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Ycr renovatir.'r the entiro svtein.
2? ( liminatintr all Poisons from the
i;'ood, whether of crofulotis or
, thi3 prepaiation luts nofj!i?l.
For t - i s ; T : :
i : ! v lu
f tl -
1 m
! --.'! jiyiciar.,
Mi :1 r.ra'Inailv rrp
: S. S. .'.. i v."i-j entirely
l.v.y.ni'.v., Henderson, Tex.
ivr o., J.;,
','1 mid Fkin iv;
.S v.-ir r Sr-F.rino Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
Is sold with written
Guarantee to curt
N ervous Prostr
tion. Fi:8, Dizzi
ness, Headache ?nJ
eurai:n auiWeke-fulnf-rp.c-au.-e'i
by x-ce-ivc
ii?fcof Opi u:n,
IVuacco aud Ako.
DrO.L M I CK Hion, Softening of
Cnin, "v:-:n7 nisery. Insanity f-nd Death;
laij '..-n-y, Lo-.t Power in either f-x.
Premi M.Jri C Id As?, Jrivolt:Titiry cau.-j-d
..i : ' , r-"!" rtion of the Bruin and
- -r0rs": Youth. It ji:- , v-nk Or ran, th-ir
' i.r.d t.h joys of life; cun
':.: Mid I V. Tllin' r-'. IDOTlthV tff'f.t-
I j.-n i.a:'c ry iiuui, to any ecJure-. tl
0 i
ii evt-ry nr;lf-r we Kire. a
v. r't-n Guarantee lo cure or refund the money.
. !i' ;. Guarantee iss-uod only by our ex-
W. 31. VSIAIfUY, Ourliani, N. C.
A Capitalist,
You can become a capitalist at-
: i c e b y 1 a y i n g by a s m all pa r t o f
your yearly income and invest
ing it in a Tontine policy of tbe
l:or $20 you can ir.stanil)' se
cure a capital of r ,ooo (or lor
$2oo a capital of S ro.ooo), thus
aenuiring an estate which you
may leave to your heirs,' or re
tain as a fund for yonr own
.support in old age, if your life
be prolonged.
Such a step will prompt you
to save, will strengthen your
credit, will increase your con-
fideuce, will preserve you from ',
care and will give you lasting
The Plan is Simole.
The Security Absolute.
It is the perfect development
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figures. Address
W. J. RODDEY, Manager,
For the Carolhias.
t r
f, i ;
Aft "
Dr. E. C. VVcrt'G r;:r.
mM und'-i- j. i . o v. i . -
I'.riiilijmd Neii 1 '.!, ! i
Mk-ht l.i-. . . :(
'crvi)u-ii--i; I.h- ; ; I
the icii'-ne . . j
ver-ox'rtt:i; '.(!: .-,: i i t
T" !l;ufc, OiMi' - l -ii i .!. -'lrfr,
1 ti-u:. : )t i I,- :
I h !x; i...-j-.; . ;
n-fuiid lrci.i-y. ' '!'".-. ;' l
cvrti for l'oi:.:!is ' ' . !-, A -' ' :
Wtioopiiit; '. .ut.'h, vi- t" i
Stunll hiz ! i-c a.t j'.,.'-. : ..
H hIzo, limv jo,-, c; ' All .', i
r i.'. , by JM
-cry; J..
I 1 v
i. i '.
! . ) (
w. 31. yi: iniv
Dr?. rr'.:.;
hri tlie ri;:i;inl r.T'd
liab!. i-iire mi 1 li'- i
iu.uI. Liei.uiiiUMM
I I .' ' I!. srfe arid r
r. i'l :c . t-L'iit by
I on
W. 31. Yi: A1M5Y, Durham, N. C.
t tif .e.i: of
l'r'iinr7 Or.
. or (l .-t or
: r bt
i' c c.-.s? of
AV. 31. Yl
1 un'.y by
t U I i
Durham, N. C
Is not complete
without an i leal
Combines every element of
beauty anel purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
delicate and desirable protection
to the face in this climate.
fj fc
f mm
Out Ner Uluptratcd
Lffs Catslotnie of 1'l.v.nt?,
kty J-i KoMsCurtiss, Vines,
2. Cs. (iKAi E Vines, Seeds, f.
r.?-lp etc.. will be mailed f)
v? V 100 pares. Mott con-1 1
f rlete I'lant CaUhxme f
fj published. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 20 Rose f
NAN2 & NEUNER, Louisville, Kt. f
liiire were time? when ever Joaquin
Muritta fiiefcene! ntonrl reverted from tbe
vengeance Le had set for his life task, and
at such times a hope would gain foothold
thronghont the mines that the dreaded
outlaw Lad at last run his race that some
lucky bullet or knife throst had cut fihort
Lis thread of life.
TLo-:e who knew Joaquin best state that
bis natural disposition was as gentle as
that of the most tender woman; that he
was a hit of a poet when his worst pas
(dons which might never have been awak
ened hut for the brutal ferocity of his fel
low men were sleeping.
Joaquin had been reared as a herdsman
cn the va.t estate of Don Sebastian Val-k-ro
in Sonera. The girl he married, Car-m-
la. the ill fated, was the maid of Seno
ra Yalltrro.
And now, with bis hands steeped in
blood with a score of murders resting on
his sonl the robber chieftain had come to
ence more gaze upon the scenes of his hap
py childhood and happier youth, little
thinking that a nev hope was even then
Pawning for him.
At the ba'-e of the hill flowed a placid
creek, fringed with pond lilies, now in
bloom. To this the eyes of the robber were
drawn by the sound of a gentle pplashing
and an involuntary cry of wondering
admiration burst from his lips. A fair
girl had just stepped into the water, half
unrobed, doubtless with the intention of
taking a bath in the cool waters of the
crock. Whether it was that thi3 exclama
tion reached her ears or that there was a
potent magnetism in his gaze, the maiden
raised her eyes and discovered Joaquin.
With a cry of alarm and confusion she
sprang back to the bank, seeking safety
in flight, lie heard a piercing shriek from
the bushes beyond and rushed forward,
fearing that the fair Undine was in peril.
The next nioment he burst into the little
glade where t lie girl had paused to arrange
her disordered dress. She knelt in an at
t i! ude of terror.
lie fore hjr was a large rattlesnake, its
tail twitching rapidly and sending forth
that peculiar, most unnerving of all sounds,
while i? lance shaped head, the red jaws
widely distended, moved back and forth,
to and fro, in regular curves, its beadlike
eye shining with an infernal fire.
Like a flah of light, his keen pointed
knife shot forward and pinned the ven
onions serpent to the ground, even as it
was on the point of launching its length
upon the maiden. A painful cry then
.Murieta caught the half fainting girl in
iiis arms.
lie was handsome, both in face and fig
ure, lie had preserved her from a fright
ful death. She was born and reared be-
neath a tropic sun her blood was warm,
fshe had iust passed from girlhooel little
wonder, then, that when they moved away
from the glade the maiden heart of Clari
no Yallero went out in passionate love to
this stranger.
And .Toaquin was no less deeply smit
ten. He no longer remembered the dead
wife to mourn whose fate he had journey
ed thitlur. He saw that Clarina did not
reeonize him. Stie had been a mere child
when he bore away his bride years before,
and he knew that he had changed greatly
since then. A master in love, he knew
that already Chtrina had bestowed her
heart upon him.
He knew, too, that were Don Yallero to
even suspect his identity with his former
ser vant his proud Spanish blood would re
volt at the idea of an alliance with him.
His resolve was instantly tuken, and as
he 1 ore the unsuspecting girl company to
the house his adroit brain fashioned the
story he would tell her father. His recep
tioj.vas a cordial one, for Clarina almost
unconsciously magnified the peril from
which he had so gallantlv rescued her.
The robber was entertained as
guet, and the days passed 1 i 1-
an honored
e a blissful
dream to him as veil as Clarina
.Joaquin was truly in love, quite as deep
ly as he vo.vcd, and holding that the life
lie led was fully justified by the outrages
that had led to his following it he deem
ed it no crime to link this gentle creature
to his blood stained career. X one on the
estate had recognized their former fellow
servant, and when Joaquin be-ged the
hand of Clarina in marriage Don Yallero
gladly consented. Festivities were ar
ranged but the anticipated w edding feast
Levi r took place.
An .ld and respected friend of Don Yal
lero paid him a visit, and at first glance
recognized the outlaw for what he really
was. Not two months before he had been
relieved of a large sum of money by the
audacious robber, and his proofs were so
positive that Don Yallero could no longer
It came v hen Joaquin and Clarina re
turned from a short ride together, and
Dun Yallero poured out his wrath before
the robber had time to dismount himself
or even aid. Clarina to alight.
''You have been my honored guest. You
have eaten of my bread and slept beneath
my roof. Only for that I would kill you,"
said the don, his voice trembling with in
dignant mortification, "tio! and r.evci
dare set your feot upon my pn mises again
unless you would have my slaves hunt
you with dogs and flog you with their cat
tie whips."
"Yes, I am Joaquin Murieta, whoc fam
as a man will long cutlive the blue blooc
of which you are so proud the outlaw
cried, his voice ringing out proudly. "3
will go, since you bid me, ami if I am fol
lowed all will not come home as they went.
Clarina, is it farewell forever?"'
Xo. no! where you go, there I goalo:'
cried the maiden, her ey.s Hashing with t
fire akin to his.
A laugh of mingled pride and mockerj
burst fn in the bold outlaw's lips, and
grasping the bridle rein of the horse rid
den by his love he da-Led away from the
haciemla before a hand could be lifted to
cheek them.
Three times their pi:rsuers came within
pi-u l shot, and as often were they beaten
hack by one man, whose aim never failed
And each time there was blood upon tbe
rocks and dead men lying still and stark
in the dusk. And then, as the lx?rkr was
! cross d, the small remnant gave over the
: pursuit as Useless, returning to the haci
I emla, w here Don Vallerosoou lifter died
some said of a broken heart,
j Clarina shared his fortur.es through all
Hiitil the day of his death. On more than
ji:e '..c:;sion it is known that she. garbed
e s a r.riu, rode beside him in the thick Vf
, the f gkt, guarding his life with her own
p r.Hin.
j And wh-n the terrible end came at lat
she retired to a convent, where her last
days were spt-nt in mourning the death tf
; him she lovid so passionately. New York
I Telegram
Doesn't Work Hath Waj.
The grow u giri of a family often doesn't
wsh her face for several day, claiming it
is not good for the complexion. If ihe boy
makes the same claim, he is whipped.
Atchison (Kan.) Globe.
Well, niece, draw up your chair If jon
want to hear about it. Bat, dear, it's not
worth telling at least my part in the
rlay. Play that is just what it was. The
actors never met until the first scene and
cerer met since the last, when he drew
the matrimonial curtain. "Who is he,
aunty?" did yon eay? My father called
him a French adventurer, but that could
not be true, for he had a noble face.
But first I must tell yon how oddly we
met. My father was living in Montreal
that winter, end when be returned the
preceding fall, from his summer trip to
Kngland, he brought with him an English
cousin who had been anxious to spend a
Winter in our climate. I guess his desire
abated. Before long he was calling our
weather beastly and said if we could
barn from the flies how they walk on ceil
ings we could skate on the clouds as well
as on the ice, for he believed Leaven and
earth were frozen.
The reason I remember this remark is
that after he eaid it he went out to the
club, where he spent every evening. He
was a habitual gambler. After he had
been gone a few minutes the bell rang.
kiThe butler is at his supper; let me go,"
said I, and left the family circle in the li
brary. When I swung open . the door,
t here stood a handsome, commanding look
ing gentleman.
lie asked for my cousin. I told where
he had gone, but asked the gentleman in.
He thanked me and declined.
Xow, niece, that wa3 the first scene in
my life play.
I always used it as an argument with
father, that had he been an adventurer he
would have accepted my invitation.
The gentleman went straight to the
club, but the click of the ivory balls was
not music to him that evening. He took
my cousin one side and told him he must
meet the young lady at his house who
wore the blue bow. Of course we met,
and my cousin took him everywhere after
that. He was one of our opera, dancing
and skating parties the rest of the winter.
Like my cousin, he had left his native
home France to watch our barometer,
and to see if it were true that the trans
planted French beauties were finer than
the home grown.
There w ere many minor scenes in out
play, but I can't tell you them all. I will
just let you see two. He took me for a
sleigh ride one beautiful night when the
clouds thawed enough to let the moon
show. About five miles out of Montreal
there is a road through a forest of great
pine trees. The drive under those trees
defies description. The snow is banked
up the tree trunks on either side for sev
eral feet, where it is met by the snowy
moss that grows on the side of every tree
and creeps out on each limb, finishing the
boughs and even the tiny pine needles
with clear water jewels.
I was lost in wondering admiration, and
in imagination, as the wind shook the
trees and the jewels jingled, I fancied a
great pine tree on the right was a grand
dame of a prehistoric age, and that her
jewels rustled as she trembled with the
delight that her knight was towering near
but there my thoughts were broken.
For my knight beside me was telling of
his love. I was so awed he thought I was
not listening, and he asked quickly:
"Have you not noticed my constant at
tention to you from the moment I met
Xow, is it that every woman blusters
up when her intelligence is slurred, or is
it just I who has had that experience?
At all events, one moment all the price
less jewels of my heart were vibrating
with delight, like the grand dame of my
imagination, and the next I was saucily
saying, "But you know I'm so accustom
ed to attention."
This was a burning fagot throw n into
a gas tank. Then and there we had ur
first quarrel, and 1 gave in, and, my de ar,
in the ei d it miglit have been well had I
always given in.
The second quarrel was in the oihe-r
scene I will tell you about. He came to
our house instead of going to the club
after we were engaged. Occasionally I
saw him in church. But I knew he went
there just to please me, and I knew, too,
that he refrained from gambling to please
me also.
My cousin said one day, "It was a nas
ty shame fer me to keep the French shot
away from the club." Those words were
ringing in my ears and made me happy as
I dressed that evening for the ball. The
last touch to my toilet was a favorite blue
how of ribbon.
When I went down stairs, my fiance saw
it the first thing and Esked me to take it
Xow, why is it people can he so contra
ry when we were so happy a minute be
fore? Why, I don't know, but contrary I
was and te.ld him it was the only pretty
thing I had on, and I would not take it oil.
"I command you." he said, "or we
won't go to the ball."
"Command, indeed," said I. "It ha?
been evident for some time you v ere get
ting too domineering, and if you are that
bael now, what would you be after wc
were married. This may as well stop right
Xaturally, this was a whole bundle o:
fagots thrown in a gas tank.
Hot words followed, burning into my
very soul, parching my heart's desires.
He left me.
For a week I knew nothing of him
Then I overheard my cousin one morning
telling father that the French shot had
not left the clubhouse, night or day, for a
week; that he was astonishing old gam
blers by his wild bets, and that one old
man had not left the table for three days,
and the two bet heavily, losing and gain
ing, and that last night and then his
voice loweretl so I could hardly hear him.
But I caught something about a tight
foul play and somebody hurt.
As I entered father said, "Was he in
jured?" My cousin raised his eyebrows
warningly when he saw me anel nodded
assent to fathtr.
I was too proud to ask questions and
lived in horrible suspense for days, for
weeks. But after awhile my pride and my
heart wearied of the struggle, unlike the
hours and minute in their ceaseless hand
to hand fight around the ring, and I grew
strangely passive and tranquil, only now
and then having an inward outbreak. My
only thought in living was to get to
church and pray for him and ry for my
self. And who knows but it was these
prayers tL-at were answered
"Wbr. auntv " von ask,
I evvr
hear of him again?''
Yes, yes, but fan men little while I tell
you. lie is now a minister in Vir.r.e;g
But fan me, dear Le married and
has five children. Carrie I-oui-a Burn
bam in Cincinnati Ptst.
"Why do yon call those ncv. spapers
which yoa den't like sheets?"
"Because people lie in them." Xew
port Daily Newa.
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2 'J f
Richmond, va.,
J 4 v--v'
'illustrated oouth
1 Wh pi
mui noil, ruL nuui
and potassium
ftlarvelous Cures
in Blood Poison
and Scrofula
P. P. P. purifies the blood. bnlMsnp
the -weak anJ debilitated, Rives
etrer.jfth to weakened nerves, expels
di-easee. giving the patient health and
happinea.i where sickness, plfowy
feelings and lassitude nrt prevailed.
For primary, secondary and tertiary
pvphilis, lor blood poisoning, mercu
rial poison, n:a!arii, dyspepsia, and
jn all Mood and bfc'n diseases, like
fclmches. rumple. o:d chronic ulcers,
tetter, sea d hea'i, !o:!p, erysipelas,
ec-jema- we ir.dv iv, without fear of
contradict' .n.th. t l P. P. lsthobesc
blood purser ;R the wcr!('.id rcakes
positive, speccly aud I'criaaEt cures
in all caaea.
Ladles vhoe systems are iol'neI
ar.d whose blood Is in an itnpare condi
tion, due tomt n;rnal irrejrouritie,
are peculiariy hr-aeftred by the won
derful t-nic end bl.M-d cieansitp: prop
erties of P. P. P. -Pric'iiy Ash, Poke
iuxjt and Pota.-;an3.
tPRIX1FIFLD, Mo., Anff. 14th. i'-'J.7.
I can speak in the highest terras of
oar nied;ciae from my own personal
knowledge. I was afTceted w nh heart
disease, pleurisy ar.d rheumatism for
35 Tears, was treated by the very $xt
J hS slcians ana spent hundreds of doi
ars, tried every known remedy with
out finding relief. I haTe ouly takea
one Dottle of your P. P. P., and can
cheerfully say It has done me more
food man anything I have ever taken,
can, recommend your medicine to tul
kttSercrs of the a!xve disease.
f riagleld. Green County, Mo.
O '
M0; :n ?-f.rrr.;tr.C-- -
itrotiASD ahs f.:?- :. Z.ZZZ:. "
Tor le by W. M. Vearby.
" m t c t a i w
I. ) ie'v. tint' ;.. t: ii . ....... -. ..ri- e. - ,
c ti y-" N Ah t t. ret-ri.-. t.m.M'-i i -..-. -,-.,.; t---.-c . -i
f - sV s. .T--:!iil'M"y;3Tt-. - . ;.. : -."- f
ix j'" r t - i. ' e -2, : r.. ; . . . " '. ... j r .... . -r i
rV''iT''J?r -"A m-?' ;? ;rii.rTi e i . . r- .:- e; -.-J t'.-r -er. ' t r - 'I
v5U ySUi'mJ- - (u c i-; . k t - i- l : vl -'- l".Cf.A:i t .
LLltJUa JLl AXIimiMNO. Jlczt -. h. ::!-- LJ., !.'-. tt-ics.
For Sale la Durhani, N. C.t by MICHAELS i; Co., and I7 W. 2L TtZMlhX
) L W i ) I !
... s I.Olffi,
Pimples, Bletches
and Did Seres
o l fb
Catarrh, malaria
and Kidney Troubles
Are entirely removed by P.P.P.
Prickly Ash. Poke P.oot and Potas
sium, the fcreatett blood purifier oa
Abehdke. O. . July 21.
Messrs. Lifpman Bkos. , fravannan,
Oa. : Dear Sirs I bouphc a bottie of
your P.P. P. at Hot gprintrs. Ark. .and
It has done me more pood than three
months' treatment at the Hot spring.
Hond three bottles C O. L.
Respectfully yours,
Aberdeen, Brown County, O.
Capt. J. D. Johnston.
To all frhnm it mny i-on'rm: I hero
bv testify to the wonderful properties
cf p. p. p. for eruptions of the skin. I
pnfTered for several years with au un
sightly and disagreeable eruption on
my fc. I tried werv known reme
dy bat in vain. until P. P. P. was use J,
and am now entirely cured.
(Signed by; J. D. JOHNSTON.
gavaanaa, Oa.
Skin Cancer Cured.
Tiz'irr.zvj Jrm tKc ilzior of Stquin.TfX.
Ft g.-tn, Tex. , Janriry l,
Mel5. LiphuvV Bk os., Savannah.
C-a. : (J i 'ltu.fnl have trie ! your P.
p P. for a il-eaa5 of the skin, usually
tnowi as skin cancer, of thirty years'
n:m,i:ni?. and found creat rehef; it
S ne TjJOO I anM reiiij e an ir
n from th? seat of the dieas
revr-un any spreading of the
" ! .. . !!
and conudeat tint acothef course
v. i.l ' r."Cl a cure, it nas aiso renew'
L3 indic-stum ana aioaiaca
t; OV.bitt.
Attorney at Lit.
fx 03 m Disuses inej ni
Uripraau'a niockAaTaanab, Ci
- sr r p
; O tX LL - ' .
r.. I-. ,
' t . ' fl, - . '
.r- .ft f if. - ! '.
!- r j! . - (i
M:!-l n l:erljl of Prtc-.
V t -
V J -c v-' . r " . tt d t re j
i Mil? a ih U w.
r ' , rr n ' Q
xv i: riUNT
yxr. puit
cm i. o or. .vniiicr.ss
I c.'J-TOR CO.
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La( uanoe, N. C, lept. 20.
Mrs. Joe iVrsou, Kitticll, N. C:
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lieme ly witii witistactury rtuits in a very se
vere euso ol hcemi. It is highly itujiortunt to
u- tho Wa.sh ui connect im with th Hcmedy.
WiMiinx that 8ucck) may attend you iu your
noule uiidcrUtkinK, 1 am, i-jK.ctlully,
Ml(S. JiK.NltY i;. lilLLOtv.
Will Cure Skin Kruptloo.
I, the uuU'i-siMrnel, do certify tliat our lalo,
ntthonKooi tiiM-e ii. oiiths, wua taken with a
tireakin out or.-kin iruition, which IwHlexl
the eKiii ul our liii-st pj.j mcUim lor two yenm,
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i'cisou'h iw'u.t i,aui oiiMw.t iHjttie tuade a
iiu.1 cure. W . . iCoACii,
Coxville, Put County. N. C.
Nurse'M Sore Mouth.
I was Uully ulllk-ted w it b nurse' sore mouth
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Miu). JoHKrii KiivsKr,
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Mnt. W. .s. Mc.Naik,
Jan. 13, im. Mai ton, N. C.
Cures ItheumatUm and Indigestion.
Mr. J. C. Hendenjon. general manager of the
ChattanoK'a, MaixJen and I'lrmiiiKUaMi rali
rjjil, Myt he doer, not If lieve there is a cam; of
Khoufnatl.-in which Mrs. Joe Perwon's iU-ruedy
will not ur and it is the fl new i remedy for
IndigCbtiou ho nua i vir socti.
An Open le tter.
MohOantos. N. C, June 2, ItRXL
Mrs. Joe Person, Kittrell, N. C:
Iak Maoam 1 hae usl jour Hemedy as
a 'Ionic and lUcxl I'urlMer and uulxwltatiiivly
Titiniuntf tt tli.- ttutt 1 havutrici. I feel
satlzstio! tliat it wul do ail you claim for It-
ii. Ii. LeCEX,
Pastor ifaptisl Church.
With fifty year' eiferlence as a (icncral
l'ructitiotttr, tenders hu service to the cjtl-z-n
of Imrhatn. ills ei-eciait ! : Mucous
Meinbrans, (iiands and .Serves (female in
Iartkular, IndiKcftUou, liroiichttU. Send u la,
Ojn.-(tlMton and Headache, rn-eondary and
Hereditary IIihum-o. Home at C M. Herii
don's. U:l:c-oer Jones' Jewelry store. C!lic
nours. V (Vclock a. ui. to 12 m.. and from 2 p. to.
to 4 V n.
hi an. i;. i nt i;i!,
1jLi:ham. n. c.
Wjll practice iu tbe court of fiurbam and
surrouridliiic countl- All buin- entrusted
o my C4ie will rxeive prtitnut arj 1 cr-f ul at
entioa. Oihce with Major (ulhrte.
tbe c i'-bratfi irmsle Jtculator are
t-rf i-.t ! v .ale mn.i . stm r-lll. la. for
all irregxi aritie. painful Menstrua
ton. .-u -reson. t tc . they never fail
to !?ir m speedy aud rvrlaln relief.
No t..M't.iil Hi.NI, tut a scientific
and poi ive reli f . a-1 pu-l only after year of
eMitunw. Ali orders supplied direct from
our office, price i-r pwekae. fljt). or six
lu kx.gi- for by mall ptpai 1. r.VKltV
iMthiiii: ijl Alt A.N I K.t. PartruU'S
1 1" J V AH Wlllla-CUVP Ml l lJ VW
1 ftdenual.
PARK REMEDY CO., Boilon, Ma.
An Agent hi Every Town of
North Carolina.
Typewriters, Bicycles and

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