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" '...'.' v.. , .. ; V.
A Bi-Weekly Paper, published in the
interest of the Colored Peo- '
pie of the South.
Hon. Geo. H. White, Attorney at Law, New
junrne, Hi. u,
Hon. Jno. C. Dandy, Torboro, N. C, '
Prof. W. R. Habihh, ItalmBh, N. C,
Dn. L. A. Rittheufoud, M. D., Macon, Ga.,
ilVM. l. V. H: 13ROOKH, Knoxvuie, Ton 11.,
Hoy. R. B. Elliott. Columbia. S. 0..
Hon. Geo. W. PniOK, Jb., Wilmington. N. C,
Hon. w. v. TUKNEn, vvasiiington, v. v..
Aro corresponding editors of the Stab.
PAYABLE in advance.
One square, one insertion I 50
One square, two insertions. , 1.00
One square, three insertions 1.23
One square, one month 3.00
One square, three months. COO
Ono square, six months 9.00
Ono squaro. twelve months 10.00
For larger advertising liberal contracts will
be made. .
Light on the Path.
Oh, mourner, making thy piteous moan,
. "What shall I do? How can I go
Down through tho desolate days alono V"
Wait ! for the righteous light is sown;
Wait, and tho dawn shall grow.
( ne by one come tho desolate days;
It is only to-day that toucheth theo,
Look straight before theo I soaio guiding rays
Hhine now on tho path. fcGo on with praiso
In tho light that thou canst soo.
Washington Gladden
A striking affair A prize-fight.-
A paying business-The cashier's-
A dead failure A deceased bankrupt.
It was a dentist who complained in
the country that a wasp has only one
"That puts a different face on it,"
said a swindler when he raised a check
from $20 to $200."
It is peculiar how sound a man sleeps
wneh TilJTwife crawls over him on her
way to the kitchens to make a fire.
The young lady' in the novel who
"tripped lightly doyn the stairs" to
meet her lover used court plaster for
her injuries. '
A member of the Colorado legislature
in addressing that august body began:
"My fellow-statesmen." His bill passed
There is a five-legged mule in Mis
souri. This seems to be adding insult
to injury, as well as a leg to the mule.
Detroit. tree Press.
When you buy peanuts, that's a quart.
When you pay for them, that's a
quarter. And when you have disposed
of them, that's a quartette.
Six Jerseymen have banded together
to raise 1,000,000 watermelons for this
year's market, and yet we talk about the
Sckedness of Nihilist conspiracies.
Jones: "I see Smith has taken to
riding a bicycle. What on earth is he
doing (hat for?" Robinson: "Oh, a
very simple reason to prevent Mrs.
Smith from going with him !"
A young Iowa farmer writes to his
friends in the East, who have been
urging him to 'marry, that he cannot
keep a wife on " thin wind and pond
water and sleeping on a rail fence.
The ."Boss" System Among Esqui
maux Dogs. .
There is always one bully in every
team, who gets all the choice bits that
are stolen by the others, and generally
manages to keep fat, no matter how
short they are of provisions. He waits
for the others to make the raid, and
then stands on the outside to take it
away from them. These bullies are in
several grades. There is the chief, of
whom all are afraid, and then there is
the next in rank, of whom all are afraid
but the chief; n third, of whom all are
afraid but the two, and so on down.
Sometimes the food is cut into small
pieces and thrown out upon the ice for
all to help themselves, and then there
is a rough-and-tumble fight, and snarl
ing and growling, as if a whole cage of
hyenas had broken loose. But here the
bullies have no advantage ; indeed, the
advantage is with the small, lively fel
lows that slip in and get the meat while
the big ones are fighting. When a dog
manages to steal a piece of meat he has
a lively time of it, tjbr soon every dog in
camp is" after him,j and he has to eat it
on the run, if at all, headed off at every
turn by one ol the bullies, and whining
and chokinff'at tho samo -time..-.: It cer
' tainly is onp of the mostcomical exhilti
, timm flvf r witnessed.- Scribner. "
OOTiorlt of;. Dr. Bull's Cough
lie" i atWii:d
V that oil.
Detroit Post and Tribune.
" I have a little girl," said Mr. Henry
Dole, of this city, in a conversation, f who
was troitbled with a severe lameness in
her legs, pronounced by sc,J Erysipe
las, by others Rheumatism. I had
tried Beveral remedies without effect,
when I was induced to apply St. Jacobs
Oil and I am happy to say that the use
of but one bottle cured her, and she is
now able to go to school again.
" - n -
The Noise of Niagara.
Mr. William, L. Carpenter, in writing
of a visit to the Falls of Niagaraast
winter, heartily sympathizes with the
impression which , the sound of the
mighty rush of water made upon Mr.
Schuyler, who thus concluded an article
m Sprtbners: " I have spoken only of the
pitch and rhythm of Niagara. Whatjhi the
quality of its tcne? Divine ! There is
no other word for a tone made and
fashioned by the infinite God. I repeat,
there is no roar at all it is the sub
lfmest musio upon earth." .
7 1 I
Attleboro ChroMo.
Carry tho News. ,
Mr. John Etzensperger, Manufactur
ing Jeweler of North Attleboro', Mass.,
lately communicated to us the following:
I suffered so much with pains in my arm,
that at times I was completely helpless.
I used that incomparable remedy St.
Jacobs Oil and was completely cured as
if by magic.
The truly great and good, in affliction,
bear a countenance more princely than
they are wont; for it is the temper of
the highest hearts, like the palm tree,
to strive most upward when it is most
The Greatest Blessing.
A simnlo. nure. harmless remedy, that twos.
every time, and prevents disease by keeping
tne blood pure, stomach regalnr, kidneys and
liver activo, is tho greatest blossing ever con
ferred upon man. Hop Mttors is that reniody,
antl its nrnnrintnrft urn hniiifr lilnaua1 liv tlinn.
sands who havo been saved and cured by it.
Will you try it? see other column.
The slang word " crack " (as, a
"crack" regiment) is a corruption of
crepo," to boast of. It is English
university slang, and was in common
use in Shakespeare's time.
It I utranse any one will suffer from derangements
brought on by Impure blood, when SCOVILL'S SABSA
SYKl1 will restore health to the physical organisation.
It Is a ati enuthenlnu syrup, pleas int to take, and the BEST
Ill.OOD PUKIPIKK ever discovered, curing Scrofula,
Syphilitic disorders, Weaklier of the Kidneys, Erysipelas,
Malaria, Nervous disorders. Debility, lilllous complaints
and Diseases of the Wood, Over, Kidneys, Stomach
Skin, etc.
Tanner's German Ointment cures Burns.
Cuts, Wounds, Sores, Sprains, Chilblains, etc., soothe!
Inllaminatlon, and relieves pain In the side, chest
shoulders, etc.
For over thlrtv-four years
has been warranted to cure Croup, Ctilio, Spasms,
Idarrhea and Dysentery, tuken Internally, and Kore
Throat, Pains in the Limlis. Chronic, lthouinatism,
Old Korea, Pimples, Blotches and Swellings, exter
nally, and not a bottle nas neen rctnrnou, many iuni
Ilies stating they would not be without it even if it
was tlO a bottle. Hold by druK(rits at '2i and 30
cents. Depot, 4,'i Hurray Street, Now York.
Civing My Practical Experi
ence. Also the Practical
Experience of
Twenty-five Practical Farmers
With Ensilage and Silos.
OTVING their expertenco of feeding stock of all
I kinds with Kusilace, and the practical resnllh,
conclusively showing tne undoubted success ot this
firocess the Ensilage of Green KoraKe. Croiw. 1U
his process the farmer ran n ullao nve dollars in
place of one dollar, as practiced hv the old system ol
farmiiiH. Also wonderful experiments of teedin;;
poultry at one-half the usual cost, on Ensihtfic.
This liook contains 1'JO PHirrs, elegantly Doinid
In cloth.
Every One is Pleased With It
as bring the most thorough nnd practical 'work yet
published on this subject, and all are surprised at the
very low price.
For sale at all bookstores, all general stores and aH
new depots in every city and town
If the work cannot bo obtained of them, send for
it by raiiil.
Price of Book, 50 Cents.
' Ily Mall, b Cent. :;ji$
Bend Postoffice Order if convenient. iv
t -' L Vf
Address ; , . i . ' '' v ' ' ''
II. Ifc. (1TKVE!,
, ' Boston, Mass. '
''r V- jU.Ji
5? y 'r.V
n i
t "'
7" AV?ri'K. )'U (lav at homeosislly made. Cost
Out id lie dd'sTuuK & Co., Aiik'iin'k-Hwss
Sts, and exiiensea. R Out
" jwain 4 Co., Anjtusta,?
J. Lips, says our correspondent Bow
ditch, owe theirextremered color to the
thinness of the covering membrane, and
their sensitiveness to an abundant supplf
of minute nervous fibers'. JaTmonly
face the upper lip should extend beyond
and dominate theower. Fleshy lips
ore often found" associated with a volup
tuous, and ifceager ones with a passion
less, nature. Lips are delicious things
--blessings of many agreeable concomi
tants, such as smiles, sweet words, and
those neveVto-be-sufficiently-appreci-ated
intensities denominated " kisses.'
There is something soothing and de
lightful in the recollection of a pure
minded woman's kiss ; it is the oasis in
the desert of a worldly man's life, to
which his feelings turn for refreshment,
when wearied with the unhallowed .pas
sions of this work-o'-day world. Lips
are emotion's dwelling place, and pas
sion's their breathing giveth vitality to
affections of all sorts, a friend's, a par
ent's, a sister's,' a brother's, a lover's,
Lips that smile ore gems ; those that
cannot smile are like buds that cannot
blossom, and which dry upon the stalks.
Eternal praise to lips in. general, and
especially to the couple we hold dearest.
Sir John Suckling in his ballad upon a
wedding says:
"Her lips were red, and one was thin,
Compared to that was next hor chin,
Some beo had iltung it nowly."
-Troy Times.
It is considered by M. Perissethat it
s almost certain that the ancient Egyp
tians and Phoenicians used steel, if, in
deed, they did not make it.
Doctors G nve Him TTp.
"Is it possible that Mr. Godfrey is up and at
work, and curod by so simple a remedy ?"
"I assure yotjt 1b truethnt ho is entirely
cured, and with iiotliing but Hop Bitters, and
only ten days ago his doctors gave him up and
said lie must die!" ,
"Well-a-day! If that is so, I will go this
minuto and get somo fjr my poor Oeorgo. I
know hops aro good." .
"Will Hayes has written a new song
entitled, ' Kiss the Baby Once for Me."
4Iter you have finished, Will, spank him
two or three times for the rest of the
oiks. ' "
Mt. Morris, . V., la Ifesponsilile
For the follow in valuable statement from Mrs.
M. C. Arnold: Warner's Salb Kidney and Liver
Clare has dono mo worlds of'pood for catarrh ol
the bladder and female weakness.
... ' ""! ' "
The wolf's sense of Bmelling is pecu-
1 arly strong. He can smell arrion the
distance of nearly a mile.
Have Yon Bead It? H. K. Stevens' Book
on Ensilage, the preserving of green forage
crops in silos, giving his own experience and
ine practical experience or in practical tanners:
120 pages, elegantly bound in cloth ; price, 5C
cents : sent by mud, GO cents. Address H. 1!.
STEVENS, Boston, Mass.
Ho, Ye Baldheadk! There is just one way,
and no more, by which you may be cured use
Cakbowne, a deodorized extract of petroleum.
It will positively produce new hair ; there is no
substitute for this marvelous hair ronowcr.
The best and cheauest illustrated edition ot the He.
vised New Testament. Millions of ieople aro waiting
for it. Do not be deceived bv the Cheap John pub
lishers of inferior editions. See that the copy y"u
buy contains 150 fl.no eDKi'avinKsonsteel and wood.
AKents are ooininu money selling this edition. Send
for circulars. Address
National Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Representing tho choicest selected Tortoise
Shell and Amber. Tho lightest haudsoniost,
and strongest known. Sold by Opticians and
jewelers. Made by SPEtfCElt OPTICAL
M'F'O. CO., 13 Maiden Lano, New York.
and BKSTi It acts imtanlii
neouily.producInK the most
natural (.hades of mark or
, Hrownt does NOT STAIN
MO I nUUnU O nrepu'atlon and t favorite
I onevery wellappolntcUtol
letfor Lady or (ientleman.
Mold by llrutfilkui and ap-
Siicu vy nuir uressers.
epotO:lWiimt ..N.Y.
CaMfatfat u ft illae, Ventat or HrIU n
lint n4 Hold Wntor hai noelfsctdD It,
For Mia by th InwlinK Huttoneri, Groewrf,
i' ornHnrB.riwt(ryl)e'ri aht Draff fltth
IEKTCNiBAIit CO., Prop," Kw)wit
liiia ffi
A penr.anert prartical road vehicle,
with wiiuli a pei son tun nil" tliret
milts iik rnxiiv ns he imiid walk one.
.Viid KUiiip for u-i-pajjc caia-
') UK PO?K K'V'O CO.. '
rCI WBliii,-ton St., I'.c.ilon. Man,
, Over. 1,000,000 Acres.
" Mild:lltrite. ProditctlvB Soil. I,ow Prices. Ensv
Terms. Hiei iii.l inilucenients to actual settlers, i'ot
uiitl, I'lti iiliirs. etc., uivltiK' particitlarH ins, addnws
. XUOMAb K.SKKX. Jjand commissioner.
. ". - Little liiwk, Ark.'
5T.J Cliroino fiirils latest stvb with name, inc., post
liiUiu m o. '-"id '!' (Uens. tluiintyl.N.V.
WW NTKIMiintly Accrts hr ltlchard's Ski:t and
Hose Suiirl.et. 8. J, t:liae. : Winter Kl., oston.
tCC h t " wi'iriran f Ter"sandSoiitnt
OD lre 'H'Id.Muini'.
Cnn Consimptln be Cured
, Road what Mr.Jlliam C. Digges, a merchant
of Bowling Green, Va., writes under date ol
April JL intil. Ho says: " I firmly believe that
AwibSTs Ltiso Balsam will and has cured eon-
.'enmption if taken in time and proper care be
taken of the patient both in suitable food and
clothing. Six years ago my mother was at
tacked with pneumonia. ' Tho attending physi
cian 'some time after' told mo that the dis
easo had settled 011 her Lungs, and that she
had tho consumption. Not behoving that a
permanent cure could be effected, -fcut thinking
I might be able to got an expectorant not con
taining opium, which would afford some relief,
I inquired of a druggist at Riohmonc1 Va., ii
ho had any medicine not containing opium
that was a good expectorant. He them recom
monded Allen's Lung Balsam which I pur
chased and induced my mothc, to try. Before
she had takon tho first bottle tho improvement
in her condition was so marked that I purchased
three more bottles. Tho attending physician,
seeing the beneficial effects, rocoramended its
contii led use, and in about twelve months her
lungs were pronounced curod. Upon my
recommendation many others who had the
consumption havo been cured. I think you
can claim for your medicine tbo followina:
Expectoration .without irritation, and healing
or the lunge by keeping them free from foreign
subst ances, thus arresting and curing this dread
disease." Mr. Digges says ho writes because he
wants it known that Allen's Lung Balsam ie
doing gooo
Fbom Major Downs, Military . Instructor,
Mt. Pleasant Academy. "Sing Sing, N. Y.r
February 15, 1881. James A. Hart, Druggist,
Dear Sir During the very sovere cold woathcr
I was suffering with Catarrh. My head and
throat ached so severely that I was obliged to
give up everything and jteop quiet. I had tried
a number of remedies, bra none of them did
me the slightest good. Ely's Ckeax Balm wan
suggested to mo. I bought a package at your
store, nnmn an nours time irom -tne first
application I folt relieved and the pain began
to subside. I continued to use it, and in two
days was entirely cured. This testimonial has
not neon solicited. I take pleasure in recom
mending anything that will relieve those suffer
ing with Catarrh. Very ronpoctfully, W. A.
Downs." Prioo, 50 cents. Qu receipt of .50
cents will mail packago. . '
. Elv Cbkam Balm Co., Owego, N. Y.
Puee Coo LrvEB On. made from selected
livers, on the seashore, by Caswell, Hazard A
Co., New York. ' It is absolutely pure and
sweet Patients who have onceVaken it pre
fer it to all others. Physicians b re decided it
superior to any of the other oila,$ market.
(Tali engraving represent the t nnfs In a healthy Itale.i
What the Doctors Say!
DR. FLETCHER, of Lexington. Missouri, say
recommend your 'llnlsRiu' in preference to ail!
other medicine for coughs and colds."
DR. A. C. JOira80N, of Mt. Vernon. His., writes t
somo wonderful cure of f nnsiinipiion In his plait
bjt tho ue of "Allen's Lung IJutNnm."
PR. 3. B. TURNER, BlountHvillo, Ala., a practicing
t)hvsicin of twentv-tlve years, writi: ' It Is the beni
preparation for Consumption in the world."
For nil Dlsenses of the Tltronr. I.itncs nnd
1'iilitinnRi-v Oi'tin us, it will be found a most
excellent Itcniedy.
J. N.
HARRIS & CO., Proprietors,
For Sale by all. Druggist". '
V)llbvjtcKABSOS & KOBBINB. Kew York. j
$200 TO $220 A YEAR!
W.l.(.y. - J
.l,V. : J
Fort Kdwnrd f'olleelnte Innlttnre, with
suiHjrbnew brick buildiuKs. heated wi-h steam, will
reois n September VI, 1H81. Thirteen Professors and
Tcwcbcrs. Modified Collepc Course for ladies ; ('ollenc
Prepsrntury ; Business : Oratory, and Music. Address,
lor prospeotus,jjos. K Kiutf, D.D., Fort Kdward, N.Y
Subitum hij'Ummnliou,
Acute unit Chronic.
Control nil fffmnrrhagts,
VwmtH and Mucous.
1'oud'a Extrnct Is the onlj
specific for this disease, Cold in
the Head, fee. Our ('ntarrli
Cur (75 ocnts), specially pre
pared to meet serious eases, contains all the curative
properties of Pond's Exlrnct f ourNnsol 8yrlnce
(25 cents), invaluitlilc for use in catarrhal affections,
is staple and effective.
Sore Throat and I.unvs, Chapped llano's
and Fnre aro greatly benefited by the Extract.
Frosted Limbs and C'hilbluinsare promptly re
lieved, and nltlmately cured by Pond's Extract.
VW It is unsafe to use other articles with our direc
tions. Insist on having POND'S EXTRACT. Aelum
all iniftations and subetltiiteg.
any mi or IhU psptrwaoirill Mud hit
t sna nins pwsr crim),
wiUtand a nice nwTlmkprr,fa
orsiafl auci.wun eitar sum
u, la food warklnif
r situ warrum
. Tait vui
tntrodao our' Watflbe,
nil Jwlrr, and bold. iod for
l)l Jdhoi.W. TwoodIt will baa
to 011a utdraaa for Ml ou. A fluo avid otU
rd Chain for SOcta. aiMltlnnal.
SANDJIKSOJi & CO.. Ktadvillo.Mas?'
eKn tfrerdavathoino. Samples worth
$3 IU Address Htinson & Oo.,PorH-
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumba
Backache, Soreness of the'
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, S.
9 a ak
intjs ana sprains, Burns a
Scalds, General Bodily s
. rams, :"-':':
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Cars, and all other ,
Pains and Aches.- SS V
Ko Preparation on earth equals St. Jacobi P
m a gae, turf, simple and cheap Exter
Eemedy. A trial entails tot th comparatlv
.trifling outlay of 50 Cents, and ertry on lifferl
with pain can bava cheap and poeif'.vo proof of
clalma. , ' :
Directions In Slevea Langutfret. ' ' ' ' '
15 llEDIOUfE.
1 Baltlmor. Mil. V. H. AJ ,
1'l.aBn L 1 ... ..A U ..It -I u
Biuruni auu uei aivuicme ever naue m
Aoolmhin.Mnn U B
nuva) owny. man- '
drakleand Dandelion, witKelltluOieBt and;
most olurative properties of all other Bitters,
nialcestheKimtost Blood Purifier, Liver
Reg u a tor, and Lite and Health itcstorlny
Aireut onaHaBBBaMaiaarUi. .
tin disease n an Dosstblv low exist where
Bittern are nsVedo varied and perfect aro thw
Sat.- J
lart- 1
5 F
The? give sow 11 V ul E" to 8el ia4 laflra-
To all whose uiployment cause lrTegnlari'
trof thebuwlsor urinary organs, or who 1
quire aa AppotierX.TorJo and mild Stimulant,
llop MUva are uiTalk."aoie, wittlOUt In'
ioatinj. ausBm .
No muiur wbnt your feXelingi or 13
arc what tho disease or allwnent lsua
tem Hoti't wait ifntllyou&r sluk bit
only feci Imd or mlaerable,l Iue them 1
ltiuayiiaeyonrllfe.Ithaslsved I
$500 will be paid for a oal they
cure or help. lK not suffer or,l'yoi
nulter.but use and urge them Ua3 a
Remember, Hop Bitters la noV vile, d'
drunken nostram, but the Purest"
Medicine erer made: the WTiUng
and HOiV and no person Or famtl
should be without them. aafjsnafafi
D. I.G.I" an absolute and Imslttlble
forbninkenivis, use of opium, tobaor
narenttes. AU sold by dnundiita.
orCtrcnlw Bi..ai
Pochrftr,lfT sndTr
. TOB0B,
T the ConnmotWe.-VF' Ci
very nauseating flavor of tuei1'" as
nscd, i endowed by the Puorf1.P'.LI
healing property which rende1.;'1' phiu
clous. Eemarkable toHttmuuif 11,1 nca
shown. Sold by A. B. Wu.B()'"?jiLBo
Rsmoerti Bney.
u Boo
-u,c CiOtll,
P'gca t.OOOa
P'OT, tonsuff
t-w.ou, rori
snskeapasni'i Complete w
handsomely bound In a!
hlack and sold, only 60 !
i,:loe's Hltiory of EnRUsn
ature, I hAitdsonio Ilmu ti
cioth, only iu cants.
Othar bookl equally 1
Jh St.
r. 0. jxa 4tio.
He js"'
Kumnter. IM"!-'''!
Sleiit by 1
CIY wnt WAstn
tfl A If ym nai a Luanna-.
a T 45 ahwkm ir a Iimi, itaie
Wl arxU. ar IHICSIS.
INVtGOBATK Ilia HAI". D,wra4)
Trj th. araat Bp ni,h 4Iw.m bw
Lilt. Hoi law, Satoa. Mm. tlnatt at a
Anw 6ALAR V swraswatk.
I advaaoed. H AbCs promt
M 4t C. 804 eera;e ftta
IO R M CENT! will send sol.
French 1'ardu ever used for tf
Cards ot attractive iH-slitus forsti
renters for Ncrap Hooks, life Ktt
Mikkuai. HpniNU Watkk, 304 B
T)rnE Trna nud Coffees,
nud Cofl'ees,
S pounds TV:)
oi'thiH I'apvr. 4
ll.)l P,.url a- jo?
J. Will KI'IKi you .) I
liefer to Editor 01 I
8.Mi't.B Tka Co., aiii Pearl c W
CiOOn Snlpsnifn Wanted)
1 fnsi-wlliux amds on coin!
nhaiu o to make money. St'iulst
ticularsatoncti. Pltoonix Htfjpt
J saiupl'vivfa
lY Melliuu P
,33 per otiutiuiKil Pi

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