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NO. 1.
tlStett ml Hat Wr alher-nrewelag, flieaaM
kwl ui ltallrei4 AeaiSaiue-Tba
UeaSiv l.lahialagt etc., eta.
A. statue will be erected at Essttn to
Idrrr Krupp, tbo great German itcel man
ufacturer. -
An earthquake shock occurred curly ia
tho morning at Evansville, lad. It wu
very pronounced and lasted about eight
" The Pennsylvania Knilroad cannot up
iily enough freight cars, especially at
Pittsburg, Pa., no great ia the crush of
business, " :
, There have been five casea of cholera
and one dath from cholera at Unit.
Ton days' quarantine againat that place
haa been established at Gibraltar.
At a meeting of tho board of trustee
of tho New York 8oldier' and Sailora'
Home at Bath, X. Y., Treasurer Hobie
was ousted. Ilia account were 190,000
short, which friends made good.
All the Swiss commanders have been
older! to pay the strictest attention to
the effectiveness of the troop?, In order
to ensure a proper working of the army
in the event of an outbreak of war in
The Sengerfcst committee, at Colum
lms, Ohio, has t cvclopvd tbo fact, that
the loss on the lat ewn;eift-st will bo
slightly iu cccstof $50, two. Guarantee
uuscribers will be called upon to make
up tbo deficit.
. The bill to allow the construction of a
tunnel under thu English Channel con
necting England with France was reintro
duced iu the House of Commons by Sir
Edward Watkin, was defeated by a vote
of 15S to 107.
Crown Prince Frederick William un
derwent another operation by Mr. Mc
Keosiefor the growth in his throat, at
JioDdon, England. The resdi of the
operation was so good that tle prince re
turned to Cowes. His general health is
During the naval manoeuven in the
British Channel, the Nordcnfeldt Run on
board the Curlew burst, seriously injur
ing severely several seamen. One of the
guns on the Black Prince, one of the
great iron-clads, alto burst, injurin,
three men.
A beer kettle exploded in Ruhr's brew
ery, at Greenbay, Wis., scalding 1 men,
f of whom died during the night The
rauseof the explosion is unknown. Tha
kettle held 70 herrela of boiling water,
which poured over the unfortunate men,
literally cooking their flesh.
During the festivities at a picnic of the
lod carriers' union at Arsenal park, ia
t'ittburg, Pa., a gasoline lamp us
peiidcd from the ceiling of the dining
ball exploded, scattering tla burning
fluid over a number of people, many of
whom were scriowly injured.
Mrs. Fannie lla'ne was gored and tram
tiled to death by a mad bull at Tuscola,
III., while attempting to drive the brute
out f the front yard. She fought the
atdmal as long as her strength held
mt, but as no one came to her assistance
she wa killed before the eyes of 1m. r
little children.
, There art now seven Canadian cru inert
n the mackerel grounds in Nova Scotia,
kinking after the American fishermen.
The mackerel are very plentiful in shore,
and Americans very daring, but with the
preoenr of ao many cruisers on the look
Hjt.oportunity for them to get Canadian
C4i are not many.
News from Aitakan, Minn., ia to the
effect, that a squaw tinned ia jail there
for threatening to kill a white woman
haa been released, aa the authorities were
in awe of the Indians, who had assembled
iu large numbers. Couriers have arrived
at Aitakan from Willow river, bearing
the intelligence that the Indians are kill
ing Mock belonging to the settlers.
Three children of Martin Dapp, a
German shoemaker of ilarriburg. Pa.,
were nionrd by eating aoago which
tlieir lather hal purchased in the market.
"The youngest child, John, died la two
hours, and the others were aaved with
great difficulty. The father, who took
some of the meat to his hop for lunch,
noticed the queer taste and did not eat
Prince Krow Luang Devawougai Varo
prakaw, half brother of the king of
'Warn, and suita have arrived in New
Vork. The party consist of besides the
1'iiiife, his cousins, Princes Kiliya Bold,
Pianii and Clure; the new Same. Min
ister, Count Phra Dsun llakaa, acvmU
aids, three tutors, Net Chit, a student
and aa interpreter. The prince ia about
St yean old, and speaks English nadily.
Billy Moloney, the man who act"d aa
Jaka Sharp's tool in bribing the New
York aldermen, while out in his yacht
with a party of friends at Montreal,
Cansda, saw two men struggling in the
water hint above Lachlne rapid. Their
boat had capsized on account of the
strong current, and they were In urcflt
dinger. Moloney headed hi yacht for
them and succeeded in getting them
aboard and landing them at Leehine.
While worship was progressing at Kt.
John's Catholic Church, at fc ran ton, Pa.,
Mrs. flteele, wboaa home was near by,
rushed from the dwelling with her cloth
ing In flames, and somebody In the con
gregation awing her, shouted, "rVe the
Oman on fire." At the mention rf "fire'
tit congregation was ia an uproar. A
wild rush for the doors ensued, and many
a-ople were trampled upon and severely
lurt, Mrs. HteeU died soon after in
great agony.
Delegate to the seventeenth general
cotivenlion of the Catholic Total Almti
aence Union of America at Philadelphia,
Pa., bctore entering upon business which
drew thvin together from all pnrts of the
country to that city, proceeded in a body
lit me cat ii carat to engage in tbo solemn
services of high mass. The delegates
numWod about lpur hundred, and
among them wcro many priests who are
Active members of tho Total Abstinence
Tbt Fire Flrad la Ilia IHerr la this Swtt.
Irla Weaihrr.
. A Are broke out in the extensive
rackery bakery of James D. Mason &
Sons, on Pratt street, J?ar Light, - Bnlti
more, 3rd.; hich. wu entirely destroyed,
with all its contents ai d machinery. It
extended on the rigl't to a double build
ing occupied by Henderson, Laws & Co.,
cracker, cake and candy factory, which
was also destroyed. William Schulte,
foreman of engine No. 12, was burled
beneath tho ruins and killed. Chief
Engineer Hcnnick', of the fire depart
ment, was soriow-ly injured and his
death ia feared. Flames continued to
prcad to the right to the stove ware
house of Liebrandt, McDowell & Co.,
which was destioyed, and to the agricul
t iml warehouse of . Whitman & Sons,
the npper part of which was burned out.
A fire waa discovered in the upper win
dows of the New Era flouring mills sit
uated on Chestnut street, Nashville,
Teun. The heat was so intense that
dwelling housea on the other aide of
Chestnut street were smoking, and the
engine at the nearest plug had to be re.
moved to prevent ita being damaged. It
took jiersiacDt and well directed work
to saver tho Naijiiville Canning Company's
works on one side, and the New Era
mills warehouse on the other. The oil
mills seemed in danger at one time, and
one hundred and fifty care on the Louis
ville and Nashville Railroad tide tracks
would have been burned bad not the yard
master moved them with remarkable ra
piditi'. The mills cost atout $00,000, but
the property waa not considered worth
that amount of money. The building,
machinery and stock were insured for
132,000 in small amounts In a score of
companies. The fire ia supposed to have
originated from a hot box. The sixth
attempt to burn out the New York
Zeitung waa frustrated. The fire
started on the third floor in some old files
of the Demokrat. None but employes
are allowed in that part of the building,
and the ownera of the paper are at a loss
to know how the blaze came about. The
wstehman bad found everything right
only fifteen minutes before the alarm.
The flumes were quickly extinguished.
At Tampa, Fhu, a serious fire took
iilace, destroying all buildings on two
locks except three. Thirty-five limine
firms were burned out, with an aggregate
loss of 175.000 and only $ 1.800 insu
rance, owing to high rates. The fire oc
cm red on the blocks surrounded by La
Fa) cite, Jackson, Tampa and Monroe
tretts. The origin of the fire is un
known. .The Calumet and Ilecla copper
mine ia on fire at the sixteenth level near
Calumet, Mich. Immense volumes of
smoke are issuing from No. 8 shaft.
In the Ilecla branch of the mine, miners
have cone down to shut off the fire from
black holes in a portion of the mines.
A fire damaged the extensive saddlery
haidware manufactory of tho Frazer &
Jones company at Syracuse, N. Y., $100,
V00, which is covered by an insurance of
about 1150.000. The tow a of Winns
boro, 8. 1'., recently disturbed by the
frequency of fires, apparently incendiary,
ia now much excite! over the burning of
the residence of It E, Ellison, a promi
nent citizen of the town. The house
and contents were entirely connimcd, the
inmates escaping with their lives. The
fire was plainly incendiary.
' NKWM MOM til I MA.
Over 1,000 telegraph poles belonging
to the Munarann.Mintsag district and the
Kweichew Lane line, in China, have hern
pulled down by the people, who ay the
telegraph is a diabolical Linran artifice.
Eighty-eight cnwiiis were aummarily ex
ecuted near Miangltai for belonging t'i
secret societies. I he moat harrowing
accounts are Klven of floods at ihti Clm
Fu, op the Went how river. Over 1.0UO
persona were swept away, and the do
struction to the growing crops ia im
mense. 8. 8. PopofT, Chinese secretary
to the Ituasian legation to Pekin, haa jut
published a pamphlet on the Cbmee
population, in which he states it to Im
882,000,000 agatant 433,000,000 in the
year 1M2. A plague of sudden death U
ranging at Nanking, The people are
dying ia every quurtcr, and there are
many instances of vtry sudden deaths,
Tba people are appitently well ia the
morning and dead in the afternoon.
pKxocM-g Tim neaaiBK.
A litrga meeting of white and colored
citixena wa held in North Rusaell street
Methodist Episcopal Church, in Boston,
Mnaa,, to protest against the enactment
of the bill recently parsed by the Georgia
House of . Itcpresentativea, prohibiting
the mingling of white and black pupils
In the schools. Addresses were made oy
the (lev. Or. Woodworthy, trute of At
lanta University, againat which It is said
the bill ia jiriuclpally aimed, and E. C.
( arrignn, of the rtlate Imrl of Educa
tion. Iteaolutions were adopted declar
ing the bill unconstitutional, and likely
to call down tba iii'linent of Heaven
iikib the heads of the people of (Sergia.
'Appearamxa indicate that Gen. Buck
ner has been elected Governor of Ken
lucky by a reduced majority.
The exciting campaign in Texas as lo
hether the state should go "wot" or
"dry," has endod In a large majority
ag:int prohibition. Th feeling on both
d s haa been quite bitter, even dividing
Prraldenl Cleveland By Kreelvtaa; lavW
imlians-liitsrslala Vamailsslaa v
eruiaiut Adair Waiaa Wall. ;
The rSocrctary of the Navy haa issued
iijitructions tbHt tho United States
nUttiner Miihigun shall be at Detroit on
the 14th and l5ihof rk'ptember to take
part in the ceremonies of the reunion of
tho Army of tho Tennessee, and at Chi
cago from the let to the 9,0th of October
for the military encampment. v .
At a meeting of citizens resolutions
were adoptod atkitig the President to re
move tho District Commissioners for re
filling to m ike pub ic, information about
the admitted defalcation in tho water
department, and for wring public funds
fur private purposes. Tlie committee of
one hundred of the District also adopted
resolutions calling on the President to
investigate the reported water depart
ment defalcation, and to remove the
engineer officers in charge of the water
works. , .
The report of the board of naval offi
cers appointed to examine the warship
Ati;ta and to ascertaiu the damage sus
tained during the recent target practice,
was received by the Secretory-'of the
Navy.- It is too technical for a newspa
per article for many readers, but Secre
tary Whitney says that the defects re
ported and the damages sustained by the
ship are tuflinj, as compared to those
rumored to have been discovered, and
that they are such as can be easily and
speedily remedied.
It is probable that President Cleveland
will leave the capital during the last days
of September and go directly to St.
Louis, and from there to Kan das City,
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chi
cago, Naahvjlle and Atlanta, The St.
Louis and Atlanta dates being fixed, it
will not be practicable to deviate much
from this programme. The journey will
be made by the ordinary route of travel
between the cities named, and the dinpo
aition of tho President ill bs to see as
much of the country and the people on
his route aa will be eonnUtent with lim
ited time and positive engagements.
An-istnnt Secretary Maynara gave a
decixion in regard to the classification of
leaf tobacco which will be of interest to
the tobacco trade. The question aroie
on a decixion of the collector at El Paso,
Texas, aaartsinp duty at the rate of 73
cent fr pound on certain leaf tobacco
imported frra Mexico, of which 59 out
of every 100 leaves were of the requisite
ie and fineness for ue as wrappers and
100 of which leaves weighed leas than a
pound. Mr. Maynard decided that the
tax referred to leaf tobacco, and not to
ImIcs, bundles or packages, and that,
therefore, every leaf ahould be rated.
He, therefore, decides thst 69 per cent
of tho invoice was dutiable at 73 cents
per pound and 41 per cent at 85 cents
tier pound. The collector at El Paso is
instructed to rcliquldate the entry ac
cordingly and to refund, the excess of
CoL A. Gilmore, United States en
gineers, in hi annual rriort says of the
work of Improving the entrance to
CharWon, M. C, harbor, that the ap-
propn.ttions have lieen Inadequate to an
absurd tlegree, for the sttcceaful prosecu
tion of oeration having In view the
completion of the project within the
present century, lie recommends an
appropriation for the next year of 730,
0 0. lie aks for 110,000 for Wappoo
Cut, a V., 110,000 for Ixliato river, 8
C, and $S,0-MI for Halkihatchie river, a
C. Ibiaskafor $78,000 for next year's
expenditures in Savannah barltor. Of
the' rojected eimprovenv nta of Savan
nah river between Augusta and Savan
nah, the original estimaieof $91,000 will
have to be iw rraaed to $176,000. " This
is owing to meagre appropntions in the
paat. lie Is confident that if the pros
pect I now carried out, a channel of five
fcrt depth at low water will be secured.
He asks $21,000 for next year. Hn esti
mates that $4,633 ran be pn.fiialily rx-
(ended next year at Homney Marsh, Ga. $
3,000 in Althamaha river, Ga. $ $73,000
in Brunswick harbor, Ga., and $AOO,000
on entrance to Cumlierland Bound, Fla.
Capt. W. M. Black, United States en
gineer, sutanits the following estimates
for expenditures during the next fiscal
year: Uppef St. Johns river, Fla., $I0,
000; Key West, Fla., $:M),000; Caloosa
hatckie river, Fla., $j:!,0u0: Manatee
river, Fla., $13,000; Tamia B-y, Fla.,
$73,000; Wilhlscoochea river, Fla., $20,
000; Cedar Ker, Fla., $13,000; Suws
net river, Fla., $20,000.
Mrs. Clsvelsnd has gone to Mnrion,
Mass., where she Is the guest of ths fam
lly of Gen. A. W. Grecly.
fl la Mtlmnteil that the reduction hi
the public debt during the month of July
will amount to .,vuu,uw.
The President has virtually derided lo
mke short stops at Columbus and In
dianapolis on hi way to St. Lends In Oc
tolier. ,
A delegation of citiwna, of Memphis,
T. nn . Iiriuled bv Senator Harris, ar
rived in the t iiy to nrge the Piesidcnt t"
iait Mptm.hi durlnit his western trln
this fall.
Prince Devawonirae, of S;am, and h;
nrty, twenty two in an, inciuning nve
of the children of the king of tiim
have arrived. Tiiey have been and will
coutinuo to bo subjects' or much official
attention. -
Tho Stale Department is informed of
tho ilcnth of Vice-Consul- General John
T. Miller at Kio Janiero. Consul M. C.
Call, ut Suntos, has been directed to take
charge of tho consul-general's office at
Itio, tho consul-general being absent on
leave. ,
The Way la WMrh aa Irlshaiaa la Nsw
Vurk 8hweSU fatrlaiUM.
' At 12 o'clock, noonTyn attempt was
i ii lo to burn the BrirJwh fteamshin
liul'cn, while she was lyinjit her dock
at the foot of Houston street, vkw York.
There were S00 people on board the
steamer, and she was loaded with Wargo'
worth half a million dollars. TLcc
were getting toe vessel ready tostai
when suddenly a bottle of phosphorus
was thrown from the river on to the
steamer, and instantly after the deck was
enveloped in flames, the lira was quick
ly subdued, but not until it had burned
a hole in the deck twenty feet long and
ten feet wide. A man on the pier volun
teered the information that he had seen a
man throw the bottle on tho steamer. He
poinfcd out the man, who wu rapidly
rowing over tho river. George L. An
drews and Detective Vail, of the Nation
al line, boarded a steam tug and followed
the man. He was caught and taken to
court, where he described himself as
Thomas J. Mooney, 87 years old, of 307
Warren street, Brooklyo. Andrews
charged him with having attempted to
burn the steamship Queen. Capt Ncland,
of the barge Echo, said that he saw
Mooney in the row boat with three bot
tles wrapped up in paper. The captain
asked what was in the bottles, and was
told that it waa whiskey for the officers
of the Queen. When the prisoner was
searched there was found on him a Smith
ft Weston revolver, dagger, new, and a
number of clippings from newspapers re
lative to the fishery question in Canada.
There wu also found upon him a West
ern Union Telegraph blank, upon which
was written the Welch song, 'Mcn of
Harlech, march to Battle." Mooney said
tbst he wu born in County Clare, Ire
land, and had been in this country fifteen
years. At one time he wu in the cloth
ing business in Sixteenth street. - When
asked why he tried to ret the ship on fire
he said: "The fact of the matter is!
neither admit nor deny anything till 1
have legal advice. 1 should like to know
if it ia lawful to haul down the American
rlg In Canada, why it is not lawful to
naul down tbe LnglUn nag in America. "
. Qm4 Craaa AsaareaVHaelal, Rellilaas an4
Traiperaaea CSatharlaas-Hallra' IHwi
, liaaie-Caantry lieaerallr Ilealiny. :
' The Montgomery, Ala., Street Cai
drivers struck for $14 a week and tuolvo
hours a day to cons til uto a day's . work.
Tho First BiptiRt church at Osykn,
Bliss., wu struck by lightning, tearing
the whole of the north side of the steeple
to pieces.
The Board of Health of Atlanta, Ga ,
intend to close up all the wells of thu
city, u it is .found the water is impure
from sewage.
Maxwell, the condemned Bt. Louis
inurduicr,will not be executed at present,
as his case hM been annealed to the
In i ted States Court
man named Ferguson wu killed on
the L'vt Tennessee Ilailroad near Bras
well, G.f while attempting to jump on
a train, vrbJJe in motion.
A flue of ammonia chamber of the
Central City k forks blew out at Ma
con, Ga., creating great deal of conster
nation among the Njploye.
W. J. Whaley, a clkfor Grant, Mun
dny & Co., contractors.oav&nnab, Ga..
has been arrested charged with raising
a check from $134 to $4,03i..;; 1 ,
Charles It. Jones, propt ictoiy of the
Daily Observer at Charlotte, N. CVwde
ao uaignment fur the benefit of hia cred
itors. He places his liabilities at $9.&&.
Ifsanirisi wmhuAimA f mm Hf nnttstsiVi aHin v4
"- svvvt ' wa nuMi uuiuviiwdi m wmj
Ths HeparU Which the Wires flash atlha
rheaaaieaal Weallior All Over
' laa Caauiry. - ' .
A heavy storm in tho mountains has'
caused a big rive in the upper Tennessee" ;
itiver. Thousands of logs lying in tho
river have escaped. The steamer Citico,
a mail boat plying between Kingston aud -Loudon,
was caught by a raft at Saine'e
llluff, near Loudouj and dashed against,
tho bluff with such force u to burst thn
cylinder hoad and tear away tho smoke
stack and pilot houws. Capt, William ,
Allison and - officer Dearmond were
thrown into the river. Dearmond has ,
been badly scalded by the escaping
steam."' '.--j-'-'' . ".'- -'V..;-"'-.-'-::-'-'
The Armstrong Furniture company's -lumberyards
and works at Evansvilio,
lud., were discovered on fire and were
destroyed, together with several million
feet of lumber and a number of cars.
The loss is over $300,000. The water
supply became exhutiated and the fire bad
little opposition. Ten cars of wheat,
flour and grain were totally destroyed -and
several empty cars, and one section
of the Peoria, Decatur & Evansvilio
Iluilroad round house. ,
A severe wind, rain and hail storm,
swept over Louisville, Ky. It rained in
torrents, and largo hail-stones fell, cov
ering tho streets. The storm on the
river 'did considerable damage and life
saving crews and harbor boats wcro kept
very busy. - -
A terrific rain storm swept across
county, in the southeastern conur of pallobusha county, Miss., leveling Dotn
Kentucky, state that a not occurred dur- tduon and corn to Uie ground, xoung
I .i . I .. I.. . a ! f I .- a .1... .l
Illlaats aaS Alabaaia Cat a "
at Hhakiaa l-
Nashville wu visited by an earthquake
shock which luted six seconds end
passed from south to north. Fourteen
vibrations were felt and the rumbling
noise wu distinctly heard. Houws ia
all parts of the citv were perceptibly
shaken and hundreds of people were
awakened from their steep ana rusnea
into the streets. , Tho plastering in the
signal office wu cracked and articles in
the room were misplaced. Aa earth
qtuka shock was felt at Clarksvlllc,
Tena. Tba direction seemed from
southwest to northeast and the duration
wu forty or sixty seconds. There
seemed to be only one shock and a suc
cession of waves. It wu the severest
ever felt there and created much alarm;
from soma buildings tho ladies ran
creaming Into the streets and many
others vacated their houses for the time
being. Tba shocks were felt at Colum
bia, Murfrecsboro, Franklin, Gallatin,
Tnllaboma, and other places in Tennea
sas. A slight earthquake shock wu felt
st St Louis, Mo. It woke up the occu
pants of houses, but no damage is re
ported. Ths movement wu from south
to north, and the vibrations lasted from
firs to eight seconds. News from Jack
sonville, Centralis and Juncslioto, 111.,
indicate that the early earthquake shock
noted at Nshville, Tena., bt. Louis and
vansville, lad., were general through
out southern and central Illinois, At
Jacksonville ths vibrations seemed to b
from the east to the west, but at Joma
bom from the northwest to south. A
rumbling noise wu heard, and the
shocks were of sufficient force to
eauM Dictum frames ti fill from
ths walls. Tha time was 12.40 a. tu.
A severe shock of. tartbuuake was Ml at
Cairo, 111, la tho morning st II;HO,
producing nsusea with several per
sons. A distinct earthquake shock
wu felt in llunuville, Ala., amuting
sleepers by tho wi and motion. Tit
vibration was from south to north, nmi
wu followed by a ptotratted tremor,
having a duration of about twelvs c
oods. . .
An invitation hu lieen lucd to all
German-American Catholics to meet at
Chicago, rlcptembcr fills. National lath
olio conventions are an old custom
la Germany, but the one held next
rVrtember will bs ths fiist one In
the United States. Tho objiict of ths
eoavsoiMm win be, It is said, toe ronid
ration of difTcrencea exi t nir between
German and Irih Catholics, it has often
been tha complaint of Ocrtimu Catholics
in this country thst they arc neglected ot
v. intentionslly illghled by the highest
dignitaries of the church. Complaint
Has neea made at Jloma and the iiropa
iranda has recetitlv dec). led that German
IStbolicsln ths United Hii.ttS must be
treated u equal to the Irih, Tint objit-t
of ths convention is to (lcinontrnte tha
strength tf German Catholic and tikx
steps to sectirs recognition. It is claimed
thst there are aim it 2,00(t,0u0 Gcrnim
Catholics In the United f intra.
ing the election in which six men were
- Hon. E. W. Itobertson died at Baton
Rouge, La., aged aixty-four. He served
three terms in Congress and vu elected
in November lut a member of the SOth
Congress. .
The Chattanooga, Borne & Columbus
Railroad have located its lino and work
will bo beguo on the road within the next
ten days. Tbe line will be If 3 miles long
and will pass through a rich country,
The capital will be furnished by New
York and London bankers.
The chokinir of the treat sewer on
Loyd street, Atlanta, Ga., has puzzled
tbe city sutbor.tiee for several yeais sua
it has just come to light, that tbe gas
company had tapped tbe sewer in several
p'ace and rua their pipes Uirotign it, to
save them from digging up the street.
AH the women and children have left
Mon head City, Bowan county.Ky., and
there ia ao one there except those who
intend to engrge in the fight, it one take
takes place. The Tolliver gang are armed
with Winchesters, and tho Loganitcs
would have little show of holding out
sgainat them..
Joseph II. Kainer, ones a prominent
colored man in South Carolina, hu jut
died at Columbia. He figured extensively
in politics, bia superior intelligence and
good stock of information giving him
Jirestlge among his party followers, lit"
ore and during tbe War he wu the bar
ber at tha Mills' bouse ia Charleston.
At a depth of 000 feet, a small flow of
gubu been struck at the Logan welt,
six miles from Chattanoogs, Tenn. Tho
gu wu lighted and blazed up five feet
high, and tho flow ia continuous. There
U considerable excitement, and a stock
company with a capital of $30,000 has
liern organized to sink five more wells.
The son of John Player, of Kershaw
county, a C. sued 6 years, accidentally
shot hia little brother, aged 8, inflicting
a severe ana pernaps serious wuumi, a
;un hal been loaded without tho know
edge of ths father, and while the etder
boy wu playing with it, it went off with
the result ataU-d.
By the btcftk'ng of a brake beim on a
frciht car on the Ueorgta I'aciuc ilail
road, neat a elation called Henry Ellen,
several rare were derailed while on the
Cahawba mountains. The cars went down
the mountain aide and were knocked
about ImmIIv. Conductor. Dooley and
Hrakeman Tucker of Atlanta were badly
Dr. W. II. Saunders, tho physician ap
pointed to make examinations of locomo-
a a.a.sa a
live engineers ana otner raiiroaa cm
ploje, under tho hew law which went
Into effect recant I y, abandoned his work
st f Irvenaon, Ala. He was arrested nu
a writ of mandamus, which requires him
to complete bis test as to color blindness.
Ilia reason for almndnning his work is
said to b trouble with railroad men, SO,-
000 in number, who dndiko the new law,
Gen Bamucl Jonrs, of the judge sdvo-
cate trem-rals wince, died at Bedford
tprina, Pa. Gen. Jones was born in Vir
ginia in m.u, ana was cniincqucniiy mv
tv-acven veirs f aire. He wu appoint
rd i adt sr. the Military Academy at
We t P int. and after cr-idualion en
trrwl tht armv. where ho Hrvl with
credit in the Mexican war. Ho emtio
lied in the service until tho Waking out
of tho War, alien be resigned to enter
tho Confederacy,
' It W tV t t.t. .r f i.inabltnr X
V tlk I a,. mmmW ol.ildntn. If'ft fllT
Glen's Falls. Tha train stopped at Fort
VP ,1 .a. awl atl flLrtfltrtf rilnr faPflirrril tf 1
W BI U Bsia srjiivisi'sj
cite tho lady, and alio attempted to jump
f mm ina row n io inn nianuim. nun
threw one of tho chihlrcn first and then
sprang after it with the other child. Wio
!! m.tnp llii, rara and was killed. Willi
the child she hsd in her arms. The oihnr
child was hauled nut from under tho mov
tog cars just ahead of the wheels.
Always Toitton A (h-mmo Imnd-
corn ia almost totally destroyed.
m Vi. .1 a f . r - 1 :
- AUC vesiie ai Jioum jihuibou, uu iuk '
Air-Line railroad, 110 miles from Atlan
ta. Ga.. was washed out and the passen
ger trains were badly delayed. "
A l'lUauurg )spatcu says mnt a nre
occurred by which Jho glasa manufactui- '
Ing firms of McKey $ Co. snd King, Sou
it Co. sustained heavy io. The local
toss is esiunnvcu at iiH,w'j, u u,m
McKey & Co. lose $100,000 and King,
Son & Co. $13,000. The inHiranoe was
about $75,000. N,
During a heavy thunderstorm vodo oi
the tanks of the Atlantic Oil HetiV(y, .
at Point Breeze, near Philadelphia, iX,
wu struck by lightning, and 600 barrel),
of oil were destroyed. ; ' . v'
The month of July goes on record u
the hottest ever known in Philadelphia,
V. , The highest numlier of deaths from
the effects of the heat in sny one day
was thirty-three, on the 16th, and there
have been but few days when there wu
nono . reported, the numbers ranging
from three to a doxen.
Tbo steamer Umbria, of the Cunard
Line, reached her pier in New York in a
very dilapidated condition. Her for
ward decks were awept clean and her
bridges were washed away. While go
ing at full speed, in heavy seas, two
bugs wsves, said to be about fifty feet
nigh, struck ner snd broke over the decs:
ahead oT the foremast. The cabins and
steerago were flooded and a panic oc
curred. The passengers put on life belts
and prepared for the worst Tho vessel
trembled violently when the masses of
water deluged her decks. .
Union City, 8. C, reports a singular
circumstance of a cloud bunt, described
u follows : "Ilis wind, when first noticed,
wu from northwest to southesst snd ex- .
tended shout a mile wide scross tbe
country; blew over the country sbout .
two nii.es, then turned exactly in tho
oppo-ite direction, southeast to north
west, blowing down considerable corn ,
in opposite diiections snd in the differ-
ent localiti.'S through which it pawed,
injuring it in some places seriously. 1 no
Mine cl jiid came down suddenly while
tho ground wudry, tho cotton withered,
and tho sun was so hot that the cotton
was literally tea'ded, from top to bottom.
Tbe oldest inhabitants My they never
. - nt.- i. . i . i.
anew antvmng line ii, aim uiiic id
whole acres that apparently look dead.
Jircienting the appearance oi irost navinc
alien on iu It is really a curiosity, and
ia worth coming from Union to sec. '
What w ill be the outcome of it is uncer
tain. The forms snd stalks seem alive,
but the leaves sro u crisp as when frost
fdlsoo them. Our crop looked unusually
A a L.I.m. kt n.1 t i-miI,! tiatrA ln
beat for us not to have had tho rain at .
ths time it came." .
At Halcdon village, two miles north
from Psttcrson, N. J., John W. Camp
bell, a wealthy milkman, sat in his ele- '
rsr.t parlor, surrounded by his family.
They were so much alarmed that they .
closed the windows ami punca uown ine
curtains. Then cane a cranli more fear
ful than all tho others combined. , Mr.
Campbell, who weighs 270 pounds, was
picked up and thrown bodily through
tho French window in front, through
sash, curtain and all. Ho landed twenty
.a a af. ... . l. It
feet on, out on tne jawn. bit. smpir n
thinks the bolt came through the root
and down tbo chimney, and then .went
out of the window along with him, lot ,
it tore off a corner of the pm.ta in mak
ing iUcxiU ' -
tat :oTTo?t THomvuvv.
Dr. W. L. Jones, of Athens, On, tho
Mti.Vnnain wrliir on agricultural sub
jects,- says that upland corn was injured y
but slightly and on brancn oiioins u waa
not materially hurt, but on the rivura and
creeks it is disastrously damaged. As to
cotton, Dr. Jones mid, he thought all the '
blooms that have appeared since tho rain
began will fall off, and u the crop has
but aliout two weeks longer to make, he
thought that farmers could only safe y
count on the fruit already on the sulk.
A ihady transaction tha purchasa of
an awning.

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