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Thursday, May 1, 1913.
The Caucasian
Raleigh, N. , May 1, lf)l;j.
Knvered at the Posiom(- in Ualelen. j c
--. second class mail matter.
Local Matters.
J. Davis, Wilson; J. Wesley Davis
Youngsvllle; B. A. Parks. Saulstoa;
It- It. Ifcley, Carthage; Robert I.,
Spring Hope, II. F. I). No. 1; J. Q.
Green, Franklinton; John J. Parker.
Lasker; H. T. Mitchell. Woodsdrile.
and J. It. Short, Fremont.
A Voice From Ml-r City.
Mr. Editor: While there U be
ing so much said about the new
I x-rn erratic National Administration.
and the lan Ieniocratic Congres
A if"'QTr,irTlTI'U'3lTI 1 -r4ijr to tfc orui dtrvnorr '
Tiir. "mt ur.
t-ing the most extravagant on rec-' v- iu.t v-r? ntt f ;
ord. and the new State Constitution- JTy- "ntMiK
al Commission Convention and ad-' a;-- it.-. jr. rrr: 'icHr.' r
uoernor Craig has granted a par- the same being the most extravagant ' - srrr.ism.. h t -
don to "Dud" IleavJs, who was con- on record. I want to call the r.tten-5 fm- JY5; J'T rtM
Vic.ted in Vno rvn. i t . , .throw!. ; t lK UXC ut.,-
oatnoffibT :) ot h r sfofrior ia
Cocjrrr Its thr ?.c Ho; tb-f
MT.tJ.four U j?t os! of A ?Oil
of r.!r. fy.U tr. r-.i--r
esBROFsrssj. a
X?!l A
Hud" !teaU Pardoned.
Carv voted a $25,000.00 snprial
school tax Saturday. j 1&12 f a8ault with a deadly weap-; ty (through your columns!, to the1
on an1 Bt-ntencefi to two yearH on the .only campaign promise mad'- by the
The commencement exercises of' roads t, . , t! 3 .
. . . - , ,,. i I iJemocrats of this county, to-wit: To -
the State School for the Blind wll1 : ... , ,
v u ii o(l, 1 i repeal or amn) the pr h r.r method
ue unu iTioj i oiu,
- isk ami -.r.tr I u nr. k
.t KMn inir
News ami ()WrvT Will KnU r Suit of UhUnz property for taxation, j . dl
Against Wake Water Co.
Mr. Byriurn told jou that if he was!
Selected, when he got do n to Ual-
Ualeigh citizens will vote Monday i
for the three commissioner? who will
gorern the city for the next three?,, 8 a Observer Publishing Hgh this would he the first thing
vears. A police justice will also he!'. mpany loded w!th Judge U. V , he would do. Did he do it? Did he t
elected Monday. garter, judge presiding over Wake try to? If he did I have failed to
uuimi uuu, uii juehiiay anernooniee it in the oaoer. Now Demo
cratic friends, if you were sincere j
about this reform (when you met in j
fori vent irm at PitcV.r.
and with one voice said away with
this method of assessing property),
are you going to be satisfied with
EUth treatment?
You remember that I predicted
that if Mr. Bynuni was elected he
would not repeal this law, and if it
was amended ;t all. it would be up
ward instead of downward, so as to
make you tav more taxes. Now
you Fee who was ric,ht, property
, I tax raised 4 cents, poll tax rais-
Governor ( raig Monday made req- , ed 14 conts Now . y
.4 "vi
km.kk.ii nincr; :;;:- ;
Qaute4 by rxrtf i C )
Otod roSddt:tg 11 "
Wiley House, serving a term of j a formal motion for leave to enter
twelve years in the penitentiary for j suit against the receivers of the
manslaughter, was pardoned Satur- ! Wake Water Company for damages
day by Governor Craig, after serving j suffered by the News and Observer
eight of his twelve years. ; Company by reason of the damage
The fertilizer dealers and manu- I flone hy fire of APH1 2 4- In the mo
facturers report to the Agricultural
tion it was alleged that the fire was
Department that the sales this sea- 11,JL "3 progress oecause
son equal those in the spring of ' the Wake Water Company negligent
lyll, which was high-water mark in ! ly failed to BUPPly sufficient water
that trade, and they considerably ex- iumler a(1ate pressure,
ceed those in l'Jl2.
(iitxcnutr Craig: .Makes Requisition
Cpoii Two Other (iovernors.
; ;vi ti i
tr.ft middlinc
Middling . .
Low erd-s
1 1
11 s
5 r lo
The contract for the addition to
the Bland Hotel has been let by
Messrs. Jones and Bailey, and is for
a building of brick with stone trim- uisition upon Governor Blease, of
mings, facing fifty-six feet on West j South Carolina, for Ernest Umphries,
Martin Street, and with a depth of 1 of Gaffney, and upon New Jersey's
eight feet. The new building will Governor for Tonsant Porch,
contain three stories, IS x 80 feet, Umphries is wanted in Grover,
! f-f.. 1
vr;: A.
and forty rooms for the hotel,
will be three stories.
It ; Cleveland County, for arson, the
, charge against him being the de-
struction of the city hall of that
i place.
Porch is an escaped convict who
was sentenced to a term of one year
for manslaughter. He served little
more than three months before mak
ing his escape. He was convicted in
Smith Held in Alabama.
Ector H. Smith, president of the
State Trust Company, may not be
brought to Nortli Carolina for some
time was the information contained
in a letter Saturday from Governor
Oneal, of Alabama, to Governor
Craig. Smith has been indicted in
Alabama on the charge of embezzle
ment and placed under a bond of i
$5,000, and he must first stand trial ; Leaders Arrested, Literature Destroy-
polici: It.MD () SCF111AG!;TTI.
in that State.
I-'i re of Unknown Origin Caused a
$75,000 Loss With $-10,000 Insur
ance. The News and Observer plant was
gutted by fire Thursday evening
about 6 o'clock. The type, mailing
galleys and stereotyping outfit were
a total loss, including the battery of
six linotypes. The Hoe press was
badly damaged, but can be repaired.
The mailing list and the books in
the office were saved. The building
will be rebuilt and the plant refitted.
The lost is about $75,00 with about
$40,000 insurance
el Jind Furniture Smashed.
London, April 30. Home Secre
tary McKenna turned militant today
and ordered a raid by detectives on
the headquarters of the Women's
Social and Political Union. All the
books and other documents of the
union were destroyed by the raiders
and several prominent suffragettes
and officials of the union were ar
rested. At the same time the suffragettes'
headquarters at Newcastle were raid
ed and the furniture smashed.
wanted to call your atention to this
one broken promise. And say, Mr.
r . . . - c
wemocrai, n ou are a poor man or siiok. hats
a man of moderate means and are
opposed to extravagant administra
tions and broken promises, you do
not stand in with the Democratic
bosses of Chatham, and when you I 22 F-Htnie st
have another chance to vote remem
ber this, don't be blind to the fact
of their broken promises and ex
travagance, by another Paramount.
Constitutional Amendment, and a six
months' school with no money to run
it on, if you do you may sell your
birthright for a mess of pottage and
not get the pottage then.
Yours very truly,
Siier City, March, 31. 1 !!.'.
PUF.MIF.U CAItniFIl OF tiif.
?m iirtlulr f tiit! Fnm !LalH!t.
N. B. The folio inR sxhedalr fig
ures are published onij as Informa
tion and are no Ruaranteed:
No. 2 1 - ! ! a.. in. Through
train for AfehtUSle with chair car fr
Waynesville. Connects at Ad.es!!e
with Carolina Special for l'!!wi!.a;l,
Chicago, also for Knoxuile. Chatta
nooga, Memphis, and all Western
points. Connects at Greensboro for
, all Northern and Kastern points.
No. Hi 12:40 p. ta For Dur
ham. Oxford, KeysvlHe. and UkV
ik i.i vk I.OTIIIKK. mond. Connects at Hlchrnun 1 for
. Washincton. Italtlmnr.. PhHa.'.-lt, i i
si h kvihin. at , .
Prxtwr to 3 tM t oi.'t
!rf.r1CieT,t of gfA
N ir of ItrvtruMM- ((a1 4k,
Irs r otctllrr- iffc Stloa
ci !h lin of r.o-!ir i h
by t i -n th the i-a id it rritl
ir of lU!'S(h IfcrteioltKIHl
pAt. Cf iUJrUV N V . hi t.
cta-! frorjj I So. 00 to t iA'
t-rts. !r ft Ar.i--dti3t ft!r4 t th
. r- id th- sVr-liir)r rf S! At of tbr
S'ii- of Ni rth 4'Af oiins on hr 21th
! t.f April. A D !S15. mtuk i4
oOkItva! frt!r,.'- o rsjr ridrnrnt It
r.o tu f.J in UsS oT.r
In (emmonj hrtmf, I h brrr
u.i? r.i) Lap, and a?1. ruy ri-
.-.1 a! I ..- in o!r at KAlrir h.
t?.i- Mh of V-t! D 1M3
Sal J
Se-ret3kr d s t
Ra!eih, t fcu'ette t ctt trn Ry.
Raleigh and Sonthport Uiihioa.
i'kk 'ks that satisfy ami viiii'kk
comh ,;ain."
and New York.
No. 13i 4:05 p
K- 1 I'v n
m For GreeLs
ing Car for Atlanta; arrives Atlanta
5:25 a. m.; connecting at Greensboro
for all Northern and Eastern points;
also for Asheville and Western
; points. Makes connection in Atlanta
Effective Sunday, April - ,th. there fQr New 0rJeans 1jlrminpham Mt.m.
phis, and for Texas and California
General Change of Schedule.
will be a general change of sched- ;
ule in passenger train service on the i , 'f
Norfolk Southern Railroad and Ral-
No. 13 J 7: CO p. m. For Greens-
ign. uiduuur borQ makes connection with solid
unuiuu v.cii iiaiu iui a."UiiiftUiii,
Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York,
General Passenger Agent.
No !. No. !e So 4;
r M AM A W !' M
5 li T .A K'i.'h i it
! T Mt M a,i-r l ,
fc l ci w Mn (t. o:
Cairo w i
41 n II Vru S5 s:
e v h ;tt K.jmj t i k
2 ki i 3 t:
lib I. Si Ctiljlt" T, t m,
7 u i 0 Klpli.itf ir i
' ?l t tear S 13 J 17
T : l It hntrion M J ij
' XS n ( Htrii M 5 S CO
7 41 12 HohlMtl T 2 7 :
V 71 I Jr. don 7 41 : 4
( 31 I n 7 SJ
f '6 :Wi Slvuft.i 7 7 XI
40 10 10 I l)t-ttl!i 7 UK
l M AM. AW f M
points. Also witb through Pullman F unhfr In form at loo r full f fvi'hi"4 oi
Tourist Car for New Orleans. El ?itL,,rT7 t Sa u ,7 Ta
KrinnoB. C I A . rtKrouh II itl Itjiid
'assenger Hangs Himself on Train
With Silk Tie.
North Carolina Wake County.
Had to Put the Bars V-aint 0IIi(.0 ! In the Superior uouri, ueiore .Mu.ai u ( ubc.to, auu oau r iau-. ..-.a. .v.
Seekers ' " -dial. Clerk. cisco; also with through train for Co- E D
' " . n i i rtv, 1 T,.lnr onitnmhia Sav.nnnjiti nnd Lirlicnnt'inu Traffic Mrt-r
JAllie lj U I toil ttUU iviuci xajiui j. ii v. . , - - . , " ... . ..... .
Union Republican. j Thomas Taylor, her husband ! No. Ill 2:30 a. m. For Greens-
Secretary McAdoo has been com-'' " vs. ; , boro, handles Pullman Sleeping Car
pelled to put up the bars against the 'Janes Alston, Ida Alston, his wife; j for Winston-Salem, which is open
job hunters. The idea that some of Marvin Thompson, Maggie Rich-: for occupancy at Raleigh at 10:00 p.
ardson and Joseph Richardson, her; m Makes connection for points North
husband, and Oliver Burton, hus- j and E?st, also for Asheville, Mem
band of Allie Burton, heirs at law phis, St. Louis, ano Western points;
cf Ella Jones. I also connects with through- Solid
0 c? l- Pullman Car Train for Atlanta and
By virtue of a judgment of the Su-; New 0r,eang
i perior Court in the aDove-enuueu j 1124:30 a. m.F5r Golds-
1 i .- ; t n-ill rrrer for.
special pioeeeu.ns, ' boro, makes connection for Wilming-
nr H VV,
. an .
W V Croiton
Norfolk Va
those Cabinet officers entertain that!
they have other things to do besides1
finding places for the faithful is lia-l
blee to cause some disappointment.
The Cry of the Ofiice Seeker.
Greensboro News.
hchtCu.t I.l?ecttve Ajtuy
1 rairit I-v Kl-h
Dlrwt lln- wlih routl 1U krirm
Weat ttrouth Allar.t. lUrtfUrtf l.a:t ax4
Port Jervis, N. Y., April 2 7 A pas-
The News and I senger on Erie train No. 8, the east-
Observer is now being printed in the j bound Chicago and New York ex
oflice of the Raleigh Times. j press, this morning hanged himself
j by a silk necktie fastened to a pipe
Judge Renders Decision in the Mil- j jn the toilet room of a day coach. The
!i;n Dolhtr Tucker Estate. i bodv was discovered by Conductor
Tiie nlaintiffs in the action to con
strue the will of the late Rufus S.
Tucker won as to this point, but lost
all interest in the estate of their
mother, according to an order by
Judge Frank Carter last Friday,
who heard the case. This means
that the plaintiffs may come into
possession of their share of the $1,
000.000 estate of the late Major
Tucker, but lose all interest in the
estate of their mother, whose estate
was valued at $100,000. In this is
included the family jewelry, esti
mated to be worth at least $15,000,
and the Tucker home.
.iai till IJlcllYt; JUBL UIC uaiu ua.u
passed Deposit. It was cut down and
efforts were made to revive the man,
but without avail. When the train
arrived at this station the body was
taken to an undertaking establish
ment and an inquest was held by Cor
oner Parting.
A picture of a woman was on his
coat lapel. The coroner is trying to
find relatives.
Jurors Drawn For United States
Court in Raleigh-
The following jurors have been
drawn for the May term of United
States District Court, term beginning
in Raleigh. Monday,' May 27th:
J. T. Seawel, Parkwood; Fred A.
Cox. Dudley; Marian G. Dorsett, Si
ier City, R. F. D., No. 1; Y. E. Par
ker, Selma, R. F. D.; B. J. Wicker,
Sanford, R. F. D. No. 4; Moses Op
penheimer. Rocky Mount; J. O. Hep
tinstall, Littleton; J. G. Parker,
George; John Darden, Spring Hill;
John Massey, Durham, R. F. D. No.
3; Rufus Dupree, Kipling; Sydney
G. Champion, Manson; Iredell Stoll,
Sims; John P. Shearin, Aislie; W.
A. Simpkins, Raleigh; Spence Taylor,
Pittsboro; T. E. Vinson, Goldsboro,
R. F. D. No. 3; W. Hugh Hight.
Louisburg; John D. Denton, Spring
Hope, R. F. D. No. 4; L. J. Baker,
Palmyra; D. D. Harris, Bahama; T.
M. Washington, Wilson; Walter C.
Bobbitt, Castalia; Alex S. Webb,
Warren Plains; A. W. Parker, Ox
ford; E. W. Hyman, Scotland Neck;
C. T. White, Franklinton; Henry C.
Coggins, Conway; Robert Hackney,
Oxford; W. T. Burgess, East Dur
ham; G. W. Claiborne, Henderson;
.John W. Jeffrys, Wilson; Alexander
Katzenstine, Warren Plains; E. R.
Brinkley, Elm City; John B. Cam
eron, Cameron, R. F. D.; Ambrose
Woody, Pittsboro, R. F. D. No. 2; T.
O. Marks, Broadway; M. L. Um
stead, Rougemont, R. F. D. No. 1; J.
J. Pritchard, Durham; John Stan
ton, Stantonsburg; R. B. Holman,
Timberlake; James Oscar Brown,
Pittsboro; T. B. Mosely, Raleigk;
William T. Baker, Spring Hope; J. J.
Riddle, Raleigh; E. F. Olive, Apex;
R. D. Rowan, Carthage, R. F. D.;
George L. Becton, Walters; L. F.
Austin, Garner, R. F. D. No. 1; W.
H. Wells, Semora; Hamilton Stew
art, Henderson, R. F. D. No. 2; W.
A Successful Blind Man.
John H. Johnson, the blind mat-
mere may be reforms and reforms. saiP TO lu " ' ton, New Bern, Morehead City; also
but the reform that will pinch the llo',?e tloor r cas "' on, . , " 1 connects with A. C. L. at Selma for
r)M ma soi i h k tn n mn.
No 1 1 S3 n. i - Hi4B
No r .. Ifiaiaui i N . V- i : u a at.
No 4! .. I f d, ; "'t I? 'i t. at-.
No 43 6 ': m .Nf . I it Bs
; 'c r w4.;or&.
hardest is the rule barring ofiice- of May, 1913, at 12 o'clock, all the
seekers from the White House.
following lot of land lying and being
points South and North,
No. 10S-
::ci i.
s r! ,ry
1 n I A n r .. 1 -ni rj.. r
.i ; . .. : n10 of Raleich and more nar-i . l,atuiNo.m
aL,xx iui me c-iy oi oac.K to me good , V j na! for Selma and Goldsboro. New train
tthT irifora at'er .- ' r3 t l ? v J V Mlvb-
ei;. Ha.'.af tfc'Fr hi J Tt' v "Ji-U)Ji
old days.
ticularly bounded and described as
follows, to-wit:
I?eing on the nortli side of Lenoir.
service effective January 19, 1913.
No. 14412:30 p. m. For Selma
in . . . ... i and Goldsboro. makes connection at
to reduce the street, at the northeast corner or me , .
could also be a lot of W. A. Gower; tnence east aio , Goldsboro with A.
in tnv.c if io said street twenty-seven e.i ic tu ..,.,,. o... r,.,
u. anu iioiioiiv oouiuern uauwus.
Now that the Democrats are
power and are going
cost of living, there
COrreSDOndinir rterrencfi
a poor rule that won't work both'tno line of Theresa Holland; thence
. i. .. a ... .. .. . . ennfh n-itVi her snid line one hundred
wctH, uUl uniortunateiy the Legisia- r " 1 1 nV f7et- thencp wet with and Goldsboro through train with
ture of the State was not cognizant : d ten (110) ee Chair Car from Asheville. Makes
of the fact. Union Republican. i the hne of E A' JhnSn T YL 1 connection at Selma with A C L
. 'en (27 )feet; thence north one nun. , tonnecuon ai &eima w nn A. t. u.
- - mm foot to thP he-! Hallway North and South, and at
No. 22. 7:30 p. m.-
For Selma
tresp-maker, is a remarkable man. He
lost his sight from a spell of fever
when ten years old. At that time the
State was not educating and caring
for the blind as it does now, but be
ing blind and uneducated did not
keep Mr. Johnson from making an
honest living. He learned the mat
tress business and has been making
a good living for himself and two
kinsmen that he is compelled to take
care of. He makes from $6 to $10
per week at his trade.
He has bought and paid for a com
fortable home by his labor and one
seeing him upon the street wouldn't
detect that he is blind. No charity;
is accepted by him and money offered
is the gravest insult. Fayetteville '
Index. ! is
The bishop of a Western diocese; I
wrote to a bookseller in New York 3
for a book called "New and Contrite J
Hearts." : I
After a time he received a postal
from the bookseller, saying, "We
have no 'New and Contrite Hearts' in
the store; neither are there any to be.
found in New York." ! -
The Western prelate took great de- I
light in sending the postal to the
bishop of New York, and calling at
tention to the lamentable state of his
When a druggist recommemls a remedy
for colds, throat and lunfr trmiWfs. you can
feel sure that he knows what h- is talking
about. C. Lower, Druggist, of Marion, Ohio,
writes of Dr. King's New I iisi-ovT-: ' I
know Dr. King's New Discovery is the best
throat and lung medicine T s -1'.. It cured
my wife of a severe bronchial cold after all
other remedies failed." It will do the samp
for you if you are suffering uith a cold or
any bronchial, throat or lur-u' cough. Keep
a bottle on hand all th- time for every
one in the family to use. It is a home doc
tor. Trice, 50 cents and $1.00. Guaranteed
by all druggists.
i rarl and tan Mini fpet to the be-!
'ginning. For abstract of title to the ! Goldsboro with A. C. L. and Norfolk
said property, see the following re-
NoTK t Above krr.ftfUlrA !' .Vif M
Icfonrat'on. a,nl are rot irvar.!.iel
H S- LF.AIC D. DlTlUc ! A.n
Nt: 4 W 5rt'n SV . Tuc iri -. . .
lOfe NrnL FMnrrt ff 'v,
Kl i' r
Route of the
cord of the Register of Deeds of
Wake County, Book 110, Page 705;.
Book 65, Page 758; Book 58, Page
This sale is to be made for parti
tion and division of the money arising
from the sale among the heirs at law
of Ella Jones.
Visit our new store at No 14 East Hargett
Street and inspect our stock.
These special BARGAINS are offered for two
weeks only so come early.
JFoe Soinntpa.
Travel tk Raleigh (Union SUtluc '
Southern Railways. i and Norfolk Southern Railroad, to
For detailed information, also for J and from all point In Eactern Nona
Information concerning special round j Carolina,
trip rates account various special oc- ., ...
casions and Pullman RlPnln Pr -ir MU mrryung Km
reservations, ask any Southern Rail-
wry Agent, or communicate with thej
undersigned. J. O. JONES,
between Raleigh and Norfolk.
Schedule in effect January I.
Traveling Passenger Agent,
Raleigh, N. C.
General Passenger Agent,
Washington, D. C.
Vice-PrePldent and Gen. M'g'r.,
Washington, D. C.
Passenger Traf3c Manager,
Washington, D. C.
N. 13. The following schedule fig
ures are published aa information
ONLY an dare cot guaranteed.
Trainw Leave lUIHga
9:00 p. m. Dally "Night Ei
presa," Pullman Sleeping car for
6:00 a. m. Daily For Wilson,
Washington, and Norfolk Itrollr
1 Parlor Car Service between Ralelga
land Norfolk.
Under and by virtue of a certain'
mortgage deed made to me by H. I.jfor Washington
Train Arrive Raleigh
! 6; 00 a. m. Dally except Sunday
for New Bern via CnocowJnJty. Par
lor Car Service.
2:30 p. m. Dally nciDt Sunder
Hicks, recorded In Book 262, page 43,
in the Register's office for Wake
County, I will on Saturday, the 10th
day of May. 1913. at 12 o'clock M.,
iu Daily 11:01
:aily except Sunday, and 7:60 p. a.
"Here is an apple, Willie. Divide
it generously with your sister."
"How shall I divide it generously,
"Why, always give the larger part
to the other person, my child!"
Willie reflected for a moment; then
he handed the apple to his little sister
saying, "Here, Ethel, ou divide it!"
Dr. Kingr's New Life Pills will relieve con
stipation promptly and get your bowels in
healthy condition again. John Supsic, of
Sanbury, Pa., says: "They are the best
pills I ever used, and I advise every one to
use them for constipation, indigestion, and
liver complaint." Will help you. Price, 25
cents. Recommended by all druggists.
Raleogb Olftairble
Shipments made to any part of
the State at same price
as at shop.
KW When writing to Advertisers mention the Caacaslan."te
at the court house door of Wake j dally. Buffet Parlor Car Service os
county, offer for sale to the highest; 7:50 p. m. train from Norfolk,
bidder for cash, the following de-
scribed lots of land, situate in Pan-! ' Train Leave ;o Id We
ther Branch Township, Wake County.' 10:25 p. m. Dally "Night Ex
N. C, adjoining each other and!PreM" Pullman Slepeing Car for
bounded and described aa follows: Norfolk via New Bern.
First parcel, containing 20 acres,! 6:55 a. m. Daily For Beaufort
more or less, beginning at a ditch an1 Norfolk Parlor Car betweaa
in H. I. Hick's line, runs S. 78 de- Washington and Norfolk,
grees W. 35 chains to a stake in the 3:00 p. m. Dally for New Bera.
run of Juniper Branch, then down the Oriental and Beaufort. Parlor Car
run of said branch to a maple, Geo.
Hicks' corner, then S. 87 degrees E.
22. IO chains to a ditch, then up said
ditch to the beginning. See Book
145, page 248, said Register's office.
Second parcel, containing 15 acres
more or lesg beginning at a pile of
rocks in L. J. Watkin's line, W. V.
Young's corner, runs N. 3 degrees E.
14.30 chains to a stake in a ditch,
then S. 82 1-2 W. 3.8 chains, then S.
53 W. 6 chains, then down the center
of the ditch to L. J. Watkin's line;
then 3.87 degrees et 17.25 chains to
the beginning. See Book 249, page
585, said Register's office.
This April 7, 1913.
H. H. HICKS, Mortgagee.
W. H. LYON, JR., Attorney for Mortgagee.
For farther Information and reser
vation of Pullman Slepeing Car tpae.
apply to S. K. Adslt, T. P. A., Yar
borough Hotel Building, Raleigh,
General Patenter Agent.
E. D. KYLE. TraJic Manager,
Norfolk, Va.
Wnen writing advertisers, iaa
mention thl paper.

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