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Thursday, October 17, 1912.
The Caucasian
lN!. KALPnoii cmniPRifig.
X. C.f October 17, 1912.
local Matters.
... that your name is on the reg
r;t -ion books before the night of
o,.-r 2 0.
ri.iss from the Oxford Orphan
J. ; ;rn will give a concert in the au
,?., rium in Raleigh on the evening
, s-, -mber 7.
fr... post-office at Rogers' Store,
v,;.r. county, will be discontinued
tub' -r 31 and the patrons of that
fV,(. i 1 1 be served by rural free de-
Garland Curtis, a negro trusty, es
, -. I from the convict camp Friday
;i reward of $10 is offered for
He was sent up from Raleigh
,r larrenry and had thirty days to
.-!: -riff J- A. Gaskin was in Raleigh
:f!ay to deliver two negro con
,r to the penitentiary to serve
v.. -My yf-ars each for manslaughter.
t are Tess Hall and Charles
Mr. David Thompson Moore, fa
t:;. -r of Messrs. V. C. and D. T. Moore,
jr of this city, died Monday after
i.oun in Wilson. The body was
brought to Raleigh Tuesday for in
u rmTit.
Mrs. Worth, wife of Mr. Hal. M.
Worth, of Asheboro, died Wednesday
and was buried in this city Thursday.
was a daughter of the late Jos.
A. Kuglohard, former Secretary of
Stat' f r North Carolina.
Tlw Fifth Annual Convention of
th- North Carolina Drainage Asso
ciation will be held here, November
:--!, in the Chamber of Commerce
rooms. Dr. Joseph Hyde Pratt is the
president and Mr. George R. Boyd, of
Wilson, tin; secretary. Its object is
to promote the drainage of swamps
and overflowed lands.
Major J. J. Bernard has been as
Mimed to duty in the Adjutant-Gen
eral's office as assistant Adjutant-
Ceiieral. It is the general impres
Finn that Governor Kitchin will not
appoint an Adjutant-General to suc
ceed the late Colonel Leinster. There
are so many applicants that the Gov
ernor, in making an appointment,
would make one hundred enemies
while he was making one friend.
Mrs. G. C. Pool, a deaf mute, who
lives on Northeast Street, this city,
was badly frightened Friday night by
a negro who had concealed himself
under the bed in one of the rooms.
Mrs. Pool and a Mrs. Dixon went into
the'room to see if Mrs. Dixon's baby
was sleeping, when the negro caught
Mrs. Pool by the ankle. Mrs. Dixon's
screams frightened the negro and he
made his escape through a window.
The Board of Aldermen of Raleigh
has decided to borrow $25,000 to
erect a city abattoir or slaughter
house. Architect Frank K. Thomp
son has prepared the plans for the
abattoir, which is to stand on the
city farm, not far from the Southern
Railway. The building will be of
concrete and brick entirely, so that
it can be kept clean and sanitary
Part of it will be a fat-rending plant
and there will also be one to dispose
of fprtiliziner material. The cost of
the building will aproximate $15,
0() and that of the equipment $10,
Shooting Near Raleigh Cotton Mills.
Allen Emery, aged thirty years,
was probably fatally shot Saturday
morning on Belmont Street by George
King, aged fifty years, in whose home
he boarded. The two men quarreled
at the breakfast table, while Mrs.
King was teasing Emery about some
one with whom she insisted he was
in love
Emery has been separated
from his wife for some time, and she
Mums tor aivorce Aiier i .
U IS said, King got his Shot-gun and
fired a load of buckshot into Emery's
side, at a range of about ten steps.
The shooting occurred near the Ral
eiph Cotton Mills.
King wa3 later arrested when he
returned to his home Monday night
.Registrars and Polling Places in
Wake County. t
The following is a list of the reg
istrars and polling places in Wake
County. The registrar will attend at
le polling place set opposite his
name each Saturday to and including
October 26, for the purpose of regis
tering voters. The registrar can be
iound at his home or place of busi
ness during the other days of the
Township, Barton's Creek, polling
ace, Ball's Store; registrar, P. D.
it. AllPn fox-.. it T T T! POOTO
Cedar Fork, Morrisville, J. H. Mor-
House Creek, Edward's Store,
i . . Mre; House Creek, O'Kel-
l s store, R. h. Blake; Leesville,
eesviiie, b. f. Lynn Little River,
Mitchell's Hiii t wwnnd: Lit-
tie Riv-oi. wi! "u -, T-k n..-
m rk',8 Creek Wendell, m. f. Hales; new subscribers. Or will send two books postpaid if you send four
scar h's Creek' Eag1 Rock, . R. L. new yearly subscribers. Or if you should secure only one new sub
' arboro; Middle Creek, Sexton, J. scriber for the Caucasain we will send you your choice of the follow-
Wio-? v "uo' "iuu'
Las-w. XT r ,
C B. LvrnJn ew.Lig' st(fy Hil1'
io Hnn.T' a Jr
Gary's, Auburn' j b Iturdivant' st cloth. Now is time to get good boolcs, FREE. Send in the subscrip
Mary's, Garner.'N r. Broughtonf St! tions and we will send you the books postpaid by return mail.
Matthews, Milburnie, C. T. Hesier;
Swift Creek, Franklin, J. M. Frank
lin; Wake Forest, Wake Forest, J.
E. Drake; Wake Forest, Rolesville,
Willis B. Horton; White Oak, Apex,
J. V. Yates.
There are only two more Satur
days in which you can register at the
polling places. If your name isn't
on the registration book, have U
placed there at once. There is no new
registration, but if yo uhave become
of age since the last election, or have
moved from one precinct to another,
then you will have to register again.
Young Hardware Man Commit
William Wallen, a young hardware
clerk in the Brigga Hardware Store,
committed suicide Thursday after
noon. He was found lying across his
bed Friday morning, a pistol shot in
his temple. In his hand that rested
on his chest was a revolver. He
roomed at the home of Mrs. Maggie
Woods, on Kdenton Street, and the
only shot heard thereabouts
about 5 o'clock Thursday evening,
but was not investigated. It devel-
oped that Wallen had been drinking'
naro several days and was discharged,
Thursday by T. H. Iiriggs & Sons on
this account. The presumption Is.
he was so depressed by this that he
went to his room and took his own)
life. His father and mother are both'
Names of the Candidates on Wake
County Ticket.
The following is the ticket named
by the Roosevelt Progressives in
Wake County:
For State Senate Geo. M. Glenn
For House of Representatives ,
R. L. Sorrell, H. H. House, and J
County Commissioners Albert
Upchuhch and W. H. Nowell.
"Abe Lincoln Republican" Roasts'
Federal Officeholders for Their
Mr. Editor: For over two years
I have said I would not vote for Taft
any more for any office. I have al
ways been a great admirer of Theo
dore Roosevelt. I have often said I
would vote for Roosevelt for any-;
thing. Strange to say, some of the
pie-eaters were once for Roosevelt
and now for Taft. Some of (and
most all of them) hate Taft with a
perfect hatred, yet they indulged in
fraud and Democratic tactics to help
nominate Taft and thereby kill the
Republican party. And a good many
of this same gang has not been doing
anything for the Republican party
very long; yet when they saw a job
bob up they proceeded to crawl upon
the front end of the band-wagon and
kicked the honest and faithful driv
ers ob and proceeded to carrv the
Republican party to destrutcion.
Who was surprised at their conduct?
I, for one, was not in the least: I
have said for some time that thpv
rather see the Democratic party win
than to give up their jobs. .
As I see it now. the Duncan el-
ment in North Carolina and Wake not be here to be held responsible
County Is just the same at heart as for anytnlnS n may do or fail to do
the Democrats are. I had as soon in the Legislature in the best inter
vote for one as the other. The Wake est of our People and county, should
County fight is between labor and he be elected.
capital nothing more or less. What
great things happened in North Car- Political party you may have hereto
olina to draw Morehead and Duncan fore belonged, I want your support
so close together? Whv do these and vour votes for Senator, and in
great political lions now occupy the
same den? Surely some deal must
have been made in our capital city
convention that saved the scalp of
Morehead. Not one is astonished at
the acts of the little two by four
postmasters for whooping up Dun-
Here is an ooDortunitv for every reader of the Caucasian to stock
their library with noDular books
cash and for onJ a few minutes
new j subSCribers to our list and to anyone who will send us two
,.00-K, chenrihorc of im fanh will cphH onvrmo ihn fl
lowing books as a present, postage
The Blazed Trail
By Stewart Eward White.
Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm
Kate Douglass Wiggins.
The Danger Mark
By Robert W. Chambers.
When A Man Marries
Mary Roberts Rinehart.
Cy Whitakers Place
By Joseph C. Lincoln.
By Winston Churchill.
By GeneeStratton-Porter.
Brewsters Millions
By George Barr McCutcheon.
The Music Master
By Charles Klein.
The Leopard's Spots
I T)tt TVina TH-V1TI
The Virginian
By Owen Wister.
inese popular dooks are Dy
Others nave paid $1.&U for many or
them to vou without a cent of cash,
I rn. nmrnno ft 4Via oVirvim nomas!
1 mpr dooks posipaiu :
i lvannor, tiasi L,ynne, Auam ueae, me Laugnmg Man, ine uasi oi
the Mohicans, Pilgrims' Progress and Windsor Castle.
These are not paper-back books, but are substantially bound m
ran. for as oise said not long since:
"My meat and bread lies there." God I
pity Use man who can't live la a free
country and vote his sentiments.
I asked one of the "Job-holders-how
be liked the dote of "Connor
quinine." His reply was: "My G d.
man. don't mention It. It makes me
sick." However. I have this conso
lation: I am not bound hand and
foot; hence I am not going to vote
for Taft. All you folks who wanted
Roosevelt until Mars Carl came down
and Kave each his medicine must now
hold your now on the November elec
tion and swallow your pill. I am
quite sure you rather see Woodrows
Wilson President than Hill Taft were
it not for your Dav-roll bine- tarn.!
perea wjtn. You saw you re beat.
hva wu )uu cave insTia 1 .ci srai
now you have instL m1 cae
rule in order to help the Democrats!
rr rm
ana men trv to lav vntir hnrtr-m-4
IngS at the door nf Itnnsovoli an1
Butler. I believe in Abe Lincoln Ke-j
publicanism. and, as I see it, the Taft
people bear no resemblance of It
whatuvor Thir nioifrm 1.
1 a a. i i
uiiuKs, as 1 see it, ana tnelr acts an-!
you man behind the
plow, i
consider well the situation a
nd see
if this I3 not ihe state of affairs
"Labor hns trtnlden under-foot by
capital.' Take the case, gentlemen. !
Ciov. Kitchin Delivers the Adress of
Welcome GckhI Crowds in At
tendance. The 52nd annual State fair opened
Tuesday, noon. Governor W. W.
Kitchin delivered the address of wel
The crowd was not so large;
Tuesday but was much larger yes-jof
y . uc U.feBCnl
uay . oi uie iair. i ne exninits are
J .1, I .,
uiuic aiicuiiuu i
i Deing given to agricultural products
nuu il ill lliatlllllCl).
Candidate for the State Senate Solic
its the Support of the Voters of
Wake County.
To tne Voters of Raleigh and Wake
I hereby announce to the voters of
Raleigh and Wake County that I am
a candidate for State Senator from
Wake County to the next Legisla
ture, and will appreciate your votes
and any aid you may be pleased to
give me in influencing any of your
neighbors and friends to vote for me.
While I have nothing against lawyers
as a class, I think we can be repre
sented in the Legislature by some one
else as well, or perhaps better, than
by some lawyers. I am a native of
Wrake County, born and reared in Ra
leigh and have been following the
builders trade for nineteen years and
one of the working man's comrades,
while my opponent is a lawyer, re
cently moved in here from Oklahoma
and has not the same interest in the
city and county as I have and can-
not feel the Bame harness to the peo-
yiK auu ue may K UP ana De some-
wnere e,se inis ume nex year and
:NOW Irlenas, regardless of what
tnus honoring me you will recognize
a home boy, not a foreigner, and if
elected, one who feels the same in-
terest in Raleigh and Wake County
as you do and in the upbuilding of its
citizens and community,
As the time before the election is
without haviner to SDend one-rent of
work. We Want to add a thousand
prepaid -
Lavender and Old Lace
By Myrtle Reed.
Janice Meredith
By Paul Leicester Ford.
The Man In Lower Ten
By Mary Roberts Rinehart.
The Firing Line
By Robert W. Chambers.
The Leaven of Love
By Clara Louise Burnham.
David Harrm
By Edward Noyes Wescott.
The Clansman
By Thomas Dixon.
Gentleman From Indiana
By Booth Tarkington.
The Goose Girl
By Harold McGrath.
He Fell in Love With Hl3 Wife
By E. P. Roe.
The Man On the Box
By Harold McGrath.
. . . A1
popular aim weii-Known auiuors,
inese dooks. we are onenng
in fact we will even pay the post-
Krtrklre it Trrii Tir ill conrl lie rnlv furrk
o short f will cot have tin to stake
thoroarh canvas of the cosat. aa4
therefore I take this means of as-no-accicc
my candidacy and totlcu
Injc your support.
Raleigh. N. C. Oct. IS, 111!.
IUngllng Itr. Attract t bu.qa! In
twl With Many IU I'rmturv.
Rlngli&g Brothers Circus is at-
tracting interest this season beca-
of its many new features and the new
aspect given the show by the addi-
Vn..? I Kreal ptcle
Jean Of
rtM: ne circu win ne seen la
vw, u ;
5 cur and surroundinr fnnnfrt
will be well represented as it alay
is when KinglinR Brothers are ith-
t in excursion distance.
Thre be a new P n
forenoon three miles in length. The
mK-" i practicaly tuice a blK
as s was last year and contains many
fi T f -1 m i n a nf c ff v r I . t 1 1 . . .1
" """ -
to American zoos. Audiences will
j - . - vur B.rjint
CI tropes circus artists. Chief
among the stars who are exploiting
r Afcl ( .1 , I . I . I
the T'-B?ll Sisters, known as ' The
Human Butterflies, whose remark-
able aerial performance was the talk
of Europe last winter; Carlos Caes-,
! arc, known as "the man with the iron '
j head"; the great Hooney family of
5 equestrians, the Castrillon. the Hlnes
! Kimball and the Florence families of
I acrobats; Joseph La Fleur, who does
j a backward dive from the drae of
i the tent; the Schuman performing
j horses, three herds of trained ele
' nhants that n ro now tn this rnn.
trv nm, rant T,,!x-a t r
traine( geaIa an(J 8eaHon8.
Kreat feature Qf ghow
of course the npwlv &ffct cnot apTfl
' " " -J LVV. UtV.H.Wl,
"Joan of
Arc, with a trainload ofi
special scenery, costumes and stage
properties and a cast of 1,200 char
acters. There is also a ballet of 300
dancing girls, a chorus of 400 voices
and an orchestra of 100 soloists.
Statement of the Ownership, Circula
tion, Ktr.,
Of The Caucasian, published week
ly at Raleigh, North Carolina, re
quired by the act of August 24, 1912.
Note. This statement is to be
made in duplicate, both copies to be
delivered by the publisher to the
postmaster, who will send one copy
to the Third Assistant Postmaster
General (Division of Classification),
Washington, D. C, and retain the
other in the files of the post office.
Editor, L. F. Butler, Raleigh, N. C.
Contributing Editor, M. Butler, El
liott, N. C.
Business Manager, L. F. Butler,
Raleigh, N. C.
Publisher, The Caucasian Pub. Co.
Owners: (if a corporation, give
names and addresses of stockholders
holding 1 per cent or more of total
amount of stock.) W. F. Stroud,
Chapel Hill, N. C; W. A. Guthrie,
Durham, N. C; M. H. Palmer, W. H.
Worth, Greensboro, N. C; A. C. Shu
ford, Hickory, N. C; Marion Butler,
Elliott.N .C.
Business Manager.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 12th day of October, 1912.
, Notary Public.
(My commission expires Oct. 27
Chatham County Letter.
The financial condition under Dem
ocratic management in this county is
rapidly going from bad to worse.
When the nresent machine took
charge of the county finances a few
short years ago, the total indebted
ness of the county was not quite $1,-
200. Since they took charge they
have issued bonds twice and sold
them "seeretlv." the said bonds
amounting to $50,000. Our taxes are
nearly doubled and what are we geU
Baotldn 8vran ah on Id aurora ba cd for Qrfl
dreo'i Teettics- It ootbea tbe chLd. oft
the nuns, alius al) pn cur vlnd colic. ax!
lt the best raced r for Diarrhoea Z&c a doxu.
By virtue of the power and author
ity given in a mortgage deed eie-
cuted on the 12th day of July, 1910, j
by L. F. Stewart and wife to J. J.j
Reynolds, recorded in the Register
of Deeds office, Wake County, in
Book 258, at page 246, I will offer
for sale at the court-house door In
Raleigh, N. C, on Monday, November
4, 1012, the following piece or par
cel of land situate in Buckhorn
Township, Wake County, bounded aa
follows: On the east by Henderson
Barker and the south by J. J. Hack-
nav on1 irbG hv Sarah Clark and
the north by Deb Evans, containing
thirty acres more or less.
Terms cash.
C. M. BERNARD. Attorney.
We want agents t repreeenc TV-
Caucasian In every couaty where w"
are not already represented- Writ'
ui for sample copies and terms u
agents. Onr terms are very libera
and yon can make food money by d
voting your spare time to the work
Raleigh. N. C
When, writing" advertiaara, pleaa mention
taia papr.
Uag? No cosrt sotst or )aiJ U a
It tail!, a sna&st lt?r?v-
sst of the pabtk ro4s ar b!
made, to passive- brldx ar be-;
isc bsHt. oar school irrtsts are o jj
ioficer. c&Ie special taae a? o4
by the cilUess lhessIvrs to fct'p oat
what they fet frm the nrhool fsA . j
Vasy honr; tvnoerata are sot tU- 1
fed Uh the above holn &4 are
bejeisnisc to say that there U aotss
thi&s rotta in ovit coatty a-trs.
and there certainly mutt be
M ,4 a error In hi.
counts of more than t2.T0. This
mnrlrm mb aKtr.I.
. deaietS br th "rltie ' Isnli
And meTv m 1o UJiet
that it as a "luteal W" for cam
; pain prpoe. Wbat happened?
j Jenkins sued Millikea for the above:
'amount and then what happened?
The county attorney, the attorney re j
ceitintr a salary to protect th inirr- i
t or tne county. 5pi-ari -to ruurt i l
K.t back the t:.7oo. Hrre vie hunurwi
(ha rvv f ae!k f U a m m t I m 1
feeg from two cl!enu and ahttnc OJr j
of th?nj This is wh.t actually hap-
TM.np(1 ,n rhmlham jnv,n. ,rt m.
machine any ioneer
, t . v- m ait; uvru oi aaa ta &4 o v 4-
L. B !
vm .r
lYnnnhc Kleclr Wilt
Remain on TicVe in IouiUanA.
Baton Rogue, 1.. Oct. 12. The
names of the Progressive electors'
will remain on the ticket in this State
for the November election. This was
decided to-day by the State Election j
Board which disallowed the claim of
the Itennhlirans .f Vine tn ha- th!Li
r c ' m - '
Progressives removed.
l'ngrc4lve I lull at I nlverity iiolti
EntliuiaAtic Meeting.
Chapel Hill. N. C. Oct. 12. The
Progressive club at the
last night
held its regular meeting 1
with a good number present. A few
of the boys made speches which were
highly enjoyed by the club; especial-;
ly the one by Mr. Hoover. There are;
about one hundred or more Prnirrea.i
sive students at th
they esem to take
e i,niersity. ana j
right much inter- i
est in the new movement that Is now
abroad in the country.
(Quoted by Barbee & Co.)
Good middling, 10 l-2c.
Strict middling, 10 3-Sc.
Middling, 10 1-lc.
Low grades, 7 1-2 to 9 l-2c.
Receipts yesterday, 50 bales.
Butter J0t
Lar 14
Eggs 20
Hams 22ic
Hema 4011
Sprlag ckickeas X0
Sweet ytatM $1.00
Con 9Se.
Pa&a $2.et
Direct Line to All rout Nortb
Booth, Eaat, Weat Very Low
Round Trip Ratea to All Principal
Through Pullmaa to Atlaata
leaves Raleigh 4.95 p.m., arrival AV
lanta $.35 a.m.. making elaae com
aectloa for and arriving at Mont
gomery fallowing day after leavlai
Raleigh. 11 a.m.. Mobile 4.12 p.m.
New Orleans 8.30 p.m.. Binning hair
12.15 noon, Memphis, 1.05 p. m..
Knnian City, 11.20 a.m. lecoai day.
and coanectlag for all ether peinta
This car also makes close connection
at Salisbury for St. Louii aad other
Western point.
Through Pullman to Washlnftoi
leaves Ralelrh 6.50 p.m., arrive
Washington 8.6S a.m., Baltimore.
10.02 a.m.. Philadelphia 12.25 noon
New Tork 2.31 p.m. Thii ear make
close cennectloa at Washington for
7.40 p.m.. making cIom connection
Plttaburg, Chicago, and all other
points North a&d West, and at
Greensboro for , through Turlf!
Sleeper for California pol&ts. aa
for all Florida polata.
Through Parlor Car for Aster 111
leaves Goldibaro at .45 a.m.. Ra
leigh, 5.35 a.m.. arrives Aakajrlllt
with the Carolina Special and arrlv
Ing Cincinnati 10 a.nu following day
after leaving Raligm. with doaa cos
section for all point North ni
Pullman for Winston-SaWm leavas
Raleigh 2.3 am,, arrtvea Oreav
boro C.3 a.m., making close ceaaeo
tlea at Greenaaoro tor all polnti
North, Booth. Eaat and T7at. Thii
car' fa handled on train No. 111.
Ck1Jfro " "r4? p
If yon desire any information
please write or call- W are here to
furnish in farm a ties as well as to sell
T. P. A.. 216. Fayettevllle Striatal
tickets. W. H. PARNELU T. P. A
215 Fayettevllle St.. Raleigh. N. C
H. F. CART. General Passengs
Agent. Washington. D. C
WANTED. Position by young
married man, aged 22, as grocery ?
hardware clerk; three years' expert
ence; can rurnisa pest or rererencs.
good reason for wishing to make a"
change; only those looking for hlgi
I class man answer this advertisement
.Apply to Lock Drawer 132, Soanokt
Rapid. North
Practice la aH tlw Ccmrt
D.KJ.k JP Q, fV
time tabu:
Lt rtAj.
L It
KL P. M. f. U.
: i t
il j r. m. ; r. m.
i a m I i
. i a ! s
rW .... m i U f a
I M I t M f tS
WM : IB IN l
KJkM.. t S A3 i IS i I St
j U I M U
! J em I U SSS
mrmmm . .. m I ct t ss
aa k it I im i i
UmSmm ...... 19 O IU 1
...... kf w s u as
: f w I a I in
j it it taa
a. m. r. m. r. k.
in I it iu
i is I ix 1 in
in 1 44
4ft ! 1 U I 14
u iu in
Ct U ! IN
u in in
t it t it in
t a t a i i
t f
m t a in
le do t it 1 i
ion i a in
19 n ii t i
10 44 I U f Of
i u t m
"a u. j r. u I r. M.
l H.U1
tv tiakl0Hv4
L iHMl
L Cap '(
I. Ktpittf
J v Ur n
U Mecai:rs
I.t r ralelth
Ar Kftlelih...
t(1b. titn. uu.. g,fwta. n,
Cr Kawu, crfe. ru mi
Schedule Effective Aprils 191 1.
Tr!n lr HmMgh
Direct line wtth CHubl fll ttc U-1
W ri throagh Alluu. lUrnitotbftm r
W the ftocrn
No II IUiie.
No. W Ar .. 10 art
No 1 4rt m.
No. 43 t in) i,bq.
row tut muutn.
No M 11 a
NO. .. ..... li
No e itcAt&.
No. 30... XCSp B..
for W13ob.
For rtr, kcfcedale. llm ublM tef
ether ltfonrtlon (Wired at pi j v J Y Mltca
ell, pMtecrer acd Ticket Arct Tilfee&
No 117.
Notki A-ort rtedHirs iblltfcftd onJf M
inforrrHon. cd r not roArtevred
No. W. Mart'D ft. Tteier Ualldtisff.
OlP. North FtJirrr rmo
RiLMOli N c
Route of the
Travel via Raleigh (Union Station)
and Norfolk Southern Railroad, to
aad from all points in Eastern North
Buffet, Parlor and Steeping Cam
between Italeigh aad Norfolk.
Schedule in effect March 3rd.
N. B. The following schedule fig
ures are published as information
ONLY an dare not guaranteed.
Trains Leave Raleigh--
9:15 p. m Dally "Night Ex
press," Pullman Sleeping car for
6:00 a. m. Dally For Wilson.
Washington, and Norfolk Droller
Parlor Car Service between Raleigh
apd Norfolk.
5 6:0a a. m.Daily. except Sunday
for New Bern'vla Chocowlnlty. Par
lor Car Service.
2:40 p. m Daily except Sunday
for Washington.,
s Train Arrive lUlHh
7:20 a." m, Daily. 11:20 a. m.
daily except Sunday, and S:30 p. m.
dally. Buffet Parlor Car Service on
8:30 p. m. train from Norfolk.
Trains Leave Col d boro
10:15 p. m. Daily. "Night Ex
press" Pullman Slepelng Car for
Norfolk via New Bern.
7:10 a. m. Daily For Beaufort '
and Nerf oik Parlor Car mmr
Washington and Norfolk. .
3:10 p. m. Daily for New Bern.
Oriental and Beaufort. Parlor Car
For further Information and reser- "
vatlon of Pullman Slepelng Car space.
apply to C. W. Unchurch, General
Agent, Yarborough Hotel Building.
Raleigh. N. C.
General Passenger AgenL
B. L. BUGG. Trade Manager. '
Norfolk. Va.
Relief at Once,
; --s
t men writing ' advcrCscra. visas
mention this apr. "

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