring on iiajr lor
Ot. 20. A narrow
Str--t jail to-night
CIaaIkhI WIUi Trar in Her life
ra raas tiiaf, a rut. tH-3ti
. ar-nr Virgil Thomp-j "
tho younK pastor of "r cna
,l liip-J.Ht Church. Cam- 1 rf8'
Turkr ariicit Italr on mccoxi&t of
1 --v " ' ma 4iri4 to uMkoa bwt4
runwtancc of the MJ.WMi i'tim!. atUck oa Turkey a atu?k aJK s for I'riirst or tt kie4 of a rtt.
. . , ! tfc" iiohamme4ft rrlirioa. fcm ,br ,;W tta4 for utti! ihr
naLi a aar or wnmin r turmoil in :
, ... , - - - 1 act jr.
which feminine temper and legtsla-
tiio r-rK.iiit(. w. ( kcntlr Mr. Hf-iTi!. annoacfJ
i-ui'w v? r t mt t i j v it;i , - - -
v:h w f ftn that h and his lndeindnt league i
Ident lince 1105 of the Na- ould ceaje operation aa an ind- IlACKi:i CUT T1IK IHJLICtL
. m - .. . a s I
tional American Woman Suffrage A- rt-naeru orgamianon ana wouia .m i
eoclation in ennrpntinn h-re wa ro- nd work with the Descocrillc !anarrr of ilorlng Itrtnn Show at
era tic 1r4r of tfc JtostJi bit tr?
rt th tuf frea t& State of
NVw York, which tsant. to ret t&eir
rtie from rottrn Tat&snany Hall.
A warrant a lt'f rr4
4r-4 4ftltr m rv4lf4 K&a?j
Wttcm tit amsMrssoi tfct
ctjsf &a4 W twS ajfeJ l I
eal4 W !Sir of lfeia. Wtsf
wrt&t !0 5liC A!!' t
t.? ti te4, t rar4 a&S f i
to 4 fcjf as softs ts- rt4.
Th aSalr fea ail l- ta Ui
BtjEfel. It may a t
-3ul thaa a? tt, f
arrt-tiid to-day for
f nrettv A via
hom eiecieu Jai in,s aiernooa unani
i (
! iiyannis, Mass., to w
:--n -nraKed. His tommit-
1 this afternoon without
n i.irpc of first degree inur
:i tnr)orary end to a
' rir'-uniKtanoes which police j
, - have followed assidlously
,. i, ;ith of Mi.3 Linnell last ,
, by c yanide of potassium j
- MiF8 Linnell, who was 19 j
! and a student at the Con- ;
. of Music, was found dead
;il,roorn of the Young Worn- j
: ri.ui Association Homej
w ti:t the police believed she
: .ir: ! ?!:iede, but later de-j
... iuciif ated that she had j
.-ly taken cyanide of po-1
:- r,t her by fiome otlier per-;
tic bfiirf that it would rem-;
nibarrassinR physical condi- ,
- -veral days the police in-
.:k! little progress, but infor-
party and make an effort to elect a
Second honors went to Mtaai Democratic Preident who wai not j
me Adams, of Hull House, Chicago. ned fc monopolltt and truft j
rr Shaw' Uetion fnl!owd v. Mr. Hearft waa weiconed In the par-
ur. hnaw a election lollowed ct
eral Eharp struggles in which the Kaa-:y tt considerable aatiafaction in
tern division of the suffragists clash- j man Quarters.
ed with those representing the other ; This morning, Mr. Hearst gives an
sections of the country. Most of ; interview to th Washington Pus
these clashes had to do with a pro-! that lll not give much comfort to
jected transferring of the National
Lis, Democratic allies. He declares tronble to-nleht
iHirham Threatmed to Kill PoUc
men If Ttwy InUrferl With llr
lah JUnfonl Ilctorr.
Durham. S C. Oct. 23. Follow
ing a rucus this afternoon between
the moving picture show manager.
Wilkeraon, and the police over the re
peated attempts to put on the Bculah
Jllnford film on exhibition came more
Tin: iKTfHtini rirm,
Tt October 34cC1srs ojSi 1t&
()Q Jotr oa" jjo 1 of Amrf
Icaa ceUec Hfe. jStoef at Yat.
le "The letaracr Af cat." lltr
ley J. O'lllriflsi wU the Jof if as-
tWk el tWVw
i 1.4 QNr wtftiai C50
4al ifattt aa fv?t:
-I hm t4 Ctar mqrm
tm lMtr fat Hat 9i4
ttMaa rl MBr
4tHot CtitH af ial
a4 ca Mf to f8 iMt
4f tHal Kaa cwevdl fr
'miM Kat lao fwil ff
rlfof calaeHu Caahar?5
It U tK lwva fer am M cf
&4. it iraHatlf Cmt tl
IF Ut AUK l4UU Mlittll
other of Defective llama rat cat
one of the rsott 4acrfoa as4 4if,
Scult mhtfh he ever uftirrtt)V,
Colonel ChriatUn Hath. th- mxn T1) ctieta Umm Dally IWrrttr
who hid cfcarr of the tar-slng of, tsMiwllttj: iMawdajf
Mr. Surratt aud her corapaniunt. naif
broken bis silence of over forty yean j
Headquarters from New York to Chi
cago, acclaimed by others than East
erners as the storm centre of Ameri
can suffrage work. The non-Eastern
division had been severely torn be
tween their abounding love for and
belief In Miss Shaw who had let it
be known she could continue aa Pres
ident only if New York retained the
Miss Shaw's re-election is believed
to have settled or postponed definite
that the Democratic admlnUtration
in the city of New York and In the
State of New York has been a la
mentable failure and deserves to be
defeated. He says that the party in
the city and State is in the control
of small, selfish and stupid politi
cians, who have no regard for the t nK room
welfare of the people or for the j ue ordered
i principles of good government. He
declared that a few months ago tbe
prospects looked bright for a Demo-
Things assumed a squally hape
when Manaker Wkeron went be
fore the footlights and announced In
: the presence of ofScers that he would
, show the pictures.
i The crowd cheered, and he locked
. ft A
tne coors wnica openea mio operai-
and ia giving hi account of ih t," y VJ '
k . ,. i-Ctty of Baltlaor" arw ami
decision cn this question for a year cratic victory in New York, but that
now a Republican victory next year
ii received early to-day that
jr i: ( h( Kon had purchased cyanide
f ;,n!;issi!ini at a drug store in New
t,,r. b-d the officers to decide upon his
.iriY.t. A dozen officers, headed by
lenity Superintendent Watts were
f:,rc-d to maintain an eight-hour
,it:il oute.ide the fashionable home in
jjrookline, of Moses Grant Edmands,
a hero the clergyman had been stay
ins during the pait week, before the
9 A. Jl
minister was taKen mio cusioay, ,
however. !
Mr. Kdmands is the father of Miss j
Violet K lmands, for whose marriage!
to Mr. Uichfson on October 31, cards;
had been issued. Tnose mviiaiions
were recalled to-day. The Edmands
f:::u;y, however, maintain faith in
Mr. IiicheFon and the only announce
ment in connection with the with
drawal of the cards was that the
marriage had been postponed.
The setting of October 31st as the
-Kit,, fnr a further hearing of Mr.
Kic heson developed a coincidence in
the fact that that was the day on
which he was to be married. But
neither the announcement of the date
nor any other happening in connec
tion with his arrest seemed to dis
turb the prisoner.
Was Bom in Virginia.
Lynchburg, Va.f Oct. 20. Rev.
Clarence V. T. Richeson, who was ar
rested to-day at Brookllne, Mass., for
complicity in the murder of his al
leged fiance, Miss Avis Linnell, whose
death occurred in Cambridge, Mass.,
list Saturday,' is a native of Amherst
County, twenty miles from this city,
where he was born 34 years ago.
His father is a prominent man in the
affairs of that county.
Mother of Dead Girl Glad of the
Hyannis, Mass., Oct. 29. "Thank
Cod! I believe no mistake has been
made." It was with this exclama
tion that Mrs. Edgar Linnell, mother
of Avis Linnell, received the news
that the Rev. Clarence V. T. Riche
son had been arrested for the alleged
murder of her daughter. Mrs. Lin
nell later, however, voiced the belief
that Mr. Richeson was not account
able. "He must have been out of his
mind," she said, and then told of
certain peculiarities of Dr. Richeson,
which she noticed while he was a
caller at her home.
"Mr. Richeson, whom I loved as a
?on even before he became formally
engaged to Avis, worried us often by
attacks which he had at our house,"
she said. "Although they did not
appear to be serious they left, him in
a highly nervous State, and he was
v.as often forced to leave the table
because of them. He worried about
this trouble and once broke the en
gageinent with Avis, giving his physi
cal condition as the reason. Their
engagement was renewed, however,
and Avis, I firmly believe, was en
gaged to him when she died."
i t 1 ai a t
1. U i ,
Mica Shaw nledcpd "everv nower ) seemed certain
of body, mind, and heart" to the He further declared that the De
work, asked for suggestions from any j mocracy of the State of New York
suffragette and referred feelingly to I would never give good government
tbe diamond-starred suffrage flag j
passed on to her after the death of j
Susan B. Anthony. j
The only officers elected to serve
tor the year are as follows:
Second Vice-President, Miss So- j
phronlsba Breckinridge, Chicago. !
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. j
Mary Ware Dennettee, New York. I
that no policeman
should force an entrance into that
place. Sergeant Pendergrast sent
another officer for a stopper to put
over the machine.
Then Manager Wilkerson said: "I
hope God will strike me dead. If you
put that thing up there, If I don't
put a bullet through you."
Chief Freeland suggested that
The atorr of how tbr ih?! cf
Seattle dislodged a corrupt mi? or by
mcana of a new rovrnni"tJt dtir
ia tcld by Burton J, Hmdrlck. ufttrri
the title of "The Recall in battle "
Bealdea the two avriala by ()rn j
Johnson and Mn. Ward. McCJure'a;
runa a number of interesting abort
stories. i
Even General Carr baa estabiiahed
a press bureau, and that always indi
cates that a man wants something.
Mount Airy Leader.
Recording Secretary, Mrs. Susan
W. Fitzgerald, Boston.
Treasurer, Miss Jessie Ashley, of
New York.
First Auditor, Mrs. Belle La Fol
lette, Madison, Wisconsin.
Second Auditor, Mrs. James Lees
Laidlaw, New York.
It. was a section of the revised con
stitution which provided for month
ly meetings of the official board, com
posed of national officers, that occa
sioned numerous sharp exchanges.
Most of the debate followed an an
nouncement by MIsb M. Carey
Thomas, President of Bryn Mawr Col
lege, that three women had offered
to supply expense money to defray
traveling expenses of officers going
to the bi-monthly board meetings.
Evidently mistaking the point, one
delegate intimated criticism of the
administration by national officers of
what has been known as the Susan
B. Anthony $50,000 fund. Severa!
arose at once to protest, but Miss
Shaw recognized none and, ex-cathedra,
refuted the insinuation of inju
dicious use of the money, and with
tears in her eyes explained the cir
cumstances in detail.
wMwmLJ a J
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fr n
Mrs. Dr. Helen Knabe, Former State
Official of Indiana, Foully Mur
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 24. How
Dr. Helen Knabe, former State Bac
teriologist, found in bed to-day with
her head almost severed by the slash
of a knife, came to her death re
mained to-night a mystery to the po
lice. Jefferson Haynes, the negro
janitor of the apartment house where
Dr. Knabe lived, was detained on
suspicion that he knew something of
the circumstances of her death, but
to-night the detectives let him go af
ter, he had withstood for hours their
attempts to draw incriminating In
formation. They were in the dark,
they said, as to last night's tragic In
cidents in Dr. Knabe's fate.
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