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Hillsboro Recorder.
Ed's. fcPropr's
THURSDAY, - - AUG. 11, 1887.
Salutatory. v
To day, Ihe 11th day of Aogust, A.
' D. 1887 we enter upon the broad field
of Journalism, not entirely without
gome misgivings of what may bo our
fate in the future, nevertheless, wo
take the etep with a Bteady and deter
mined purpose of mind to give to our
patrons a Newspaper worthy the pa
tronage of an intelligent people, we
therefore hope that our little paper
may find its way into every house
hold and meet with a favorable and
cheerful reception by all.
In marking out the policy and de
fining the principle which shall gov
ern the conduct of this paper, we fihail
endeavor to avoid the "extremist" on
the one side and the dull indifference
on the other, to speak plainly what
we mean, and take a firm and conser
vative sUnd on all matter effecting
the public welfare, recognizing and
conceeding to others the right to
think, aet and speak for themselves.
To our brethern of Ihe Press we be
speak for ourselves their courtesy and
favorable reception as members of the
Craft, and it will always be onr plea
sure to extend to them the right hand
of fellowship as co-operators in tho
grand and noble purpose of elivatiug
bis fellowrnan.
From the well known position we
cave always oocnpied in private, as-
well as in pnblic life, it is needless
tell the people of North Carolinthat
we are Democrats, aud thatfhis pi
per, upon all questions ofPclities will
be thoroughly Democjarljc, but niton
this, as upon all things elee, tempo
. We have giVen to it that familiar
appellation,'''" Uilleboro Rxcobdeb
and thus; in name at least, revived
one ofthe ancient landmarks of Ilills-
bovff a same fur more thin sixty
even years venerated and esteemed
as a louse-hold treasure; and may we
hope to continue for it the justly earn
ed reputation of truthful and relia
ble," which it had while edited by that
rentable and good man Dennis
With charity to all and malice to
none we hoist our sails and launch
our bark upon the troubled and di
Tmified reas of public opinion .
Our Condition Financially.
The Treasury at Washington now
holds about 225,000,000 in gold and
nearly or quite the same in silver.
This ia two much money for any
government to have, and it is not tin
reasonable to suppose that wild and
extravagant legislation will be the
result. This is not all, under and
through the Internal Revenue there
is annually collected from the peo
ple about S 150,000,000.
If the necessities of the Govern
ment required the ctllectiia of this
vast sum annually from the people,
they would not complain, but it dos
not The obligations of the Govern
moot Lave been all paid ranch faster
than necessary aod much faster than
the good of the country required.
Wlile the Treasury u full to over
flowing with these hundreds of mil
lions lying idle the people of the
country have been deprived of many
safe investments, aod more straitened
than ever before.
Then we think a reduction, or
rather an an abolition of the national
taxes is imperatively demanded.
Down with the war tax, down with
the Internal Revenue.
The Railroad lrom Clarksville Ya.,
to Oxford N. C, is now under full
Lead way and it is corfilontly expect
d thm oy December next will reach
the latter place; then in the language
of the 'State' "Push the Road to Dor.
ham,' this short link.connecting, these
jrat line of the U. aud D. mast be
iad, it will give to our people a ahor
ter and cheaper route to Richmond
aud the Northern cities and a il m
terially to the wealth and prosperity
ot parham as well as to the city by
the 'James.' That abort line of only
28 miles must Le bnilt, our neigh
bors pf Durham will be as ready in
this, as they have always been in all
other matters i f great importance, to
dance, to the mutic uamo the a-mount.
We need and mast have a Good Vale
School in FillshoroV
This old town for almost a century past
and np to quite a recent period, enjoyed
the reputation, aud was justly notod for its
Ads Male Schools. Many a man of to-day
occupying high place of pnblio trust and
usefulness in the country received bis pre
paratory training nnder the skilful hand of
the lamented William Bingham, oa the kill
at the Academy." Bingham tu suc
ceeded by Dr. Alex, Wilson, at the Load
of'tlie "CalJwell Iuatitatj;" than earns Col
C. C. Tew, sud bat for the lute war be
tween the States, would have been a flour
ishing Military Sohool to-day. Bat tuess
grand institutions of learning have poasod
away and we have had no Male School only
for a short time siuoa their d y; then we
repeat: we need and must have a good live
Male School. If any one will take the
pains, ho can count np between thirty and
forty boys in town of the propor age, and
who ought to be at school. Will oar peo
ple tako tome iaterest in tho nutterf We
call upon the parents to consider it Will
it not be much better to have a gor d School
at homo than to be co upelied to send oar
boys from home for an education?
Iu regard to Female Schools, we are par
ticularly fortunate, we have two, one nnder
the control aud management of the Mioses
Nosh and Miss ICHock for young ladies,
the other conducted by Miss Alice Heartt
and Mrs. Maty Bragg for girls aad small
boys. These schools for hluieucyuud
thorough trainiug cauuot be surpassed any
where in the South. .
We iutend to agitata this nutter until we
get the School. We have conversed with
gentlemen in the country, as well as in town
and fiud that they arc Ukiug a deep inte
rest on t':e subject gad will be ready to
frrVard it
Some Old Papers.
We' sec from onr contemporary the "To
hrfeco riant" that ha has baon favored by a
friend with some old papers ot the year
1854 among them the "Spirit of the Age,"
once published in Raleigh as a temperance
Lemuel Lynch, Esq., of Hillsboro,' this
morning pic tented na with a large bnndle
of the Hillsboro Recorder." lited by
Dennis Heartt 8om i of th am of thi date
of Oct. the 23 Ji and oae copy of tin
"Weekly RJeigJi R'glater" of H4S by
"Weaton R, Gales, E litor an I Proprietor."
It seems there was vry little Editorial in
the Recorder'' of that date, bat many ex
trees and advertisements interesting to the
people of this day. We eopy only a few:
Clonal v. Ths Union party has prevail
ed by a small mijority. As the election of
members ot Cougreaa ia that state is by
general ticket, the whole delegation are ot
the Vuion party.
MaeTUXD. Ibis state has gone decided
ly against theadminintration. Of the mem
bers of the Honau ot Delegates, Ci are op
position and 18 Jackson men. The Senate
eonaiatiog of 15 members, are all ia the
Lelwabx. In this state the opposition
has also succeeded.
rtsstsTtVAJtLi.--Pu'J rctnrns have not
been receive. I. Ia thed.striots uer.l from
Jackson party have a loojedJ in eU-cliug
I j members of Coagreaa, and the optot
boa 10.
New Jntitr. The Jackson pwty have
saoccede4 in re-electing their entire On
irmwionul tickui, by a u uoritv of eleven or
twelve hundred. The following U said to
snow the alreogtn ol the two porues in the
next Legislature.
Council. Assembly.
8 29
6 21
Jackson and A&tiJackson'wat the politi
cal Slogan if that period, which was after
wards called Whig sod Democrat
We also note some advertisement. One
William Cain, Executor of William Cain,
Sr., Sale of pemouol property; another
of Huntington and Lynch, advertising,
Watches 4 Jewelerey; also quite a lengthy
Salutatory of riiilo White, the founder of
the "&C.UaaLtrd.''
In the Une of the 12th of N .v. 1835, the
Recorder give as Ukeu from the Register
the organic Ui m of the Legislature at tho
"Government H n,M tho contestant for
Speaker of the Hoaae of Commons were
William H. Haywood, Jr., of Wake and
William A. Graham of Oranga.' Haywood
was elected by a small majority.
In the issue of ths Recorder of Feb. 8th
1S4I is to be found the piloting ticket;
For Governor.
William a. Giun UI,
Of Orange.
For President,
Of Kentocky.
Subject to the dcaaioo of ths people."
Is the town election on ths Satardaf be
fore we find the following town officers
Richardson NicLols; UuguilraU Folk.
Commissioners. Lemuel Lvncb, W. II.
Drown, James M. Palmer, Dr. Pride Jones,
Levin Catnjichael, Henry K. Naah, John
A. Faneett
In the same Usue is to be found a five
column address of South Carolios's great
Statesman John C. Calhoun.
We have some numbers of the Recorder
of a much older date, not so to ban 1 and
will make sou extracts, from them ia the
future. ;
Wilmington Is getting ready to In
vite the President to visit her also.
She is a little alow, but generally
"gets there all the same." We hope
he will in this instance.
We are undoubtedly for Mr. Cleve
land for President in preference to
any other roan in the United Btates,
and we feel snre that Mrs. Cleveland
is a most excellent, nice, pretty and
bright lady, but we are utter'y dis
gusted aud nauseated at the many lit
tle silly pieces we see in the papers
in rei'ereuc. to her toilet, ber walk,
the shoes she wears, bow she tits, how
she talks and laughs a thousand oth
er things utterly simple. I know the
lady herself must feel disgusted with
such silly talk.
The latest "sil" is that Mrs. Cleve
land's walking shoe strings are a mile
and a half loug what wit, -
CommisaionerF.il. Easbeeaud Speir
Wnitnker sold the Atlantic Hotel property
to the highest bidder, says tho Newt and
Vbtemer ot a late date, et noou to nay. A
syndicate of North Carolina gentlemen,
headed by Julian S, Corr, Esq., the others
being Messrs. A. B. Bruuuh aud Ed
win Barnes, of Wilaou, and Dr.
Blacknall. become the pnrohosera. The
syndicate propose making the "Atlantic"
the popular resort of the South, by beau
tifyiutf the premises, adding all the mod
ern eouvcuieuces and comforts, putting in
ehrttric lights, erecting improved bath
Jfjonses and p'aoing the property in charge
oi tue not caiere in mo country: Xiie
"summer capital" in the hands of these na
tive Korth Carolinians is going to be made
to blossom like thj rose.
The event of the season transpired to
day, Mr. and Mrs. Julian S. Carr gave
oneot their charocteribtio surf parties.
More than 221) persons were entertaiued at
the pavillion upon the beach. Mmio and
an abandanoo of splendid refreshments,
added to the very fine surf bathiug. ren
dered the ocoaaiou tho m wt reuharche aa
well as Ihe moat pleading event of the sea
son. The cntfe,ta of llin Atlaniln f.wl l:irpel
indebted to Mr. an I Mrs Carr for snub a
magmnceiit display of their hospitality ss
for their con$Uut and handsome efforts to
make life pleasant to all about them.
Wo copy from the Niicsand Obser
ver the following items of news:
Expulsious, seizures and " reprisals
continue on the border land between
Germany and Franco. Such a course
is not likely to lesson the ill feeling
existing between the two countries.
Mt. Holly, where the Grange En
campment is to be held, is a tittle
town on the right bank of the Cataw
ba river In G teton connty, and on
the Carolina Central .Railroad, near
Charlotte" It is the'eeutre ot one of
the richest agricsltnral regions in the
State. It ia beautifully situated aud
is beautiful in itself.
Nine persons it seems, were victims
of the murderer near Macon, Ga, A
whole family wss destroyed with the
single exception of one member, that
exception being the man who com
mitted the crime. What punishment
could be too severe for such a crimit
nal ia a rjnestinn that occurs to every
mind. The forfeit of but one life
seems altogether iuadeqtute to the
butchery ot nine innocent people
There i no more awful deed in the
annals of crime. There seems to bo
conclusive proof ot the guilt of the
eldest sou of the murdered head of
the family. "
A good corn crop is promised in
Kansas, Missouri and Iowa, but small
yields in Illinois and Indiana.
The newspapers have been trying
to deUue the word "kiss" lately. The
medal nhonld be given to the man
who sai l " kiss is a noun and at the
same time a conjunction."
Gently we now turn to the contem
plation of cool waves. Cold blasts
will follow and blizzards are not far
oir in the future. It is all in a life
Waxeboro, Ga., August 4. Last
night Mr. Charles Elrod, accompan
ied by a dozen armed men, went to
the residence of William Stoddard,
where EIrod's young wife was held
imprisoned by her father, and after a
sharp brush succeeded t in capturing
the girl. Elrod is eighteen Tears
old sod the son of a substantial far
mer. Fr a year lie has been enam
ored of Mie Lucy Stoddard, the
fourteen year old daughter of a con
tractor of this place. Stoddard ob.
jected to Elrod as a son in-law and
forbade him the house. The lovers
met in sncret. bowevoi, and planned
a runaway marriage, which was so
lemiaed by Ihe Rev. Mr. Zimmerman.
Mr. Stoddard, as soon a be heard
of it, sued out a warrant against El
rod for abduction, and disturbing the
ynnng conpje at midnight, he drag
ged Klrod to jil and took the young
bride borne, where she wss put under
lock and key. Elrod was discharged
from jail on a technicality, when he
at once org t nixed his friends and pro
ceeded to Stoddard's house, intent on
bloody work if necesary.
The gnards there showed fight, bat
no appeal to firearms was made.
While one party engaged Stoddard
and his friends in conaultation anoth
er prty stole into the house through
the tank door, soenred the girl and
fled. Several parting shots were fir
ed by the discomfited guards.
For thh Reoobder.
. DEDICATED to MISi F. C. 8.
' '
Anions the manv thoughts, that doss
through winds most clear in youths fair
Are those that do not seem to lati -Beyond
a few brief hours of time.
We think of times that we have had
With girls we love, not less, but more
Than wheu we with them, theu, were g'ad,
because we'd nothing else in store.
'Twos pleasant then to sit and chat
And while pleasant eve away .
And when 'twits late wa d tnka onr haL
And come again some other day.
We Utile thought in those bright years,
That memory's casket, filling yet
Would recall to na the times and ways
That now we cannot well forget.
Sweet lips were those we asked to kiss,
On plea that we were soon to leave,
And might not theu secure the bliss,
That we might now obtain with ease.
It seems that there ia always one
Whose memory fills a louging spot
When absent ; while we know that we
When out of sight-are soon forgot.
v . ht Edlooo.
Sunday Night, Aug. 7, 1887.
The Warren ton Gutetlt says: Our
friend and neighbor, Mr. W. O. Plummer,
escaped a horrible death the other day by
the presence of mind and bravery of his
fllteen year old daughter, Hiss Sue. Sue
was milking one of the oowa and her fath
er was standing by her. Iu the pen was a
fine three year old Jersey linlL .Before he
was aware of what had happened, the bull
had knocked Mr. Plum mer down from be
hind, and when Miss Hue saw him, the en
raged animal was standing over ber father
with one of bis horns ou his throut, pre
Earing to goad him. Without a mowuts
esitation she seized him by the horns,
and with super natural atrVsugth, minaged
to pnll the suimal's head a little to one
side, wheu Mr. Plummr seized him by
tue nose, mm nose ana nora noit they
managed to stop him until his son, Wal
ter, (who was iu aa adjoining lot) ran np
and bout him off with a stick, it was a
narrow escape and Mias 8ue is a heroine.
Mr. Plummer was badly bruised.
We take from the " Richmond
State the following items :
Chicago, Aug 3. The Time's epe
cial from Evansville, Ind , referring
to me sinicing oi laua in i ngg coun
ty, Ky., since the earthquake Monday
night, says: "About midnight every
body was awakened by a sharp shock
and bad barely gotten to their feet
when the earth, with a shaking, dizzy
motion, suddenly sank five feet, car
tying houses and terrified darkies
with it. 1 be scenes that ensued baf
fie dissolution. The negroes tell on
their knees, and in freuzied tones,
'prayed to the Lord to save them.'
Utners began shouting and praising
the Almighty, and ever and anon
caating an upward glance to eee if the
chariots of fire were not descending.
Added to this pandemonium was the
intense darkness which prevailed, the
moon being completely obscured by
heavy black clouds which bung very
low and like a pall over the doomed
district. Rumblings were heard from
tbe depths below, which gradually be
came fonder, and numerous springs
bidden for years suddenly fouud an
opening and began to bubble upward
in constantly increasing streams The
terrified inhabitants, not pausing for
the household goods or chattels, gath
ered their offspring and rushed away
from the doomed pot, and some of
them are still putting a much dis
tance between them and the sinking
land aa pooeible. The loss to proper
ty ia incalculable. A large area of
corn and tobacco is a total loss.
Newport, Ark., Aug. 3. A mob of
one hundred armed men rde into
Jacksonport about 1 o'clock yester
day morning anj took Leonard Doyd,
the stianected wife murderer, from
jail. They started fqjr the snburba,
but Boyd snatched a nSe from a man
riding beside him, and running about
ten yards, then turned and fired
twice, bitting one man. The mob
fired a volley at Boyd and then rode
over him, firing into his body until
their guns were unloaded- More than
200 bullets entered his body.
Equinoctial Stormi.
X. T, Baa.
The so called Equinoctial atorm is
one of the things that most people
never lose faith in. It is compara
tively rare for heavy rains to fall just
at tbe time when the sun crosses the
line, and yet if tbe weather happens
to be dry at the autumn equinox, as
it Las been this year, many persona
appear to think ;that the order of
nature must nave changed, n is
true that we commonly have much
rain within a few-woeks'of tbe equi
iiox, but a glanc at any weather
record will show that September is
quite aa remarkable lor its droughts
as for its rain fall
The apparent fruitless efforts of the
heavens to furnirh rain, as indicated
by the winds and clouds of the last
week in this vicinity, have, however,
been Interesting phenomena, and
many amateur prophets have, as a
consequence, sadly shaken the confi
denne ot their friends by predicting
that the rquinnotial tempest was sure
ly about.
An alarming drought is reported io
JEEP3 constantly on hand, and receives DAILY all kinds of
. . J. A L'S O 7
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Notions,
j. WE keep constantly ou hand a fresh supply of all kind of
Caunei Goods. '
Taken in exchange for GOODS for which
PRICES will he PAID.
COME and see me, at my old stand in DERRY Building. Opposite town
Pomp I w!ll give you
In every thing to EAT and WEAR. Your friend
H. L. Parish.
Aug. 11
E. A. Roseinond & Bro.f
LEHOXA.DE, limeade,
Ginger Ala, Root Deer and
All kinds of
riain, French and Fancy CANDIES.
A good STOCK of all kinds of Heavy
One door above the Recorder Office.
aog. 113m. ; Hillsboro, N. C.
Watch Makcrfc Jeweller.
ALL KINDS, Styles and Quality of
Repairing ol WATCHES, CLOCKS
and JEWELERY a speciality and
done with neatness and dispatch.
Office on King Street,
Opposite the Becordtr Office.
11 an. 6m. ILllsboro', N. C.
r. i. aTRctmicu,
. Attorncy.at-Lavr,
rsicncu la Orange and the lijofoiog
Executors' Solo ;
Tn a t "nriTi a mn .
BT Yirioe of tbe last Will aa4 Testa
meet of tbelaUGORUE A. FAUCET r,
I will sell on the premises oa
Tuesday September 20thf 87
The following tracta of LAND, situated ia
Orange County, imoiediaiel oa Eao IU
ver, to nit: . . ;,- ,
The HOME TRACT containing about
ISO acres. Upon this tract is autaated I
ma naming boaae aod all doom ary oat
honses, also to good Tobacco Darns. ,
TRACT No. J.-Contaiaing aboat 100 '
acrea, . . .. j
TRACT No. ".-Containing about 100
TRACT No. 4. Kaowa as the olJ
'Hart' Mill Beat, upon which isaitaaUj
vuw v, miv wra water powers on X.30 lil
ver, and before aod daring the Rerolatioa
ary War, there was a Falling Mil! sad
Urge grist Will, eontaiaing about ',13 acres.
TRACT No. 8 The Warl tract eon
.aioing 240 acres, to be sold snbjaot to tlia
life estate ot kliss rartbena Ward oa SO
ores of said tract. This has always U
knows as tbe beat plantation Id tbe neigh
borhood, upon ft is a good dweUicg wub
necessary oat buildings.
TRACT No. C-Koown as the Chris truss
pUce IX miles west ef Hillsboro, about
anty.ll ve seres, Ibis tract fa nearly all wewt
. . v ! BWOTTBT Will .
proximity to town. '
, ALSO 8 IX)T3 lathe town of naisbera.
Immediately IU of tbe Court Hobs, up. t
oa oaa lot (being a corner lot) is situated
food STORE DOU8E. the otber twVare
occapied as Blaek-Smith bhops.
All the tracts in tbe country are very
valMUeforFarmfnffparposes aal adjoin .
esh other an J will be sold in boji
oos i tract or separata! aa above nomW.
ad to suit purchasers, .
For f artbor intormatloo write or call oa
tha ntiddraiirnal. arkA alll t.i,. -I ,
showing th. Unda. vumnn 18
.AU l'h U he sarveysd aad pUu
of tbe diflVrsnt tracU ready for laspeo-ioa
after the first day of Sept .absr ttll
Terms of Salet
One Third to be paid ia Cseh.oae Utrl
in Six monlbs snd the balaaee io twelra
months, with interest from data. Tillers
served until the money ts paid. If purchs
sera daalre tliov ean Pay all ia Cash.
, .... of Ui-o. A. Fansttt,
Ang. litis. IlilUhoro, . C.
. C. BTECDWICI, g. i. g00!,,
TRACTICES la Durham, Orange, and
rerson eoantles. .
auw-Io tbs Federal aad 8nrems Coarts.

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