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The Durham and Charlotte Now Grad
ed to Johnston City, Six Miles This
Side of Deep River The Route of
the Survey.
Mr. S. E. Linton returned this
morning from a trip to Moore county,
where he went to look after the de
velopment of his property on the lice
of the new railroad now being built
finm Durham to Charlotte. The
new railroad, he tells a News man,
is now graded in the direction of
Charlotte to Johnston City, six miles
this side of Deep Kiver. The road
is now in active operation between
Glendon and Gulf.
Johnson City is about eighty miles
from Charlotte in a direct line.
This is the new town, Mr. Linton
and Mr. S. II. Harrison of Salisbury
have just laid out their property.
They own about three hundred acres
of land there.
The new road will nan via Gulf,
Johnston City, Troy, Albemarle and
I'ioneer Mills to Charlotte.
The new road lias bridged Deep
Kiver with the finest structure ever
put up over this stream.
Crab Orchard No. 2 reports a
cow that is not yet three years old
which had four calves.
One fiim of thrashermen in this
county say they have thrashed ten
thousand bushels of wheat this
Mr, Claude Matthews, of the
News staff, has gone to Wilmington,
and will represent the paper at the
encampment of the veterans.
Register of Deeds Cobb and his
assistants are hard at work on t he
tax returns. Charlotte township
has been completed, but the summa
ries have not yet been made.
Rev. Roger Martin returned this
morning from Marshville where he
has been assisting Rev. W. B. Arro
wood in a meeting.
Messrs. J. I. Blakely and S. II.
Youngblood returned thia morning
from Tampa and other points in
Mr. John Thompson, formerly of
Steel Creek, ia u-p from Columbia
where he is in business with Mr. C.
C. Cooper.
Miss Mattie Harris, who has been
visiting Mrs. Robert Erwin, on
North Church street, left for her
home in Pineville this morning.
By the Shoplon Glee Club.
The Shopton Glee Club will give
an exhibition at Shopton August
20th, at early candle light. They
are now rehearsing for She enter
tainment and (Tornise that it shall
be a howling success.
Returns to Charlotte to Live.
Mr. Lester Keerans, who has been
for five years in business in Balti
more, and who graduated with
honors from the Baltimore Phama
ceutical college, has returned to
Charlotte to live, accepting a position
in Mr. George Fitsimons' drugstore.
Rich Gold Finds in Stanly.
At Gladstone, Stanly county, a
two foot vein, the richest ever found
in that section, has been unearthed
on the lands of Mrs Clara Parker.
At New London another rich dis
covery has just been made. Nor
thern parties have made bids on the
To Start in About Two Weeks.
The boilers have been put in the
new factory of Mr. A. C. Summer
ville, which will manufacture bank-
band wedding, and Mr. Summerville
tells the News that he expects to
start his factory in about two weeks.
The brief delay is caused by the
non-arrival of some shafting.
Dr. Alexander the Delegate.
At the meeting of the county Far
mers' Alliance, held a few days ago,
Dr. J. B. Alexander was elected
delegate to the State Alliance, which
meets next month. No resolutions
were passed, and he goes uninstruct
ed. The election of officers was dc
ferred until a later meeting.
Dr. Mclver's Appointments.
Dr. Charles D. Mclver, president
of the State Normal College at
Greensboro, is appointed to speak on
the subject of education at Croft,
Monday, August 2nd, in the morn
ing and at Huntersville at four
o'clock in the afternoon of the
same day. He will also speak at the
River Bend rally on the 30th inst.
Married at 'Squire Bailes' Yesterday.
Mr. James Skipper and Misa Azy
Lambert, of Charlotte, were married
Sunday, July 25th by Squire W. O.
Bailes in South Carolina. They
were the 80th couple the Squire has
married this year.'
Mr. Enlow and Miss Revia Bailes
were married at the home of V. 0.
BaileB' yesterday (Sunday) by Rev.
Mr. Stowe, of Pineville. Both of
the contracting parties were of Pine
ville township.
Exciting Experience With High
Water. .
Deputy Sheriff E. O. Johnson had
an exciting experience with high
water a few days ago. He attempt
ed to cross a small creek at the junc
uuu sua xong ureeK; the stream
was swollen far beyond its banks,
was running swiftly, and Mr. John
son soon found that his buggy was
afloat. He cut the harness off his
mule and the animal swam out He
had to wait until the water subsided
before he recovered the buggy.
Picnic and Tournament for Pineville.
The News and Times are in re'
ceipt of an invitation to attend the
annual picnic and tournament a:
Pineville on August 4th. Dr. Cbas.
D. Mclver will deliver an address on
the subject of education, and other
prominent speakers will be present.
The committee of arrangements
is Dr. N. G. Moore, V. B. Blankeu
ehip,W. A. Smith, T. P. Morrow
and T. J. Smith.. This committee
can be counted to make a success ot
anything it undertaken.
At Mr. Nevlri's the Thief darried a
Trunk Into the Street, Rifled It of
Its Contents and Left it There Is
There an Organized Gang?
People who came in from Pine
ville Wednesday brought news of a
visitation fiom burglars TnfecUy
ni t h; that has tLoroughly stirred that
The burglars first entered Capfc.
John Youut's house, and ransacked
the closets and pantrie3, taking what
they could find. Though the in
truders went into different portions
of the house, none of the sleeping in
mates were disturbed. They did not
hear the burglars, and were not
At Mr. J. M. Nevin'a residence
the burglars not only took about
everything they could lay hands on,
but they t arried a trunk out of the
house, into the street, ritiVd. it and
iff t the empty trunk on the street.
They then made their wav to the
Dover yarn mill, and attempted to
break into the residence of Superin
tendent iioyd, but were unsuccessful.
Last night when the family retired
the blinds were fast and the windows
closed. This, morning it was fouud
that the sash had been removed, and
the blinds pulled wide open.
No one saw the house-breakers and
there is no clue to their identity.
The operations of the gang according
to the accounts, were very muchj'ike
the similar occurrences in King's
Mountain aiid Gastonia, and some
are inclined to link the occurrences
and charge them to a regular gang
of burglars who are "working" the
towns in this part of the State.
Mr. Cuningham, of Pineville, who
is here today, says the cotton crop in
that section promises well, and has
improved wonderfully in the last
ten days.
The people of Pineville are mik
ing great preparations for the rally
there next week, and expect a ltrge
crowd from all parts of the county,
and some from South Carolina.
An Establishment for the Manufac
ture of Sauces, Catsups and Drug,
gists' Sundries.
Charlotte is to have an important
new establishment to add to the list
of her varied industries. A factory
for the manufacture of catsup?,
sauces, pickles, and all kinds of
druggists and grocers' sundries, is
to br established here. There is no
establishment of the kind in this
entire section of the South, and it
will have a wide field to draw trade
from. A gentleman who has had
extensive experience in the business
is to be the manager of the new
enterprise acd will take a large part
of the stock. Several enterprising
local capitalists are interested in the
enterprise, which promises to suc
ceed well from the start.
The News will announce the
names of the incorporators and give
further particulars of the enterprise
when formal organization has been
Mr. Van Ness Buys Out nr. Bonney.
Mr. John Van Ness, of Bonney &
Van Ness, has bought out the inter
est of Mr. F. P. L. Bonney, and will
conduct the business himself in his
own name, at the present stand at
No. 23 North Tryon street. The
News wishes the new proprietor
much success
Mr. Bonney has not yet announced
his plans for the future, but he will
probably go into business for him
self soon.
Has a Weakness For Fowls.
The police arrested this afternoon
an old negro named Maysbnrry Sims
(at least that is the name he gave
today.) He had stolen sixteen
chickens from persons near Mat
thews. He seems to have a weak
ness for fowls, a3 he has been off the
chain gang only a few weeks.
Fifty Thousand Peach Trees in Bear
ing. The Van Lindley Place.
Mr. F. E. Hege, chief of the poul
try department of the State experi
ment station, waa here this morning.
He has been spending a few days at
Southern Pines since the farmers'
institute at Gasconia, and brought
with him some specimens of superb
peaches from the noted Van Lindley
orchard, the largest iu the State. In
this orchard there are now 50,000
trees iu be.?riag, all hanging:, with
delicious fruits. Then: are thou'ands
of other trees that have not yet come
into bearing and the orchard ia being
extended all the time.
It ia on the ridge at Southern
Pines in what is called a "frostless
belt," a region fast becoming one of
the great fruit growing sections of
the country.
Mr. Hege left this momintr fnr
Shelby where he speaks at a farmers'
insucute tooav.
Preaching at Flint Hill Chapel.
Eev, Ii. G. Kendrick, who is at
home on a visit, will preach at Flint
Hill Chapel to his former neighbors
and friends next Sunday morning at
11 o'clock. Rev. A. L. Stough, the
pastor, is at Connelly Springs on a
To Study in New York.
litv. Plato Durhani,the able young
associate of Rev. S. B. Tnrrentine in
the Trinity Dilworth charge, will
leave Charlotte in September. He
is to take a special course in theol
ogy in Columbia University and the
Union Theological Seminary. He
will probably spend two years at
theee institutions. It is a matter of
regr t that Charlotte is to lose thia
popular youag miniiter. -
ciRiL mm
krio'wS NotKitig New Hegatting tnl
Postoffice'; Clanton Is Fixed, All
Right. A Petition for the Appoint
ment of Capt. Ahrenj.
Mr. J. Fisher Correll, chairman of
the Republican county executive
committee, who has been in Wash
ington for quite a while, standing
near the place where the adminis
tration is handing cut patronage.
returned home Tuesday morning.
"There is nothing jsew m Wash
ington," he told the News, "Con
gress has adjourned and everybody
has gone home. The President
leaves tomorrow tomorrow for his
summer vacation, and there will be
nothing doing there for sometime.
Clanton has been appointed and was
confirmed. He can take charge of
the mint at any time now."
Mr. Correll eaid he could tell
nothing new of the postoffice situa
tion. Mr. Correll is an applicant
for this position.
This morning a petition was being
circulated asking the appointment
of Capt F. W. Ahrens postmaster at
Charlotte. The document recites
that, in case the apnlicants could not
settle their differences and agree
upon one of their number for the
appointment, that each would prefer
Capt. Ahrens to any other candidate
and would endorse him. It is un
derstood that the petition has been
signed by a uumberof business men.
Mr. Harry Weems, Capt. Ahrens
sou in law, is said to be a particular
friend of Postmaster General Gary
and of Senator Wellington, of Mary
Probably Fatal Accident to the Child
of Mr. Chalmers Kirkpatrick A
Sharon Man Badly Hurt in a Fight.
At Sharon Monday the four
year-old child of Mr. Chalmers
Kirkpatrick was probably fatally
injured. The hands had been haul
ing up millet from the fields, and
the child followed the heavily load
el wagon to the barn. The child
got between the wagon and the
barn, and the driver, not knowing
the child was anywhere near, backed
his wagon clear back against the
barn, crushing the child's chest be
tween the wagon wheel and the side
of the building.
The little one suffered intensely
after the accident, bleediog copious
ly. The doctor tl id not think the
child could live through the night
but it was some better this morning.
A Young White nan Badly Injured
Last Saturday Night.
Harry Marshall, a young white
man who says he hails from Lowell,
is at St. Peter's Home and Hospital
badlv injured from being struck by
No. 35 last Saturday night. Marshall
says that he was drinking some Sat
urday night, and while in this con
dition he walked down Tryon sine,
to the C C. & A. crossing. He fat on
a cross tie near the corner of Mr. W.
VV. Ward's yard and fell asleep.
The first thing he remembers was
seeing the train bearing down upon
him, but being half dazed he could
not move. He was struck by the
pilot. His arm was broken several
time?; a large gash was cut in his
head and one of his legs was badly
mashed. In his pocket was found a
pint flask that had suffered no inju
ry by coming in contact with the
Dr. Gibbon, the Southern's sur
geo i, attended Marshall and dressed
his wounds. He is resting easy today,
but is in a critical condition.
He Will Be Married to Miss Mary
Torrance On His Arrival.
Dr. L. L. Moore, of Huntersville,
left Friday over the Southern
railway for San Francisco. From
this point he sails for Yokokoma,
Japan. He expects to land about
the 10th of August. On his arrival
in Japan he is to be married to Miss
Mary Torrance, a daughter of Capt.
II. A. Torrance of this city, who
went a3 a missionary to Japan last
year. After their marriage Dr. and
Mrs. Moore wiU set Bail for China,
where Dr. Mo Die goes as a medical
Missionary. Dr. Moore has the
best wishes of many friends in Char
lotte for a safe voyage and a happy
sojourn in that far away country.
Presidents of Leading Traef Organi
zations Predict Prosperity.
By Telegraph to The News. "r"v
New York, July 26. The World
sent out a request to presidents of
Boardi of Trade and Chambers of
Commerce in the leading cities, ask
ing ineir views on toe business ou-
look. All agree that with the tariff
oui ouc or tne way, tnere be a ma
terial improvement in business with
in six months. They also agree that
vuo juiuiuucbu ouuriaije will oe a
leading factor in the revival of trad?.
Daughter of One Governor, Wife of
The following death notice appears
in the Washington Post:
"On Friday, July 16, 1897, at her
residence, lattleton, Eila Kivcs,
wife of ex-Gov. P. H. Bell, and
daughter of the late Gen. Eaton, of
.worm uaronna."
Mrs. Bell was daughter of Gov
ernor William Eaton, one of North
Carolina's most noted antebellum
executives, and waa the wife'of ex
Governor Bell, of Texas, wh n Vina
for a number of years lived in this
Secretary BJiss has issued a cir
cular requesting all subordinate
chiefs to confer with him in respect
to proposed changes in the classified
eeryice in their charge.
Grave International Complications
flay Arise State Department Tries
to Keep Minister Sewall's flessage
a Secret.
By Telegraph to The New. -
Washington, July 28. The
startling news that Great Britain
has seized one of the Hawaiian Is
lands has been received by Secretary
of State Sherman from Minister
Sewall, at Honolulu. The island i$
known as Palmyra Island and is one
of the uninhabited, islands to the
southwest of Hawaii. Tne seizure
is doubly significant in view of the
information that was received at the
State Department on Monday.
Owing to the grave importance
which the seizure may assume, in
view of the pending treaty for the
annexation of the islands by the
United States, an effort was made
to keep the matter secret. The
message was wired from San Fran
cisco by the dispatch agent of the
State Department stationed there
who had received it from Minister
Sewall. It merely contains a bare
statement of the seizure of Palmyra.
Japanese officials here pronounce
as absurd all the talk of belliger
ency on the part of Japan toward
the United States
President McKinley has promul
gated an amendment to the civil
service rules providing that there
shall J?e no removals from positions
subject to competitive examination
except for just cause in writing, to
which the accused has had opportu
nity to mke defence. This aiso
includes all within classified service
and , all employees of the customs
house office, one employee in each
internal revenue district to act as
cashier cr chief deputy or assistant
collector, all subject to competitive
examinations. "
The first copies of the tariff act for
circulation have been received at the
docuaient rooms of the Senate and
House The bill makes a pamphlet
of eeventy pages. There will be
fifty thousand copies in all to becir
culated by Congress
Brief Items of State News.
R B Boone, the well known Dnr
ham lawyer, is very ill with nervous
Mrs. Nathan O'Berrv, of Golds-
boro, has a dog that regularly every
unday morning attends the Presby
terian church; heknovvs the ring of
the bells and starts j ust a3 the second
bell rings.
There have been several burglaries
attempted in iList Durham.
Most of the North Carolina dele
gato who attended the meeting of
the International Epworth Leagues
at loronto, Lanaua, have returned
A highland moccasin four feet
long was killed on the street by a
uolusboro poiiceman.
The truck crop in he eastern part
or tne state nas proved verv remun
erative this season and the Goldsboro
Argus says that along the line of
railroad between that place acd Wil
mington large quantities of straw
b rry plants are being planted.
inrs. omitn, tne Florida woman
1' l m . -
evangelise, is now nomine lorth m
Greensboro She complains because
the commissioners would not let her
have the Winston court house.
A Winston chair factory today
8 nipped a car load of chairs to New
Beaver Dam, Pitt county, reports
a con aru sprout tnat is tour feet fi
inches in diameter.
The Moravian conference for this
State is to be held at Providence
church, Forsyth county, August 3rd
ana 4tn.
Mayor Frank Evans, of Birming
ham, Ala., who has visiting in Fay
etteville, was called home bv a tele
gram announcing that forty cases of
small-pox had developed in the city.
ne uatnonc magazine "Truth
severely attacks the Junior Order of
American Mecnanics.
Southern States Stories.
Col. William Preston Johnston,
President of Tulane University,
New Orleans, will take part in the
exercises at thvj inauguration of
Prof. William L. Wilson, as Presi
dent of Washington and Lee Uni
versity, on the 15 h of September.
iAsa Stewart, of Norfolk- Va
pooo attempted to kill Alice Hayes
witn an ax. and then drank land
num, has been given a preliminary
neariog ana neia ror tne courts.
There is a rumor in Laurenp, S.
C, that Irbyis to draw out of the
race aid help Evans.
- 1 1
Hanna's Campaign for Re-election.
Mark Hanna is getting ready for
a great campaign in Ubio. He has
control of the oreanization and baa
made no move without consulting
x icoiueui iiui.imey. At a recent
conference in Washington, D. C,
the President, Harna, and Charles
Dick, secretary of t.h
Committee, decided to make George
Nash chairman of the State National
Jbixecutive Committee. Of course,
Hanna will be his own manager md
Nash be but a figurehead.
8tanda at the Had.
Aug. J. Bogel, the leading drargist of
ShreTeport La , says: "Dr. King's New
Diicovery h the only thing that cure
my cough, and it is the best seller I
have." J. P. Camnhpll.
Safford, Ariz., writes; "Dr. King's New
Discovery is all that is claimed for it; it
nevr fails, is a sure care fr Consump
tion, Co a etis and Colds. T run nnt cm?
enough for its merits." Dr. Klne's
ew Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and'CoIds iff not an experiment.
It has been tried for quarter of a cen
tury and today stands at the head. It
never disannointa. Ffm
r a. : " wing
Burwell and Dunn's Drugstore. X
TOOK M i l
Will Oeaton, of concord, killed
himself this mornims.
Left a Note to HU Mother Saying he
Was do Longer Able to Control His
Appetites and Therefore Took His
Own Life Shot Hlmseif With a
A special telephone message from
Concord to The News Friday gives
the news of a tragic occurrence there
early that morning.
Will W. Deaton, a well known
Concord young man, committed
suicide by 'shooting himself with a
pistol at six o'clock that morning.
At fife t -Mock he wrote a note to
Mr. Will Johnson reqnesting him to
send his pistol at once as he wanted
to use it to kill a dog, Mr. Johnson
complied with the requsst, thinking
nothing more of the matter.
At six o'clock the report of a pistol
was heaid and in a few minutes Mr.
Deaton was found dead.
The suicide left a note to his
mother in which he told the reasons
for takiug his own life, saying, among
other things, that he had arrived at
that point where he could noFcon
trcl his appetite, and had decided to
end his life.
, Yesterday afternoon he told his
brother, Mr. H. P. Deaton, that he
intended to kill hinisel.V but his
brother told him to diiiniss such
thoughts, and really did not think he
meant what he said.
The deceased was a well-known
young carpenter, about twenty-eight
years old, unmarried, and was the
son of Mrs. M. G. Deaton. Hia
brother, Mr. H. PDeator, is a re
porter on the Concord Standard, and
he has two other brothers, Juliu?,
who lives in Birmingham, Ala., and
James, who is working somewhere in
the West. He had been to Charlotte
a number of times and had friends
Brief Glimpses of
the General News.
There is a growing sentiment
against consumptives flocking to
the south west.
G. W. Enright "dove" at Coney
Island and struck the dead body of
George 13. Vrooman.
Patrick Kaffert was probably
fatally stabbed in a luht with for
eign laborers in New York. "
The Richardson gas well drill at
Uomelisille, N. Y, is frozen tight
1200 feet under ground.
The Nebraska Republican conven
tion wi!l be held August 26th and
Chief Justice Post renominated
Forty small tin cans of smuggltd
opium were found ou Squaw Island,
Niagara River.
Editor L. H. Milack, of the Guth
ne (Okla ) Leader, fell from a Cin
cinnati streetcar and was killed
t XT t-1 . .
.oecause nezesian liisnop s cow
1?J 1 1 1 -
uieu oe urans lauuanum ana was
found dead on the cow's body aC
Monticello, N Y.
Julius Rench, a Cleveland (O )
salesman, died or kidney trouble on
landing at New York from the La
Thomas Renberger and William
Rntler were drowned in the Missis
siaewa River near Wabash, Ind ,
while seining.
Mrs. J. D. Mallory, of Baltimore,
Md., was thrown from her buggy
onto her head and broke her neck.
She will die.
An excursion
through a trestle
near Marietta, 0.,
train dropped
into a cornfield
injuring fifteen
Miss Nellie Purdy may die.
John Uunworth daringly tried to
go hand over hand j)n a clothes line
from a tilth story in . a New York
tenement. The line broke and he
may die
Secretary and Mrs. Gage have ar
rived in Boston, Mass.
A southbound coal train on the
Pennsylvania Railroad, between Bal
timore, Md., and Washington, D. C,
was wrecked. Travel was delayed
for two hours between the cities.
Mrs. Mary G Jones, of California,
"mother of the American Railway
Union," will plead with President
McKinley to spare S. D. Worden,
about to be executed for killing
u: -. . ... o
Buiuiera m me itsyi Ualiforma riots,
Frank M. Reed, of Anderson, lnd.,
nas maae inventions which will rev
olutiouize the handling of war ves
eeis at sea. The inventions allow
vuo use ui uii juaieau or coat as a
fuel, ihey cover a system of oil
burners which would make it possi
ble for a vessel like the Indiana to
. i .
carry enougn tuei to last on a trip
1 1L. tt
itrvunu bue world.
At Fernandina. Fla., Wallace Max
well, son of Capt D E. Maxwell,
general manager of the Florida Cen
tral and Peninaular Railroad, was
arovni wnue seining in the
The bids for the uew postal
contract will not be opened
August 18.
Constructor-Bowles, of the
lorn isavy Yard, has been cleared
of the charge of improper treatment
of the men under him.
Church Howe, of Nebraska, after
being confirmed as Consul General
at Apia, Samoa, declined the place,
and Luther W Osborn, of Blair,
Neb., will be given the place, while
Howe will he made Consul at Paler
mo, Italy.
Kleetrlc BltUr.
Electric B.tte't is a medicine suited
for an j season, but perhaps more gen
er&lly needed, wiien the languid ex
hausted feeling prerailc, when the liver
is torpid and sluggish and the need of
a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt
use of this medicine has often averted
long and perhaps fatal bilious fevers.
No medicine will act more snrelT in
counteracting and freeiog the system
from the malarial poison. Headache,
Indigestion. Co iDaiion. Dizr.inpn
yield to Electric Bitters. fOc and $1.00
per bottle at Burwell & Dmm'a dm
store. i
as mm mpu&
fcrlHUnt fUrrie Irt th6 pfeopS
Church at Boydton, Va. Several
Charlotte Attendants.
A spec-al from Boydton, Va., to
Friday's Richmond Dispatch says4.
Notable and unique to a degree
beyond any event in this town for
many years was the brilliant wed
ding celebrated last evening at the
Episcopal church, when Misj V ir
ginia Grey Atkins became the bride
of Professor E L. Reid, of South
Carolina. '
The church had been artistically
decorated and was filled with rela
tives and friends of the contracting
Precisely at 10:30 o'clock, as Miss
Hallie Williams struck the first
chords of Mend.l?s)bn's wedding
march, which floated out upon the
evening zephyrs,-all eyes were turn
ed to greet the entrance of ths bridal
The ushers, Prosessor Harry
Faulkner and Mr. B. E. Cogbill,
were followed by Miss Li!a Carter
and Mr. W R. Foreman, of Char,
lotte, N. C; Miss Lavania Peak, of
Hampton, and Mr. Thomas F.
Goode, Jr., Miss Edith Atkins, and
Colonel E J. Boyle, of Cincinnati;
Mies Bettie Finch and Mr. J. R
Wright, of Cincinnati; Miss Aniie
llask ins an d Mr. John William?, of
Smithvillr; Miss Page Wiiliams and
Mr. Siduey Johnson, Miss Bessie
Homes and Mr. Willie Magee,-of
ClarksvilU; Mis3 Annie Williamson
and Mr. Warrenton Wood, of Clarks-vilh-;
viss Mattie Johnson, of Nor
folk, and Mr. Walter Clack; Miss
Lula Bovd and Mr. C. Haskins, of
Chase Cm; Miss Hattie Home3 and
Mr. J. B. Wallace, of Charlotte, N.
C. The attendants assembled about
the pulpit and chancel, forming a
The bride, a beautiful blonde, en
tered, leaning on the arm of her
brother, Dr. H L. Atkins, and pro
ceeded gracefully but slowly toward
the ministers. She was met at the
altar by the groom and his best man,
Mr. C S. Reid, of Charlotte, N. C.
The ceremony was impressively
performed by the Rev. Thomas
Drew, D. D., of Chase City, assisted
by the Rev. W. M. Grier, D. D.,
president of Erskine College Ejae
West, S. 0., and Rev. P. M. B Wen,
the local rector. -L ? -
The bride was mosi becomingly
attired in an exquisite creation ' of
duchesse satin, trimmed with duch
esse lace and cfiiffon, and carried
bride's roses. Her veil was pinned
with a beautiful brooch of diamonds
and pearls, which was a gift from
the groom. The maid of honor,
Miss Annie Atkinp, wore whitecrepe
de chine, with pearl trimmings and
duchesse lace, and carried Li France
roses. The bride maids wore dainty
&own3 of white organdie and carried
Tire br dal party left the church
to th- sweet strains of the march
from Tjohendrm, after which an
elegant reception was tendered at
the home of the bride, on Washing
ton street. A very novel and unique
feature of the reception was the
wedding register, which was kept by
Miss Kate Tucker Goode. . -
The presents were numerous and
handsome, consisting of an exquisite
silver tea service, from Mr. S. Gray
Atkins, of Richmond; a handsome
case of silver from the groom's par
ents, and many other gifts of silver,
cut-glass, and brie a-brac.
. The bride is a daughter of the
late Colonel William T. Atkins, is
very popular, and possesses many
rare gifts and graces. The groom
is a professor of high rank in Erskin
College, Dne West, S. C.
Prominent among the guests at
the wedding were Judge Dan. Thew
Wright and Mrs. Wright, of Cincin
nati; Mr. Joseph Ham, Airs Charles
M. Carson, aud Miss Adele Hutchi
son, of Charlotte, N. C; Miss Embra
Morton, of Henderson, N. C, and
Misses Alice Overby and Mary Wat.
kins, of Buffalo Li thia Springs.
Unusual Honor to a Tar Heel.
The Queen Regent of Spain - has
consented to receive Mr. Taylo ", th?
retiring United States Minister, and
Mr. Wcodford, the new Minister, at
San Sebastian, where she does not
maintain a court in the usual sense
of the term. The ceremony will
necessarily be informal. This ar
rangement to me jt Mr. Taylor's con
venience was brought about through
the courtesies and considerate offices
of the Dukeof Tetuan. It is with
out precedent. Minister Haonis
Taylor is a North Carolinian, a na
tive of Newbern.
The report of the select committee
of Parliament appointed to inquire
into the Transvaal raid, was debate I
in the House of Commons on a mo
tion to compel the production of
telegrams which had been refused
tne committee. The motion
George N. Corzon, under s?creta
ry of foreign affairs, replying to a
question in the House of "Commons,
said the Clayton Bulwer treaty con
ttins no agreement affecting Hawaii.
11 - " a. Ly.
i uriunnerintormation.
mgn, built of pressed brick. KvZZrJ deep, U storied
fillniaft to peak at Mooresviile
Governor Johnston at River Bend
The Rally at Pineville hopton
Picnic and Tournament.
TflE News has received an invi
tation to attend the fifth annual
picnic at Mooresviile for the bentfit
of the Orphanage at Barium
Spring?, which is to be held Thurs
day, the 29th. Dr. J. H. Thorn
well, of the Thornwell Orphanage,
Fort Mil!, S. U. is to make an ad
dress; C W. Tillett, Esq., of this
city, is to speak, and Senator Benj
R. Tillman, of South Carolina, is to
be the orator of the day. The pic
nic will be held in Deaton's Grove,
where there ajre accommodations
for ten thousand people The fare
from Charlotte is $120 for the
round trio, and the fee for dinner is
2.5 or-nta for adults and 15 cents for i
children. S. C. Rankin is chairman
of the committee ou arrangements
and C. L! Grey js secretary. The
promoters expect the largest crowd
that has ever gathered at one of
these annual picnics.
At Shopton on the 30th inst, a
big picnic and educational rally is
to be held. The managers are mak
ing preparations for a great time of
it, and invite their friends from all
parts of the county to attend with
well filled baskets. President Al
derman, of the State University, aud
President Mclver, of the State Nor
mal school, have been invited to de
liver addresses. In the afternoon a
tournament will be held in which
the Knighf8 wilf ride for prizes.
The celebration fjr which Pine
ville is prf paring will occur the
fourth ot August. Numerous com
mittees have been appointed to get
up the various features of the day's
entertainment. A number of pro
minent speakers will make-addresses.
The people of Pineville are prepar
ing to entertain in most hospitable
fashion the large crowd that will
attend. Numerous features of en
tertainment will be provided.
People from all parts of this
county and Gaston will be at River
Bend on the 30th to attend the rally
there, at which Governor Johnston,
of Alabama, Dr. Charles D. Mclver,
State Superintendent C. H. Mebane
and Mr. S. Wittkowsky, of this city,
are to speak. The exercises will be
gin at 7:30 in the morning and last
all dy.
He is Hade Assayer and Smelter
the Charlotte Office.
Clanton has the Mint.
He was Senator Pritchard's first
choice, and in this case the favorite
(as they say in racing circles) has
The nomination of W. S Clanton
to be Assayer and Smelter in the
United States Assay Office at Char
lotte has been sent to the Senate by
the President. There will be no op
position to his confirmation, and he
will take charge as soon as the ap
pointment is confirmed.
Death of Mrs. M. C. Barr.
Mrs. M, C. Barr, a well known
lady of the Mint Hill neighborhood,
died there Saturday morning. She
wasabout sixty years old The fu
neral was held from the church at
Mint Hill Sounday morning.
The South Carolina Cotton Crop.
The cotton crop along the South
ern from Charlotte to Columbia,
never looked better at this time of
the year. In some localities the
plants are small, but in every case
the stand is very regular.
WILL OPEN SEPT. 9th, 1897.
Thorough academic, scientific and tech
nics! courses. Experienced Special
- ists in every department.
Expenses per Session, Including Board:
For County Students $ 93.00
For all Other Students 123.00
Appiy for Catalogue to
Halc.gh,N.C. P. adent.
Only Complete Biography of the great Commoner. Written
by hi3 life-long frieni and law-partner, ftlaj. Clement M
Chapters on different phases of his life written by men Ioti
mate with the great statesman. A Handsome Volume, ill"
trated with numerous Portraits of Senator Vance, the Vance
family and other views.
Copies may be procured at the Charlotte Vews Office orfroffl
the agents in each township.
-L : U0h Binding $1,50;
,..: T
i i i in i rra i m r -i t
addiPsV "Jernappi
Soyui WMkea the food ,..
Absolutely Pure
Prot. Vinson's Condition lmprof
The News that Prof. Vinson's tW
dicion is much improved. He "
been critically ill with heart troubk
The child who was so badly scald,
ed some dajs ago by overturning 0n
its bare shoulders a bucketful
i i: : - : .
seaming wnier, ia improving,
it is thought, will recover.
Sold 250 Wheels This Year.
W. F Dowd tells The News that
he has sold 250 bicvclts thia jew
selling them all over the State!
Charlotte dealers say more whj,
are Sold htre than in any other two
towns in the State.
Nbw Yobk, July 28, 18
Closed firm and steady
7 705
7 t'8 10
7 13 1J
0 00 00
0 friflo
7 47 49
7 45 48
7 25
7 706
6 WO!
7 01 01
Junc .
July 1
Sales today
Nbw York, July 28
No Stocks markets today.
Amcican Tobacco
General Electric n
St. Paul
Northern Pacific
Burlington & Quiucy
Southern Railway, pre.erred Slit
Tennessee Coal & Iron oj
Itocfc Island 8ij
Manhattan Sj
Baltimore & Ohio
Western Union ' 85J
Delaware & Hudson lity
Louisville & Nashville 63
LivKRrooL, July 28-4 pi
Middlings 4 1-4 Sales 10,000
January and February . 8 53 b .
February and March 3 63 51
March and April .3 M 5J
April and May 0 54 tf
May and June 0 Ou w
Juac and July C 00 I
July and August (t i
Augrst and September 4 Oi 03
September and October 4 tt i
October and November 8 50 1
November and December I 53 M
December and J anuary 8 52 b
Chicaso, Jaly28
OAT8 Dec
nigh Low
7 0? 7 03
7 10 7 10
7 14 7 10
0 0i) 0 00
0 0) 0 CO
0 00 0 00
7 45 0 43
7 45 7 46
7 5?7 7 21
7 08 7 fi2
7 01 6 97
7 U5 6 99
73 Sept 721
28i Sept 27
18 j Sept 171
0.0a Sipt 70.x
.25 Bept 415
0.00 Sept $
Middling fair
Strict good middling 820
Good middling 8 10
8trict middling ?
Middling 780
Low middling ii
City receipts up to 3 o'clock 0 baJw.
Corrected Juiy 23, 1637.
CABBA3E New per crate 1 L5G
PEACHES peeled, brLjfct, W
EXTRA Yr)TJR sack,
CORN ....i.... 45fc
MEALr5oited, 48 lbs. per bushal, W
OATS, Si Tos. per bushel - 7t
POTATOES Irish, per ba. . . . W
SootL. 8f
ONIONS Sei-ct, per tushal...75$I
COUNTRY Ham . jf
Sides J
CHICKENS. ...... " i.
urr&K lotdi
Handsome Morocco, $250.
Elizabeth Colleger
For Women- -CHARLOTTE,
Equal to the Best . .
Colleges for men wun -fflf
ureof a high grade College l
women adda. , ...
A Faculty ofl5Spec S
JfTOm 8CH0019 OI '""V . oi,n.
reputation, as Yale, JB
kins, Amherst. University on
Berlin, New Eoglaod Conserr"
ry. Paris. c.
Thre8 Courses
Leading to degtees.
Group Syatem:
I With eleciives.
Music Conservatory
-With course leading w "flrf.
Pipe Organ. Piano, VIohJ
tar. Banjo. Mandolin, Vocal.
Art Conservatory ,,
Full course to dipion.
Full Com meicial
Course Teacher rrom
& B Resident. Charlotte. N.C.
IA Kefined Home .niesC
With every modern

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