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Tbursday, September 12, 1912.
The Caucasian
.TaTscpt. 12, 1012.
Wake and forming a working orgaaU Th SUm of tim S. C AaU-feakma
ration. There U much enthualaara tongue and the 5. V. Chriaiaa A4-
in the county for Rooaevelt. I rorat, I
Lincoln Timet.)
Fit rr SlJt.
Tt Caseajian will t est to
S3btffbr frosa to tsntil
Tarr-Nry. Totatsy.
local Matters,
..mini; rtn Inlrtll'Vl"
Work proH""&
-,.ton platform, which is being
te on a portion of the "city lot."
!Tp platform, it is claimed, will hold
' h -
. . i . T.I
i,l.-.n IUm'-h at mo nuwe rir.
t" . management of the State Fair
. .. nt i
that balloon races i u-c
T: ( '
' the froe attractions at the fair
..." he a large display of farm
i R?s and farm implements. The
"try and live stock will also he
v in evidence.
"liberty DepoaiUHl lit the Grave.'
Editor The Caucasian: N
The Republican party died Sep-! nor Marshall. Democratic Vlc-Preel-j
tember 4, 1312. in convention held' dential candidate and avowed local
The pall-bearers s optionlst. comes to Maryland to ci befor neit ltu.
speak as announced, the Leagse will?
actively oppose his and Wilson's e!c-!
tion- But we have not heard of at
Jewish Holiday.
j,.wih holiday will be observed In
. , nnA inmnrrnff The
jVui'h New Year, or Hosh Hashanah.
alls this year on September 12, and
accordingly the places of business in
ity will be closed at t o ciock
Friday afternoon at 6 o'clock.
tLis city
School Open In Wake.
The A. & M. College opened a few
days ago with over 400 new men on
,h. roll. Meredith and Peace open
id this week. The city schools open
,,1 Monday with a very large attend-
ar.fe. .iiit5 j . v.v
Lav- opened.
(iov. Kitchin Grants Pardon to Four.
r.overnor Kitchin Tuesday evening
prantfd four conditional pardons.
Hall io Bowling, convicted in Durham
County in 1910 of larceny and sen
t( need to five years on the roads, was
,riv.-ti liberty. Rosa Boyer, convicted
in Forsyth County last July of selling
huor and sentenced to forty days in
jail, was pardoned. Tom Hester, con
victed in Granville County in July,
UU1, of an assault with intent to
commit rape and sentenced to five
years on the roads, draws freedom
because of ill health. E. F. Wrenn,
convicted July 5 in the recorder's
court of High Point of assault with
a deadly weapon and sentenced to
nine months on the roads, is given
his liberty because he and his wife,
on whom the assault was committed,
have been reconciled.
in Charlotte, N. C.
were J. J. Mott. Harry Skinner, i
Thomaa Settle and John M. More
head. On account of the body being
very small, J. J. Mott deposited It in
the tombs. The procession wa sad
looking and upon an Investigation It
was found that liberty had been de
posited in the grave. E. Carl Duncan
for the sake of the lesser lights had
committed the act.
A strict search was made from
the east, west, north and south, and
the body of Liberty was found and
raised by the strong grip of patriot
ism. After the body had been found
the Patriots that loved liberty sang
that good old song, "Onward Chris
tian Soldiers." and ordered Zeb
Vance Walser to report to the east,
west, north and south and tell the
people Abe Lincoln's principles shall
never die, for they are immortal.
Wake County, N. C. Sept 7, 1912.
The Anti-Saloon Leasts of Mary-i
land has sorted notice that If Govr-f Novsjbcr it. after the tifctlcn.
for 20. each. This ta a tjtl
pric. Get 8p a cSsb and as4
ya s4 to in 4 ftn rr s
4&t fcoy hi c1fe5Nr f l3wrta. W !
"Iitl4 til Jeta to t t5s Ufrl
Tctsesy I
Tractor Wly? f
To stay 'Co 1U't
ary. TW-tilUu j
protect fraom Bro. R. L. Davit and
bis North Cardlina Anti-Saloon
League, to our great tarprt
Some time ago the North Carolina
Christian Advocate rapped us pretty , A & Sf Md ,K A e iHrtka IU C
severely, caning us a liquor
W waat acvau t rtfWHl
us a liquor aavo-
cate (which is not the truta). Th
public would like to know bow the
Advocate stand in regard to the elec
tion of Wilson and M&rtbail, both
avowed local optionlsts. How can
prohibition become nation-wide with
C&sfua la tvr7 t0mti h RjJcigh SoulkpoH Ry. Co,
ar &( alr4y rtynMauA Wr j ,
ts ror aajspi rji aaa otsj w
agtata. Oar umt ar vary
s. !Ja -llnVrtJTr Sadjij, Srfk. aed yoo caa maka good &y by 4a
tember t, 1912. j vetlsf your t?ar Ua t U w&r
i Addrsa, TliB CAUCAS1AK.
Bfjctnnicg Sunday, Sptetabr 1.
to trains daily, including Sunday,
wil be operated between Asheboro
and Aberdeen. leaving Aiheboro (No.
Several Alleged lllind Tigers Ar
rested. The Raleigh policemen, with the
aid of some local detectives, made a
raid Tuesday morning on several al
leged blind tigers. The following are
the list that were taken into custody:
C. L. Finch, Bod Howard, C. B.
King, Pat Watson, Paul Taylor, J. W.
House, Rufus Pool Ed. Jackson, Silas
Edwards, R. L. Faulkner, all of these
being white men and several of them
old offenders. Some of them have
hppn ronvicted for similar offenses
and paid their fines.
The following negroes were arrest
ed: William Fike. Louise Austin,
John Henry, Jesse Dunston, Jno. Dun
ston. John Arrington, Gus Harris,
Walter Turpin.
Other alleged blind tigers were ar-
rostpfl vpsterdav as follows: John
Arrington, negro, South street; J. W
House, white, runs wood yard and
store on Martin street: Ed. Jackson,
Jr., white, Wilmington street, de
scribed as an old offender.
Twpntv-five in all have been ar
Ihileiirh Aldermen Elect Meat and
Milk Inspector For the City.
James A. Rudolph, of Anderson, S
C, was elected meat and milk in
spector of Raleigh by the Board of
Aldermen Monday night, his duties to
begin October 1.
Fire Chief Brockwell was granted
a leave of absence to take a three
months' course in the fire college of
New York.
Rids were ordered received for con
structing an abattoir and rendering
plant and other fire and sanitary
measures were passed unanimously.
To the Republican Voters of Wake
County, N. C:
As members of the executive com
mittee of the Republican party In
Wake County, N. C, knowing that
Wm. J. Andrews was never elected
chairman of the Republican party in
Wake County by a majority vote of
the delegates, sent to represent the
Republicans of the county, and as we
believe in the rule of the people, and
not the bosses, we decline to serve as
members and will not condone fraud.
We are Roosevelt men and will Join
the Progressive Republican party and
fight for the people to rule.
Raleigh, N. C, Sept. 6, 1912.
the head of our government ita avow-: 103) at 5:4S a. rn. and (No. 10")
ed enemy? Does the Advocate think, 3:40 p. m.. arriving Aberdeen at
Wilson will be elected? If not, why S: 40 a. ra. and : 27 p. m. retpect
not come out any say so? I ively. Trains will leave Aberdeen at
1 9:00 a. m. and (No. 102) 6:50 p. ra..
Repels Attack of Death.
"Five years ago two doctors told
me I had only two years to live."
This statement was made by Stlllman
Green, Malachite, Col. "They told
me 1 would die with consumption.
It waa up to me th'en to try the best
and arrive Asheboro at 11:21 a. m.
and 9:4 5 p. ra.. respectively. Traina
Not. 102. 103 and 107 will be oper
ated to and from Jackson Springs
from West End.
Straight dally pasaenger train ser
vice will be Inaugurated between
Colon (on S. A. L-), and Mt. Gllead.
lung medicine and I began to use Dr. ( leaving m Gilead 5:40 m., con
King's New Discovery. It waa well I j nectg at Star catbound at 6:50 a. m.
did, for today I am working ana be
lieve I owe my life to this great
throat and lung cure that has cheat
ed the grave of another victim." IU
folly to suffer with coughs, colds or
other throat and lung troubles now.
Take the cure that's safest. Price
50 cents and $1.00. Trial bottle free
at all druggists.
Open Letter to Mr. Morehead.
My Dear Morehead: I see that
Judge Bynum and Col. Skinner will
refuse to run as Taft electors. Since
you and Settle and Holton laid down
to Duncan at Charlotte, I suggest
that you put Duncan on from the east
and Holton on from the west in the
place of Bynum and Skinner. I also
see that Cook and Frazier and others
will probably come off the Taft
ticket, hut if they should all come off
except W. J. Andrews, he would be
September 11. 1912.
WanteTu A position in Dry Goods
Store. Splendid saleswoman; exper
ienced; splendid education. Ad
dress "L" care The Caucasian, Ral
eigh, N. C.
A dancing teacher wants a place in
Raleigh to teach dancing lessons. If
any one has a hall they want to rent,
adress "Teacher," care The Caucas
ian, Raleigh, N. C.
and westbound at 10:22 a. m., arrive
Gulf 12:23 p. m. (connects with
Southern Railway) arrives Colon
12:53 p. m., leaves Colon 2:30 p. m.,
(conectlng S. A. L- Noa. 31 and 38).
leave Gulf 3:00 p. m., (connecting
Southern Railway), arrlvea Star
4:32 d. m.) conecta with A. & A. Di
vision West at 8:46 p. m. and East
at 4:42 p. m., arrive Mt. Gilead at
5:52 p. m.
Mixed train service daily except
Sunday, leave Colon 6:30 a. m., ar
rive Star 9:40 a. m., conects at
10:22 a. m. for Asheboro, leave Star
10:30 a. m., arrive Mt. Gilead 11:54
a. m., leave Mt. Gilead 12:45 a. m..
daily except Sunday, arrive Star 1:55
p. m., (connects West at 8:4 6 p. m.,
and -East at 4:42 p. m.), arrive Gulf
5:05 p. m. and arrive Colon 5:50
p. m.
Wfeta writtsf advtrtUtrt, tt
raeatl&n this paper.
Holds County Convention for Hay
wood County Ticket to be Nomi
nated September 14.
Western Carolina Enterprise.
Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida, Ex
cursion Via Southern Railway,
Tuesday, September 17.
To Jacksonville and return, $7.50.
To Tampa and return, $9.50.
'Jickets will be sold on September
17th, good on regular train to Char
lotte, N. C, and on special train leav
ing Charlotte 10:30 p. m.
Tickets will be good returning on
any regular train up to September
24, 1912.
Special train from Charlotte will
consist of Pullman Sleeping Cars and
nice coaches.
Have your reservations made at
ADVICE TO MOTBRE3. Mm. Wiaelow i
Seothtny Syrup should alwayt bo ed for Chll-
dren't Teething. It soothes the child, ofteot
it the beet remedy for Diarrhoea 25c a bottle.
Ask your agent for detailed infor-
The Progressive party of Haywood mation, or write, J. O. JONES,
County held a meeting at the court-! Traveling Passenger Agent,
house Saturday, August 31. Dr. G.j Raleigh, N. C.
D. Green was chosen Chairman of I
the Convention. The following om
cers were elected:
Secretaries: R. V. Hawkins,
Fines Creek, and J. A. Singleton, of
Jonathan's Creek; Treasurer, Z. C.
Davis, of Ironduff; R. V. Hawkins,
R. M. Ferguson, M. P. Haynes, W.
W. Hargrove, and W. C. Campbell,
were elected Executive Committee
men. The following were chosen as
delegates to the State Convention to
be held at Greensboro: Z. C. Davis,
D. G. D. Green, M. C. Felmet, R. M.
Ferguson, W. C. Campbell, R. V.
Hawkins, and M. P. Haynes.
The executive committees of the
various townships were instructed to
appoint delegates to attend the Pro
gressive County Convention which
will be held here September f4th,at
which time candidates for the vari
ous county offices wil be nominated.
Senator Simmons is billed to fire
his opening gun at Charlotte tonight.
How the Regular Wake Delegation
Was Treated May Hold Mass
The State committee at Charlotte
decided that each delegate who would.
Pledge himself not to vote for Roose
velt might go on the temporary roll,
note the word "temporary." The
committee was told that regular
Wake delegation were elected as Re
publicans and that they wowld be re
cognizing the minority if they recog
nized the Andrews-Harris delegation,
some of whom had been elected by
the ignorant negro vote. But such
important matters did not interest
the State committee. When the cre
dential committee was appointed and
it was learned that Chairman More
head had named J. C. Stancil from
this district, even the Taft men in the
regular delegation refused to go he
fore the credential commitee.
It seems to be the almost unani
mous opinion of the regular organi
zation in this county that they will
not support the State ticket headed
Dv Settle, but will support the ticket
named by the Progressive Republi
cans. There is talk of calling a mass
meeting 0f the Roosevelt men in
When writing advertisers, please mention
this paper.
(Quoted by Barbee & Co.)
Good middling, 11 lSc.
Strict middling, 11c.
Middling, 10 7-Sc.
Low grades, 6 1-2 to 9c.
Receipts yesterday, 30 bales.
Butter 10 If-
Lard 14e
Eggs. 20
Hams 221c.
Hen 40 ft'
Spring chicken 20S5t
Sweet potatoes $1.00
Cora 95e.
Peaa SS.Ot
(CflDiie TdD lis
We Arc Very Busy Opening Lois
Of New Goods Never Shown In
This City Before
Will take pleasure in showing you a complete line of
Woolen Goods, Silks, White Goods and Linens, Towels,
Corsets, Hosiery and Gloves, in fact all that you
would find in a store carrying Dry Goods, Notions and
HMEiifter-Mainidl Cm9y
C. C. Phone 274, Raleigh Phone 54.
Pictorial Reveiw Patterns arid Fashion Books For Fall are Here.
Line Service, Daily
Carthage Branch. Leave Pine
hurst 9:20 a. m. and 7:10 p. m., ar
rive Carthage 10:00 a. m. and 7:50
p. m., returning leave Carthage 7:40
a. m. and 5:35 p. m.
Ellerbe Branch. Leave Ellerbe
6:00 a. m., arrive Candor 7:00 a. m.,
arrive Star 8:10 a. m. Returning
leave Star 2:00 p. m., leace Candor
3:25 p. m., arrive Ellerbe 4:30 p. m.
Route of the
Travel via Raleigh ( Union Station )
and Norfolk Southern Railroad, to
and from all points tn Baatare North
Buffet, Parlor aad Sleeplam Oara
between Raleigh ad Norfolk
Schedule la effect March 3rd.
N. B. The folVowing schedule fig
urea are published aa Information
ONLY an dara not guaranteed.
Trains Leatve Raleigh
1:15 p. m. Daily "Night Ei
nresa." Pullman Sleeping car for
1 6:00 a. m. Dally For Wilson.
Washington, and Norfolk Broiler
Parlor Car Service between Raleigh
and Norfolk.
6:00 a. m. Daily except Sunday
for New Bern via Chocowinity. Par-
or Car Service.
2:40 p. m.
for Washington.
Trains Arrive Raleigh
7:20 a. m. Daily. 11:20 a. m.
daily except Sunday, and 8:30 p. m.
daily. Buffet Parlor Car Service on
8:30 p. m. train from Norfolk.
Trains Leave Golds bo ro
tm CWrfc
U&Mm ,
tm Cmpm INnt.
a at j f. tTl f. at.
a at tu e at
; a e
t at i t f ft
u t t n
m t t t a
Ml I tt t t
at aa aa
a i at a at
U at tt
urn a at an
tt at a at t tt
mu t at at
fct tt t tt t et
uu 9W t aa
i at m
u tt t at m
e& eVL JPm ML ML
Summer Tourist and Week-End Fares
to Beaufort and Morehead by the
To Morehead City.
Summer Week
From Tourist End
Raleigh $6.45
Wendell 6.45
Zebulon 6.35
Middlesex 5.95
Rates to Beaufort twenty cents
higher than fares to Morehead City.
Summer tourist tickets sold daily
and good until October 31st.
Week-end tickets sold for all trains
Friday and Saturday, also Sunday
morning, good to return until Tues
day following date of sale
For particulars, ask any ticket
agent. W. W. CROXTON,
General Passenger Agent.
Norfolk, Va.. June 28, 1912.
. NORTH f.
"The Balsams"
The Land of the Sky"
- The Sappire Country"
WThere There Is Health in Every
Breath The Climate is Perfect the
Year Round In Spring and Summer
the Region is 'Ideal
Premier Carrier of the South
Solid Through Train, Including Par
lor Car. between Goldsboro, Ashe-
Yille and WaynesTille via Raleigh.
Greensboro. Salisbury. Other con
venient through car arrangements.
SEPTEMBER 30, 1912
Let Your Ideas, and
Wishes Be Known.
J. H. WOODS, R. H. DcELTTS, J. 0. J0.VES,
D. P. A. D. P. A. T. P. A.
AshcvSle, N. C Charlotte, N C Exiriga, Pi. C
L War it ...
Iat Kipttae
I.v atf beat.
1st tn . ....
I.t Wtllow Kprlag..
y MrCulleft
I.t c-r with
Ar Rtiriih
kw it. a
A- at. r. at. T.U.
I et I et 10
a ta t t at
a at tt t at
t u i at im
t tt t tt t et
ta t et
ill t et t at
im t it t at
in in t at
tt ir t t
im t t et
10 IU T tt
E it re t ar t tt
it s lit t i
it t t at t ea
it c t at t at
A. at. (TT at r. at.
a I
Dally except Sunday ebrYtrtMtt r.4va p- m
(WdBM. Rat. GmIm. Cfcfr' 7 iM
tt .
10:15 p. m. Daily. "Night Ex
press" Pullman Slepelng Car for
Norfolk via New Bern.
7:10 a. m. Dally For Beaufort
and Norfolk Parlor Car between
Washington and Norfolk.
3:10 p. m. Daily for New Bern,
Oriental and Beaufort. Parlor Car
For further information and reser
vation of Pullman Slepelng Car space.
apply to C. W. Upchurch, General
Agent, Yarborough Hotel Building,
Raleigh, N. C.
General Passenger Agent.
B. L. BUGG, Traffic Manager,
Norfolk, Va.
Schedule Effective April 9. 191 1.
TrlM Lv RaWgfc
Direct Una with Doubt ftuty atrrtaetoiiie
en laroata Atlanta. lUretaiaajB
roa mt aocra
No ti ttaam.
No. Ar.. losoam.
No i totpm.
No. U t00iv.ni.
roa tv a obtm.
Ho. M Itttaat.
No. at...... iiataa.
No at ttca dlou
No to... totau
for Wtfo.
For raves. aehdale. Host ubCra aad u)
ether l&foncmUoa dird vpr to J. T. Mltca
ell, PMMartr asd Ticket Ateat Taitpaoca
No. 117.
NoTica. Above tthedab rwbliabod eeJy at
InfortDatioa. ta are eot avarotd
H S- LKABD. DIviMoo Pa. AreavZH
Nat W. Martfc St.. TneterHalid'ef.
Orp. Norta Eetrase I'uiSom
Kiunt K r -
Werk-Knd and Sunday Kxrunion
Faren to Beaufort and lorrhfd
City by tlie Sra.
Klnston .
Direct Line to All rotnti Nonrti
South, Sast, We t Very Low
Round Trip Ratee to All Principal ! Dover . .
New Bern
! Oriental
Through Pullman to Atlaau
leaves Raleigh 4.05 p.m., arrive At
lanta 6.25 a.m., making close coa-
section for and arriving at Mont
gomery following day after lea via jr
Raleigh, 11 a.m.. Mobile 4.12 p.m. than fares to Morehead City.
Round trip to Morehead City
From Week-End RnM.
. -
$1 25
Rates to Beaufort 20 cente higher
Vanceboro .
New Orleans S.30 p.m., Blnalnghaxr
12.15 noon, Memphis, 8.05 p. rx
Kansas City, 11.20 a.m. seeoad day
and connecting for all other paints
This car also makes closs connecUoi
at Salisbury for St. Louis and other
Western points.
Through Pullman to Washlngtoi
leaves Raleigh .60 p.m., arrives
Washington 8.53 a.m., Baltimore.
10.02 a.m., Philadelphia 12.25 noon
New York 3.81 p.m. This car makes
close connection at Washington for
7.40 p.m., making close eonnsctios
Plttsbarg, Chicago, and all otksT
points North and West, and at
Greensboro for through Tourist
Sleeper for California points, and
for all Florida points.
Through Parlor Car for Athevlll
leaves Goldsboro at 6.45 a.m., Ra
leigh, S.35 sum., arrive AshevllU
with the Carolina Special and arriv
lng Cincinnati 10 a.m, following da?
after learins Raleigh, with close con
section for all points North and
Pullman for Winston-Salem leave
Raleigh 3.30 a.m., arrives Qroono
boro .30 a.m., making doso eonnse
tion at Greensboro for an points
North. South. East and West. This
car is handled om train No. 111.
leaving Goldsboro at 10.45 p.m.
If yon desire any Information
please write or ealL We are here tr
furnish Information as well as to sell
T. P. A.. 315. Fayetterills etttatai
tickets. W. H. PARNELL, T. P. Jl
215 Fayettevllle 8t. Raleigh, N. C
IL F. CART, General Passenger
Agent, Washington, D. CL
Week-end tickets sold on all traina
Friday and Saturday and Sunday
morning, good to return until Tues
day following date of sale.
8unday tickets sold each Sunday,
good to return on date of sale only.
For particulars, ask any ticket
agent. W. W. CROXTON.
General Passenger Agent.
Norfolk, Va.. June 28. 1912.
Week-End and Sanday Exraraion
Fares to Norfolk and Virginia
Reach Via Norfolk So at hern Rail
road. Round trip to Norfolk
From. Week-Knd. finnv
WANTED. Position by youni
married man. aged 22, as grocery
hardware clerk; three years expert"
ence; can furnish best of reference?
good reason for wishing to make s
change; only those looking for hlga
class man answer this advertisement
Apply ta Lock Drawer 132, Roanoks
Rapid, North Carolina.
KalcteQ $4.75
Zebulon 4 7a
Wendell 4.75
Middlesex ........ 4.25
Bailey 4.25
Farmville ........ 3.75
Greenville a75
Washington 37 5
Rates to Virginia Beach 25 cents
higher than fares to Norfolk.
Week-end tickets sold for Friday
night and Saturday morning trains
good to return leaving Norfolk Mon
day following date of sale. Snndar
tickets sold for trains Nos. and If
Saturday night good to return on
train No. 5 leaving Norfolk at 9:00
p. m. Sunday following date of sate.
For particulars, ask any ticket
agent. W. W. CROXTON.
General Passenger Agent
Norfolk, Va., June 28, 1912.
Belief at Once.
When writing advertisers, pleas
mention this paper.

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