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We Speak in Our Own Behalf, and Fearlessly Announce that Our Stock will be
Roof in the City of Durham, Particularly
Our immense .stock of Carpers, . einbracing over one hundred rolls, will be worthy of special attention. Chenille Curtains from 4.50 to $12.00 per pair, in all the new color
ings. Magnificent stock-of Table Linens. Every department jammed full and overflowing. We will announce
At which time we will exhaust every resource to" please
July Days.
Softly drone the honey bees;
Hlnuhoui rented in the breeze:
Gol'len is the grain.
0ei nil the faintest haze
l!t'ft, vi il son;; birds pipe their lays
In a sweeter strain.
Friu the m"a(l(iv,R romc the scent
)l' the now hay. elover hltnt
111 i he topaz rky
l-'Vr-j chiiirts, like hliijis at bea,
1' U:u ii'.ir onward lazily,
r at nu hor. lie.
N.t".re n .v is doubly dear
To my soul, for doubly near.
At July' behest.
Sin' has eoine, and coming brincrs
San ea. e from all weary things -l'-lK-fiil
sense of rest!
Jrhn Kerulviek Hans in Ladies' Home Jour
UliUM.r' Frank Criticism.
A VavU WtXvr says that Whistler se
riously rririt'ist'il one of Dannat's pic
tures in a Paris art exhibition a week or
pa ago. and tho next day a mutual
friend mischievously introduced the two
men. Meantime the censorious ex
pressions f the former had been widely
rt j)at'd. "(Jlad to meet you, Mr.
Wiiirlh-r," Dannat is rejwrted as having
said, particularly glad at this moment,
us 1 h ur you have l?en running down
my pictures ld:ind my back."
"Yes," rtXurned the adept in the
gentle art of making enemies; "I did
say something rather harsh alxmt it,
and it was behind your back, as I never
iK'fore had the pleasure of seeing yon
face to face.
"Now that I do see you, I will do yon
the favor to tell you the contribution
you have sent to this salon has no busi
ness here. This is a collection of pic
tures, a tid you should be informed that
half a dozen figures outlined on a wall
do not constitute a picture. Something
of intelligent composition, some attempt
to repivjsent an idea, some respect for
the truths of nature are prime requisites,
and your flat drawing over there does
not emlHMly any of these qnalities. Good
morning, Mr. Dannat!'
Mosquitoes That Never Lived.
Some of the good people of Stratford,
Conn., decided this year to drain about
forty acres of marsh land and had the
necessary ditches dng. Afterward some
of the ditches were partially tilled up
und the marsh water stagnated therein.
On examination the water was found to
!): a -a titrated solution of mosquito
larva. The local scientists focused their
powerful intellects and microscopes
upoiva specimen of the water and fig
ured it out that the prospective mos
quito population had leen 20,XM),(XM) to
the acre.
As there were forty acres drained, the
appalling fact is apparent that 800,000,
000 promising memWrsof the mosquito
race, who might have done good and'
telling work uion the Connecticut conn
try boarders this year, were thus cut off
before their youth had a chance to
flower or even to sprout, or, to come
down from metaphor to fact, to crack
the shell of the embryotic state. Among
other things, this little story teaches us
to keep away this summer from un
dxained marhhes. New York Tribune.
With Almost Every Conceivable Style of Trimming to Match !
Our Special
No Change for the Uetter.
"Mariar, yer ain't changed that much
that I kin see any differ'nee in yer ter
what yer wuz as a child!"
"An, Lizzie, yer look ter me jus' fur
all the world as yer did when yer wnz a
schoolgirl." Life.
A Parrot Seldom Forgets.
A maiden lady once had a fine talking
bird, but, being subjected to headaches,
she often put him in the kitchen. The
cook objected and said to Polly, "You
horrid thing, I wish you were dead."
Polly soon learned this, and when his
mistress got better and took him to her
own room, he said, "You horrid thing.
I wish you were dead."
This shocked the delicate little lady.
One day she met her rector, and, after
he had inquired about her health, he
said, "How is Polly?"
Then she told him how Polly had af
fected her nerves. The rector said:
"Send him to spend a month with my
bird. He may forget it."
She immediately accepted his offer.
In duo time Polly was sent home, and,
as soon as his mistress went to the cage.
Polly saluted her with:
"You horrid thing, 1 wish you were
dead. We beseech thee to hear us.
good Lord!" New York Recorder.
In an English Hallway Train.
First Artist Children don't seem to
me to sell now as they used.
Second Artist (in a hoarse whisper)
Well. 1 w.is at Stodge's yesterday. He'd
just knocked off three little girls' heads
horrid raw things! a dealer came in.
sir. -bought 'em directly took 'etn away,
wet as they were, on the stretchers and
wanted Stodge to let him have some
more next wet-k.
Old Lady (putting her head out of the
window and yelling) Guard, guard,
stop the train and let me out. or I'll be
murdered. Loudon Tit-Bits.
lroit of I.oadtoue.
A Kansas City pajer says that there
is a bowlder in theOzarks which will
attract .a jackknife dropped nine feet
away, and that along the line of the
fifth principal meridian, in the counties
of Carter. Reynolds, Iron and Washing
ton, the lines of east and west surveys
are deflected from the true course sev
eral degrees, the needle being affected
oy the oeposrts of loadstone.
The great vegetable substitute for pills
is Simmons Liver Regulator. Cures sick
No one ever tried Siramcns Li7cr Regu
lator without being satisfied with its effect.
::'v5T--I Vi( I XJ
Grand Opening in a
our customers and to establish
A I'otato Vine Imitating the Lemon Trees.
J. W. C. Pogue brought in to Visalia
this morning a remarkable freak of na
ture in the shape of a potato vine upon
which was growing potatoes in all stages
of development, from the size of a mar
ble to one ;'s large as tho averago Early
Rose. The vino was discovered in Mr.
Pogue'si lemon grove. The seed planted
was of the Early Rose variety, and some
of the potatoes will be planted out to see
if they will reproduce. When the vine
was pulled np a few small potatoes were
found at the root, but on the vine there
must have been a hundred. The only
explanation Mr. Pogue can offer is that
the potato must have thought it to be its
duty to produce lemons, as is was sur
rounded by that fruit, and that it
made an honest effort in that direction.
Visalia Time?.
Where Flies Come From.
If by stealth a man should let in a lit
tle light and air that is a man's idea of
cooling a room, to open it wider than
the Chicago exposition and let in all the
dust and heat and noise and' flies and
glare the street can pour into it he is
discovered every time. She whose
genius had made every room in the
house a storage warehouse for night air
comes in and wonders "Where all these
flies came from?" He, with extravagant
gesticulation, doesn't know at least he
says he doesn't, and doesn't care, which
is true; what he wants to know is when
they are going back again? Robert J.
Burdette in Ladies' Home Journal.
The Latest Horror.
Scientists have built for advertisers,
by an arrangement of mirrors, reflecting
glasses and lights, a sort of gigantic
magic lantern, by which images can be
thrown upon the clouds, so that adver
tisements in letters 100 feet long will
le visible over a dozen counties. On
the liosom of an advancing cyclone hor
rified humanity of the future will be
able to read in gigantic letters "Use
Blank's Chet Protector," "Try Brag
em's Pills." MinneaiolLs Journal.
The Y. M. C. A. in France.
The cornerstone of the new building
of the Paris Young Men's Christian as
sociation has been laid with appropriate
ceremony at 14 Rue de Trevise The
efforts in promoting the good work
have evidently "been tost successful,
end tho undertaking is sure to have the
Ood wishes of the community at large.
AmeriraH Register.
After a long consideration of the mat
ter, the Italian government lias decided
that G millimeters is the best size for
the bore of the new rifles for use in that
count rv.
STati-tics carefully compiled show
that within three years 5,000 people have
lost their lives in western Pennsylvania
because of weak tL.iiis.
A shad -'G inches long. Sff inches
thick and vt ighing 3 pounds 1 ounces
W33 caught in the Hudson river recent
ly at Escpus, N. Y.
the fact beyond contradiction that we are in the lead.
arness, Saddlery,
Buggies, Phaetons, Etc.
Repairing a Specialty I
And Confectioneries.
Jnst Aflflina Dry Goods to Stock.
Sneciai Line of Shoes !
The Randolph Made to Order!
Good Stock of Groceries !
Heavy and Fancy Groceries !
Slip Stuff a Specialty!
40th Year 1'eglnA Kcptetnber 14.
A college of Inph grade. Choice of courses
for degTeca. A Iso a Commercial course. Sep
arate Preparatory school. library. 1TJU00 vol
ume. VVorkinjr laboratory. Good morals,
llealtkful mountain climate. Buildings 1m-
r roved; steam beat. Very moderate expense,
ncreasin rat rename from many states. Cat
alogue, with J views, free. Ad fres
JULIUS D. DttEliER. President.
Salem, Virginia.
the Most Superb Ever Shown Under Any
Few Days!
S H jiff!
This is the season of the year that you need Fly Fans
and Fly Traps.
Those Wir Window Screens at 40 and 50 cents are the
cheapest thing out.
Our Lawn Mowers at $5.50, 0.00 and 0.50 are extremely
low and thev make it a pleasure to cut grass.
White Mountain Freezers, Water Coolers, Etc., at Hock
Bottom Prices.
DimiiAM, jr. v.
Contractor mid Builder.
He -will save you money, do good work
and suit you.?Ba
He will be pleased to give figures and
estimates in any part of the state..
Address him or call on him
tr DUitiiAM, n c.
Wait for the Grand Opening.
The Tray is arranged
to roll back, leaving tbe
bottom of the Trunk
easy of access.
Nothing to break or get out of order. The
Tray can be lifted out if desired, and to buy
this style is a guarantee that you will get tbe
strongest Trunk made.
If your Dealer cannot furnish you, notify the
H. W. ROUNTREE & BRO., Richmond, Va.
It is a very satisfactory thing to con
template. Those who squander
money on poor goods and
bad bargains have
thin purses.
!! C. H. MURPHY,
5 Sign and Orsamsnial F&ictsr
Paper Hanging, Decorating
Frescoing and all things
in that Line.
Your patronage solicited and satisfac
tion always guaranteed.
References: The best in the city.
Charges: As low as good work can be
done for.
Leave ordera at Furniture Storet

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