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JT W. C. DOWD. Editor. i
- .
It will never do for road building
in Mecklenburg to cease. The people
will raise the greateet clamor ever
heard if this is done, and yet this
is the danger that now threatens ua.
The road commission has no money,
and the county treaeurer i3 advitt-d
by his attorney tLat he has noTight
to pay their bills out of the general
fund. They can't work the roads
without money. What then are they
to do?
There are two courses opjn to
them. One is to secure the town
ship fund and work certain roads in
Charlotte township until that is
exhausted. This would not be satis
factoiy to the people, as they think
about enough work has already done
in this township, and that it is time
a few leading roads were extended
towards the county line.
The other course open to them is
to turn the convicts and road work
ing over to the county commissioners.
We think this is the patriotic and
proper course for them to take. If
this is done, road building will pro
ceed without interruption.
We urge the road commission to
consider the best interests of the
county in this matter, and if they
do, we have no doubt they will pur
sue the course suggested above.
A wave of deep and grateful emo
tion a wept over the State some weeks
ago when it was announced that
Governor Daniel L. Russell was to
press the button that would start in
motion all the machinery of the groat
exposition at Nashville. This honor
was conferred on him V use "North
Carolina was the mothe. of Tennes-
Now they have albO invited Presi
dent McKiuley to press the button,
possibly because he ia "Father of
the Pie Counter."
It was announced a few days ago
that the Democrats of Raleigh had
let down the bars and invited all
parties to participate in their prima
ries. In these primaries the piesent
mayor of the city was renominated.
Now an independent candidate is
running againBt the regular nomi
nee. There seems to be an epidem
ic of independent candidates. We
predict that all such, whether elect
ed or defeated, will some day realize
that they have made a mistake.
It seems a little difficult for con
gress or the people to secure definite
and specific information regarding
the condition of the Pacific railroads,
the amount of their indebtedness to
the government, or the steps that
have been taken to force them to
pay their debts. The ownei s of these
railroads were large contributors to
the Republican campaign fund; and
the people are watching the course
of the McKinley administration to
ward these special interests.
What's the matter with our State
Legislatures? Prominent politicians
ia the Kentucky Legislature are
charged with bribery, the election of
the new Senator Ileitfeld is said to
be tainted with fraud; and the Penn
sylvania Legislature is to be imesti
gated for black-mailing life insur
ance companies. North Carolina
has had her dose of Legislature; and
it was pretty bad medicine, too.
Congressman" Richmond Pear
Bon is busily engaged in arranging a
chess game with some English you
know members of Parliament This
will, of course, result in giving hit
farmer constituents relief. He will
probably run for Congress next year
oa a chess game platform.
The State experiment station has
jnst issued a bulletin containing the
analyses of all the brands of fertili
zer sold in the State. If the experi
ment station will issue a correct
analysis of the last Legislature and
tell what it was good for, it will J
confer a public service.
The Missouri river is changing its
channel past Omaha, and in eloii l'
so threatens to destroy property to
the value of several million dollars.
It also bids fair to put Omaha into
the State of Iowa, as the river is the
State line.
Tux Japanese, who are very small
iS -stature, are trying to acquire
height by adopting a meat diet.
They have been a nation of vegetari
ans. If this experiment succeeds it
will make business for the butchers
in this country.
The management of the Phila
delphia, Reading and New England
railroad last fall issued a circular
instructing employes to vote for
McKinley." Today their wages were
cut ten per cent.
" t
The returns from the New Jersey
elections are only another indication
thatthe McKinley wave of pros
perity is not running on schedule
; r-.. .r..ctx;.
.. : ' Jut-e : ncer B.
Adorns '' the Sup'-ri'T Court, tbt
the old officers of the State- inP.ine
asylums are. to hoi. I their poitiona
gives cause for rejoicing. The judge
ment is as follows:
"North Carolina, Wake county.
In the Superior Court. The State
df North Craolina on relation of
liufus Hani and others against J.
K. fSoutherland and other?:
"Thi3 cause coming on to be
heard upon an agreed statement-of
the facts and the complaint against
the right of the relators or any
them to record, and so holding, it is ,
considered and adjudged thac this I
action bo dismissed and that de-!
femlants go without day and recover
their costs.
The case has gone on appeal to
the Supreme Court. Our informa
tion is that ludge Adams' decision
is in accord with the law, and will
probably be affirmed by the higher
court. N
It will be a blessing to the unfor
tunate inmates of these institutions
that the Imnds of greedy spoilsmen
shall not b- permitted to undo a
work that has required twenty years
of arduous labor to bring to its
present state if perfection.
It is well for the State, as well m
these unfortunates that there is to
be no change.
The McKinley administration
seems toie determined to relieve the
financial distress anion j the South
ern farmers by supplying them
plentifully with beet seed to make
sugar from. Aud all the beet sugar
that has come from the South in the
last twenty years wouldn't sweeten
the coffee of om ten thousand "h part
of them for breakfast, oue single
Thk Dicky Birds sav in the
Raleigh Frees Visitor:
"That the decision of Judge Adams
against the new asylum boards does
not necessarily mean that the new
boards will not Vet in' for the
chances are the new oourds vill
The London Times 5ays Spain Has
Not Shaken the Firm Resolve of the
The London Times publishes i
letter from a Cuban correspondent
summarizing the position in the is
land as it appears to him at what .
virtually the close of the season'i
He dwells upon the indecisive'na
ture of the season's operations, aud
siys that no success has been achiev
ed that is calculated to jilfect the
duration of the rebellion
The Spaniards do not hold a tin
gle province effective')', and are no
where undisputed masters extent in
some of the coast tow ns. Even if
reforms are granted as far reaching
as is said they must be, it is feared
that they will be too late
The Times, in an editorial, refers
to the definition of the policy of the
United States toward Cuba given by
Mr. Cleveland in December. Never
the less, it remarks, Spanish states
men must be aware that American
intervention is more than possible.
The paper refers to the sympathy
of the Americans for the Cubans
and says that the situation must be
extremelv irksome to them.
The Foreign New in l'arat;r,tii.
Turkey has declared that war
with Greece has begun, ordered her
army to take the aggressive, recalled
her Minister from Athens, dismissed
the Greek Minister at Constantino
pie anil issued a circular note to the
powers laying the blame for the war
on Greece. Premier IX-iyanni3 in
the Greek Bottle asserted tht the
Turks were the aggressors.
Japanese soldiers of the war with
China have been pouring into Haw
aii in disguise as immigrants.
Cecil Rhodes is expected back in
South Af' ica this week. A fornrd
ab!e British Ibet is gathering at
Natal. The new High Commissioner
to 'ape Colony hastened his depart
ure in iew ol the threatening situa
tion. Englishmen are impatient for
war with the Transvaal.
Emperor William has bought
sonle American etchiugs, remarking:
'Great fellows, those Americans
Thev are the coming great artists of
the world."
ItfHid In Ottifr ii uc turns.
Suicide is justiliable, according to
Col. Iagersoll and some others, and
the managers of the Republican par
ty teem to hold the same belief.
They .a. re drivii g their par?y?traigbt
i!v;-r the pn.oipi.e witn the lash f
prorecti. n," an! with the enact
ment of the new McKinley bill its
fate will be sealed Boston Post.
The administration will perceive
that New England still ha8 its nerve
and its appetite. Washington Post.
At tunes Mr. Hanna
has a faint
suspicion that Mr. McKinley may
have gone into the President busi
ness for himself. Detroit News.
William McKinley Osborne is
consul general to- Loudon. Some
men are born great, some achieve
greatness and some are the Presi
dent's cousins. Rock Island Argus.
Hilarious Atlanta
Atlanta, Ga., ia a hilarious old
town, where conviviality reigns the
year round. In 1S96 the police of
that city made over 12,000 arrests,
one in every five being drunk. More
arrests were made of boys and girls
between the ages of 15 and 20 than
there were of men and women be
tween 30 and 40.
E. J. ("Lucky") Baldwin
mortgaged all bis property.
Brief Glimpses of
the General News.
TIip iK-tt Democratic convention
of ViigiiiKt wiil be far smaller than
the one which nominated the pres
ent Governor.
The Baltimore Snn Ravs it is re
ported that Gen. Wi.iU Hampton
wiil be retained as railroad commis
sioner Captain II. W Reed, of Georgia,
who was Tom Wateon's right hand
man during the late Presidential
campaign, is now an advocate of
gold, and has goi e extensively into
the mining of that metal in Mexico.
Governor Taylor, of Tennessee,
who has been quite sick, is improv
ing Rev. Father B J. Kelly, of Sa
vannah, vicar general of the diocese
of Georgia, is confined to his room
as the result of a painful accident
sustained while superintending the
dreeing of the middle altar of the
cathedral. He fell from the steps
at the buck of the altar.
Miss Julia Penough, a deaf mute,
was struck by a train near Athens,
Ga : she was knocked from the track
but was not seriously injured.
The region arouad Harnbarg,
Arkansas, was swept by ac.vclone.
The Southern bicycle circuit is
conducting a series ef rtces at
t the Washington camp, a negro
convict was whipped to death bv a
Atlanta brick-layers - are out on a
The Mississippi river is higher at
Yickoburg, Miss , than has ever be
fore been known All flood records
are broken. Old planters say the
overflow is the worst on record.
Teresa Carreno,the greatest woman
pianist of the time, gave a recital at
Atlanta last night. m
. The losses of insurance companies
at Knoxville fuot up $550250.
In the superior court at JVIacon,
Ga, Roland Iked, the noted actor, is
suing the Southern railway, for dam
ages rece iv..d in a railroad accident.
The legislative commission to re
vise the constitution of West Vir
ginia is in session at Charlestown,
W. Va.
Indications of oil aud coal have
been discovered at Harper's Ferry,
In the university town of Athens,
Tenn., Perry Wigg'ey, sou of the
local commander of the G. A. R.,
was married Mnoday to Gid Helms,
a negress of low repute. The cere
mony took place in the street, and
the knot was tied by a Justice of the
Peace while the pair stood mounted
on a" coeds box. A large crowd had
gathered in Athens from theoouutry
to see a travelling cirens The ex-citc-ment
became intense as the storv
of th marriage spread, and threats
of violence were heaid on every side,
He will certainly be tarred if caught.
At Clinton, S. C, yesterday engine
No. 532 on the southbound freight
train on the Seaboard Air Line went
down an embankment, tnrnii g hot
torn side up. No one was hurt, but
the engine is considerably dam
aged. The accident was dua to" rot
ten ties.
A drunken man tried to burn the
Payne, Ga., jail by setting fire to his
James Fletcher, said to be a sur
vivor of the charge of the Light
Brigitde at Balaklava.'died at Har
risburg, Pa. He was over sixty
years old. jietcner was atterwarus.
1 -T-il 41 1
with Gordon in the Soudan.
Fire greatly damaged the dwell
ing iu Clinton, 'Ohio, occupied by
James Jackson, a relative of Presi
dent Andrew Jackson, auel destroyeel
many relics of the deceased Presi
dent. Among them was Gen. Jack
son's carriage, the wheels of which
were made from timber taken from
the old war frigate Constitution.
The Assembly passed the Greater
New York charier over Mayor
Strong's eto by a vote of 10.0 to 32.
Senaior Chaudler proposes two
bills din eting the Government to
take possession of the Carnegie and
Bethlehem aimor -plate factories un
der the right of eminent domain,
and to turn out the armor plate
uecessaiy feu' the three new battle
ships. The invader of Macedonia cap
tured Krania, an important strategic
point, and dn ;inied Turkish posts
Pbonika and IVrlangia. They are
trying to cut ( If the communications
of the Turkish foices. The raiders'
ways of fighting puzzle and worry
the Moslem commanders.
Charles W. Pickett, of New Ha
ven, drank mix vomica by mistike.
He mounted his bicvele and rede
like mad and reached a dc'or in
time to receive treatment that saved
his life.
Rev, John Hall Mcllvaine, for
merly of the Brick Church, has
withdrawn from the New York
Presbytery and will enter the-Epis-copal
Mayor Strong issues a proclama
tion calling upon all citizens to dis
play flags on Grant Day, April 27,
and all vefels to do the same-.
M:rny Imcki-t sh'p keepers have
closed up pending the outcome of
the war on them inaugurated last
It is learned that ex-Postmaster
General William L Wilson, Presi-dt-nt
electbf Washington and Lee
University; has eugaged to writa
biography of President James Madi
son. Many documents bearing the
handwriting of George Washington,
William Pcnn, and King George
have been nnearthed by workmen
employed in remodelling the West
moreland county Court House, Pa.
In Arizona the grand festival of
Yuma wound up with wild west
3jorts and Spanish bull fight.
Charles O. Scull, general passen
ger agent of the B. and O. R. R.,
tendered his resignation, to take ef
fect Thursday.
The inauguratio.i of a new line
of steamers from Jamaica to Baltic
more is expected to canse a cut-rate
war in the sale of bar anas
Drs. J. W. Pendergrast and O. V.
Limerick, health officers of Cincin
nati, Ohio, have been arrested on
charges of blackmail.
Over 600 convicts were . safely
tran-ferred between the prisons at
at Michigan City and Jefferson vi lie,
Sophie Traubmann, the singer,
was married to Charles Patzowsky,
in New York February 15. The
marriage ha3 just been announced.
Governor Ramsdell, of New Hamp
shire, -has appointed April 22 as a.
day of fasting and prayer.
The Eew cave- at Castalia, O , is
believed to connect with Perry's cave,
at Put in Bay, and also with Flat
Rock cave, which would make it
extend over an area greater than the
Mammoth cave.
A reception will be given April
19 by the members of the section of
geology and mineralogy of the New
York Academy of Sciences for Sir
Archibald Geikie, director general of
her Majesty's Geological Survey of
Great Britain.
President John R rLocdon has
been appointed receiver of the Globe
cotton mill at Rock Hill. The as
sets are $188,000; liabilities, $119,
000. The municipal elections in New
Jersey yesterday and the day before
show Democratic gains.
Arthur Sewall, late Democratic
candidate for Vies President, said in
an interview that the recent Demo
cratic successes in city elections were
due to local causes.
Governor Bloxham, of Florida,
ha3 called a national fisheries con
gress to meet at Tampa, January 19,
Southern women in New York
have organized a chapter of Daugh
ters of the Confederacy with Mrs.
Jefferson Davis as honorary-president.
Mrs. George L. Harrison
represents North Carolina on the
advisory board.
Sunday was the seventy fifth birth
day of the Rev. Dr. Edward Everett
ilaie. Three hundred persons
greeted him in tbe parlors of his
cfiurcn ana presented mm witn a
ackage containing seventy-five gold
dollars, commemorative of his
seventy-five years
Forty-seven women graduated in
one class from a New York law
school thi3 week..
Mme. Calva has been restored to
health, ana tomgnt will sing
"Carmen" in the Metropolitan Opeia
House, New lork. Saturday aftei-
noon, for the farewell matinee, she
will repeat her famous Marguerite, in
Gounod's "Faust," with Jean and
Edouard de Reszke in the cast. Sever
al Charlotte people will be present
at this farewell performance
The Greco-Turkish crisis has
produced a rupture in the Turkish
legation at Washington. Norighian
Effeiidi, Fiist Secretary of Legation,
is going home and will probably
leave the Turkish diplomatic service.
The battle ship Oregon wa3 dam
aged by running ashore in Puget
Andrew de Glodia, Vice Consn
for the Italian government in St
Paul, Minn, committed suicide by
taking a dose of sulphuric actd.
Mrs. U. S. Grant has written
book. The Journal says: "It is not
so much the chronicle of the wife of
a great American soldier and states
man as it is that of. a tender, wo
manlv heart telling its story of the
life led With the man she loved al
the year3 of her life. It is the home
story of General and Mrs. Grant as
it has never been told before.
It is claimed that Mgr. Satolli
former Papal Ablegate in this coun
try, ia planning to succeea Leo as
The New York Journal says there
will probably be no grand opera at
the Metropolitan opera house next
yaar, as Abbey, Schoeffel and Grau
do not see their way clear to produce
a series of performances next season.
Quiutin Bandera, the well known
insurgent leader, has passed the
military line across the N Province of
Puerto Principe, Cuba, from Jucare
o 3ioron ana tee island otiurigu-
ano, known a3 "the Trocha." The
insurgents succeededin passing
through the swamp lands between
the islands and Moron.
President Dwighr, of Yale, says
he will not resign.
At the Jefferson day banquet in
Washingtou"William J. Bryan de
clared that Mr. Cleveland was more
than any other man responsible for
the creation of the monetary isssue.
and said the poiition taken by the
Democratic party in 1896 would
not be surrendered.
Vice President Hobart's homo
town of Paterson, which gave him
3,500 majority in November, elected
a Democratic mayor by 1,500 mi
jority. Democrats carried Jersey
City and made gains in many p-acep.
In receivership proceeelings con
nected with the failed Globe Savings
Bank of Chicago charges were made
involving former Gov. Altgeld.
President Spalding was accused of
hypothecating the securities of the
bauk and cf the University of Illi
nois, and using the proceeds. His
typewriter returned stocks worth
(U.C'0o to t tie receiver.
.. t i ;ts of t lie ti us; are in Albany,
and there are rumors that desperate
and disreputable means will be used
to defeat the Lexow anti trust bills.
The question of the constitution
ality of Senator Wolcott's appoint
ment to the Monetary Commission
has been raised by Washington law
yers and politicians.
In New York -seven alleged mock
auction swindlers were arrested and
warrantTare out for -many more.
There are said to be 200 in the city
and a school for the instruction of
fraudulent bidders.
Pugilist Fitzsimmons arrived in
New York and was greeted by a
crowd that packed the downtown
streets and blockaded traffic. He
said he wili fight no one for a vear.
Sixteen Cuban women from" the
to wn of San Francisco de Paula, in
Havana province, Cuba, have been
thrust into the Recojidasor House of
Detention for disreputable women
if n
in Havana. They all belong to
families of the highest respectabili
ty. On their way to the prison they
were insulted by " the soldiers, &nd
one of them, Aurora VelezV who at
tempted to protest, was knocked
down by a blow with a" rifle.
Advices from Epirus says. the
Turks are laying the country with
fire and sword.
The reported offer of the United
C4... . frt inU.ronal
amicably in Cuba is favorably com
mented upon at Havana.
Secretary Sherman has sent a note
to the government of Great Britain
urging that the indiscriminate
butchery of seals in Alaska waters
be stopped immediately.
The Honduras syndicate, compos
ed of capitalists who live in the
United States, has received sweeping
A dispatch from Trikhala, Greece,
last night says the insurgent- bands
have returned to Greek territory.
Captain-General Weyler, on ar-
riving at oancti epmtua, uudb,
earned that the insurgents haa
crossed the trocha. He ordered
pursuit. .
American and French fishing-yes-
sels have been refused bait at St.
John's for the Newfoundland Banks
It is reported from Canea that the
Cretans recently imported a Turkish
non commissioned officer whom they
had captured.
United States Minister Aiclvenzie
has left Lima, Peru, for the United
Yellow fever has broken out at
The London Daily Telegraph has
a despatch from Vienna saying that
the Austrian Government has been
informed that the United States de
clines to recognizs the blockade of
The Salisbury World says: "The
Southern will shortly have a new
wrecking train of an improved paf-
tern. The car will be provided
with bunks and other modern para
pheruelia aud will in every way be
much better fitted for wrecking
work than the car used at present.
The car will be stationed at Salis
A nine year-old negro boy who is
mute and insane, claws, tears things,
roots and grunts like a hog was car
ried yesterday from Concord to the
Goldsboro asylnm.
A Virginia colored preacher nam
ed Nelson has been convicted of
A discharged negro farm hand
criminally assaulted Mrs. Ida
Riedel, of Fairfax countv. Va.. ves-
George W. Kyle, a prominent cit
lzen of Buckingham county, Va.,
fell from his horse and broke his
Richmond and Danville are to
play a match game in Richmond
A bust of Eigar Allen Poe is to
be placed in the new library of the
University of Virginia.
Mr. Joseph U Sands has resigned
the office of general manager of the
Wm. W. Wysm-, of Lynchbarg,
consul to uaaiz, is aeaa.
There i renewed talk pf ei-Sec
retary Carlisle as a compromise can
didate for United States Senator to
"The giant lobster '-Fitzsimmons,"
said to have been 100 years old, died
in the Castle Garden Aquarium,
JNew lork.
f i . . i i , -i
enormous uocks . oi wna geese
Hew so low in passing over Beloit.
Kan., that many were knocked down
by poles by the villagers.
Senator Mason has proposed
$750,000 appropriation for the Paris
Exposition of 1900.
Camiile D Arville is alarmingly
in at the Auditorium Hotel, Chi
1 1 .1 a -m . . - f
bir Archibald weikie, director
general of the geological surveys of
ureal Britain ana Ireland, is ex.
pected to arrive in Baltimore Tues
day to deliver a course of lectures on
"The Founders of Geology" at the
T .1 IT 1 -r-r - . . OJ
uUuiis nopKins university.
J ust after a passenger train left
the village limits of Johnsburg, N,
Y, a trainman saw the body of a
! ! , ?
uiau lying on a piieor burning ties
near the railroad tracks. The train
was stopped, and trainmen ran back
to the spot and rescued him. His
clothing was in flames, and his entire
body was burned. The men he was
tramping with determined to murder
him, and bound him and threw him
on the pile of burning ties.
The Franklin Institute scheme o
a textile exposition at Philadelphia
nas oeen aDanaonta.
One-half of the city of Argentine
Khs., changed hands in a real estate
deal a few days ago.
Important discoveries of gold have
been made at White Plains, N. Y,
Kansas bribery inquisitors have
found a law to compel witnesses to
A Birmingham (Ala ) boy of 17
anu a gin or id years ran away and
were married.
Sanguilly savs that he came South
on account of his health
A sofa, a revolutionary relic, upon
wnicn jjaiayette rested, was destroy
ed in the Post Koad Tavern firm.
Experiments in the Pasteurizing
ui uuner ior ine ioreign trcaa are
being carried on by the Agricultural
Banker Spalding of Chicago fail
ed to appear lo acquit himself before
the Board of Trustees f the Uni
versity of Illinois.
The threatened Canadian expor
duty on saw logs is driving Ameri
can lumbermen to establish plants in
Governor Culberson, of Texas,
has vetoed a bill to pay $25,000 for
the San Jacinto battleground, near
H oue ton.
Several thousand razor back hogs
imported" into Iowa from Texas dur
ing the past year have died frem a
kidney worm.
South Dakota's State Treasurer,
W. W. Taylor, (who stole $350,000)
has been released from the peniten-
I tiary after 18 months imprisonment.
pion, has an attack
Tlio T.oaoriiP base- ball season
gins this week with a few scattering
nnaninir cramPS.
Milwaukee brewers' troubles have
bren adjusted.
As a result of exposure many
flood refugees have fallen victims to
Legislative committees, represent
inn Minncsnlst Mimical!. ise-un
lug -a a . a , c ' j
sin ana Illinois, win wwi,
uniform game laws.
Mills in which Secretary Bliss are
ka'ro Keen pomoelledx to
Thev couldn t stanu
McKinly's "prosperity "
Japan's navy, according to the St.
James Gazette, will be a tough prop
ha TTnitpd States to
UCt IIVLA A VX tux. w
combat in case of a rupture between
rVio turn rrmnt.riPH.
Richard Roever, four years old, of
TTnknVon wna rorinrted dving of a
XJLV kvnt-J-t) vv Jl
fractured skull. He said he was
d bv nlavmates and thrown
j x j
nvpr a fftnee.
The firm of O. H. Sampson & Co.;
drv croods commission merchants of
which handled the prod-
nr. nf manv mills, has dissolved
iTndr th will of Mrs. Maria L.
Vanderbilt. St. Bartholomew's Prot-
pst.inf; "Eniseonal Church. Of New
York, receives S250.UUU.
r ,
John II. Jordan, twenty-one years
old, of Hoboken, N. J., went crazy
rom smoking cigarettes, lie smok
ed so tn mo .-if the cofhn . tacks a
In Boston it is proposed to make
Faneuil Hall, the famous old bistor-
cal structure, fire proof, the interior
being practically made new.
Frank Baker, a camp cook ior a
gang of workmen on the Pittsburg,
Bessemer and .Lake -hne itanroaa,
died of delirium tremens super
induced by overindulgence in lemon
extract Baker sent his assistant to
the storehouse Wednesday to get one
dozen bottle3 of lemon extract He
drank the contents of eleven bottles
and died the next morning.
Carter Harrison, the new mayor of
Chicago, has taken his seat, and en
tered upon his administration.
The damage by the Moresque tire
in New Orleans amounts to $750,-
After four years search, Million
aire Mohler of Minneapolis located
his divorced wife, who had lied with
their young son in defiance of the
law. The bov will be taken by the
It was recently found that Repre
sentative Bricker, of Michigan, is in
very much the same predicament as
Gov. Pingree was. Bricker is mayor
of Belding and at the same tima
represents his district in the Legis
Ninetv-one Chinamen have reach
ed Montreal en route to Cuba to
work on the sugar plantations.
Jesse Evans, colored, who at
tempted to misuse little white girls
at Edwards, Miss., was shot to death
by a po38e.
I heod ore Roosevelt says he had
declined to speak at the Nashville
Exposition before those Tennessee
women kicked.
Thomas M. Bram, convicted of
the murder of Captain Nash ami
sentenced to die on June 18, will be
temporarily respited.
rresoytenan ministers in session
at Chicago, 111., are discussing
methods for a closer union of all
branches of that religious body.
Wells Finch, a flour broker,-acci
dentally shot and killed himself in
his New York office while cleaning
a revolver.
ITT I 1 .1
vvnne inree men were repairing
the tower or a church at Salome,
Quebec, the ecaffoling broke, and
Trepanier St. Benoit was killed and
the others were fatally hurt.
mi . i ,
ine continental tire insurance
Co , of New York has withdrawn
from "all combinations with other
companies to regulate rates.3
1 wo professors of Amherst Col
1 X . - n i m ...
lege, mass , were nnea ior naing a
bicycle on the sfde-walk. .
There died Thursday at Clark
Bros.' ranch at Chateau, Setoncoun
ty, northern Montana, Baron -Max
von Grotthus, a Russian nobleman
and a former Lieutenant in the
Czar's Guard, who left Russia in
1875 on account of haying lived at
too last a pace.
J? rank Johnson, a Kansas City
cnir, nas a iaa tor stealing edge
toclj, and nearly enough to stock a
hardware store were foand in his
Ernst Ridgeway, one of the four
young men who on Thanksgiving
nignc last neia up and attempted to
rob a car fall of people on the Inde
pendence electric line, in Kansas
City, Mo., was sentenced to one year
. i i -i - J
m me county jail.
Representatives of the Republican
league have called oh the President
to urge a modification of Mr. Cleve
land s civil service extensions that
would throw about 40,000 offices
open to political appointment They
oim mey received great encourage
ujerii irom Mr. AlciMniey,
In a vote completed Thursday the
n-uiguia or . Labor adepted a free
silver amendment to their declara
tion of priciples by a practically
unanimous vote.
The new $6,000 Presbyterian
church at Gaffuey, S. C, is nearing
Causes fully half the sickness to the world. It
retains the digested food too long in the bowels
and produces biliousness, torpid liver, indi-
nn n
gestion, bad taste, coated
tongue, sick headache, in
somnia, etc Hood's Pins
cure constipation and an its
results, easily and thoroughly. 25c An druggists.
Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co, Lowen, Mass.
The only Pius to take with Hood's Sarsaparnift,
Steele Pennyrojal Pills
pf original and onl9
FKENCH. safe and reliable Touri
on the market. PHc 2,1.00; sent
or naiL . Genuine sold only by
- 1 t
similutiaS UtcFoodandReguta-
tind the Siaaaclis cnai3cv,-eib ci
Promotes DigcsUon,Chcerful
nc'ss andRest.Contains neiOtor
OpiunU'Iorpnine r.cx Kxerai.
Not Hab.c otic.
gMU SalU -ytnitt
. Jippemant - '
Ji Carione&5eCG
JVarm Ste-d -
niriitv- i.ui j - - . r
tion. Sour Stomach.Diarrlioea,
Worms ,Convulsions,revensu
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
TacSimile Signature of
$3,950 GOLD BRICK.
Sent From Georgia to the Charlotte
The Atlanta Constitution says:
"The Royal mine, near Tallapoosa,
Haralson county, snipped yesteruay
to the United States mint, at (Jhar
lotte, a gold brick worth $9,350.
"Mr. -Frank Hams, treasurer' of
the company, brought tbe bullion to
Atlanta for shipment and lefc it for
a while in the window of Mr.
Charles Crankshaw, where it at
tracted great attention. During
the forenoon Mr. Harris brbught
the brick to the Constitution office,
where it was weighed, and the office
boy bit it to see if it was genuine.
It was the clean-up for Marco, Mr.
Harris stated,- and was the hrst
wash up made since the new plant
was put in operation. The Itoyal
mine ha3 now forty stamps, and a
Huntington mill The equipment is
the most complete in the South.
The Uoyal is now down 105 feet."
President McKinlev'a Ne v Office Honrs
A new "White House rule goes into
efftct today. The strain of receiv
ing clhce serkers has become too
great, and hereafter - the President
will deny himself to all general
callers after 1 p. jn. each dav. savs
the Sun. During 1he afternoon he
will see only those with whom he
has special appointments, and thus
endeavor to get a little time for the
transaction of important public busi
ness. 'According to the amended
rules, therefore, the hours from 10
to 12 will hereafter, except on Cabi
net days, be devoted ..to receiving
Senators and Representatives, and
general callers from 12 to 1. The
usual reception to the general pub
lic on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays will be continued.
The Two Old Twins.
Messrs. Hector and Hub Mn-
Lfin, the two celebrated Harnett.
county twins, drove into Fayette-
vine a lew days ago. The Observer
says it has not oeen but a few years
since they would walk the distance,
nearly thirty miles, and with ease.
They will be eighty seven years old
next month. Eich ba3 his coffin
already procured and Wednesday
mey were negotiating with Mr.
Remsburg for a monument to be
erected over their graves.
The Latest From Cuba.
A biff battle has been fnnorhf of
Mai Fimpo, Santa Clara province,
vuua, oetween tne uubans, com
manded by Aleman. and a at
Spanish column of 1,500 men. The
Spnish were defeated, retreating in
disorder after leaving on the field
w men Kmea ana wounded.
Gen. Gomez is at the estate Re
forma, in Santa Clara province. He
has not been disturbed bv tbe Sn.n
ish. "
- -w- ,
Good Prospects In the Broihies.
Thev tell ng that, th .o,.
for fruits, peaches and all were
u5'" wiiuf in me urusnies.
Wilkesboro Chronicle. -
Used in Gel-many.
UonwOfHse bas t. er, u, Gnnr.y
f." tii- u-fti,.s, of , , , f.,r Khi.mitiMn,
JStui-H g.a-, sprains, brakes, etc . .iud fouad
to be uf mcs le ible n inedv knowB. Al
ways sol i under gurun tee If it does you'
no g,H,d Uk-u back to vonr rim;...
get your inon.y. Made only by Goose
Grease Liniment Co., Greemboro, i,. (J.
' Apr10-ly
Ducks and
T, . wwt
ErBlaX pLD9nibrr ut
Sn?&rSL MhfT.
if you buy of us. Address OCCONEECHEE FARM, Durham, N.G
Family Sued co Y,Roa4 extract, witib oneechee GOtW
3 ri-ivv-cuirfiii-.i:,
Castoria ia put cp In OH0-siio tcttlci only. It
ia net eold in bulk. Don't allow asyect to mQ
yon anything else on the plea or promise tint it
ia " innt as pood" and "will answAi- var
ft J O --"'J U.
i 3 pose." 5- Bee that yon get C-A-S-T-O-B-U
l 718140- 7
LLa&&4&uai '7
They Were Wide of the Mark-A
Trust is Benefitted.
If a robber protective policy is to
prevail in this government we can't
help but feel glad that the produc
ers of mica are to get some of the
benefits of it But is Mr. Pearson
aware of the fact that the mica trade
of his own Congressional district is
cornered by the "Mica Trust" and
that the poor man who might be
able to mine and oner a small quan
tity on the market is and will be
just as well off as a cat in Bhoel
without claws, unless he can have
the" fav'rof the gentlemen who con
trol the mica trust? Vitn the fos
tering care the policy of high pro
tection gives trusts ana comqinej
we can have but little encourage
ment that any very great benefit will
accrue to the producers of mica in
Western North Carolina, except
those who are inside the trust
Mr. Pearson's claim that more
than 100,000 people in his district
are in any way interested in or de
pendent on the mica industry for
living is simply too absurd to repeat.
In tue county of Jackson, one of the
largest mica producing counties in
his district, there are not and never
have been, either directly or indi
rectly, one thousand men, women
and children interested in the pro
duction of mica, From the Silva
EnfillshiEen Itching for a Flfbt
Londojt, April 17. The drift
towards war with the Transvaal
heartily welcomed by moat classesof
Liberals." West and Eastenders are
anxious for the outbreak of hostili
ties in South Africa.
Life's often lost from little ills
Which might be saved by little pilk
That ia to say, if you suffer from
i biliousness, constipation, dyspepsia,
1 or torpid liver use Dr Pierce's Pleas
ant Pellets.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West, that wai
here last year, has opened the season
at Madison Square GardeD, Kef
York, which place Barnum and Bai
ley's circus has just vacated forth
tour through the South and West
im ... '
PinerHle Crreuit Appotuttmaan,
Harrison 1st and 3rd SuDdi. 11
m.. f-utiday school at 10 a. in-, W. E- C
nineham, supt
Pineviile-2nd and b Sundays 11
m "Sunday school at 10 ia 3 p.
A. Youi.ts, superintendent
Marvin 1st and 3rd Sundays 3 p
Fundsy school at 10 a m aDd 1-30 P
Geo W. Sutton, supt.
HebroD 2nd and 4th Suudavs. 3 p. i
Sunday school 10 a. m. and l 30 p.
Chas. Al. Campbell, eupt
, Thos W. Fmitb. P. t.
Tutt's Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills
Save Your Money.
One box of Tutt's Pills will save
riiany dollars in doctors' bills
They willsurjely cure all diseases
of the stomach, liver or bowels.
No Reckless Assertion
For sick headache, dyspepsia
malaria, constipation and bilio
usness, a million people endorse
uarters for the Best, Only
j tST uronze and WW Holland Turkeys, d---and
Wlute Plymouth Rocks, Brown and White Legh
Light Brahma; Indian and Pit Games, Buff Cochins. Sil
Laced Wyandotte. White Ptr!n Ducks. .WuscOH
Pea Fowls.
of Ported Ewe. by Imported Bucks, g
..Strain Jersey C-

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