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Strange Salt for Damage The Kailroad
Russian Yn difference.
Growing too Faef
A nonrlVatnr rna1Un , . . .
i reraut lis J 5 K S EliJ
to the Oim of Theft. i vlWtiUJWj
A certain good-natured fatalism pre- means that children do not
vans in uussia as to tiie crime of theft.
At SaratolT, on the Volg-a, a crowded
steamer was about to start, when the
Loscs-AdditlonB to the Antiquarian . assistant captain, hurrying- through a
crowd of third-class passeng-ers, was
suddenly stopped by a peasant who
nad previously coinplaiped that his
Special Correspondence of The Globe
Raleigh, N. C, March 8, 04
To-day the trustees of the Odd Fellows'
orphanage near GoMsboro me, for the
purpose of electing a superintendent to '
get proper nourishment from
food. They are therefore
thin, narrow-chested and
Samtel SpENCEK. F. W. Iiuidekopek and
Keuiikn Foster, Receivers.
Richmond Jfc Danville an! North Carolina Di
In Effect Dec. 24. 1SJH.
money had been stolen.
"Your honor," he said, "the money
has been found."
"Sewed up in that soldiers mantle.
A Pago From Her History.
The. Important experiences of oilier ire
Interestim:. The following is no except ion :
"I ii id been troubled with heart di-ea-e
yr:u, mm h of t hat lime very seriously. 1 i
five years I was t reuled liy one phj'sieian con
tinuously. I in liuiiMs but obliged tc
retire on account of my health. A' nhy
Mclari told rnv friends that I could rot. lii- a
month. My feet and limbs were badly swol
len, and I was indeed jn a .serious condiiioi.
when a ent lernan directed my attemiori o
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, and .said that hi
i-i.-ter, who had been afilicted witii heart d:-"-ise,
Jiad !eenrurcd ty tiie remedy, and a
:'ain a strong, healthy voman. I piirclj:ied
a bottle of the Heart Cure, and in Jess thai
n hour after taking the first dose I ro-ik'
feel a decided improvement in thecirrulatio;
(t my b!o.(I. When I had taken three do: i
c)iild move my ankles, sotnethin'r I had no!
done for months. and my limbs had h en sv..l
Jen so lo;i t hat t hey seemed a 1 most put l it,, c
li'-fore I had tak n one bottle of the ,V--..
Heart Cur: the sM-l!iri'' J:.ii ;tll irone d'c.vii
...! I . 1... .1 .
.i i in i ti.n mi uiuiii uei ; e r I ti a T J O ,i J my !
v..H k On my re-omm t.dai ion ?- i x ut her-, a
laUiur this valuable remedy."-Mrs. Mor.ai,
5iil'v. 11:: f l i-ori Chica-jo. 111.
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, a d v "ovcrv of a
eminent sp'-chnjM in heart ul-c-a-e. isoid ;,
all lruLri-ts on ;t po-uive trua ra nf ee.or ..
Iy th.: Dr. Miles M.-ni.-al o.. Klklia rt, I.-k!. -receipt
of j, rice, i per ! o; i le. : h,n:c- ;
f.", express prepaid. It is no-it ht.lv f.'X'e f r. ;i
all opiate or uru-,.
succeed Dr. Whitfield, Le bavin? reared ; 1 W6nt overthcre to search for it and
sure enoug-h there were forty-one
two months a-o. Mr. C. IJ Ed w-irds, f rubles and a twenty-copeck piece in
one of the trustees, savs that there were ; m3' chamois purse."
no less than nine applicant a for the place. ! There he is asieep.
There are about twenty inmates of the ; "Well, he must be handed over to
orphan a the Police, of course."
n i . ! "Handed over to the police? Whv
lhe loiifiwinjr vrete today appointed to the police?"
by Governor Carr to form a b- ard to act "Because he stole your money."
i'h M e n-iio-ui ). or i f i ! "Sure, the money is found; what
.he PcJ.o.Ht b ard of oflictrs m lo- ' more do we wantr.
raiiiiif the i-.ositions of the troops from ! "The thief." j
X rlh Caroii-ia at the battle of Anilef-m ' Z011'1 ou toueh hi' let him have
his nap out in peace."
(or M,arpsl.ur as the Confedtrates called j As the captain proved equally in-:
it): Walter Clark, S McD. Tate, William ' different the matter was dropped.
L Deltossct, E I). Hall, W. II Cheek, 1 WaverIe-v-, j
the cream of Cod-liver Oil
and hypophosphites, supplies
material for growth. It
makes sound bones, solid
flesh and healthy, robust
children. Physicians, the world
over, endorse it.
Don't 1)3 deceived by Substitutes!
Frcparec by Scott Sc Bovine, N. Y. Ail Druggist.
Lv lik-brni ni.
I.v Ii irkeviile.
Lv Keysvi le,
at Dauviile,
Lv Danviilf,
Ar Greenstioro,
No U No. 37
Daily. ' Daily.
VZ 10 p m'I2 5U a m
- ii p m! '2 40 a ni;
3 11 p m
o oJ p in
5 .Vi p in
T 'S p m
Lv G reenslioro,
Ar Raleigh,
11 50 p m
j o k p mj
3 17am
ft Xi a m :
5 b a m 5 41 a m
7 ") h m t 51 4 m
Lv Italtiirb,
l.v Durh.tm.
Ar GreenslHiro,
i t-0 p in 1 tv a ni
1 0" ji id! '2 31 a m
i 7 1U p in
Lv vvinston-Salem tt;0r pm
Lv Greenslx'iro,
Ar a lit-bury.
7 3-.' p m
y if. p m
Dyed, Cleaned and Repaired
SoUl h
Vcirby, Ixirliani.
UTiCi: OF s- fj" op ACCO.VNTS!
Astnt. eo! W. A. Slater A: Co., 1 will sell
at Pun ic souMionat lue court hou
Durham, on
'J in stay, ! "
W. V Iieasley, W. II II. Lawhorne, Neill I Um"
W.Kay, John M. Monie and James AT L.The M1Iard Tes" party is in full
' I t) Alt 111 tUa T-r.--, . .
Tni,n..M "c,! n t ! l" an i tiore rooms next to !
Johnson, of Edgecombe. 1 tJIi v- , x- i
luc A 4,51 -viuonai oann. All the little :
Late yesterday afternoon there were j Masters and Misses are en j 'tying it to its ;
nine convicts arrived at the nenitentia v : fullest extent. 1
" ! j
from Columbus county. ; IIe fatle a 1;ii;1 " " j
Some months ago as a white man was j Lust nitrht some one broke into the!
sitting near a railroad bridge busily fi,h- , street-car stables where Koyall & Borden j
ing, a buil got on the track ard "the en-! keep tLeir tcamsi end stole two pairs of !
gine came by aud knocked him sky high.
I if ny siu oitiu i iaKti more is a mystery. :
i sn:ci ALTY.
J S Ilutcherson & Co , of Kehi.vilic ! Ladies' Gsrmen
Steam Dyins anfl Cleaning Works
holding back strops, and a pair of lines, j Dj in Lr-iht Suits atiii Overcoats
x ne ammat siruci, tne fisherman and the j uut nerhaps that was a1 he j
latter claims to have been badly injured.
The new Catholic ehnreh p.t Ilime-nt !
ne sued the railroad company for $2,300 have assigned
door in and the jury awarded him only $2o0. j
u iry :.'o, is;i. To dav the 1
theaceount due the linn of w. a. slater & near Charlotte, N. C, which tost about
'o. 'i he accounts will !, sold seiMratly. or sociation invited Mr. Walter A. Mont- ooo ;n i i . -
course any aecunt n-av Le pai Tor a r landed ! -.0 000, W ill be dedicated on the 11th of
ir,t.,:,'',',VMt ,iu"''- irvn"'11,8 ?omer'' fornjerly of Warrenton, but now j April, and Cardinal Gibbons is exoeetcd
u iui 1 1 . oi r. .iL.Mth 1' Ml KI.H, ,. . . , . , , '
Trustee vv. a. slater & Co. living in lukigb, to deliver the address to be Iesent. It is built upon ground
on acciin.t ol the continued aos nee of!nnthr. 1feh rf M, .1 i- . x
.Junius Poker, tiu.-tee. the sale of the ac- )D the 1Un of May, the subject bein
tmu'-d until mu urdity, Mofh 'i, j ontiiat J 1 eai(2T, his life and services
lay they will be .-M. .1 1' N ITS l'AHK Kit. rin(r t)lo Ut xr
i I'ustee v . a. Mater Ar Co. I 43 r,ai i' iJxouigomery
is one well fitted to handle his subject
(and a noble one it is) having served un
llaviii' uu lilicd at ;i lrninistmtor rf Hfra
Vitny iciii.ei.d e-a-ecj, aii peiPon having ler General Pender. He said that he had
clai . s ay:nn.-.t said estate arc herel.y notify
topn.si ni s.wdci ..oiist.iMieosorhetoie.Marcii thouirht if he should ever be asked to de
ft, ls'.o.or this no:!.!- win ,v plead in liar of their .
leeuvciy. .vnpe, ns in dchted to sai i s-ate liver an auMress touching the wrar he
wills. tt!c v.i:h me at on c. '1 his Marcli 5,14.
wouij asiv the privilcdge of spaakiog on
General Pender.
which the cardinnl, when Bishop of
JNorth Carolina, bought for the use of the
LJ medictine fathers
s if! Any Color !
SAT 1 S 5 A CI lOX G l A II A XTKKl).
A - statesville, II OJ a m-
Ar Asheville, 4 0i p m:
Ar Hot Springs. 5 3'i p m
Lv Salisbury, '. !." p in 9 "0 a m 8 13 a m
Ar ("harltitte, 10 4 p m llum V 5 a ta
Ar Sjartanhurtr, 1 - a tn 2 .V p in 11 37 a u.
Ar iireenville, 1 53 a in 4 W p in VZ p m
Ar Atlanta. t -0 a in 10 15 p m 4 ;V ji m
LvChirlotte, 10 ."0 p m 3" a m
Ar Columbia, 1 3 a ii. 1 00 p m
Ar Augusta, s 0 a in 4 12 i m
Ar Ch.triestou, 11 I't a in 8 4" p m
Ar Savannah. 4 3" a in 4 ut p m
Ar Jacksonville, j 1 ;0 a m V u p ni
, DA I LV,
j io Sla y-13 y-
Lv Augusta, i 5 00 p m 1 p m
Lv Coiuoibia, ; y 13 p nii 5 00 m
Ar Cnariotte, , 'Z U a m i 30 p in
Lv Atlanta, : ti 15 p u 9 50 a ni 1 00 p in
Ar Charlotte, j - 5o a ni 7 45 p n. t JJ i m
Lv Chariot t", j 3 15 am 8:Upm b 30 p m
Ar Salisbury, j 4 40 a m 9 33 p tu y 4H p in
Lv Hot Springs, i 12 44 p n;
Lv Ashcville, '2 3d p in
Lv Statesville, , 7 11 p in
Ar Salisbury. j 8 00 p in
Lv Salisbury, 4 47 a in 10 10 p m 0 i' p in
Ar Creenst'oro, U '20 a m 11 4 i mjll 00 p in
Ar Winston-Salem 8 35 a m8 35 am $ 35 p m
- 1
Lv Grecnst oro, 7 40 a m'lf 01 a in
Ar Durham, ; 0 47 a in 3 35 a m
Ar Kale h, 1 lo 55 a m 7 30 a m
Ar Coldt-boro, j 1 1 0 p in '2 10 p n;
and does. Dunnsrthe past fo ty years ri.is
College has rendered unsttnted imliicerv7
hanutr been sustained by private contro?'
tionaand jriven her efforts to the public "vl"
fare. It stands for progressive ideas an . ;
the rrpresentatlve of advanced tlnLi.f s
Public lite. Ihe leaven of her effort '
luiokened every other educational Institution
H-ithin the rantfeof her intluence
For 1M 4 the follwiDK deiartrcents am
open for instruction after August 31 e
didates)!OSC)1'hiC'11 Liters4r5- lr A. II. cac.
2. Historv. rolitlcal and Social Science iter
Ph. II. candidates). 111 'I(r
3. S ientinc (for I. S. candidates).
4. Icchnoiogical (tor It K. lun.u iatoo
V Hlw ?1"h.tH'J summer term )H-ns Juir 'i.
0. lh-oiouicHl (lor ministerial candul ue-
o tommercial se (preparatory fur I'.uh
ness pursuusn ' r l,u.
Hesidcs tnese there are three special chn..
with courses o. a more practkai piotc.-j 1 i
character: "iii
1. ilio ornHl School for Trlir- t
HOD am (5 5t a m courses of professional instruction t. ...'.r
9 45 am 8 13 a m 5car Vl 1
m.- ? r r"rna"-Prof. John I
S..ter. director. Courses of instructi
Knciish. Civiui. Political science I l'
sociology and daily practical newspaper w. r--reiuircd.
1 1 ,tr
ii. t luml of riiiiiiif, Krononilrmiii.i t i
...I..Utr:.tl,.Two yeaw con's n'U
higuer studies related to public interetv
the College is provi ed with ample laa'iti.w
in the LaU.ratories, Libraries and Ki,. !,'' ;
offered01" giViUS? tL bcatiRstru"i" cuuit8
t hctaiildingsare the tlncst and fc?t ad n t. ,t
in the state. "tu
lhe StatT of Instructors is chosen for it.
o jo a in
"5 00 a in 5 3J p in
ltooms may be secured and interesting inf()P
mation git en Dee by application by mail ,.r in
H?rsou to JOHN K. CltUWKLL. Vrt6!vt
Durham. N.'c.
For the merchants at a bir pavinir to then
You can save i r)in $l.;ti to 3.K per day '
oy naMii: me to make then:.
icitn and repair clotb'nir of a
at a reasonable price.
Lv Goldsboro,
LV IvMlClgU,
Ar (D-eenslioro,
Lv Greensboro,
Ar Danville,
Ar he) sviile,
Ar Uurkeviile,
Ar Kiciiinond,
1 00 a ra
5 .'.0 a m
0 a in
8 00 a in
10 41 am
11 13 a m
1 :5 pm
1 50 p m
4 00 ji ui
11 HO p in 11 CO p in
1 30 a in 1 Li a n,
4 05 a in 4 5 a in
4 51 ami 451 a m
7 00 a in 7 00 a m
Over Green Hros. & Co's store.
tDaiiy except Sunday.
W. T. (-ULF.
Mr. W. J. II. Goodwin of this county
theSu-ofi hHS invea on exhibition here
peisoiis i ,' n.' t i.nias ujainst s ud estate ate coiiou pie-ser.
hend- ii. Milled to pi sent said claims to ineon i -
orbeioreii, . : d.ti oi i uai v, im5, . r this louring the la-it three months there
notice wiii l ide.e l in bar of i heir recovery.
All p. . iM.i.s luin.-oted totai lesiaie will settle have been eighteen insane persons re-
with me at oiic--. ,
This February 3. iv'ij. ceived into the asylum here, five have
Ada,misttator. fJen discharged and two have died
y xYXViuW:i notice Messrs. John B. Burwell, D. F. Boykin
Haviiqi,a!iiieda,ex..cut.Msof w. i. Hoi- amlLigA- compose the new
:-r-;;: executive committee. Dr. Kirby, of
aS;;s;;siv:.;:l,;:,;:;v:.le,enrv!:em GoUlsboro was electej yesterday io m
l'aTinbl. i-rt'u-.enrr -r unexpired term of Dr. Wood, who
!:;!: .; :!;!: re9,-nu!- Mr-.R cword, jr,re
I), iiohowav. d ee si d. I eloef ml o.-o...l t.. -t v't.s.!
I '-t.v.i, sh-itciiw, ji i a. nj. jj iinatter
A committee of influential Methodists
has been appointed to consider the mat
lSncklen'e Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Ehcnm, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblain-
vorns, ami all kin liruptions, and positively
cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For?a!e
Hv R. IIiae:.:rnll Son.
15, ls;;i.
A dm nit la l (,
Schedule in Effect Apr;! i, 1892.
i.i:avk ol iu'am. n. c. Judge T. C. Fuller, of the United
sta,!!,11 ates land court claims leaves on the
iiiiiiis, iiuniaui liiitiii. arilc and iieonit I 10.1. r ti , . . .
lrtMu L inon station l.j ik hi ,uvr. utpjut 12ih for Tucson, Adzo oa, to hold court
at ii-l, uV.Viiiv. 1 UU" ,rt'iU 'rtJ there, will go to Santa Fe, New Mexico,
aiMuh b:;;t:n!:;lu not return here until June.
lll'I'M l.C I blfh..... .. ... Ik . . " I
It seems that the Charlotte Observer's
editorial on S. O. Wilson was greatly
ar enjoyed in our city. .To read it was
equal to a summer trip 3uid a gentleman
The state aniiquirian society djes
For Tienf.
Four nice room in first-class neigh
borhood, suitable for smill family. Ap
ply at this olli -e.
W.M. Nearby, druggist, recommends
Japanese Liver Pellets for constipation
and sick headache Small, mi'd, easy to
toke. 50 pills 25 cents.
The cheapest knives for the money yon
ever saw in your life ere now shown in
Pcstley's windows. Twenty-five cents
will buy a splendid knife U C. T. Post
ley's Fifty cent knives are now on sale at
PostkVs for twenty live cents and dollar
cutlery is going at half the money The
handsomest line of pecket knives in town
IlAiil'Ke'S JJAZARisa ionrmil for the home
It iMVeS the tallest and latest informatinn
al out Fashions; ind its numerous illustrations,
Paris designs, and pattern-sheet supplements
are indispensable alike to the home dress
maker and tin; prof ess i nal modiste. No ex
pense is spared to make its a-titic attractive
ness of tho highes order. Its bright stories,
amiiimr comedies, and thoughtful essays sat
isty uil tast:s, and its last pawe is famous as a
budget ot wit find humor. In its weekly issues
everything is included which is of interest to
women. The -eria s for ls)4 will be written
by William Hlaek and Walter Hesant. Short
stories wib be written by Mar r.. Wiikins,
Maria I ouise Pool. Kuth AleK.nery Stuart,
Jlarion Hai land, and otheis. Out-door sports
and ln-iloor Games, Social Entertainment,
b'mbroidcry, and other interesting topics will
receive constant attention. A new series is
promised of ".otlec and Kepartee."
I'er Year :
H A 1 tP E IPS MA G A Z I N E,
HA I'h E ICS l!.ZU;.
I'.'Stage Fr.-- ;o a ' u!-t ri:a-r.-States,
Canada ana ."IcAici.
hi t.'ie '"oiled
Bir and Fixtures
Itttween AVest Point and ltichmoiul.
Leave West Point 7:50 a. m. dailv. and S:.r.!i n.
m. dally except Sunday and .Monday ; arrie !ing a good business. Iteasi-nfor- llnnis
j.vic:ULionu :uj ;m'i junu a. m. Kerturning I 11 'i ucann. win e.vcii me tor it-il tsi.ue.
leave iticnmond .v.tu and 4:f p. m. daily exv ept I --PPty to .1. .1. '1 HOMPS .
Sunday ; arrive West pO;iit 5:00 and ti:00 p. in. I No. 107 Pea hotly St., Durham, N, C.
Hetween Kichmuiol and Iialeih via Ivcys-
Leave Kichmond 12:40 ). m. da ly; leave Ket s
villc 3:10 p m.; arrive Oxtord :05 p. in.. Hen
derson 7:00 p. in., Durham 7 40 p. in., Ka eish,
7:30 a.m. Itcturning leave Kakigh 1:00 a. m..
daily, liurham 0:lu a. in., Oxford 7:41 a m.;
arrive Keysville 1J:10 a.m., liichtuond 1:25).
m. daily.
Trains on O. & H. K. It. leave Oxford 5:.'0 a.
in. and 6:10 p. m. aaily except Sunday, li:44 a
m , daily, and arrive Hndcrsen 6:10 a in. and
7:00 p. m., daily except Sunday aim l':3i p m.,
daily. Ketumina leave liendcison t:l0a. u .
and 7:'.'0 p. m., daily except Sunnay, an i 4:30 p
m., oaoj, aim arrive at uxiortl i :,t0 a. in. anu
I have a lot of the best grades of Stove im.
(irate Coal that I wi II sell at a low price.
tr y Stove and Fire-place Wood, Oak and Fine,
otiice and ard at my old stand near electric
li;.'ht house. (Jive me a call.
A. A. II OLD!-: It.
. Having oualified as executor of Samuel H.
iohnoii deee-asi d, 1 hereby notify all peis.-ns
H10 p..in.. daily excert Sundav. an 1 i o. n. I mie. m e l t o im io make immeuiate hettl
daily. ' Hieiit wit h me, and all ici
No-. 35, 3(1 and 3S connect at Richmond from "M111
(sons having clahus
hr.u to p esenttneiu to me on or b-
iorc reornary H. ls'.i,, or this notice will be
jdead in baroi them. J. Vt. L.vrr, Ex.
February 7. P'.U.
W. Yearby, druggiit, recommends
Johnson's Oriental So.m ftr a'l cbi
l(,r rf J., r.,.l 1- . e i . .. , , , . mf uj.u
vi ";,r-i"" u .uctiumiai lemtic sciiooi sca p (Usdses. J rv it
r C.iT.-.i-;..
arrives IHirham ;:F . m. Daily except Suu-
Leaves Wli;-ton Salem 1:")0 p. m. daily
ii e at KoauoAC ik m.
W hi :j. sr.... Has u VZ-.il.l. ?n- cried for Corona.
iVh;n sl.' t ee-me !ILs.. -h clun ; to Cr:src.:iA.
tr.z t tjl. Hue" C-t'ire.tsiit? avott -m twoi-fa
The Volumes of the Eazar bey in with the
first Number for January ot each year. When
no time is mention: d, subscriptions will begin
with t he Nu mber current at the time of receipt
HouTid Volumes of Hah pek's Hazar '
three years back, iu neat cloth binding, will
sent by maii. postage paid, r by express, tree
ol ex pel to (!ro video tne i reign t docs not ex
e ed one dohar jer volume), tor 7.00 per vol
Cioth Cs 863 for each volume, suitable for
binding, will ba sent by mail, post-paid, on re
ceipt ot i.to each.
Eemittunces should be made bv Postollice
Money Order ot Dratt, to avoid chance of los
A ewr papers are not to copy this advertise
ment without i he express oiuer of Harper V
Address: Hahpeh i IIrothkrs, New York
5:30 p.m., for EoanoKe. Kadford, Pulaski.
Ib.i. ..! ... I Ii. . i .. ...
hi isioi ii;.-! ao una ? .--oil i n, va n. 1 . V. X (.
I HI M '
Mil r PI
nun ill
'IPO '111
11' Uiil
m i i
K. it., ai.o tor biueheid, Ohio Extension, not mean to confine its membership to
Leave Ibuct.t hi dan a. m. daily It.r Keuovaand T, , . . T . .
Coiuu.bus. Parlor car to bo.,ndve. Pullman Daktgh. It invites all North Carolinians
ciccpt i noantowc to .Memphis .a Knokviile
und C hatianoo: a.
7:25 a. m. tor ieviru ke, Kadford. Pulaski.
Kristol ; -iiso lor biuetu .d, Foc.houtas, Kik
horn auvi stations Clinch Valley Division ; also
lor i.oti;.ie ana stations L. it N. b. K. Via
Norton. Fiiliaiau Siccpcr o ih hhurg to lAuis
vilk via Not ton. Connects at Koanoke 7:55 a.
in. with as:;.::-!,- a..,; ( hattanuoca Limited.
1 uianau m epcr tioai.oke to Nashville, Mini-
. .. .v iciiis. i ining tar attached. . i:tvim -v..- -
-:.m p. .. .:.o:;.. tor Ho.inoKc. and n-.tern.o-i iiUXton for nhotOL'ranha of n-tintiro t .i- kV.k" 'i.T'L r:1 "r.. "nn
1 I i J T-. lit.. ( i . . . . a
two famous persons, Flora McDonald
to become members au entrance f-.e of
$1 and annual dues of 1 are all the at
tendant expenses. .Mr. J. C. Ellington,
state librarian, is custodian. The society
weeding a wide row. Painting things red
for those claiming to soli at e, sr when their
cost is double our retail. Frnra us you alwa s
get bri.'ht, new good, which I .st twice as long
as those you buy from old stocks. See how
t-ue, go uown ior day3,
oatlc st.llKl s
io.3 no connections beyond
i: as r-ut ?f .n d i ka v k l y ncii it kg ua i i.y.
.':15a. ir.. b i b'u !):. -nd. Pt tersbui and Nor
Iok airao Fct.-isoutg at p.m. connect
ill with l.Khn.o:... and l ctersburvr laiboad
rruvuiK in liicl.na ud at i':15 p. m. Arrive
Norti iK t.:v'i p. ia.
11:50 p. n:. Ainve IVteisV-ui 4:Ij a. m.
connct tin;.' u ;th K. vv P. K. it. uaiiv : an ive
Uu hu.oi.d ,:l. a t;..; aimo Norioik 7:UUa. iu.
1 uianau P:i:i c eper to N ui to.k.
Aiso P,..:..:m Fal;,ce Smper between
L;, itcnbur:: ao.i loehiu. n 1.
liiicai :btc u ad ut Lynchburg at (.:vi
P. IU. tor re eptlo; i,( j.a:st libels.
::o p. ui.ti i b.ei.ii'.oe.i, l etei s: in g -tnd Not-
iu..,aiiic t lclit.ioi.u ...K!p. id.; . riolk
p. m.
i'uEuan Pailor Ci.uct Car to Nofolk.
W. p.. oEVlEL.
(. P. vV 1. An ut. hoaiioke. Va.
returns thinks to Mrs. Rebecca Iiledsoe sho Schedule of ovr p,ire?i for is navs
I ooacoo Review
A AVeel.ly To1kcco Jouriutl, for only
r rr ' -r
vv-; i o
A iLV -
grade shoes. JS cents
Ribbon Schedule of Low Tric.x for S3 Days
Pin Kibbon. rerjard. 1 cent; No. Da'lrk
Kiebon. per ?a-d. 5 cents; No. liall -ilk Rib
bon. ier yard. Scents; i. p; all Silk Pibtion
per yard. 10 cents; No. 22 all Silk lUolin p,
yard, lo cents. ' 1
Soiled ule of Lou- Triers for 28 Pars
3 cent Table's going fo- only 1 cent: 10 cent
1 ablets going tor only 5 cents; real god Note
and Oilt mi jre Paper oniy 4 cents a quP; doll
u 7 J- Mncv anu less; jo . c- t Hander
chiets down to o cents; Lace and Itibnon groek
complete: we can suit you from 1 cent a yard
up; Pins, just look at them, coin for 1 c nt a
riatvrr nei-.t ot .! to. u.-
Commends itself to the wtll-iuformed, to ut. going for 10 nts Eor pVper worth .
do pleasantly and effectually what was SS? l' o'cenThl,
rormtriy done in the crudest manner and ruth to
the famous Scotch woman, and of Prince
Charles Edward, "Bonnie Prince Cuar
Next Monday brick-work will beitin
for the extensive ad litious at the X. C.
car company's shops here.
1 334.
Harper's Magazine for 1894 will maintain
the character that has made it the favorite
illustrated periodical for the home. Among
the results of enterprises undertaken by the
publishers, there will appear during the year
superbly i:Iustated j apers on India by Edwin
l ord Weeks, on the Japanese Seasons by Al
fred Parsons, cu Oermany by Poultney Uige
low. on Paris by Iticbard Harding Dai, and
on Mexico by Frtderic Kercington.
Among the other notable features of the
year wiii be novels by (icorge du Maurier and
Charles Dudley Warner, the pe.sonal rerai
ni- cenccs of W. D. Howell, and eight short
stories of Western rontier li.c by Owen
ister. Short .-tories will also be contiibuted
ty Eran ler Matthews, kiehard Harding Davis,
Mar3 E. Wilkins. ituta McKnery Stuart. Miss
Laurence Alma Tadema, George A. Hiblrd.
Quesn-iy de Ilcaurepaire, Thomas Nelson Page,
-ind others. Articles on topics of current in
terest will le contributed by distinguished
I'er Year :
and to West Point and Baltimore daily except
On Trains Nos. 35 and 3iJ, Pul man EuiTet
s.eeper between New York. Atlanta and Jack
On Nos. 37 and 08. Pullman sleeping Cos
New Y ork to. New i o leau.-, Nt w Vork to An
gustu, Jacksonville and Tampa, and New Vork
to Asneville, and w ashinto.i to Meiuphi, and
Dining Car New York to .Montgomery, and
Cnariotto to Sa vanmih
'1 rains Nos. 11 and 12 run srlid between Kieh- r, ' ' i,,lluir journal in Amen .. in bs sp endi I
mou i and Atlanta and carry Pullman Sieepire llil,st rations, in its corps of distinguished con
Cars between Kicbmond, Danville and Jreens- 11 1,,Ii,,r iUi'1 in its va-n amyot readers. In
ooro. l-l' ej.ii jiiies, il ijiiins oti tie- Mnest order ci
IS 34.
Haim'.' u's Weekly is beyond ah -piesiioii
Superintendent, Superintendent.
Oitensboro, N. C. Hichmond, Va
talent, the men be-t luted bj position tuid
iran ing to treat the leadniK t;pcs ol the dt).
In liction, the most popular story writer coa-
irioute lo its ctdumns. supei b dra wine by th.
V A Ti'tMC i:,.n,.r.ii T.ir.,,., V I . ti jouu-io us; columns. rupei odrawuij.' ny Hi"
w . A. 1 L "11 avenger Agent, f.uemost a.tists illustrate i(h special artu 1--.
II IMltltiVl I u i',,n ii),,.a H?' stories, and t very not . ble event of public
S. II. IIAKDvvl. K As,t. Gen 1 Pass. Agent, mures. ; it contains jo,trait8 of the d,hf,n-
Atlanta. (b.
Gen'i Manager, Trallic ManaLo r.
v ashington, D. C. Washington, D. C
Schedule in effect October 10, lH'Xi.
Ihe 3Iodern Why
Send in Vcur Subscription !
150,000 Copies fop IS94!
JST Write for Advertising luites.
Durham, N. C.
diagneably as well. To cleanse the
S3 stem and break up colds, headaches ami
fevers without unpltasant aftereffects,
u?e the delighiful liquid laxative remedy,
s?yrup ol i lgs.
A Ouarter Century Tet.
For a quarter of a century Dr. King's New
Discovery luu teen testetl. and the million
who have received beneiit from its use test ifv
to its wonderful curative powers in all dis
eases of throat, chet and lungs. A reniedv
that has stood the test so long and that Luis
given so universal satisfaction is no experi
ment. Faeh bottle is positively guaranteed
to give relief, or the money will be refunded.
It is admitted to be the most reliable for
coughs and colds. Trial bottles free at K.
Blacknall ci Son's drug store. Large size 50c
aud $1.00.
J. L. COLE a CD'S -
Who'esale and Retail
Underb'jyer and UnderseMe of Alt.
Tie Americaa Bell Telephone Co.,
1?5 .Iilk Strt. ot n. 31
Th: company owns letters-p tent No. .Vr
granted to Kmile lWr iru r Nuvemb. r :7. isd.
for a combined telerap i and telej hone, and
contro.s letters-pa ent No. 4741. printed to
I nomas A Edison May3.lKC, i or a speaking
t-1-graph, which patents cover fuudameo al
inventions and embrace all forms of iaicro-i
phone transmitters and of carbon telephones. 1
4 V)
Postage Free to ah sub--criters in the United
States, Caiia la aud ilexico.
The Volumes of the Marazinc tegin with the
Numtiers forJunand Decem'oer of each year.
When no time is mentioncu. subscriptions will
beg.n with the Numl-er current at ihe time of
receipt o? order, iioun l Volumes of Mahi-eh's
Magazine lor three ears bick. in nat c:h
landing, wi.i 1' sent by mail. ist-paid. on re
ceipt ot 3.'J jer volume. Cloth CajH-. lor
binding, ?u een's each by mail, pot-p,iid.
Kemittances should Ije made by PostotEce
No. 1, Daily,
y '2o a m
ti 4'J a m
'J oi a in
10 US a m
KJ 14 a m
Id M a in
IU 4 : a ui
10 i'J a m
.U 55 a m
11 ('.' a m
1 1 -U a m
11 -'7 a in
1 1 3y a m
11 41 a in
11 6 a ni
1- o p m
13 p in
2 15 p m
2i pm
p.' l i p m
1 5m p m
1 Jo p ni
1 5 p in
1 "' p i i
1 4 p m
1 5'J p iu
2 13 p nt
- i m
p in
'2 55 p m
2 51 ji m
2 p in
i UO p IU
i 15 p m
3 31 p m
3 3 jj m
3 47 p in
3 54 p m
4 10 p in
4 : p m
4 37 p m
4 53 p in
5 07 p m
5 ii5 p m
Portsm uth,
Hodges Ferry.
Shoulders Hill
Court land.
Drewry vilie,
Adams Grove
Green Plain.
J. H Junction,
Pleasant Shade,
Cr.arhc Hoic,
I-i l'M3f,
South Hbi,
Croon Lei el.
liaskeri ille,
Iio dton,
Finchi 'j ,
Ciarksi il.'e,
Ilurlaio Junction,
N l.HIIl,
Dermis ton.
S- mora.
Mil tori,
guished men and women who are makiiirf the
History ol th time, while ppeclal attention h
given lo ttie Army and avy. Amateur sport,
and Mu-ic and the Drama, by distinguished ex
perts, in a word, Haki'kji'h W -kk i.y com
bines the news features ot the daily paper and
the artistic and literary qualities ot tin- ir.iiya
zine with the solid critical character of the u
I'er Year :
No. 2, Daily.
5 15 n in
4 4-i p m H A It P E ICS W K E K L Y,
43'.om HAKPEK'S 15A.AK.
4 V.i pm HAiti'ElCS VoL'.NG PEOPLE.
4 "i
p m
P( ti tre Free to illvnU.riO,,u ; . t ,. I " r.-t .1
IU p m states, Canada and Mexico.
. n-i p iu
34ipn: The Volumes of the vieekly lx-g!n with th"
.) ..! p III first Nllllltrf-r for .hii.ii irv ..t . .(. . .,.r 11 I in
-I p IU I no t i !nc is rm-r.f iori, I LnUi.iii,ii,.i.u aii I I m-ii ri
3 1pm with i te Number current at the time ot re-
.10 1 p ni ceipt or or-:er.
25r'j)in lioun I Volumes of IIaiu'Er's Wr.f Ki.vf' r
- tt ji m three 3 cars back, iu neat clotb Inn din, nil t-e
- p ui d, nt ty ni..il, ,stae paid, tir tiy xpres-, Jr ;
7? l'IU d expense ((.rovided the freiht does not i-
- I p .n cecd one douar per volume;, ior t'7 MJ pt r ve.
2 12 p in u:u'-.
UUipm I. loth Cases for each volume, suitable f'-r
i ijpm bjnding. will In-scut l,y mail, iiott pari. or. r--I
Z. pin ceiot ot tAu e:.,-h
lJ-)t;i Iveinittauces should 1k; made by I'oto:!. e
lbipm Mo.,e Ord-ror Druit. 'o avoid chance t !.
pm Newspapt rs ar e not to ei jiy th: adv. rtw
, 2. p,u x'' 1 vv'tl"'Ut the eipr-bs order or Haiuku x
IJ'pm liuoTUKi:s.
Address: Haiu'Eh i flHfiTHEiis. Ne Vork
G. M. HARDInTjR.",
fey,' fid d Sals Sife!
Near First Baptlet Church.
1-' 1: pm
12 ii p la
1 1 5 a m
1 1 50 a m
1 1 34 t m
1 1 -s h m
11 15 a in
1 1 Ui a m
I'J V. a ni
lo :iJ m
J0 3ta ni
Id a in
lu lu a in
i 5- a m
'.' 47 a ti
y 57 a ra
S' -2 a rn
t us a m
6 50 a in
At Ik-vfleM with Atlantic Count Line for
ftlchmoal, Petersburg, Goldsboro, v iiming
tou.etc At Jeffreys with Eichtrond ar.d DanviPc
liai rtra 1 for Chae City, uxlord. Henderson
Durham, Raleigh, etc.
At rortmouth wi;h the X. Y.. I v
I tall way, tCape Charles Koute.jand Hay Lin.''
steamers lor Old i'oint, Haltimore and north I
At lia-onable Hates.
Fbest Carriages in the City.
Money Order or D:.Ht. to avoid chan eof loss, ern cities : ith superb new iron steamers of ! Gentle T Rin3 &nti Careful Drivers
Newspai-ers ar not to copy tLis adxertise- Washington und Norfolk line tor Alexandria ! . .
ent w.thout tne ext rees orcer ot Haki ek Jc Wu.-hington and points n rib; w.tht'iuDo-
mini n Steamship oin pjuy'a earners and
only authorized
cf James G. Blaire,
ACdrfes: Hakpek i E hot he its. New York "'"'I'34 xV.r : roiut. Hampton. Newport AC
I 1 , .Newi-. Mniti tield.ciiiniin ihf.i ....... I w
VuTICE ' i eJw Vtf iireCt au' Lortber points ; with y ! yr tht,
ultvl" lani M- I- company's eteam-h pa for iioston I orthc
1 have this day qualiflej as the exc-cutrir of Und innl ; wit h N A?an J rai i Ktd 7r t h J S'tlHrnllV
the w Ul of U . U. LuiutoM. dece 6ed. All tr- .if,-, .t h.,t..U if v.w , " 5? '"f.V! f '.r ttiV VAL P"J
Un- indebted to the Mute ar reouet-d to i View ra r, d ur 1 . X-'? v?-"u ' " IV f4" !
llf.M J f'L1 ''U d aU connection wuh rahrfI and steamship line3 By Call Hamlltou. hi literary executor, witb
,i .V gytttYiai 10 I;rtr-'nt ih(i-r. ,orail mts north, west and somb. j tte co-operation of his tumiiy, and for Mr.
Yr r n , L'o.?1 Vx or,t,e,fore April ' 1 he A & u. HiUay cum any' -learner City "ir,e-9 jrreat History. "Twenty Vcars of Con-
J; - Wl A iVi iiVHiti-v,JS.i,Jf of of Catr 2tct prompt transfer of jAZ i an 1 hii later book, -Political D:u
t taeir reeoiery. SALLIL H. LLNSHJKD. , wnwniii .. i... . ; si. r.a " i . -ik4.
March T, im
Executrix of Wm. D. Lunsford. Norfolk.
'ort-miiourh 1 Men. One nxosnectu-f
1 exclusive territory Kivtn. rite ior icr
W. H. TAYLOIt, G. P. A 'The Henry Dill Pub. Co., Norwich. Cono

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