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Cirri your PrsserlptlcDi to
A Fresh Uit at Yea rby'g.
VOL. V. NO. 221.
SATUliDAY fcVJfiNING, SEPTEMi.EK 29, 1894.
By the Secretary of State in
i;m;i..is local on ion
Mr. ilal.stouf's Opiiii'ii :nnl How It
Is U
rlnlrtl llila niiil :iulefi to Pc "
,,. . I. .1 with Gigantic Hrilu- Driim
ii, r I'iiiIioiiik eil Dead t P.rcnthfs on
U. I.e of IJurial 1i- t ii i nese Navy
Dina hlcil.
Ljm oi... Neb.. September A cer
tificate sworn to by Kueiid Martin, 'is
chairman. ;inl S. M. nyder. as smvc
larv. of the "democratic state eonven-
ii m," was bled with the secret ary of
state yesterday morni v.1. It contains
the names of the men put in nomina
tion bv the scccders from tlie state
democratic convent i n at Omaha, Sec
retary of StaU Alh-n saystJiat ;ts the
certificate come , to b'::i ."r.-m represen
tatives of the ilem-ier.ii ie par ty he will
accept it to be wh:.t it purports to he.
When ashed if anot.her c-ertiheate
should he tiled by th.- oHiccrs of the
re"-u!ar demnerat ic convention -A ha he
would do with it. the seere'ary said
t hat he would e to take advice as. he
could not say oH'-hand what hi-, course
would be. ile intimated that any eon
test as to the rijht to the name of the
democratic ticket, would have to be de
termined b- the courls.
Mr. ;ialntoii-'n ICci-cntly Impressed Opin
ion, an! Hoiv it in ICcartle.l.
London. September -- Joseph
hamberlain said yesterday in an inter
view with reference to the stand taken
bv Mr. (iladstone upon the local option
(jiiestion, that the ex-premier's position
would free many members of the liber
al party who have hitherto been co
erced into voting; for the local veto
l-ower. If the c-t eru mer.t should a-ain
brinjr up the Veto bill at the next session
of parliament. Mr. Chamberlain be
lieved it would cause a split in the
party. Mr. (.'hamberlain also said lie
had received many proofs of Mr. Olad
tone's continued esteem and that the
c leader's personal friendship for him
hail not been broken or lessened. He
had visited Mr. (Iladstone recently and
had found his charm of character and
;rrand personality liner than evt r.
rhlladetphla and Camden to he oiniected
Wit Ii a tilganlic Draw.
Washington. September !'.. - - The
plans submitted for the rirantie rail
way bridge across the Delaware r'ver
to connect .Philadelphia with Camden,
. .1., have been approved by the war
department, the only change required
beinr in the bcation of the draw. The
drawbridge is to he built by the Penn
sylvania railroad company, whose chief
engineer. Mr. l'.rown. prepared the
plans. It will be high enough to per
mit the passage of ferry boats at any
point. The draw will accommodate
ships with the tallest masts. This
bridge will cave through tail connec
tion to the seashore and New Jersey
towns. Work will commence within a
Dm in in- r Pronounced Dead Hut Iircaths
on t he I've of Iturial.
Wiikvi.ino, W. Ya., September .".. A
Baltimore ami Ohio train when ap
proaching Nesserly yesterday struck
u curve and Albert Nesscriy. a Wheel
ing drummer, was thrown oil" the plat
form on which he was landing ami
went over an embankment. lb' was
picked up unconscious. A doctor pro
nounced him dead and his supposed re
mains w ere turned over to an under
taker for shipment home. While the
a icrtaker was preparing the supposed
'-rpse. Nesserly opened his eyes, saw
!. at was going on. and after proving
1 in-c.t still alive, was taken to his
i lie will recover.
"""i t iiclit Because tin Kegular Supply
"f Viiiinnnition lias licen Sold.
Senteniber !.. The Pall
t I'.'':;, i ,l-it..l n.riwt 1 .i .i- I,., t
se navy cann tight because
v:;s have only about twelve rounds
' : taaiuriition per ship, the regular
:'!' "f ammunition having been sold.
;-' 'rding to the Pail Mall ia.ette's
' Respondent. ly tlie captains of the
' ':i-.cse warsliips. Tlie correspomient
.''.s that one of these commanders :ie-
t ally sold one of his ship's Armstrong
tit to sea one pin short.
I "r the First Time in An lmli.tu-i District
t lu School lil'.dri n . I s, , i(i ,.,
1 mi w m-oi.is. Ind.. September
Mandamus proceedings ks bet a beun
here to compel the school board to per-ni-t
the colored child. Kenjatnin T'norn-
"i. to attend tlie school in Thornton's
'-rirt. The ocials have expelled
the child and arc attempting; to force
h;m to ftt..t.i i i .1. i
' to attend a colored scln,,! some f
Stance away. This i the tnst time ! of his show in this city on October 17 I S WS W' beallh and htT ce i mouth: ; ill told row for cash. Address
U.at the color line has been drawn here' , --7--- October 1. blooms with its beauty. If her system j Olobe. liurham. N. C.
:md the colored population arc indi--' c,ruVtr i:i still silent. He hasn't a good ; needs tte cleansing action of a laxative ' ? 25-Cw KEWAKO-1 will nve tbe above re-Iiant-
'nucaso win uliltcr!y Umtr j word to say for the New York state ; remedy, .he uses tbe gentle and pleasant 1 un
l'ale. niinv su bi.. ..vs,.. s
puny, sickly children developed
into tat, rosy, Ltalthy ones by using
boson's Aromatic Compound Cod Liver
"u; easily taten : gives
strength. W. M. Yearby.
health and
People coming . ml (;ii.-Nl- tt in
tf rest Easily tad.
W. II. Wilianl, .Ir , i- miprcviDg. ,
II. J. Bass U-fi '! 'he westbound tr:iin !
1 ist evening.
Mrs. S. K Watts returned on the
o'clock train yesterday.
Ilfcv. (J. J. Dowell i-J improving but will
not be able to till his pulpit tomorrow.
J. .1. Itojrera arrived yesterday evening
on a vii-it to hi.- f-nnily cu We.-t Main
street .
A.. I. Wealheis-tjooi. letl on the noon
train for Nelson, where be will f-p'T.d
Su lidny
Mesnrs 11 JI Iioonw and J 1 Webster
will deliver cimpfiii;u speeches at Milton
on October 2
The force at Duke's faun came down
today on the noon train to spend the
sabbath at home
Rev. P. H Hall will occupy his pulpit
tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock and
iu the evening at 7: i
W. L Ferrell returned last evening
from Wilson and other points wLere he
had been on business.
Col. I 'at Lunsford reports business
picking up. In one hour's time this t ven
ing he issued marriage licenses lor vhiee
Miss l'earl Tuck, of Person county, left
on the noon train today for Kinstou,
where the v ill take charge of a school
near there
Marriage license weie is-.utd this af
ternoon lo Charles Rogers to wed Mary
Rogers She will not change her name
much by the operation.
A. I) Ilostennun, of the liusleiman
publishing company, of Springfield, O ,
left on the noon train for Southern Pines
after spending a day or so in the Bull
Several of the Norfolk excursionists
were delayed on the steamer from Nor
folk to Baltimore owing to the wind and
rain storm, but they came in all riht
this morning
Col. J S. Carr and wife arrived on
the noon train today. The colonel was
on his way home from Philadelphia,
when he stopped at Occoneechee and ac
companied Mrs. Carr.
Mrs. D. Y. Knight, who has been vis
iting her sister, Mrs. W. R. Cooper, left
this a m. for Danville, Ya , to visit f riends
and relatives before retnrning to her
home in the western part of this stale.
There will be dirine service at St.
Philip's church tomorrow morning at 11
o'clock. The present rector, the Rsv.
Stewart McQueen, will oiliciate and
preach his final sermon in this church at
this service.
Caroline Chapman, the colored weman
who died yesterday morning on Bailey
Row of consumption, was catried lo
Chapel Hill on the o o'clock ir on yes
terday where she will he bun. ,:. She
was thirty years old.
Manager II. W. Bowcn, of S . aided' t
supply store, was to take in the N ik
trip, but owing to some busine.-s lie had
to see after, stopped be tot e m- g : to
Norfolk. If he had continued hi j ar
uey, he would have got left too
Mrs Ail.. Smith will have o;;e of the
lineal places in town for a midi .t i -tore
when finished. Mr. I' !1 Norton, one
of oi:r prominent contractors, has i tie
conttaci to put it in shtpe and he do
ing mat oi.e ii liig S!ie will move Mon
day. Rev. L. B. Tianbuii, pHSoir, will pi.ach
as usual in the Pi e?b terian chuich to
morrow morning and night In the
morning he will hold a special service
for children, i 'a rents are cordially in
vikd to attend anil lo bring their chil
li re n .
Mr. .!. F. Cothrau, o'i of o.ir old Dur
ham boys, leaves, tomorro.v for I);iuvil!e,
Va,wheie he has accepted a position
With the cl.tral arenouse I II t. i.ol'.E
wist Cs 1-.''!( !.' r inccfi t-uecess '.n ht i:i'.
held. He ha many riends heie thai re j At Cleveland Cleveland s, I'hiladel
grcl his d purtu'e j phj ;
Utddingat mi. iir.,ii. j At Cincinnati Cincinnati St Xew ork
Lauls are out an nouneiuir the marriage j
of Mr. Thorn is Kllis Aihn and Miss Hat j now tuk clubs stand
. t'- - W i i . .
tie airier .i oore. hot n o .it l i rars-
1 he ceremony will take place next We. I
nesdav LVeuiUiT, October .'. at i o'clock I
at the Methodist church there. Uoth 1
Mi, II,,-,.. f, ... ;
H tuie and Mr. Alien have many-
friends iu this city that wish them a long. '
happy and prosperous life.
What's the Matter with Durham?
lialcigh News and Ol server.
! XIr- ;V alter Fisher, representing Walter
! L' NIa!nes Circus and Menagerie, is here ,
im!,Lin,r0.,..,m..Ki.. f......
making arrangements for the SnnPrn,P !
UCh"ei- ne snouid speak out and s;v !
.,,-,.,1,;,, ;f . - !
rw"Jtl""J!s 11 "uiuiut; out congratulate
David ii. nil;. He should do that.
The recent storms in Florida cost that
state over 1,000.000.
1 iv Kat Durham Couplfi to lie I'uitnl
in M-irriaije.
C i 1 1 I Cupid uiil be in our adjoining
liult, t,)WU tomorrow, and next week will
be here.
Matthew Snipes, a prominent your.g
farmer of Wake county, wili tofnorro'.'
at 10 o'clock be united in mrriae ro
Miss Clemio Pleasant at the bride's r.vh
er's, in East Durham. After the cere
mony the happy couple will take the
noon train for their home in Wake
Mr J 'V. Craiu, of Eist Durham, also
purchased his papers to wed Miss S A.
Oakley, of the same place.
We wish the happy couples much hap
piness in their change of life.
Action Next AVeek
The na nes of Rev. W. C Norman, of
Wilmington, Rev. S. B. Turrentine, of
Winston, and Prof. Dred Peacock, of
Greensboro, are mentioned as possible
successor to the late Dr. Reid as presi
dent of Greensboro female college. The
regular annual meeting of the college
association will be held next week, when
Dr. Reid's successor will be appointed.
No steps will be taken until then.
Jurors for October Court.
The following is a list of the jurors and
it is a list of some of our most prominent
citizens We are sure they do things up
right. Re sure, men, to answer at the
roll call and say "here am I."
First week W.J. Griswold, Alphonzo
Pickett, W. T. O'Brien, II J. Bass, J. G
Rigsbee, Charles McGary, P. C Um
stead, J. P. Scoggins, Jones Carden, D
M. Cheek, W. T. Green, T. B Christian,
W. B. McGary, A. A. Sears, G. W. Ro
chell, J. II. Southgate, G. M. Hardin, Jr.,
D. C. Mangum, It. L Rogers, J. P. Ber
nard, D. D. Harris, A. M. Cheek, W. Pm
Franklin, Duke Johnson, J. W. Smith,
W. B Bagwell, alvin Jones, J. It. Pat
ton, J. J Rigsbee, T. J. Kerr, P. P.
O'Briant, Lee II. Battle, M. H.Jones, W.
J. Sherer, J. C Nichols, William Thomp- f
Second week C. P. I'erndon, F. S.
Leathers, W. II. Wilkios, W. D. Black
wood, W II Rowland, J. It. Hutchings,
T. J Walker, I) W. Blalock, L G. Rigs
bee, Joseph Atkins, Jr , G W. Porthress,
J. W. Eva is, I). Z O'Briant, .1 D Irwin,
S tmuel Kramer, Joab Burch, T. E Bel
Vin, S E. Wat's
Frank's ItaUle.
Frank Gues, colored, one of our pub
lie carriage men, after his day's work
yesterday returned to his stable to put
his horse up and feed and while in the
stable he discovered two rattlesnakes.
Frank immediately sought some way to
get rid of the venomous serpents. He
killed one with an axe ard the other with
a -hot ?un. He says he "don't like no
such of a rati ler around him." We don t
know just how many rattles there wi-ie
on the snakes but we don't tin':::; there
was over twelve in all.
Durham Industries.
Manufacturers' Record.
The Pearl mil!, at Durham, Is'.C, i
now weaving bed sheeting from evenly
two to one hundred inches wide. There
is said to be one other mill in the south
doing this.
The Cornmonwea'th knitting mill, of
Durham, N C, is reported as a month
behind orders and working full force.
Itasebull Yesterday.
At ittbnr.r Pittthor r 1 1 U. o
' i !ut-s. v I, Pc lubs. W r. Pc
i C'!ut.
w l Pc riubs.
i New Yuri
s r Pittsburg. ia h; . ":j
n; ., Chicago, 50 71 .4-31
s.r " , . V t
4s rt C incinnatf. .-o 74 .42o
i rnuaueipnia ,i o
lfrookiyn, ty ..-'si! vVa.hinrton, ? si
ch . i .n.i. Hi or .oi. i Louisville, '.ci.J.
, M' W M. Watkins, a prominent mer-
, chant and tobacco man of Milton, N. C.
i passed into that great bej-ond yesterday
The cause of his denth was paralysis.
n...n... .
V --uij t
The Modern Deauty
on good food and sunshine, with j
.nty of exercise in the open air. Her I
J " u'cu u,r' "CI
liouid laxative Svruo of Fia.
TK , , : , ,.
Johnson's Oriental Soap imparts a deli
cate odor and leaves the skin soft and
velvety. Try it and you will never use
any other. W. M. Yentby.
PThere'a no long
er any need of
wearing clumsy,
chafing Trusses,
which give only partial relief
at best, never cure, but often
inflict g-reat injury, inducing
inflammation, stranguiauou
and death.
TTTJl-DrVJTA (Breach), or
HrjXvillil Rupture, no
matter of how Ions stand inj,-, .
or of what size, ia promptly !
and permanently cured without the itnrie
and without pain. Another
Triumph in Conservative Surgery
is the cure, of .
mTTlTnDC! Ovarian, Fibroid and other
varieties, without the perils
of cutting operations.
however large.
Fistula, and other
diseases of the lower bowel, promptly cured
without pain or resort to me Jtnne.
Q-PAnJtf in tne Bladder, no matter how
D 1 Vll Lk Urge, is crushed, pulverized,
and washed out, thus avoiding cutting.
GTTJTPoPTT'D'I? of urinary passage is
D 1 JXXJ X U XV Hi also removed without
cutting. Abundant References, and Panip h
lets, on above diseases, sent sealed, in plain en
velope, 10 cts. (stamps). World's Dispek
aiBT MsnicAL Association. Buffalo. i.x.
Stokes Ooera
One Night Only, fl
Tuesday, Octobers
Under the personal direction of GUSTAVE
FKOHMAN, the Cjueen of Comedies,
ii I I if
All Fnn, Merriment, Lailter !
Prices 25 5U and 75 cent. Seats on sale at
Vaujrhan's Drug Store.
Town Going Red
On Low Prices !
Money in Your l"oc-k-t.
$2.50 Shoes for
1.50 "
l.t I
The cheapest shoe, .25
1.25 Shirts only 5
50 cent Shirts, .'J
15 cent Black Hose, warianted
stainless, only .10
25 cent fllack Hose, seamless
a 'id stainless, only .15
75 cent Corsets, AH
15 cent Collars, four ply, only 10
$1 Kid Gloves, in tan onJy, will
go at 50
20 cent Suppenders, .10
Face Powders, good, 50
Thimbles, 2 cents and up; Xeedles
and PinH, just look, going for 1 cent
a papr: Fools' Cap and Letter Paper
only 10 cents a quire; Legal Cap at j
15 cents a quire; Note Paper at half
Irice; Envelops,a full line,at5cents I
a pack, worth 10 anywhere; laoro
S'ates 5 cents; Ladies' Hats at half ;
price, and many other things too i
numerous to mention will be cut '
half price and less. !
J. L. COLE & CO.,
Wholesale and Ketl X. Y. P-icket
Store, Underbuyer and Un
dei seller of all.
Good Compani-s Up' .--ntel Solicits
Your I'iit ronagf.
For Township Constable.
i. nation is the thief of time." Dr.
; -.-.. -urjieon uentisr, ofi'ers his protes-ire-
in eveiy depoi tment of i ntis-.-.r.!
t ; nrrodiu-e his local anaesthetic to
'--en pain, will extract tt-eth for artiticial
uentu-.sonlv lr cash ar haif-ric until Au
gust 1. lx'.'i. Oitice Main street, Dur
ham, n. :.
Short Time Cards, 1 Cent per word per
day: One Inch, per month: Two and
One-Half Inches, Si I per month.
Iult SALK Kive shan-s ,f stfck in More
head Pinking Co. Address Lck Uo.x 12:J,
Graham, N. C.
1 T ELP WANl'KO, MALE Are vou unem-
A-L plosed .' Will you work for ?15 weekly?
fcnciose reference n l seif-audressel 6tani?d
envelope. .Secretary, Pox P, Chicago.
L S r-Physician's jKn-ket visiting 1 i-r .
lit'Cial regard is ottered fr its return.
A. M. MOuKE. M. D.
POK SAI.K-A g'-o-l second hand grand
JL B.iuare Piano, a Mdelnxird and ;t new Kold-
inif bed. t hoci. Ci'l on Durham Furniture
" j Company.
! oaLK.smaN can e-ureliueof Hose.lleltiDir
O and general liuol-r. ir:n ManufacturiEg
Corporation. A first-class lir.e fr fiist-clas
man. i. O. ox for 1371. New York.
rT""l PENT -Iesirab e orMces in the ilolman
1 building, tnquire at GLobk otlice.
POKSl,i;-A wire stapling machine: the
l.rVnl ,r ' ' t ' XiTut
violation of th taw. There u one ot ii'o.j
: ror Killing partridges rtt ween cne ijin aay 01
; March anl tbe 1st day of Nove nber.
OLD NLWspaPEKS- When taken in large
lots will be s-jld for It' cent a hundred in
order to work off an Accumulation of ex
chanffts. Enquire at The Globe office.
..Vl 1
(. T. B, Racket Grocery
Heavy g Fancy Groceries,
Tinware, Glassware, Plain and Decorated Tableware.
Chewing Gum, Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes and all the various brands of Snuff, all
of which are sold at the manufacturers' prices wit the usual
terms and discounts.
Which I loan to customers Free of Charge who buy oil in five gallon lots. I Lave
just received three hundred of these car.s and want to put them out among the oil
consumers of Hu's city in the next thirty days. If you want one apply early. There
are over two hundred and fifty of them now in use in the city and are pronounced
to be the best thina in he way of an oil cin ever invented.
t It would be uscess for me to i ry lo tell you all the advantages of looking me
up t efore vou make your purchases when in need of goods, either wholesale or
retai All I c.n -ay. if oa want to save Money it will pay you to come around to
the i;.-: ;(, iv, n the corner of Mangum and Parrish streets, ami see for your
M if Pi n es ard quainy of yoods always guaranteed. All goods not as represented
will be tax. n , :i n.e c ii rners' hands ?md Ihe money refunded. All goods sold in
the city limit- a: d all go. ds sold shipment delivered K. (). 15. without charge for
packing r carmmf And now, thankinir the public and my friends for past favors
and hopm-to share a liberal portion f the same in the future, I remain as ever
your friend,
Composition on a
A hoy
&TiiKi ISut his pants only run down to his
mhiMtioTi. knees. A hoy is a very useful article.
His usefulness comes in when his biir
as you can buy the bare suit from other dealers. Buy our
Stanley Combination for your boys, and make them hap
py. Sold only by
rnMnrx, w. a. slater & co.1
We are catching the early buyers, and they are get
ting bargains. Our increased sales are an evidence that
our goods and prices are right. Come and buy your goods
where you have much the largest stock to select from.
Watch our ad.
T. J.
Clothier, Hatter I Furnisher,
Dixriiaxri, Itf. C
I am prepared to deliver
est. 1 our orders solicited.
Bail ?
nr Trm
is man before lie's grown up.
sister wants him to run an errand ;
but his principal usefulness is in
wearing out clothes, especially pants.
Some boys wear out one pair each
s'ession. Others wear out two every
week.. This cut illustrates a happy
boy. Why is the boy happy ? JJe
cau.se his mother has bought from us
the Stanley Combination.
This outfit consists of a Double
Ih easted Coat, two ( 2 ) pairs of pants,
and the latest style Stanley Cap of
same material. ( Kxtra buttons with
every outfit. ) The goods are of most
excellent and stylish fabrics espe
cially adr pted for service, and we
can sell you the whole on Jit as cheat)
Coal as cheap as the cheap

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