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Charlotte Democrat.
II. E. C. BRYANT, Editor.
Thursday, July 9, 1896,
i t:
i i
The Democratic Ticfcet. .
-Cyrus B. Watson, oi
For Governor
For Lieutenant
W. Mason.
For Secretary of State
For Treasurer C. B.
For Associate Justices A. C, Avery, defeat
of Burke, and George II. Brown.
For Auditor R. M. Furmau,.'of Bun
combo. ;
For Superintendent of Public Instruct
tion John C. Scarborough. ;
The Maxton Blade a reptfblicari paper
well edited by a 'negro, has the following
tr rut nf RiihhpII's plnrttinn'
Tbey.may call usfthose whavjote against
RussellVwhal they please:. ; wo are free.
American citizens and. as - such we are ut
liberty to haver convictions of our own
These we si.aH fallow regardless of what
anybody says, and we allow. every other
- I . I - t . : -
man iuo Ha mo privilege iaai wo ciaim
for ourtiveri. No doubt our enemies will
impute improper inutives to our ac'.ions
in t.hitt mnllcr hut. Wit -i r lmnit: in mir
. ----- -1 - " - " "
C. M.- Cooke. belief that the election of Judge Russell
tii .i ... i.
Avm.lr nf wouiu ue tno geaietit calamity tuat
olina-benco we shall work to secure his
"If this be treason make tha.
Governor Thomas
most of itv"
This is good :talk coming from Buch a
r rV r 1 1 i - . r .1 -
man ao j.. x. -xvusseii toe euuor oi me
Blade. He and Bis race are free Amer
ican citizens. Tbey have convictions
and shall follow them. If the Editor of
the Blade can have a say. many of his
Day after day we see, or hear, or feel I race wil1 VQte against Judge Russell and
something that environment has .done. Ior W' vvatson.
We have brown quails because- the grass
in which tbey hide from enemies is brown.
If the quails were white and had no white
straw to hide in the hawk would soon de-
stroy them all. If ever ;W9 ..bad white I ly in mitigation of a speech delivered-at
by Rev. Mbbou W; Pressly formerly of
North Carolina, who- took occasion to
give xpreasron to" certain views which
CLarlotte Observer. . t
Ver readily cotfoede the'power of. en
vironment. - It-was acknowledged recent-
quail they have been destroyed. So it is
with squirrels, rabbits and other anrmals.
They must bo colored for self protection.
They cannot change the'ir colorjBbjut the
ones with the fitted color.. wuL live while
the rest will perish at the hands of the
enemy. So it is with a man. He has to
change as his environment does. " We
have two fair specimens of it in theJ shape
of Southern preachers, who have gone
North, become ashamed of the mother.
land and became in love with their newly
adopted homes.
ho did not grow up with but which he
jmbibed after taking up his residence in
the section of a higher civilization than
that to which he was born. Environ
ment may be pleaded also in the'-case of
Rev. Dr. John H. Boyd, lata pastor of the
Second Presbyterian-church of Charlotte,
now pastor of a fashionable Presbyterian
church at Evanatonj a fashionable 6uburb
of Chicagoon account of an article over
his name in the Christian Endeav,orer for
June. This journal is published in Chi-
Young Mr. Pressly some time ago fell cago, and Dr. Bovd's article fn.it is en-
loose on the South and cursed it out. titled "A Southerner's Appeal to North
Now comes right on behind him our LV ern Vetera in Behalf of. Christian Citi
J. H. Boyd, only six months away from Ze"8hbiP-" The contribution opens thus:
rK,!rtf 1 . , , There are evils existing today as hate
Charlotte, comes out in an article and ful in the sight of our God as ever slavery
recalls the day of the "blood hound," the was, and -dangers threaten rthe. integrity
"auction blocks," and the like. n has f our institutions from : other; sources
-gfown ashamed of his old fridnds and tban srmeJ fflei1 tbearie of .State's
motherland. He is like urHo a boy who r,,gbt9f rebe!'!ou8 against Federal author-
,ftf) l. . , , r ,y 'ty- I would -not conceal or mitigate one
left his mother in her humble homo and rugged or cruel feature of the old wron
went abroad, grew rich and educated and of slavery. It violated the natural rights
Ixjc Cfaljcti gjcmgraty i&,,xatiy (IP.
VEXCEiME OF 1 MAO MOB. TUB SUBJECT : GOOD ROM an old tihe picnic.
Attempt to Wreak It on a Negro in the
Streets of New York.
Policeman and Fiieaian in Haad to Hand
Fight With the Promoters of an
Impromptu Lynching Befr
the question; a pressing one.
Now Seems an Age of Road Building
Wnt Suuth Carolina is Doing The
Township System.
Road, buiidiug is a tuming question to
day ; Every comniuiiity is crying aloud
fur good road.. " The, . ;dtmaitdo lor the
Dtest of roadi are greater and more press
ing. For 2tt miles truck of ali kmds is
hauled to the towns' io suppiy the in
creasing population With iresh country
eatables. In this county are men who
bring butter, eggs, chickens and vegetal
bles as far as lb" miles by private convey
anse. You want erdod roads in order to
Tiicrs ia iiolhirtg
1 i v
h'o o-.
'. it-
The- Rain Dr-ve the Crowd from
Grove to Mr. Bel.'s House.
In the olden times Mecklenburg's young :
people could HK-ft i:i great Jiumbers and j
havo a great piciiie, but ot late yars the j
niciifci wiilt Lii.' co. v.'s have passed;
away. Sj.J is,
that hold 3 tiii? c i
'il t).c?,-c. ;
Ii. t Fridi' a o.o Aii oi v.u'g iepio :
met ul Belio'o Sjrisjj4' near Uebrou and
b gun to have a fino dy in th wo-'-ds, j
but the raio camu arid drove the ,.i.nicei s
from the -wood. lu Mr. Boi e BeliV b me j
near by. Mes? . Vafd Bia ken.-bip and j
Tom ."Siuilh, v. P.i.eville, wore the pro-
moior.- ii tuts picnic, alu uau n. u
been lor the rain the picnic would have
been the best in seme years ii: that sec
tion. Tho crowd, regardless of the rain,
was large and full of life. It was an old
timer to begin with.
Mis W. E. Younta, of Pinevilie, nster
of Mr. Uoyco Uell, took the crowa m
, Nkw.York, July 4. Eighth avenue
celebrated the glorious Fourth in a man
ner somewhat out of the ordinary. On the
, .... I j-vu wain tuou ruaun - iu uruer to
spur of the moment it organized a lynch make quick time, fb travel on before day-
mS uco. HuautJ U1 uu "uur trai iignt in oroer to escape tne not rays ot
fic was blocked,, law and order cast to the sun, and so that' trips can be made
the wiDda, and the , avenue filled with more frequent. Mecklenburg -has the
howling men beet upon having the life best county system kriown ia the South.
- "6iw, - ujiku oi um-uor lywubuip Bystem its iu a certain . , - , , r; . , . m, . j
offence was thatbe stabbed the wrong UxUnt a failure. Every man between 18 hand after tbey left tha spring. The old
man in the neck L.j u ' Bell place is a typical Southern home. A
In a car of the Eigth avenue line oq its work 4 day on tHe Public road during 'arSe D? spacious bouse surrounded with
uptown trip this afternoon sat Smith with the! year. 'This is'aood deal " of work beau,t,fut evergreens and oaks, and as far
bis friends, Mary---Gordon, and Samuel W if it could be carrier out thoroughly, a ine ee can 806 lDO ,nem3 or couon
Woodley, both colored. Bichafd Burns, But there are many things against the
a, white men, sat in the seat m froht of system.' A"man wboJvhas to . attend to
thorn. When the car reached 'Thirtv- ifarm iv.o nm tha o.i,
4; . - " j j am tu u w i i-i w Jm 1 uj J - J lJKf A at Ivl
the public roaas.- Therefore itfsHiard to
get men to" tervo as overseers.;. If you
get good over-seers and good tools the
rub cornea in . trainings the hands for
good service Four faya. hardly gives a
man ataftto work osn the road. H.U sole
aim is to pass away the time. He main
ly beats it away regardless of the efficicn
cy oi tne over-seer as. a doss. Most ot the
a : l . i .
sixtn street a scuffle began. The out
come, was that a knife fri Smith's hand
cut Burns who tQok no part in the fighl.
In his surprise and pain Burns yeild
"Muider!" and fell off the car.
reach. It was a errand treat that the
crowd got in such inviting quarters- The
dinner was spread about 1 o'clock and all
took part. Would that such a day were
'V j
Tl. ..ii f
xuu uvuuuu was inn oi neon a. and
car. All
there was a ru3h for the
,, . , i w ui luc uvor-BOr ua.u UOSS. ill OS L OI lul
SnmSrfrSJUrap in the town
bomebodv bet ud a crv f hat. n nfTPrt hH Ll- f .... ... - ..
Somebody bet up a cry that a negro had
Kiiiea a man. immedialedly tho crowd
took it up.
''Haul him off the car." thev RhnntBrf
"Kill the murdereiK' 'rStiing un the nio-.
gei!" "As a man iuujnei ou tho stn nnrl
r.... j . i r. . r '
siaiieu towara mm, ttio negro rushed
ships is'' wasted, sq over-seers tell me.
ii is no Doay s iauu, eitner. ine law
just does not meet ?the .demand. Too
many obstacles span the way.
Anderson County, South Carolina, has
adopted a plan that seems to be working
- I I T . 1 . i . 1 I . n .
fAA .u u j a . . wen. xuaveau oi me or o a ays worJr
forward, t-ent the boarder flv imr into t'n . ... . . J . . .
o.rt with - u:...' , over ,uuu ,H requireu to pay one collar
rT :u;:.;T" r.7n, r. bloou. ai as commutation tax. They tried the
bay, shouting: "111 kill tho first man that.
dare lay a hand on me."
JNobody seemed inc ined tn rn? tho
challenge to the proof. He looked cap
able ot doing murder, and more than
willing to do it:
"LiiCk up your horses." veiled the nnn.
"I can't-," shouted back tho driver.
"The tract is blocked "
two-dollar tax instead of the four days
work, but it did not; work . well for too
many worked instead of paying it. But
when one dollar is 'required instead of
tne 4 days work tne money comes.
Those who have tried it say that it beats
working the time out all to pieces. The
dollar tax rate will do much more work
and more effective work than the -i-days
loved. But how can we -who loved the
u j . .. r : ..,. j .... - .. . --o -.v
6w wuauiouui luemotner inat tie once """i lkUU,'?u io unsuaoizeu sen- and were warning the drivers with
umeutot toe pesi civilization; it is re- threats against trying to drive on It
buked bv the inherent senso nt insHm- it ii. ua .ir ' ... .
Won i.f,i ....:ki " -i A :r . hum ueuiuu work: It. fmmH tht. ,ha
40.hands. The
1- XT - 1 - J
Not only was the track hlnkH h. Lw.UIr in Anaenon opunty an over
several men were at the hor.;:' hT. 8 f ojea oy-tne county .auperins
.d wAr a 1" - leuueni ana piaceu in tne townsbip with
a squad of hired hands. The Champion
Road machine is made to do most of the
man tn nk of him now? How changed u j MUM u.Ju"nce it loosed bad for tho negro. From behind t, t : r I .l .
larlotte .Qbsorver.' Brought death- to myriads, as summer' an c; ' a"V L"" , machine shapes, grades and ditches. The
; great point to con.
smooth track sloping
le stdedilch. This
elsewhere in this issue. Ifc j8 good read- fliea are kll,6d hY autumn's frosts; 4t in- him . . . appcarentiy dazed shape of a road 1S ftl
ing. .,i.f .. volved the auction-block.with its sever- "Now we've eot him" w'UarX th ider. You want a si
S -----r A- ed ties; -it gave helpless .victim to lust crowd g ' J 1 f?om the centre to tb
Is there any agony 'worse thkn the
png, of pain thaV8bo6t t6agb fe,.ow .TO'tbrr.'a !?-
n"vu uo lQe collector of bills coming trinsieally unjust, . and ,, unmercifully.
.v..uiui uu uib urat oi tne montli. I cru-eir
ed ties; it gave helpless .victims to ,ust
and to the savage, lash , Mark;. it, in all
its blackness, and then ask - "Have we no
evns among us wdicn are essentially an.
m l l ..
j-oeooy witn the bill will come to the
outside of your office door and there stop
and shuffle his bills .looking for' your
name. That is almost terrible 'If he
would shoot right in and present the bill
it would not be so bad, but to- slop and
look, and look, and keep.ypii fn. suspense
is more than man can stwnd.. He-begins
to feel fain ty and his heart comes near
his mouth till the bill-boy' misses the
name and goes clear through the list. His
heart falls back, thinking perhaps the boy
nas given nim a false alarm and no bill is
The reverend doctor goes on to assert
that under ourpresent- industrial organic
iation rights are- denied, manhood de
stroyed and the-the wilj of men coerced.
'"Pull him out." . . .
Half a dozen men were on the steps,
but the nearest ones were hauled back'
and a policeman'in uniform jumped in
and closed with Smith.
Catching his man finder the arms, the
officer bait lifted him off the car ..to the
.ground. Ibe next instant a terrific kick
sent the negro down n a bean. With
ihero was--a. time when the story of sbouts of triumph the motrushed in.
home and kindred ties broken, .of the
fang of the bloodhound and the overseii-'B
lash. tirred the ioul of this people into-a
fury of indignatien, or hushed them into
an awful 'resolution to redeem the help
less. And yet, can any decade of Afrin
con slavery present the samo record of
sorrow, wrecked homes," lost fortunes,
ruined Jiyes, broken bear's, crimes, mur
ders, suicides,' that one single-year of the
! n
there, but, the agony sets in anew when saloon, can prent?
the bill-boy starts over the list again. Slavery may have been all that it is
If he is writing, reading eating or hei' rePr08ented to have been we do
what not, the work is .tonni mi ,Kfh ?ot inkH waa i,Ute 80 badJ but conceds
nrAnfa ih. k;ii tj t . e r " vuy, may., not southern punch
presents the bill. But, it is tho hardest men leave to others to picture its horrors? bility.
"V 1 . I . - ,
.nuw-ivBve goi nim. " . ."(jot a rope
somebody." "Lynch him." "Lynch him."
A blow, in the face sent the jiegro spraw.
ling again, and a roan jumped on' his
chest .The policeman hit out with all. his
force, sending the man back straddled
over Smith and drew his pistol then haul
ed tho negro to his foot.
' Thefirbt man. that . touches him I"Jl
Bhoot," he oried. But it was impossible
for Ilueinish, the officer to guard on all
sides. While he did what he could to
lioiu back tuose in front, other, fallinc
11 rrr 2 ... : . U C . . . O
t.puu uiu. m liuia tno . side were
punching and kicking him into insensi.
makes a kind of a water-shed. No wa
ter is allowed to. stand. on the road.
Of course the county cannot place a
sumcient squad of hands in each town
ship to make."MacaidarA. roads that is
not the idea. But each townshi n can
have excellant work done by a number of
hands and machines employed for that
purpose. Ihev can errade and nrinrA
the road for tho coming of the rock
crrsher and the chaib gang. They can
make good roads till tho final work
comes. Then it would not take long to
go to the county's limits with tho Mac
adam roads.
Charlotte Observer.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of aldermen was held last night.
There were present: Mayor Weddingtoo,
and Aldermem Allen, McLaughlin, O'
Donoghue, Wilder, Kidd, Borryhill,
Franklin and Williams.
A petition of Mrs. M. A. Osborne to
make a few smaU repairs on the frame
bouse corner -of Trade and Tryon was on
motion, not granted.
A hill for $25 tn Mr. W. S Wflnrn vtaa
allowed for repairs to buggy of Mr. L. J.
VValkor, damaged by firemen; also a bill
of $50 on same accoiin t granted to Shaw
Howell Harness Company.
A petition for light at the corner of
Alexander and first street was referred to
the committee on lights
A petition of Frank Morrow for exemp.
. n ....
lion irom payment oi tax on account oi
blindness, was referred to fiinance com
mittee with power to act.
A bill for $31.25, presented by Mr. J.
S. Phillips to compensate him for outlay
in resetting with turf, etc, his lot on
Eest Sixtn street, alleged to have been
necessary on account ot widening said
street, was on motion declined, the work
done being not on city grounds but pri
vate lot.
A petition frqm parlies living beyond
the corporate limits of the city waipre
ssnted asking that Davidson street be
macadamized so as to meet the county
macadam on outside. At tho present no
action was taken.
The following ordinance, presented by
Alderta an kidd, was adopted and passed
finally, under sunponsion of tho rules,
"Ordinances. to Protect. Vancu Park,"
Bo it Ordained:
'That any person vbo .all write,
paint, civrvo or cut any letters or words
on, or. in any way mutilalo or deface auy
benches, paviilion. ntep-, balislers or trees
in Vance Park; or any one putting or
allowing mo puiimg ot horses or cows
Write for its beautiful catalogue.
. Address,
J. A. & M. H. HOLT, Principals.
Anderson-county now has a)uumber of on tau lawn of said park, shall, on con-
part of a fellow's life when the boy stands
outside and shuffles the bills, especially
when you have company.
Wonder who is alternating with Prof.
xj..uui ao vuanoue .uoserver corres
spondent from Chapel Hill.
The farmers who have been crying
dry-times are no doubt calling for the
other end of tho rope now.
- I
, aii BUUU a
short of murder.
The world cannot remain in ignorance of
its extremest cruelty as loni? as "Undo
Aom s Oubin remains in print or so I lo shoot into the crowd
long as it iemares-necessarv to. .firo th a- ranee seemed little shnrt
-T. I U . , " . I ITT I I . , .. . " "1U,UI.
uuutT ncari in order to win elections nue the policeman hesitated, there was
for the Republican1 riarty. " Tf a mnn rvf a breach in the crowd nnrt , fl .-
. . - I i I, . it email in
southern antecedents were put ucm tho ful1 uniform came smashing through us-
rvUt;B3 eiauu, sworn, and directed to tell ing DOlD nsts and cursing like a pirate
the worst he kuows about slavery in the before Ilheinish knew whether ho was a
South, it would be his duty to do to, De-W assilant or a rescuer tho fireman had
withont straininy h IS 1 m fieri nut iAn in t knocked do wn t.ror nf ft -
least, however,, but. we do not conceive laDt8 and was fighting back the rest.
That cam n.r h.v . . r. ' ? w , je&TB -ree months 'j m w,lD vou. no said and he stretch
AB came near beinc a namu,r ftp tha . I a . '. ... . . Il,u
- , ,. was siricKen irom w wa 1 wno ineo to stop h m flat on
other day at Rale h whn n,- w the 1 mbs eff th lfti ir .7, th CTm.,nH p nat on
- o j . m uiouu i - .. , io cdocu liui I e
hands in each township w-ith several ma
chines doing seme fine and lasting work,
so men say who have seen the work.
Mecklenburg needs a change in the
township system. The writer does not
claim to Know what is best but ho can,
as others do, see J the need of a better
system. The' public roads need to be
carried from Charlotte out to the boun
daries of tho county. The time is coming
when that point will be reached, but it
is ratber slow. The far off townships
suffer for the lack of good roads while
they are coming.
j -""p, " nuou vyv. v arson i - ibsi niavu. i is pssfn 1 1 I i iuo eiuuih,
wore off Hal Aver's hat. Tha hat. nria to tbe cause of either religion or humanit v Possibly that would hava Rinnn ,k
to, and should be, proud. Mr' Watson took r l-hp Sou,lhfcrn man to rush into North- fight but for a shout from the sidewalk
toe populists hat that tm. K.,t a. n J v p "'"""'""g am iear - ir&sa itaiong." "Get
f.n L . ; , ' , ' - ' in the comPelllBg narratives wttiBg forth whst il around Wm. k
la.i ne win take scalps, only. beasts his own fnrcfaih
i. . . I .ucf. itivii tviiitjtt.i i i uu u lu a Ni.nrA n ex a rhtr
Aflli nAl(VllhAla nraA .1?.,. I i OnH flftmn r,.,i w!iL .' -J
WO Will takfl A TOarra. k i 1 ' -
Mcvi inai 1 1 1 1 ifiwn in i aiuii ir-
J iiji 1--
me Hiaie naa better order on tho Fm,.K Uld
Conditions mntr ha f.n,i
i J w , & ULLU.
uu uariouo naa considering the im Jt""-"' years ago tne south would
mense crowd of negroes. Most of them be ? hear lhe truth -Foreign
fraid ofCharllotte'e grim visaged officers, might utter a counter dpiiilon 'TrJoU
The negoes irwTdKT wero. "ttled, its
. ... -.U.VIA.J..II i,Bvty eoiimatea, aJareo nroDor.
when m crowds behave better than the f-tion of your citizenship accounted favor-
were. Uut let ns hnrrr ana.como out with a rnno 'nn h-"
r- 7 I . . J-Vl uaicu f
. I SnOnt" ETfit. hia nionl " m . l. '
fckvw.uiu inn i u i . w i. w i iia nv.TT
Rheinish.was forced ! back intVhe wa.1 uK
stand n- nn v,a - ' ".wuo oouth Carolina
& " "s'.j wnp .nad oeen
knocec down again at the ''same time
the fireman was struggling with a half,
dozen men. It was back to back literally
for the two defenders, and beneath them
the n:gro. squalled and- prayed for
morey. J
average gathering of whites on hitr rn
sions. They act well at home and abroad.
Of course they use the razor-a tho festi
vals, but that is pre-understood when con
aidering the pulling off of a "festibul".
Mecklenburg populists seem to bo at a
loss at present- The two-convention idea
struck them as being the very thing for
me aemoorats, butthe latter did not see
it that way.. That idea having exploded
at Raleigh, on the 25th , of June, tho
pops are at the rope's end
Vice President Adlai Stephenson, good
ofcTsoat fie'ly, Jtja allowed some bodv m
fool him andjmade him wnii&y his views
on the money question too long. Tisa Wj
y, too, for Adlar is and has been all alone
a strong free coiner. Once the people in
the South were strongly jor Adlaid, but
they got to know. K;m .
- - - "v.uocause oi his
most supreme silence
able to tho South. Many were ccofcnt-
u v.aveu loreigners, h 70 of whom could
be whipped by one? Southerner." --Cotton
was declared .king, and England must
have cotton awl would befriend. Thus
the truth was conceals Itfl,o i
we be like tha South, ignorant and will- Venue' and a policeman is being mur-
-"is w iki'uiuul. unu nu prminoH ; 1 - "-i.
w ' . - - . . v. v. iu 1 -
: SAVED BY.- A CYCLIST. . . . .
Meantime young mau on a bicycle
had been scorching Upward, tbe West
Thirty-soventh street station. Arriving
breathless, ho rushH in o.,,t
ihey are lynching a man down on Eighth
O PQV. II .1 . . . I 1 . . O-
nora who term. ;e . . .
. .. 13 u..,n.-nfaru ana is dis
"Beware, kst ure bo like tho South."-
We cf the: higher civilization; wo who
finniilH L-iinm Kaii.,. t ... ...
- ucuci.. jlj.x, Us- ijQ care
tul not to fall into its ignorance and bi0.
try, its self-sufficiercy and unwillingness
fn Lrnnnr. tKo ...... u v &
...,ullUo ciuui. unce more:
We of youi ger years and later genera
tions cannot wear the badge whic-h marks
your servicU, nor walk in your ranks
nor rec.ejye the affection and plaudits
"iven to the lih
--- ..o iiiauniuu ana
Two policeman ran out into the street
and prom ptly chartered an express wagon
dxiven along Thirty seventh street by
two youths, who upon learning of the sit.
nation, whipped upiheir horses. Fropi
thirty sixth to Thirty seventh stro t the
street was black with peop'c;
"Drive light through 'em," camo the
v-.uv, au iuo wagon went into the mob
Mfce cavairy U got there none too noon
u0.u,u was DeiDg grappled by three
.uh. xoenremanwas down, and the
iegru was oeyond being able to yell. The
, . v r-, - , i r . . I . J wing ttuiv iu y e . hp
. f.i a . ---wru lueir
rrol hdmn A. Alderman, now profes.
V uagogy at the Uuiversity, seems
M:llL&:T. i fr Dr--tons' place.
' . UiBn 18 a man of rare ability and
" " raining and great force of
onaraocer. lie would fill the place to the
credit of tbe institution and the state. No
"San in the state, has done more for the
good of public education in North Caroli
na, in so short a time, than Mr.Alderman
We hope that he will be elected
f'8t wiln, you -in th Gham.Army of
7. "F"c wnose pa-triotiem be
Ut SSitej1' pcace.'-
5 "r'7' a.u 80 wruiapd so forth
r .?0 8, nef at "ot being able t
u"l. j ciug aoie to
-,u , nor walk in the ranks
iorshofhth:,ibnr-lr.8 - ra&Dk,Dd and 8a
wil cl L " -J-ft he
Dlandi" f !- v " 100 section, and
UiaUdltS OI hl nowV.... r j rs. .
b-fl. ,i --"-vrunu lrienas u ne
!3K ??. -Wb,cb t0 h" -t f bim-
. -WVMUX.a
'The PreRhrturUr,
fun ni. "'luiMtr wno sends
217" l.c.Py ?f th Christian;
v,ulcl uuniaiainc f hia r.T.;u..t.-
writes id a private letter by the sama
mail: "Another Pressly!"
Yea, verilv. Anmi.. ri . .
leilow cmcer s asaailnnta nni.kn
to bis feet and hftd Smith int
luo CA
Press wagon; Having got the negro into
J s luw policeman jumped in
IiDVnih stopping to look for his-comrade
in arms 15111 the hreman - had disap
peared. . , - -
As they dlT6tve away one policeman
caught sigh t of a Derrowith a broken cane
and a cut on hi hand Tnd arrested -him
on snspicfon. - r -.
Smith was rriottirf nr. - a charcra r.f
n , - . v. y yj u - . . -a-
leiODlOflS asuaiitl- f kn Xil. 1 orpr -o-Kr.
gave-hrsTiame as Samual W iWoodley,
wa held for disorderly It i
suppo-ed that the quarrel in the 'caOTl-
o vvi wfetvecu Lm n ri fii.v
It has Uome and Gone All Passed well
With an Immense Crowd.
The fourth of July has come and gono
Charlotte was given-over to the- mighty
throng that came from all sections last
From- the time tbat day began to
break in the East tM2 o'clock Saturday
night the crowd filled the street. It
looked like an immense discharge of
blackjack molasses flowing through the
avenues of the townw All trains brought
in great loads of colored people hunting
the pleasures of the-fourth. They came
from all the near byt towr s in the sur
rounding counties id this state and from
South Carolina. The crowd was larger
uu ivi lunuy vcsri. r mm Run nr tr.
sun down the streets, side walks, alleys
and back lots were filled. Tharains be
ing general througtrotrt the section round
about-Oha'ridtte Enabled Ot4 farmers to
let their hands off to "attend the fourth."
That was one reaaftn .for . the immense
crowd. Several excursions-from a dis
tance carfte in in full force.
The day was spern. in strolling to and
fro about the streetjlooking . on;" The
money in the crowds was in small por
tions and far apart. Not many bundles
we're carried home.' ' Tho saloon and
ine lunch counter 'got the nickles and
I dimes.
Joy and happiness . ran riot ix the
streets. .Here.you would Fee a couple of
country negroes niaking little bits of
love on the corner! there you would see
a couple on-a good'B box telling tbe same
Htory. The-writer paw a urnv
ju-a about nooii going dawn We-t trade
A long lank bluckc boy with flashy ti-
at.d ribboned hut, with along lank black
girl on tach aria went' cavorting, toward
tho ccurt house. The three were happy
JSota thought to disturb their easy brain
uut a uunar to Duru their greasy pock
ets; not a thing to mar their pleasure
All went well till the setting of tbe sun
and long after ward. s
A few fights in the back lots wero tha
onty troubles of the day. On the whole
viction, bo subject to a penally of $50."
An ordinance wa also adopted in re
ferenco to tho improper 1 jitoring of wo
men un iuo bireets ai nigiu.
Tne subject of free pool rooms" wa-,
on motion, referred to the ordinance
committee an 1 oily attor-i y i, to rep rt.
Aldjrnain Frunkli n, oh ii rm vn of the
sewer omtn t tee, read t rh; intortnti
tion of tho bard, a report in ii forrence
to cstablithiog a regular ani partnan-enl
sysltm of sewerage for tho city.
Alderman Allen displayed to i ho board
what ho termed ,;a sample of the police
baits" now in ma by tho force. This
not boing up to ata-idar-d, it was ordered
that the o mmitto bs uthorizjd to pur
chase nw belts for the po'iecemen.
The recent ordinance putting a license
tax on the salo of chickens was, on mo
lion, repealed.
A Fine Record for the Session Just Ended.
The Out-look Encouraging.
Columbia (S-C News.
The catalogue and anuonncomont for
the fifth year of tho Presbyterian High
School of this city has just been issued
from the presses of the Bryan Printing
Company, The record shows a most
prosperous condition of tho institution.
with excellent promiso of greater useful
ness in the future. Tho total enrollment
of students during the session was 165, of
whem 18 wore cot residents of tbe city.
The school is under control of tho Ses
sion of the Second Presbyterian church
the Rev. G. A. Blackburn, Thos. A. Mc
Creery, George C. Smith. Chas. W. Suber,
Benjamin F. Wyman, M. D., and Claude
H. Girardeau. The faculty ia composed
of Alexander Martin, who is principal,
Thomas D. Johnston, Rev. J. L, Girar
deau, D. D , Miss Eabel O'Neal, Miss
Mary Elizabeth Withers Mrs. Margaret
D. Sale and Mrs. Belle Seabrook.
It is our talented and enterprising
young countymin, Alexander Martin, who
is the principal of this flourishing school,
and bis many friends will be pleased te
read so flattering a report of an inslitu
tion of which he is tho head -Ed
Tu tf s Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills.
Secret of Beauty
is health. The secret of health is
the power to digest and assim
ilate a proper quanity of food.
This can never be done when
the liver does not act it's part.
Doyou know this ?
Tutt's Liver Pills are an abso
lute cure forsick headache, dys
pepsia, sour stomach, malaria,
constipation, torpid liver, piles,
jaundice, bilious fever, bilious
ness and kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills
Electric Bitters.
Electric Bitters is a medicine suited for an,
season, but perhaps more generally needed whtn
the larguid exhausted feeling prevails, whenthi
liver ia torpid and s'uggish and the med of I
tonic and alterative is felt. A prorrpt use ot
this medicine has often aveited long and oer
haps fatal bilious fevers. No meuicine i
act more surely in cout.teractiDgaud freeing the
system from the malarial poison. Headache
Indigestion,- Constipation, Dizziness yield to
Electric Bitters 50c. and $1.00 per bottle it
Burwell & Dunn drug store.
Comparative Cotton Statement.
The following is the comparative coitou
statement for the week ending Ju;y
5tb: ;
Net receipts at an U.S. poits, 5,104
ictai receipts to date.
Exports for the week,
Total exports to this date,
Stock in all U. 8. Dorts!
titock at all 'interior towns.
btock in Liverpool,
American anoat for
Great Britain,
5,140,281 7.891k
16,060 17,62$
4,386.146 6,559.145
234,370 408,814
32,313 14,840
846,000 1,561,000
21,000 40.0C0
The Total Visible Supply of Cotton.
New York. Julv 3. The total vfcihk
supply of cotton for the world is 2 002,426
bales, of which 1,603,226 bales are Amer.
ican, against 3,427,240 bales and 2,834,040
respecti vely last vear. Receintn
this week at all interior towus 7,147
bales. Keceipts from tha nUntAtinn
565 bales. Crop in sierht 6.900 fififi hlM
Absolutely Pure-
A cream of tartar baking p wder Highest
of all in leavening strength Lat' st United
Statts Government Pood Report.
Royal Baking Powder Co-, New York.
Hnriiirp I a .v . . . o j
argo resources we are able to be headquarters in all our lines.
Our Stock of Vehicles
in its assorfmpnf aAa
t, ""J aiiVA
the day passed well considering the crowd n ' 1S sf.con to no concern in
Few white crowds of that iNortli Carolma. Tf. will n,r
have ac.tnrl an mn j: .i I t... 1 .Ft ? r
.j nen as uiu luq negroes
Watap Mnlnno
Mr. L. W. Williamson l RK; CSt r aklDg ahy-Satrifi
1- r"' "eiter than manv
tJ merchants "cost" salp. .,any
to look throusrh our stnok
. o KSTlJl r-
purchasing, not that we are vf"
On Piedmont Wagons On Charlotte Fertilizers.
t f txr r. a I. t . . r
LU"uoullJ urougnt in tne nrst largo mel- , "cttertnan mnm.
on from the country last SinrH.w t merchants "cosf." anlpa- V.ii... .,J
weighed 48 pounds. ; The melon was -a others pay for th-m. Larsre LI
Bradford me on M L- A, J, . . . dr8e Quanti-
, uui guuu mis year, on tbo whole, in hh ' "" wuut are taken
; neighborhcod. Tha RrflHrnrri ' i ,ofi, our cost Dricfi is n.wav im.L.iv
the n Z.V . . aru unv- V ioDorncoa. The Bradford melon "1A uul cost price is away under tli'
nght We kupw thai our
We are aoain hen A nri HI'S.
innr f Via n iVwiViiir' n ca roll'
& uiiuy ly-if-TTntt iliiUifji ,
president of tharae Ulotte Oil and f
must necessarily yu'fj?e are prepared ,
best.pr-n- ouahty considered,
Uirnnnnu-P ! auJ,.-r The lmnieiise
1 luUlfllJfJ I "IIA : mS ourCHant
seasoTed" elted material, dry
fectinn are nearer to per-
it-t j one.
P J. etc. and -f o,?V8n?' ner
ha known I?"!!0 the a.
more's I the pity.
the an
iaoes von . J"DW1
:iririat .r!0?.?0 good tat.
4 V Af1 -

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