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VOL. III-NO. 330,
Valuable Real
.state for
Ballard & Halliburton, Trustees of W. T. Blackwell, will sell at Public Auction the following Real Estate in the Town of Durham, N. C. :
Six vacant lots on Main street, lying between First National Bank
(DCw building, and store occupied by J. W. 'Jones & Oo., each lot 26 10-12
feet front and 90 feet deep. This is considered the most valuable property
in the town for building stores, etc.
One prize room lot on Main street.
One prize room lot on Green street.
One lot 25-100 acre, with 4-room house, situated on Morehpad avenue.
One lot 24 100 acre, with 3-room house, situated corner Morehead and
Will in I avenues.
One lot 7G-100 acre on Broadway street, with 6-room house, kitchen
and all necessary outhouses and stable?, supplied with city water, al30
splendid well of water on premises.
Two lots on Gregson street, 23-1C0 and 21-100 acre respectively, each
with 3 room house, good well of water.
Two lots on South street, 19-100 and 20-100 acre respectively, each
with 4-roora houae, tin roof, good water. .
One lot 30-100 acre on corner Carr and Dandy streets, with 3 offices,
2 rooms each.
Three lots on Dandy street, 20-100, 22-100 and 18-100 acre respec
tively, with 6-room house on each, tin roof.
One lot 46-100 acre on Dandy street, opposite Graded School building,
with 5 -room house, splendid well of water.
Seven lots on Chapel Hill street, 33-1C to 41-100 acre respectively,
good water, all with 3-room houses, large rooms.
One lot corner Yancey and Lea streets 28-100 aero, with 3-room house.
Three lots on Lea street, 30-100,-29-100 nnd 23-100 acre respectively,
with 3-room houses.
One lot on Lea street 24-100 acre, with 3-room house.
One lot on Liberty street 19-100 acre, with 6-room house.
All of this property is very desirable and all of the houses occupied
by good tenants.
On the same day Fuller & Whitted, Trustees of E. J. Parrisli, will sell :
Twenty fine and well-located business lots on both sides of Parrish
street, between Church street and Roxboro street, each lot about 56x25.
Tticse lots are very near the Court House and the largest Tobacco Ware
One lot 24x81 on Church street, near Main.
Two dwelling houses and lots on Roxboro street, about acre each
in size.
Two lots on East Main street, each about I acre in size, one of which
has a dwelling house on it.
Twenty-eight lots in the eastern suburbs of Durham, suitable for ten
ant houses, which can be easily rented.
A farm of about 100 acres, three miles from Durham, good water,
yielding vineyard and thriving orchard of well selected trees.
On the same day Watts & Hicks, Trustees of J. W. Blackwell, will sell :
One lot near Five Points, fronting on Green and Peabody streets, and
adjoining R. k I. It. It. and I). & N. R. It. On this lot is a 3 story brick
building in good repair and of substantial character, suitable for any kind
of factory or storage room, with stores below.
Three lots adjoining the brick building just mentioned, two of which
contain wood prize or storage houses, fronting on Green street and adja
cent to the depot of D. & N. R. R. Co.
One lot on Lea and Yancey streets, fronting 511 feet on Lee street
and 24 7 feet on Yancey street, containing about 3 acres. This will be
divided and sold in smaller lots, plat of which will be prepared before sale
day. On the said three acres arc one two-story 8-room house, two 6-room
cottages and one 2 room cottage.
One lot in western suburbs of Durham, east of new cemetery, contain
ing 1 acres, and a 2-room house.
All these lands lie within the town of Durham, except when otherwise
stated herein.
Sale will commence at 10 o'clock a. m., and if not concluded on February 2, it will be continued the next day.
The terms of the sale will be announced on day of sale, but not more than half cash will be required on anypurchase, on some only one-third.
Durham is in better condition than she has ever been since her foundation, and we unreservedly recommend investment here. These sales are made to close up the
trusts committed to us, and present the best opportunity ever offered in the state for safe and profitable investment in live property.
Any of the subscribers will cheerfully give any information they can about any of this property.
Y. BALLARD and W. S. HALLIBURTON, Trustees of W. T. Blackwell. W. W. FULLER and J. H. WHITTED, Trustees of E. J. Parrish.
S. E. WATTS and J. M. W. HICKS, Trustees of J. W. Blackwell.
A Black Sheep.
Home of Colonel Harry Ras
Catches It,
Or Kather t li e Fire Catches the Ilomej
in Bi Shifpe.
People Who Come and Go lirief Brevi
ties of Interest to AH Headers
of The Globe.
-ast night about 8:15 the alarm went
into central station to announce that
the home of Colonel Ilarry Bass, by rea
son cf a defective flue was on fire.
The tire laddies came and the neigh
bors came and water was squirted aad
to house, after beings pretty thoroughly
drenched and the insides stairways and
.l-being torn out, the fire was subdued.
All the goods were carried out but in
jich confusion, as is always the case
touch damage was done.
The fact that Mr. Bass has three sick
tiildren, and that they had to be re
fed, caused much alarm among his
fr';ends. Rut The Globe is very happy
to state that the sick ones are doing well
4al seem to have suffered but little in
COfivenience. and Mrs. Iiass are domiciled at the
We of Col. Dr. Michaels, where they
1,111 remin until a thaw comes.
Il as all a lucky business, in that they
l,lere rescued and are still happy.
The kue and furniture was insured
luie loss will be somewhere between
and $1,500.
by' Kecord of Current ErenU In
the Cltj and Vicinity.
v7Zf?dder ha3' Corn and oats at II. II.
"Court still grinds away and is doing
good work.
01 Ist t0 talk now, those who abused
'lV Lave upset their apple carts.
W K00d 8Cribe accurate in figures,
mpIyment forom 5 o'clock toll
Address, "X," Globe office.
ihelbue graphic studio of Mr. W.
Tte tterJ J much damaged by the thaw.
ed 8Qw having penetrated the
it almostburstedi; SHOULD BE THERE I
The Stove at Bailey's Home Escapes
And this is the founder of our house.
Ho fought under William the Con
queror." "I suppose you are very proud of him?"
Well, hardly. You see he is the only
one of our house .since its foundation
without ancestors." Life.
roof the wall paper is greatly damaged,
the entire ceiling being in danger of
Miss Alice Lamont, who has been off
duty for several days on account of a
severe cold, is out again and at her post
at the Durham Supply company.
Colonel Raum White has returned to
his old place behind the dry goods coun
ters of Ellis, Stone & Co., where he will
hereafter see and serve his friends.
Mr. J. H. Halliburton, who has been
critically ill for several weeks past, is, we
are pleased to see now well enough to
leave his room. He expects to be ready
for business in a ftw days.
The coasting Saturday night on
Cleveland street was a howling success.
Nearly two hundred people participated
in the sptrt and the young folks had
more fun than they have had before in
twelve months.
The Leary house one of the prettiest
and best appointed in the city is to be
sold. It is on Cleveland street and those
who go and look through it will be cap
tivated. It is roomy and substantial
and the man who buys it will get a bar
gain. See C. C. Taylor or A. E. Lloyd
and they will show you the bargain with
The Homeliest Man In Durham,
As well as the handsomest, and others
are invited to call on druggist and
get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam
for the Throat and Lungs, a remedy that
is selling entirely upon its merits and is
guaranteed to relieve and care all Chronic
and Acute Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis
and Consumption. Large bottles 50 cents
and f 1.
Bat Kerosene Oil Just About Does the
Luckily Some One Was There and Saved
a Fire Which Would Dave
Been Bad.
While the hungry flames were doing
their wild and wicked work in the home
of Mr. n. J. Bass, an exciting scene,
which came near ending in a big blow
up, was being enacted at the home of
Mr. li. W. Bailey, on East Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey had gone out to
visit a sick neighbor, leaving their 3-year-old
son to spend the evening at home
with hit grandfather.
Bailey junior, who had watched with
interest and admiration the process of
kindling wood fires by the kerosine ex
pedient, seized this opportunity to try
his skill and have 6ome fun. Accord
ingly, he made his way to the kitchen
where the can of oil was kept, locked
the door securely and put the key in big
pocket to guard interruption.then poured
from the can a quart or so of oil in a tin
baiin and turned it on the blazing fire.
The flames, ihus encouraged, leaped to
the ceiling, the room in an instant was
filled with the red blaze, and in another
moment the building would have been
cn fire.
The child, affrighted, made for the
door, but in his excitement could not un
lock it and found himself a prisoner.
His screams brought bis grandfather
to the rescue, who after much trouble
succeeded In breaking the door and lib
erating the youthful adventurer whose
enterprise had ended so disastrously.
The moral is plain. Kids should not
monkey with the kerosene can while the
fire is in motion.
To think "nothing ails you anyhow,"
is a symptom of dyspepsia. Take Sim
mons Liver Regulator.
General Agents Wanted !
Mason to travel, appoint and train
agents for the largest, strongest and
cheapest Masonic Life Association ; as
sets over $200,000; state law complied
with; permanent, profitable, pleasant
work. Also to sell Masonic Savings and
Loan Stock; strong company; liberal
features. State age, previous experience
and territory desired. Address Fred H.
Brown, vice president, COO Phenix build
ing, Chicago.
The pastors of the various
churches having met by in
vitation with the relief com
mittee, and co-operating
with them, do earnestly call
a meeting of the citizens of
the town, to be held at 10
a. m. Tuesday, to continue
the work of relief. The suf
fering is great and the cause
In the name of the resi
dent pastors,
H. T. Darnall.
Don't suffer from dyspepsia. Take
Simmons Liver Regulator. It always
Weak stomach strengthened by Beech
am's pills.
When Baby wa3 sick, we ga e her Castorfa.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Hiss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castor-ia,
. i
Las achiered
great triumph in
the production of 4
which vrU emr Sick Z
Headacka aad all w
Billon vad If cr i
toos Disorders?
' arising from I r paired D treat! m Com 4
stlpatloa nad Disordered XJrcr aad S
f iar wm qmicuy rector woaata to eossptete
health. Of all druggists. 25 cents a box. J
J New York Denot. -s6 Canal St. 47 2
Blankets, Bedquilts, Com-
forts, Overcoats, j
Winter Clothing, j
Heavy Underwear,1
Mufflers, Cloaks,
Heavy Shoes, Rubber Shoes,1
Rubber Boots,
Horse Blankets, Etc. '
Bargain Prices on Winter Goods!
Mr. M. B. Wyatt having made a general as
signment to me of his property for the benefit
of his creditors. I hereby notify all persons
owing hin. to make Immediate payment of
their debts. W. W. CU E E K.
This January 17, 1R3. Assignee.
"MTain Street, ZDixrli&xxiv 3T. O.

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