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Charlotte Democrat.
W. C. DOWD. Editor.
Col. J. Wiley Shook, the Pride
of the Mountains, and the champion
Pie Hunter of the Big Smokies, has
addressed an open letter -to Maj.
McKinley, the-Big Medicine Man of
Pie Counter Lodge. In this open
epistle J. Wiley lays bare his soul
and tells the longings of his heart,
and throws a projectoscope picture
of the emotions of those who hunger
after pie, and will not be comforted,
because it is not.
This stirring appeal is, in the lan
guage of our own Shepherd Dugger,
enough to "make a heart of stone
weep bitter tears."
Will not the Croat Father in the
White House heed his longing call?
The New York Tribune, discuss
ing the question of how the con
victs shall be provided for, suggests,
apparently as a new idea, that they
be put to work building roads, as
highway improvement is a public
"work of benefit to all and enters into
competition with no private indi
vidual or corporation.
In this county (Mecklenburg)
road building has been done by con
victs for a number of years, aud the
experiment ha3 been notably suc
cessful, so much so that the system
has been extended to many other
counties in the State, and to our
neighbors across the border.
The people of Newbern are in a
pretty fix. Three negroes were
elected on the Board of Aldermen.
Now Governor Eussell has appointed
five aldermen, not a representative
man among them, to complete the
Board. These eight met, elected A.
D. Denison mayor, and created po
licemen's places galore, increasing
the annual police expense $2,500,
and adjourned to complete their
work Saturday. The democratic
aldermen and Mayor Ellis were not
notified of the meeting, and refuse to
recognize its authority.
The Greek success at Yelestino is
inspiring, but it is hardly enough to
make up for the disgraceful flight
from Larissa, and the abandonment
of one city after another. For the
good of Greece, it is to be hoped
that the war will be ended soon by
the Powers. Her comparatively
Email army has been badly handled
by her General?, while the large
forces of the Turks have been well
Greece is plucky and brave, but
the Turks have the numbers and the
The Grand Army of thePiepublic
of New York State in a special reso
lution declares that it wants a school
history of the United States written
in which every movement of the
Confederates shall be called "trea
son," every man who wore the gray
dubbed as a "traitor" and a "rebel."
This seems strange, coming so soon
after the soldiers who fought under
Grant and the soldiers who fought
against him united to pay a tribute
to his memory.
The Tar Heel Republicans pro
fess to believe in "home rule." They
certainly believe in family office
holding, for Governor Ilussell's
brother is to be given a good "sit,"
Claude Dockery's brother, Victor,
has a good place at the State prison,
Senator Pritchard's brother in law is
to be a deputy in Marshal Milliken's
office and Marsh Mott's brother is
given a place at the penitentiary.
There are others.
The arbitration treaty with Great
Britain has been laid to rest. Prob
ably it is better so, for while arbi
tration sounds well, and perpetual
peace is a great institution; still, it
seems rather queer that the compact
for peace should be made with a na
tion that is perpetually at war with
"weaker nations, and that has ex
tended its territory over the earth
by force and arms.
People do not reaiize how the
tariff affects them until they come
to buy goods, and pay increased
prices. In another column is a com
parison of the prices you pay now
for the every day necessities of life
and the prices vou will have to nnv '
when the new Republican tariff goes j
into enect.
The new tariff will make itself
felt in your pocket-book next fall.
The "reforms" proposed by Spain
for Cuba turn out to be the same
flimsy promises on paper that have
before been given the. oppressed and
over-taxed people of the ialancL
Even the newspapers of Madrid call
them unjust.
m ill
President McKinley announces
that no more important appoint
ments will be made until after the
tariff bill is passed. This is like
holding a tempting morsel above the
heads of the Congressmen . and tell
ing them they must jump for it.
Brief Glimpses of
the General News.
A committee has been appointed
by Governor Wells, of Utah, and the
Utah Centennial Commission to call
upon President McKinley and invite
him to attend the jubilee celebration
of the arrival of the Utah pioneers,
to be held in July.
The situation in the Greco-Turkish
war seems to be that the powers
are waiting for Greece" to acknowl
edge her defeat, when they will step
in and end hostilities.
President Krnger, in a speech to
the Rand, the legislative assembly
of the Transvaal, asked that Victo
ria jubilee day be made a holiday in
the Transvaal.
The Cuban insurgents have at
tacked the cultivation pone of
Vueltas and burned large quantities
of tobacco and other property The
Spanish commander has called for
Vandercook & Co , California
wine dealers, have applied in the
United States Court of Charleston
for an injunction to restrain dispen
sary officials of South Carolina from
interfering with the firm's business.
The otatesville Landmark says
the Old North State Concert Band
will play here during the Woman's
Lxnositior The date has not been
definitely ; ermined upon but the
band will y. bably be here between
the 12th a : the 19th.
The ui .itarv conditions in
some of t Cuban towns and cities
are apj aluug and disease and hun
ger go hand in hand
The Aurora Bays snow fell in
Shelby at eleven o'clock Saturday
ji,. 1). .hndy, ot Cabarrus, came
near being drowned while trying to
ford Adams Creek.
Marthville, Union county, has a
chicken with three legs, the extra
leg growing cut of his back.
Wesley Caswjll, Esq., a Confed
erate veteran and a well known citi
zen of Cabarrus, died yesterday,
aed 69 years.
The International Association of
Machinists is in convention at Kan
sas City.
The Journeymen Bakers' and
Confectioners, International Union
are meeting in triennial convention
at Cleveland, Ohio.
Charles Day Lanier, of New York,
a son of the late Sidney Lanier, the
poet, will be married to Miss May
Field, of Chicago.
The Woman's Health Protective
Association is in session in Phila
Jerome B. Wheeler, the former
millionaire of Aspen, Col., is said
to be at the end of his string after
twelve years of unqualified success.
He was reputed to be worth at one
time anywhere from one to five mil
lions, and the mercantile agencies
said that the latter figure was a
closer estimate of his fortune than
the former.
Admiral Meade died yesterday in
Mayor Strong, of New York, an
nounces that he has 1,000 bricks
from the temporary tomb of Gen.
Grant, which he will -give to
Grand Army posts.
The Secretary of the Treasury has
issued new regulations aimed to pro
hibit the importation of adulterated
Henry T. McDonald and others
have organized the "Loyal Demo
crats," whose object it will be to
oppose the nomination and the elec
tion of any man who . bolted Bryan
and the Chicago platform.
By a vota of 124 to .55 the House
defeated a resolution requiring
Speaker Reed to appoint the com
mittee. Under the lead of Mr.
Bailey, 33 Democrats voted against
the resolution, while 32 voted for it.
A verdict was reached in the
Romeyn court martial. It is believed
that the accused officer has either
been acquitted or left with a repri
mand. The North American Turnerbund
meets at St. Louis this week.
"Bill" Adler, of Kansas City, Mo,
killed his second man in a crap
game Sunday.
About 1,200 plumbers are on a
strike at Chicago, 111., owing to
differences about helpers.
The bricks of the old Grant tomb
will be distributed by the New York
Board of Estimates and Apportion
ment. Five or six hundred Polish labor
ers quietly paraded in Detroit, Mich.,
with banners saying: "We want
work, not charity."
The govrnors of the New York
Wool Exchange have appointed A.
Willard Lighthorn as secretary. The
exchange will be thrown open for
business in a few days.
Dean W. Richmond, of a promi
nent Buffalo (N. Y.) family, was
found dead in the St. Charles Hotel,
New York, yesterday. He was
bruised, and police think he was
robbed and murdered.
Capt. Henry Itomeyn, in whose
case a court martial was recently
held at Fort McPherson, Ga , will
take charge of the Chilian exhibit
at the Tennessee exposition and will
soon be retired from the army.
New .York importers are angry
because the v Republicans held the
retroactive clause of the Dingley
bill over their heads until they paid
$35,000,000 in duties and then made
the Jaw effectue July 1.
The Greek Ministers of War and
Iuterior have returned from Phar
s ila to Athens and reported to the
Cibinet One correspondent says
that as a result the war will be dis
continued; another says that the re
sult was a decision to continue the
H. O. Havemeyer, " President of
the Sugar Trust, and John E.
Searles, its Secretary, have been or
dered to appear, with others, in the
Federal Court at Washington on
May 17 to be tried for refusing to
furnish information to the Senate
investigating committee in 1894.
The Rev. Dr. W. S. Rainsford, of
New York, in a sermon at Trinity
Church denounced the rich churches
that move away from the poor dis
tricts, and predicted that rich men
would find it necessary before long
to endow churches where the poor
may hear the word of God for noth
ing .
The assets of two of the three
New Bedford mills that recently
failed exceed the liabilities.
The New York Court of Appeals
has approved the death sentences of
murderers Guiseppe Constantine and
Howard A. Scott.
Ex-Vice President Stevenson will
sail for Europe Saturday, in compa
ny with Messrs. Wolcott and Paine,
of the Bimetallic Commission.
Quartermaster J. B. Huggins, of
the steamer Decatur H. Miller, was
lost overboard during the voyage
from Savannah, Ga.., to Baltimore,
Captain Edward W. Reed, of the
clipper ship Thomas F. Oakes, has
been held for the Federal Grand
Jury at New York for cruelty to bis
Reports from many river points
indicate that the flood is subsiding.
Jesse Martin was shot and killed
by levee guards at West Baton
Rouge, La., for trespassing.
Mayor Harrison of Chicago has
directed the removal of two Repub
lican Civil Service-Commissioners.
Mrs. C. R. Cleveland, of Pratt,
Kas., suspected her husband and
following him, found him in com
pany of two women. She shot him.
At Gallup, N. M., yesterday the
Atlantic and Pacific railroad was
sold at auction for $12,000,000.
Receiver Walker of the Santa Fe
bid it in for his company.
Ten thousand dollars in checks
and Treasury notes, and fifty car
loads of corn and wheat wiil trail
eastward with Dr. Talmage as Chi
cago's gift toward the relief of the
famine stricken people of India.
The Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
of Indianapolis, Ind., has gone un
der. A prize fiht between" Harry Stout
and Ernest King took place in the
hall of the Delaware house of repre
sentatives last Tuesday.
It is believed an upward movement
in the coffee market may be expected,
the Baltimore Sun says.
Richard Watson Gilder delivered
a strong address in Baltimore on
"Public Opinion in America
Senator Gorman held a conference
in Baltimore with some of his polit
ical friends and made arrangements
for the coming campaign."
Henry F. Gillig, formerly the
head of the American Exchange in
London, was sent to jail in New
York in default of bail, his arrest
being the outcome of a suit brought
against him by a furrier.
Bishop Potter made an address in
New York in which he said he would
not endure injustice at the hands of
an employer.
The report of the legislative com
mittee which has been investigating
the city government of Philadelphia
states that the voters are intimidated
by firemen and policemen.
The annual commencement of
Princeton Theological Seminary was
held at Princeton, N. J., this week.
The National Association of Rail
way Surgeons is holding its conven
tion in Chicago.
The Gilbert Manufacturing Com
pany, wholesale dealers in cotton
goods at 380 Broadway, New York,
have made an assignment The
company had no factorv of its own,
but was a converter of cotton goods,
and made a specialty of dress goods
The liabilities are 500,000. They
lay their failure to the Cleveland
Wm. A. Marburg and G. W. Gail,
of Baltimore, will retire from the
directory of the American TobacLO
Company. Lewis Ginter, of Rich
mond, has already retired
The International Woman's Health
Protective League was formed at a
convention in Philadelphia.
Ex-Congressman Elbridge Gerry
Spaulding, who was known as the
"Father of the Greenback," died at
Buffalo, N. Y.
The mansion near New Rochelle,
N. Y., of President Green, of the
Columbia Navigation Company, wa3
burned; los3, $200,000.
A meeting of Hebrews in sympa
thy with the movement to establish
a State in Palestine, where oppressed
Hebrews throughout the world may
una a piace or. retuge, was held in
New York.
The National Municipal League
is in session at Louisville, Ky.
Three 'thousand five hundred
miners in Eastern Tennessee and
Southern Kentucky are on a strike
because of a proposed reduction in
The Bakers' International Union,
which is meeting at Cleveland.
Ohio, has decided to make a stand
for an eight hour working day.
Delegates from the Federation of
Musicians got an injunction from
the court at Kansas City compelling
the Natioual League of Musicians to
admit them to its convention.
Fannie Bals, three years old, was
choked to death in Park Row, New
York, by shallowing tco large a
pkee of a banana.
The will of Howard Potter, father
in law of Cora Urquhart Potter, has
been admitted to probate. Out of
his fortune of 07,000,000 he leaves
his actress daughter in law nothing.
The South and West Grain and
Trade Congress is in session at Kan
sas City. "
Joseph R Danlop, proprietor of
the Chicago Dispatch, has entered
Joliet prison as a convict.
A California farmer found a full
grown lion and lioness and four
cubs in the cellar of a house into
which he had just moved.
State Comptroller Roberts of New
York has found a number of Revo
lutionary ; documents of historical
interest in the State House.
Airs. Arthur Blair, of Chicago,
sent a trusted man servant to her
safety deposit vault to deposit some
money. He ran away with a for
tune in diamonds and money.
The New York Prod
ha discovered that
bodies in Boston, Philadelphia and
Baltimore are backing the Joint
Traffic Association in its fight before
the Interstate Commerce Commission
to prevent a reduction in grain rates
to New York.
Minister Powell Clayton has ar
rived at the city of Mexico.
The arbitration treaty between
the United States and Great Britain,
which required a two-thirds vote for
ratification, was defeated in the Sen
ate, 43 to 26.
Dr. Von Hoist, of the Chicago
University, announces the discovery
of Prof. Von Schroen, at Naples,
that rocks live. Photographs show
ing the birth and growth of crystals
have been taken by the discoverer,
who ha3 devoted, his life' and fortune
to proving his theory that mattt r
heretofore regarded as inorganic is
J. E. O'Meara, assistant cashiei of
the New York Life Insurance Com
pany's office, San Francisco, Cal., at
tempted suicide by shooting. He
will recover.
James H. Aldrich, the paymaster
of the Kansas City, Fort Scott &
MemphisRailway,'who stole $27,000,
was sentenced to two years at Kan
sas City, Mo.
For the first time in ten years
there are open saloons in Topeka,
The Florida Assembly has taken
two more fruitless ballots for United
States senator.
Minister Charlemagne Tower, of
Philadelphia, has sailed on the
Britanic f oi his post of duty in
The convention of the Interna
tional Association of Mechanics in
session at Kansas City, Mo., has
adopted a rule providing for the
intiative and referendum.
The board of levee commissioners
of the Mississippi district will re
pair the embankments at once, hop
ing to protect the farmers who wish
to raise crops.
Six anarchists were put to death
in Barecelona, Spain.
Oicar Wilde is still in Reading
(England) prison, but he will be re
leased on the 18th or 19th of this
The revolution in Ecuador is re
ported to be gaining strength.
In the horrible disaster at the
annual charity bazaar in Paris,
Mme. Hanssmann is among the
dead and the Duchess d'Uzes among
the injured. Many of the dead,
wounded and missing belong to the
nobility and the wealthy class. The
fire was started by an explosion of
chemicals used in a moving picture
The coal miners' strike on the
Cincinnati Southern is on. The cut
in wages precipitated the strike of
2,000 colliery men at Jellico, Tenn.,
and 500 at Rockwood, Tenn , and in
two Alabama mines.
The Spanish government has or
dered th trial of the crew of the
Competitor to be proceeded with
It is leported that the British
mission under Lieutenant Henderson
has beeu captured by Chief Samory
at Wa, in the African Gold Coast
colony. Troops are being hurried to
his relief.
Six Mussulmans implicated in thd
massacres of Christians at Tokat
have been sentenced to death and
others to imprisonment.
Mrs. George Linnaeus Banks, the
poet, died in England.
Uruguayan rebels defeated a body
of government troops under General
A column of native soldiers in the
Congo Free State multitude at
Ndrifi wells and killed five German
The British ship Lizzie Burrell,
is quarantined in New York harbor,
uaptain Saunders having died of
yellow fever at Rio during the voy
age. -
la the Florida Legislature Chip
ley received 3 votes for United
States Senator; Call, 35; Raney, 19;
I Hocker, 3, and Burford, 1.
Call withdrew la3t night.
The New York Chamber of Com
merce will erect a building for its
own uses to cost about $1,000,000,
of which $260,000 has been sub
scribed The United States flag is to be
unfurled on a little unclaimed coral
reef known as the New Baldayo Is
land, near the equator, in the Pacific
Harry B. Hutching, dean of the
Law Department of Michigan Uni
versity, has accepted the presidency
in the absence of President Angell,
Minister to Turkey.
John Fly, aged 15, was acciden
tally shot and killed by his younger
brother Eddie at Old Lyme, Conn.
The International Association of
Machinists in convention have de
clared in favor of an eight-hour
Rhoda Raymond, of Upper San
dusky, O., committed suicide because
her lover had discontinued his visits
to her. ,
The Milwaukee (Wis.) Theoso
phists have been entertaining una
wares Annie OdeliaDiss de Bar, of
spook picture notoriety.
One of the Dunham sisters, in
Barnum and Bailey's . Circus, fell
from a trapeze at Washington, D.
C, and narrowly escaped death.
The fourth triennial Congress of
American Physicians and Surgeons,
in session at Washington D. C, has
finished its work.
Charles Wilson, a milk wagon
driver at Chicago, 111., was pros
trated by the heat, the thermometer
registering 80 degrees.
Ex-Secretary of State John W.
Foster, will go abroad on May 19 in
connect on with Bering Sea negotia
tions. '' '
An. attempt by Mr. King, of Utah,
to have Hawaii annexed by joint res-
olution, was laughed out ot the
House. " " -j
Friends of Broker Chapman, the
recalcitrant witness who has been
sentenced to thirty days in jail,
nrged President McKinley to pardon
him; It is understood that the Pres
ident agreed to do so if Chapman
would apologize to the Senate
W. L. Scruggs, formerly United
States -Minister to Venezuela and
now senior counsel of that republic,
has arrived here with the approTed
boundary treaty-with Great Britain.
The ratifications will be exchanged
in Washington.
Three girl students have been ex
pelled from Wellesley College for
drinking aud smoking cigarettes.
Witnesses before the Senate com
mittee investigating the workings of
the Civil Service laws have made
serious charges against Post Office
Department officials under the Cleve
land Administration.
The Iowa Legislature has selected
the wild rose as the official State
John Thomas, a boy who voper
ated a hoisting eagine at the Tama
rack mine, Michigan, stood to his
post while in imminent' peril- of
being blown to atoms.' His hravery
saved the lives of many miners.
All bakers' international labels
must hereafter be bought in Chicago.
General Frank Wheaton has re
tired from the United States army
after a service of 47 years.
The National Manufactuiing
Company, of Oshkosh, Wis , pro
ceeded against as the sash trust, has
been dissolved.
The International Association of
Machinists will erect a $2,500 monu
ment over the late E. W. Talbot,
originator of the association.
James Phillips, the original Jeems
Phillips in Edward Eggleston's
' Hoosier Schoolmaster," has been
stricken with paralysis at Terre
Haute, iDd.
During an electric storm at Chew
ela, Wash., Laura Roiler and Lutie
McCormack ..took refuge nnder a
tree, and were fatally prostrated by
a lightning stroke.
A woman known as Irene Myer
was choked to death in her bed in a
resort at Pine Bluff, Ark., by a man
who disappeared, but is believed to
have been her husband; whom she
had deserted.
Charles J." Howard, a speculator,
has been placed under $10,000 bond
in New York city to answer a charge
preferred by Charles J. Hartman, of
Baltimore, Md., of having swindled
him out of a stock farm worth
The big graia elevator of the Cen
tral of Georgia Railroad, at Savan
nah, Ga., has just been given a thor
ough inspection and overhauling
with a view to using it to handle
through shipments of grain. The
railroads are working on the matter
of Western grain shipments, and it
is expected that the meeting of the
South and West Grain Congress at
Kansas City, last Wednesday may
give some impetus to the movement.
Rev. C. L. Hoffman, of Charlotte,
to Preach the Annual Sermon.
Correspondence of the News.
Greensboro, May 8. The pro
gramme for the Commencement of
the State Normal school is as fol
lows: Saturday night, May 15 th,
alumna meeting and reception by
the faculty; Sunday, commencement
sermon by Rev. Charles L. Hoffman,
of Charlotte; Tuesday morning,
address by Mr. J ulian S. Carr on
"The Philanthropy of Dorothea
Dix;" address by Hon. J L. M.
Curry, general agent of the Peabody
fund; Tuesday night, representative
senior essays; Wednesday morning,
memorial exercises relating to the
life and services of Hon. S. M. Finger;
address by Walter H. Page, of the
Atlantic Monthly; presentation of
diplomas, Bibles, and constitutions;
Wednesday night, entertainment by
the Adelphian and Cornelian Liter
ary Societies. Governor and Mrs.
Russell will attend the commence
ment exercises, and Governor Russell
will present the constitutions to the
graduates on Wednesday; and State
Superintendent Mebane will be
present. '
A "Blue Gum" Negro to Hang.
A Macon special to the New York
Sun sayn A "blue gum" negro
occupies a cell in the county jail of
Bibb, from whence he will be taken
on May 21 to McRae, Ga., to be
hanged. His name is -Elijah Mor
ton, and he has a record for mur
ders and desperate crimes which
have made his name one to conjure
with in the section around McRae.
The "blue gum" negro is rare, but
he invariably represents the most
depraved qualities of his race. He
has light blue gums and short teeth,
and there is a well-grounded super
stition among the negroes that a
bite from sach a person is fatal.
In a -personal encounter the "blue
gum" man always bites.
Morton has been the terror of
Telfair county for years, and al
though he has been shot at perhaps
more than any one criminal in
Georgia, he has never been in the
toils until last Saturday, when-he
was put on trial and sentenced to be
hanged. A few weeks ago he killed
Charles Cromarty, wife, and son,
and Morton's own wife with a rifle.
While the blood fever was still
on him he slaughtered all the do
mestic animals around the place un
til his supply of ammunition was
Constination ran lu
ir - caeuy
and certainly by the use of Dr
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They are
perfectly simple perfectly safe.
They are not at all violent in their
action, and yet they are more cer
tain than many medicines which
are so strong that they put the sys-
kui " uiuer. i ne great ad
vantage of the "Pleasant Pellets" is
that thev CUT rtormananW v "V
don't acquire a "pellet habit," as in
using other pills. Take them regn- J
larly for a while, and you are cured
permanently. After that, take them
only when you find yourself suffer-
in !T frnTTl inr!?rraa4im mi !
a ""6iouuu- -i. Here are
raanv meniomea nfrraA it
j w vnnm mi me same
purpose on which druggists make a
biffp-er TtrofiL Vnr tfca
druggists wouia rather sell the other
things. If your own health is of
more importance to yon than the
druggist prosperity, you will insist
on having what yon ask for.
Note of States News
Pointed Paragraphs.
It is reported that a syndicate of
Asheville capitalists is going to each
county to attend the sheriff's sale of
land for taxes, and is buying the
land for a mere song, and .then
holding their tax deeds to the said
land until the time for paying such
taxes expires. Then they own the
property, which has been purchased
for a mere fraction of what it is
worth. . ' . ,
It haa been definitely decided that
National Committeeman J. E. Boyd,
of the Tarheel State; will be ap
pointed Solicitor for the Internal
Revenue Department, and his nomi
nation is expected this week.
Fifty sets of the Colonial Records
are ordered distributed by the State
library board.
The Shelby Aurora says Smith s
Mica house is now filled with,men
and girls, all busy cutting, sorting,
shaping, packing and shipping mica.
The Southern States Magazine
says: "Ex-Postmaster Tyner finds
great pleasure in his home in the
mountains of Western North Caro
lina, at Tryon, Polk county. He
says there are thousands of families
in the northwest who will find it to
their comfort and advantage to epend
a few months every winter, if not
all the time, in the.South."
W. W. Rollins, the new post
master, has taken charge of the
Asheville office.
A queer suit is in trial at Ashe
ville. A woman put her three
children in the Children's Home,
and the father took them from the
institution by force. The mother
brings suit against him. And
another suit for desertion and aban
donment is to result.
The News has received an invi
tation to the commencement at
Greensboro Female College, May
25th, 26th and 27th. Bishop Gallo
way will preach the annual Bermon,
at 11 a. m., Tuesday, May 25 th;
Mrs. Sallie S. Cotton will deliver
the address to alumnae, at 8 p. m.,
the same day; the graduating exer
cises of the class of 1897, followed
by the literary address by Rev. W.
C. Norman, of Raleigh, w!H take
place Wednesday, May 26th, and
the annual concert will be given on
the same evenitfg. The art exhibit
will embrace Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday The graduating class
numbers eleven. .
Gen. Theo. L. Rosser is giving
projectoscope entertainments in dif
ferent parts of the State for the local
camps of Confederate Wterans.
A Winston alderman fell over two
barrels and broke two ribs
Weather Observer Vou Herrman
says we are to have a cool summer
in North Carolina.
Jersey and Carolina.
Frank Heywood writes in South
ern Progress: "I have been asked
what practical benefit will be derived
from the visit of the New Jersey ed
itors to Charlotte and Raleigh. Well,
the Northern heart and the Southern
heart each has its value and their
fortuitous combination enhances
their worth. The Northerners have
taught Raleigh and Charlotte that
"conservatism" is false to progress
in fact, conservatism is well-nigh
akin to absolute destruction. The
Southerners taught the Jerseyites
that a knowledge of the country
sruth of the Delaware is a good
thing for our common nation. The
above lessons which .have - been
profited by America can never be
too grateful for. The North Caro
linians, too, may consider it equally
a benefaction that the Jerseyites
are going to put $1,000,000 down
there thiayear."
GoTrmor Jhn Sevier.
The Tennessee Centennial cele
bration should awaken in every pat
riotic American a desire to read toe
life of Governor John Sevier, as
related, for instance, in such a bio
graphy as the one written by James
R. Gilmore (1887) . John Sevier
was a typical pioneer of the South
west, and Tennessee's most notable
hero. -Of French descent, he was,
however, a Virginian born, and was
at the age of 27 a captain in the
Virginia line. He was a dashing In
dian fighter, and was presented with
a sword and pistol by the North
Carolina Legislature, In battle, ac
cording to a fellow soldier, "his eyes
were flames of fire, and his words
were electric bolts crashing down
the ranks of the enem ."Philadel
phia Record.
Killed on the Levee.
The second killing from the ex
citement over high water and -the
fear of levee cutters occurred yes
terday, when John Matherne, a
young man of St. James parsb, was
shot and killed at Pike's Peak levee,
forty miles above New Orleans. It
was a case of mistaken identity.
Matherne was one of the guards on
the levee. He left the levee for a
few minutes to go to hi residence.
When he returned another guard
named Paul Porter, seeing him ap
proaching the levee and believed
him to be a levee cutter, opened fire
with a load of buckshot, fatally
wounding Matherne.
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Fac Simile Signature of
Attractive Programme of the Coming
Commencement May i8th.
Very attractive invitations have
been received to the commencement
of Matthews high school, which
occurs May 16th to the 19th. - Rev.
T. P. Bonner will preach the annual
sermon Sunday the 16tb, at 8:15 p.
m. On Monday evening the public
debate will occur. Query: "Should
the ballot be restricted to those who
can read and write." The president
is Henry Conder and Wade Carpen
ter is the secretary. John Abernethy
and John Tolar will speak in the
affirmative and Lester McLeod and
Henry Stoker in the negative. Tues
day evening a concert will be given.
Wednesday is commencement day
proper, and at ten o'clock a, m the
declamation and recitation contests
for medals will be held. At 2:30 p.
m. Thomas M. Hufham, of Hickory
will deliver the literary address; 3:30
p. m., presentation of medals; 8:15
p. m. musical concert.
The marshals are: Will McAuley,
chief; Henry Stoker, Henry Condor,
.Lester McLeod, Wade Carpenter.
The senior class is composed . of:
Henry Condor, Wade Carpenter,
Beulah Funderburk, Eva Heath,
Lester McLeod, May .Morgan, Joe
Matthews, Mamie Ren f row, Edith
Reed, Carrie Smythe, Henry Stoker
and John Tolar.
Colonel A. K. McCIure Among Those
Expected to Speak.
k ..1 - i .
Among ine Bpeasers wno are
expected to deliver addresses at the
ninth annual Scotch-Irish Congress
to be held at Detroit, Mich., June
10 13 are: Colonel Alexander K
McCIure, of Philadelphia; Dr Rad
cliffe, of jWashington, D C; Dr Duf-
lield, JNew York; Dr John Hall.
New York; Professor George- Mac-
cosine, rnnceton, JN ;J; Uolonel
John J McCook, New York; Professor
H A White, Lexington, Va; Bishop
o jciiuer xnompson, Jackson, Miss;
Rev Howard A Johnston, Chicago,
HI; Hon James Dmsmore, Sterling
111; Hon Adlai E Stephenson,
uioomington, 111; Hon B M Catch-
eon, Urand Rapids, Mich; Dr W Q
Craig, McCormi k Theological Sem
inary, Chicago 1 11.
: At th National Capital.
C. S. Johnston, it is fcaid, will
tne next ifovernor of Alaska. "
Mark Hanna has been overworked
by office seekers and will return to
Ohio for a few days.
' State Senator Hundley of Ala
bama has decided not" to contest the
electiDn of General Joe Wheeler.
v iTbe.8nndry civil appropriation
bill will be considered by the house
in committee of the whole today
Baroness Hlrsch's Llberl Donation.
Pa bis, May 10. Baroness Hirsch
is the anonymous donor of 937,300
francs received by the committee on
chanty for the Bazaar sufferers
Vsed in Germany.
Go . O
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FWH r7u c
miuan GtatrntTwith Oceecle
j o - iu u:wer tTWTw.
pose." 5- Bee that yon get C-A-S-It
Excellent Prospects for Its Erectlm
Permanent Officers Elected.
mi i n
xiie pruepecis ior tne moMine'
are excellent, and it Beems life?
that a fund will be raised mfficit
to erect a structure that will be ,f
credit to the city. j
The monumental society at U
meeting this week adopted the fe!
lowing resolution:
"That a committee of fire In
pointed, consisting of Messrs. F,
McDowell, J. B. Alexander, J. l
Wilson, Jno. E. Erwin, andDr (k?
W. Graham, to solicit subferiptk
for a monument; also to consider t
signs and inscriptions and repot;
same to the full meeting of uW
ciety, on the first Tuesday in Ocfe-I
ber, 1897. at 8 p. m."
The committee also decided it'
erect the monument on the m
court h6use lot, Dr. Alexander iIok
voting against this motion. I
A . permanent organization k;
been effected with Dr. George l
Graham as president, J. W. Coti;
secretary, and E. L. B. Davis tre
urer. Dr. J. B. Alexander, B. k
Torrance, E. B. Springs, J. t
-0 I J T XT TTTM .1.J.I
xirwiu auu o. a., n uaon were ei.
vice presidents.
Tobaeeo Men Against Hihlrif.
"A Bichmond. Va.. sDecial to II
New York Sun says: "Virginisc.
North Carolina tobacco manufsct
era are considerably upset oter I
increase of the tax on tobacco fm.
6 to 8 cents, as proposed in the r
Senate Tariff bill. Efforts will J
made by the tobacco trade to hlj
some omciai action against men
Goose Grease.
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m flnnil.ir .nhnnl .t 1(1 a HI SD.Si'V
A. TfoUDts, superintendent
Marvin lot ani Snl SuadaV P
Bundav school at 10 a. m and 1-30 P
Geo. W. Sutton, supt.
Hebron 2nd and 4th SundavUP J
Bund y school 10 a. m aud 130 p.
Chi?. M. Campbell, supt. .
Thos W.FMrri.r
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