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Stare Netfs.
Mr. Arthur Flick, a youn man of
Craven County, while returning from
a trilling match at a country school
house a few night ago, was bit by a
etray bullet and seriously injured.
Revenue offers in company with
Thursday several miles north of Hie
Will Bryant, a negro, near Fayette-
Yille killed Will Krans, another ne-! firt telegraph message from Itza'
gro in be same section: last Satur- j beth City, dropped dead at his home
51' nLt wa bound over toUn Elizabeth City last Friday, lie
Av nrvant was bouna
March Superior Court witbing being
allowed bail.
A fire in Southport Monday morn
ing destroyed three house, entailing
a loss of about $5,000, partially cov
ered by insurance. The origin of the
fire is believed to have been caused
V v t at
Mr S. Johnson, deputy sheriff of of the law. which stirred the entire
Cumberland County, was found dead city, and resulted in the calling of a
In the road near Dundaroch last Sat- j mass meeting of the citizen to de
urday. He was seen driving along jcide what must be done in the mat
the road in a buggy about an hour be- ter.
for his body was found. ; - -
Davidson Ocmnty Iady Burned to a
Thirty years in the penitentiary j
was the sentence given the negro Eus- j
tace Robertson, at Carthage a few
days ago. for the murder of Francis j
Ruggles. the young white man ai j
Southern Pines Christmas nigni.
Reports from Cherokee County
show that there is more blockading
in that county now than there has
been in twenty years.. Revenue om
cers destroyed another large distillery
In the western end of the county last
21,000 acres of land in Macon
County has been purchased by the
government, and will be converted
into the Appalachian forest reserve.
It is understood that the price to be
paid was $200,000.
The store and entire stock of Mr. j
J. T. Ratledge, of Advance, Davie
County, was burned last Tuesday, en
tailing a loss of $4,000, with no in
surance. The office of Dr. Watkins
adjoining was also damaged about
The department store of Rosen- j
bacher and Bro., Winston-Salem, lo
cated at the corner of Fourth and
Trade streets, was destroyed by fire
one night last week, entailing a loss
of about $35,000, partially covered by
The Dallas cotton mill, with all its
equipments was sold at public auc
tion, In Gastonia one day last week.
It was bid in by Mayor T. L. Craig at
$37,500. Unless this bid is raised 10
per cent within thirty days superior
will confirm the sale.
A series of robberies and burgla -
ries have been going on in Stanly
County for the past few weeks, and
as a result Bogan Tuttle and B. G.
Fraley, two young white men, have
been arrested, and they have impli
cated several others
Mr. George W. Smith, an employe
in the Lenoir Manufacturing Com
pany plant, Kinston, was trying to
adjust a belt, when his clothing be
came entangled in the shafting and
he was thrown against the timbers,
killing him instantly.
Mr. A. Wiley Klutz, aged seventy
eight years, was found dead at his
home near Salisbury one day last
week. He had been ill for some time
and a member of his family entered j
his room to administer medicine and i
found him dead in bed.
A. E. Burgess, who poisoned the
stock of Mr. J. A. Whitaker, in Sur-
ry County, and tried to poison the 1
family by putting Paris green in the
spring, was convicted in Surry Supe
rior Court a few days ago and sen
tenced to six years on the roads.
James Houchins, an employe in a
tobacco warehouse in Winston-Salem,
was instantly killed last Saturday by
the breaking of a cord on the eleva
tor, dropping eighty feet to the floor
of a stone basement. He was moving
tobacco from one floor to another.
The United States Court of Appeals
has reversed the District Court of the
Western District of North Carolina in
the case of G. H. Brown, collector of
internal revenue, and the United
States Fidelity and Guarantee Com
pany vs. Glenn Williams and D. C.
It is reported that Lacy D. HInes,
who was supposed to have committed
suicide last Sunday, by jumping into
Yadkin River, was seen by ...a well
known 'traveling man of Greensboro
in a hotel in Atlanta, Ga., Monday.
He was said to have been apparently
in good mental condition.
Police Officer Bursell, of Kinston,
was shot and seriously wounded by
Leslie Turnage, a white man whom
he was trying to arrest Sunday after
noon. Turnage had been placed un
der bond for disorderly conduct and
because of a repetition of thik con
duct the officers were In search of
Mlts Myrtle Arthur, a former!
North Carolina girl, recently of Nor-
folk, Va-, wis married a few days
ago to Wong Pong, a wealthy Chin
ese merchant with store in New
York, Norfolk, and San Francisco.
Drug-store liquor license ha re-
Hv nn aboliahed in Greensboro.!
iOnly two bad license to .ell liquor
v. .
ion prescription, and these !ourea
.to cut out
th builder oi me
of the
eirtu -
j first telegraph line, and sender
was vice-president of the Norfolk &
Carolina Telephone & Telegraph
Company in Elizabeth City.
What haa been termed the l1 j yearg cid and unmarried.
carriage of Justice in the trial of Ba- j
ker Ryan for murder, in New Bern, j neceat floods in Portgual destroy
last week, culminated on Sunday by . maQy vniages and portions of
the clergy or me cuy oenouBuuB
from the pulpit the administration
M T Kindley. who lived near
Hannersville, Davidson County, was
Durned to death a few days ago. She
wag gubject to attacks of vertigo and
while alone in the house, as the
'suit of an attack, fell in the fire. A
j nelgnbor coming in found her lying!
j Jn tQe Diazing fire, her head on the j
j Dackiog and her arms burned off. !
Her husband, who was working in a
field near the house, was hurriedly
summoned and by prompt measures
i saved the body from complete crema
tion. Union Republican.
SaJiipvon Has Oldest I Iain and Larg
est Hog.
Mr. A. J. Matthews was visiting
, his friend and neighbor. Mr. John
Carter, of Lisbon Township, recently
and ne snowed nim a fine old ham
which was thirteen years old last
January and is in perfect condition.
Mr. Carter does not only raise fine
hams, but he knows how to keep
them nice and sweet. Capt. J. L.
Autry of this county killed the larg
est hog in the State this winter
(weighed 1,010 pounds), and Mr.
Carter has the oldest ham in the
State. Next. Clinto News-Dispatch.
Farmers Behind in Robeson.
Mr. E. Wheeler Stone, of McDon
ald, who was in town the other day,
told the Robesonian that he has seen
farmers much farther along with
their work the last of December than
they are now, that there are tenant-
! less farms galore all over the county
land that labor is so scarce that many
large farmers are going to have to
jlet much of their land lie idle for
j lack of sufficient help. That would
j seem to Indicate that there is going
to be, perforce, a very material re
duction in cotton acreage in Robeson
County this year. Lumberton Robe
sonian. Meeting of Colored Farmers in
The farmers from all parts of the
State who have been attending the
third annual Farmers' Institute for
the past week, left for their homes
yesterday. They expressed their
gratitude for the work the A. & M.
College Is endeavoring to do in order
to help the negro farmers through
out the State by holding farmers in-
stitutes in the various counties of
the State during the summer months ;
and a round-up institute for a week
during the winter.
Quite a number of farmers, both
white and black- were Prsent and
listened t0 the lecture with intense
The college is already preparing
for a larger Farmers' Institute to be
held next year. The summer school
will begin on June 17 and continue,
for four weeks. Some of the best
teachers of the State will be on the
staff o instruction . Greensboro
Japan Interfering With Mission
Work in Korea.
Dr. Arthur J. Brown, of New York,
President of the Presbyterian Board
of Foreign Missions, has sent to
President Taft charges recently re
ceived from missionaries in Korea
that Japan is making efforts to stamp
out Christianity there by torturing
converts, closing mission schools and
interfering with the work of the
American missionaries, of whom
there are between three and four
hundred in Korea, mostly under the
Boards of Foreign Missions of the
Methodist and Presbyterian Church
es. An account of the situation giv
en by a missionary j ust returned
from Korea characterizes conditions
there" as little short of barbarious.
While there have as yet been record
ed no cases of physical attacks on
Americans, they are compelled to en
dure constant interference with their
work and every possible means are
being employed to nullify their ef
forts and discourage them so that
they will give up In despair and re-
turn to the United States, leaving j
Korea to be dealt with by the Japan-
ese. Statesville Landmark.
General Netfs.
Flfty-seten rebels are said to bar
jbecn killed in a fight at Saa Pedro,
near To rr eon. In North Mexico, Feb-
. .
j George S. Bernard. Confederate
j deJ al bU horae tn Peter-
years or age. ,
. . .
ha restored eighty-one persons to i fiIm' ltf
liberty during hi. first year In oflce.kouth of IS It is claim ed and
j xjete pardons included eleven mur
Edward A. Hanson, millionaire
lumberman, died suddenly of heart
trouble at his home In Franklin, La.,
: a fv rlars &fo. He was fiftr-three
; towns. The financial loss Is estimat
ed at $10,000,000, and hundreds of
people are reported destitute.
Graham Gilmer, a British aviator,
was Instantly killed by a fall with his
aeroplane, London, February 17. He
was traveling sixty miles an hour and
fell from a height of 3 SO feet.
The Japanese Trading Company, of
Bombay, lost thirty thousand bale
of cotton by a fire which broke out
in one pf their warehouses Monday.
re-iThe damage is estimated at $1,250.
Three trainmen were burned to
death in a freight wreck near Yar
mouth, Me., last week. Two ireignt
trains collided, igniting the wreck-
age, roasting the men beneath the
J. Lawrence Odom, convicted mur
derer of killing Charles Gollang,
Joseph Stokes and David Garman, in
Alabama, March, 1910, was hanged
Monday, February 19. He was a
wealthy man.
Senator Overman has offered an
amendment to the immigration law,
which would meal the collecting of
$10 from every immigrant entering
this country. The present law pro-
vides a fee of $4.
It Is said that there are fifteen
graduates of colleges and universities
in the penitentiary in the State of
Washington, and some of them are
to be appointed teachers in a night
school for the convicts.
The Governor of California, who
has been an ardent admirer and sup
porter of La Follette, has issued a
statement that in his opinion Theo
dore Roosevelt would be the next Re
publican nominee for President.
Half a million gallons of lubricat
ing oils were destroyed by flames in
the Atlantic Refining Company at
Point Breeze, a southern section of
Philadelphia, a few days ago. The
loss amounted to about $80,000.
The Pensylvania passenger train ;
which ran into' a work train at Dan- j
ville, Ind., Saturday and killed four I
, . . . . . . ,
men and injured twelve, has so af-j
. , . . 4. . i
fected the engineer by the accident i
that fears are felt in regard to his I
. .
The corner-stone for the movement
to bp prprtpri'in tnpmnrv nf the mpn
who ,ogt their liveg in the destruc.
tion of the Maine in Havana harbor,
was laid in New York last Thursday.
It is expected that the monument will
, be completed by next fall. The mon
ument is to be fifty-seven feet high.
Reports from Washington are that
the tariff boards report on the cotton
schedule will be submitted to the
President next weeK. Numerous
tables of statistics have been complet
ed and the board is now preparing
summarips shnwlnp th t ifforonpa in
the cost of cotton articleg ,Q " h
country and abroad.
Farmer Called Twice a Week But
Took Thirty Years to Propose.
(Noblesville (Ind.) Dispatch to New
York Tribune.)
Following a courtship of thirty
years, during which time the bride
groom called on the bride twice a
week, with the exception of one
month, when he had typhoid fever,.
James B. Sturdevant at last "popped
the question to Miss Anna Earle, and
they were married in this city yester
day. The bridegroom is forty-three and
the bride thirty-six. They have been
lovers since they were in school to
gether. Sturdevant is a farmer.
Rold Robberies in New York City in
Broad Daylight.
A New York dispatch under date
of February 16 says:
"The series of recent highway rob
beries in crowded New York streets
of which yesterday's "Wild West"
hold-up of a taxi cab and the robbery
of two bank messengers of $25,000 in
cash, was the-most sensational in
years, was followed to-day and to
night by another hold-up almost as
spectacular. In the lost of these, re
corded tO-nlEht. GeorirA TTnrffi
dealer In diamonds, with offices In
the Maiden Tjitia i.w i--
was robbed of a w.u.t
. w vwuuuuiug
1 10,000 worth f diamond fcy two
sea who jaaped from a laxicoh at
Thirty-fifth Street aai Fifth Avease.
florth vas beaten on the head by one
of the men, white the other anachei
the wallet from his inside coal pock
et. The men then Jumped back into
the uuieab. which disappeared in the
mae o Fifth Avenue traSc. Horth,
! tl,owlcs ""S .
reported nu lot at me e
Bronx In broad daylight, when Wll-
business aria, wan vwccu
bed of $340, hi firm" pay-roll, which
he W2 brlneinc from a bank. The
robbery took place in a vacant lot and
Doughtery' assailant escaped.
Ctiief of Tammany Hall Caught in 111
Own Trap.
A New York dispatch, under date
of February 13th, says:
"Charles F. Murphy ha the big
gest job on his hands since the tim
he tried to elect William F. Sheehai
Senator and failed. The Tamman;
chieftain is up against the big ballot
which the new primary law imposes
and he has called the Tammany gen
eral committee together to find a
way out for him.
"The ballot In the Twenty-third As
sembly district, if the law Is carrie
out. and there seems no way of gel
tin garound it, will be forty-five fee
long. Ballot boxes the size of
Saratoga trunk will have to be bull
to receive thera."
i The Committee Expresses Belief Tha
the Monopoly Keeps Up Prices.
A Washington dispatch under dat
of February 17 says:
"The Hardwick 'sugar trust' inve:
tigating committee, after man
weeks' hearing, reported to th
House that a 'sugar trust' exists. Tr
report is signed by all the membe?
of the committee. Democrats and R-
j publicans alike. The report makf
j no recommendations about how tJr
, alleged tnist and those responsib"
; for it shall De dealt withf 8Ug&estlD
I that tnis phase of the situation is or
j to be worke(1 ont hv th atnnHin
committee of the House.
Relative to the effect of the con
bine on sugar's cost to the consun
er, the committee expressed the be
lief that the monpoly keeps up price
The original promoters of the 'suga
trust' are condemned, but nlnetee
thousand present owners of stock c
the American Sugar Refining Coir
pany, are described as 'innocent pui
chasers, of profitable stock. Th
committee charges that since the ot
ganization of the company in 189
it has repeatedly violated the Shei
man law. Twenty-one violations ar
enunmerated. With its stronges
competitors the committee finds th
'sugar trust is in a condition of arm
ed neutrality with Arbuckle Bros."
Something of the Possibilities of th
Industry in This Section.
,r v,. V n t.
u ashington, D. C, February 16.
...p. annX L ,
The South offers over $100,000,00'
. . .
jnnnf fn tnt Y 4
iuvaic in luai OCVUWU itUU BUUU1 til 1
j. , , .
aemana ior meats. i ne south con
sumes more meat per capita than an
other section of the country. FIft
Southern cities are offering over $22,
000,000 yearly to dairymen who wll
supply their demand for dairy prod
These startling statements arc
made in an unusually attractive
booklet devoted to stock raising Ir
the Southeast which has just beer
!SSUe? b.t?et"thern Sys
icuj iuj uisinuuuuu aiuuug StOCKmei
and farmers of the West and North
west in an effort to induce them tc
move into this region and take ur
the raising of cattle, horses, mules
sheep and hogs, thereby enrichinf
themselves and keeping in the South
the vast sums now being paid other
sections for meat and dairy prod
ucts. Attention is also given to, the
great opprtunities fr prfit In raising
So important to the interests of
the people- of the South does the
Southern Railway feel the live stick
and dairy industry, that in additlor
to advertising to the outside world
the great field open for profltable de
velopment in this direction, it Is now
operating a "Dairy Instruction Car'!
over its lines in the States served by
it for the purpose of giving all pos
sible information to the people at
home about raising live stock and the
production of milk, cream and but
ter. The booklet Is filled with Illustra
tions of stock, forage crops, ideal
dairies and uasture lands, and live
reading matter telling of the excep
tional advantages awaiting the prac
tical dairyman and stockman in the
Southeast. The wide circulation
which this booklet will bo given by
the Southern Railway and affiliated
lines should prove an effective boost
for the Industry in the South.
Jndge Pitney for Supreme Bench.
President Taft Monday sent to the
Senate the nomination of Chancellor
M ah Ion Pitney; of New Jersey, to be
an Associate. Justice of the United
States Supreme Court to succeed the
late" Justice Harlan.
ifrtW- Family Will No Ck InrJta th hattfa of 11 f aad. t,T?
aace Uw-a II Wsj Ilaard.
A special from Washington Tae-
day says:
. ,k rf t !..
-Death by the hand of tht law
voids all life Inauranc policies of th.
4t..t n.A Cnftfm Piiiirt ao held
today in the fight of the children
f. vf-n. mror of Charlotte
James S. McCoe. mayor of Charlotte
. Va.. who was executed for the-
rder of hU wife in 10S. A Policy ' J V -
1S,000 was carried by McCue ,a;f; W to
' L . . , , , age our own affairs, hrvt. ,
ance Company of Wisconsin." J, , . v n w
j fore tb world take ui t
Worn.. Hop, to Mr the IVrUdrnl ' ,ot our
in IIt. our lmporu to th.
justifies, ?
Washington Dispatch. Feb. 13. j if y0u demand of jour u,;-.
A conscience-stricken woman of tive, for instance, that h-
Whitefiat. Texas, hs sent to PreaKih recU. or trtmmicr tU nw
dent Taft a dollar bill, because a few Cotton Exchange, and he ; '
year ago she successfully used ll.OOur Ud eet the chimin u
worth of canceled postage stamp. She down, weed In your fi!i
refer to the Biblical injunction to a ftw raior-backs rootlnc W-V?
make restitution four-fold and adds jgn-t pt to get busy acd ci.
that she will send the other $3.00 la- orders.
ter. She also wrote that she hoped, ,f yoa Ipect
to meet the President in heaven. : Unon oS5cUU or tht
some Union enterprise, a. t.
Why Jin. Had o 3Uny WiJtor. jfmlUaf hand-shaking. Uby-k
(From the Vale Cor. of the Bakers- brother. Just because be u
vllle Kronicle.) - i things, rather than for thi f4r.
Jim "Hartley is wishing the train he h" Proved himaelf raoj
would kill a few more sheep so as a Kod business man and a rooj Vvt
to enable him to make enough ocks er of mn dicC tn,
to last the balance of the winter. hare of Personal responsibility. m
J. A. Hartley had twenty-five vis-'00 haT no rthl t ;
itors Sunday. Good crowd for such thing hit the ceiling. Or if yoz ,r
a cold day. jInt olhe hallelujah-lick at a rr...u
land promt to support almo; ut
It Pays to Advertise.
A man advertised humming birds, neednt come around with h,
dwarfed variety, in a newipaper and ; cal crUIclgm that iheTf
sold seventy-two dozen yellow-jackets Uhnff n a farmer,. organltat-oi'-at
$1.50 per pair. Of course every-and tnat you.re not
body got stung, but it show that it : money'g worth,
pays to advertise, doesn't It? Albe-. . . .
marie Chronicle.
Farm Tomes
rells Members of Farmer' Union
They Must Help to Work Out Their
Own .Salvation.
?o the Officers and Members of the!
Farmers' Union:
' Did you ever hear the good old ex -
orters and revivalists tell you that
ou must work out your own salva-
Well, the same principle applies to'
uccessful farming, and to the sue-
ess of farmers organizations in se-
uring the reforms for which they
re contending by legislation, and
nth their own ranks.
There's no such thing as enlisting
Clergy and Religious
Press Endorse
The following ministers of the gospel have used MILAM with
benefic al results, and believe it to be a valuable remedy, author
ize the publication of their endorsement: .
Rev. J. Cleveland Hall, Rector Church cf Ephiphany. Danville. Va.
eV & hr McNair, Pastor Presbyterian Church,: Charlotte C H, Va.
X' iY Roty' Secretary Board cf Foreign Missions, Vx Confererxc
E. Church South, Norfolk, Va.
Rev. Nathan Maynard, Returned Missionary from Jcpan. Roanoke. Va
RcT: U C' Puthlt. VdhaIIa, a C, State Evangelist iorWesIeyan Metho
dist Conference cf N. C .
Rev. J C Holland. Pastor Keen St. Baptist Church. Danville, Va.
Rev. H. D. Guarrant, Methodist Minister, Danville Vi.
"The Methodist endorses Milam.
. The MethoJirt h?. never taken ary stock
in. or pinned its f.:h to. patent mc-djeaves.
Indeed, many of t'..cm z re fakes of the high
est order. Revenue for no real benefit has
been the policy cf the proraotors of there
cure alls. There haa been introduced in
DanviLe recen'Jy a nrdicine that, if the tes
timony cf some our be it citizens can be ac
credited, has real merit. It is knrn zs the
Milam cure.
The effect of thi medicine upon crr,e of
those who have been induced to try it has
been marvelous a a restorer cf health. The
company who manufactures this remedy
that has such a trcm-ndmis scJe is com
posed of re-.fler-en cf the Lif hct socil ard
moral standing la DanviJe, We fel that ia
money back if
The Alilarn Medicine Co. w
' ' '
SpirSimcgj WDnntte
Colored Linen, Percales, Gingham, Pop
lins, GaUteas, Crash Suitings, Long Cloth Cam
brics, Nainsook and Shirting Madras!
All single and odd
half the original price.
nH th- Uozz
j tahsUtat. If you da.
hat to be satisfied wit
tloss, or wake up oa
f find that the sahssltut u
f ..-.:
, "- ,
Mtte world had aCa t
- orM b4 "a -
- ?
jold enterprise suggested, an j tLrt n
Jhome and forget all about it. n
i jur air juti a tc miar.r
I the need of exerting personal !;...
sibilifTj if you succeed in your oil
affairs, and if you would h tS.4
organization achieve the end f0
wliich It was founded. It is
remember them at the beninnlns; u'
the New Year.
Union City, Georgia.
Some Sauer Kraut.
j air. ueorge ii. mair. or wttaun,
lis perhaps the champion kraut ml-
'er of the State. He raifes an areru
of 30,000 pounds of cabbage to tit
acre and the bulk of hli lmiser
crop he converts into kraut, lit
packs the kraut in barrels that holdi
about 400 pounds and sells much of
his product to the State Hotpiul v.
Morganton, where It brings tbr
cents a pound. It Is said one barr?
a day Is required to supply the lai-
tution. Lenoir News.
EUciaz the advert is"tnent cf this mediae
eioreour readers we are rendering ih
yjee that will prove a blessing to suSen!
This conrnenldation is written without f
or reward uonthe testimony of tboe
hsve been benefited by the use cf lie
MILAM rerocdyv
The Baptfct endorses Milan.
MXJam is the name of a great rrecV-'
now being- manufactured in Danvii'e. ar.d
from the testsnomals of snme of our t-:
citizens we can safe'r rrcor?wnd it t- v.
friends who are eufferk:ic suh rsy cf i- "
diseases a proposes to cure. The nx-R
the head cf the .company mjtr.ufactu" :
this medicine can be relied on. Rev. J. f
I t-cks. in the Baptist Union.
not benefited.
Curtains will
be sold at
BcvcCsdfo Stcco.
n tas a

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