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Charlotte Democrat.
STRONG, Editor and Proprietor.
jfjjjay, November 22. 1895.
lBDyof yu for two or mora vear8;
7 . ntt WB UCCU LUC lU
, UV r -
those who owe for the Democrat
i .wUe their m
debtdness Don't let us ask
T hut come in at once and pay us.
Raleigh Observer is tp issue a
3 Ts
U cotton mill edition on Thankss
1fflBsTlB'8 Weekly will be published
3 during the season of the Methodist
t fereoce at Roidsvillle, which begins
jj l8 stated tbat the Indiana Populists,
ble to see no future for' the party
(tit State, will disband. This may be
ieDditmay not.
directors of the Atlanta Exposi-
1 hive announced that it will close on
i 31nt of December and under no con-
will tbe time be extended. '
I pjWrixNTH Annual Convention of the
tb Carolina Sunday School Associaw
wiu beheld in the First Baptist
flaicb, Goldsboro, November 25th, 26th
td27ti. 1895.
THE BlDUieS Ol lus iv oonoiiiu ui kUD
. t : . : i. : u
'nrlh Carolina rrtJBB ABsuumuwu, wuicu
ie! in Greensboro in July have been
3ed and sent out by becretary J. B.
errill. Too minutes mane a dook oi 04
j(8 J. W. Moreow. of Pineville, an-
ter veteran subscriber, to the Char-
Liti Dimocrat, last week, renewed his
tucription for the fortysthird year. Mr.
Lrroff is 70 years old, and says he al-
iys wants the DxMOCRAT,and takes great
eisure in reading the selections. May
9 aod be able to read it many more
Edward T. Blum, junior member of
Llate well-known firm of L. V. and B.
Blum, publishers of tbe old Salem
i and Blum's almanac died at his
r mi s m
time at aaiem on xnursaay, agea do
sirs. The two brothers disposed of
Lir printing plant before the senior
bmber died two years ago. They were
:erer married and Uvea together many
"Ibebx haven't been three rainy
lays since the 1st of August. The cot
ton crop has rarely, it ever before,
I eo early as it has this season, and
ht tbe story is that a great deal of it re
joins unpicked in the fields.- A farmer
i own crop has been picked out told
Jibe Statesville Landmark a few days ago
iiit be had just passed one cotton field
jibicb.did not look as if it had been
I leeched. Tbe men who have let their
:otton crop stand in the bolls through
Imcbaf'all as this has been are those who
ire most frequently hoard protesting that
must have "relief."
Supreme Court Decisions.
Raleigh Observer.
Opinions were handed down as follows :
Moore vs. Jordan from Edgecombe,
lippeal by E B. Lewis, affirmed.
isatos vs. Sulton, from Craven, error.
Stanford vs. Ellington, affirmed.
State vs. Fousbee, from Moore, no er
State vs. Shaw, from Columbus, no ers
Williams vs
Rich, from Duplin, af-
! jrmed.
Jones vs. Beaman, from Greene, error.
rickettvs. Railroad, from Duplin, new
pal only as to damages.
ouuon vs Phillips, from .Lenoir, peti
tion to re-hear allowed.
Cook vs, Ross, from Guilford, appeal by
Korno?av vs. Korneerav. from DuDlin.
o O J 1 I
State vs. Williams, from Greene, af-
State vs. Jones, from Moore, appeal by
fillips, prosecutor, modified .and af-
tfrown vs. Lumber Company, from
m Hanover -mmr t rial
i "uriaea.
See sale of land, on Monday the 2nd day of
moer, w. 0. Maxwell, Commissioner.
Execution sale, oa the 2nd day of December
T. Smith. Sheriff.
"ecutioti sale of land of J. Al Caldwell, on
d QaV Of nwunk.. 7 rn U:., QUo-IA :
B&leof land, on Saturday the 14th day of
finber. A. Bnrwpil TmrtM
Trustees sale of land' on Monday the 23rd day
---.vcuiuer, iuuu Davidson, Trustee.
Charlotte Lodge No. SO.
UnncTita tr Bueni Vista Lodge, Greensboro
- new lodge of Odd Fellows was organized in
w city on Thursday last. There were a large
'er of candidates.
AftpT Iha I. . J l. 1 1
l v ucfjiecj were eraierreu iuo iohuw
8 onicers were elected and installed for the en-
rerm :
Noble Grand-Walter Brem;
'ce Grand Luke Seawell;
Secretary c A Daniels;
frasurer-JCPalamoantaio; 1
I-Vu Fleming;-Jjnnductor-T
B Seiifli;
Ouardian-J A, Bivens;
t: A ..9uard ian A. J Haveood:
KQi Supporter to Noble Grand J A Bell
" supporter to Noble Grand E P Keeransj
ftf o ene Supporter F D Sampson;
Wt Supporter to Vice Grand G B Crater;
supporter to Vlcetlrand J Moore Pharr
reinature baldnpaa mnv ha nrnmlAil and the
made to Rirpw on heads . already bald- by
of Hull- r.,vi Q.:i:.n TJIr Po.
tiuf hand-turntd shoea at The Bee Hiye J
C's fale of land E L B Davidson, trustee
Poi .V, f r ooots Uilreath ; Co.
?' ''eNational Collection Agencf, Wash
. melon T ri
our boy Wont live a month H E . Backlen fa
&nd Potash German KaliWorka,
Populist not in i
Our Washington j ...
and 7rS- 6 aere in lare numbe
nanLlT' P8',tive and Pro
nounced position tRk K o r ,
lerof New Hampshire, in favor of a reor
ganization of the Senate and the placing
that body nnder Republican control by
the and of the votes of the Populists who
affiliate with the Rennbli,;.
trac ed considerable attention, especially
as Mr. Chandler's views ?n a '.
variance with those of a majority of his
colleagues. Mr. Chandler's plan does
not propose any combination with the
Populists, but his idea is that they will
without price, to use bis own words, vote
with the Republicans in the election of a
President protempore of the Senate, and
ine rearrangement of the committees,
us giving the Republicans a
ing majority in the Upper House. Bnt
such prominent Republicans as Sermtn
Sherman, Allison, Aldrich, and Hale, for
instance, do not regard it as a wise thing
assume a responsibility which comes
rough the aid of Populists votes, nor
are they in favor of attempting to direct
legislation when the existence of a Demol
cratic President prevents the enactment
into law of any Republican policy. In
the informal conferences which have
already taken nl&oa hAtwoar.
w vwu ivnu m g
Democratic and Republican Senators, a
scheme auite different from MV
Chandler's proposition has been con-
dered. It is that the old parties act
together in a division of the patronage
and committees, and thus form a combi
nation which would effectually nullify
the threat which the Populists are now
making, that they can, by acting in con
cert, control the Senate and command
heir own terras, If this plan of combi
nation, which is the conservative idea as
pposed to the more radical propositron
of Senator Chandler, should succeed, the
chairmanships of the committees world
be divided between the Republicans and
emocrats. The position of President
pro tem. would, in all probability, be
conoeded to the Republicans, and the
Senator selected by them would be elected
by the combined votes of both sides of
the chamber.
Essays for Next Editorial Convention.
In pursuance with the provisions of
the by laws. President Stevens, of the
North Carolina Press Association has
appointed the following essayists for the
Is Quality or Quantity of Circulation
the Desideratum for the Editor to Strive
for" J. Li. Ramsey, Progressive Far
"The Educational Effect in a finm-
munitv of the Local Newsnaner. C L
Abernetby, Beaufort Herald.
is manorial xjunngsgate uonaucive to
higher Journalism?" J. D. Boone.
Waynesville Courier.
"Where is the Demarcation between
News Matter and Free' Advertising?"
J. P."' Kerr, Asheville Citizen Concord
Jas. D. Morgan, wanted for em-
bezzlein? funds while treasurer of the
grand lodge of colored Masons of North
Carolina, has been arrested at Asbury
Park, JN. J., and will be turned over to
the North Carolina authorities.
Mr. O. J. Spears the Republican
candidate for Congress from the third
district last year, said in Raleigh this
week tbat tbe .Republican party in JMorin
Carolina would play "mum" until they
knew what the National Committee
wanted done.
The Nicaragua Canal will, it is
claimed, be built by private capital, both
British and American. At least tnis is
the: story printed in a Chicago paper. It
iastated that all attempts to obtain finan
cial assistance; from the United States
government, through congress, will be
abandoned, and if it should develop that
the charter graDted the JXjcaragua mari
time canal company by congress is likely
to prove embarrassing, it will be sur-
rendered. Tne new ngures can ior ine
expenditure of between $70,000,000 and
The situation in Europe is threat
ening. More anxiety is iei. man xor
many years past, ine center or ine
trouble now is Turkey. There is rebels
linn amnnc the sultan s Armenian sub
jects, and Russia stands ready to seize
that country u tne present aisoraers tuere
do not cease. England has a big war
fleet in tbe Mediterranean and the other
great powors are ready to take a hand.
Russia claims that England is trying to
force the partition of Turkey and France
ith Russia.' Italy and Germany
would probably in the end side with En-.
. . . i j . j
gland. The otner powers wouia oe urwu
in. An almost universal siaie oi war iu
Europe is, in ifact, what alarmists con
template. . wl i wm ! .
ff3f- Earlv in tho war. before he had
proved bis preKominence as & general,
lienerai uee w eovcroiy vuhwobu
mmA than one occasion ov ixenerai v ni.-
ipg. Whiting had stood at the bead of
hi p. laRs at West Joint. ana was consiu-
ered a bright and capable man. Qneday
Prpftirlflnt Davis, wishinsr an officer for
some important command, called upon
General Lee lor aavice. --na- uu vu
think of. Whitincr?" asked Davis. Jjee
answered without hesitation' commend-
nr. A7h5tmcr aa one of the ablest men in
u .rmir np.ll naalified in every way for
Atran tha moot. reaDonBible Dlace. One of
vwvu v 1 ,
the officers present wus greauy surpriatsu
and at the first opportunity drew Lee
"Don't vou know what unkind
things Whiting has been saying about
h innuired. "I .underatand," he
said "that tbe president desired to know
my 'opinion of Whiting, not Whiting's
opinion ol me.
in m
General Notice-
in order to pay what we owe, and close our
hnaineaa Dromntlv. we will, on December 1st,
place all past due notes and accounts in the
hands of our Attorneys for collection. s
No exceptions on account of anyone need be
..lA trra a pa nnt in a nnaitinn to do SO.
We owe money, and as th busIneEfl is being
jiinui ht ra rpmiirpd to nav. and thfirefore
! mnst reauire it from those who owe us. Voura
'jruiy, E B SPRINGS & Co,
Raleiqh.N. O., Nov. 19, 1895;
Thus far. the State Auditor has re
ceived returns of listed taxables from
about 50 counties. The asdesBed valua
tion of property holds up better than was
expected. It seems doubtful that there
is any falling off. ..vJv.
There is quite a lot of friction between
the silver and antissilver Democrats.
John D. Bellamy; of Wilmington, put the'
leeuDg m diudi words a day or two ago,
when he said to your correspondent that
the gold men had no business in theDem
ocratic party and ought to- leave?1; it.'
This language " has provoked some ' irot
words from the golI Demdcrats. '' , Terr
isaoou. as mucd animosity betweh the1
silver and gold Democrats how as there
used to be between" the Dembcra'tS-add
the Republicans, and this is' certainly 'say
ing a great deal. All of this bodes no
good to the Democratic party in "'North
Carolina. Slim indeed are the thances
of success for it in this State! Can Nortt
Carolina with any degree r'oV accuracy1 be
longer termed a DemCcraiiC State? It
is a pertinent questidtr. r3tid the Dem6
crats themselves, who for these ten'y'eaTS
past have4)een disintegrating, can answdr
the question. v
The farmers are said to be cancelling
mortgages much more rapidly and earlier
than U8uai.r This is a good sign." There
are many dher indications of prosperity.
Gov:sCarr,,ln a lettefto thVCNjevt: .York
World two. months ago took; the grpus;
mat mere , was not .mut-h prosperity in
night, but now he thinks differently as
witness, his thanksgiving proclamation:
This 1895 is a mighty good year, aud thajt
is the long and short of it. , ,
It is -probable that in a few. days ar
rangemenls will be made : for- working
about 100 convicts on. tho 'Durham &
Charlotte railway. -Conyicts can i.do this
sort of work much better than free laboiy.
There has been quite a check in railway
development in the past threo years. ;
. There is denial of the statement thai
Senator Butler ever wjjote.a letter saying
he desired populists and silver Democrats
to get together and form a., .new "party!
He did desire all the silver men, irre
spective of party, to get together but it
seems that the populists are not. in favor;
of this now, though they may,have been
prior to tbe so-called State silver conven
tion held here in September. . There,
must surely have been in Senator Butler's
heart the hope that he could form such, a
party and lead it, too.
' Gov. Carr gives his assent to a change,
of Superior courts by which Judge Hoke
holds the December term of Buncombe,,
two weeks, and Judge Robinson holds the.
December terms, a week each, of Rich
mond and Moore.
There are rumoxs here, for the accuracy
of which your correspondent cannot
vouch, that Congressman Lock hart, is to
be thrown out in the Sixth district and :
tbat an examination of the vote in Robe
eon county is to be the cause. .
U. S. Marshall Carroll, who has been
dangerously sick here," is out again.
: The Supreme courtTs decjsion that
rafllin? is trambliner will hit not a few
people. That- form of amusement . i ex
ceedingly prevalent in this State, some
times in church, sociables. .
An executive reward of lOOJs 6tfei;ed
for D. W. Justice, a wJbite man who in
cold blood murdered Madison. Qu;ckj a
negro in Richmond .county. .-Jutice,w,a8.
drunk, and thinking perhaps he was in
South Carolina, shot down his poor
victim. A similar rewatd is offered for
M. C. Cain, who murdered his brother, M.:
F. Cain, in Davie county, r -h
Tho railway commission lesues orders
for the building of freight and- passenger f
depotsat Robersonville, on the Albemarle
and Raleigh railwiy,.at Rose Hill, on the
Wilmington and Weldon and at Palmyra,
in Halifax county.
The commission is still wrestling with
the problem of reducing and equalizing
the tariffs of charges for telephone service
in tne totate.
Rev. Dr. Columbus Durham, one.of the.
most zealous Baptists in this,. State,- died
of heart disease, very suddenly, at his
home here last Thursday night, aged 51.
He was the life and soul of the movement
against State aid to the University. He
was a native or Cleveland county and
leaves a wife and two children. He had
tor several years been the Secretary of
the Baptist State mission board.? His
successor is appointed, until the Baptis't
State convention meets, December-.5.-
An official inspection of the recently
completed Hendersonville & Brevard rail
ay has just been made oy aiaj. james
W. Wilson, chairman of the railway, com.
mission, who says the road J admirablj.
built and runs through the . prettiest
country in the State. TJis is; high praise
from one who knows the lovely mountain
country so thoroughly. '
The Governor made requisition on tne..
Governor of South Carolina tQr Will:
Taylor, a negro whose crimftjs. burglary,,
committed in Chatham county.. , Taylor
is now in irittsDoro jau... ur&ui
who was grand treasurer of the grand
lodge of colored masons, who em.bezziad.
$500 of tbe tunds Ot mat oraer anu neu
the State, hasalsd been. Jbrbught back on
reouisition from N e.w, J ersey, wbereipr a
couple of years he had been Jiving, -and
is now in jaiLjbere. r- ;: :
Tbe case ot Stewart isros., toe new
public printef 9-, against ..thje. agricultural
department, on the eround-that- the latter
. . . j rt. . Til .ii : . : .
does not give aiewart .proa.-, .n t.arpuTr&
ing, comes up in the Supreme .court on
the 26th instant. The department chief
contends that parUof . the funds ui hisJ
hands are United States funda'and;. that
he can use these in paying-ior printing
where he sees fit. , 's?.--' '.
At last earnest efforts are being made,
here to secure funds sufficient to. purchase
a worthy gift for presentation to 4.he
Cruiser Raleigh. Very tardily is this
done. The only money-thus, far raised?
is secured by the editor of thje. Soutbportt
Lerder, who deserves great-praise-, for
what bo has done. .. Gov. Jarr is mani
esting a lively, interest, in -the matter.:
Tbe long delay in .making ,a-, giltjs a re
proach on this city. . , -
Gambling in futures, -particularly -in
cotton, is lively this season. A great
deal ot money has . been . lost;, some pb-r
servant, people .say as much- as all the
profits on the crqp in the State. It is
.pitiful, but there appears to be no -way
of cheoking the drain.
The distillers of fruit brandy, certify
that they have this season made, 17, 000
gallons in this revenue district. To get
at the quantity actually made the reve
nue people multiply the amount given in
by five.
It is the hope and the expectation of
the trustees of the Baptist State ivemale
University to resume work by the be
ginning of PecemberXo get $12-000 ? by
next May and a like sum. by the "Pecem-
Qzm&sxi&k &liix'l&iit d
ber following! so that by-he latter date
the -University -can open its doors.-
. For endowing a chair in .memory of the
late Prof. William; Ipjai at Wake Forest
College i. the, sum Vof $,OJOO has been
nearly all secured. '' Thework of increas
ing the endowmehl'or thai college $50,
000 is also progressing welf.-
. iTrf the Caufcasian, tbe' populist 'organ.
Hon. David ScKenck 'attacks the lease of'
the North Carol.ftfa'raifway' to the South-"
fern", saying that" the 'latter has no rights
in'Nor'th'Cc.rolinH-, ahd'gSt "ills' efftfrter .ib
Virginia ' alone, st incafo Vrouble ft'
cotild getits toalCeVs ' bdftoe-ederal
and hoiT't'he Slate' 'cofirfcK-, Ei-3rh6Sge
Schenck " holds thaV.the Stato cah" cancel
tbe'fease unless ;.th'erSoae,rafvtfift "agrbe
to let the' St ate courts 'detiffit&ses:
The: populist's bbks't'th'they are i doing
veryTrttle 'tafkin:'' : Thejr aro devoting
nearfy' ( all-'thesr efiWrWtn nhfs State to
makTn prostlyles of democfals, aiitf Ih'eir'
claim is that this m'ovemSritlssadcfee'ding
to a wonderful degree? '"They as'def. that
tbe advanced silver democrats are already
nearly1 inside the" popolisiW' linef. -It Is
from the'deniocrats and' B fromi iHe re
publicans tbat the populists are -getting
their new-material. 'The' popaMsts' are
moving lrke u 1 machine!1 Ttfey do." 4ot
appear to hatb any; ihleroad-;senMOnB.;
Every one of them is for fittwe-'-ft-etfttVi-'
unHmltcd:; 1 " ' -j ;--rw -t- ; i .-t. :
V Senator Btitle.parnjfth8; ago that he
was krderitly n favor 6PH' silver - men,'
irrespective' oPparty, 'gel tifg together op
that one question, f"and:'ptW.Ingufrsa silver
Ijicket. It'was'assertfwd'aJreCje.
that the Senator had.j'wwLten. a, .letter in
which he. had jsaijd' thaie ddsie.d the 1
onifie.tneir.iQrces.,; nevtoqay expressly.
qecies having written iany-such .jetter,
while he does not deny. iha,U he: favored.
as ahqve shbwn', the , union of all silver,.
men. ; .;.'. '-t .. : . . , t
But it is asserted t"bai.i populists are
not' udw ready to lose their identity by
becoming merely a partof a silt er'party.
Senator Butler .has said that if he could
go'into sQch'a;party hewoutd be entirely
willing to dr'6p the if arife fjjSd.ufftiit''. 'His
followers are not nbw.tffh'6' humbr.':tO''be
thus led'.' ' They are' i'if oher words proud
of their '-party and tSftlcit holds the
key of the sTltuatiOfli.J "Tly-are'Jh'' other
words 'full of the ideaT tbsEc they 'cphtr ol
the politicdl situation iti'.fofth 'Carolina;
T h e Veb ii bli ca n s in the fa's t" ca m pai gtt
raihef encouraged thrs i5a,"but now some
pf them seek tttmake itarj'pear that they
can get along by themselves." ' ' ".' " ;
The irepbblicn.8v;;wtfo & old this" view'
ar6not: numerous," so fir1 as can "be " dis'-!
?overc"d, 'but they are" opposing fusion
with 'the "populists' with "an their mierht.
They Befrirrbv "savin Er'fh'ef 'oddos'o iusionT
u lar us iuu uioukurai ickui is uuuuwrueu
and then in some cases ;o further and
declare against it on "thejM'ate ticket also.
There is another class 'republicans who
favor complete fusion; arid the represen
tative 'of these ' is Senator "Pritchard.
Senator Butler'; who h"a no rival in the
leadership-of the popclisf; thinks' there
should be no fusion on the" et&etoral trckeu
He does not so say directlyv" .but his'tlaja-
guage leads to that infefe'neie. pngress..;
m'an Settle represents' fhe samtt: idea,-and
so does chairman" Holton jrttbe repiSblican
nnrlV - - ' '- " -'"'""' ' U '.--..'
It is On'the silver' questforji'ld the elec;
tor'af.i6ket division rntter that most of
the di's'cus'sLpn now tarns. 'The odtls are
largely agiinst such division;' as mSaters
stand at Uresent. "i." "" -
itive character, lately, tbalethereiyfaa.
plan to put:- up njPiar,t!y with. Julian
S. Carr, of-Durham, one of the leading
democrats in the State, -as tho nominee
for Governor, and that pulistsrepubi
cans, etc., would nil up rno oiner places
on the ticket. Ttfere ff&biaefiihry
flurry Jat this anhTfoVfrdbinent, "but' this
quickly died away. , , '."'
The "Stfpferae , ; (Jourt; .this afternoon
rendered a decision in theyerympbrtanfi
case of Stanford vs. Euirigtoh, (Jiijstic'e
Furches defivoTi'ng theopinion.) '." " The
case involves the "tHt&txJ thff bffi.c.Q.of State
Libfariao, the pI'ai4'-E "B. Stanford,
basing his claim updhan' -election by .the
Legislature under an : act of the last As.
sembly amending the ffo6tiop- of The Cspde
which formerly- provided':..for an" elecUon
Of -State Librarian by the Trustees of the
L i b rafy ;I h ;t h e e I e cti o h. try t he L egi sla-1
the votes' cast. The '"members voting.
numbered j26 Senators and memberj of
the House. ' The 'Supreme5 ourt sustains
the judgment of the..;6rjTjTt JWloV' and
holds-that Hheplainii'iMaiffdf'di is "hot,
femitledfo recover, that raeeleTcti6nVwas
invalid by. reason of tbeJfecthaSjtanibrd'
did not receive a' majorfr ;Pf tVe.v6tes of
both houses? of the Genie fcaT 'Assem
and that' "the membersJvcHing "did ' not
is 50 Senators .and,. 120 members ,pf the.
House It was further hM5'"'tbat vpling.
by roll call is a "divis1onV'anda"s the
'!"1 ;..:j-4 - ;i: --. . -
names iuus icuuiuou wep iodb. iuau a
quorum, thepr'esumptioif of the presence
Of a quorum- arising frdrn' miS fact th'aj.'a
quorum had voted ti'poitr aiiiViBfon'on a
previous -vote at the same sitting, is. res
butted. This case appearriot5arry with
ithe case orthe fusion"is"t4" whom' the
Legislature 'sought Tto" erect'
directors of the:"peniteritiafyf
- Death fof Dr. DfirBam j;'1. -Dr.
CbfhmbufflJurham.We of1ttitm"68it
prominent ot tbe Baptists, ot tbe btate,
died atliis homeifl.Ra1eiwTMfayfligbt.
The Raleigh Observer lwy,8' i'ltrtft 'Dr..
Durham was," perhaps; Wttffwti' &s a
Baptist thaii'wy other xa'sfll inlfre Sfttte.
11 e was a zealous defender ot iapust
-dk)ttrines and was orivr-xn the chief
counselors i-n.the d: noTnirrafcMi-ji . .
Since 1888. . he had bee h. Secretary, of
the Board of Missions, -.and, in this: had
done a work that is. m-Ocht- .to ; be com
mended.. ,,, '-- .--. --, 4 i-; .' -" -;
He. was president of the BQacd.ef-.TruaF
tees of .Wake Forest Co"Uegei.-.Th.at an-
Blitution, has - alma mateTi - u lauu Mscm,
ferred uporthim the degree:ef - Doctdr of A
Divinity u -.-.-.
i Dr.s-Doirbam was. J)rjB in Cleveland
cnnty,-fifty one years ago. AA- the age
of sixteen-, he enteredvthe. .-Gonfederate
army, an-aiugntvnroiig-nuifc3Brar-jif.nBD
tho smoke of battles hadelearai away- he
returned home and-entered JKakexJeorest
.Qollege, in due time gradttatig from that
institution. - waa4a,aptiBtft rajnister
even before he graduated on aterle
PBtered the active work of the ministry;,
he was married to JheiugTiter of,,RrpV
feasor Vv alker. He, .sfirvedeeral of te
most: important charges,- n -,ihe ..Siate.
among them .Goldsboro, and -Durham-
.F.or several years he has devoted himself
entirely to mission jif.d cqllegft work. .
I escaped being' a' conflrtofed dyspeptic iy
in? A verts Pills in time.'xtiis Ta'tne exoeri "
ence of iamr. Ayer's Piirswhet'her as';ah 'after
dinner pill-or as i a remedy lor livr complaint,
indigestion, iflatulency; water brash-, tand naas'ea,
are invaluable. -r ' t'-. ' -..-'
Criminal Court.
Criminal Court convened Monday,
Judge Meares presiding. The same
grand jury that served at tho last term
acted this. It consisted of John Graham
Alexander, ' foreman: S. A. Armstrong,
Jno. A. Freeman, S. L. Cowan, T. L.
EVe'eland; E. 'IT. McAuley, D. F. Dixon,
J. S, Boyles.r'D.. T. Campbell, W. C.
filler; "W. C. Graham, N. M. Atkins, W.
G.- Weddiuuin, j:X Neal, M. H. Clark
Tbe3e'case3 were disposed of : Edward
rt A " . . . . .
Xardn, retailing; submits in lour cases,
judgment suspended on payment ot costs.
' Henry Kelly,' Will Eccles, Alt Bost,
Kobt. Barber afid J. London, gaming sub
jmit; judgment suspended on payment of
, Jno. Cannady, embezzlement: not
guilty. v
I Solicitor Jl 'E.' BrowPj' who has been
sick".F6r sPiaeti'me, being (tob unwell to be
pr'e'sentV'VV.' C." Maxwell ' Esq., anted for
him, aud was highly complimented on all
sides. " " ' ' '" . '
i " Will. "Brown; retailing; not guilty.
jJS McGrand, larceny ; two years.
Charley Knox, ' carrying concealed
w"eapons;judgm'ent suspended on payment
of cdBt.' '
, John Fletcher," ; -carrrying concealed
Weapons" been.in jail two months; judg
ment Boen pays on chain gang.
Graht Burrows, carrying concealed
weapons.-'been in iail two months: fine
$5.05 and ordered discharged.
"Hattie VVh lie," larceny; 12 months at
stockadT ". 't, ' ..-
j JioL-Wcedrward, larceny 12 months on
chan- gang,
; M. L. Hayer, affray; $12 50 to W. L.
Jonoa halt -of the- doctor's- bill; judgment
suspttncled on payment of cost.
C. J; Owen, affray; the same as above.
J.- A. '.Robinson and Ed Graham, affray;
judgment suspended on payment of cost,
I Robinson to pay the cost.
Walter Moore and Waiter Uaither,
assault- and battery; Moore 12 months on
dhain-gapg; Gaither five. '
i- Ed Steele, carrying concealed weapons;
judgment suspended on payment of cost.
:'. 3&m. Sorter, carrying concealed weas
jKes;.j-udgrnent suspended on payment of
eoBt.. r
Ed Mosely, larceny; 12 months on
chain: gang. '
Dan Kelly, White, for shooting John
Lomax:. colored, tbe charge was assault
and battery. Ube jury returned a ver
diet of not guilty.
;: J. R. Logie, carrying concealed weap
ons: judgment suspended upon payment
of cost.?- '.
' John Weeks, retailing; not guilty.
'John Moore,' retailing; judgment sus
pended Jipoo pay ment of cost.
: Andy bteele, larceny; guilty, otcele
is .the-darkey who broke into Col. Ans
thony's.office, opening the safe and stealing-there
from so.me money.
. i Federal Court.
Federal' Court convenes in this city
December 10th
CoUH. C. Cowles, Cora-
miasioner D. G. Maxwell and
Solicitor J.
E.' Brown d re w. the jurors as follows :
Mecklenburg county :-f?G. Ford,' W:
H'iHouser, colored; Johnt'" R. :Er,win, L.
M. M-cAllister, Albert McCoy, Joseph
Strong,-colored r H. C. Severs, C. Scott,
RoS3' Steel; G.'W. Jordan, T. H. Jerome,
C H. Wolfe. ' Baxter Barnett:: W. W.
Grier' James T.' White, William Schenck,
celred0Alexarid6r: Allison, cdlbred.
'A -vCabarrus county. Robert Caldwell,. D.
H;Rtdcnbbur, R". F. Uunnycutt, John C.
Wadswortl, Frederick Clinev"'"
rUiipn ; countyi-r-John Shute, J. C.
Sik-eg, , Coleman Stewart, John Duncan,
L, D. Helms, J. M. JPhce. "
Gaston county; Mile Withers, George
W. Aherncthy, John C. Fit, C. T. Stowo,
Graham McLean;
Lincoln county. James F. . Seigle,
Samuel.Yo.unt, E. W. Hoke, J.: F. Rine-
hardt, C. Z;Hoyle.
Cleveland county. T. J. Holland, J.
Z. Falis.-Bedford Hendrick, B. B. Bab
bingtpn, Joseph Sills, John Welman.
Rutherford county. Lawson (rettis,
B. A. Beaver, John R. .Washburne, W.
M Haynes, John B. Walker, Jr.
Polk county. -7-S id ney Lanier, John
WZ 'Hampton, Robert Allston, Grayson
'A'riedge,rJ.E., Prince.
ST".: TherGuban Revolution still con
tinues.. he latest advices are to the ef
fect ibat the revolutionists are having the
besti of ,, it again. -Geri. Campos, the
Span.ish;.commander, recently stated that
lVWftuld -be necessary to- send 150,000
more-troops to tbe island-and tbat halt
of these would have to -5e sacrificed be
f ore th- rebellion would ; be put down.
Tbe Cubao- assembly has ordered the
destrjuclioik'Of the. sugar' plantations in
the island and this has been begun. Ibis
would ben almost irretrievable disaster
to" Spanish control in Cuba and would
a Is" cause-great loss to the United States.
The -Li-ncolh " monument which
was erected .ifUfabnringrieid, 111., in ioo,
at a cost of $20b; issd badly, crumbled
that it-will htave'tobe pulled down.
- - - . . ,
. A ccr 'iJf muddy" coffee is not wholesome,
neither is a "" bbttle of muddy medicine. One
way to kDOW"B-reriaWe an 1 skillfully-prepared
blood-purifier is byitstreedom from sediment.
Ayer's Sarsiparilla is always bright and spark
Hog, because it is an extract and not a decoction
CH A RL01TE MARKET, Nov. 21, 1885.
. l HepftFfFby Jolm W.: Miller & Co.
Tbe marPus declined this week on account
of a ' heavier, movement than expected and a
Jo.wer Liverpool,, and Tunfavorable news from
Jtarope. r We , quote good middling 7; mid
dling 7 Jc to 1 Receipts during the week 666
bale.' Receipts from- Sept-' 1st 1894, to Nov. 21
189, 37,373 tailffl. - : -
';FlourfrOm Cpa'ntry "millfl, $1.75 to $1,8Q per
'sack. ."". -. . .
. 'corn. Me'aj50tb 60 Pea j 55 bats 40.
; -lrvi$ Pot4toes:50 to-60 per- bushel.
Sweet Potatoes 40 per' bushel.
Bacon.. Sides, .from scores, 6J ceats per
r -.. -
Butter.l2-to; 13 oeats per- pounc. Chickens
grown,4W-toi-a3; Spring 15 to 16 cents; E'f 15 tQ
Ifrcents. , ' i ; -:'
- Cotton befidrBashel. 15 -cents: Ton, $10
. . diidinlstrator's Notice
v - r . ?'.'-.'- "
- - IJjving .qualified as .. Administrator of the
estate bfnfhdmas Grier, deceased, late of Meck
lenburg GountyrN. U., all persons having claims
against the estate cf said Thomas Qrier, are
I hereby notified to present them to me on or
before.t&e .ISJhjoayoi wovemoer, ioo, or ma
notice will, he olead jn bar of their recovery.
All Dersona indebted to said estate are notified
to make immediate payment to me. This Nov.
13th, 1895. - H. N. PHARR, Adm'r
of Thomas Grier, deceased.
NoylS. 1695. 6w
Local items
Federal Court convenes in this city on the 10th
of December.
Rev T W Sloan, pastor of the Associate Re
formed Presbyterian church of this city, has
accepted a call to Troy, 8 C.
Mr John Walter Miller, who was appointed
as county commissioner by Clerk Morrow has
declined the position on account of personal
An entertainment for the benefit of the
Thompson Orphanage, will be given, December
5lh, 6th a "Fair of Holidays" Christmas will
be headquarters for Dolls, Toys, and all things
tbat Santa Claus and children delight in. The
Colonial Booth (Washington's birthday), will
also be of interest; then Easter," "4th July,'
"May Day," -Thanksgiving," "New Year,"
"Valentine," etc. The Fair is in capable handa
and we bespeak for them a success. Oo and help
the "Orphans."
The Justice Hardware Company on last Sat
urday give a rather novel exhibit of Buck
ranges. They advertised a "Buck Jr." range as
a prize to the girl under twelve years of age who
should bake the best biscuits on one of the
ranges which had been set up in their store on
Ji.ast lrade Street. There were seventy-five
competitors and the results were submitted to
the decision of competent lady judges. Tbat so
many contestants should appear is remarkable,
considering the age limit specified. Certainly a
black eye was given to those who seek to dis
parage the practical accomplishments of the
u oderngirl. After examining and tasting the
u.scuiis, me juagea unanimously awarded the
prize to Miss Mabel Asbury, and the other girls
all appeared satisfied with ihe decision While
Mr. Justice could not give all a prize, he thinks
he has started a fine cooking school. Dr. Chas.
Brem, always a friend to children, presented
little Adelaide Clarkson with a lock bracelet, her
biscuits being considered next best. The judges
were Mrs. F. W. Carnahan. Mrs. J. L. Davis,
Mrs. George 8. Hall, Mrs. J. M. Hutchison and
Miss Daisy Collett
The State Board of Charities has started a
movement against the balls and chains which
the convicts of the State are compelled to
carry, The board has provided as a substitute .
a hobble, which Maj 8 W Reid hopes to Eee in
troduced into Meck'enburg county. Its advan
tage over the ball and chain, he says, is that it is
more humane, and equally as efficient.
In the foot ball gams between the Virginia
Agricultural and Mechanical College and the
University of North Carolina teams on Saturday
la'et in'this city, the Carolina boys, came out
In Buncombe county, on the 19ih ini-t. Mr
Edward A fcmith, of this city, and Miss Mary
In this city, on the 14lh inst, Mr J W Pickler
and Miss Lillie L Brinkley.
In this county, on the 13th inst, Mr R L
Howie and Miss Minnie Cunningham
In this county, on the 15th, Mr Henry B Mc
Allister and Miss Nannie Curry.
In this county, n the 20th inst. Mr Lawrence
Rumple an Miss Allie McDonnell.
In this city, on the 21 inst, Mr Charlton
Howard and Miss Ada Potts.
In Concord, :on the 20th inst, Mr Eli J
Buchanan and Miss Mary Ellen Reed.
In Gaston county, on the 15th inst, Mr Lem
Morrow and Miss Blanche Weir.
In this county, on the 21st inst, Mr J B Alex
ander and Miss Katie Mott.
In Davidson, on the 17th inst, Mr Hamilton
White and Miss Mollie Goodrum.
In this city, on tbe 15lhiast, Mrs Jacob Rpe.
In this city, on the 14th inst, Mrs Jennie Lea
Presson, wife of B M Presson.
In Chester, 8 C, on th$ 19th inst, Mrs M A
Griffith, wife of the late Rev R H Griffith.
In this county, on the 20th inst, Mr Albert
In Concord, on the 18th inst,' Mrs Sarah A
Castor, wife of Mr" Elam Castor, aged 59yrs.
Trustee's Sale of Land.
Under and by virtue of a Deed of Trust exe
cuted to me by W. 8. Davidson and registered
in Book 88, page 299, et seq, in office of Register
of Deeds, Mecklenburg county, North Carolina,
I will sell at public auction, at the county Court
House Door in the city of Charlotte, N. C, on
Motday, tbe 23rd day of December, A. D., Ifc95,
at 12 o'clock, m, tbat certain Tract of Land in
Long Creek Township, Mecklenburg County,
aforesaid, adjoining the lands of R. A. Torrence,
J. W. Moore, Rev. Mcllwaine and others, form
erly owned by E. C. Davidson, and conveyed to
said W. 8. Davidson by E T. Cansler, Trustee,
bj Deed dated 23rd January, 18W3, and regis
tered in Book 91, pages 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 in
said Register's Office, to . which last mentioned
deed reference is hereby made for more particu
lar description and for boundaries. Subject to
tbe lien of a prior Deed of Trust registered in
book 90 page 360, in said register s office.
Terms : Cat h.
Nov. 22 1895, 5w Trustee.
Heavy Gum Boots for ditching, better than
you can buy elsewhere.
Ladies Rubber Boots, light, warm, lined, nice
to wear about garden, or when tending the
flowers, in the snow or rain.
PRICE $2.00
Better overshoes than elsewhere. Ladies 50c.
Men's 75c GILREATH & CO.
Nov. 22, 1893.
.. MENTS. .
north cabolina.
Hill & Benoy, Aberdeen, $91.79; W T Irwin,
Asheville, 33 66; R B Burden & Bro , Aulander,
47.48; B F Mayo. Aurora, 63.40; R L Lowe,
Banners Elk, 51 00; J J Smith, Bath, 51.57; Jones
& Hancock, Beaufort, 106.00; T G Carson,
Bethel, 92 85; J W Efird, Big Lick, 728 75; Pat
terson & Brown, Bryeon City, 31 35; C A Raby,
Bryson City, 203 .29; Z T Wright & Bro., Candor.
89.34; 8 B Freeman, Colerain, 73.70; W H
Wilson, Coopers. 27.20; H D Crvddock, Creswel),
322.72; W A Slater & Co , Durham, 79.80; Thax
ton&Patton, Durham, 87.85; Cooper & Swain,
Elizabeth City, 172 60; J F Norris & Co., Elk
Park, 1443.00; R H Tunnell, Fairfield, 16.00; J M
Chodwick, Fairfield, 9036; J H Smith, Falkland,
130 60; J U Smith, Falkland. 135.70; Gainey $
Jones, Fayetteville, 19.01; Leroy King & Co ,
Graham, 41.93, I T Powell, Garland, 41.27; T B
Rice & Co., Greensboro, 345.92; Sample 8
Brown, Greensboro, 336.47; W R Jordon & Co.,
Greensboro, 15 80; John B Hooker, Hamilton,
32 50; Britt Bros., Henderson, 18159; W T
Cheatham, Henderson, 130.57; N R Villines.
Hesters Store, 114.40; 8 D Stephens, Hycofe,
24595; C F Wheeler. Knap-of-Reeds, 30.00;
Layden & Yarboro. Lexington,. 92 45; Jamea H
Banford.Louisburg, 303.74; R 8 Burma, Middle
town, 1815; Wm Miles, Milemlle, 172 25; Riddle
& Johnson, Montezuma, 97.13; M V Mason
& Co , Morehead City, 124 00; J V Mitchell &
Son, Mount Airy, 11425; J H Cohen; Newberne,
180 45; J H Cohen. Newberne. 166.95 H T Bray,
Noise. 272 35; Parson Bros.. Portsmouth, 152.15;
Parson Bros, Portsmouth, 152 20; J E Hsy wood.
Red Spriugs, 113 83; Rice Bros.Reidsville, 227 43;
A M Long, Rockingham, 143 90; Fuller & Hy
man, Smithfield, 24 33; W M Edwards, Stecoah,
6397; L Heilbroner & Bro, Tarboro, 1?9.00; L
Heilbroner & Bro, Tarboro, 189.00; Ducker &
Garren, Tweed,. 37.22; Jobn W Mayo, Washing
ton, 986 12; Eddie Allen, Wake Forest, 168.34;
John F Hardison, Williamaton, 109 15; J H Lee
& Sons, Wilson, 1&9 75; J H Lee & Sons, Wilson,
121.7,0; Wm Harris, Wilson, 71.07; W J Harris,
Wilson, 83.47; J W Harris. Wilton, 51,94; KJng
Bros. Pure Food Co. WiostoD, 23.67.
Washington, D. C.
oy 22, 1895
The quantity, provided we get a good bargain
something that we can sell our customers cheaper
than any other house. No house in the STATE
can offer you such drives in bargains and large
lots from assignees or FOKCED SALES
as we have at present ! 1
Lever that moves these immense
lots into this .mammoth building
from BANKRUPT sales at Half-
Price and scatters them all over
the STATE in many lines at
way under Manufacturer's Cost !
And Ladies'
Shoes bought for 35 cents on the
dollar, we offer at less than half
cost. Clement and Ball s hand
sewed shoes for Ladies, cost $4 00
our price $1 75 ! Think of it,
Gentlemen s and Ladies' Fine
Shoes at less than it costs to man
ufacture them. Clement and Ball's
Hand-sewed Shoes for Ladie3, all
fresh new goods, cost $4 00
wholesale and priced $5 50, we
offer at $1 75 ! Ladies' Shoes,
C08t $2 50 and $3 00, our price
98c and $1 13. Misses hand
sewed Shoes, HEAVY winter
weight, cost $3 00, our price 93c.
Were priced $3 50, we offer at $1 13. Ladies'
rarior suppers, too nne ior us. cost
$2 75 and $3 00, price 75c and 9Sc.
Children's fine shoes, cost $1 00,
OUR - PRICE - 63c.
Gentlemen's hand-sewed Shoes, Bay SUte, Lily
Brockett and others, we ofier retail at
prices cut way past the mi idle. Gentle
men's patent leather cost three, four
and five dollars, and priced at
$1.98, 2.48, and $2.98.
Full stock of hand-sewed Shoes, heavy winter
weights, best makes, at half Cost. J obs
in men's and Ladies' Shoes at
49c, 63c, 75c, and 98c.
These Are All Solid,
We Don't Carry Any Other Kind.
One in Suffolk and one In Lynchburg,
bought at
35c. and 42 1-2 Cts.
Another stock just in
from High Point, N. C.
Sailor hats, 9c; Ladies' black hose at 3c; Gents'
black half hose, 2 cents pair; AH elastic
euspenders, 2 cents; good suspenders,
grip back, good elastic, worth 10
cents, we offer for 5 cents. Best
suspender made for the money,
price 10 cents. Best
Ladies' heavy ribbed hose, fast Mack, worth 15
cents, our . price, 9 cents. Ladies
fleece lined, seamless hose, heavy
winter weights, fast black,
worth 20c, our price, 10c.
One Cent Will Buy
7 perfect lead pencils, 25 slate pencils, 4 pen
holders, 6 pen points, i papers needles,
5 hat pins, toilet soap, and hundreds
of other articles, only
Our customers tell us every day
they get better values at
than any store ii
Compare prices and you will qaickly find a
difference of
10, 50 and often 100 per cent saved
by making your purchases at
Gilt Edge Shoe Polish 13c, Corn Cure 17c, Staple
Shoe Polish, cost wholesale 85c dozen, our
PRICE. 5 Cents. '
Most bundles seen on the street this week are
wrapped with rainbow colored paper. Have
your purchases wrapped likewise, and at same
time save 25 per cent, by buying from
NOV. 22, 1895. ' ;
- I'rtwirauon j u Ayer at vo.

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