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A ni-Weekly Paper, publlt.ht 4n the
in tore st of the Colored ieo-
ploof ihuSoutli.
Hon. Geo. H. WnrrK, Attorney at Law, New
Berne, N. C, '
Hox. Jso. 0. Dancy, Torboro, N. 0.,
Prof. W. R. Habms, Raloigh, N. C,
Tin. L. A. Rithkhford, M. D., Macon,, Ga.,'
Mbs. B. V. H. Brooks, Knosvilla, Term.,
Hon. R. B. Uluott, Columbia, 8. C,
Hon. Geo. W. Puice, Jr., Wilmington. N. C,
Hon. W. V. Turner, Washington, D. C.
Are corresponding editors of the Star.
f One square, one inaertion $ 50
One square, two insertion , , . , . l.oo
One aqitate, three iiiHortionB 1.23
Ono aquure, one month ; 3.00
One square, throe months . on
One square, six months.' ;. 9.00
Ono square, twelve mouths., 10.00
For larger advertising liberal contracts will
be made. ' '
Enjoy the World. '
The world and all that is in it con
tributes to your enjoyment if yoti will
'it so. The night is yours.' It brings
you tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy
Bleep. It often brings yon pleasant
dreams dreams in whichyourepo8-
B688 and live over thTenjoymentsof the
past. Stars and moon throw their light
over your pathway. Morning breaks
for you, and it is your own fault if you
keep your eyes shut) when it is purpling
the east, and 'awakening the animal
world to renewed life and activity. The
beauty of the waterfall is yours, al
though the water may not ttfrn yfcur
mill; and the bright green grass is
yours, though the hay that it makes
may be another's. The birds sing for
you. At this season the robin, the
wren, the thrush, the cuckoo and the
lark are giving daily concerts free to
all. Enjoy your family, the companion
ship of your friends, and when you are
alone, solitude is greatly to be enjoyed.
Enjoy your walks a drive with a good
horse, if you happen to have one; why
not?. Enjoy all innocent pleasures and
amusements enjoy life all that you
can and be grateful for all your oppor
tunities of enjoyment even if they are
not as plentiful as you wish them to be.
- v-i' : '
Religious News and Motes. -
Ex-Governor Judge Joel Parker, of
New Jersey, has joined the Presbyterian
church at Freehold. - .
It appears that there are twenty-five
distinct Methodist denominations in the
world, with a total of 4,630,780 mem
bers. The First Protestant church in Albu
querque, New Mexico, has just been
opened. It is a' Congregational society,
the only one of that order in the Terri
tory .
The African Methodist Episcopal
church claims that it has 387,566 mem
bers and probationers, against 215,000
reported in 1879.
The Rev. Dr. Ldwards of Chicago is
an enthusiastic Kcycle rider. He spins
into the city from his home in a suburb
nearly every day, and attracts much at
tention. He intends next summer to
make a bicycle tour of England.
A Roman Catholic paper says that
had the church retained all her chil
dren there should now be in the country
from 20,000,000 to 25,000,000 members
of that church, whereas there are now
less than 7,000,000. It attributes' the
great losses to the. influence of the pub
lic schools. '
Seventy-nine of the one hundred
Congregational home missionaries in
. Kansas report that they are serving 137
' churches and ninety-seven out-stations.
During the last year they organized
fifty-three Sunday schools and twenty
two churches. They report 279 con
versions and 352 additions to the
. churches on confession of faith, and
420 by letter. ,
A table on the ratio of ministers to
members in various denominations
shows that in the African Methodist?
church there .is one ' minister to every
224 members Reformed (Dutch)
church, one minister to 147; Presby
'terian, one to 114; Protestant Episcopal,
, one to, 100; . Congregational, one to 107;
Methodist Episcopal, one to 144. The
average in seventeen denominations is
, one to 141.
; Queen Victoria's drawing-room is a
ctismally ceremonious thing; but the
last time it was held there was a pretty
bit of youthful brightness visible. Be
tween the folding-doors at the end of
1 the gallery peeped and peered Alexan
dra's three Small daughters, their spark'
, ling faces and dancing eyes little aV
cording with the deep court raourning
- . they wore. ; ' "
801110 Valuable Thoughts Concerning IIu
mini Hiipplnrss and Timely (Sugges
tions About securing It.
" The public speaker of the presonV day la
bora under diiliculties of which the speakers ol
the last century never dreamed, for while the
audioncoB of the past received what was said
without question, those of the present day are
usually the mental equals or superiors of the
ones who address tliem. Rev. Dr. Tyng, ot
New York, whon a thoological student, supplied
a church in a neighboring town, and on his
way to preach ono morning met an aged colored
man. Well, Uncle, do you ovor go to hear the
young preacher ?' asked the unfledged dootor.
'No, Massa,' ropliod the negro, 'din chile don't
lot none o' domstudonts practis on him.' The
darkey had begun to think. The free and in
dependent thought of this age accepts state
ments only where they are proven to be truth,
while the development of mental power seems
edually great in every other department of life.
Tue valuable inventions of tho day are counted
'by.tnonsands. The increase of scientilio study
is universal. Tho Spirit of inquiry in all tlelds
is so marked as to cause ' ' '
wlfllo people seem Investigating and advancing
in every direction which can help them moral
ly, taimitally. or physically. This is specially
tru i)f the human body and everything which
oonoorns-it, and the truths which the people
have; found, oven iu the last fifty years, are
simply marvelous. How really ignorant some
oultood and supposably scientific people were
only x few years ago as compared with the present
day, may do hotter understood from afowillus
trati e facts. A prominent writer prepared an
elal rate efaay to prove that steamships could
nev cross the Atlantic, and his pamphlot was
jss.' I just in time to be carried by the first
steamor that went to England. Peoplo once
bcliovnd that the heart was the scat of life and
health. It is now known that this organ is only
a pump, simply keeping in motion what other
and moro important organs of the body have
croat ed and transformed. It was once supposed
that if a porson felt a pain in the back, the liver
was deranged; if a pam came In the lower chest
the lungs were affected and consumption was
near; it is now known that a pain in tho back
indicates diseased kidnoys, while troubles in the
lower cheat ariso from a disordered liver and
not imperfect lungs. A scvero pain in the head
was once thought to come from some partial
derangement of the brain; it is now known that
troubles in othor parts of the body and away
from the head, cause headaches and that only
by removing the cause can the pain bo cured.
It is a matter of
that General Washington was bled to death.
His last illness was slight, and caused princi
pally by weariness. Aphysician waacalledwho
'bled nim copiously.' Strange to say, tho
patient became no better. Another doctor was
called, who again took away a large amount of
tho vital fluid. Thus in succession four physi
cians drew away the life of a great man who was
intended by nature for an old ago, and who pre
maturely died mnrderod by malpractice
bled to doath. That was the ago of medical
bleeding 1"
The speaker then graphically described an
other poriod which came upon the people, in
which they assigned the origin of all diseases to
the stomach, and after showing the falsity of
this tlieory, and that the kidney and liver were
the causes of disease, end 'that many peopta are
suffering from kidney and liver troubles to-day
who do not know, but who should know it anil
attend to thorn at once, continued:
"Let ns look at this matter little more
closely. The human body is the most porfoct
and yet the most delicato of all created things.
It is capable of the greatest results and it is
liable to the greatest disorders. The slightest
causes sometimes seem to throw its delicato
machinery out of ordor while the most simplo
and common senso care restores and keeps them
in perfect condition. Whon it is remembered
that the amount of happiness or misery we are
to have in this world is dependent upon a per
fect body, Is it not strango tkat simple precau
tions and care are not exercised ? This is one
of the most vital questions of life." People may
avoid it for the presont, but there is certain to
come a time in evory ono's experience when it
must be faced.
"And here pardon mo for relating a littlo
personal experience. In the year 1870 I found
myself losing both in strength and health. I
could asign no cause for the decline, but it
continued, until finally I called to my aid two
prominent physicians. After treating me for
some time they declared I was suffering from
Bright's disease of the kidneys, and that thev
could do nothing more for me. At this time I
was so weak I could not raise my head from the
Billow and I (
My heart beat so rapidly it was with difficulty 1
could sleep. . My lungs were also badly involved;
I could retaia nothing upon my stomach,
while the most intense pains in my back and
bowels caused me to long for death as a relief.
It was at this critical juncture that a physical
longing whioh I felt (and which I most firmly
behove was an inspiration) caused me to send
for the loaves of a plant I had once known in
medical practice. After great difficulty I at
last socured them and began their use in the
form of tea. I noticed a lessening of the pain
at once: I began to mend rapidly; in five weeks
Lwas able to be about and in two months I be
came perfectly well and have so continued to
this day. It was only natural that sucli a re
sult should have caused me to investigate most
thoroughly. I carefully examined fields in
medicine never before exploroX I sought the
cause of pliyxical order and disorder, happiness
and pain, and I found the kidneys and liver to
be the governors, whose motions regulate the
entire system." .
i After describing at longth the offices of the
kidneys and liver, and their important part iu
life, the doctor went on to say: .
" Having found this great truth, I sawclonrlj
the canso of my recovery. The simple vegetable
leaf I had used was a food and restorer to mj
well-nigh exhanstod kidneys and. liver. It had
come to thorn when their life was nearly gone
and by its simple, yet powerful ir.fluctioo had
purified, strengthened and restored thorn and
saved mo from death. Eoalizingthe great bone
fit which a knowledgo of this truth would give
to tho world I began, in a modest way, to treat
those afflicted and in every cane I found the
same , ,- .
HAPPV DBint.lt .
which I had experienced Not only this but!
many, wno were not conscious or any physical
trouble but who, at my suggestion, began the
nse of the romedy which had saved my life,
found their health steadily improving and thoii
strength continually increasing. 8g univorsal,
where used, was this true, that I determined the
entire world should sharo in its results, and I
therefore placed the formula for its preparation
in the hands of Mr. H. H. Warner, or llochestor,
N. Y., a gentleman ' whom I had cured of I
severe kidney disease, and who, by reavon of
his personal wortli, high standing and liberality
in endowing the Astronomical Observatory and
.othor public dntorpriaes, has become known and
popular to the entire country.. This gentleman
at once bcgdfl the manufacture pfihe Tomody
on a most extensive scale, and to-day, Warnor'g
Safe Kidney and Livijr Cure, the pure remedy
that saved mv life, is known and, used in all
parts of the continent. - - . v -
"I am aware a projudicd exists toward pro
prietary medicines, and that such prejudice is
too often well-founded, but tho valu! of a purt
remedy is no less becanso it is a proprietary '
medicine. A justifiable pi ojudioo exists toward
quack doctors, but is it, right that ihis preju
dice should oxtond toward all tho doctors who
are earnostly and intelligently trying to do
thoir duty? iiocanse Warnor's Safe Kidnoy
and Liver Curo saved my lite before it becarujr'
a proprietary medicine, Li it reasonable tontip
posethat it will not enre othorMimd,Jfc'p still
more from sickness now that it .an oold with a
government stamp on thewfflppcrif Such a
theory would bo childish;"'.
The doctor then paid somo high compliments
to American science, and closed his lecture as
follows: , , : '
" How to restore tho health whenbrokon, and
how to keep the body perfect and free from
disert&cf must ever be man's highest study.
That one of tho greatost revelations of tho
present day has been made in ihc jrtaining tho
true seat of health to bo in tho kidneys and
liver, all scientists now admit, and I can but
feel that the discovery which I have been per
mitted to make, and which I have described to
you, is destined to prove tho greatost, best and
most reliable friend to those who suffer and
long for happiness, as well as to those who de
sire to keep the joyjs they now possess."
i :
( f . Excess of Fat.
Dr. George Johnson's diet for excess
of fat : The patient may eat : Lean
mutton and beef, veal, lamb, tongue,
sweetbread, soups, not thickened; beef
tea and broths; poultry, game, fish,
cheese, eggs, bread in moderation,
greens, spinach, watercress, mustard
and cress, lettuce, asparagus, celery,
radishes, French beans, green peas,
Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, onions,
broccoli, sea-kale, jellies, flavored but
not sweetened; fresbfruit in moderation,
without sugar or cream; pickles.
May not eat: Fat bacon and ham,
fat of meat, butter, cream, sugar, pota
toes, carrots, parsnips, beet root, rice,
arrowroot, sago, tapioca, macaroni, ver
micelli, . semolina, custard, pastry ind
pudding of all kinds, sweet cakes.
(May drink : Tea, coffee, cocoa from
bibs, with milk, but without cream or
sugar;, dry wines of any kind in moder
ation, brandy, whisky or gin in moder
atio"!. '.without sugar; Blight bitter beer,
Apollinaris water, soda water, seltzer
May ,not drink : Milk, except spar
ingly; 'porter and , stout," sweet ales,
sweet wines. As a rule, alcoholic liquors
should be taken very sparingly, and
never without food.
" Deacon Wilder, I want you to tell mo how
you kept yourself and family so we'l the past
season, when all tho rest of us have been sick
so much, and have had the doctors running to
us so long?"
: ,"Bro. Taylor, the answer is very easy. I
used Hop BiTTEKS in time and kept my family
well and saved large doctor bills. Three jloli
lars' worth of it kept us all well and able to
work all tho time, and I will.warrant it has cost
you and most of the neighbors one to two hun
dred dollars apiece to koi-p sick the same time.
I Ruess you'll take my medicine hereafter." See
other column. '
A correspondent of the New York
Tribune saysthat for colic iu horses he
has used for years, and never known it
to fail, the following preparation: One
tablespoonful black pepper in one pint
of milk, and drench ; it will afford im
mediate relief.
Lndlcs, Attention. '
We want intelligent, energotio Lady Agent
to sell to women only, an article of real hygienic
merit. Forparticulars and liberal terms, address
f WAGNER A CO., Chicago, 111.
Two Carolina telegraph operators
quarreled by wire, exchanged chal
lenges in the same way, and met half
way between Columbia and Charlotte to
fight with, fists.
TlrAwnttiv ltfi.ii Mnv ftatrh at Atrnwa.
But sensible people when sick take Warner's
Halo Kidney and i-iver uure.
An Indiana man lost fifteen steers by
lightning the other day What this
country needs is a new breed of cattle
born with lightning rods instead of
For dyspepsia, ikdioertion, depression ol
Bpirits' and general debility in their various
forms, also as a preventive against fever and
ague and other intermittent fovers, the Ftur.o
Phonbhorated.Elixir of Calisaya Bark, mado
by Caswell, Hazard & Co., Kew York, and sold
by all druggists, is the best tonic; and for
patients recovoring from fever or other sickness
it has no-squab : .
A great improvement has recently been mado
in that useful product, Carbqline, a deodorized
extract of petroleum, which is the only article
that really cures baldness. It is now the finest
'of hair dressings.
Teoetine. It extends its influence Into every
part of the human organism, commencing with
its foundation ; correcting diseased action, and
restoring vital powers, creating a healthy form
ation and purification of the blood, driving
out disease, and leaving nature to perform its
allotted task. '
William J. CoiiRhlin. of Somcrville, Maws., Bays: Id
the fall of 187C I wan taken with beedlnn of the WlnK,
followed by a severe emma. I lost my uppctito and
ftewh, and was confined to my bod. In 1877 1 was ad
mitted to the hospital. The doctors said I had a hole
In my lunir as big as a hall-dollar. At one time a re
port wont around that I wan dead. I gave up hope,
but a friend told me of Da. William Hall's Balsam
fob the Lukob. I not abottlc, when, to my surprise,
I commenced to feel better, and to-day I feol better
than tot three yoars past. 1 write this hoping every
one afflicted with diseased lungs will take Dr. Wil
liam Hall's Balsam, and bo convinced that con
sumption can be oured. I eau positively say It has
done moro good tlian all the other medicines I have
taken sinew mv sickness.' ,
To CltRE Croup, BpaBnw, ridirrhcra, p-Benter and
Hejv Sii'Uness, ttliou iitmill', and OpAKAXTCKD
perfectly hnrmlem; also (xtprqallv. i'Mt l!ruies,
Chronic. IiliuuumtiHm.- Old fioroa. Paint hi tliA li'.ti'iK.
lwU and ch"t.; Huii a remedy i Su. TOiSLAS'
one once tf ting it will evoribe without ft;
pliyio'irji use It. ' ' -I ,'
over two p
Best Trnxs pver tineil t dccr otivo circulars
tine.- S. Y. Klabtiu Tausa Co, CBJ ldoadway, N. Y.
.' ' -' i . ,',!.'."' - ' "
; .- - '" "- i
Mlu-hlpf In thfi A In.
We cannot analyze the ajrirt-poisonsHiiat pro
unco epidcimo and .owlenuo diseases; but the
valuable diseoverJeft which have been made lit
vegotablo pharmacy enable tis to counteract
tlicir jQifthilo inmuinco. The most powerful
knh antidote to every specios of malaria is
Hostetter's Ktomach Bitters, o pure botauioal
mo'liclno, in which the finest.'inti-8eptic8,
tonios, alteratives and stimulants of the vege
table kingdom are skillfully and effectively
combined. At seasons of the year when tho at
mosphere Is surcharged with miasma, afi
whenever tho specilic vims of any iufoctioii"
diseaso is supposed to bo present in the air, this
famous corrective should oq taken regularly a
a protective. All who chooso to observe thie
precaution may bid defiance to intermittent
and remittent fevers, unci, in fact, to all dis
orders generated by foul exhalations or impure
water. ,
' " Did you call your brother a liar?"
asked the stern parent, and the culprit
replied : " Well, I'said he was a sowing
machine agent."
Factory Facts.
Close confinement, careful attontion to all
factory work, gives the operatives pallid faces,
poor appetito, languid, misorable feelings, poor
blood, inactive liver, kidnoys and uriuarv
troubles, and all the physicians and medicine
in the world cannot help thorn unless they got
out doors or. nse Hop Bitters, made of the
purest and best remedies, and especially for
such cases, having abundance of health, sun
Bhine and rosy cheeks in them. Mono need
suffer if they will use them freely. " They COBt
but a trifle. See another column.
There are consumed in the United
States annually 1,000,000 ounces of qui
nine. Vegetine
Family Medicine and
Health Restorer,
Purifies the Blood, Renovates and
Invigorates the Whole System.
Debility is a term used to denote a deficiency of
blood. The nutritive conctituentH of tho blood lire
in less than their regular proportion, while the
watery )urt 1b in excess. Debility Is of lroqueut
occurrence. It is Incident to a variety of diwiweB.
The lower limbs are apt to be twollen. The palionf
tit feeble and cannot bear much exertion. Tho circu
lation i irreBUlar, but almost always weak. Palpi
tation of the heart 1b a very common Bymptom. Vio
lent emotion often throws the heart into the most
tumultuous action. The vitul functions are lan
guidly performed. The miiHcularBtrcmith i dimin
ished'; fatiRue follows moderate or Blight exorcise.
The breathing, thoiiRh quiet when at rent, becomes
hurried and even painfully airitated under exertion,
an In running, aweudimf heights, etc. The i nervous
syHtem ia often greatl v disordered. Vertigo, dizziness,
and a foeliuu of faint liens are very common. Violent
and obstinate neuralgic pains in the head, Bide and
breast, or other parts of the bodyare also frequent
attendant! uon the disease. The secretions are
sometimes diminished. In females the menses are
almost alwaa either suspended or very partially
nerfornied. The bile Is scanty, and cosiiveness, with
unhealthy evacuations from the bowels, and dy.
peptlo statu rf tho stomach, are extremely common
syuu-toms. ,
Disease of the Blood.
Baltimore, Mn April 28, 1879.
Dear Kir: I have Buffered for about two year
with a diseaso of the blood, and after U"ing different
remedies, but finding no relief, I was induced to try
Vegetine. After taking two bottles I was entirely
cured. I have recommended it to all my friends,
and believe it to be the best medicine of the kind in
use. Vours truly.
Vegetine is Sold by All Druggists.
!For Catarrh,
Hay Fcver.Cold in tha
f lead, etc., insert with
i little finger a particle
' r.
i uie jtann into tho
IKWtriln: iln.w utrmiu
..If J II
breaths through the
t nose. It will bo al
sorlied, cleansing and
a - -' A Ji-fh..-
ineaiing tuo aitoaaeil
i membrane.
For Deafness,
Occasionally apply a
particle into ami back
.if the earrulibiug in
There is a Balm In Cllead.
TJio success which has marked the Introduction
here of Cream Halm, ajCatarrh remedy, prepared by
Kly Bros., Owego, N, Y., is indeed uiarvrlou. Many
persons In Plttston are usii it with most sati.-fuctorv
results. A ladv down-town is rarovi-ring t ho sense 61
smell, which she had not enjoyed lor lillwn years,
through the use of the Balm. She had given up her
case as incurable Mr. Barber, tho druggist, has
used it in his family, and commends it very highly.
In another column, a young Tankhannock lawyer,
known to many of our readers, tiwtifica that he was
cured of partial deafness by the Halm. It is certainly
a very efficacious remedy. I'rom tho 1'lttntoa (1'a.)
tiazeUe, AugUBt IS, lHT'J.
Price 80 cents. On receipt of 50 cents, will mail
a packagt tree. Send for circular, with full informa
tion. , ELY CREAM BALM CO., Owego, K. Y.
; (o1d by nil Drugulwtt).
Payne's Automatic Engines.
Tliimliln and Fcnnomlcjll. trill flimlnh tt
how livwer wait ,4 lew run anil uaier man ana vmn
Engine built, not fitted with an Automatic Cut-off,
Bend for Illustrated Catalnguo "J," for Information
Prices. B. W. Payne li Horn Box 8G0, Coriiing, N.Y.
IKU 111 only" Wor. BARTINIZ HirOn.t
Branld lt.it tad Wn.nl for nu IU. h,
h11(kl. tain f .JM, nd lok f hair, mi cuai-r,
virrUM f Tnur fuiura huatond or iff. pirilolorinll7
ttrrdietrd, wilb auat. tint and plint of lc.l;&x, and
d.t If in.rrtaca. Montr rclurnrd u .11 not Mltrnail.
addnu VnL L MiiUmi, 111 JJool', ri. B.to, Im
Macaiila'nis- II TaiWa History ufll tuUai
coryol England. fng. Literature, i Pge u!l n-rij-ht
Pre IZmo vols. I I imno vol. li.tiHleomoly 1 1 rua'ni
cloth:ouli a.uo'tamuil, foi-uul iu t.. II .
MANHATTAN BOOK CO , U W. 14tli St.. N.Y. I'.O. Box itW.
CAN MAKE MONEY during odd
bourn hi an honorable ImBinesB.
Address A. L. aitOF',Harrisbur(r, Pa.
AMiEN'H Brnln lood-cures Nervous Debility it
Weaknessof Generative Organs, J I -rill druggists.
Bendtor Circular. Allen's Pharinivcy.aia First av.,N.Y.
6 ! 1 1 75 Best Selling E 'deles in the world, a
W U aainiile A. J?y T(inan,botroit, Jlfcli.
AGENTS WANTED for tho Best and Fastost
belling Pictorial Monks ami Bibles. Prices reduced
83perct. Nat iynal Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Yfl 1 1 M R M F IM IBrn Telegraphy. Karn HO to 100
iuuiiu iHb.ii a month. Graduated gunrautced
paying offices. Add'a Valentine Bmh., Janegyjlle, Wis,
tfift a week In vour own town. Terms and is outfit
00 free, Add'sH.HAijTTi;Co.,Pi)rtland.Maiu9.
Latei. Slvloj. . Largest Catalogue.
Full lnforrhilllvw 3-cnt stamp.
Lowe-t Price?, " Bosl iwo:?,!t
w Sk Cholera, '
1 Headache.
N Y N V 'ji t
(A Medicine, n ot a Drink.)
A TO THI PritiST and BistMktitoalQvau.
tik. or all rrTfiaa Bittjuis.
All Plaeaaeiof theP.tomach, Bowel., Blood,
Liver, Kidneys, anr Urinary Organs, Ner
vousnesa, Bleepltitsnessand especially
ieuiaie i;ompiaiuu.
$1000 IN COLD.
Ill ba paid for oa: (s they will not enre or
neip, or tor anyimnn nnpiirs or uguriout
i found i a them.
Ask your druggist for Hop filtteri and try
them bofora you sleep. Take uo etner.
D T. O. lan absolute a nd Irresistible enre for
Prnnkeuneu, use 01 opium, tobacco and
All UDOTt Mill bj ampnin
Hob Bitten Mfe. Co., KocbiAtr. N. V., Toronto, Out
a 1
, i j . -
Card Collectors
1st. Buy seven bars DOBBIN
2d. Ask him to give you at
of it.
3d. Mail us his bill and you
full address.
4th. We will mail YOU FRE
seven beautiful cards, in six ct
ors and gold, representing Sh?
speare's "Seven Ages of Man."
116 South Fourth Street.. .
. : :
Triumphant! !
The Downfall' of Mctallio
Belts and Battcriesvand tho
Dangers resulting therefrom.
The "WILSONIA ' ' .
marvel of the world. ,;
They are uuniiilonnciing me scicmisia ana ,
Blciaus, and making glad the hearts of the peopp
A IlUMIKKll anil Ttiifti -l-Mtfi.r
"peoile have demonstrated andean testily.'
ease cannot be wherrtho "WILSONIA " Jfa
CLOTHING is worn; and this without the bi
antiquated euatom of swallowing poisonous t.
They are the downfall of quack nostrums, and
help every phvstciiui to become uu honest imm j oif(,
(if drugs are to bo used at all) will compel every jihy
siciau to write his prescrition In plain English, so '
that tho neoplemay know what iliey are using. Phy- .
Hicians of the couuirv who would consult their own
best Interests should make themselves acquainte''
with the "WILSONIA." Then will they liecomo
blessing to the race, indeed, Inasmuch as that J"
they are armed with bo potent a remedy as the m.
nctln clothing the people Would feol safe in tho.
hands, and not (as nowl be constantly changing their
doctors. Tlic"WlLSONIA'"MAGNKTlOAUilENT9
will cure every form ot disease known to man. Send
for circulars containing price list, teilviojials and
other interesting memoranda of tho ftllrcoutyieriug
Thcjiest and cheapest Ulustrated edition ot I'
viHed New Tcstaiiient. MiUions ol tieoplo arc
liTit. Do not be deceived bv the Cheap Jot' 1
(fuller of inferior editions, flee that the)
buy contains 1 ."SO fine engravings on aU-
Agents am coining money selling this editio'
lor circulars. Address j
Natiiisai. Pituusnnio Co., Philivle.-
riopresonting tliO choicest solectocl'
Slioll and Anilier, 1'bo lightest., hat
and Btrongcflt known. 8oll by Opt,
jewelers. Made by VSl'ENC'.B.'
M'F'Q. CO., 13 Maidoa Lufa !r?ew ,
iriopt M ncir Hnlf Prir"-' A,11'" to
onett musit, Kri MllMic puiiiishiugf
tRln 9fl iwrda-athomo. HnmpH
"wu.r.iv. laoavainoru.'
r 5 I C g. . I tim. Add's Tan k OO
1 6 '
I life SPraillS ;"
I Www '
I II ' Bruises,
li i BlirnL': '
I $ Mils,
k. (ill Toothache
i .
X - -A

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