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THE t." i
VOL. IV. NO. 282.
per?d IJoIif Cast? Wf?eie It Will Go Farthest T
n n
An.l am now roady to soil then, in Job Lots to merchants, and I will Guarantee to compete in prices, on less than case lots, with any wholesale house, adding cost of packing
and freight to this point. I also have a complete line of
Plain and Decorated Tableware, Imported and American Glassware, Xew Crop London Layer Raisins, and all kinds of Candies, bought in large quantities for jobbing
purposes. Call and examine, as it would be impossible to give a description of my stock in an advertisement, but I can safely sa
that I carry the most complete stock in my line of any house in the city.
But Bon't Take My Word for It ! Call and See for
I keep a Lady Clerk to give the Ladies and Children Special Attention. All Customers shall receive Prompt Attention, and I will see that they get Prompt Delivery.
Goods Delivered Free anywhere in the City Limits, or Free on Board Cars at Durham, N. C. I am now Agent for B. G. Maynor's Best Flour, and can fill orders
for car lots direct from the mill, or in small lots direct from my warehouse in Durham. I also have a good stock of Y. K. T. B. and other brands
of Flour, all of which will be sold at the Very Lowest Cash Prices. My friends and customers from the country will please call
when in the city and secure a bargain at the Racket Grocery, which is always headquarters for low cash prices.
Paragon Oil Cans Furnished Free to Customers in the City Who Buy Oil in 5 Gallon Xots.
Thf Conference Is (Jetting Down to
The City Is daily Decorated and Filled
with Visitors.
People Who Come and Go lirief Hrevi
tieH of Interest to All Headers
of The Globe.
Wilmington, Dec. 7. Special. The
conference has gotten down to business
with a larire number of ministers in at
tendance, and the session promises to be
of unusual interest.
The annual address of Bishop Duncan
wa? a masterly effort and showed him a
man born to be a leader. lie is firm and
decided, and his words carry conviction
ith them.
1'rofessor Olin Beggist, formerly of
Missouri, but now of Trinity college, was
Emitted into the conference yesterday.
An incident of the meeting was the
refutation by Uev. W. A. Bishop,
pastor of Main Street church, Durham,
of a check for $230 to be used to swell
e fund for worn out preachers in the
Easu-ni North Carolina conference
While the name of the donor was not
stated, it is understood that this gener
donation came from that large
Parted and benevolent gentleman of
N rham, Mr. Washington Duke.
There was a still larger crowd came
to-day for Welcome Week and to see
lire works. The city is the liveliest
oae in the state. Adams.
Woman's Missionary Society at the Bap
tist state convention in session there this
Itev. W. C. Tyree and II. T. Bryan left
yesterday evening for Elizabeth City, via
Mr. F. Knot, a prominent tobacco
raiser of Granville, is iu the city to day
with a line lot of tobacco.
Rev. J. T. McDuffy, pastor of the Third
Baptist church, is attending the state
couvention at Elizabeth City.
Is Marriage a Failure?
Who shall decide ? We have conc luded
long ago that it is a success every tim?
with Simmons Liver Regulator in the
house It promotes harmony and irond
nature by preventing any attack of the
worst enemy ; Indigestion and Dyspep
sia, which make discord in the brightest
home. You will find tho Regulator a
good remedy for Biliousness and Sick
Headache. It is the household friend.
Hood's and Only Hood's ',
Hood's Sarsaparilla is carefully pre
pared from sarsaparilla, dandelion, man
date, dock, pipsissewa, juniper berries
ad other well known remedies, by a
Peculiar combination, proportion and
process, giving to Hood's Sarsaparilla
curative powers not possessed by other
Cltdicines. It effects remarkable cures
'hen other preparations fail.
Rood's Pills cure biliousness.
Lurlliu People on the Move and Visitors
In the City.
-'Jl. J. S. Carr left for Raleigh to day.
Miss Lula Reams left last night for
Elizabeth City to represent the Young
If Yon Are Good at Working Pnrzlea
Here Is One for You.
If some ingenius man or woman wants
a month's subscription to The Globe
free, let them bestir themselves and be
the first in with a solution f this puzzle.
The first correct answer will receive The
Daily Globe free for one month.
A has three apple. lie meets B to
whom he gives one. Presently he meets
C, who has a tine basket of finer apples
and asks A to help himself. A takes one
and C insists that he put some in his
pocket for the children. He then takes
four more, and on his way home, gives
to B whom he again meets, the last of
the first apples which he had, and on his
way home looses one. How many ap
ples does he take to his children ?
Rush in your answers by Saturday.
Mental depression, wakefulness, lost
manhood caused by errors of youth or
later excesses quickly cured by Magnetic
Nervine. Guaranteed by W. M. Yearby.
The Washiuton Post has to say of
our congressmen: Representative Bo .ver
of North Carolina, will live at the St.
James this winter with his bride. She
was a Pennsylvania girl who was teach
in school iu North Carolina when Bower
met her. She is also a Moravian, and
connected with some of the leading fam
ilies of that wealthy and powerful church.
Winston-Salem, N. C, is dominated by
Moravian influence, and is one of the
most enterprising cities of the south.
Mr. Bower is considered one of the com
ing men in North Carolina politics He
makes no mistakes and bnt few enemies
A Colored Gentleman FAplains His
Conduct To-dav.
Bat the Explanation Was Net Just the
The Keanon Why There Is So Little Husi
nesj Done at the Police Court
These Dull Days.
When money's scarce and times are hard.
The bummers gay ring off on wine
An l thus the gTowth of wealth retard
Because they cannot pay their line.
The police court these daysin Durham
offei- but little solace to the fiend who
pants for news. Once in a long while
some fellow filN his boiler to the burst
ing point and wants to whip every man
he meets, and he is yanked before the
bar of justice, after quitting the bar of
Bachus, and is fined for his exhileration.
But precious few are those who in these
"hard times" an 1 'tariff tinkers" and
,general fear" go off on a toot and allow
their legs to wrap around their necks
and who try to mail a letter in the fire
alarm box.
This morning, Thomas Patrick was
before his honor, Msyor Peay to answer
to the charge of "drunk and staggering."
To the querry as tc whether he was
guilty or not guilty Mr. Patrick politely
remarked that he was not guilty. He
said : "You know boss I?e gwyne ter
take a part in a cake walk long bout
Chrysimus, and Ise a sumnambuerleon
ist, I is, my folks 'ill tell you boss that
Ise a bad man bout walking round in my
sleep. Foah God, boss, I hasn't had a
drink of likker for nigh onto free days.
When they coca me, I was sound 'sleep,
so I was and -I was dreamin' that I was
waikia' for that ar cake, and when ray
legs looked like I was staggering, boss, I
was jist puttin' on a few fancy frillers
like I 'sped tv- J j hen the contesiicum
coraes off foah the ladies."
And he was lined and will cake
walk benind the rock crusher on Man
gam street.
Don't be ta'ked into having an opera
tion as it may cost you your life. Jap
anese Pile Cure is guaranteed to cure you
by W. M. Yeaxby.
ITouse Committee on Judiciary May Fa
vorably Iteport a ISill Kelating to Them.
The house committee on judiciary has
about decided to report favorably a bill
relating to southern cotton claims.
There is now in the Treasury about
$11,000,000 which has been set apart to
pay certain cotton claims. This money
was originally intended to pay the claims
of those whose loyalty could be properly
The proclamation of President John
son and a decision of the supreme court,
it is claimed, is plain that the proofs of
loyalty once demanded are no longer re
quired. The republican members of the j
committee have agreed th;it the bill shall
be reported favorably, with a proviso
tnat no more money tiian the $1 1,000,000
now in the treasury shall be paid, and
that all claims for destruction of cotton
shall be presented within a year from the
passage of the bill, the money to be di
vided pro rata among the claimants who
establish the facts of their losses.
Wherewithal .Shall Ye Be Clothed ?
Duiklen'M Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sore, Ulcer?, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruption?, and positively
cures Piles, or no pay re wired. It is jjuar
anteed to ive perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price lb cents per box. For sale
bv K. Blnrknall A Son
Indigestion. Dizziness. Take Beech
atn's Pills.
When the county commissioners can
convince the magistrates that a rock
crusher and iron bridges are the proper
things, then the expense of maintaining
roads will be scarcely nothing We hope
Colonel Stokes will keep up his lick,
and finally convince them.
by some chronic " female
complaint " or weakness,
what can you eipect i
There's nolL you can
accomplish Litbijg vou
can enjoy. AAl no g-"xxi
reason for it. Dr. I'ierce's
Favorite Prearrirtioa trill
cur you. salti"" ar.d cer
tainly, if you'll give it
TaitLaul use.
Fcr evtrv one of ttee
womanly trembles, ttn is
the only rtrr.i Iy o rare
that it can be guarant? ra
in periodical pair. L-earir.r dovrn bensatxns.
organic dislacirr.ta. ar.i every kindred
aikser.t, and in all the nervous disorder
causad tv functional dt-rai. garner. ta if it
ever fails" to benefit or cure, you Lav jour
money Lack.
It a potent remedy fcr Chorwi cr St.
Vitas'g fiance for Insomnia cr Inability to
Bleep and to avert threatened iranitj. It
regulates all th natural functions, ttiUdj
np and invigorate the entire female FTtU-m,
aid restores health and strerjrth.
Ubthing else. tbon?h it may be better for a
dealer to sell, can be just &3 good " fcr you
to buy.
As the icy breath of old 1 ureas sweeps around the
corner it carries that question right home tons. Hu
manity can no more stand such weather unprotected than
can the lilies of the field. .Remember riht now that
CXGiLHZ3 are cheaper than couli mixture and fun
erals, therefore we say: Come unto us all ye who shiver
and are lightly muffed, and we will fit you to a stylish
Cloak at a reasonable price that will warm you up.
We have just opened up over one hundred Ladies'
Cloaks in Tans. Blacks and Navy HI u s, in new and strik
ing designs, the best material, the highest workmanship
and at popular prices.
We invite an inspection of our stock.
JL Big
JBapgetir? T
Elegant Vacant Lot- will be sold siniriv or in a bunch at
Low Water Ligun ivi
Six minutes walk from th court house. (Jood neighbor
hood. Those who live near there own homes.
Between Cleveland and I'oxboro
streets. Call on or

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