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Charlotte DwiiocraL
"W. C. DO WD. Editor.
nr.sr ktxt of ixpepevdence. j
It i not vliat a Plate raises
mak it ri-h. hut v hut It has left after
th wants and riOs of it? jojie have
been sutili"d.
HfTf- ir North Carolina w should
first of u.li raift- our home Fupplies,
enouph to if(l the State, v.lthout gr
lnp outside of It for a barrel ol flour, a
sark of meal or a pound of meal. And
if T- e raise our ovr. Furii"1.'?? v are in
dependent of the refU of the world, and
not even the ir.iusiir-e of discriminate?
laws or the manipulation of the pant
hlerf on the produc-e exchunsres car, se
riously dumape us. Then. v. hat we have
to ell to the outside world, r.o matter
how much or how little or what the
price art. if no much ePar profit and
aduf- to the weallt. of the State.
In sonif of the east-m countt- corn
and flour are heinp imported from the
"West, and th counties are heinp drain
ed or ready muiiej to pay for supplier
that rouid easily have lw-n produced
at home.
The rom crih, the ham. the pranary
and th- smoketsuiy constitute the far
mers' hankh, and they contain deposits
of vl.nl, dttuuiting casiiiers and
Behemmp officials cannot rot- him.
Vher. tiiey art veil filo-d he has a
pretty solid base it prosperity under
his own vin and hp tret;, no matter
how the rest of the world waps
I: is iiKiejfiiu"rict of the best type-
The s called I-mocratic newspapers '.
that print on the utterani'es of meb '
opposed to the party and its policy, and .
p;ve prominence i- every iten; of news
that ran lr ij tie -publican party and
li.ju-e ttie J eniocratu orpauizatuu., i
have not limited tin interview of the 1
Washington i-orrespoiulent of the Ilai-
tiniore .4un with former Senator CJii j
"lr. discussing Maryland politics to- j
day. Mr. iliPsoi. said h- intenued to !
take an act -ve part ir the approaching j
State campaign lb
said be had a:
v. ays i-ei: a gold Itrnim'ral. but he was
now satisfied si. vet was to ite the im
portant liwuf. aiu. if v us ne -essury Tor
the good of the peojilt ii reiiionetize
it "
They beet- no. toid their readers of
the iarge rj-owds ilia; have r eeled Mr.
Bryan on his western tour or of the
great enthiisiHsir, he has aroused ir.
his tour of the far vest, where everj"
whert he has be-r. hailed as "our next
Tresicint ' Tle-v huvf not toid of the
u-cisioi o: tie leader:- o: ev. i o-K s i
T-mo"ruey that th- candidate for j
mayor of Orni,!-" N--v. Tork nu:?t ! u !
Xemocrat i;nd must staid on the Chi- '
cagi riatin-m j
They niakt prominent the frrt thn.t ';
one branch of tie I'opuhsts in Otuc !
are to rur. u ti; k- t vn.h tie notorious j
Ooxev at its head and hai this scheme
of H.tnna's as th- ci-M'eat nf the party, j
Hut they d. not call attention to th- j
fact that with a separat- Populist j
ticket u. tb- fi-id a I-mocrat was eict- j
ei": ti succ-ed tie h.tf Conpressmar. !
rKdnai. by ai overwli-lmmp majority.
i'Cininr.st-atior. of ii:
Hia th
the eo;:-:
As a rui-tri-d
:tic- by
r years
i: t li:- State of
just itica tior for lynch law"
th- cop-is h;.,- nromptly
coi ve t-d criminals cuiltv
of capital crimes and rhey have paid
the j-n..!ty ,r th-ir misdeeds
The prm-edurf n tie lirodie case is
an exanipb- ol this. As soop jc he
was informed of the crinv and the
capture of the criminal, the jirisoner
v.-as plat ., d uiule- the protection of
the military; lie was "promptly trans
ferred ti a strong jail in another
county; a sj'ecial term of court was
called to try the cast, the prisopiet
was kept iimi 't puaru .luring the trial,
was withir. a fev hours convicted and
sentenced and will he executed Sep.
tember 1st.
The t oiuluc: of
to the State.
Senator Till ma i.. writing lov-r his
ovr, signature i or th- recent lr.iunr
tions of the r-iieru; jUli?. Jacksor.
""Tlie Feoera! circuit tudg- now ha-.
.. o: in. s:ai-s of Sou;: Carolina,
and No-ti Cur-lina umiet ins h ei u.
mailers purelj io-cul. The r.aii-'nce of
the J-eopie ttiroughou: the UUlop i-.
wel! nigh exhausi-d and some radical
action is nc--ssary n preserve the
sentiment of Iora- seif-E.-.vernment
left us and restor- the lioe-ties of the
J-eopie into their in-n keeping. Tiu
toracy's servile tools oiey their ot -ders
with alacrity, but there will
come a uay of reckoning, and a revo
lution, eitner at tb- haliot Ihjx o- by
bullet, is inevitable."
Mr Ranna is a-ranpsnp the p-elirr-lnu-ies
of his campaigr: ir. Ohio, and is
ti put on ihc usual stage "property"
that the Republican!? now. use in their
performances the tie kef of the middle-of-the-road
PopUiists and the ticket of
the suiof-t he-road Immortals. L
was tmde-s-tood irorr. the beginning
that these w,.uid in- brought out liu:
the question, is car. Ilanna. with these
marion-ties for ba.it. catch Xoois
enugh io fcuptur trie Stale" There
are plenty nf fools in Ohio, as has i-.r
shov n time and. again but thes- twe
uuinimes are so oia :n&t it must 1
er nui. loor. wiu is deiua
by them.
Should a newspaper that is intended '.
for ciri ulatioi. ii. homes and is made to 1
read by the family circle p-m; the dis- :
Crusting details of a revolting crime"
IX eh if tht details were Jr. evidence in
a court trial, have they nr.y plare ir.
prim? it is time a protest v.h made
ai.an-.su the publication of tht ueiaiis
of monstrous crime for. whethet trie i
publication is through inadvertence or
to bring public condemnation upon the
criminal, it is demoralizing and dis- j
lini with
M; Kinley might at
pride to tht fact that.
since tbe imssiier ot the I;ngley nil.
the iniunction milts have resumed
operation or. full time.
The New York Journal remarks that
Judge Jackson has reached that stag
tit efficiency nt which he car, issue an
Injunction when the coriKratior.
From recent indications one would
draw the inference that half the folks
111" Europe are walking around with
bombs tn their hip pockets.
Th "Washington Post calls attention
to the fact that this Populist fusion
business Is fast reach ins the confusion
The Passing Show.
"This State Board of
Is a great irj-rtinrt'on.' paid a pentle
man yesterday. "When Otho Wilson
and that fellow Abbott are to say
what shall be the valuation of prop
erty in thif State, thing? have come to
a pretty pass. A State Board of
Equalization may be a very pood
thinp. bur what can it amount to in
such hands. They seem to think the
j.eople of the counties cannot be de-
anw ft r l. ft tITinTI XII H Tl I II' I I ! I II STX. ft 1 Il'lli
r-imr-ti lif'Ji - l - - i
rr-W,- . V--i .r.-r nim c: TA - in -mi&J- 1
- 4 "
sze the valuation of the vari..us classes ,
of j.rojK.-rty. Nov. if Mecklenburg i
county returns an average valuation
of J4 for horses and Ciay county re-
SrdirTa tt$1ilua! :
tior. in Clay to that of Mecklenburg; :
aui yet a horse in Clay county may .
not be worth ha!f wlu.t he is m Meet-
Z$:?TfJL wS d&rparTs !
Q;a'e. It is a matter of great j
im!.ith:',e jo jiroprty owners, and j
why it snnu.ri be left to two or three ,
m-r certainly not endowed with ex-
traordinary wi?airr.
rtvstrx" i
-hr-. 0.lW,T.ii ir
A few nays us- .h-re a,.Tred in
one of the wnminctor. morntng dashes
the folloving advert.-mm I
"Gentlemen -alhng ea-y not a te.
vei-ome otiose o-pa. '"' ,
lore J " Sii.'. Il'f - . . . . I
'1 ni: v -- assist eu. ilvH a-Tariiui;
after 11 should kp tbir ta-s t" tn
fr0r,: r wear br-ast-piates for safety.
a I;, c:
When this s'-h'-dul- is fom.ar.y aaop--
bv the Charb.tt- fath-rs ; jamu'es.
;n- sai
v i) u f ou-i ish'.n?
tr. and th- ?:pti
u: tn
Mai) wil
te s j.puiar
Concord has nt yet rui'!."n off the
jiain: j.las:'-ef; or. the tiv. r, i T the iray
and giddy Charlotte youths who point
ed things red th-re a fev. nights ago.
And i" i- -hisT-e'-i-d that
eh ey are
ben'-forth exiles forr
capita! of Cabarrus, ft!
en-ounrer th"-. k ..!id
hearts and icy eys.
the peasant
v il' hereafter
ime of marine
that t h-ir sal
r-I' the l.ooiter r.
:b- irsi f"V. weeks
t ftT several yas
that the merchants
y a', t,Uyinp more
This is. of cnu-s;
eturnir.c pris-perity
:i! trr-ei- v."h
i'i the gooris. ler
ar.v cr-et increase
have i,e..r, r.T
ar.d it is itrwi--iii;-1
li. tov r. F.nu -ountr;
lleH'i!y than usual
hailed as a sign n:" n
by the cnrr.merc:
o.e-si.'t liC Ve t" ret a
clu.r.ts oe not -- T,-t
ir business. Hut .1
imi-rovertieiit it
c..Ti.;n and corr. h.is p-v--r the farm-- e
i,..-T..r fr hi:g. and this is rftiect-d it:
the stnre-k per.. The purchase-s art
large;y ii. anticipatjor. f tiheiiomens
cors ar.d em d pri afd if tie most
of us art not asaip"U"'?d we wli: hav
) ..-Tr tin.es sr spit-, of tight mono;
and hici; tariff.
! "On the Klondike.
i The mar. from Alaska was the cen
tra: ngure in a group gathered m the
; hotel lobby last ev-ning after supper,
j 'Is if cr.ic up there"" asked a con
; sun.pt; ve-iooKiiig r.tan.
I "Coiu : my dear sir. some days
! are so cold tne dam atmosphere
j :rt; zee and niei. have to thaw every
; breath u; ai: they breathe. I re mem -i
le- a poor leiu v. or. a c.aim aujoimng
I mine let his lire gc- out one night and
lus o: t at!, froze so narc over his mouth
anc nostrils ne
ciioKed to aeatfc -i his
" I'ienty of ice. I suppose. ventured
tie refrigerator drummer.
"Ice ao the year muiiLi. sit. and we
find it ouite serviceable, too L.uniie
oeiiig scarce, i.r is L-i'ti jo: the manu
lactii! e of furniture, such as taoies.
chairs, etc. These gooes u: course
art n-ave r thai; :ii- v. o nien articies
; it herwsse there is little uiL-.-: ence."
I "i'-uf. the chairs.'" stammered the
j basnfu. man. "v ere. ah. es. w ere the
! ii. t ye ah. quite cid?"
"Wei., no. n. y tnelid. yot: see. the
! ice useu ir. manufacturing the chai:
! bottoms was made of water slightly
heated oefote it was frozei.."
j "Ah. yes. 1 se-." and trie bashful mar.
j sank bpek ir. his seat.
I " ot; . ieo;.ii n.anr a great fuss over
; th aurora loreallis " continued th
Kiondike nugget and it is nothing ir.
i th-. worid but a v.a!. of 1 -e."
i " i'.ut. the latitifu. coiors" inter
i runted the sign painter, who had just
j joined the prout..
! "The cobirs are there a!! ripht
enough." continued the mar. from the
i ; iu; of ire. You see. tile borealhs.
: or wal'. of ie. is formed i-y iayers ot
j frozep sun rays."
- he painter groaned and passed inti
the sai'.iir..
"Now. the north pole '"
i.he reporter didn't remain to
nr.y more. He stole shentiy nir
the night, wondering whether
was a gift or ar. aeeomtdishment
n. i.oanoKe county a.. Basil Ridge.
vay got out his aoubie-barreiec shot-
rur. and lay ir. wait by the roadside
for his enemy. James mithers. whom
he mortally wounded.
Senator McLaurir. is much better, hut
is still unable to enter the canvass ir.
South Carolina
Judge Waiter r.. Staples, of Christian -
burg. Va.. is dead, aged TO. He was a
member of the Confederate Conirres.
. Chief of Pohct Connolly, of Atlanta.
i d--au.
Mrs. E. E. Edwards, a woman mer
I'tunt ; Grannevilt-. . S. C dropped
dead in front of the Fifth Avenue Hotel
The small-pox in Birmingham. "Ala
has thus far leer. confined entirely tc
the neprc quarter, and there have beer
few deaths.
If pleases hjr to be- called a sensihi
:ftl worrier.
It pleases he- to be
dressed woman.
called a weli-
It plcnses her to 1
toid that she
If pleases h--r to ite toid that she im
proves a mar. by her companionship.
It pe-d-ss her to dei-nd on some mar.
and pretend sh- is ruling him.
rt pleases her to be treated cour
teous and with re7-r-t and to be
talked to reasonably.
anc nonestty. to ne consuttec anc
iii!::n!c and n.ot t" le trsted as a
rtly. with no hejic
or heart,
loved and ad
I leases tr le
r.-i-c by a mar. who ;
x- rui- and simdie .
way he- v ay to 1-jd
strong enough
and make his
her and tak
.oo. r Answers.
A.V EJjt.VAT'. R.
Saturday at n .:
sd daughter of X
ii tally mtu-ed bv
r e PTT'e se-.-rv-vear-
C. T. Evans wa'
h elevator at tn
A vop
tor Mo-- Sh-
was going uj
'- a. . i... T--r t a sister at
v . -k or. ine set unc floor. At a fata
moment, wrier. Gorge Glenn, th-
negrc ir charge, wasr't hokinc. th
li-tie pir! sat dowr. with one leg hane
tr.g over th elevator's edge. In nass-
ir.g through the upper f.oor. the eleva
tor, like ponderous shears, caught and
fearfully mang.-d th-- limb from the
kr-.--; dnwn. ft-ipprnc the flesh from tbe
none t-astor.ia Gazette.
"r o .
-"iiiei; o'un;; returns oruy one
goiit as ptver. ir. for taxation. But i
ha.- T.SS sheep. This. too. when 2
uoirs enver. in for taxation, valued
a; iih. iiaieigh Observer.
ine of Xrr. Pieree's Plefoaanr to1it-
is a laxative. Two are miidiy cathar
tic. ne taker after dtr.ner insur-s
l-rfet digestion, sound s!eer and an
aiisenc r.f foul breath ir, the morning.
They are unlike ordinary- pills, because
you d no- hnme a slave to their
ue Ttt--y not only afford temporary
roe.. out enect a permanent
nce u.ec they are always ir.
Physical strength and enert-v contri
bute to strength of character, and both
may he had by taking Hood's Sarsapa-
tt m
But Election Expense Host be Paid
Out of the QetwraJ Fond,
From the Tialeiph News and Observer.
It is reported here that an attempt
will be made in many countries to pay
the expenses of tbe local tax elecxion.
held last Tuesday, out of the school
fund instead of tbe peneral fund.
This fact was yesterday called to the j
attention of Supenntenaenx Aieuane.
"I wish to remind the county authori-
he said, "that the attorney gen-
, 4 . i,,iT-. this office.
t. lUuua.-.v- -
dated June 25. said: 'These expenses
ctLnngt under ary circumstances come
tjK u ,Re jnooi funds. for section 5
of the a requiring this election to be
caJWi. provides that it shall be conduet-
efl under the same rules and repula-
Uon are prescribed for the election
of meters of the general assembly."
Mr. Mebane further said that a close
-van-fa would ie kept on tnis matter
n wouig B county be al-
eT11in1W! oT this elec-
u 1 ' t" - 1 :
tioti out of the general rund
It is estimated that this election has
" than per-
excuse of holding
thl eiecto.r. was greater than for any
held ore in this State.
,-,haM,r C7S. laws of reads as fol
lowfc touching the expenses cu sucn
elections: "That a: all future elec
tions registrars and judges of elections
shall receive Si per day for each day
of actual service as required by law.
and the jierson required to carry the t-retu-ns
and ballot boxes to the clerks j
j of the Superior Courts, except the pre
j r-inet in which the county seat is lo
1 cared, shau be allowed $1 per day and
I i cents per mile one way for his ser
i vices, that the allowance of 1 cent per
name for registration c : voters is here
by rejealec and the compensation here
in aliov. ed is in her, thereof."
There are now 1 election precincts
in the State. For each precinct there
were three repisirars. wno were on
nut y sis clays ea n. at si per ciay.
here were aiso three judges of elec
tion whti served one aay at $l eacn.-
Ther. the man who brought the returns
ttie clerk pot a dollar a day and ?
cents a mi;e one way. This mates a
total e:jve:se in each Township for reg
istrars and judges of election alone or
nearly or about St.OOfl for the
hoie. Tliis incluiies no printed mat-
ami niar.y smaiier items of ex-
It will le seen that the election has
st the State more than the schools
could have received from the State if
enough townships had voted the sie-
tax provided for to get the $1-0. i"
on hand.
It is further provided however, that
ir every township that fails to ievv a
spefia- s'-nooi tax in the countv
nr missioners shall nrdjr an election,
n l held every- two years on the
uedav after tbe firs "Monday ir Au
ust until such special school tax is
nd this will next Time cost the
s-'pte another m'nt of monv hm it
ari. Time he paid out of the gen
ountr fund.
Adopted by the Pre-Millennial Con
ference of Presbytrrian.
The conference of Southern Pre-Mil-;enn:al
I Presbyterians that has been in
session at Tot-voa. Ga.. adopted the
oiio.vmg Declaration of principles:
"1. We declare the Word of God to be
our only source of knowledge and ou:
tuu of fa:h with reference to the doc
tri.it: of out Lord's feconc coming.
"H. As we know that the prophecies
f trie Oic Testament concerning the
lirst coming of Christ was fulfilled ir:
h- it normal or natural sense, so we
elieve that the prophecies of the Old
""esii.ii.mt and of the New Testament
or.c-viiing His second coming will lie
liltiliec in the same wny.
::. We believe that the present dis--ertsatior.
is not for the conversion of
"it- world, but eler-tive. as clearly stat
ed ir. tiie Scriptures.
"i The duty of the church during the
absence of her Lord is to watch and
"r;:y. to wo-k and wait and to go into
'11 th- world and preach the gospel .
vrv creature and thus hasten His
"". Wf itelieee that the glorious re
-r.'-s following tbe cominr of Christ ir
"he un'vorja' tt iurrphs of the gospel ar
te !e hrousrht about by the rvowe- o"
"h" Holy Ghost ever ns the Word o
. - - v -y.e . declares.
"6. We beheve that white the fact of
nv Loir' s retu-n is rertair.. the time
hre.-i o-icertain according tc His
own words."
A 10.000,000 &LE CROP.
St itistkian Neill Seys tte Crop of '97
Will brak the Record.
NEW ORLEANS. Aug. IT. ilr. H.
1- Neill. the well known statistician,
has issued a circular or. the growing
cror After referring to the correct
ness of his estimate made in July. ISHi
of the crop of the season. Mr. Neill
" At this moment for this year the
promise is equal to any previous year
in every State but Texas, and on" the
mesent acreage, even allowing that
Texas s-houic fall "short of her maxi
mum production per acre by l.t-X'.O"'
bal s the outlook now is for a crop 01
a l--ast K7'iu. with "-'.- to i.iy .ru
withir. the range of possibilities. This
'"i-ere of .. is really very con-se-vp.tive
f,-,r e proe.not je- acre out
s'fie of Tcxa- equal to would
give T.2.V'.t-"- bales and a maximum for
Texas w.-.uid be S..-.Mt bales, from
which, allowing l.iWi.ortb f)- Vou would
ns ve a crop of Hj.Soo.W' bales.
The crop is now so far advanced
from rcent rains and heat that it will
-eaer maturity and he independent of
fr-st at sr. unusually early date.
Should we shoe have good rains ir
Texas her crop also would be near r
fe.uior. and the possibilities for total
cror would then ie something enor
A merciful and benignant Providence
has smiled upon the farmers of North
Carolina The early and the "latter
rams have fallen and there are both
seed time and harvest. The tenfold
the rwentvfold have come and the
hearts of the men who till the soil have
ieen ch-ered greatly and their homes
have ieen blessed. Now let them af
ter raising the hominy and collards and
the greens, fail not to raise also the hog
and the fowl and the beef. Wilming
ton Messenger.
"he News has received the nwmhim
T, .
the State Fair w-hlori it ,r.
h-Md m Rsleigh from CotorT 'tr
tne rt
-..oif in premiums are offer-rr-efe-s
0f Yi- hono-n-r
"e r..p:mi:tee apnoint-c from
' -"bijrp are Former r, n;r,c.
S P. Ale-amir. rnrt 7- "i
1 ar.
Chad wick and Mr. J. p. Caldwell.
Our Wilkes Republicans feel or
should feel proud of the fact that Brer
Linney has sent his son-in-law over
to look after the distillery surveying in
Wilkes. This is another practical dem
onstration of Brer Linney's idea ihai
W'iikes Republicans are not capable of
attending to their own affairs. Wilkes
boro Chronicle.
At Hendersonville. twenty miles from
Asheville. last Tuesday. Mrs. Ben F.
Hood shot her husband, one shot break
ing his right arm and the second tak
ing effect in his left breast, inflicting
a dangerous wound. Mrs. Hood then
shot herself, dying instantlv. Tb
cause of the tragedy is unknown. Mrs.
Hood was a Miss Cowles. a native of
Ohio, aged about U years. She has a
brother in Ohio who is a Judge.
Tor Infants and Culdren.
a; m
(Bhaslofic '-SDemocrai, (Sharfolltf, 'ISjLCS.
Senator Piitchard Thinks it Would
Help the Republican 1 erty ia the
South He is Offered Some Valua
ble Suggestions.
AsbeviHe Citizen.
In an article in the Illustrated Amer
ican Senator Jeter C. Pritchard says:
The further growth of the party in
thip gjjon fthe South depends upon
the encouragement we are to receive at
the hands of tie present Congress in its
distribution of the bene of the sys
tem we have advocated. Congress lias
in its power to accelerate this develop
ment, or it can materially retard our
growth by failure to grant us a fair
share of protection."
Now the "benefits of this system"
have been given in large measures to
the West, as Senator Pritchard says:
While New England. Pennsylvania
and other States of the North and West
have from the organization of the Re
publican party been represented in the
national Congress by men who, seeing
the advantage of this the protectivej
system to their Section, energetically
advocated its adoption and application
to the interest of their people, and
through their iituenee secured advan
tages from which those sections have
grown rich and powerful, our people
were represented by advocates of a dif
ferent system, or rather by opponents
of this system, and the result is a great
want of development in all our natural
Now what has been the result of this
conferring on the West tbe tienefits of
the protective system. Again let tne
Senator tell:
"Pareiitically 1 feel it is my dury
to say, from the analysis of facts as
shown by the latest election returns
from the hitherto impregnable strong
holds of Western Republicanism, it
seems clearly the duty of the Republi
can party to make reasonable conces
sion to Southern Republicanism if the
party expects to maintain its supre
macy in the nation.'"
Now what reason is there to suppose
that protection of the products of the
South would have a more beneficial ef
fect on the Republican party in the
South than the Senator says it has had
in the West? Ad dikes the Senaroi
think the placing of -otion ties and
binding twine ir. the dutiable list by
the i.ngiey tariff bill mean that
amount and kind of ieenefit to the
Southern farmer that is likely to in
spire him with the feeiing that the Re
pubican party should have his vote?
Possibly, however, the Senator i-plievee-that
if those fe" overtures fom the
Republican party fell to draw the
Southern farmer to its iMtsom. the ap-
I'l'ir.tiiiE of negro pe.-s:masiers and col
lectors will su t-eed in accomplishing
v hat he says is so necessary if the
'iepubacans are to maintain their su
premacy . And. both of these cards fail
ing to draw. ie-rhaps the wide adver
tisement of the fact tha the President
is accused by prominent memiers of
his party of having broken faith with
them ir. promulgating his recent civil
service order may serve to attract
wavering patriots to the cause of which
2lr. ihKmioy has tot years beer,
heralded- as the chie: aposrtie.
Tlr. John Power Bring Away a Bride
From Rock HI!!. 5. C.
A Rock Hill siecial to the Columbia
State says: A Gretna Green affair oc
curred here Wednesday afternoon. One
day last week a young man registering
as John Power, Charlotte. N. C stop
jc at the Carolina Hotel and after
wards proceeded to have a pleasant
time. Mr. Power has visited here be
fore and knew a good many of the
voung iadies s-. he did not find any
.rouoie in his social efxorts. These ef
forts were eminently successful, as they
culminated in his appearance lefore
.;-v. . -J. Jones, at the White Memo
rial manse, with a blushing and be
witching young lady. Miss Beuiah Har
ris, upon his arm. Air. Jones perform
ed the ceremony which made them man
and wife. Mr. Jones' household and
a neighi-or or two were the witnesses.
Mrs. rower is a sister of the Rev. J.
liarr Harris, who is rather well known
as an evangelist In the Methodist
church, and Mr. Power is a son of Rev.
Mr. Power, one of the presiding elders
of the South Carolina conference.
The crop bulletin for the week end
njir August ISth sas the week was
warn; and very dry. Some local show
ers occurred, esi-ecialry in the extreme
v.-est portion of the State, and heavy
dews furnished some moisture. The
drought has been injurious to nearly
ail crops, which, without rain soon,
are in danger of being cut short. There
nas leer considerable shedding in cot
ton and some rust is reported, but the
bulk of the crop is still very fine. Cot
torT is opening in all of the southern
counties. Late com needs rain badly.
In a few counties where the drought is
I most severe cror-s are drving up.
S. B. Smith writes from Matthews:
"'Cotton is doing well: boiling nicely.
Corr. is doing well and promises more
than an average crop. All crops in
good condition. Good rain on 14th."
A Chicago dispatch says: "Tour
honor, this man pawned his lers to
buy liquor."' said p.n officer in Jus-ti-fe
Foster's court Saturday morning.
"What mar."" demanded the mag
istrate, and a couple of policemen held
up H. W. Harrington for inspection.
The prisoner was without legs Th-offk-ers
explained that he was found
on Clark street last night hopelessH
drunk and unable to prone! himself
He told the officers that he had pawn
ed his cork legs and could not remem
ber the yawn-broker's location. The
justir-e aismissed the prisoner and in
structed the polioe to assist him in the
recovery of his artificial limbs.
The most plausible plea of the -protectionists
is that a duty is necessary
to protect the American laborer
against the pauper laior of Europe
ana insure mm gooes wages. LiZ us
see how this works. The Dmgiev tar
iff raises the duty or. coal from 4" to
fe. cents per ton The miners are
striking for an increase -of nine cents
per tor. in their wages, just one third
of tne increased tariff. Lynchburg
.Miss Kenecca Chatham, who lives
aown on the headwaters of Hunting
Creek, was in town last week. She
was wearing a pair of shoes which she
has had for sixteen years. She has
worn them for Sunday and other im
portant occasions for these sixteen
years and there is not a break or hole
n them yet. That's a record in the
shoe Hne that car't be beat. The sho-s
"ost only S1.1G. Wnkesboro Chronicle.
jsoan hapy. -who migrated from
North Carolina to New Jersey in his
ycuth and has been for some years an
inmate ot a poor house, threatens to
live forever. He is lfS years old now
hale Rnd rrarty. The doctors sav he
has entered upon his ihird c "hi:rt-
hood." and there is no prognosticating
as to how long he may Pvt. Noah has
been taking his toddy and smoking
his pipe ever since his first childhood
Morning Star.
The man who recently applied to
Congress to have it seievt! a name for
his baby makes what might have ben
a valuable suggestion had he offered
it sooner. Parents all over the coun
try would be glad of some intelligent
assistance in one of the most vexa
tious of domestic probleras. and the
occupation would be both congenial
and advantageous in the intervals
w hen time-killing Vecomes a national
necessity. Washington Star.
A circular is being sent out bv the
Tepartment of Agriculture, from the
office of the assistant seeretarv. ad
dressed to leading farmers through
out the country, asking for an express
on of their views as to what the
economic value of the free distribution
of the seeds by the department has
been since the creation of the evstem
by the govern-aent in 1.
the war m mm.
Wcj te-'s Barbarous Methods. The
Case of Evangeline Ctsneros.
When Barbara Frietchie was al
lowed to wave the Stars and Stripes
in tbe fare of a victorious rebel army
the incident was characteristic of
American methods of warfare. No
American soldiers, of North or South,
made war on women. When the Con
federate leaders were captured their
wives and daughters were treated by
the c onquerors with distinguished con
sideration. The idea of punishing a
woman for her devotion to the cause
of her family would have been revolt
ing to the roughest band of bush
whackers on either side.
But the chivalrous Spanish Govern
ment, it seems, makes a specialty of
warring on women and children, es
oeeiajvy when it can lay hands on
mem without risk. The case of the
beautiful and refined relative of the
President of th Cu orn Republic who
has been immured for the past nine
months in the horrible prison for
alandoned women at Havana, and
who is now to begin serving a twenty
years" sentence in the living death of
tbe African penal colony at Ceuta. is
not exceptional. It is in accordance
with the systematic Spanish policy.
This tenderly r.utured girl was im
prisoned at eighteen among the most
depraved nepresses of Havana, and
now she is to Ite sent in mockery to
sjemd twenty years in i servitude that
will kill her in a year.
as t-vangeune cisneros is not an
American citizen, we can do nothing
for her as long as we continue to
treat the Weyier regime as a eivifixed
government and to regard the sup
pression of the Cuban revolution as a
matter of purely Sp-anish concern. But
the blood of Americans must be colder
and thinner than we think it if these
repeated horrors do not stir us soon
to action that will end the whole
Cuban savagry -once for all. and empty
the celis of Ceuta into the bargain.
jsew l orfc Journal.
Mr. W- a. Davis Residence Burned.
The Charlotte and Durham Rail
Correspondence of The News.
LANCASTER. S. C. Aug. 20. Fire
Wednesday night destroyed the two
story building of W. A. Davis, adjoin
ing the courthouse. The origin of the
fire is unknown. The loss is nearlv
roverea py insurance. Jt was quite a
close call, for it was hard to get his
sleepy children from the burning build
ing. A large part of Mr. Xa vis' per
sonal effects were burned. This is the
first fire Lancaster has had in two
Your correspondent w-ouid be glad to
see the Iurham and Charlotte railroad
built through Stanley county by Pion
eer Mills, his old native heath. This
county needs a road badly. Tar. pitch,
turpentine and chickens would flow into
Charlotte from Stanley county as you
have never seen it before.
Good crops and fine rains are report
ed all over this county. W. F. S.
The King of Siam. Chualongkom I.
will not visit the United States, as at
i-st pronosed. After his continental
visits his maiesty will re-embark on
his yacht at Marseilles and will sail
r nome.
Marquis de Mailly-Nesle. former
husband of the wife of Jean de Reszke.
the celebrated opera singer, is dead.
Tbe marriage of M. de Reszke to the
the Comtesse de Mailly-Neslie took
place on October 2J- last in Paris.
The steamer Evelyn Baldwin has
arrived at Christiania. from Spitzbur
gen. "whence she sailed northward until
stopped by pack ice. She reached lati
tude Sti.-li- and secured valuable geo
logical and botanical colections for the
American colleges.
The British military authorities in
India are getting their troops ready to
meet any uprising of the natives, no
matter how widespread.
Baron Mackau. one of the chief pro
moters of the charity bazar in Paris,
at which over one hundred lives were
lost bv tire in May last, has been placed
on trial in that cirv, along .Tith two
other persons, chargetf with homicide
through their imprudence upoe that oc
Miss Kate Shipp. of this place, has
just received notice of her admittance
to Cambridge University, in England.
It is nor only a very high honor, but
is an unusual one. because the rules
of that famous university require that
those admitted shall W graduates of
English institutions. In view of Miss
Shinp's high attainments and the very
high testimonials sent in -her behalf,
the ruies were suspended and she was
admitted without examination. It is
Miss Shipr's indention, after complet
ing the course at the Cambridge Uni
versity, to establish a high school for
girls and young ladies at some point
in North Caroiina. preferably in the
w-estem part of the State. Lincoln
The skeptics are now saying that the
madstone is a ake and -a humbug.
Before long we expect to see some
fellow hop up end deny that turning
your shoes bottom upwards under the
1-ed at night will keep off cramp, or
that -warts can't le conjured away.
loth of which propositions we hold
ourselves ready to prove by well au
thenticated examples. Monroe Jour
nal. THE PIG.
The pig's a lovely animal
That through my vision pops.
Composed of spicy sausage meat
And apple sauce and chops.
Iryside he is the lucious feast
Tht makes the Winter hum.
Outside he is" the stuff that makes
The football and the drum.
New Tork Journal.
The newest brand of Populist is the
Mark Eanna. Let us hope that it will
e exclusively confined to Ohio. St.
Louis Republic.
You naturally loss flesh In
the Lumm-r and mnning down
is so easy You get a little
weaker each day without hard
ly noticing It There is loss of
appetite, headache, weaknees
of the muscles, disturbed sleep,
weakness of memory, and these
are the beginning of nervous
prostration. Iron and tonics
and bitters may afford some
temporary relief, but what you
need is a food for body, brain
and nerves.
of Cod-liver Oil with the Hy
pophosphites, furnishes just the
nourishment needed for -those
who are run down and pale and
thin and weak. H you lose fiesh
in summer take Scott's Emul
sion now. Don't wait till fall
or winter before beginning.
Judge Simontiwi Prevents the Reduc
tion of Telegraph Rates irorn ums
Into Effect.
Testeroay morning a restraining or
der g-antea by Judge Simonton, was
served on Major J. "VT. Wilson. B.
Otho Wilson ana Dr. I- H- -Abbott,
constituting the Board of P.ailway
Commissioners, enjoining them from
. . 1 0AvAml .order
-carrying into eneei uir
reducing the rates of the wefixe
Union Telegraph Company and also
citing them to appear at Wilmington
Monday. September 6, to show cause
why the injunction should not be made
Iermanent. The order further re
strains the Commission from putting
into effect tbe new rate or any other
rate whatever until the case is heard.
This means that the IKr-cent rate will
be kept in force the News and Obser-
Theilf set forth that the Western
Union Telegraph Company is ineorpo
.mrtr The laws of New Tork.anfl
-inroiTic nnil operates a general sys-.:
tern of telegraph lines throughout the
-..-j 4-. oi-irinianif With the I
power conferred by its charter and an
act of Congress, approved July -4th.
1866. entitled: "An act to aid rn the
construction of telegraph lines and to
ecure the government the use of the
same for postal, military and other
puposes." It claims to maintain and
operate 2S.000. of which about S0 are
in North Carolina: and these are a
part of the treneral system maintained
and operated throughout the civilized
world. No different rule or regulation
for the maintenance and operation of
the North Carolina portion of the sys
tem, it is claimed, can be established
without affecting the entire inter
State and international system.
The authority and power of the
Commission to make the order of
Julv ii". 1SST, cutting down rates to
points within the State to 15 cents over
Western Union and 20 cents over other
lines, is without authority of law: "that
the old rate was just and reasonable,
afforded by fair compensation for the
service rendered. The new rate was
made, the company claims, without
giving them notice, and that within
ten days after tbe rate was made the
company filed exceptions thereto.
It is averred by the complainant tel
egraph companythat the amount in
dispute in the controversy is S2.000 in
terest and costs. As the new rate goes
into effect September 1st. and the
United States court to which it has
been removed does not meet for some
months, and as the orders are final
and deprive the company of its prop
erty without due process of law. the
court is asked to restrain the enforce
ment of the orders making the new
rate during the pendency of the suit
in the courts.
The following further reasons are
assigned for excepting to the new
1. That they are not just and rea
sonable. 2. That the transmission of mes
sages at these rates will entail a loss
unon the company.
Z. That even at the 25-cent rate the
company was operating its lines with
in the State at an annual loss.
4. That if a simiiar reduction were
made in other States the company
would not be able to maintain its lines
and defray operating expenses.
5. That to enforce the new rates
would be an unlawful appropriation of
its property without comrensation-
C. That the Commission has un
lawfully and unjustly discriminated
against the Western Union by pre
scribing a lower rate for it than for
other telegraph lines in the State.
7. That the Commission has not tbe
power and jurisdiction to prescribe
rates for the transmission of mesages
letween points within the State of
North Carolina.
b. That the order prescribing rates
is in violation of the Fifth amendment
to the Constitution of the United
S. That the order is also in viola
tion if r.f-ction 1 of the Fourteenth
amendment to the Constitution.
10. That the order is in violation
of the provisions of the act of Con
gress of the United States, passed
July 2Z. 16.
An amusine story is told about a pro
fessor. The learned frentleman has a
wife and family, but. professor -like, his
thoughts are always with his books.
One evening his wife, who had been
out for some hcurs. returned to find
the house remarkably quiet. She had
left the children playing about, butj
now they were nowhere to be seen.
She demanded to be told what had
become of them, and the professor ex
plained that as they had made a ?rood
dal of noise he had put then to bed
without waiting" for her or calling" a
T hone they pave you no trouble.""
she said.
"No. "replied the professor, "with
the exception of the one in the cot
here. He objected a food deal to my
undressinc him and putting him to
The wife went to inspect the cot.
"Why." she exclaimed, "that's little
Johnnie Green from next door." Tit
It is reported here that Gen. Lonsr
stret. the most prominent living Con
federate Weteran. i eneaced to be
married to Miss Ellen Uortch. a
newsrpaper woman and the assistant
State Librarian of Georgia. They
have both been summering- at Lithia
Sorings. a resort not far from Atlanta.
The General is a constant visit o- at
Miss Dortch's cottage and is her in
variable escort at social affairs, the
Bun correspondent says. He is 76 and
she is 22. but Gen. Longwtreet does not
appear to be over fifty, being well
preserved and of fine military far
volt of the reli-riou fanatics in the
State of Bahia. which began in Te
emler la.t. i? becoming very serious
despite the Government's persistent
efforts to quell it. Further bodies of
troops will le despatched from here
tomorrow to reinforce those alreadv
in the field.
The New Tork Sun says it is char-red
that the revolt in the State of
Bahia waF caus-d by MonarchistF
who are w-ting to overthrow the re
public. The leader of the rebels i
Antonio Conselheiro. and he hay in
flicted several severe defeats upon the
-Government troops.
It is .reported in Havana that the
forces of Gen. Gomez have entered
Santa Clara city.
The important town of Trinidad.
Banta Clara province, has ben raided
by the insurgents, who plundered all
the principal stores, securing a larsre
emount of provisions and ammunition
Wfylex has ordered that all tbe stores
in La Eiwrnnra. Santa Our a be
closed for twenty days, until the forti
fications are completed, -and the town
is starving.
A meeting of a week s duration at
Sugar Creek church has Just closed.
Rev. J. M. Wharey. IX IX, assisted
tev. x. j. Allison. His preaching was
enjoyable and edifi-nyr to the peopie.
There were five additions on jrrofs
sion last Sabbath, makim? thirty-three
adduions to this church Fince Mr Al
lison came here last September. Good
eon-rregations all the week and t-t
large one last Sabbath. X. C. Presl
Convicts are to build the new Stone
wSm rUiiWay to run from
Greensboro is to have a new tobacco
-aory, the Berber-Wood Compar
Wtnaton te to have a shirt and pants
A bigr -I--Mmic picnic is ieia at
Wilkes txiTO to-day.
eLaS fetkwaiOT telephone
TO iVlw 1 ncrco.
j jr 1 j v
was ike originator cf " PiTCHER'3 CAST OR; a ;
that nas vumz u.-u - r-r.i
bear the facsimile cigndie cf rkc.-
This is the original M PITCHER'S CA3TCRIA," ;SS
used in the homes cfihe Mother? cf Jtxcr jc- r,T
years, luu rv tnr-r u j u u,r;u u,,lxi . -j inai it i
the hind you have always bought
and has the signature ij j-cmca x
7T 0 hnQ ni.'fhnriflJ trCm JP.8 10 USC m
If'JJ . Tt - V " o '.t Ci"
rnn ir r-i , ,
eept The Ueniaur LGTnpznij vj v.o. . neicherig
President n2sj?'' '
March 8,1897. s --0t
Do Hot Be Deceived.
Do not endan-er the life of 3our child h, accepting
a cheap substitute which some dm-glst rnuy 0RVr
(because he makes i few more pennies on the b.
gredients of which ereu he does not kne -
"The End Ton Haye Always Bought"
Prof. Reid's New Assistant. Hun-
dr.-ds Come to See a Queer Bird.
Rev. J. l Fisher Preaching. j
Correspondence of The INews.
MINT HILL, Aug. IS. Mrs. Will
White, of Texas, is visiting relatives in
our village. She is now with Prof.
Reid's family. v
Miss IDesdie Hart, of Monroe, is
spending a few weeks with relatives in
and around the village.
' Mrs. Hunter, of Sharon, was in the
viliiige tor a few days last week. Sne
visited Mr. Mark Alexander's family.
Mrs. Eugenia Hunter, of Greensboro,
has been spending a lew days with hex
sister. Mrs. J. J. Harrell.
Seven new students were enrolled at
Bain Academy Monday, making in all
ICC Prof. Reid finds that he needs
more help. So he hap employed his
son. Mr. EL C. Reid, who graduated at
Davidson last June.
Quite an interestinc series of ser
vices are now eing conducted at Phil
adelphia church under the direction of
the pastor, with the assistance of Rev.
J. L. Fisher, of Texas. Mr. Fisher was
born and raised near he'-e. He -went to
Texas about six years ago, a wiid,
reckless feliov; h-- returns to-day a
converted man. He is doing agreat
work here and n this section of the
country. The great crowds that flock
to hear him are held srelliound by his
earnestness and eloquence.
The strange bird which Mr. G. W.
Barker captured some time last spring
continues to be the wonder of the day.
Nearly a thousand, by actual count,
have come from all over the country to
see this curious fowl CITIZEN.
The returns from toiiaccn manufac
turers are now being received bv the
labor commissioner. -One factory at
WinsTon annually manufactures TT5.Gu.
pounds: another three manufactures
lSr,.000. ail(3 a third 160.f!o. At Mount
Airy a factory makes "HO.Of-fi and one
at Greensboro 2iO.00 pounds. At
Statesvilie a factory manufactures 130.
pounds: another there manufactures'
factory HJ.X pounds. A leaf factory
in Nashville handles l.noo.Ooft pounds of
tob-icco annually. The Tmkes. at Thxr
ham, employ TKT people VH men. TZZ
wom-n and TT. children. They have not
yet made return as to their annual out
put. News and Observer.
A Northern paper remarks that
"Senator Jones, although a silverite.
is willing to accept prosperity thousrh
it comes through gold." How as
tounding! Pid any one ever hear of.
Sent or Jones being sup-cted of in
sanity? He would be a first-class fool
who wouldn't accept prosperity if it
came through a tin horn. Wilming
ton Star
Between now and Nor-mler Ut Xr xt-ill . un iwx&
A.nd in order to do so we are rjoii rj t make -ri:-- low'tJ t-t
Evervtksnr: in good sliape, and if vou want t !-v
or Bnrrirv von t an save nidiiev i.T il. i.e-t I v call--?'
US. lKit eonnfifr tine niuon r-. ,.,'.' out
. uiuiu tiiiii r ai i
ness, we liavt no such ivlta, lut
row Prices are vtat it takes to do so. Come
if we are net Tin
SI (in Sbrepdure and Ihnen Shcre out of Imported Ewes rv Im
All Bd Black Eex and Red Jersey Pigs. Bet Strain teg3
-' -r-r-y --- v-orw ana raises, rtne as ipin aun.
IF you buy ofiS Address OCCONEECHEE FAKM.
fmZia Stated ooYmvlKUtd CaotnctE with "Ocsocwecbec GUf-r-S
EXCLUSIVE USE OF Tnt wuu UiriiA." vjj
.111 0 TV
t 7. nnr rr'fr - r.-
'X term
Insist on Having
The End That Never Failed Yotl
cmmiR. TT mumwr mn, mt.te m arrt.
Pieasant Gathering at Rocky
Enjoyable Picnic. - Revival at Hr
Correspondence of tie- X?wb
HARElSBrRG, X. C.Aug. 19-&.
C- Miller is holding a revival DHS.'
at Harrisburg thii- v --k. "
Rocky River is quit- fonunnte k
having several pleasant visitor tfc-
Miss Elizabeth Grier is hannri
house party. Among h-r pleasant fc
itors are Miss Eliza U--:f. Gilmer Cwy
beli. of Nev.-ton. X. C. and Mia S.
Means, of Concord. Later in th -i
they will be leinfor-.-c by Mias M
Mfans. of Concord and a young a
from CUarltt. " j
Miss Mary Elliott, of Sharon, i
j r.h Miss i.ucia Pari-s.
ttr. Jas. B. Whar-. of Moorw&
and Irr. v ic Hunter, of Iwrita. aits
pelted today to visit Mr. Will Fiowt.
A picnic wa? g'v-i ,,i: y-sterday d
tne ianas oi itoKy Kiver. romi)!arr-
tary to the visiting yuiing ladiet kui
Mrs. Margaret O-i". who haf ie:
quite sick, is som- itter this wed
A "spot cash ciub" has bm
ganixed at Valparaiso, Ind., forai
sade against the credit system oUh
ing business.
; Tutt's Pills
Care AH
Liver Ills.
constitution undermined b) a
travairance in eating, by diss
garding the laws of nature, c'
i physical capital all gone, if K
I Tutt's Liver Fills will cureyK
! For sick headache, dyspepsi
j sour stomach, malaria, torp:
! liver, constipation, biliousasij
! and all kindred diseases.
i Tutt's -Liver Pit
an absolute cure.
stock of
Wag ins, Buggies, Harness. Etc,
they have evtr leen on tbe same c!ac v
Headquarters k
and Vhite Phnaiiib Karks. Browc
Ducks and Pea Fowls.
T5mn c r Tznnc CAD C 4T F AT
7 ..

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