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Dally Glob
A Month.
IaIIy Glob
A Month.
To Any Part of the City.
To Any Part of tho City.
Alain Street,
'" MM
Our doors will open at 5 o'clock sharp,
and close promptly at 7:30 o'clock,
thereby giving us all a chance to
inflate our lungs with fresh
air and recuperate our
st rength f or the com
ing task, viz.,
Which we bought with great care.
Bargains will be Numerous !
Attention and Politeness will be Lavishly
Uestowed upon our Customers.
We have been specially gratified with
our Spring Trade, and shall increase our
elTorts to please.
No better stock of Summer Goods has
ever been on this market, and this state
ment can be verified by a personal call at
our store. The assortment is too large
to enumerate,
As purchases can be made with more
Next to Farthing & Duke.
Look for the large Sign just over the
door, and also note the handsome deco
rations in the Show Windows, which
only give a hint to the Handsome Goods
just inside. Respectfully,
The Iayf Record of Current Events In
the City anil Vicinity.
' There was no cases before the mayor
for trial this morning.
Mr Fletcher Faucette, of Ilillsboro,
who was reported as being so seriously
ill is very much better.
The judicial convention for the fifth
district will meet in Greensboro, Tues
day, July 8th, so the committee decided
One hundred and thirty-two deaf
and dumb mutes passed up the road yes
terday afternoon, going to their homes
from the asylum in Raleigh.
It's hot, but don't complain, it is the
very .ihjn for crops. Many farmers
during JJjia court informed us that the
prospect for a bountiful yield was nevtr
In the case of the State vs. Dinah
Johnson, concealing the birth of her
child, a juror was withdrawn this morn
ing, and the case was continued till Octo
ber term of court.
Dr. L. W. Battle, who had on opera
tion performed on his leg between the
knee and the ankle, to relieve an injury
caused by a wound received during the
war, is still a great sufferer.
A young man just through smiling
over having passed his twenty-first birth
day, walked into the court room to see
how things were getting along. The
sheriff saw him and called him into the
jury box.
Persons desiring certificates of mem
bership in the Teachers' assembly can
obtain them upon payment of the fee to
W. G. Vickers, county superintendent of
public instruction. Certificates entitle
the holders to reduced railroad and hotel
rates to the meeting of the assembly at
Morehead City.
Three colored men passed creditable
examinations before the board of medi
cal examiners last week at Oxford, and
were licensed to practice medicine. D.
E. Caldwell, son of AVilson Caldwell, well
known here and at the University, was
one of them. He will locate at Ashcville
and is worthy of success.
Died, in Ilillsboro, yesterday morn
ing at 3 o'clock, Mr. Robert Faucette,
aged GG years. A good man gone to rest.
Mr. Faucette was one cT Hillsont-J
oldest citizens, having resided there over
forty years. He was a good citizen, the
best of neighbors, and a conscientious
christian, having been a member of the
Methodist church over forty Tears. "When
his country called him he gave four of
the best years of his life to do battle for
her as a member of the oGth N. C. regi
ment", lie was buried this afternoon at
3 o'clock with masonic honors.
Durham People on the Move ami Visitors
in the City."
Mr. Shepard Bryan, of the University,
was in town to-day.
Capt. E. S. Parker, of Graham, is at
tending court to-day.
Littje Emma Bass, of Wilson, is visit
ing the family of Capt. P. M. Briggs.
Mr. Hugh L. Miller, of Raleigh, paid
this office a pleasant call this morning.
Mr. J. A. Long, of Graham, spent the
day in town, the guest of Mr. J. SY.
Mrs. J. F. Slaughter, of Lynchburg,
mother of Mr. J. F. Slaughter, Jr., is
visiting her son.
Dr. Thomas Hume, of the University,
passed down the road to-day on his way
to Morehead City.
Mr. C. II. Lewellin, of Oxford, is shak
ing hands with his numerous friends on
our streets to-day.
Miss Mattie Lee, of Goldsboro, who has
been visiting Miss Maggie Watkins, re
turned to her home at noon to-day.
Mrs. II. N. Snow and Master Horace
returned from a visit to relatives in
Wayne county 3-estcrday afternoon.
Mrs. T. C. Fuller, of Raleigh, who has
been visiting her son's family here for a
few days, returned to her home on the
mid-day train.
Rev. J. T. Harris joined Drs. Reid,
and Black and Rev. J. J. Renn here yester
day afternoon on their way to Trinity Col
lege commencement.
Mr. J. F. Slaughter, Jr., cashier of the
Fidelity bank, who has been confined to
his room by sickness for a few days, is
very much better, his numerous friends
will be glad to learn.
31 r. G. W. Poythress, one of Orange
county's most successful planters, and
his good wife paid this office a visit to
day. It was Mrs. Poythress' first look at
a printing press, and it was a curiosity
to her.
Thomas A. Wedge, of Elkhart county,
Indiana, has been married five times
within the past year. A few days ago he
was divorced' from his fourth wife and
married the fifth Mrs. Wedge on the
same day.
The Most Recherche Reception That D
ham Ever Witnessed.
The reception at Mr. and Mrs. B. '
Duke's last evening, from 9 to 12 o'clc -to
meet Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Duke wak
most brilliant affair. The guests wP-e
almost numberless, and during the tilci
mentioned a continuetl throng poured In
and through the house. Carriages
most 'locked wheels a3 they came anil
went. The vestibule was filled with
mellowed light that was moat enchant
ing, while the salon was all a glory of il
lumination. On the very threshold a
most hearty welcome was tendered the
visitors, and then they were escorted to
the reception room where they were
most graciously received by Mr. and Mrs.
B. N. Duke. Next the guests were pre
sented lo3I r.amTM7s?' 13. lJ.TTuTEFHWll
i -
the hearty handshakes lacked everything
of formality and showed genuineness as
the words "I am glad to meet you," were
said. Mr. Duke's dignity and cheery
smile were very becoming to him, while
Mrs. Duke, in her elegant toilet, looked
just as pretty and happy as could be.
As each couple filed by to make room
for others, a merry conversation filled
the rooms, and the beaming face3 gave
plain evidence that all were enjoying
themselves. In due time each guest
found his way to the refreshment room,
and a thing of beauty it was too. In the
centre of a large table was a miniature
lake, around the edges of which ferns
and water lilies seemed to grow. This
was the feature of the room, but the
other decorations were of corresponding
richness. Here ribbon water ices, cream
and other delicacies were served in the
cutest souvenirs. All this time grand
strains of music filled the whole house,
and made all hearts joyful.
A look over the crowrd showed scores
and scores of middle aged ladies wearing
neat evening caps and becoming dresses;
those younger yet, wearing lovely bon
nets and costly garments of finest texture,
and blooming maidens, with uncovered
tresses, wearing gowns of rarest beauty.
A pleasing picture to look at. The gen
tlemen wrere there in great numbers also,
and each man wore his best looks and
his best clothes.
But all things earthly must have , an
end, and so this entertainment had its
Mr. antl Mrs. B. L. Duke Durham
greets you, welcomes you and -wishes you
long life and happiness.
Main Street Sunday School Excursion,
Friday, June 13.
This excursion will afford a rare chance
to those wishing to visit the enterprising
town of Henderson, at a small cost. A
splendid program has been mapped out
for the day, and those going may expect
a nice time. The lawn tennis clubs of
Durham and Henderson will pla)' a match
game of tennis on that occasion, and the
event promises to be very exciting, as the
best talent of each town will be arrayed
against each other. A beautiful grove,
with an abundance of good water conve
niently near, has been tendered the school
on that occasion. A good dinner, and
enough for all, will be spread on the pic
nic grounds. The train will leave Hotel
Claiborn at 7 o'clock, sharp.
Fare, for persons not members of the
school: Those over 12 years old, $1.50;
thoseunder 12 years old, To cents. Tickets
are on sale at Duke's factory and the
drug stores, and can be obtained at the
train onJFriday morning.
V. Ballard, Supt. .
What was Done in Court Yesterday.
Sarah II. Rhew vs. W. G. Vickers, ad
ministrator, and others. Continued for
Southern Fertilizer Co. et al. vs. II. A.
Reams, et al. Final judgment.
W. W. Fuller, receiver of II. A. Reams,
vs. A. G. Carr. Judgment of non suit.
State vs. Mack George, order. Charles
Peace, a witness for the defense, allowed
to prove his attendance.
State vs. Pavid Thompson, et al., affray
with deadly weapon. Fine remitted and
defendants discharged upon payment of
Adolphus Mincey and Nicholas Mincey
vs. DeWitt Tilley, Barnett Dickson et al.
Final judgment and decree.
State vs. II. T. Carlton et al. Ordered
that notice be served on S. P. Gooch to
show cause why he should not be taxed
with the cost.
State vs. Dinah Johnson, concealing
birth of child. Pleads not guilty. Trial
now in progress.
. Cured Dyspepsia and Renal Colic.
Amelia C. II., April 5, 17.
1 have been a sufferer from Dyspepsia
from my childhood, not being able to eat
greasy food of any kind, and recently
raboift Januarv, 17), bad a most violent
attack of renal colic, caused by passing a
stone from the kidneys. I suffered so
intensely that a half grain of morphine
was administered to me at onetime with
out relieving the pain, and chloroform
had to be administered. I believe that I
was at death's door. My physician, after
relieving the pain, prescribed the Otter
burn Lithia Magnesia Water" for me,
and I have used it ever since with marked
benefit. I have suffered no recurrence
cf the colic, and can eat pork or anything
else with impunity. G. W. Anderson.
For sale at Dr. "X. M. Johnson's drug
Meeting of the Democratic Executive
Committee The Soldiers' Home to lie
Opened Two Grim Relics of the War.
- - Tile. Globe Bckeau,
Raleigh", N. C, June 11, '00.
The class day exercises at Wake Forest
college Monday were interesting. There
were some inaccuracies in the list of
speakers as published. The address was
delivered by President G. W. "Ward ; the
oration by J. E. White, of Apex ; C. L.
Felt, of Emporium, Pa., being the class
poet; J. O.Atkinson, of Raleigh, the his
torian; J. B. Spilman, of Wfldon, the
prophet. JAollemag.QfWinpgt.
-aras the secretary. The trustees ot yCt
college met yesterday morning, and last
evening. - Associate Justice Merrimon
delivered the address before the alumni.
To-day at 11 o'clock Mr. Dixon will
deliver his address, while at 8:15 this
evening Rev. Dr. W. W. Landrum, of
Richmond, Va., will preach the sermon
before the graduating class. Mr. L. S.
Cannon, of Burke county, is the valedic
torian of the graduating class ; Mr. J. S.
Hawkins, of Danville, Va., delivering the
salutatory. There will be only seven
speakers Thursday.
The meeting, of the Democratic state
executive committee yesterday was an in
teresting one. Some of its members fa
vored the immediate choice of a chair
man, while two thought the selection
should be left to the convention. It was
soon seen that those w ho held the first
view were in an overwhelming majority.
No nomination was made save that of E.
C. Smith, though mention was made both
of Jarvis and Skinner. Some of the com
mittee favored an early convention, but
those who desired a late one carried the
day. It is a good plan to have a short
and active campaign, particularly in an
off year. By and bye there will always
be short campaigns and the stumping of
the state will cease. It is too great a
strain to be put upon any candidate.
soldiers' home.
Your correspondent had quite a chat
yesterday with Mr. William C. Stronach,
who is beyond doubt one of the most
puWicpiritMjSjid . jrejiexouii- men- inthl
state. He and Col. A. IS. Andrews are
seeking for a suitable building for use aa
a home for ex-Confederates. When they
find what they want they will rent it.
Their belief is that it is best now to do
this. Mr. Carr, the president of the asso
ciation, has the same view. He says that
if a suitable building is not found here he
will provide one at Durham. The idea is
to begin in an humble way, and not lon
ger let the state rest under the disgrace
ful imputation of neglect of soldiers.
There is $3,500 or 4,000 available. The
committee can, if the home is located
here, give it personal daily attention. It
can be more economically and satisfac
torily conducted, with the means now in
sight, in this way, than at Ridgeway.
Anyway the home will be at Raleigh and
the people here will do their part by it.
The step is positively decided on now,
and there will be no turning back.
In front of the statue of "Washington
in the capital square are two fifteen inch
shells. Thousands of people see them
daily, but very few know whence they
came. After the first bombardment of
Fort Fisher Governor Vance sent for a
couple of shells fired by the federal fleet,
as souvenirs of the gallant defence. An
ordnance sergeant went, with a negro
and a mule and cart, after shells. One
was picked up and exploded, killing sol
dier, darkey and mule. However, an
other attempt was made and two shells
were procured and sent here.
Mr. Charles W. Raney told me yester
day that the Vance county farmers are
in better spirits than he ever saw them
before. For years past the weather in
May has been wet and the water soaked
lands were full of grass when June came
This year there is a happy change. The
ground is dry and mellow, there is no
grass and the crops are clean. The pros
pect is glorious. Some pessionists fear
that a season of sorrow w ill follow this
one of joy, but really it looks like 1S00 is
going to be a fat year.
A force of laborers is at work remov
ing the stains from the exterior of the
capitol, and the discolorations are very
hard to obliterate
Raleigh has a good representation at
the Grand Commandery of Knights Tem
plar at Ashevillc. A banquet at the Bat
tery Park hotel will be one of the features
of the assemblage
W. II. Pace, of this city, will be one of
quite a number of people who will leave
here for Europe this summer. He will
haw snecial medical treatment while
abroad, for a throat affection.
The United States circuit court ad
journed yesterday, having disposal of
the business before it, and Judge Sey
mour returned to New Berne. He said
he 'would soon file his opinions in the two
important suits involving the state's right
to tax Pullman sleeping cars and com
mercial fertilizers. Both of these ques
tions are interesting ones.
Much interest is developing concern
ing the Fourth of July celebration. It is
probable that there will be a $500 display
of fireworks. It is proposed to have
special trains on all the roads.
Simmons will be the nominee for con
gress in the second district, and he will
make a fine canvass. His election, it is
claimed, will be a certainty, and those
who say so ought to know what they arc
talking about.
The press of the state ought to give
wide currency to the prosecutors in the
federal court of Democrats charged with
making false affidavits regarding the last
election. Jt will be a bomerang for the
Republicans, no doubt." V
Lw'niorninat St. Mark's one
of the graduates -is to marry a wealthy
young South Carolinian. This is quite
an interestinc and certainly unusual
event at a commencement. Lovers will
probabl3r make a note of it.
Rev. Thomas Dixon, who is so popular
everywhere, lectured here last evening,
and had a flatteringly large audience.
His theme was "Playing the Fool." A
wag said that the witty preacher took the
same topic in his pulpit in New York on
the 1st instant, and that Elliott F. Shep
ard was his particular illustration.
Wanted ! .
A few bushels of nice,, tender Snap
jeans each day. Apply to
A. B. Matthews.
French Candy at Perry's at 12J cents
per pound.
My Prices for Saturday are for Cash Only.
One hundred bunches bananas now ar
riving for Saturday. Will have double
extra force, so none will be turned away.
. Inimitable Bakg. un Stoke.
Green Coffee at Perry's, at 10 cents.
Don't Forget the 11 uckli'Wrry.
N. M. Johnson & Co. are Mill belling
the best five and ten cent cigars, soaps,
colognes, brushes, etc. They have one
of the best selected stocks of pure drugs
in the state, which are carefully com
pounded bv Mr. A. II. Michael, who has
worked at the prescription desk twenty
years. .
Nuts at 15 cents per pound, at Perry's.
A No. 1 second-hand mowing machine
for sale cheap for cash. The marine is
Apply to B. W. Matthews, South street,
Durham, N. C.
Fresh Cream Chocolate Candy daily at
Perry's, for 20 cents per pound.
Walter A. Wood Mowing Machines,
Walter A. Wood Hay Rakes, Walter A.
V ood Reaping Machines, Dutton Mow
ing Machine Grinders, Geiser Separators.
All of the best quality. Prices low. For
sale bv John L. Markham.
White Sugar at Perry's, at 04- cents per
Buggies, Phaetons and Carls.
R. I. Rogers.
Raisins at Perry's 15 cents per pound
Go near the court house and look about
you for those fans in Johnson's drug
store, then go and get the best drink of
Lemonade, Limeade or Soda Water that
you ever tasted. Don't stop till you have
tested the truth of what I sav.
Good Sugar at Perry's, at 5J cents per
Grand Lodge Knights of I'ythlaM, Dur
ham, '. C
The Richmond fe Danville Railroad Co
will sell parties attending the Grand
Lodge, Knights of Pythias, Durham, is
C, round trip tickets to that point June
lClh to 18th inclusive, good returning
until and including June 22I, rt follow
ing rates from points named: Charlotte,
$ 6.o; Grcensboio, J2.0-; hambury, $..20;
Winston-Salem, v- 0; Oxford, 1.00;
Henderson, $2.45; Raleigh, $1.05; Selma,
2.95 ; Goldsboro, $3.85. Rate3 from in
termediate points in same proportion.
Gum Drops 7 to 9 cents per pound, at
Perry s.
Mrs. Joo Person's Remedy
Cancer in Its Early Stages !
King wood. X. C, May 2. IhcT
Mrs. Joe Person :
Dear Madam : Most jrladlr do I jrivc you
ray name to place before the pub-lie. beariny
testimony of the miraculous eure enected on
me bv your moet valuable Kennedy. Fifteen
years airo I was troubled by what Mmetl to lie
little scales appearing on the right eMe of my
check, under the eye, resembling dry meal
bran, which- I could remove when I haven.
but they would return again In a short tiro
Soon an enlargement appeare! under the Mine
eye, attend! with itching ami burning sema
t ions, and sharp, darting pains from the af
feeted place to the eye, causing great dlihculty
in closing the eye, even to sleep. tomtirnes
it would feel better, but never at any time dis
appear. tSome phyfciclaos pronounced it ecze
ma, others chronic erysipelas, and all &dvLMl
me to let It alone. Thw I did until two years
ago. when a little scab began to lorm right un
der the eye. resembling a wart, which 1 could
not remove: in size and aiiarance it soon
grew to be a large as a trawU-rry. and ttw
scabs tame off and left the place entirely raw
Having fear of a cancer. I began to use various
kinds of sjJ rrt to tw-al it up. jut never coum
I consulted with physicians or gr-t ejrjn.-n
ence: they said it looked auspicious of it, ar
advised me to have ft cut or burnt out at once,
I did not wish to do either: ami being vr
suaded it was in my blod. I resolved to try
vour Itemed y. as it had been recommended to
me. I did so with the most happy results.
ran say I am a well man. I cannot say V
much for your Ileiuedy; it Is worth its weight
in roM. lie fore I had usd one bottie I was
hopeful, and at the expiration of five weeks
tbe Wire was entirely healed, the ftt-ales or
roughnesa of th skin all gone, and left me a
new man. I will give uay one similarly af
fected any further information tbey may de
sire, and can only say, if tbe put4ic will give
yourItemedyatrial.it will speak for itself,
and vour ueceS will know DO bounds. Ciod
speed the day that must dawn upon your fu
ture pros pt-ni y: ioun musumij.
Jam Cabtem Ahkixgto.
Mr. Joe Tenon's Collection of Mnsle Is
for kale by V. It- Murray.
targe and carof uUy selected Mock of
Business greatly enlarged and -
Scvej-aV New vL&es" joied-
TT'-iMft thedeman
ds Of tin
ie local trade.
, New Good, just received. Include
ox Paper and Envelopes, Table!?,
Pencils, Albums, Ladies' Purses, Ktf.
Call and examine stock, and If vou do not see
what you want, ask for Jt.
, T. J. OATT1S Si SON.
Main Street, Durham, N. IV
"Exquisite in printing, artistic In coloring.
buttlio ieeuliar chikrm Is In the stuOIU&clf.
Touch it ; smooth as silk. Not a lump or knot
or scraggy place on tho delicate surface. Hut
not a hint of weakness J Try to tear a Lit.
warp or woof way, no odJs which. Nothing
slinipsy there. Just as the polish of culture
and good breeding lift a man or woman above
tho common, so the ierfeet make, and finish
lifts tho G lascows above ot her cottons. Ill vals ?
Yes, about as a "farthing dip" rivals an arc
light. The wonder of wonders is that tho fi las-
cows are only 35 cents a yard.
One of the choicest and newest rubric of the
season. Miowninull the latest coloring. In
cluding, illuminated gtrlin-s, which are formed
by the delicate shadings of small and medium
Another hot weather cotton hovelty Is
In handsome designs, at f cents it yard.
Among the many other wurm weather art Sell's
that might le mentioned, nie:
Iloth white and brown lir.i n.
In handsome putti-turf.
Dark sliades of mahogany, chocolate and
brown for quiet taU-s. Hright shade of rus
set, copper, tan and gray for the gayer. Tlped
and plain toes, high and low heels.
i i i
iomemnenng i
Any kind of Printing or Hin.lin ;
Old IVx)k. Kcbouwl, or Magazine?,
" Vatcrt, Vc, Bound in Good
Record Book?, Ledger?, Day Book;
Legal Blank of Reliable Form;
The North Carolina Manual of Law
and Form, the l)C5t Form Book
for Magistrate! (price $2)
and the only one re
vifcd to date,
Printers and Hinder,

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