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She puluun Ibilil (5lok.
The Globe is published every day (Sunday
excepted) and delivered by carrier at $6.00 a
year, or 50 ceutd a month. The G lobe circu
lates throughout North Carolina.
Tub Weekly Globe is a large eight-page
paper, conuuniug all the news, and is sent by
mail at $1.50 a year in advance.
Office Corner Main and Church street.
Globe telephone, No. 76.
All advertieeuienta and notices continued
until ordered out.
Address all eorainunicatious to
Durham. N. C.
The Globe on sale in Durham at
T. J. Uatti.s & Sou's b jul: store and
Berry A: Co 6 n"Vs -stand.
Tue Globe is entered ut the itotfice, Dur
ham. N. C. as mail a attv-r as the second class.
IjUJUIM. N. c.
FRIDAY, MARCH 1), 1894
Will be conducted with a
large majority of pen and a
small sprinkling of scissors.
Will light fair, and be
honest with friends and foes.
Will continue to print the
news, as news goes.
Will be a paper for the
home and the fireside, as
wrell as for the oHiee and the
Will be independent, bear
ing the imprimatur of no
party and wearing the
shackles of no man.
V t -i
Have loo Read The Globe?
Are times for hustling.
The judicious advertiser
strikes home when the pocket
book is low. When the trade
don't come to him he goes to
the trade.
The Globe reaches the
trade you want.
The 'res dispatolu"? morning
state that Mr. Cleveland will refuse to
sign the Biaud bill for th-? coinage of the
seigniorage. This U contrary to foroi-?r
repori. There :;r enough admistra
tion democrats to defc it vha. ever meas
ure is obnoxious to the a inini?t ration
If the Bland l ill had been opposed by
Mr. Cleveland, it -vouM nust likely nave
been defeated in t'ie Uoue. Thw would
have settled the matter without putting
the responsibility of a vote up-.n Mr.
But the bill has gon through its sec
oud readiug in the -euate. And indeed
it came near being rushed through Wid
nesday. If Mr. Clewiia 1 had wished to
lefeat the measure, one word from the
administration leaders would have killed
it in a twinkling.
These things would seem to indicate
C's ' ' :.'J i
' t . '
that Mr. Cleveland approved the bill, or
at least did not oppose it.
But it would be very like him to let
the bill go through both houses, and
then vote it, saying to tht single-standard
men, "Behold, what I have done."
Still Washington correspondents are
notably unreliable, and the opposition of
Cleveland may only exist in the brain of
some sensational newspaper man.
Affairs in Hawaii have always inter
ested Americans ever since Don Quixote
Stevens raised the stars and stripes at
Honolu u and proclaimed an American
protectorate over the Kanakans.
The bold bravery of Dole and tLe pro
visional government, the bluod thirsii
ness of the dusky queen, the strange and
unusual diplomatic complications in
volved in the afTair have engaged our at
tention for many months.
Dispaches state that a constitutional
convention has been called to formulate
a definite form of government.
A platform of principles has been sub
stantially agreed upon as follows:
I. To support the provisional govern
ment. 2 Resist the restoration of monarchy.
3. Establish a practicable form of rep
resentative government.
4. The government to be united as soon
as possible with that of the United States.
5. Liberal policy in difposing of public
lands in small tracts to actual settlers and
discouraging large speculative holdings
0. Bevision of thetaxation system, large
estates to bear their proper share of the
public buidens.
7. Favor i'vnmigration of Portuguese
and other whites to replace Asiatics.
8. No class legislation discrimination
against any class of loyal citizens.
iK Liberal system of productive public
10. Needed labor and material for
public service not to be imported from
abroad if procurab'e here.
II. No prison labor to be employed in
mechanical work.
12. No persons to be employed by the
government unless loyal to it.
Since the patent on the hand phones
of the American Bell monopoly expired
February 1, exchanges have been form
ing in various parts of the country offer
ing to furnish phones at half the rate of
the Bell company.
But since the first patent ou the essen
tial principle of the telephone, many
other improvements, almost essentials,
have been added to the Bell instrument,
and these are all cove-red by patents that
will not expire for several years yet
And the Bell company will not soon
release its "dead cinch" on the micro
phone, and the valuable Berliner and
Edison patents.
Thtse new telephone exchanges will
either have to get another phone from
that now used or else pay the Bell mo
nopoly a big royalty.
Popular telephone service will be a
godsend to the country, tut it looks as if
we were not quite out of the woods yet.
The American Bell company is troug
wtalihv, influential. It will of course
do everything it can to hold its grip cn
the telephone.
But the new exchanges have the peo
ple on their side. Lots of people will
rather use inferior 'phones, than let the
monopoly win the fight.
The race is on.
The best horse will come ia first at tie
Senatorial Deals in Sujar.
Waehinirtoa Cor. Philadelphia Re: ord.
The remarkable rise of sugar stock
tlrs morning was controlled by a few
senntors. One Washington broker said
this morning that one of his senatorial
customers made ft,000 inside of two
hours, and there are rumors of an inves
tigation of the New York stock ex
change concerning the transaction
There wtre more inquiries over the
price of sugar to cay than over the tarill
schedules, and hi telephones between
the capitol and the broke, s' ofiices were
kept busy all morning.
The committee has msde a good selec
tion in choosing W. A. Montccmery,
Esq , to deliver the memorial day address
at Raleigh this year. He served under
Gen W. D. Pender, who will be the sub-
jee'i oi me a iuress, ana ie is an enter
taining and instructive speaker.
The Greensboro Record says that some
persons at that place are passing stamps
on merchants stamps from which the
canceilaUon marks have been removed
by a chemical process.
Mr. Gladstone is reported quite ill
from the effects of a chill.
A List of Letters Waiting Owners in the
Durham FostofiSce.
List of unclaimed letters remaining in
the Durham postoffice, advertised March
3, 1S94:
B Burns, Eliza; Butler, Ida; Burns,
Mrs. M. C ; Brown, Annie; Blue, M. J ;
Batchelor, Sam.
C Cook, Bascum ; Cateo, Hattie; Cor
bett, Jeff.
D Dunson, D C.
E Ellen, N. II.
F Freeland, M; Fidler, E; Ferrell,
Miss Linnie.
G Gunter, Miss Canrey.
II Hern, Mary; Hardie, C J.
J Jinkins, II P ; James, II. M.
L Lunsford, Eddie; Lane, Miss Mamie
M Mason, I. W ; Mathes, J E.: Mays,
Mrs. Evelene; Moore, Sevestie
O Odenheiraer, ?dr. John.
P Pope, Dave; Parish, A L
R Rochelle, L. P ; Rochelle, Pankell;
Rigsbee, T. II.
S Stephens, Etta ; Sowell, Miss Julin.
T Thompson, R. VV.
W Wolf, Dave A
Y Yealock, E P.
In calling for any of the above letters,
please say they are advertised.
W. A. Albright, P. M.
Dr. Yates' Appointments for Durham Dis
trict. Trinity station, March 4-o.
Durham circuit, Fletchers, March 24-25
Carr church, April 1.
Hillsboro circuit, Rougcmont, April
" Q
i -o.
Roxboro circuit, Concord, April 14 15
Mt. Tirzah circuit, Ml. Zion, A pril 21 22
Leasburg circuit, Bethel, April 21 22
Main Street station, April 23 29.
S28 in Four Weeks.
DuuriAM, N (J , Ian. 10, '94.
Received from J W. Beasley, tu asurer
Southern Sick and Accident Benefit Asso
ciatiou of Norfolk, Ya., twemy-eiiiht riol
lars in full of claim for seven weeks sick
ness. Elizabeth High.
Mr. E T. Lea is the agent and will give
all information. CH on him.
For Kent.
Three handsome rooms, suitable for
man and wife, $5 per month. Apply at
this office.
W. M Yearby, druggist, recommends
Johnson's Oriental Soap for all skin and
scalp diseases. Try it.
f is fust be
p i
cause "mere is
no fa rd lit Vhmst
iie new shorten; nc
U &r- wltk housekeepers.
l mm a. m m
of fhe unpleasant odor
necessarily Connected
VifK larJ,G?t ertume
"fhere isio real Substitute.
Made only by
The first of American Newspapers,
CHAS. A. DANA, Editor.
The American Constitution, the Ameri
can Idea, the American Spirit. These
first, last, anl all the time, forever!
The Sunday Sun
Is the greatest Sunday Newspaper in the
Price 3c. a copy, liy mail, 2 a year
Daily, by mail, !6 a year
Daily and .Sunday, by mail, 8 a year
The Weekly, 81 a year
Address THK SI N. New York.
Instiit Kiiiercf Pain.
Intftmal nnri Externa!.
Cures lJli.rMATI3iIf NEURAL
GIA, LfcJe Ear k, Sprars, Braise,
be most rTprfzI eni rnetrHtiTiffl-i-nmentfor ilaii
r Ueist ia exi&ieace. Lare Zl tius 73c, sec &r;s Uc
i'odioatM End TozLs t. The C reat SklnCurs acd
Face Beautifter. Ladiee wl l txzS. it tie racwl
deticsto aai hi jhlf perfumed 'toilet Soep tm
the market. It is absolutely purt. Makes tiie
ei.l3 soft ad velretj ai rotores the lot com-
f lexions a rsnury for the Bath for Infants,
t ; itciinir, c.e-n-' the pcalp tn 1 proraOM
tfce e --ih of hair. ITice 2&c For s& ty
i$nJi sn in
R?rf??T2.?-KEAIAClI- &s if t-T niiris.
a.? ' ai! ti i Tr5i!i: rf e!1s
lrc;-:t .ti:r t : rvscr i3Ur
ct:u5:--. tiif ri'c!?s of
over. i.i flcUnt-SS,
v -rv , t ! .- I"uli t rei.p h,
tl.-veiopr.eiit an-1 t.ce
pivrn I'jevrycrgsnad
ji st ion f the biy.
s:nr'l-. natnrt I methocs.
I r r. c-d i a ; ' i in ;r. renders t
5 rn. i".-ilur tinp.iibie.
references. Pf.k.
exr.arntlon ar-i pria
dilea (sc?.lel) free.
2UFFAL0. N. Y.
The Great English Remedy.
Promptly and permanent :
ly cures ail forms of Xervou '
k eaxneSt Kmissxonst, Sperm
ata rkea. Irn potency and aU
effects of Abuse or Excesses.
iseea prescrioea over 85
years in thousands of eases;
Is the on y Reliable and Hon
est Medicine tcnotcn. Ask
Jrntreist for Wood's Phos-
Eefore and After- phodixe; If be offers some
vcjvrc U7M SiJr, medicine m olai
of this, leave hi? dishonest store, inclose price in
letter, and we will Bend by return mail. Price, one
package, fl; Elx, $S. One will please, six will curs.
Pamphlet in plain sealed envelope, 2 stamps.
131 Woodward avenue. Detroit. Mich,
Sold in Durham and everywhere bf
all responsible druggists.
For One Dime and One
Everybody who has seen it is
r- ,-..t rrn'! rn ,J,3g rrr-vT - , - - -----. A Ty
t J -v Vfe'- rvK-.-'-v' ;? S r '-Mri
This celebrated work will be issued in sixteen consecutive Weekly Parts
each containing sixteen to twenty magnificent Photographic Views and Historical
Descriptions of the World's Fair and the Midway Plaisanee, by the famous
American Arthur, Mr. J. M. ISuel, The Photographs are the finest that have ever
been offered to the public. They constitute a splendid series of
In Natural Photograph Colors, embracing all the wonderful features of the
World's Fair and its surroundings, and the famous Midway Plaisanee, with its
curious and interesting character sketches of life in foreign countries and among wiM
and curious races of people.
History of the Fair that has been published. The Photographs in natural colors, are
beautiful as a dream.
The Globe Always Gets the best.
pn iij pii
for Infants
I reconimend it as superior to any prscnption
known to me." IL A. Arcexs, L D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., rrooUyn, N. Y.
"TLe use of 'Castoria is so universal and
iu; merits so v.-cll Lhowti tliat it seems a ork
cf supererogation to endorse it. Few are the
ictcllifrent families who do not keep Castoria
v i;hin easy reach."
CiKLoa !Iaett, P. D.,
New York City, f
The Cevtxvr
Coupon you can get any
charmed with
OlTHi 300
The Greatest,
The Grandest, -The
Most Beautiful,
The Most' Complete
, iiuu ii ii ;iyf i
and Children.
Castoria cures Oilie, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, DUrrhcva, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and prociotcs di
Without injurious medication.
"For several years I have recoraran.lc 1
your 'Castoria, and shall always continue t
do so as it has invariably produced beac3k : a!
Edmtix F. Pa&dez, 51. D.,
lC5th Street and 7th Ave., New York City
Cokpaxt, 77 ilnutir Strut, New Yorx Cirr
one of the series of sixteen.

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