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Thursday, January 11, 1812. J
The Caucasian
Thnrsday. January 11, 1012.
Knvered t the FowSe io lUlelf b. N. C.
the new enterprises growing cat of
the effort of the club wu the organ!-
HO. McKKB lUli l!fKXLV
Leading Church M of Se iSrm
ilmbejurk m Lai-jc sum of Moe?
ration of the Wendell Publishing U&treSrot of the ltMUe A.ltam jsk1 Irapr.
Company. The object of the com-1 ml uMj.b Away Karli Ye-
lerday Morning. - 1 daJ.s Nt ia4 0fer Mfi:
nr Jamc McKee. Saperiatesdcst A fmUon wam created her i-s-
nmnw I. tn da lob orinline and nub-
Uih a newspaper.
Mr. Kugene Heater, a promising
Zoca Matters.
Tho North Carolina Anti-Saloon
league will meet In Raleigh January
2 C-2 7-2 S In Its annual convention.
Her. F. A. Hisbop, a former pas
tor of the Central Methodist Church
of Raleigh, died in Wilmington a few
Ways ago, where he was serving as
Judge H. G. Connor has re-appolnt-,4
MaJ. H. L. Grant as clerk of the
r.,t.rn District of the United States
nurt who has re-appolnted all his!
. 1,,ont
The Nortn taroima D , t,,,h and bis coiorea ui
I, ur of wVndell is inline : of the State Ho.pital at lUlelgt. day ha it tecaae Uaa that tte
g"at tnteres in t2i Ji"SiSU .u4de.l at an early hour yes- author .ere searching for Unroll
rUd rUnTbusy wlthiterday morning Dr. McKee had be T. Pratt, who up to a few day. ir;
egal' matter, he U busy boosting j suffering ; from rheumatism for " the general agent for fa?
v a T, Ural months, but him condition w,well known Insurance companies as 4
Wendell. i not considered criticaL He bad been y weil-ksowa local character. bt,t
nmminent physician of Raleigh for who silently stole away ta the
WKKCK OX T11K SKABOAUI. cumber of years, and was sixty- small hours Sunday ssoraing. leaving
eight years old at the time of hi j behind him several thousand dollars
i." . t n d iUfi2OT Mall Can . H Is survived by a wife and ia unpaid bltU. a forged noSe for
mm. . - ! .
lllsiiop, " - ,
jared. WAKE COL in i
. -en co r train i
te.bo.rd SM .v.vc,.,, Mond.r WW. Or- KUMr futa.-
No. 66 v. " ,nlJ n., tKc crlmh Dockrt-
Saturday msm -
five cars ieii
three hundred and fifty dollars, a
large number of checks which he
paased oS on unsuspecting friends
and which were returned marked
Wake Superior
I "However, he was a member ot
Court convened Jib rst Baptist Church and seemed
Ave cars d mau " . 1 C)4nw. nm ; io ne an araent worker in the cause
Tbe enKlne and baggage .and MoBdw with Judge Stephe .of Duri
car. rolled down a " " pre.ldlng. TO. . or two he
has visited near-by towns
arc holding their annual ses-
were i
,ere more than elhv i less checks to people be knew and a
vn court convened Monaaj - . . ...
... . . r i i " -
t. , ;v, tha M.ttV Matters stauuifeo, - , RVeral . . .A ind 1urv ' iuie arc ugw ta io atuus
8ion in Hal eigh this ; probabiy fatally hurt, and Th judge's charge to the grand Jury &Uorn fjf coIlectloa ..
f particular interest to builders are seriously. The injured was very lengthy.
r ;ng discussod. , ,r , Petersburg Hospital. c u jjcott, a man 80 years
, . , i, ,v taken to a 7" wore sent from ,JMr; 1 ' nJ the Krand Jury. Ob-erver Did Sot IltbtKh Full Ut
IM,in a Vichola died suddenly, v.'rf.rklnK trains were old. Is foreman oi iue btauu j j ,
Ivlwln u. .mciiuib " recKiufe t Doctors from ... nftt h(. -ble to cleari of Reception Committee,
mmday afternoon at the home of hlsSm cnmond and Norllna. cior sThe court will not be aoie to i
nIirf M 0w
ircffit sunn? srtsa rat cirrmi
CS Ow Mm SUtmm Tmtam Tw
C8-130 L Itotfcj St, RALGail, tl C
..... ivim"1"" . ...vnnAV went at . ... Vi s torm
father In this city. He naa neen in , Petersburg ana mcivouuv, the criminal qqci
. cuviral vears. but ( .- v crine. -
loor neanu iw ' once iu
his death came unexpected.
News was received in Raleigh yes-; ni urYAN IN RALEIGH.
1.1- 9 Pnn To m A il , -
tcrdav of the aeaui ui
: Kenan at Kenansvllle, Dupll
r- M . n ft Vv V 1
fnuntv. Cant, ivenau a. , ln
nf the late Colonel Thomas Kenan, nlH political l'olicie. ,n
of Ualelgh.
Mr. Editor: When Mr. uryan
inrtk t in Raleisrh Saturday night
Meeting of Grand Lodge of Usns Poslmaster Briggs was one of the
in Raleigh. ? reception committee, sat on the ros
in,,, r.rand Lx)dee of Masons are trum with Mr. Bryan and others and
- . . . ,t. ....
their annual session in ua- was among tne numoer xo wai up
tkt. nrv- There are a gwu ana snane nanus wnu
umber of Masons In attendance and the conclusion of his speech, yet the
the Lodges hrougni xew and uoserver in vuc
11 Srxke on Educatioual Advancement (
!r I in Various Countries and Reviewed leigh tl
iiu Political Policies. , number
, nractlcally all the Loages orouguu iNews ana uoserrer m fftHwi dav alter leaTtag
Hon William Jennings Bryan spoke , l""7rtsato tbe Grand Lodge. At of the names of those on the recep- m4 n D n
tn aleiffh Satur-'good reports w iue rtmlt Pn-tmamter RiJ. U oW? ia
Direct Una to Ail rant Xoctb
South, East, Wewt Very Low
Round Trip Rate to All Principal
Through PuluaiA to Auaata,
leaves Raleigh 4.05 p.m.. arrva At
lanta 1.2 S a-m.. making cIom coa
aectlo& for and arriving at Mont-
a nart4on .
Governor nuaim ioa - . in ine auuhu.iu,.. o'clock yesteraay auerouua uuu tumuiiuCC """' " j.w oriina g 20 n.m. Blrmlngnam
, fc- dap ago to Uuffln N.an . o t . day night. e spoke of ! Lna panted tbe bu.t of Governor . Brlgg8 name. Wonder It thU XT, Wmph l.oT p m..
Durham bounty, who was convicted ! d educatlonal awakening of China. , v Johnston to the North Caro- intenUonal on the part ot the Ob- " d
!lt tU(, August term. 1911. of the j Turkey and several of th '? 5 HUtotieri Assoc.ation. Cover- gerTer-. reporter or It hta name JZ
m i a a v t nun etui in i:u lj j .1 itnfaTinru(ii 1 ik nuccvu " - t . M tw t m rrt iiiriiL m r t ai t m 111 1 up tn iulcu 1
ni lai (-en , aiiu uucidiuv- . Tnhnsrnn was a umntu - 1
months on the roads.
; eral jokes
Mr. Bryan also reviewea ! f w B McKay will be'reauest of the postmaster?
Mr Leonard H. Adams, one of Ra-1 his pol
Mis. i UTaann
itical policies. Stated he was ! Mason.
-1 n.oi Master to succeed Mr
. . . . fV th initiative and referendum anu TT.f
loiBh's most highly MWr;h p" he election of United States Sea-! K-
.-ns, died at his home on North Per-, for theelec ion o I ! -
imt Thursday, aiier uu muio .v,- - liiain cu......
. iTo was nnt saiu tua.t uuiu i'""
in his seventy-third year.
ThU ear also makes close
at Salisbury for St. Louis aad other
Western points.
Through Pullman to Washtngtoa
leaves Raleigh 6.50 p.m.. arrives
n$ rmsMi. 1st tvajs
Winustt a4 CorgU wua?t.
tls wife. ErtsteT Stewart.
ldsey ni, I44. Ofstfts, a
Hrtta rtX-t t5tr Ut
Ov0e f !.
Ry ttrtN of a t;tU fIlkg
Is Waie Sarrior Ctt aa4 UUs4
as above, aai a ladgmeet tbrof, t
will oTr for soOe a tSe rtwOrg
car the to a et Carmf. K. C. ea
Monday. tb 29t& day of Jaaaary,
1 IU. at IS o'clock II Ue fdtWt3
dMet1b4 land:
Ad.kdatsg the taads ot a O.
man and others, and tgi&iss at a
takethe comer ot & CV Itellesaajk
ttenc t!ghty-tfSt 4fTv
east tvrnty-foor aad Urreiflh
C 4 J. Si polea to a tale, the corner
ot S. O. Solieman; thenco at&
eleven 111 I degrees, west twelve &4
onehalf (13 12) poire to a state;
hence eighty-eight (SSI degree.
west tentyfour and tar-&fth
(24 3-S) poles to a stake O.
lolicman's line; thence north ht
eea (17) dr ere-, east twelvo aad
one-half (12 1-2 ) pole to the Wgta
nlng; containing to acres mora ot
The sale is to b tnsde for partitlo
among the heirs-awaw or Ai.an
The land will Iw sold In to par
cels of one acre each to the highoat
bidder for cash.
The title Is perfect.
No Other Paper Can Equal It
Mr. P. H. Gray, of Jonesboro, in j Washington 8.53 a.m.. Baltimore,
cloee cennectioa at WashUgtoa for
am 7 ift n m.. maklnc close connection
v -w - - m
Chicago, and all other
North and west, ana at
tVt - x inf tVigro I r.wA.A liiwMiffb Tfturlat
--v 1 1 n ri'iiw rk 1111 j im tti tv 1 n n f iiiriiL rwmm maua u &ua. - - -
Georgia uurne, tu .xi. - -: ever reau. 7 . J , r.V i" . 1. t-
Blair on Wednesday, January iu- . nQ Qtner paper tnat caa aioeper ror
x .w ninfAanth hundred and , i0 oiimhl and interesi- for all Flonaa poiaia.
sevenieeiiui, nurcicvuvU ,very issue 10 1
! i.ii, nA.n at h nm P KPQ- . x. i : .-n i- fh iPT lntereBi 10 I m,... T r
ing. l oeuec J
twelve, at high noon, at home, Ped
Through Parlor Car for Ashevlllt
Retanls Rusiness in Many SecUons , x c The nonor of your ered in tnls publication. The leaTe Qoldssero at 1.45 a.m.. R
i rr i : , cttw.Klpvpn Deaths in i '. m i . j.f,,iiir advanced. S M m4vm AhTlllA
in This Stato Eleven Deatiis
New York 10 Relow Zero in Clii
cago. A snow about two inches deep fell
in Raleigh Saturday night, and in fact
it fell more or less' all over the
State. The thermometer was down
the lowest it has been this winter.
Traffic was not seriously interfered
with her, but Durham and Winston
presence is requested
I Caucasian has wonderfully advanced, leight , 55 a.m.. arriToa AabevtlU
'and has maintained tne comment wlth Carolina Bpociai ana mrriT
I of its multitude of subscribers in if cdmdmnatl 10 A.m. followtif day
! rt of our country. fter leaving Raleigh, with close con
i "I sincerely hope aunng lul neeUoi IO? i pcamw nurvu
ii n.,unril Vill Hold Meeting omo nrid enormous demand for NortliWelt
Here To-day to Consider Ware-i. Cacasian will be increased by Pullman for WinitoSalexn leave
i,a.,a Plans. hnn.anda. Raleigh 2.S1 s-ta..' arrive Qreema.
. . 4, , v ttnr. have spared no ex f8t a.m., makUg cleae cenneo-
Tho State Ufncial vjouucu ui "r .. w nub- L... .kam 11 nclmta
.ni v,lH o meeting nnse to maKeJt iue wr r I uo fc . ' "
i matter of establishing
witn ner, out iuiuam " p.mprs' Union will noia a mecuu& yeuo " . ;00 . . wj Thfa
report that traffic and to consider the ucation of ttnd inte North BmjttuM J
been affected by the snow and sleet. establishing a central ware- "I enjoy reading The oa ear U
Eleven Deaths in New York.
New York, Jan. 6. Eleven deaths
from the extreme eold is the record
for the winter's coldest day here.
Tonight the thermometer sunk to
eight degrees, from a maximum of
15 this afternoon.
Very Cold in Georgia and Alabama.
Atlanta, Ga., Jan. Snow and
sleet accompanied the present cold
to Atlanta to-niht. Local weather
predictions are that low tempera
tures will extend to the South At
lantic State aa far ae Northern
Florida within the next 36 hoars.
Reports from Alabama say snow is
falling generally over the northern
portion of the State as far south aa
Gadsen. Ala., Jan. 6. The eollce
to-night found an unidentified white
man frozen on a street here. There
is an inch of snow.
16 Degrees Below Zero in Chieago.
Chicago, Jan. 7. All local cold
wave records since January, 1883,
were broken to-day, when the ther
mometer in the Federal Observatory
registered 16 degrees below aero
after three continuous days of below
zero weather.
c J i txh for its I i ni4wA II 41 w.m.
, .v, i .,Vi onrt eazeri? - - i umfiu w
house and also to discuss wnere.uc: Very ur.::: ; UfomaUon,
. 1 . 1 1ninnl ' np mnaV T HI)UCaiBUVV . I - .
warehouse snau ue "; TT ' i ,n contlnuea
. m. t. ntir i nrtnn vnii. v j
meeting is a very important, uiic. . BUbscribers
r,n f fho Council is ex- success and many new
m0(1 'during 112
Chairman Stanley of the Steel Trust
"The Choice ot a Husband
. mattr for a wo-
ia too importaui. q.
. t..nHirnned by weakness,
Inquiry Committee Start. Some- Wood or foul hreath. Avoid Jjjj SouthpOlt Ry. Co
plenee write or ealL we are here to
furnish iarenaatlem aa well as to eeii
T. P. A.. 111. rayettevtlle CtUUt
tiekets. T7. H. PARNELL. T. P. A.
211 Payettevllle Ct. Calelgh. N. C
H. V. CART. OeaereJ Paoeagar
Affamt. Tfaaalactem. D. c
Me. Q
A. tL
F. M.
P. Xl
direct vote of the people.
street lau mmauu;, . no.Hos nnerh
' f .ton Dlln uoUtlcs and pass such ; The Caucasian has received tho, u8 tn regard to his .atacr 10.01 a.m.. PhlladelphU U. noon.
! to fctop playing ponuca auu i , iha mnrriaee .. - fniimrin? annreciatlve vw Vftrk n.m. This car makes
aQnr Mr. Brvan said mere . following mvuauuu - " uon, auus r " 7. ' ...
,,mor Kitchin has offered a re-, roncer men than he in the of a prominent couple in v"-iremark8:
ti ah r nc a i t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . n uu sj onn ti mi 1 i autii v i vw---" w
TnU .rs. n Cmnt) r'to a double ! a ca.daU for ! r. and Mrs. G. N. Smith wlH deeply lmpressed with The Caucas- p,
: .a 'C 1 r h ?smtas dav of George ! " g .It. In marriage their daughter. , flnd lt ,.. the best paper point Ni
limiut; vju - - , i uuiv c.
Bundle and his son, Mauley urenaie.
It was the result of a family fued
which had existed for years.
Governor Kitchin has granted a
pardon to E. C. Caton, of Mecklen
burg county, who has served since
December, 1909. on a sentence to the
roads. The pardon was on account
of his physical condition, he having
been stricken with pellagra.
Several of Raleigh's banking houses
and institutions had their regular
.annual meeting and election ot stock
holders and officers and report that
Raleigh's banking growth is gratify
ing The combined resources of the
seven banks in the city amount to
probably $7,500,000.
As a result of a raid of the Detec
tive Agency, which went to the town
of Zebulon a short time ago and
Made a raid among the blind tigers
ef that section, four men. Lee Ander
son. Bessie Hopkins. Paul Craig, and
William H. Smith were given sen
tences ot six months each.
William Neal, the negro who shot
Pellceman Barbomr several daya ago.
was tried in Judge Watson's court.
Tmesder, submitted to an assault with
aeadly weapon, and wae sentenced
to a term of two yeare on the roads.
it 1m confessed to the shooting at
W. C. Horton, and was given another
lorn years for that offense.
a L. Jones. Assistant Attorney
General einee March. 1908. has gone
hack to his old home in Franklin.
Macon county, where he will resume
the practice of law February 1. when
his resignation is effective. Thomas
H. Clavert. his euocessor. is adjusting
his affairs to lake up the new duties
en that date.
Two executions were set for to
morrow at the State prison, but one
of the condemned men haa an ap
peal pending, and his electrocution
will have to be set for another date,
and Governor Kitchin on Thursday
last commuted the sentence. Cleve
land Garner who murdered a negro
girl in Wayne County last fall to life
Edward Howard, said to be from
Raleigh, is reported to be in trouble
in Cincinnati. It seems that he was
about to have been married to Mrs.
Loretta Button, of that city, when
she learned that he had a wife al
ready In Raleigh, so she straightway
had him arrested. Efforts are being
made to locate the Raleigh wife.
whom Harris declares he does not
There was a street car strike in'
Raleigh yesterday at noon. The con
ductors and motormen had asked for
an Increase in pay from 15 centto
18 cents an hour, which the company
refused to grant. At noon most of
the cars in the service were run to
the post-office building aad then de
serted by the conductors and motor
rmen. A fewv of the men returned to
work later, and partial service was
. . i TVr Vine s
vni-honee D7 tamus "
. ,1 t"r";;: v.w strength, fine com-
Conereeeman Stanley, unmiruim iie tri I -nlrits
the Democratic Steel Trust Inquiry piXion. pur. a telr
Committee, created some excitement Lathing, that win n flve
in the House Tuesday evening wucu.nfl.
he threatened to have everything inicu at an uru-
sisrht. including some of the con
gresemen, sueponea nerore hhi , -
mittee. He grew very personal m vm , UVUL
debate over his fight for $9,000 addi- Vofinnnl Cash ReP L
tional appropriation for the inquiry. L g condition. Original 5
Th House finally voted the appro- ISter, in gCKKi twimi nffpr LVi
- m e v m j rm t a r rM iuauiv m
m - a i www w - - - j - . k m m m -w - - a .w m i
priation in addition to tne origin d Drice C6-eV.r
M5,ooo. m trvvvEi Green- KSKL;:
nanrMAntative Levy, or New i ora. i auurcaa, 11. -i - ' rf7-i
inquiry as an interference with busi
ness stability, was assured ny Mr
Stanley that he "need not lose any
IrTiMtoa ,.!!!!.. .
Ar Farettsi--
sleep even though Mr. Levy had J. P-
A lllu MM ff
Morgan as one or nis consniueau.
High Point Man Arrested for Embez
zling $30,000.
Booming Wendell.
The Wendell Industrial and De
velopment Club held its regular meet
ing last Friday night and several
new members were enrolled, making
the entire membership about sixty
"Watch Working Wendell Win"
was adopted as the slogan. , One of
Some Coining Attractions at the
Academy of Music
The following are a list of the at
tractions that will appear at the
Academy of Music next week:
The "Kilties," the worldrenowned
Scottish-Canadian band, will be the
attraction on Monday matinee and
night. It is a musical triumph in it
self. This is shown by the fact that
they are now on their seventeenth
grand tour and have just returned
from a tour of the world which last
ed over two years.
"The Conservatory of Melody and
Laughter" is the title, of Lew Dock
stader's Great Minstrels first part of
this season, and in point of luxurious
stage setting, and lighting, is said to
surpass any of the beautiful scenes
for first parts that Dockstader or any
other organization has had in the
past. Done in white and gold with
a most gorgeous background of varie
gated colors, the general effect is one
of beauty and splendor , and most
pleasing to the eye. The setting is
both massive and ' magnificent and is
most appropriate. They will give
performances at the Academy Tues
day matinee and night. 4
On Thursday Dr. Frederick Cook,
the explorer, will give a lecture.
On Saturday, January 20th, the
"Three Twins" .will be the, attraction;
This is said to be a clean, wholesome,
musical comedy, abounding in humor
and many catchy songs.
(Quoted by Barbee & Co.)
a i .4
finod middling ow
ow mMrlllnf W
A dispatch sent out rrom ureens- ft 5-8c.
t lt
10 00
io es
ia is
io a
io u
it it
l u
l a
1 41
i u
1 OS
1 u
1 o
1 41
s ti
i es
i n
P. If.
t a
t a
n the Superior Court
January Term, 1911.
North Carolina Wake County,
Maggie Frailer
William J. Frailer.
To William J. Frailer:
This Is to notify you that year wife.
Maggie Fraxler, has brought suit
against you to the January Term,
1912. of Wake Superior Court for di
vorce from the bonds of matrimony,
and that the summon iMued for yon
has been returned by the sheriff with
this endorsement thereon: "After ex
ercising due diligence, the defendant,
William J. Fraxler, is not to be found
ln this county." Yon are, therefore,
further notified to appear at the
January Term. 1912. of Wake Supe
rior Court, which cenvenee on the
8th of that month, and answer, de
mur or plead to the complaint which
will be filed la the cosrt daring the
first three days of that term, ether
wise the plaintiff will demand Le be
allowed to prove the allegations of
her complaint and havji Judgment ac
cordingly. This December 12, 1911.
Clerk Wake Saperter Ce,ert.
Attorney tsr the Plaintiff,
i:crfo!!i Scutham RaCrccj
Travel via CsO jTJeassa)
to and Press AH Fc ta
r. a.
boro last night says:
rwo? with embezzlement ot
$30 OOO.Frank WIneskie, manager of! TteTg?flTJ FEODTJCn HAHK02
the Hieh Point branch of the Stand-1
rd Mirror Company., of Pittsburg. I - loose-
to w arrested to-dav by county L- lee
authorities. He was later released - It
on a J 10.000 bond." It7.
fVnrh Fori2m Minister Reslgne and I Sm4 ItO4
. " .. . "f"" mm m.
Upheaval rreoictea. I ci.i matateaa .9-"
Paris, Jan. 9. The Franco-German Ccrn . "JfJ;
ir..A.n t.oitT whfph enaea iaeim
S1U i WVBU . w . " mmmtm m w m w - -w-
war crisis a few months ao, brought
about this evening In a dramatic man-1 t
ner the resignation of the Frencn f ttniZZZZ3 SctCC3
ioreiii uimiBw,
mi.t. tv..n(nn, r fm followed bv al
A ; - - - M
' it " l.cflr,llnn I n, 1m mrmm BTM Ln li iH
general paruauiutj . - -
Charees that financiers of France l cneaslsle tecaaisai pcss
. sot wot-a TViM-mtttvi tn earrrl nirr than Ton are now CrrT-5
J&UU VJOi lHtJ tr- .... - W ' - , rm .V m
on negotiations relative to the Congo I tjftf tmn BWBa ":
- .7 ' J V. 1 mtmm ClU XX S3 W
Lv lmm
Lf IIvmU
LrCmTar ,
U KlpOaf.
1m Chair!
LrPoovar Sprtass
Ijw varina.
Lur WUlow 8szlass
Lw Caralelsa.
Ax Raid tn
OMrtfwa. wto.
VbAt Stands Between the Conf eder-1 u. p. rfanley, CnP-. "1 iJ" ifi
i sylTanla Arcane It T7.
tad xna taf or
But one thing sUnds between elo. . Vo now I ess feecoaeja
ate Soldier and a Good Bensloxu
The Lincoln Times. 1
t a
t a
io ce
io es
i a
ia a
P. tf.
i a
i a
i a
i a
l a
i a
1 XI
t u
i a
t a
i a
t a
I a
I u
T 14
T 41
Dehednle Effective April 9, 1911.
ntMsriBa wnaDeahleDatlr
taronsa ftiisTifii iargaracaasa aae
Confederate soldier and a Federal
pensionthat is the democratic poll-1 ttoa t by K9Kt time atndy without
tician of the South.
ALiVCa.T IO asOTBRBi.-M. j""?
the tuns, ailara all parn. run wtod
la th best rriDe( lor Jjiarxaeca
ltaTlns my present work until I no
Uy name U ......
Street and no ... .'
Wa . ..... tia
Na ts iLa.B.
wo. a txo pjt
. . ior weues.
.. . ..pon rss scroTB r$
Vo CT.-..; no anu
Ho. ojLtmm laasja.
2ia a acopuB.
fur ratoa. aeaedales. tiase tablas and an
mm hrfamttbm teind aDDlT SO X P. tUtCB
ell. Paesenssr and Ticks Agsst TeJephees
190. 117. -
None.- Above sehefisles peblUaedoalr at
talermasioc a&a are net raanaieea
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Apply to Lock Drawer lit, Ceszsks

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