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iay, September 19, 1912.
jyc Affair Leads to Gap
ture of Sid' a Allen and
Wesley Edwards
Cituml at I MfMne, Iowa, Lot
fnl Niht Ml Iroler Acci-df-nt!')
1 IsrtUr Which When
Ku nI K-al Trail to Itectire.
i-g MoinB. Iowa, Sept. 14. Sldna
..- iadr of the Allen clan which
' . it ...... ..
that ibe was comics; here. If be
hadn't bn a blamed fool and cose
back to Virginia and drocoed tit at
letter. e wouldn't be In this fix to- j
know her, but ber mother, Mrs.
Frank Iroler, waa once my aweet-1
heart." j
Allen waa much interested ts to j
what would b the reception uien j
himself and Edwards when they re- j
turned home. j
The two men were subjected to the
Bertilllon measurement tonifht.
J. C. Ha xton of Vlnton-ialetn Km- ',
ployed to Iiefem! Allen. f
i don't blame the giri. i don't' Isaac William Rand cf Smith-
field Meets Sad Death at
State University
Th ratal nTtr tfetxl.
T& brocks boitl sar u ta4 sot
. .
ca c:cofrj. Ws Mr, IUa4j
picked ss a sa fr
Iobc aad two lata 4e9 was a-I
rTrs sd tie fclood soared frssrs
wouad. Tfcoaca totae of it 1
cor re trrid sad ti. sosaJ
retaaisj with UUo&s aad a!44 U
sirlnc tfe alarm. They barm lh,
He? aad III Itoom-Mar Wr 114 a1 bl3tn boy to a rfat near tb Crri
Up til" tttiiuu JU U 1 vUUl t
at Hillsville, Va.. March 14,
Greensboro, Kept. 14. J. C. Bux
ton, of Winaton-Salem. counsel for !
Sldna Allen in Vila ruont iimtifi.u
, Juoge 4a Ing cases here prior to the Hillsville1
M n.phew. Uesley hdards, tonight d ton conflrmed the n
ir. manacled in cell, at the c ,y Jail Qf lhe arreit
ag a result of love affairs which led medIately affer lfae ;
stives to them Both a lmtlr of Aen rctained Mr Bux..
jounced their willingness to return tQn ,ook nteret..
n Virginia without requisition.
Kdard8, for the love or wnom in wan .i lumnoarv, .
Mifts Maude Iroler. of Mount Airy, N. 5 AUen and EdwardB have been
f , had innocently led detectives to moved from De8 Moines to Boauoke.
I8 Moines, was captured tonight as Va where they are now Jn jall for
be was returning to his boarding Bafe keping. They will be taken to
house, after having worked all day Hillsville for trial when the Governor
ith a paving gang. Just as he call8 for a BpecIai term and name the !
boarded a street car. aetectives ana judge to try tneIr cageg
nLcem surrounded it. Edwards was
riuu huh rTiincru 10 me
November 22.
trtl on a Brrtkra ISoCtlr. Caitinjr
c;ah in III Neek From VVhica Ilr
IUm! to fh-atii Koar fhomorr
A special from Cbapl Hill. N. C..!
wet for a physician. Th
lb poor fellow'i eek had
the carotid artery acd both
terior and interior vetas
blood i! leadlBp to th iA
nsp-d and ia hi own blood, yosasi
Rand lay and di4 before help could
News atd Observer ! reach him. Hr did not live tea mla-l
CAlh Is
Ih ex
trying to escape by crawling through
the front end of the car, when officers
caught him. The arrest of Sidna Al
ln as effected earlier in the day.
A visit by Kdwards to Miss Iroler
in her North Carolina home about a
Floyd and Claude Allen, who had t
been found guilty of murder for help-j
ing to shoot up the court at Hills-;
ville, were carried Into court at
month ago, and the accidental loss Wytheville, Va.f last week and were
of a letter put the detectives on the sentenced to die in the electric chair
trail. Fugitives had been In Des November 22. Victor Allen, who was i
Moines since April 2 8. Allen, under tried at Wytheville last week for
the name of Tom Sayre, worked as a complicity in the case, was acquitted.
carpenter and Edwards, under the
name of Joe Jackson, was employed kV VEVSPlKlt nV.
to Saturday's
"Uaae William Rand, one oL the
moit promising members of the large
freshman class, met a horrible death
this morning between 1:30 and 2
o'clock, while being hazed on the ath
letic field. The testimony as brought
out by the dozen or more witnesses
varies In no particular further than
its failure to satisfy the authorities
whether the fall from the barrel was
an accident or the result of its being
kicked over by the students.
"This morning about 1:30 o'clock
these four students, who had attend
ed a reception the night before, were
seen sitting under a tree and some
thing was said about making a fresh
Arretted and Ilaretl t'tuW f
llond. I
Chapel Hill. N. C.. Sept. U.R.j
ommendicg that Robert W. Old can. !
of Raleigh; A. R. Styron. and W. CJ
Merrimon. at Wilmington; and A. C.
naicn, or Mount Olive, be held In
bonds of $5,000 each for the death of
Isaac William Rand, of Smithfield,
this morning, the Jury impanelled for
the inquest Into young Rand's death,
found that these vounir men rnnifl.
tuted a party of hazers and asked
that, they be bound over to court to
i answer this charge. j
I All
the young men have given
Governor Kitchin ordered an
man sing and dance. Two of the
younger students nearest the hazers-
were 'Billy Rand and Robert Wei- lnTestlgation. and President Venable
Ions, of Smithfield. They were room-? announce1 tnat tne "natter would be
with a city paving gang.
Allen was arrested at the home of First Returns Under the New Law
John Cameron at Eleventh and Lo
cust streets, where he and his
nt phew had been rooming, by De
tectives Baldwin, Lucas and Mundry,
of Roanoke, Va. The arrest occurred
a few minutes after Miss Iroler
stepped into the Cameron home to
meet Edwards, whom she was to wed
tonight, according to an arrangement
made when he visited her in North
Carolina. Detective Lucas was at
her heels. Allen was in an upper
room. When informed that visitors
wanted to see him, he came down
stairs. As he did so Detective Lucas
covered him with a revolver and or
dered him to surrender. Allen hesi-
Passed by Congress to Be Made
October 1.
A Washington, D. C
September 16th says:
"Postmaster-General Hitchcock to
day issued instructions for carrying
into effect the newspaper and periodi
cal law. first returns under which I
must be made by October 1.
"The law requires that publishers
shall file on the first days of April j
and October of each year, both with !
the Postmaster-General and with the!
local postmaster, under penalty of de
nial of the use of the mails, a sworn
statement of the names and addresses
"The sophomores went to their
rooms, opened the door, commanded
the freshmen to dress and go with
them. The boys obeyed, followed the
hazers to the athletic field and there,
at their command, mounted a barrel
and were forced to sing and dance.
! First Victim Slightly Hurt.
dispatch of, "Young Wellons first suffered the
j investigated by the faculty. The body
ui juung nana was camea to ismun
field for Interment.
The Democratic Job Holders and Pass
Charlotte Observer.
The Observer has had in its posses
sion for some weeks a list of the
Kitchin job holders and pass tote'. a in
North Carolina. We have net yet
humiliationof singingand danclngand found a day when we felt justified In
fell from the barrel with a slight cut sacrificing the necessary news space
on his leg. The young fellows did : for its publication, for it is a long
not profit by the suggestion of acci-J one, strung out from Postell to Log
dents, but ordered Rand to occupy gerhead Inlet, and from Woodworth
of tht owner, nuhlisher. editor, man-
tated and then threw up his hands, aging e(Jitor and business manager of
their newspapers and periodicals. Re
ligious, fraternal, temperance and sci-
remarking as he did so
Allen Handcuffed.
"I guess I'm your man." Allen was
handcuffed and placed under a guard
of city detectives, while Colonel Bald
win and Chief Jenney, of the local
department, went in search of Ed
wards, who was said to be at work in
the western part of the city. Appar
ently Edwards heard that his uncle
had been captured because he was
rot to be found until tonight.
Miss Iroler arrived in Des Moines
this morning unaware that on the
ranie train were detectives who want
d her sweetheart.
She went straight to the Cameron
home, having previously been provid
ed with the address, and the officers
Although surprised, she took the
arrest of Allen and the capture of
Edwards with litle show of concern.
"Wesley was down home a month
ago." she said. "We were to be mar
ried. He gave me the money to come
to this city and this address. I had
entific publications are excepted. For
a corporation, the names of the hold
ers of more than 1 per cent of the
stocks, bonds, or other securities
must be given, and in the case of
daily newspapers, a statement of the
average paid circulation for the pre
ceding six months is required.
"All editorial or other reading mat
ter appearing in a newspaper or mag
azine for the publication of which
pay is accepted or promised, must be
marked 'advertisement' under penal
ty of a fine of not less than $50 or
more lhan $500."
the improvised stage and sing and i
1 . M a. 1 t r .
uauce lor mem. Men aiiraciea oy
this demonstration, long since made
disreputable and almost driven from
college, went down to the field and
saw what was going on. Some of
them remonstrated with the leaders.
When Rand had practically conclud
ed the performance for the upper
classmen, he fell from the barrel, and
in a moment was seen mortally
wounded. The barrel upon which
he had been standing appears to
have been filled with crockery.
to Calabash, and yet the printing of
the list would give the people some
light that would open their eyes as to
the source of the Kitchin shouting.
There are on it men who draw sala
ries and tote passes, and men who
get per diem and expenses, but tote
no passes. All split the air for Kitcl;
in, and the smaller the job one holds,
the more mouth he puts over it. They
all make a noise. Take away these
job holders and pass toters and the
Kitchin crowd would look like a set
of pall-bearers.
MLaine's Leading Republican Paper
Renounces the Steal at Chicago
and Will Support T. R.
(Special Dispatch to The Philadel
phia North American.)
Lewiston, Me., Sept. 10. To-
no idea that anyone was following night's edition of the Lewiston Jour
me." nal, for years the leading Republican
Sidna Allen, in his cell tonight, paper in Maine, and during his life
talked freely of the events of the last time, edited by former Congressman
few months, but declined to say much Nelson Dingley, author of the Ding
concerning his movements immedi- ley tariff bill in McKinley's adminis
ately after the court house tragedy, tration, renounced its allegiance to
He and Edwards remained in the President Taft and the Republican
mountain country of Virginia and party.
North Carolina for about a month After stating that it had for years
and then got over into Kentucky, go- renounced her bosses, the editorial
ing to Louisville, where they spent said:
several days. Their next stop was in "We again renounce the larceneers
St. Louis, where they remained a who stole the Republican party's tag
week. They had sufficient money for at Chicago, and put the titles of pp
their needs and traveled as first-class Htical orthodoxy on the backs of Pen
passengers rose, Crane and Gallinger."
"I would have given myself up J i8Tnocotrol!ed4t.nd
long ago if I had thought we could editfd hJ Frank U ey. brother
get a square deal. But see what they of the Congressman He is a warm
have done to Floyd, my brother, and PPrter Colonel Roosevelt
Allen declared that the court house Can Get It Published Free.
Sift7 W?, tte faUlif 5he fficers' Webster's Weekly.
no, he said, began the shooting.
"We heard a few days before Floyd ' It Mr. Kitchin would only make a
Allen's trial began that Sheriff Webb speech telling what he has accom-
had bought a hundred rounds of car- plished during the sixteen years he
tridges and had made the remark . has continuously held office he would
that he was going to show that Allen j experience no difficulty In getting It
gang some 'real court,' but we did not j published as news matter in the
expect trouble that day, and there State s leading dallies
wouldn't have been any if the officers
wish to ooatinu. it will cost you only about
wiunoi uuerxere wit a
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had not begun it."
Allen denied that after the tragedy !
ae had ever sent threats to the offi
cers. "The trouble in the court house
came as unexpectedly as anything
ever could." he continued. "Floyd
Allen was on trial. The evidence was
overwhelmingly in his favor. Yet
they convicted him.
"We started away from Hillsville
lbe night of the trouble. The officers
ere once within fifteen feet of me,
ut they did not know it I thought
I while I would go hack, but when
heard there were orders out to
noot me on sight I decided I'd bet
ter get out of that country.
"I was writing when the detectives
a?lt,0day 1 had heard tha Wesley
a Ws slrt were to be married and
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