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Heard istructlon and be Wise, and Refuse it Not."
ed at the pbtoJfUx at GolMoro, X. C,
ui Seamd-rlaiM Matter.
mnirations on business should he
re . to Geo. T. Wassom, Editor and S
tor,' i -ldsboro, N. 0.
The Blacksmith's Soi?- -
''roach the casement rog-eato dawn
tnala tor peering ray;
urge, and wake the morn
.'rous voice and jocund lay!
blow; and furnace, smoke;
tho glowing mot ,' soon I
nr, fall with telling stroke !
to tho anvil's merry tune,
Pong, pong
Tike while tho iron's hot."
y stroke my hammer rings;
jard 1 'tis for your chubby boy
lis mothor fondly clings,
Us his cooing noic of joy.
the sweat that bathes my face,
is of learning he shall tread,
Ige make 'her dwelling plaey
'"'ing'f. fair young hoadr
'ves eai J
r-7 :
nected;with a large pool, having equally
high aim muddy banns. To trie left
was alabyrinthTjf similar ditches. Some
distance in front, a broader and
straijjhter crack in-, the fiat expanse
showed where the river lay. The bank
01 which I stood was a foot or two
higher than the opposite bank. I de-
t I scribe the situation thus minntelv in
order to make the reader understand
what afterwards happened.
Not liking to lose the prize so nearly
In my grasp, I resolved to risk the
jump. Laying down the gun, and tak
ing my coat off, 1 made the effort, and
cleared the ditch, only, however, by a
few inches. I secured the heron, and
smoothing its beautiful plumage, but
ittle injured by the shot, threw it back
) the bank from which I had just come.
Ihen, on looking around, I found my
self in a sort of cul de sac. The bit of
firm ground on which I stood was an
island, and the only way of escape was
the one by which I had arrived. Hav
ing "to take off" from a lower level, it
was much harder to get back than it
was to come ; but as there was no alter
native, it had to be tried. I did not
leap quite far enough, and pitched
with hands and knees together against
the edjre. There was no vegetation to
Vvv!h hold of, and after hanging on the
jning at me mua, j. leu backwards,
. a heavy splash into the water,
ortunately, I am a good swimmer,
at first, while treading water, , the
icrousness of the affair alone struck
; but when I began to see, that it 1
ht be difficult to get up those slimy,
hanging banks, I must confess I
thfli frtehtened., It was imoossi- j
had cleared away, and the moon, near
the full, shone brightly. Had it been
dark, my courage must have given way,
and I should most probably have sunk.
As it was, I cannot say that I quite des
paired of a rescue in some way or other.
If I could only hold out till morning,
some one might, I conjectured, come for
the purpose of carrying away the turf
sods, and might see my coat and gun,
which would lead to a search. ' I had
not much hope in any search from the
village ; I had started in the direction
of the cliffs, my favorite evening haunt,
and I fancied that would be the direc
tion the searchers would take. As the
night wore on oh I so slowly with the
moon so calmly gliding through the
stars above me, I fell into a kind of
stupor, and I cau distinctly remember
repeating scraps of verses totally un
connected with each other. From this
state, I was aroused by the loud note of
some night-bird, probably an owl, and
found my arms were stiff from holding
on to tho root ; while my legs felt like
weights of lead suspended beneath me.
While trying to change my position I
fancied I heard the gurgling sound of
running water, and that not far off. I
listened intently, and found it was no
fancy. Water was evidently running
into the pool, and I saw by the root
that I was clinging to that the water had
risen some inches. - " 1
A cheering hope sprang up within me,
as it flashed across my mind that the
tide must be rising, and that the pool
must have an outlet into the river.
The thought infused new life into me,
and I struck out in the direction of the
sound. Then, to my intense Joy, I saw
jUstinc?;''" he clear? .oonhght, thp
w''j; las through,
ad pouring ia
iily, through one of the
reviously swam up. I
tide rose another foot
es, I could by treading
4g up so high as to be
lold of c the top of the
"n.I knew
Ex-Congressman Reeves, of Green-
point, L. I., is a collector of very large
and ,Very small hen's eggs. The largest
he has was laid by a cross-breed Brahma
anoy is 8 o-s by 7 1-2 inches around,
weighing six ounces. W. H. Southard.
living in Eockville Center, exhibits a
hen's egg measuring five by 121-2
met es. Mr. Beeves has one only 2 1-2
by JJ 1-4 inches. Mrs. L. W. Hudson,
of 'Mattituck has a dozen, eggs laid by
on$ hen in as many days, which weigh
logeiner only one ounce.
The tree which bears the Brazil nut
is one of the finest in the South Ameri
can forests. . It often rises fifty feet or
more above the tops of the tree around.
Gathering the yearly crop is an import
ant business to the natives, and occu
pies several weeks. The reason of this
is, that the nuts cannot be picked, or
at least if they are they will not keep,
so the gatherers must wait till they are
ripe, when they fall to' the ground.
They grow sixteen or eighteen in a sort
of box, which is round and hard, and
as large as a cocoanut. When these great
objects fall, they come with great
force, and often burr themselves six
inches deep in the ground. Of course
there is great danger of being hurt by
them, for the ones that fall must be
picked up at once. When the wind
blows and many nut cases are falling,
the people stay in the huts they have
built there which have very sloping
roofs so that the - nuts will glance off.
They spend this .time in breaking the
ccsep and, spreading the nuts todry in
thnn.f i'he fresh nuts are "said to be
vfery nice-vD eat, much nicer than the
dry ones that we get in this country,
Odontorwiihes or toothed birds is the
name which Professor Marsh has given
to a most remarkable class of extinct
animals, of ' which he has discovered
numerous remains . in the cretaceous
rocks of Kansas and Colorado. The
specimens so far discovered have been
grouped into ihree orders, of which two
ore represented oh pur plains. Of one
of these orders' the .Hesperomis, an
ouatie bird, h' " -'avolnod
ud,a Ion
Official Oaths.
A comparison of the official oaths of
several chantries, apropos of the Brad
laugh affair, says a New York paper, is
not uninteresting. France demands no
oath, nor even any equivalent formality,
before her legislators enter upon 1 their
duties. Even utder the empire the
deity was not called upon, the simple
formula being, "I swear fidelity to the
emperor and the constitution."
' In Austria, also, there is no oath, but,
in reply to a question from the presi
dent of the reiehsrath, whether the new
member "promises loyalty and obedi
ence to the emperor, inviolable obser
vance of the constitution, as well as of
all other laws, and conscientious fulfill
ment of his duty," the new member sim
ply replies, "I promise.",
The reason that members of the Ger
man parliament take no oath is that
many of them are under an oath of alle
giance to their respective states in the
German federation, and so a conflict of
duty might arise if two oaths were in
sisted upon. The Prussian member of
parliament takes an oath beginning, "I
swear by God, the omnipotent and om-
nisoient," and ending "so may God help
me." As if this were not enough, those
who choose, it is provided, may add
.(1.1 1 TT AT1-.Va.4- A 1 .
uwragn tiesus jnnst to eternal dubs,
amen." .
The Spanish deputies are pui through
something of a catechism.' The secre
tary asks them : "Do rou swear to ob-
Burve, miu lua&u oiuer mu
constitution of the SotO P utaucjr?
juo you swear naemy r t
the legitimate king 014
&U.riJdyoff Bweaf r
behave in the mission
by the nation, always
thing seeking the 4
nation?" The ans?
"Yes, I do swear,"4
tion is, "If you do so
you, and if jou do ni
to account Inl87?
Senor Castelar and :?
the Bradlaughs of Sp
jections were not basei
irreligious grounds.
In Italy the president
Armtiea savs vrWo

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