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lie Bmkm Ditiln lobt.
The Globe i3 published every day (Sunday
excepted) and delivered by currier at $6.00 a
year, or 50 cents a month. The Globe circu
lates throughout North Carolina.
The Weekly Globe is a large eight-page
paper, containing all the news, and is sent by
mail at fl.50 a year in advance.
OJlice Corner Main and Church street.
Globe telephone, No. 76.
All advertisements and notices continued
until ordered out.
Address all communications to
Durham, N. C.
The (J i.oue is entered at the postotlice, Dur
ham, NT. C, as mail natter as the second class.
Will call t liin bv tbeir real
names and name them properly.
It guarantees to advertisers more
than double the combined circula
tion of all other papers in the county.
It will not waver in its light for
the development and prosperity of
the New South, and it asks the
patronage of all honest men.
Once in ye very olden tyme a Merchantt
sayd too an Kddytor, "I doon't thynke adver
tizing paj-es."
"Let me show yov," said ye Eddy tor. "I
will pvtt 1 lync in ray papyr and not charge
yov a pennie."
"All riht," replyed ye Merchant, "and we
will see.'"
So ye Eddytor pvtte ys line in hia papyr :
ld Street.
Now yt liapened that 4iH Peple cache
brovghtea Dogpe on ye next duyc thereafter,
so that Miter Jones (.which was? ye Merchantt'e
nayuie) was overrvnne with Dogges.
"JSynce there are so manye Dogges," said he,
"I thynke I niyjjht make some byiness and will
givo you a pennie for cache Doggo.'1
Ye people tooko ye pennie each for his Dogge
liecavse there were so manye Dogges, and
Mister Jones skynned ye I'M Dogges and made
bootcsan-1 gloves from ye 4(Nl hydes and thvs
and thereat it r added to yt by advertizing in ye
Eddytor's papyr. A meriean Grocer.
Tin; result of the f.-otbull gome Satur
day proves in ho coiiciu.dvtly than ever
thai Tt iniiy is in it.
A union depot and :i new opera house
arc just now the things to work for, and
the first appears to be in bight.
The Durham brinks are already feeling
the good i fleets of the repeal bill, and
there is a general looking up in business
circles throughout the stale which indi
cates better times just over yonder.
Isr.w l oi:k wants an appropriation
from empress f( r a World's1 fair prize
winner's exposition to be held in that
city. This is a pointer for Colonel
Carr, who should, in iev-of the next
state fair, cet in a claim for North Caro
lina early. In little rmtteis like these,
there's nothinir like letting the country
know where you are at
A Siiakespsrean tragedy in Stokes
hall is eminently in accord with theeter
nal fitness of things If Mr Yuu.no never
raved aud stormed before, he will feel in
the mood to tear a p ission to tatters when
he sees the small stag' and dfngy scenery
of the Durham opera h;u-e Yet true
genius, we are told, will rise superior to j
such light and ti iv ial things
Now that Grove;: has issued his
Thanksgiving proclamation, the Ameti
can people want to know what particular
excuse they c:.n give for the uuwarrant
able wear and tear of church furniture
and the willful sl ouhter of live poultry.
The American pecp'e, who deal only
with the absolute, want to know what '
Grover knows about the people any- j
The great international game of base
ball Is no longer in It. Like other fads
and follies it had its day, and went the
way of all things earthly. Football, the
newer and later knock-down and drag
out, red-hot, fist to fist, win-it-or-die con
test, is now the stuff. Learned college
professors, stolid business men, prosy
patriarchs, priests and deacons have alike
gone mad over the great and wonderful,
and with ecpual pride and equnl euthu
9iasm throw their bats in the air and yell
for the side on which tbeir sympathy or
their money, as the case may be, happens
to be staked. Great metropolitan papers
devote columns of space in givintr detailed
accounts of the game, and the 'elegraph
wires are burdened with recitals of some
notable victory.
And the craze appears to extend all
over. Harvard and Cornell and Yale and
Princeton and all the rest of them are
hard at it, and the college or university
which can boast of the best football team
is now th j institution which is he;rd
Since TnE Globe printed the inspiring
strain of the Trinity poet, who, after do
ing up the Chapel Hillians so effectually,
could only relieve his feelings and do
justice to his subject in chaste and chas
ing rhyme, another poet has burst forth
into song and sings of victory. Dr.
Dana, who knows good poetry when he
meets it, and who has found in the name
aud fame of Hoke Smith a naver ending
source of inspiration for the polished and
patriotic verses which he has printed in
his paper, the New York Sun, gives the
football lyrist a column of his best edito
rial space next to pure reading matter.
We excerpt a few sample verses:
And now the athletes stretch two equal lines,
which shove
And gore like angry buffaloes that lock mad
Then goes some cabalistic signal forth that
The bearers of the ball; and straight, with
manly love
Of struggle bard and victory sweet, they
mass and fling
Themselves in fury on the foe's swift fort-
Rut, llnding their defence impregnable, they
For power cunning; now the ball is snapt to
Behind the outspread line, who makes a cir
cling run,
Hut falls immediate prey to sentinels that
The fle'd before him ; like a stag, hounds
yelping drown.
They leap upon him caught, and drag him
helpless down.
The game of accidents, where blood besmears
the ball,
vytiere all-unheeded gashes stream quick
red, where bones
Are splintered, where the w unded hero
drops and groans.
O lazy-sinewed age, too busy nerved ; O wee.
Wise epoch, poor in iron, rich in mercury,
You need this valiant fame ! this game, oh,
haste to see !
The Globe, which is never low to ac
cord praise where praise is due, sees in
The Sun's poet a man of genius, aud in
, . a I
There is no longer any doubt but that
foothill is the stuff.
According to the statement recently
sent to congress by the secretary of the
treasury there is very likely to be a defi
ciency in the revenues of the government
at the end of the current fiscal year
amounting to 50,000,000, and it may ex
ceed that sum. There will be no differ
ence of opinion, it is presumed, upon the
proposition that provision must be made
to meet this threatened deficiency No
body can desire that the treasury shall be
placed in a position that will compel it to
indefinitely put off the payment of any
of its obligations. Of course there is the
gold reserve, but if there was no question
as to whether this fund could be lawfully
used for any purpo-e other than the re
demption of United States notes it would
obvk'Uidy be most inadvisable to divert
it from that object. In the opinion of
Senator Sherman and some others
there is no authority for using the gold
reserve for any other purpose than that
of redeeming United States notes, but
whatever difference of opinion there may
be as to this it is manifestly the wise and
safe policy to maintain this fund for the
object for which :t was created.
The threatened deficiency probably
cannot be met by additional taxation,
nor can it be provided for by coiuieir the
stiver seigniorage in the treasury, as has
been proposed, because the amount could
not be turned out of the mints within the
next six months. It could be met by an
issue of greenbacks, but a government
inflation of the paper currency to the
amount of 50,000,000 at this time could
not be justified on sound financial prin
ciples and would not be approved by the
conservative judgment of the country
Having abandoned silver inflation it
would manifestly be a mistake to resort
to an inflation of paper. The only judi
cious and safe alternative, therefore,
seems to be an issue of bonds, as Sena
tor Sherman has urged and as Presi
dent Cleveland is said to believe.
There being some doubt regarding the
authority of the secretary of the treasury
to issue bonds under existing law, con
gress will be asked to pass a bill giving
such authority. Senator Sherman has
prepared a measure for this purpose and
it may be introduced immediately after
the meeting of the regular session. It is
understood that in the meanwhile Presi
dent Cleveland ill prepare a special
message to congress urging that author
ity be immediate!- granted for anotht-r
issue of United Slates bonds It is taal
that the administration is fully com
mitted to this policy and that democrats
ii both branches of congress have been
given to understand that it would be
urged upon the tter.tion of congress at
the earliest practicable time.
There w ill, of course, be a strong and
vigorous opposition to in' renting the
iniere-t bearing public l;-br by issuing
bonds. It will be antagonized by the
silver men'iu both branches of congress
and it will encounter democratic opposi
tion oa grounds of party expendiency.
The party will be earnestly warned that
to increase the public debt will be dan
gerous to its welfare. Mr. Cleveland,
however, if he is correctly represented,
seems to prefer that the public debt
shall be increased rather than that the
treasury shall become insolvent and the
government be compelled to default on
its obligations during his administration,
and if he has decided to make the issue
of bonds a part of the financial policy of
his administration he will be very likely
to carry it out.
The New York Morning Advertiser
says : The special session of Mr. Cleve
land's ieform congress has adjourned
without day. This will give the members
double mileage. If a "recess" had been
taken they would not have been entitled
to additional mileage and Mr. Cleve
land's economical, reform congress,
elected for the purpose in part of check
ing the wild extravagance of the republi
cans, will distribute among its member
ship $1G0,000 of the people's money an
expenditure which is utterly and entirely
unnecessary, of course.
So far, these reformers have not com
mended themselves very much to the con
fidence and gratitude of the people. They
spent three months of time which cost
the public trcasur several thousands of
dollars per day, in repealing the silver
purchase law under the pretext that such
action was necessary to save us from na
tional bankruptcy. The work could have
been done in one week, just as well as in
three months.
The record of the special session is not
one out of which patriotic euccuragement
can be drawn. The fact has been made
apparent that the two houses are con
trolled by men who have neither the
ability to legislate wisely nor the patri
otic inspiration to do so. They are domi
nated entirely by selfish and unworthy
impulses and motives The country can
expect from them very little that is de
sirable and almost everything that will be
mischievous and damaging to the general
The reliance and hope of the people
must be in that republican representation
which brought about the silver repeal
law. And just how far that representa
tion can make itself potential remains to
be seen
. The police court this morning sue"ges's
' . . . v iiiiuiii i hi unit jyii 11 1 'oi 'u v ui iuu
at all the fools are not dead yet, and
j that the millennium is not approaching
so last ps it might be. But after all, what
would become of our streets if it was not
for the fools? Aud streets are what we
are after.
ZIrs. Z Toic:isend
Iiising Sun, De'-uvare.
Good Family Mediwnes
Hood's Garcapariiia and Hood's
"I regard LTood'3 SarsapariHa and Hood's
rills, the very best family mcdicinos, aud wq
are never v.itiiout tl:em. I Lave always been
A Dclicato Woman
and begr.n u'.iir.j IIcovTs Sarsaparilla thrca
years ago for tixat tired fcelir.-. It built me up
so quickly r.r! so veil t!:r.t I feed like a different
Tfomnn a::u :;.ive
Five it to rr,v eV.iV.r.
... .. li . i:..u lUiUi m 11.
i x;h. ;:cv i re seems anv
trouble v. i.h t
in .r i-;oo:;. l it :' them romi.
i - .... .
My little I cy 11'; it ;-o v.ell bo crks for it. I
cianot fin 1 wcrd to b.dl h.v Li-hiv I T-riz" it.
Y"e use Hood's Pills ia the fn-iui'y end ILcy
Act LikD a Chnrm
I take pleasure ia recommending theso iacdl-
clnea tn -i i- frf- -, T 7 ,.-.v.-r. ;f
Cine3 to d u., .i.u,. I Lee. e if peo.,13
f7 I
ll T 5 CT.C4 i
v:oul 1 cr.ly 1;-?;. Hocd's Sr-rnni!:; rvr., Hold's
Pills at fcar.l r.s v. e do. i ..r.ca cknc th.i ei-f.
fenn- w.iuld t o pieven;:.!." :.:ts. l. Tois
hsd, Hi;.ii Sua, Dcl .r.v.u e.
Hood's Plllz easily, yet promptly (lid i
emcauy, oa ue liver acd Dowels. 25c 1
Champion Rock Crusher, with screen and elevator, will crush, screen and load on
wagon more rock than 125 men can per day.
food loo ricK;;-or
Childr?i zxnd deli
cate persons, tiaf
-1 i i j r f
a fS Ltnhe arrivr for
Ve rbo dj i t fends
on as
fiiese fiins must &e
So, hid the W
. j i i i r
is better fhim larc? for
has none of f"e evi
e fects c F lard. Jje rs of
imitatrons-Cfeh IfipGEKWiNP,
Made only by
A recent discovery by an old
physician. Successfully used
monthly by thousands of La-
.aies. is tneomy periectiy saie
and reliable medicine discov.
ered. Beware o unprincipled
drutrelsts who offer inferior
medicines in place of tnia. Ask for Cook's Cotton
Root Compound, take vo substitute, or inclose 81 and
6 cents In postage In letter, and we will sand, sealed,
by return mail. Full sealed particulars in plain
envelope, to ladles only, - stamps.
Address Pond Liiy Company,
No. 3 1 isher Ulock, Detroit, Mich.
E3f Sold in Durham and everywhere bj
all responsible druggists.
Joe Person's Remedy
Will Cure Hcema.
LaGiiancje, N. C, Sept. SO.
Mrs. Joe I'ei-son, Kittrell, N. C:
Deak Madam I have u.ed your valuable
Remedy with satisfactory results in a very se
vere ease of Lczema. J t i- hitrhly imiortant to
us- the Vah in eonneetion with the Remedy.
Wishinjr that . sueeess may attend you in your
noble undertaking, 1 am. lespeetiully,
.Miss. He.nkv E. Dillon.
Will Cure kin Kruption.
I, the undersigned, do eei-tify that our balo,
at the ajre of three months, was tuken with a
breaking out or skin eruption, which baffled
the skill of ur inest physician: for two years,
and never did tret rehtf until I used Mrs. Joe
Person's Remedy, and one-naif liottie made a
final cure. V. 2. Roach,
Coxville, Pitt County. N. C.
Nurse's Sore Mouth.
I was badly af'iioted with nurse's sore mouth
and was perfectly cured by usirnr Mrs. Joe
Person's Remedy. 1 found it a fine tonic and
strengthener of the system.
Mtts. Josnrn Kinslv,
Sept. 19. It91. LaG range. N. C.
Nurse's Sore Mouth Cured.
I have used Mrs. Joe Person's Remodv for!
nurse's sore mouth, and was perfectly cured,
ud can reeomuieiid it as a good tome.
-Mit--. V. S. McXair,
Jan. 13. 1'.U. Miixton, N. C.
Cures r.heumatism and Indigestion.
Mr. J. C. Henderson, general manager of the
Chattancx;ra, Mai-sden and Rirmingham rdil-
1 1 1 i i . . t e- I
roau. says ne uoes nei oeiieve tnere is a case oi
ltheumati5m whieh Mrs. Joe Person's Kernel v
will net cure, and it is the finest remedy for i
Iadifccstion he has ever seen. j
Aii Open Letter. j
MonGANTOX. N. C. June 2s, ls'.3. j
Mrs. Jee Pel son, Kittrell. N. C:
Dsak Mauam I ha e used your Remedy as
a Tonic and Rlexnl Puritierand unhitatiugly
! Tirfnoin.ce it tut tf-sr that I have trii'd. 1 le 1
satiatied that it will do ail you claim for it.
4 'J; Ai:.JifcJttx,u I
raswr ouiiimi cuun.ii.
oad Maclilne Co.
Sc-Jiedule in Effect April I, 1892.
3:10 . m. Daily for Lj'ncliburg and Way
Stations. Arrive Lynchburg T:") p. in. Ail
trains. Durham Division, arrive aud depart
from LTuiou Matiuu. Lyuchburg-.
Trains arrive at Durtiam from LyDchburg
at 11:50 a. m. daily.
Trains 71 and 7i havec():ichl;et reen Purhara.
and Sout'i Uo:iton. Leaves Durham 6:30 a. in.;
irrives iurham 5:1" . in Daily except bun
Leaves Winston-Saieic 1:"0 p. m. dailj' ; ar.
rive at Uouuoke 7:00 i. in.
5:30 p. m.. fur ltoano!:e, Kadf'ord, J'uiaski,
LSristol ana all points .south, via K. T. V. ic (J.,
it. it., aiso tor til .eheld, uhio Kxtensiou.
L avu Dlue'h l-i ti:iJ a. in. daily lor Kenovaand
Oolurnbus. l'arlor Car to Kcwnoke. Pullman
sleeper liKnok.-j to Memphis via Knokville
ind Cnattaiiooa.
7:." a. in. lor Koanok Kadford. Pulaski,
Dristol ; also lor hiuelu-M, Pocahontas, Klk
horn and stations Clinch Valley Division ; also
for Louisville and stations L. A: N. H. It. via
Norton. Pullman Steeper Lvnehburto Iouis
ville via Norton. Connects at iloanoke 7:-f a.
m. with Washington and ChattanooKa Limited.
Pullman Sleeper Koanoke to Nashville, Mem
pnis and New Orleans. linin Car attached.
-:35 i. n.. daily, tor Hounoke, anl intermc
riiite stations. Ha-. connections beyond
9:15 a. m. for Richmond, Petersburg and Nor
folk arrives Petersburg at 1:2.3 p. in. connect
ing with Richmond and Petersburg railroad,
rrriving in Richmond at 2:15 p. m. Arrive
Norfolk 6:U0 p. m.
11:50 p. m. Arrive Petersburg- 4:15 a. m.
councetinar with It. & P. It. R. dailv; ariive
Richmond 7:47 a. m.; arrive Norfolk 7:00 a.m.
Pullman Palace Sleeper to Norfolk.
Also Pullman Palace Sleeper between
Lynchburg and Richmond.
This car will be ready at Lynchburg at 9:00
p. in. tor reception of passengers. -
2:55 p. m. for Richmond. Petersburg and Nor
folK ; arrive Richmond 7:5:) p. m.; Norfolk 9:J0
p. m.
Pullman P.u lor RulTet Car to Norfolk.
G. P. T. Afent. Roanoke. Va.
The Blue Eidge Inn,
la s applied with the famou?
Whits Sulphur Yaterl
-ixl' ruoCl i-t neatly fiuisLed and
well veiiiilated.
Mrs. Mda Smith's
Stock .select e:i porionally by Mrs.
liiith with a ;v.eial view to jtlcu?
iii her I'a-t.onier., ami embracing
ail the ruo.s: fa-fiioaabie shapes ami
! iiiiiiii:-; in i'ali ai:l winter milii
ncry. ee her Mvles helbre making
a selection.
uumm iaviwtiii
Ry virtue of the mortgage deed from Jolrn
S. L,ockhart and wife to J. ti. Carr, dab'd tlit;
loth day of November, lttfaf, which is luly ivg
iterei i i book No. VI (mortgages;, pagis
to 'Mi, in the ollice of the register of deeds lor
Domain county, ani pursuant to the j-ower of
saie there n granted, the undersigned u ill. on
Monday, the 20lh Day of Nov., 1893,
at 12 o'clock rn., at the court house door in
Durham, N. C, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder, the following described valu
able improved real estate, feitu ted intnetown
01 Durham, N. C, lo-wit :
1. The "Tin: i:anm:i: wari:hoik
l-Ol ," which tionts on the north side oi Mam
street and iuus across from Main street to
Green street and two (2; chains ami twenty
eight links, or about one hundred arid filty
(loU) feet wide. Said warehouse lot is titiiatto
i:i the ery centre of th-j I'usiiuss portion l
Durham and offers a splendid opportunity M
2. I ho " W A T KINS SIKJJhT PlilE
HOI Ji LOl," bounded on the nortli t.j '
R. Cooper's lot, on the west by R. i. l-' l,J
on the south by Watkins street, and on up
east by Poster street, containing one tinruu
an acie, more or less, dins property lsao
favorably located and is very valuable.
:. The "J. S. LOCK 11 HI KKSIhl.Mt
L i," situated at what may becaiied th
end oi Mam stieet in Durham, and coiitaiini k
one acre, more or less, adjoining the r;idetH c
lots of S. T. Morgan and J. S. Curr. 1'' l'f
has a very choice location, is well iiu-rot ..
and the residence and improvement.-tnep. u
aie in good condition, ollering to ti e I ur
chaser an eligible location an 1 one ol t ti'1 m
convenient a.d comlortable family r -i-enu
in Durham.
TERMS OF SAI.K One half ca-h ari-lt!
balance rn a credit of six months, witn irnt "
est on deferred payment at Jer cent per xu
num trom dyol saie. Title reserved as see u
i lty for deterred payment. . ,
J. S. t A hK.
Durham. N. C. June 10. 'VI. M"11',
km, M m Mi &
Near First Baptist Church.
At Reasonable Rates.
Finest Carriagos in the City.
Gentle Teams and Careful Drlrtri.
For the only au: -
Biography cl James G. Blame,
RvGail Hamilton, his literary 'Vi, r Mr.
Uy liall Hamilton, ciiutw nd 1 r -l
the co-oieration of his famiiJ. . ,( f Con-
Kress." and his later InMjk, " '"Jh-.
sions." One prosje-ctus lor ' tb .rlBa to
Exclusive territory given. r'lu nD.
T. Henry Hill ' Nr-
H0TEL " iissask Bisi

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