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VOL. IV. NO. 335.
n"1 t
A good Dwelling House, containing eight rooms, with
bath, within three minutes of court house.
One well-lighted Store Room in Parrish Building.
Three Rooms in Parrish Building for Bed Rooms,
with bath.
One Cottage Dwelling with four rooms on East Main
One Suite of Rooms in Parrish Building elegantly
adapted for offices.
The Second Floor over J. W. Jones & Oo's store will
be for rent February 1, and will be divided into rooms to
suit renter.
Appiy to
T. ITT. GORMAK, Agent.
And everything usually found in a first-class store.
Itemized Interview and Sketchy Scraps
of Tow n Topics Briefly Jotted
A. Ilatchett edits a department in the
Newherne Courier.
Mrs. M. II. Fairbrother left on the II
fc I), train this morning.
Mr. Jones Fuller came in on the east
bound train this morning.
Miss Maud Harris, of Keidsville, is vis
iting Miss Ethel Roberts on Caswell
II 111.
Mr. J. A. Hollomon, of the A. X.
Kellogg newspaper company of Atlanta,
is in the city.
The Concord Times says : "Miss Nan
nie Cannon, who has been visiting Miss
liable Tomlinson, of Durham, for
soma time, has returned home."
Sympathy for Air. llolloway.
During the sitting of the grand jury
last Wednesday morning news came of
the death of Mr. William llolloway, the
father of Mr. T. J. llolloway, foreman of
the grand jury, whereupon Judge Shu
ford appointed Mr. J. W. Dowd forman.
The grand jury uuauimously voted its
sympathy and condolence to Mr. Hollo
"way in his bereavement.
The Muyor's Court.
Rhodes Herndon, who lives on the
Chapel Hill road, was up this morning
for larceny. He was bound over to court
in a bond of 000.
W. H. Herndon was fined $5 for viola
lion of the ordinance prohibiting fast
W. D. Strickland was fined $5 for
drunkennes and disorder.
Spring Ueda Made in Durham.
The Globe man to-day saw some of
the product of another one f Durham's
industries. The "arm-lock" bed-spring
is now made here. The Durham spring
bed company has put in all the necessary
machinery and now makes these new
style spring beds to order. Messrs. S.
W. Holman and V. II. Wiilard, Jr., are
the owners of the concern, and Mr. W.
W. Shaw is the manager.
Member of D. L. I.:
You are hereby ordered to meet at the
armory Tuesday night, January 23, at
7:30 o'clock, sharp, for parade and in
spection. By order of T. J. Winston,
captain. B. C. Woodall, first sergeant.
Koad Contracts Let.
Several contracts for road work in this
township, outside of the city, were let
this afternoon. One contract was let to
11. 11. Vickers, two to D L. Belvin, and
two to E. C. Belvin. A contract for
ditching was let to J. P. Leathers.
lor Iteut.
Four rooms for rent on Queen street ;
handsome rooms at a moderate rental.
Married couple without children or
small family preferred. Apply at The
Globe ofilce.
The Pilot Times, pubiisned at Pilot !
Mountain, hai tuspended.
Ej I
m a m k X.
The Grand Jury I)lacharcl This Morn
ing Case on 'ext Week's Civil
This morning the last cases on the
criminal docket of the superior court
were disposed of and the grand jury was
Before adjournment the grand jury
passed resolutions of sympathy and con
dolence for their foreman, T. J. Hollo
way, in the death of his father.
The superior court to day disposed of
the following cases :
The sentence of John and Rosa Ridley
was changed from two years to one year
at hard labor on the public roads, and to
pay the costs
W. J. Rhodes was
willful injury to live
'cund guilty of
stock, and was
lined $20 and costs.
The following is the docket of civil
cases to be tried next week :
HI outlay, January 22,
No. 140. Bowling vs. Parrish.
" 14.1. Bowling vs. Parrish et al
" 147. Carlton vs. Carlton.
" 143. Tucker, Smith & Co. vs. Man-
Hayes vs. Sheeron.
Tiienday, January 23.
173. Shepherd vs. Shepherd et als
34. Blacknall vs Rowland & Cooper
Thursday, January 25.
150. Maynard vs. Morris.
159. Smith, et al , vs. Carter.
100. Lockhart vs. Ballard et al.
Fridas', January 2G.
No. 103.
" 104.
Foster vs. Smith et al.
Bullock vs. Freemin.
Dnhlborn vs. Crowell.
Motion Docket.
Andrews et al. vs. Risbee et al.
1 1
92. Morris vs. Herndon.
138. Latta vs. Goodloe.
144. Western National bank vs.
Ballard et a!.
Hurst et al. vs. Walker.
The Moj.1 Pleasant Way
Of preventiug the grippe, colds, head
aches, and fevers is to use the liquid lax
atiye remedy Syrup of Figs, whenever
the system needs a gentle, yet effective
cleaning. To be benefited one tnus-t
get the true remedy manufactured by
the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For
sale by all druggists in 50c. and $1 bot
tles. Operatives
there are of all sort, some good, some
bad, some indifferent. Yoa want the
best. So take Simmons Liver Regulator
only. It is the beit operative in any at
tack of indigestion, dyspepsia, constipa
tion and biliousness. It it a mild laxa
live, without griping, or any debilitating
eflects. You will know the article by the
large red Z on every package. Take no
l-eedin the .Sick.
In many instsnces invalids are re
stricted by physicians to easily digestible,
food, usually boiied or sterilized milk is
prescribed. In sucti cases the value of
Borden's Peerless Brand Evaporated
Cream, or unsweetened condensed milk
is apparent. Prepared by N. Y. Con
densed Milk Co.
O. L. Rice, Mcudota, III , writes : "Have
used your Japanese 1Mb- Cure and found
it a sure and permanent cure." Sold by
W. M. Yearby.
Japanese Tile Cure is the only one that
can be guaranteed, as it is the onl cure.
&oia Y v- 1 rDJr--
Canfd by the Pleasant Article In Yester
day's N.-O.-C." Funeral of Dr. E.
Burke Haywood.
Special to Tnz Globe.
Raleigh, Jan. 20 The funeral of Dr.
E. Burke Haywood, which took place at
11 o'clock this morning, was one of the
iarges ever seen in this city Not half
i- e throng could enter Christ church.
Rev. Dr. M. M. Marshall, rector of
Christ church, conducted the services.
Twenty-one doctors were the pall
bearers. Ti , . . ill
men- !
T) ril frrrfct q ctntp nffliora onrl flionf?ij:.
ti j j i iJ
of charitable Institutions attended, as well
as an unusuany large numuer oi con-
federate veterans. The interment was in
Oakwood cemetery.
The Merritt-Andrews Encounter.
Quite a sensation was created here
this afternoon, by a fight between two
well known young journalists.
The affair occurred on Fayetteville
street, just in front of the Citizens' bank
Messrs. Greek O. Andrews, city editor
of the News Observer-Chronicle, and
Fred L. Merrltt, associate editor of the
North Carolinian, were the participants.
The trouble it seems grew out of an
item in regard to Raleigh newspapers
published in the Raleigh correspondence
of the Richmond Times. Mr. Merrltt is
the Raleigh correspondent of that jour
nal. The News Observer-Chronicle jesler
day morning published anarticle denom
inating the item as "lying at long range."
ItrHdstreet Hopeful ; Dun Despondent.
The weekly review of trade issued by
the two leading comraeriial agencies of
! th'i country, Bradstreet's and Dun's,
sho-'.. s!r:)ge state of affairs. Brad
jsti t is quite hopeful, insisting that a
cii uge tot the better is nbout to take
I piace in business circles Dun is despon
dent, and says that the few mills stnrting
r.p arc; compensated for by the loss of
purchasing power of the unemployed.
Hie light to Come Off.
January 25, next Thursday, is the day
set for the fight between Corbett and
! Mitchell. The governor of Florida says
ae w ili prevent the fight if it takes all
the state militia The Duval Athletic
club swears it shall take place. It is
?;ely tne light will take place in the
- jods of Florida or Georgia.
Will Pre;ci iu Presbyterian Church.
Rev. V. T. Matthews, of Greenwood,
: S C , will preach in the Presbyterian
; church Sunday at 11 o'clock inthemorn-
ing and at 7:30 o'clock in the evening.
The Advertising;
Of Hood's Saisaparilla is always within
! the bounds of reason because it is true ;
j is always appeals to the sober, common
I apnw nf thinkinir npnnlfl hpfatis it ta
true; and it is always fully substantiated
by endorsements which, in the financial
world, would be accepted without a mo-
! ment's hesitation.
Hood's Pill3 cure liver ills, constipa
tion, biliousness, jaundice, sick headache,
Call for the Horse Brand of Johnson's
Magnetic Oil. It has no eoual for the
dii-eases of horses and cattle. Sold by W. j
M. Year by. j
i Klectric Hitters.
I This remedy is becoming so well known
; and so popular as to need no sjecial mention.
! All who have used Electric Bitters sir.g the
j same song of praise. A purer medicine does
j not exist and it is guaranteed to do all that
i is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all dis
' eaj-es of the liver and kidneys, will remove
pimples, boils, salt rheum and other affec
tions caused by impure blood. ill drive
malaria from the system and prevent as well
as cure all malarial fevers. For cure of
headache, constipation snd indigestion try
Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaran-tet-n,
or money refunded. Price 50 cts. and
$1.00 per bottle at R. Blacknall & Son's drug
j Conductor James McEnteeof tfce Un
ion Pacific railroad claims to have las
, 6oed a deer with a bellcord, an experi-
i ence that is vouched for by the train- j
; hands. The train was going at full j
! speed. iuar Echo, U. T., at the time.
j This is a progressive r.ge. The king
, of Corea hiio purchased an electric light
! plant in ti:s country, which will have
2.000 tocacucent lamps and WilMHa.
i minato the king's palace and grounds, j
: One cf the lareest retail dry poods
j. T, . " . .
i houses m Dustcn xr.s a standing coa-
it?t)i i rniivrpwsnflfvr intake all I
i the si-"1 ill change received each day by
x, !
t nil npu-TnTjr :
The average cost of boildirir an Eng
lish iroscl-d is 48 Dor ton; French.
lC5; Italian, 57; German, 60.
He Is "o:r I-ecturins la I'itt County His ;
Statement in the "Wilmington J
Rabbi John Sergius, Ben Israel, who I
has been through this country lecturing I
recently, has been pronounced an irapos
r ana . ru.i.
ue cornc-s back at Lis accusers m yes
terday's Wilmington Messerjer: !
Bethel, Pitt County, N. C,
Jan. 17, 1504.
Editor of the Messenger:
I have written the little article which
is enclosed, dictated by Rabbi John Ser
gius, and he requests me to ask you to
nnhlfah If In the Mcmn rr- tt i
tr -- " v iin.iovui.iii lie n 1 1 A t
lecture here to night. ;
Yours most truly, j
Addressed to all Churches, Elders, Chris-
tians and Brethren :
The Messenger of the 14th of January, I
1894, says that no Christian Jews, j
whom I represent, had a church. This
Is a mistake. For twenty-seven years, !
two months and fifteen days I have been ;
an ordained minister. There are mixed j
children of Israel, who came from Sama- j
ria and from Chaldea, and we speak the !
same language Samarian and Chaldean, j
We are not on the Englsh roll, and j.
never have I told anybody that my wife '
was employed by or wa3in anywise con- j
nected with the London Missionary so-;
The American Israelitish papers stand
aginst me, as I am a converted Jew, but
I am not a Jew but of the church es
tablished by the apostle St. Thomas ; not
a Jew but an Israelite.
Look to and search church history,
you will find that many Chaldeans and
Syrians were converted by the apostle
St. Thomas. Ther were all from the
il.lrnn nf Tcrooi T7M, Wind rf fin. 1
s till' il V IX IS1 IOIUVIi 1 t U 1 J 1 f VI V tu j
cinnati, calls me an Oriental scamp, but j
I am not. Iam a true pistor and wit-'
ness for the Lord Jesus Christ. j
1. Read the book of the Talmud, ex-j
amine ths facts, look for tho truth which j
teaches that Jews aand against Israel-'
ites who believe in Christ. i
2. See the books of the American Jews, !
published in America, and you will open'
vour mind as to how the Jews stand i
against an Israelite Christian.
I have hundreds of testimonials from
everyr place where I Uav been and where I
the people know ms. and from my home!
in East India. I
T wish pvrrv nnhl?ev!nL- man to be as !
I am, excepting this suffering.
Sincerely in the Master's cause,
Rabbi John Skuoius.
Our Splendid Otter for 189i.
Now is your opportunity. Do not let
it slip. Send in your orders. They will J
be promptly attended to. j
Charles Keade's Complete Works, j
Bound in seven beautiful volumes, !
library size, nicely illustrated,
ONLY 8.00, 1 00 PER MONTH.
Decidedly the neatest set of books j
offered. See this set before you buy
Reade's novels occupy a high position
in the great world of thought and have
been instrumental in correcting many
great social and governmental abuses in
England, "It is Never Too Late to .Mend,"
l"Put Yourself in His Place," "Hard ;
Cash," "A Perilous Secret," " White Lies," J
etc , contain sentiments that shine as
bright stars in the literary heavens. j
Our terms are so very liberal that you j
can get up a good library and not miss ;
the outlay. Read carefully the following !
list, which we furnish on easy monthly j
payments, and give your order for one j
set if no more : ;
Charles Kingsley, 8 vols; Augusta!
Evans, 7 vols; John Eiten Cooke, 11
vols; George Eliot, 8 vols.; Alex. Dumas,,
15 vols ; Victor Hugo, 0 vols; Shakes- j
peare, 8 vols ; Sunday School Teacher's ,
Bibles, self-pronouncmg. 1 vol ; tpoleon ;
Victories, 1 vol; Men of Achievement, 4
vols.; Charles Dickens, l- vols; Bulwer
Lytton, 13 vols ; Scott's Novels, i:j vols ;
Tnomas CarJyle, 10 vols.; Fecimore
Cooper, "JG vols.; Washington Irvintr, 0
vols ; Painting and Sculpture. 1 vol ; L:ff
of Napoleon, 4 vols.; Charles Iiade, 7, 14,
10 vols ; Charlotte Bronte, G vols.; E P.
Roe, 10 vols.
Don't mi-s this opportunity to supply
yourself with a good selection of reading
matter. Address, F. T. Camp,
Durham, N. C
With The Martin & Iloyt Company, Char
leston, S. C.
Who blundered iu the Hawaii muddle?
th nual bowel
5 . medicine, it
v cleans out vour
rvrtem, in a more '
cr less unpleasant '
v?z. tr:t that's
all. Yon Ye left to yours!; again,
when that w over.
Dr. Pierces PU-sant Tenets pro
farther, rive U-tt. r L--: p. I mcro
i nev hi '( a
ret cn tL- iirinar
i. , . f i.-f.:r ,. . TV-
Kists and increase the r,a.:iral fccticu of the :
Bilious Headaches, and every Lke fli-wnler.
They're tin v. fuzar-coat-xi zmnuu -. a com -
pomd of rerlnerl and conotnn-at-i veqebie
extracts the snaailt, tb si -t to tzxe,
rtTuTT-- v. 9rt
nrv . . . t.-l frir Mtfarfifm fn
Tery case, or your money i retumed. ou:
ur onlr for Uib ooot vou ret
r v
r. hagt i Catarrh Ilenir. . . n.ter tow
d yonr ca or of how la: r &rn-iiagt uui
"mil pertaanentiy cure your Catarrh.
I. ' Si
Fame's Celery Compound After the
It Makes the Weak
Debility, Kelieves the Wretchedness that
Comes from Sickness Indoors.
, '..--
"'At. -V
Let tl)C L-'JIl Shinj !
Get strength. Be well ! "
Irs John K. Jacobs te'N a plain but
impressive storv : ;
"I hive been taking Pane's celery,
compound," she s; yS "ami !eel n-yelf j
greatly improved, so much so that I con-!
sider myself well. I v. as left last Febru-;
ar3 from an attack of the grip, in a low 1
state of health, with great nervous debil- j
ty. lean hardly express how wretch- j
edly 1 telt when l commer.cea using'
Paine' s celery compound. And I began i
to gradually impiove up to the present
tiras and I now am able to do my work,
for wnicil 1 fcel th.ankful enough. I
think the remedy valuable indeed."
Mrs. Jacobs resides at 1128 Oak street,
! in Youngstown, O. Shu has had the
same experience as thousands of women,
East, West, North and South.
There is in the very structure of a
A 0
j For the HOLIDAYS we hae an r.ee.:c-n
: iine of
Toilet Articles, Perfumery,
Calanders, Picture frames, Etc.
. ,
0r COiLjCtlOPi 0T G03QS ATQ
the Cheapest.
, , r- .
umis aia umpms ssniiiriBS
Alwav- on har. i an 1
iobacco Review
A Weekly Toh.tceo .fournal. for only
- J -
i Sencj n yCUP Subscriplion
50,CO0 Copies for !
smiA'. ret m. i i.v o.,
Durii i!u, . i
1 If U V K US UU ) Ufjb V
' r-
li--r' ' ' .
prvtvu-i t r...-,,-,
- '". . -' ' "... .
,R-. wty V., try tiovt x ? iit-r.w:-. .-
l-,r cany :.. am t: n..- i.e ni- rv
' ...
lfvra v. oat a i.t.r of .-l., t.. h ji! loA . !i
.j yu-tir work at a a.tjerate irice
1 that's the kind Huwaid rcakci.
, - - M '
.. ; ' ? v. .r .'!'7
J.. ':'-: -: , -." . . . - 5s.
Strong - Cures Xervous
1 ')iW;d I' Tl'lU'.'1' 1 Oil CVCU thCbilll
V1 Pl-';'V1 ( H 'SM for intense ner-
vims strain, . -lijli work and worry to
ta the enrr . ur ; Ingenuity of the most
robust woman,
A woman t.Ahvj; up a home on her
shoulders; ti.e mm. nonous routine of
lire l.tiihiii:j. u .Ai-v a-hing, meat prepnr-
ing, stitch?i..r, darning and mending,
until the tin. r- r-f.:e their bidding and
the eyelids d.-o,,.
i lie prcs-.,i . - i ruion or women is
more subj. . i t, p Uurc weakness and
il! health t!.:. it ; r lecessor. The grip
firrtt attacks li e p in health. Thou
smds of t 't::i ni;ils from men and
women wl o i-.iv- 1; id the grip or pro
longed (: ! , Sf.o - that Paine's celery
compound vik'-Jy makes thtm well
again, because it is food for the ncrvea,
it enriches the blood. It has saved thou
sands from chronic illness.
I'Yi'.-ii Lor
Huylri's Delirious
ion-f(iis Cliorolatcs
.lii-t .nivi'(l
Prices Cat in Half!
Vt 1'fji t thf I'rii r.
.j 'I i ; !' r - m- f,' U alori t i chf-Ap to
;;-,".iv.. iv.v: wvim
; t.! Mir J
- .l-sn iarjr liii!rir."r t make
: '.;. cUwiK fir Milid
ll.lt..- ..
, -'.miUiv in al .fr rfrrn
t .-.ff - or i.'-r-
!." Ilil-if 1 TjhK- j-a W.jh
; ivf t--ri toil ly lli'M!
: f .-tt fiify an? hIwu-I of
'. . vr r-. Sf liav' tt-tl-
i r. i t r.
; .'ii i t t u . -. -itrujrf lw'he tnoritb
it'.u a ?;. ri i' . ; Uttij-t'- ih at 1 1.21 ;
-: i !:!...: t . : . -tiX. i ti iv twf
ir.- i j. J ..,:. '. ,.'.-. .m the hUJJ
M:; 1 1 atul krrlilrf.
lij a?f rat x at i'-ns than half price. 10
o-iil Mari lk'-r- Li?f ul f nt". laprr iU unl
I-4-'iii f; 1 i-i.-aS cat at l nun a iulf?:
-p t-n li 1 rj.t-' w'.l sj'vto-i.ii-r. 5c-nn a iulrj :
iivi'n ; t" .atca, I ce I a tcit ; lucent
!o-r;...: ,i;r i
' I r ; i
' t .". i ft;-,-.
' t ii.i 1 il-. a:.'
: i.i jar-r ivi,t, worth r
r -i i c rA ii .t -ili
. .. -r;r!. .'; r.t la'llirft'
" rt L".j!a;in Irif! ."tilrt
. : ! - iiuJ-j ."ck" at bc:tit.
. 1 - tr'M 1 -iit a arl ut
. f."m 1 r.t a arlup;
- '-r n'i kjrl ; w- are
Ji hurri at fair Lj;i r.it
. . . : n tvnti ; "j cr-ra
: - tuJ-"4 h tc, wortti
- t . u . 1'ifii at 1 cvol a
; . . t
' f: .. f '
' 1 :.! .
: :- r.
vJ . I.. C EI & CO.,
iiffl icii: ;. m store.
ndtrseUcr of Al!.
. - ... . ... , . j
" ' . . ' 1,1,
c ... t. ... ? j-at
t ii-ii.UtM l.Lt.V.!J II
& Utt ; '
; jmis,

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