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ihc Durham D'ailii (Slofce.
The Globe 1b published every day (Sunday
excepted) and delivered by carrier at $6.00 a
year, or 50 cents a month. The Globe circu
lates throughout North Carolina.
The Weekly Globe is a large eight-page
paper, containing all the news, and Is sent by
mail at $1.50 a year in advance.
Office Corner Main and Church streets.
Globe telephone, No. 76.
All advertisement and notices continued death roll
until oruerea oui.
Address all communications to
Science has demonstrated that all con
tagious diseases are caused by the feed-
robe don'tjtalk much, but when he does
he says something."
But at this point the ring-master came
iuz of bacclli on the tissues of the body, along with the mace, and we got out of
Yellow fever, small-pox, cholera and all way.
these so-called contagious diseases are
Durham. N. C.
understood to be prevented to a great ex
tent by the complete isolation of the dis
eased person?. Instead of being the aw
ful plagues that they once were they have
come to play a comparatively small part
of civilized countries.
This change has been accomplished al
most exclusively by strict quarantine.
Carlisle's Long Greens.
Those bonds, those bonds.
Those new green bonds.
That Carlisle asks us to bid on.
He's long on bonds and short on caah
The treasury's about to smash
And so he starts his printing press
To make the hole a little less.
But after all, the people, John,
Will have to pay those long green bond".
The Financier.
That dread disease, Consumption,
sweeps away more persons every year a L,it of Letters Waiting Owners in the
than nnv nthnr maUrlv fn 'lhfi catalogue Durham Postofltice.
iimj ukjuu uu oaiKj tu. uiU or 1IIP. lt 13 more uniiormiy ratal man List of unclaimed letters remaining in
T. J. Uattl3 & foon 3 oook store auu cnoiera itself. In fact if it 13 understood the Durham postofflce, advertised Janu-
Berry & Co s ncw.s-stand. lhat a Dergon nas consumption the rela- "J 20, 1894
tives and friends of the poor unfortuna'e
Easily. Quickly.
Peraanently Restored.
and all the train cf evils
front early errors or later
es.ctcs, the rt-sults ot
overwoit, sli-Lui-ss,
vrcrrr.ctc. Full .strength.
deTelopnient saU t-n
fciven to ery c rgau and
portion cf the body.
s;inpl. natural roeihou a.
Imir.eJIatft Improvement
s-cn. Failure Impotble.
2.000 referenct-8. Book,
explanation end proof a
mailed (sealed) free.
The Globe is entered at tbe poetoffiee, Dur
ham. N. C, as miUl matter as tbe second clasa.
ALWAYS INDEPENDENT give up all hope. The doctors and nurses
devote all their efforts not so much to
expel the disease, as to prolong the life
of the patient. All wora on the idea that
the ultimate outcome of the disease is
death. Statistics show that 3,000 per
sons die from this disease in the United
States every year.
This enormous loss of life could in a
large degree be prevented by a rigid
B Barshnagle, Mrs. P." A ; Brodie,
Miss Muredith; Beavers, Miss Jane.
C Crumpton, Joe.
1 Davis, Mis3 Sarah.
F Fuller, Lewis.
G Grawett, Mis Daisy.s
II Ilinton, Mr. James; Ilowell, Mrs.
R. P.; Herndon, W. G.; Harper, Miss
M Massey, Mr. P. M.; Morris, Mrs.
Annie ; Mason, Mr.
O Ogburn, S. A. & Co.
P Palmer, J. J.
A recent discorcry by an old
Ebysiclan. Successful! used
monthly by thousands of La-
aus. is tneoniy perrectiy ar
and reliable medicine dlscor.
ered. Beware of unprincipled
drnsrfsta Whn offee Inferior
medicines In place of mis. Ask for Cook's Cottoh
Hoot Compocwd, take no substitute, or Inclose $1 and
0 cents In postage In letter, and we will send, sealed,
by return malL Full sealed particulars la plain
envelope, to ladle only. 2 stamps.
Address Pond Lily Company,
Ko. 3 llsfcer iilock, Detroit. tflcb.
8"Sold in Durham and everywhere by
all responsible druggists.
for Infants and Children.
Castor! is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
tnown to me." IL A. Archer, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. Y.
"The use of Custoria is o uniTersal and
lu meriu so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the
Intelligent families who do not keep Castoria
within easy reach."
Ca&los Makttx, D. Dm
New York City.
Castor la cures Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructat ion,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and promote dl
Without Injurious medication.
"For several years I have recommend
your ' Castoria,' and shall always continue to
do so as It has Invariably produced benefit
Ed win F. Pardee, M. D.,
185th Street and 7th Ave., New York City
Thb Cxxtacr CosfPAXY, 77 Murray Stejuet, Niw York Crrr.
i t -i i 4 .1 i : -1 .j I
Wll lo nnrwlnH-prl wifli V prevwueu uj a i,Km RRoger9 Lucie; Ruffln Elizabeth;
Will DC COnUUClLU Willi d qmDtine Itig universally conceded Robinson, Tinie ; Rockwell, J. C; Rarely,
lariTG majority Of peil and a that consumption is the eating away of R. L.
crv.nll cnrinllinn- nf cninr the tissues of the body by a voracious S-Stanley, Samuel; Steinman, Max.
Small SpilllKling 01 bClbSOrS. . W-Whit, John ; Watkins, David.
, . , variety of bacilli. "Then if the disease is . ' ,
VVi tirrhf foir nnfl hp 1'ersons caning ior any or me aoove
ill ngnt ian, anu De cau8ed by bacillii those bacilli maybe lettera will please say they were adTer.
hOnCSt With IneilUS and IOCS, transmitted from one person to another, tisea.
I 1
Will 4-,,, 4-, m.inf flio I this constituting contagion. Contagions W. A. Albright, P. M.
I diseases, when of an especially violent
news, as news goes.
nature are subject to quarantine. Con-
Will be a paper for the sumption is probably the most fatal Of Dr. Yates Will Hold Quarterly Meetings
home ana the fireside, as diseases.
' I Hhnnp MJll stntinn .Tannortr 9 fl 9.1
VVlur ia Inoro nnf a Ttrjin nnorgntinp I '
Well as tortile OiilCe and tlie " " Mt. Tirzah, at Erooksdale, January
I against consumption as there is against 07.03
idiuiv. cholera or yellow fever ? Hillsboro circuit. Hillsboro. Wednes-
Will be independent, bear- Consumption is transmitted from one day, January 31.
ing the imprimatur Of no Pern to another In two ways : l, by Lea9burg circuit asburg, February
nereulty ; '-i, by contagion, lne nrst can iq
be gotten rid of by prohibiting tbe mar- Yanceyville circuit, Bethel, February
riage of consumptives. The second can 17-lb.
Milton circuit, Purleys, Februory, 24-
Burlington circuit, Prospect, March
Alamance circuit, Phillips, March 17-
The Greatest world's Fair Book
party and wearing the
shackles of no man.
be obviated by a strict quaramtint of
Both these will be opposed by senti
ment. Sentiment would kiss the putrid
lips of small pox and clasp the leper in
the arms of love. But the matter must
be viewed from the standpoint of com
mon sense The welfare of the who!
is greater than the welfare of any part.
Buckleii's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Bheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblains,
We take pleasure in announcing that we have made arrangements with the
publishers of
The good of humanhy demands a rigid tSnK T SUPIly Celebl'ate(1 WOrIf in Vl tS t0 0Ur Subscribers at the VCI? IflW
quarantine against the consumtiye.
In the menagerie at Washington theie
is enough to interest the most listless.
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money Yce 0f ten cents per number. It will be issued in sixteen consecutive Weekly Part?,
refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale
by R. Biacknaii A Son. each containing sixteen to twentv magnificent Photoo-ranhic Views nnd Historical
CT CJ O A - "
oyer 300 YiEiisrs
Have Ifou Read The Globe?
Are times for hustling.
rm. .. .1 j!
lie juuiciuus auvei iisei
Strikes home when the pocket talking match and didn't half try
book is low. When the trade
don't come to him he goes to
the trade.
The Globe reaches the
trade you want.
we are pleased-to announce that w. Descriptions of the World's Fair and the Midway PlaLsance, bv the famous
r t . 1 I m
ill. i earuv. our eniernrisino" nrnp'P'iai. naa
ks the side-show man would say, secured the agency for the Japanese Pile American Arthur, Mr. J. M. Buel. The Photographs are the finest that have ever
"Here, gentlemen, we have the great Cure ; a most wonderful discovery for the 1 w i 1 ii it rm , i tt n
I ... . ....... I noon nrfavckri rr r Ii n Tnhhrt I limr nnncfif utA o o-rv I t r nnn nn r 4-
and onlv the senator from Kansas cure 01 Pes 01 every Kina, which he wv" .wva u u .iivsj wuoniutv, opicnuiu oci icn ui
will sell with a written guarantee to re
whose beard sweeps the ground and in fund the money if it does not cure. It is
which the birds of the air build their 8ald t0 be a specific for that terrible and
dangerous disease. Get a free samnle
ucsis. anrl rv It
"And, gentlemen,.to the right you will A1 diseaseg of the skIn cured and ,ogt
observe the gentleman from iSew York complexion restored by Johnson's Ori-
who placed his billiard ball head in the ental Soap. Sold at W. M. Yearby's.
road and stopped the Hornblower band.
"Here we see the two Carolina sena
tors. These are like the see saw ; when
one is up, the other's down ; when one
goes one way, the other goes the other.
"Over there you observe the gentle
men from Colorado. They wear silver
dollars for ear-rings and watch charms,
and Insist that the streets of the New
Jerusalem should be paved with silver
instead of gold.
"Just to your right is Senator Allen,
who has distanced six phonographs in a
isn't in it
In Natural Photograph Colors, embracing all the wonderful features of the
World's Fair and its surroundings, and the famous Midway Plaisance, with its
curious and interesting character sketches of life in foreign countries and amon wild
and curious races of people.
: r
"3Iost of the other senators are at Mr.
Benning's, studying the relative move
ments of equine flesh.
'Now, gentlemen, we come to the lar
ger tent of our Consolidated American
"Maine furnishes us with two interest
ing specimens. Tom Heed is the fat
woman of this show, who is timed to
jump up at least six times during each
The Globe gives its readers tiie democratic speech. The gentleman just
There have been books and books
there is Boutelle, who jumps up when
Reed don't.
"Over to the left you will see 4The
l,lllJauuuiw wmsruu' ouuli; Watch Dog of the Treasury,' who pinches
are handsome, some are mere a copper till the Indian gives his war-
But of all, 'The Magic City" is
the best. It leads the procession,
takes the ra? oil the bush.
It's the only really handsome thing
whoop, and just beside him is the Ohio
man who is still trying to devise a method
to dispose of the surplus.
"Mr. Simpson, the prophet Jeremiah,
just in front of as, Is the gentleman who
has a negative cinch on Fame ; this comes
from the fact that he was never taught
of the kind that the average pocket- to wear 90Ck8
book can reach.
The Globe brings
the llattcst purse.
Watch The Globe !
"One of our most interesting exhibits,
l ii.. 1 t r 1 . 1 1
n roach of I scuiicmttu i,uiu vicusia uaa cu
called from us by the hand of providence.
"That gentleman who wean the tiger a
j. L
cau.se "fhere is
no ar& in itiat
ffie new shorfeamq
is so Woncer fully o
ulr wltK housekeepers.
flgLiciTE, Health-
of ffie unpleasant odor
necessarily Connected
with. Iarc.G?t tye jenume
fhTC Is no real Subsfifufe.
Made only by
The Greatest,
The Grandest,
The Most Beautiful,
The Most Complete
Are Sale and Always
lleliable ; better Uum Tansy or Pencyroyal PlEs
and all similar medicines. Unexcelled ft Irregularl-
ties.& Buccessfully usedlatboosandsofcaaea. Is
6are remedy, guaranteed, never falls. Price fl. An
aneqaalledaaregiiArd. I.AKESIDK SPECIFIC
OO. 6- Hrkt SUt CU((9, 111
History of the Fair that has been published. The Photograph?, in natural colors, are
While the historioal flpprinrinnc; o-iv flm The
, L, , kJ fc x ' -Aiv t 11 a t. vciiuu wu) uiivi nil vjuiii; u . t. -1'-
author spent nearly the whole summer at the Fair, preparing his notes and superm-
tending the work of the corps of artist employed in taking views. These pictures ar
the finest in existence. They were taken by trained artists of more than nation
reputation, who knew how to secure the best results and the most favorable points c;
view, liieir beauty ana splendor will be a surprise to our readers. Nothing equai
them has ever been seen in pictorial representations ; and the fact that they were c
tained especially for The Magfic City, and will not be made common by
cuous publication in other works, adds a hundredfold to their value.
The Globe Always Gets the Best
Watch Our Advertising Columns for the Announcement of the First Grand Po0
of the MAGIC CITY.

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