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Thursday, February 15,
Congressman Dies of Texas Says He Neither Fears Nor Re
spects Judgement of the Peerless One Mr Bryan Terms
Dies as Representative of the Lumber Trust.
t traction bat then be fcrsJshfd aadj
V1m Ihk tUvm VrntUsyg. VpT
disinfection of cons say he cc- ft i
sen removal of lb in-i
N"o. that n rt of story l
pllshed aftr each
"Coarcmptfon. Hk yellow fwr.U total4 really Ilk to
will wn be a dle of tb
Cor.Kr-3s was thrown Into a Carry, 'The people are ready to site us
f r xr itenxnt Saturday, when Con-, more power. In this situation It Is
r-?y:nan Dies. Democrat, from j a calamity. If not crim, for Bryan to
1-x:.h. denounced Mr. Bryan because
k,. N".brakan bad said he did not
sow M-tdi of discord In the racks
the party. Wbatejr we do here d's
the Democratic committee ' pleases him. Th prospect of Dcm-
o:i!d mak a thorough Investigation ocratic succeess seems to anger bis
f th Money Trust. One of the dls-j very soul. I prefer to follow the lead-
sent out from Washington ersnip or the gentleman rrom Ala
bama. I have followed Don Quixote,
of Nebraska, until I am wearying of
.-it irday afternoon says:
Wrn. J. Bryan was held up to the
:!o;m as "an evil genius hovering
n th flanks of Democracy" by Rep-
M-matlvo Martin E. Dies, of Texas,
A ho replied to the Commoner's lat
, t itfack upon the Democrat House
i:. embers. Democrats and Itepubll
ia:is alike cheered Dies' declaration
that he "neither feared the power
r or respected the judgment of the Ne
!,raskan, and his further announce
; i. nt that the Democracy, under the
a war upon wind mills. I demand to
be led against the flesh and blood
enemies of Democracy."
The conclusion of Dies' remarkable
attack upon Bryan wai marked by
general applause and the clustering
about him of his Democratic col
leagues, who shook his hands.
Mr. Bryan terms Dies a HcfrvMn
tatlvc of Lumber Trust. A dispatch
from San Antonio, Texas Saturday
tdershlp cf Champ Clark and Oscar jsays:
William J. Bryan today Intimate!
his willingness to testify before the
House committee which will investi
gate charges of the existence of a
money truft. He declared he would
reserve anything he might say until
lie should appear belore the commit
Mr. Bryan declared that the reso
lution introduced yesterday by lle
resentative Pujo in connection with
V. I'ndor-vood was heided toward !
rompl'e success, provoked the Dem
orratic r-ide of the House Into storms!
df applause.
'I :n alrnor-.t ready to join Gover
i:'.r Wilson in his desire to find some
, f-ntly and orderly manner of
- no, king Bryan into a cocked hat,"
v .i i Dies amidst a roar of Democratic
:htr r and applause.
Dies' attack upon Bryan followed
litter':-; declaration in the last
:e of the Commoner that thirteen
niocratr, who voted against the re
Mr rMendment in the House to re
ire publicity of all recommenda-
;s to the President on judgeship
.,;;. ointments were "unworthy to
represent a Democratic constltu-
m y."
Dies declare:! if Bryan had spent
.-is much time reading law as he had
attacking Democrats in public life he
would have known that the propos
ed law would he unconstitutional and
an infringement of the President's
"Bryan has led the Democrats
through three disastrous defeats,"
(ried Dies. "Like the Bourbons of
old. he has learned nothing and for
gotten nothing. He points our col
umns straight to the rocks of St. Helena.
pastjkew sda s-oaey Mr. Uyaa kit cca-
when the t&tmi are properly 4aeat-f to the Wiltta caasiss fasi
ed to their sens of responsibility j 53 t l& ea dss win it we
and the criminally careless are 4;SoU t:t to kw mlo s pam&f
law-abiding." Is8 foT " lUoa bra at wall
St feel before ike plain jf-eopJ S-cas
lo a1 Is their centribalioa id 3la
M&er KtCotst-s- This l a goal lis'
to eH the whol story. So3&ebo4y
Some Theorie o& IHtorcr.
Two profeiiors. one of Yale and
r?r J$pt at 4 l (rf
4rf?;ji tc44 Ur'tf J&tm v&tti
mt rtktac rs4 aN-at tl
raf4 en 8ftdy Al Srst l
4l&4. text SUMtSly cm.:4
kfy arrtv4. fc aro -0!y at 4
llytftg Mm Vmll
J?f tsstu I t ct n
Sfc5 pr iAf trsrt
sX4" H'C3s kt4tt.SU
tr?ub'rft fut Lke r fcrlr, with
Ue mit?in k of tj ;tf tr, bci
. - . . i&c&ft. errtotif srea. Wa4fh. 4
one or me i;nivery oi rny- a ?a j - - - - m
vania. bare bea airing thIr theo- mnt who wm it acd bow wuch ha!11'4- !lw"p- p151, ";
ries about the cause of divorce to It coit so far? Dr. Wl!ca coali cot BO Xt frl lUr f V
.u . ..tr. r.- I ffnrd it h f k a ?wr tn- -nrf ik.ln Pie. HSry. TS . prO3
dependent upon men. "When a so- d for a pension frora the Caralcle
rrftrik to J t5 Omfts
i ....
clety shall make women fSnaaclally ; Foundation so laat be might go Into
independent, politically Independent, t politics, who has feeea staking bin
and personally Independent of men Irre thai source of revenue failed?
the divorce problem." be declares. ! l et tfce whole story come oat. an
"will become a place of perpetual coir e out now.
peace, ana tne xamiiy wui reaca n !
highest estate." As he cites the prog-'The MX Xlght .Moon ami Wttat
ress of women as wage-earners, his
solution would seem to Imply thatfG
the wife should continue to work af-
tr mjirrfaro. Hut how manr wace- T. C. Smith, rural mail carrier
earning women would want to dojoa orte
that? Their ideal of matrimony is -prophet
lationia Gazette.)
t'Oltie of electric lt:tferm. 6
write. did tsere to s.e me ce
ftreactit and too4 appetite than all
other stomach reseilr 1 Ssi
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fer when this great remedy will help
you from the first dose. Try It. Oaly
50 cents at alt dregfitta
We aat a4tet im rywAK Tfe
Canrasiasi la very ctty Uw sre
ire &t air4y r?ree-a'.i Wrti
for aaal e;ie Jt4 tms id
atesta, Oar terns are ery tltarat
a&4 7 on cms saak fcxmj &ey y 4
toti&g toar spar Urse to lh WCTV,
lUltUh. K. C
one, is also a weather
as well as a farmer. He i
, . . . m fsiafHff ef4 lei r f nia al m t m
vorv nmrrint rrom tnat or tne pro-.-"-' 1 av v w
P A V- . ...IM
fessor. Again, what right has he to ; e moon wiu sum
nRsnme that a wife Is not a oartner ', Friday night, which
all night next
is groundhor
with her hupband. that the is utter- ay. p.r.d tnat. as a consequence, ue
AornAwi imnn him wnrt rnntrib- ? wi nave fix weeKS more oi oau
weather, for he is sure that the little i
Does he consider the management of j animal wil' at some time during te
the home nothing, the care and train- J "day." see his shadow by the light 6f
ing of the family unworthy of
count. But his whole theory is baaed j
on the mistaken premise that money
! 1 1 1
have been placed with relatives in
is the root of all divorce. Even the
most cursorv reading of the news re-
trust investigation vin-tJC)r,s v-ju Hp0e?ily convince him that
taken by Con-
the money
dicated the position
gressraan Henry.
"The Pujo resolution," he said,
not comprehensive enough to meet
the requirements of the situation.
It shows that there was reason to
doubt the banking committee's sym
pathy with the Investigation desir
ed The Question now is how cora-
p!ete the investigation will be." j
When shown an Associated Press;
dispatch telling of Martin Dies' de
nunciation of him in the House, Mr
Bryan said:
it j? only one of many causes.
But They YVm't Be Able to Tool the
Charlotte Chronicle.
j If the Democrats expect to make
any capital out of an economy record,
j they will be disappointed. It is all
well and good to tell the dear p-?o-
j pie in the campaign how they are be
ing robbed by the unscrupulous Re
i nublicans. but as a matter of fact.
"That may be called not important;
if true. Is not Dies a representative
from the lumber district of Texas?",
He was answered in the affirmative
and declined to make any further
Bryan reached here on his way to
Tuscon, Ariz., late today.
all the capital possible out of it, and
the people expect appropriations and
I want them. If the Democrats in Con
gress succeed in damming up the flfwjand sa:
of public money they are going to
make themselves unpopular, as sure
as fate. At heart, the people are not
in favor of a close-fisted government.
The liberality of Republican Con
gressmen is one of the things that
has made that party popular through
out the country and that has con-
The Brief Story of Her Trip. j
(From the Philadelphia Record.) j
If brevity is the soul of wit. one of j
the wittiest speeches on record was !
made by a woman. Mr.?. Briggs livel ;
in the northern part of Indiana, a j
long distance from any villas. Hear- j
ing that Rev. Mr. Goodwin was to j
preach in a township some twenty I
miles distant, she resolved to be pres j
ent, and as no other way afforded,
she walked the twenty miles.
The pastor heard of this and wa?
so pleased at the appreciation which
it showed that at the close of the
sermon he mentioned the fact to the
congregation and called upon Mrs.
Briggs to tell them how she came.
"Rising slowly, she looked over
the audience with great solemnity
"I hoofed it."
Then she sat down again.
Will Bury the Dead at One-half Cent
Former Congressman Grant
tnnr iir n m s i iie a.u v an tcific iuis , u umru auuiifei: - " i-
Feels of being on the "scene of action," so .er.
Sine of Defeating Gmlger This Fall to speak, while Mr. Gudger is held by take from a standpoint of party pol
- ..a . r . . 1 . A ? 2 VIT tM r4 T TIT "X ViO 1C! '
Will Hit llim itn l'lai ren-siou auues iu wuiugiuu. j
I ago conditions were reversea. n was
Mr. Gudger who was in tne district
and Mr. Grant in Washington. Re
publicans say that the failure of the
Democratic caucus to provide a "pork
The Republicans are very confident
of reclaiming the Tenth Congres
sional District this fall and will also
send more members to the Legisla
ture than before.
The following portion of a special
from Greensboro to Sunday's Char
lotte Observer will be read with in
terest by Republicans all over the
States Marshal Logan is
Competition among undertakers at
Waco, Texas, to secure the contract
for burying the pauper dead In Mc-
The Democrats are making a mis-'Lennan county resulted In the ac
ceptance or a Did irom a nrm to inter
indigents at one-half cents each.
It is figured the successful bidder
will lose $8.40 1-2 on each pauper
I buried. The contract will be In force
Here is an astonishing statement for a year.
from the Raleigh News and Obser
ver to the effect that there are three
icy, as well as the public good.
Is Drinking On the Increase?
Uncle Remus Home dlagazin
Both One Year for Only
Uncle Remuss' Hm Magazine was foac4e4 ty Jo4
Chandler Harris, the i-uthor of the "Uncle Remus" ttcrtes. and
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writers contribute to
every month and tbt
Caucasian ia the ben
Why not have both
The Caucasian and the Ladies' World
the week in Greensboro.
Mr. Logan, who hails from Buncombe
County and who is one of the shrewd
est politicians in the Tenth District,
managed Former Congressman John
G. Grant's campaign when Grant was
victorious in 1908, and while he has
little time or inclination these days
to talk politics, nevertheless, he keeps
well abreast oi miugs
i . 111 . . . . I , r inl.intp i n
narrei win iiuil iu sumn uiai"-wi -i
eluding Gudger's. They recall that times as many drunks in Durham as
Grant secured appropriations to pur-j there were under saloons. We have
chase sites for government buildings heard that whiskey was easy to get,-
hi. i iirn..n.,iii Vi.rl rtn ? rl o o it wrsi as Hnrl ns this. .
in Henderson vine aim ajucauic um. uou w - --
and the people of those thriving: The Durham Sun, discussing the mat
towns hoped that Mr. Gudger would ter, says that no law can be enforced
be able to secure appropriations for unless public opinion is behind it.
buildings. Grant, they say, will with Quite true, but did not Durham and
some plausibility, tell the voters that Durham County vote for prohibition?
they ought to have sent him back to This is our recollection. Being close
Congress instead of Gudger, but that to the Virginia line makes it easy to
since they didn't do so this the next secure liquor, but that there is three
best thing to do is to send him to times as much drunkenness as under
rns this time to complete "his saloons is simply astonishing
work for the district." I worse than in Wilmington.
boro Record.
It is
the west and is naturally interested' HOW TO FIGHT OONSUMPTIOX.
in the movements of his friend Grant.
Mr. Logan said yesterday in reply
One Oyster Was Worth Over $2.0.
Education is the Best YTeapon of At- Hickory Times Mercury.
to a question that it looked as though Uok Wel, Enforced Laws Make u develops that a Hickory lady re-
the Best Measures of Defense.
The Secretary of the State Board
Mr. Grant would secure tne uepuu-,
lican nomination for Congress this
vp-ir without oDDOsition. He said he
understood that Mr. Grant was now, of Health in discussing how to stamp
i Too-an'c favorite exDres- nut the white plague in this State
'in the sticks." In short, Mr. 1 says:
ceived a very valuable gift in dis
rnica cnA undiscovered by the don-
rcVin o rmini nf Statftsville een-1
J l 3 VI 1 V 1 1 u " "
tlemen sent her husband a modest
Christmas present Mr. West, of the
Thompson West Company, of Hick-
m m r T 0
is a ineno oi wessrs. j.
C. S. Tomlin, two of
Statesville's leading traveling men,
n . iov oftor deleeate-votes "Consumption is a preventame ais-
VI1U.L1L 13 auv.au; " u . . - r-rxr
to the next Tenth District Republican ease. Yet we continue to have more and
Convention, and Mr. Logan's opinion deaths from consumption than from
that he will be nominated practically any ot&er disease, w u, . nhristmas the Statesville gentle-
without opposition is shared by no because some of our coniomes Qf oyg,
few other Republicans, as well as continue to spit cough and sneeze in In preparing the
Democrats, who have been here from such a manner that their friends ; and t
the west within the past week or ten associates are imecieu. nnm hard substance which she
me west wjiuui mo i--"'- - . nnon a nard suusiance wuicu sue
days. While it is admitted that some are the people that cause us so much &nd discovered to he
Republicans and among them lead- trouble, that increase our dea'h rate p pearl gub
ers of the party-would like to see and decrease our mitted to a loCal jeweler, who de-
Grant fail of the nomination, they are crease our wealth, that increase our largest he had
unable to figure out how this cher- misery and decrease our " happiness, i A few days ag0 it was
ished wish can be realized. Demo- "But wny oo mey uu iu. , gent to a specialist for examination
crats and Republicans both say Grant cause they do not know any oe tie r MeMrg Bowles and Tomlin have
is strong with the voters back in the and second, because they j 7"IU";t1)eeil advised by Mr. West that they
and on the head ot trout or enm nauy , LnknowlDgiy sent him a precious
where the snowbirds remedy? wr tne nn u Uam wnrth fmlB t.s(l to mo, .
i i! iiAntinn o inTi i vwv " w- -
aniirot nil t?u uva tivu w c
streams up
nest and that present indications
are that Grant will be the party's
choice for .Congress once more.
Republicans Hopeful.
Republicans from the Tenth Dis
trict who have spent a brief season
edy is
the line of sanitation and hygiene.
Such education in regard to the very
fundamentals, of how to eat, sleep,
bathe, breath, and live, works won
ders with this class. For this class
the remedr is comparatively simple.
here during the past several days, j The best place for such education is,
ttmfocc tr foVo q T-rvo-rr vioW nf the Sit- ' rt f prill rcP in the schools. There it
uation in the mountain district. Tac
itly admitting that Grant will be nom
inated, they say that "Honest John,"
as he likes to be called, purposes giv
ing the Democrats a run for their
money this year, and assuming that
Congressman Gudger will be nomi
nated, which they say, is almost a
foregone conclusion, Grant will have
ammunition of a better quality and in
greater quantity for use during the
approaching campaign than he had
iu 1910. They point out that Grant
is already "enlightening" the voters
way back in the coves of Gudger's
Sherwoodpension vote and making
reaches the greatest number of peo-
Dle. There it is easily taught ana
well remembered. There it reaches
the coming generation.
"After the public conscience is
someyhat awakened to its sense of
duty we should have free dispensa
ries and visiting nurses to carry the
gospel of health to all classes.
"For the wilfullr or criminally
careless class it is necessary to enact
and rigidly enforce anti-spitting or
dinances. Ordinances requiring- the
rAnnrtintr of cases of consumption to
the health department should also bejery
enforced. Literature ftuu.;wn
causes heartburn, sour
stomach, nervousness,
nausea, impure blood, and
more trouble than many
different kinds of diseases.
The food you eat ferments
in your stomach, and the
poisons it forms are ab
sorbed into your whole
system, causing many dis
tressing symptoms. At the
first sign of indigestion, try
the old, reliable, vegetable
liver powder, to quickly
cleanse your system from
these undesirable poisons,
Mrs. Riley Laramore, of
Goodwater, Mo., says: " I
suffered for years from dyspep
sia and heartburn. Thedford's
Black-Draught in small doses,
cured my heartburn in a few
days, and now I can eat without
distress." Try it.
Insist on Thedford's
1 be Csccrfii n Lis bttn eslairt! tocht py,t,
ard is tfce Ust meekly fsper in tfce &utr. Th
Lsdic' Woild is an excellent ladies' m-axlne.
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beautifully ii:ctraeL It contains excellent abort
storle, aitfclrson cooking, drrt making end in
fact, on all eul.jects that are cf Lcterct to th
ladies. It contains rcvrrrl pttgea each mouth
showing the fashions, axd bow nic simple !rear
may be made mi a reasonable cot. In fact, the
Ladies Wcrld rat'is imorg tfce tet cf llse
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REMEMBER, jou can get your money back il yon are cot satisfied.
Addffss THE CAUCASIAN, Raleigh, north Carolina.
The Modern Seven Wonders.
(Washington Times.)
A Columbia professor has made up
a list of the seven wonders of the
modern world. Here it is: (1) St.
Peter's Church, Rome; (2) the Lou
vre palace, Paris; (3) the Taj Mahal,
Arga, India; (4) the palace gardens,!
Versailles; (5) the Columbian Expo-
siton buildings, Chicago; (6) the
Metropolitan tower. New York; (7)
the Pennsylvania Railroad station,
New York. So far as the sixth, is
concerned we imagine that it is sub
ject to revision. It is not yet high
noon In the skyscrapers' day.
We question whether any one but a
professor: of archiecture wonld pre
sume the: modern, seven: wonders to
buildings: and gardens : There Is; ev-
reason, ror-instance, k put ia
in- i Panama tjanai- in tne hex.
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