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State Netfs.
Reports are that 26,060 rabbit
and 15,003 partridge hare been
hipped from Slier City, In Chatham
County, eJnce the season opened in
Four white men and eight negroe
were sentence.! to four months on the
county roads a few dayi ago in Eliz
abeth City for violating the prohibi
tion iawg.
The four-year-old child of Her. C.
W. Williams, of Rural Hall, Forsyth
County, was burned to death a few
days ago- The child caught on fire
while alone in the room.
Ed. Mills, a very bad negro of the
Ashevillo section, resisted arrest a
few days ago, after having escaued
from the chain-gang of the county.
and was shot to death by the deputy
sheriff. ,
A bottle of whiskey in the pocket
of a young man at Spencer, a few
days ago, becoming too warm from
the boat of the Are near which ho was
sitting, exploded, saturating his
clothing and burning him badly.
John Stone, a young white man of
'High Point, was found with two
sticks f dynamite on his person after
threatening to blow up Kennedy's
restaurant a few days ago, and waa
fined $100 by the recorder in his
In Vance Township, Lenoir Coun
ty, a few days ago, a lot of drunken
y negroes created a great deal of ex
citement, and also did quite a little
damage to property as a result. They
pulled down telephone lines and com
mitted numbers of depredations.
The six-year-old daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. G. A. Caton, of New Bern,
was very badly, if not fatally burned
a few days ago in playing with a box
of matches. She struck one match
and the entire box became ignited,
setting her clothing afire.
Reports from the local Revenue of
fice at Asheville shows that sixty il
licit distilleries have been seized in
the State of Virginia, and two arrests
and thirty prosecutions recommend
ed, of these twenty of them are in
North Carolina.
Mrs. Thomas Robertson, of Twin
Falls, Idaho, who is visiting her sis
ters near Scotland Neck, was stand
ing near the fire a few days ago and
her clothing became ignited, burning
her severely if not fatally.
Mrs. George Dooly, of Charlotte,
committed suicide at the State H.
Hospital at Morganton Thursday af
ternoon last by burning herself to
death. She got hold of a box of
matches and set her clothing afire.
It is said that Mr. O. L. Flow
bought the liquor for the Rev. R .L.
Davis, which he exhibited in the
Charlotte meeting a few weeks ago.
It is also reported that he has disap
peared, and Intimations are that he
was hired to do so.
Deputy Collector R. F. Henry and
Deputy Marshall T. V. Slope located
and destroyed two large Illicit distil
leries Monday on Beaver Dam, in
Cherokee County. These make four
teen distilleries destroyed in this
same community within thirty days.
According to reports issued by
Commissioner of Labor and Printing,
M. L. Shipman, ( sixty-five knitting
mills are reported during 1911 for
North Carolina. Fifty-four of them
show a capital stock of $3,043,125.
General proficiency is reported im-
f proved from forty-three.
Joe Greer, the negro who shot and
fatally wounded John Kerns, another
negro, an employe of the R. J. Rey
nolds Tobacco Company, late Satur
day evening, was arrested at Walker
. town Monday and carried back to
Winston-Salem. Kerns died Monday.
Lumberton Lady Orders ifer Own
A fire at Fountain, N. C, destroy
ed the town building and market,
burning to death Mr. E. S. Nichols, a
farmer, who was in town, and being
under the influence of whiskey, was
locked in a cell. . The general opin
ion is that he had matches in his
clothing and set fire to the building.
Deputy Collector K. W. Merritt and
J3eputy Marshall F. W. Knight cap
tured a large still in Durham County
a few days ago. E. A. Whitted was
found together with another man,
who escaped; Whitted was given a
hearing before U. S. Commissioner
) Skinner, and gave bond for appear
ance at next term of Federal Court.
A Union County Mother Saw Child
Born to Death. y .
Waxhaw, February 12. The four-years-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. San
ford Powell, of the Tabesrnacle com
munity, met a shocking death recent
ly, being burned to death In a corn
crip. He probably had some matches
and set the shucks afire. ' No one was
present but the mother, and when she
discovered the fire, it had gained
such headway that she was cut off,
and could only stand by, helpless,
and see her litle son burn to death.
Colored )Un Vr&te to Dlb bj tin?
liaac Parcel!, colored, was found
dead yesterday morning on the road
near his home at AtfordiviUe. He
had been cooking for Mr. Wash
Walker at a sawmill plant in Cum
berland County. He waa oa his way
bom Saturday night, having had to
walk three miles, where be got off
the train, and it is thought that he
froze to death. Lumberton Robe-sonian.
January Sal en of Leaf Tobacco.
The sales of leaf tobacco on the
several markets in North Carolina
for the month of 'January amounted
to 10,429,749 pounds, according to
statistics gathered by the State De
partment of Agriculture, as against
6,098,749 in January, 1911. Winston-Salem
led the markets for the
month of January; Mount Airy,
Rocky Mount, Roxboro and Hender
son came next in the order named.
A special from Lumberton, Robe
son County, to Sunday's Charlotte
Observer, says:
"Mrs. Eliza Bass of this place.
f-who will be 79 years old In April,
gave an order this week to have her
burial casket made and delivered at
her home. The wood used was of
the richest yellow pine heart, the ex
terior painted black and the interior
lined and trimmed as she directed.
The work has been done and she has
the casket in her possession."
Hill Brother Held on Charge of
Shooting Their Father.
A special from High Point, N. C,
to yesterday's News and Observer
"The Hill brothers, whose trial for
the shooting of their father on the
3rd instant came off to-day in the Re
corder's Court, were bound over to
Superior Court under a bond of two
thousand dollars each. In default
of their bond, they were taken to
Greensboro jail this evening by the
local police."
False Economy and Criminal Extrav
Asheville Citizen..
Those towns in North Carolina
which have made repeated efforts to
get new public buildings will be in
terested to know that there will be
no appropriations at this session of
Congress, if indeed, there will be any
within the next two years. The Sher
wood pension bill, having demanded
seventy millions of dollars for north
ern pensions, left practically nothing
for public buildings. Hence it may
be argued that thcse who voted for
the Sherwood pension bill knocked
their own constituents out of prom
ised public buildings for some time.
Mr. Bryant Parker of Jones County
Found Frozen to Death.
A special from Kinston to Tues
day's Charlotte Observer says:
News was received in Kinston this
morning of the death of Mr. Bryant
Parker, of Jones County. While driv
ing along the Trenton road Sunday
morning Mr. Henry Gray, of Jones
County, discovered the body of a man
covered in snow by the roadside.
After digging away the snow, he dis
covered the body to be that of Mr.
Bryant Parker, frozen stiff and life
less. It is surmised that Mr. Parker
started Saturday afternoon to walk
from Trenton to his home, about nine
miles away, and got caught in the se
vere snowstorm which prevailed Sat
urday night. Mr. Parker was about
twenty-five years old and was not
Woman Guilty of White Slave Traf
fic Joins Her Husband Prominent
Farmer Attempts Suicide.
A special dispatch from Salisbury
to Sunday's Greensboro News says:
Charlie Bost, a prominent farmer,
fifty years old, with a wife and ten
children, living near Organ Church,
Rowan County, attempted suicide, it
is alleged, with a shotgun this morn
ing. Mr. Bost had been bothered con
siderably of late by relatives over
some land and had been unable to
sleep for three nights. This morn
ing early he entered a small room
at his home and in some way fired a
gun. A part of the load entered his
neck, producing wounds that, while
painful, are not necessarily fatal.
Baby to Prison1 With Mother.
Sheriff McKenzie took Mrs. Charles
Noel to the state prison, where she is
to serve five years, the sentence im
posed on her at the September Rowan
court in the white slave case, moved
here from Davidson county. Mrs.
Noel's baby boy, born since her con
viction, will remain with the mother
in the penitentiary. Her husband is
already there serving his fifteen year
term for the same offense. Mrs.- Noel
will try for a pardon soon.
A case a litle out of the ordinary
will be tried in Rowan's court next
week, when J. B. Gray is arraigned
for bigamy, although he has only one
wife. One of his alleged wives died
The case against J. M. Gardner, of
Landis, who, with his wife, was
charged recently with abandoning
four small children by a former mar
riage, was continued today, ho hac
ing shown that the four children
Randolph county.
General Netfs.
In a wreck on the great Northern
Oriental Limited at Do rem, near Dev.
IV Lake, N. D. seven are known to
be dead and a score injured. '
After occupying the throne of
China for nearly three centuries, the
Manchu dynasty, represented by Pa
Vi, was abdicated February 13.
Col. ... if. Stewart, a prominent
J Confederate veteran and hero of the
ball of the "Crater." died Friday
night at his home in Portsmouth,
I Va., aged 73 years.
The President has given a reprieve
of fifty-one days to Mattie Lomax, a
j colored woman under death sentence
! In Washington, D. C, for the murder
of her husband.
! Three railroad men were killed and
i several injured when a passenger
i train on the Norfolk and Western
Road ran Into a freight at Dry
Branch. Va., on Friday last.
Former State Representative John
G. Stevens, Confederate veteran, was
killed by his automobile a few days
ago. The car was left in high gear,
and he attempted to crank It.
An aerial cable across Platte River,
in Wyoming, a few days ago, snapp
ed, hurling a lot of workmen into the
river. Five of them are dead as a re
sult, and several others wounded.
Deputy Warden E. D. Davis, of the
State penitentiary of Nebraska, was
stabbed six times by a negro convict
last Sunday at the close of the morn
ing service In the prison chapel. He
will probably die.
It is reported that Mr. LaFollette
will withdraw from the candidacy for
President very soon on account of the
condition of his health. He was en
dorsed a few days ago by the Repub
licna League of Minnesota.
Two men held up the proprietor
of a saloon in New York, a few days
ago, robbed the saloon, killed the
owner, and wounded the bar-tender.
They escaped with $39, which they
took from the cash register.
A fire in Washington, D. C, Tues
day last destroyed an entire block of
business houses in the down-town
section and burned out the Wool
worth and McCrorey stores, causing
damages estimated at $100, OuO.
Reports are that work on the Pan
ama Canal progressed rapidly during
the month of January. With one
working day less, canal diggers exca
vated 2,641,444 cubic yards in Janu
ary as against 2,430,276 in Decem
ber. Taft headquarters are to be opened
in Washington soon and Representa
tive William B. McKinley, of Illinois,
Chairman of the Republican Congres
sional Campaign Committee, will be
in charge of the President's political
interests. 0
A cat and fur company is said to
be on the eve of formation in Cali
fornia fo rthe purpose of raising cats
and killing them for their fur. In
addition to this, it is proposed to
start a rat branch adjoining for the
same purpose.
An amendment of the civil service
rules, recently made by the Presi
dent relating to removals, insures
civil service employes against dis
criminations relative to religion or
politics, and adds security against
Miss Pauline Strickland, a young
lady living in Vanderbilt, Ala., was
shot and seriously wounded by a ne
gro, who was found in her room a
few days ago. She was awakened by
him, and on screaming, the brute
It Is reported that Charles W.
Morse,-the ex-convict banker, recent
ly freed from the Federal Prison at
Atlanta, Ga., on accoumt of his health,
is very much improved, and will be
taken by his wife to a health resort in
Germany for treatment.
A tight collar is said to have caused
the death of William F. Dillon, in
Norwood, Mass., a few days ago. A
medical examiner said that the man
apparently suffered from an attack of
indigestion which caused a slight
swelling of the neck and his collar
choked him to death.
John Early, the supposed leper,
who has been sent from place to
place in trying to determine whether
or not he has leprosy, has been locat
ed at Summltt, near Tacoma, Wash
ington, and has been fenced in on an
acre of land. His wife and three
small children are with him.
Sherwood Bill Reported Unfavorably
by Committee.
By a vote of 8 to 4, the Senate
Committee on Pensions defeated a
motion to favorably report the Sher
wood "Dollar-a-Day Pension Bill and
adopted the substitute of Senator
Smoot (Republican, of Utah). The
Smoot measure increases the. annual
pension roll $24,000,040. This is less
than half tho amount called for in
the Sherwood hill. :
TUj of -UstabW Harrr L
t VlrsttOa.
beMoffu ioitrguw.
Savannas. Ga,. res. l. ice f
iirtssrr hero and father or uea. uoo
ert EL Lee, the Confederate chieftain,
will be removed, after lying nearly
fCumWrland Island to Lexington, a..
the old tome of the Lee family, where
ft win he relnterred In the Lee tomb.
At thr? time of his death, la lSU.i
"UghthorseM Harry Lee wai ca a
lit to General Nathaniel Greene, at
his homestead on Cumberland Island.
I t-v nAJnr-fim Atviiru nt ihm ntiffh-
I w w-. v v.. -.
iter or tte American Keroinuon wui
I co-operate with the citltens of Lex -
lington in the reinterment-
fOut of 1,070 Vote at Chicago Pre--j
ident Sow Sure of 20 Vote More
Ttian lie Needs.
Sunday's New York American, a
Democratic paper, contained a long '
special from Washington on the Pres
ldentiai suuaiion. ine Amencsa
corresponaent say. mat out o ina
1.076 votes aicnicago rresiaem
now haa 558. or 20 more than ne
needs. Congressman McKinley. who
will manage Mr. Taffs campaign, and
Mr. Chas. D. Hllles. Secretary to the
President, summed up the situation
a few days ago, and Mr. McKinley
rave out a statement to the effect
ithat 780 delegates out of tho 1.076
will be for President Taft. or 240
votes more than necessary for a
choice. The Republicans held a pri-
mary m wasnington Saturday ana se-
lected two "Taft delegates" to the
National Convention. The Presi
dent's friends claim Mr. LaFollette!
will be out of the race before the
National Convention Is held.
Arizona Completes the List of States.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 14. As
the White House clocks were strik
ing ten President Taft signed the
proclamation admitting Arizona into
the Union. He used a gold pen
which will be given to Postmaster
General Hitchcock. 'There you are,"
said the President, as he signed the
last document.
In singing the proclamation ad
mitting Arizona, the President add
ed the forty-eighth State to the flag
and brought within the sisterhood of
States the last bit of territory with
in the confines of continental United
States. To perpetuate the scene for
future Arizonians, the moving picture
man Invaded the White"House for
the first time.
The President's . office was filled
with the new State's officers, govern
ment officials and others interested.
Thousands of Fish Die in a Boiling
A dispatch from Galveston, Texas,
says that the oil steamship Lucken
bach and other ships report having
run into a hot water sea in the Gulf
of Mexico, 220 miles southeast of the
Louisiana coast, February 8th.
Thousands of dead fish led to an
investigation, and the sailors were
surprised to find the water hot, with
a rough sea running. The tempera
ture of the water varied from almost
boiling to lukewarm, and covered an
area more than half a mile long.
Seamen say they never experienced
such phenomena in the gulf, and at
tribute it to some subterranean ex
plosion or discharge from the bottom
of the sea.
Neglecting Common Schools Shame
fully. Dallas Advocate.
The campaign f or the common
schools has more in it for the people ;
of North Carolina than the tariff, the
trust, the pension, Mr. Taft, Mr. Wil
son, Mr. Harmon, Mr. Harvey, and
all the rest. We are neglecting the
common schools shamefully, and we
ought to do something worthy of the
State and of the children with good
blood in their veins who are growing
up in ignorance. Let every man who
loves the State push this great work
Apportionment of School Fund.
The State Board of Education has
apportioned the special State appro
priation of $100,00 to those coun
ties requiring aid from the State to
help give them a four months' school
term. The counties securing aid and
the amounts they receive are as fol
lows: Alexander, $3,108.18; Alle
ghany, $4,603.62; Ashe, $3,079.50
Avery, $2,897.48; Bladen, $1,531
Brunswick, $697.74; Burke. $1,422.
76; Caldwell, $1,384; Camden. $1,-
316.32; Carteret. 13027; Caswell
2,900; Catawba, 1,750; Chatham
$1,280.21; Cherokee. $1,352; Cho
wan, $600; Clay. $544.32 Columbus.
$1,717.54; Currituck, $2,060.28;
Dare, $3,154.24; Franklin, $2,570;
Gates, $300; Graham, $461.11: Gran
ville, $1,013.50; Henderson, $1,279.-
11- Hyde. $2,473.97; Jackson. $3.
402.95; Lee, $394.51; Jones. $1,239.
04; Lincoln. $1,721.57; Macon, $1.-
099; Madison. $1,839.17; McDowell.
$591; Mitchell. $1,508.50; Montgom
ery, $750.46; Northampton. $1,060,
50; Onslow. $1,924.40; Orange, $1,
432.50; Pamlico, $3,178.79; Person,
$821.15; Polk, $726.51; Randolph.
$1,175; Stanly, $614.21; Stokes. $1.
54662; Transylvania,: $492.92;
Warren, $777.65; Watauga. $1,398.
39;j Wilkes, $4,734.74; Yadkin. $1,
40917; Yancey, $2,749.60. Total,
$86,042.22. ,
to; Do Ton belike la c.Ktst
tor letter?
i Joa a government
ta pahlle roads?
mnr which yon
to fof lhe coo4 0f your country?
. Tt,
i The tning to oo is
TetA:aaS show him that yoa
rr wmicg to tack him up in tuch
A (OQ(rmS!&n can fight twice as
nartj WBen he knows that he has the
. . t 1kTtA cnnrrt of his constltu
... .... v
your repreuvi e mm
lf fQl (her(k to do your vui.
s Vcver n-sitate to let him know
wiu OQ all public matters.
Write your Congreiaman!
Farm Topics
Finest YaricUm Arc tiitmn in
i Mountainous cuoiv.
rnrn!a fi. February S. That
' '
. ... w
mowing apples to be "und anyw here
obtain in the highlands of the south-
east is shown in a statement recent-
U ado by Dr George T Powell, o
the Agricultural Experts Station of
Nw York, one of the world a most
eminent horticultural autnoiitles
as just maae an examinaion oi
a number of large tracts of land in
north Georgia lying along the lines
vl,k"v "
Habersham and Rabun Counties,
- 1 which he said:
"The conditions necessary for the
successful culture of the apple must
(naturally be found In hilly or some-
what mountainous sections, and merchant. In dressing tb hi
hence the territory over which the darkey had got his water too to. zl
finest apples those possessing the 0f course, the .kin turned tj
finest quality may be grown, is low. When the hog was dlUfr u
somewhat limited. Northeast Geor- the merchant, tho latter mild i n,
gia has th ese conditions in a most iarWey:
unusual degree. I found a soil that, "Until- Jim, what is the
is a wonderful combination of sandy Wjth this hog, that the skin !a M
loam, red loam, and clay, that is fully low?"
supplied with humus. It Is practical-; To tell yer de trufe. whi'e zr.ii,
ly virgin soil. With an elevation of dat hog shore is got de yalir
m a ma. i i a a. a. A it . - .
irom fliieea uuaureu iu su muus-
and feet, climatic conditions of the
most desirable character are assured;
such as warm, sunny days, and cool
night temperatures, which give to the
apple its highest flavor and its most
beautiful color. The rolling charac-
ter of the land assures perfect natural
drainage, while its high elevation
renders it eminently free from those
fungus that In many sections are dis-
astrous to the foliage and also to the
fruit, of the trees."
Dr. Powell's tribute to the possl-
What Milam Is
Milam is a preparation made
from a formula in successful use
46 years in the treatment of all
diseases arising from the blood.
It contains no alcohol, cocaine,
morphine, mercury, potash or
other dangerous or habit
forming drug. If a fair
amount is taken, results are
Absolutely Guaranteed
ffkj Worst and oldest cases yield to
ror over nve years l susered severely
with Eczema. I was treated by many
physicians with no result. A friend ad
vised me to try Milam and 1 am glad to
say it has entirely cured me. A. E. Stride
ler. Roanoke, Va,. salesman for Bradford
Shoe Co., Columbus, O.
My face was raw as a piece ot beef when
I commenced taking Muam. I shaved last
Sunday for the first time in seven months.
W. K. Driskell. Lynchburg. Va.
Up until last April for the past 26 years 1
suffered with eczema in its worst form:
tried everything until disgusted with doc
tors and medicines. After taking four
bottles was entirely well took four more
to be sure. Have had no return since then
(9 months.) C H. Williams, traveling
f i m m m m m w r m
r m m u - m k
y v n 9 t j u u u i j
It will do you no nood to put it off nothins
to sain, all to lose. Act today.
Your druggist has Milam or can get it very quickly from any drug jobber.
THE MILAM MEDICINE CO.. Inc.. Dinvllla t. !
IFiFsll SIlaQwaimgj M.
Sprikng WMtte Goffl
Colored jLinen, Percales, Gingham, Pop
lins, Galiteas, Crash Suitings, LonCIoth Cam
brics, Nainsook and Shirting Madras.
All single and : odd Curtains will be sold at
half the original price.
Efalf de nonce Devoted to Sfcoca.
nwiss mean out h for tii
aid region, and thm Sov..
cospaar it giving mi .t,
de-esa icg the southeast to u.
horticulture as wU at
I e!on frosa the coast tj
- i
fWp Plains &r. Vrr,
(lonj Webster's W
Why doei a fartsr;
en twelve inchr. .-a
- crops only Cte lnchi-r
tell?" We were ho-
Iilam Almanac fnr itt- .
v ---- - . 0
mams ajsiioxc lor im: v.,
thU inquiry. a!ch r vt elt"
dence that deep p'oMc . "
Tocates in North Carol:- M.f
year ago.
A Foal try IUInt Who
(From the Lenoir NVM
Mr. 1. T. Smith it t r., .
County farmer who ; 4- J,!t'
and knows what thine vh; hz .
where the profit corr. f, ,4
rurtcd last year with
the ?rom hem be oM ? M
for $$$.20 aruj $n o
chickens, total $100
11 fs
chickens and two hoc. ir... r
rr! v,l iu for this h,.r. , v
e Ived $. I fo th,
feeding both $66 o. ThU u k
nice profit o ' $,S.S0. ani h, tUln
more chicken, than u KXrH
J.ougia ue no n.a JuW
(From lhe MooreiTllu Kot:,
SVeral weks ato a ci-js 1
Mo0resvllle wa. confined to h , w
un jaunaice. Having :
of IrOL,nd nog lhal wag rrady
km and dress his hogshlp. Tl
key carried out his intructiosi t i
delivered the flno porker n
aers. 1 seed it turn yellow hn I
took it outen de water. Dit ifce
de matter wid de man what It
to, and de hog done ketchoj it, too"
The story of the darkey was btUi.
cd and the meat was turned bacr u
the owner. The owner being toe-rti
to look after it, and believing ihi
something really was the matter tu
the animal, the hog was carried i
good distance from town and nt
away. This 400-pound porker u
last to a man who can ill-afford iri
a loss
What Milam Docs
Milam eradicates from the tyf
tern the most virulent LKx-d d
eases, besides removing the cause
of Rheumat ism. Eczema and o? hrf
skin affections, heals from wuhia
ulcers and old sores, eliminates uric
acid, clears the complexion,
builds up the system and is
a genuine
Reconstructive Tonic
MILAM; reliable people testify.
alesman, duett, Peabody & Co, Troy.
Milam hat done me more good fcr
eczema than all the medicines 1 hive
ever taken before. It has cleared and sof
tened my skin and given me a great appe
tite. H.W.Layden, Spray. N.C.
I have been suffering very much with
eczema in my head. causing severe vcl.r
of the scalp for several years. Afirr tak
ing tour bottles of M'Jam I wi rnri.
relieved. Every nrina 1 wru.i hni t
ri'.j- frti x ' H
til thi it ' j
cannot ;.-; A
ie ft rvt tyrvr-A Ig
inthrreyar. 'A
- 11. il m 9
wuninar awiui eruption urn
i saw Muam advertised. I canit
Aluam enough, as this ts the
and wmmfrl have enkyed in
Miss Winnifred Posten, 731 Patterson
Avenue. Roanoke, Va.

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