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noRTii cahouiia:
Tvllsoa Times: Mr. W. A. Hartsfltld.
a Jeweler here, ia a direct descendent
cf Andrew Hartsfleld. who leased to
the city or New York one hundred and
cifaie years ago fifty acres of land on
Manhattan Island. He awalteth a di
vision. Concord Tribune: It seems pretty
certain that Concord will soon have a
new building: ot very pretentious pro
portions and consequence. The Old
Fellows. Woodwmen and Junto ra axe
arranging to huild a handsome build
ing: for a lodge room.
Haeford Chronicle: The bank of
Staeford closed its last year's business
last Thursday and they make an an
nual statement in this paper that
would be a credit to any banking In
stitution, it shows fine business man
agement and that the: bank Is one of
the sound banking houses of the stato.
Chapel Hill Newa: Mr. A. B. Nichol
son, of Alamance, and Mr. Devereu
Turner, of Ehirham, were nominated
for state senators at a meeting of the
republican senatorial convention held
at Hillsboro recently. We learn that
Mr. Turner will not accept. (Mr. Tur
ner Is a son of the late Hon. Josiah
Turner. Ed.
"Winston Ilepublican: The Salem
commissioners have ordered the street
committee to survey and lay out naw
street west of park avenue. With the
erection cf the J125.0C0 furniture facto
ry of Messrs. H. E. Frries, Chas. S.
Siewers and others in that vicinity,
the probability is that dwelling houses
will be in demand in that Portion of
our Twin-City.
Alamance Gleaner: May apples in
October Is an unusual sight, but these
unusual sights occasiolnly present
themselves. On Tuesday our towns
man Mr. J. N- H. Clendenin, present
ed us with some ripe May apples
which he had Ju3t gathered from a tree
at his home, and told us that the tree
bore a good crop in "May. These sec
ond apples were of good size, mellow,
and had the proper flavor.
Iled Springs Citizen: The announce
ment that Rev. P. It. Law is to become
a permanent resident of Red Springs
will be received with pleasure by his
many friends. He has bought .the prop
erty now occupied by Mr. John W.
Graham and will take possession the
first of next year. In the meantime
the greater part of Mr. Law's time wiil
be spent here, he having much to In
bo spent, here, he having much to do in
Winston Sentinel: Mr, and Mrs. C.
W. Bunker, of Haystack, Surry county,
passed through the city last evening
on their way to the St. Louis exposi
tion. Mr. Bunker is a son of one of the
Siamese towns. He has a silver dollar
that has a record. Thirty years ago
Mr. Bunker got it from J. M. Jones, of
Boonville, and has kept it since as a
pocket piece. It is worn very little and
every mark on it shows plainly. It
was 'coined in the year 179S. Mr. Bun
ker says he could get five dollars for
it but will not sell.
Pender Chronicle: Ye agricultural
editor paid a short visit this morning
to Mr. G. W. Horsey's "Delaware
truck farm" and there saw some fine
farming. As a second ciop after a
yield of forty-five barrels of Irish po
tatoes to the acre which sold for $5.00
pe rbarrel. Mr. Horsey has a prospec
tive yield of 1,200 pounds of cotton per
acre planted 8th of June. On another
plot of three acres that was a forest
three months since and grubbed up
and planted in potatoes, he will gather
200 bushels of Wood's Early potatoes.
His strawberry crop is all that can he
desired. He is now applying guano to
the plants.
Shelby Correspondence of Charlotte
Observer: Cotton is opening fast ani
St is being picked in all its purity on
account of tho dry weather. The far
mers who are getting in a position to
kold their crop for better prices are
refusing to sell at the present price,
many of them hauling their cotton
back home after trying the market.
.There will be a fair average crop made
rwhich, with the fine crops of wheat,
corn and the grasses will place th
farmers on a safe footing. The country
is alive with politicians, and the peop'e
are hearing all about the two parties
democrats and republicans. This coun
ty is now having a joint canvass be
tween the two parties, but few changes
however, will be brought about, as ev
ery one has made up his mind how he
will vote. This county will give a dem
ocratic majority of 1,700.
Pill Pleasure,
i ever took De Witt's Little Ear-
t JM ""w what pill pleasure is.
17 Risers system of all bile
tion you to. Pleasant effects.
These famous x n. or weaken,
liver and rid the strength
without producing m.. atom.
They do not gripe, slcke.. - R
hut pleasantly give ton ahw
to the tissues and organs of th
ach, liver and bowels. 6old by.
Dowie's- approval of Itoosevelt leads'
to the inference that th First Apostle
has an eye single to noted material
for his other eleven.; Atlanta Journal.
- F : Good for Children.
The Pleasant to take and harmless
"One Minute Cough Cure gives instant
relief In all cases of Cough, Croup and
SaGrippee, because it does not pass
immediately into the stomach, but
-takes effect right at the seat of troa-
! tole. It draws out the Inflammation,
heals and soothes and cures perma
nently by enabling the lungs to con
tribute pure life-giving and life-sus
taining oxygen to the blood ana tissues.
c Bold by It. R. Bellamy.
' tco t la or the oninion that sho I t
ahmit to be run over by a train. I
The Ellen N road seems to share that I
-ppinloru too. Atlanta Journal.
1 .
'X . ' One of aianr.
tx a T?f!!i- of sommerton'. S. C
suffered for twenty years with tho
Piles. Specialists -were employed and
SSSkiSrtioSd -V4ta to
iST??wiu-a "Witch Haxel. Salve. I
trrmTa bV nn ii i luu hj
?T trbeen effected by this
.. r -cA hn eieciea uy w I
Mirpq mai t tr Tviton I
wonderiui r'-. nBCC3sary that I
?cI.BJiT.ene DeTOtfo. made by
5a "..IT in Chicago, anu i
E. c. Zvxrti0 witch Hazel I
cure is certain " cuts.
ArWDTTl 79.
Serm, skin " diseases, etc.
2t. B. Bellamy. . . "'
, Does th fact that Mr. Tom Watson
and other presidential candidates of
minor parties direct their attacks par
ticularly against Judge Parker and
not against Mr. Roosevelt indicate that
they believe the democrats stand the
best chance of winning? Winston
Why do not our republican friends
tell us about the preparation their
party had made to issue bonds Just
before Cleveland went into office the
last time? They blame him and nis
administration for that issue of bonda j
wnen in iaci mcy uu prepare :
plates from which to print the bonds.
Alamance Gleaner.
. . .
One good way 10 neaa on me ui-
vorce evil is to make it hard for dl-
vorced folks to marry again, says
Bishop Smith It is a knotty problem ty, was accepted I by mo people here
all the way throughout it would be abouts tne designation of the fr
better if some way Wld be devised mer black congressman from this dls-
lw pi---ni, wiivn uuouiitu eA,t
from marrying the first time. Ral
eign j'osi.
"If the party
does not win this
tlme." says The Durham Herald, "they
cannot charge it up against the gold
democrats.!' No indeed ihey cannot.
The gold democrats are the boys this
time. You just wait until old man
Grover Cleveland takes the stump In
New York and see the republicans
hunt the swamp- Charlotte Observer.
The republican press finding Judge restrain the proffer by Mr. Roosevelt.
Parker invulnerable, are taking It out The Hon. George Washington Murray
by abusing Mr. Cleveland the presi- to whom the door of hope has been
dent to whom from their own stand- opened freely, is about - to -pass
point the republic Is indebted for get- ; through- the door of the state peni
ting the silver coinage law repealed ( tentlary, having been convicted of
and saving the currency from debase- , forgery and fraud upon some ignorant
roent at a personal sacrifice such as member of his race, who believe tn
only a true patriot would have been (
capable of making. Jouisburg Times.
It is Just three weeks from next
Tuesday until the election and the
people will decide who shall govern
them for the next two and four years
in nation, state and county. The
democrats have been exceedingly for
tunate this year. They are all from
president down to the smallest county
officer, men of ability and of the high
est character and there is something
radically wrong with the democrats
who can't vote the whole ticket from
top to bottom. Raeford Chronicle.
It seems that they apply cloture
pretty effectually in the general Epis
copal convention. Kvery time that
Hon. J. C. Buxton tried to speak,
coupling intemperance with divorce,
he was ruled out of order. After his
cut-off criticism of Bishop Potter, they
were very much afraid Mr. Buxton
would say out in meeting "what good
men everywhere feel. Instead of cut
ting off Mr. Buxton they -ought to
have met him In debate if they felt
able to do so. But, instead of that,
Mr. Buxton was denied a hearing on
a "rule of order." News and Ob
server. So Mr. Blackburn's claim of republi
can harmony in the eighth does not
appear to be based altogether upon
facts. It is known that Mr. Price had
a number of friends in the Wilkesboro
convention, andhe has many friendsr
all over the eighth district. Of course
some of them will vote for Blackburn,
but it is pretty safe to assumethat
many will not. Blackburn's attitude
toward Price and other leading re
pubicans in the eighth has not been
such as to secure for him their en
thusiastic support. The volcano Is
slumbering, only, rumbles and spouts
a little now and then; but is liable to
emit molten rock before long. Ral
eigh Post.
The Georgia papers are discussing
the question whether a man applying
for a license to marry should give a
bond of S850 with two sureties guar
anteeing his ability to provide for a
wife for one year. There is an old
dead letter law to this effect on the
statutes of .the state, and as late as
1850 such a law was enforced In Rich
mond county. "The interesting ques
tion." says The Augusta Chronicle,
"now is, was this law repealed? There
are those who think not. Others be
lieve it was repealed. To .satisfy their
curiosity attorneys of the city are en
deavoring to find out the truth. If
not repealed it is still a law. although
in disuse for over half a century."
Charlotte Chronicle.
Tom Watson does not talk like a
man who is dishonest and corrunt.
Neither does he make the impression
that he is happy, as some papers put
nim aown yn tne contrary, we -jugs ; one respect. "The corporations have
ne is decidedly unhappy, with what is learned the game of the kings, 'Divide
now taking place. He i3 not in need : in order to rule.'" says Mr. Watson,
of money; he has a liberal supply of j "Having split the people into two fae
tms. and the glory he is getting must tions. one called republican and the
be. to say the least, most unsatisfying, other democrat, the corporations rule
lnere can be said of him. he has the land, first through one of these
more brains than any other nonulist carties. and thpn thntyH th .n.r
who ever raised his voice in th Mrth
He ought to throw pornulism to th
wind, and go somewhere
-it makes
"iue ainerence where and edit a
strictly independent newspaper. Such
an enterprise would give him money
and reputation, and in a dozen years
t!,Ult5 mould a constituency n
S3 Vr? U? ,WLth isfactlon Tan!
al pride. Raleigh Times.
ke Into His House.
Bv " f Cavendish. Vt, was
tomary health by in
S. Le Quim.
roDbed of his cu. XT"
Dr. icing's New Life nested ani
his boose his trouble was v. re guai
now h Is entirely cured. The 'lamy's
anteed to cure, 25c at It. R- e
Jrafz Stare.-
T.irfirA VvrUr vrtm't take the stum
TTnwver. somebody that needs It win
come along" and pfcSr it up. Atlanta I
Journal. i
A Ioto Ixrttcr.
Would not interest you if you're Iook-
rn Q trnaTanteed tSsdve for Sores,
- rtr. m Tiles:. Otto D3d. of Ponder.
Mo Writes: "I suffered with an ugiy
rr.r- vear- hut a box of Bucklen's
-rr K,
Arnica salve cureu -"
Salve on earth. 23c at K. K. Bellamy's
Druff Store,
mi .r viion "kt Ktr nt move a
A w , . rAAjTi fnr
then T-fiumphU entrj- iato
AUaata Journal.
sKy Ecraper uriv.v - -----
vii u I
A! boon to waveiwa.
. 1 Lw lAKt
. t. -ocrn cifi-wTprrV- Lures
yriZ. diarrhoea, seasictowa. nan-
neaiant to take.. Acta prompuy.
t '
.... . au th
1 Accoraing to va? TrVVnl Tl
. a. a
Anderson county farmers hare
taken the ; lead in - th matter of the
formation of the farmers trust. They
have called on the rest of the-farmers
of the state to meet them In the mat
tcr. We do not naturally love a trust,
out we would offer no obieotfon t
the farmers of this section meeting
with their brethren of the Piedmont
on this occasion and looking out for
themselves. As long as trusts ore
lighting us there seems to be but on
way to meet the attack .and that la 1
e mfght ga " of7 !
republican leader tmnA t,.
Fiorence Times "
The announcement that George
Washinrton i
ed postmaster at k little viflage by
tn nani4 nf Hllire ,r. Tai..
a little villas hv !
inci to a new federal nffiro nH
--w a is WJ
newspapers nave commented upon it
as further evidence of Mr. Roosevelt's !
disposition to force negro officials up. j
on the south. But the postmaster at i
Huger is not the former congressman
and !t is not even yet certain that he !
ex-CerMnSf. I
wvriisiexTnan jnurray nas an en-
gagement with the state of South '
state of South
Carolina that would preclude his ac
ceptance of any office at the hands
Of the nresldent. vn if it hih r
him as a high representative. He
, will work for the government, but it
will be for the government of South
Carolina and not for that of the Uni
ted States and he will work under
guard. News and Courier.
The late mayor of Toledo, Ohio,
"Golden Rule" Jones, was true to., his
name to the last. His executors have
discovered that he gave away $100,
000 annually to save defaulters from
arrest-and disgrace. No less than
.200 of his ellow citizens who plead
for aid received it. We are told that
of this number were bank tellers,
bookkeepers and confidential men of
large corporations who had taken
money from their, employers to spec
ulate or pay the expenses of high liv
ing are included in this list. Not one,
as far as known returned to evil ways,
and, as usually happens, not one re
turned the money to this benefactor.
But, he did not expect it, fortunately.
It is supposed that had he not been
suddenly taken away, he would haveJ
destroyed the memoranda of his ben
efactions. The fact that the papers
exist must alarm a number of Toledo
people, for we are told that there are
i many homes in Toledo that owe their
existence today to the benefactions of
Jones. There are many men occuov- !
offatra rt .v.
wearing stripes ,but for his help. They
were able to make good the shortages,
and their employers never knew of
their wrongdoing. Augusta Chronicle
":T Vrirr y'r.l..l
iiucmicn ueis in me neia ima
v iv. .cwruciicaujr cvii i
,h , o nAr r torn,- V5
i01"8 ,lne Independent pub hsh-
T. uon. 01 ar"'es
".'j: I" nuitiinees oi nve
-.". roimusi, promDuion.
u.w.a, s"fi- iu.uur. aiui
"auui,dI iy. . t'liiuiuaie wno nas
no expectation ot oeing elected is re-
lieved of the haunting fear of com-
mitting himself indiscreetlv. or male-
iner "breaks." This very fact, combin-
ed with the earnestness . and the ex-
ceptional point of view which take a
man into one of these dissident move-
1,cm " "ww iiuuKs i!Heresun5.
a vwie ior euner xtooseveu or -arKer
iiiusl u tasi m me vast majority ot
cases from highly complex motives;
but the other candidates make the
simplest of appeals. Dr. Swallow has
reduced the needs of the situation to
one reform; Mr. Watson .to eieht.
' which naturallv sroiin tham0iQ
1 together: Mr. Debs and Mr. Corrp?an
to a reconstitution of society on lines
j that are beautifully simple until the
. ueiaus nave 10 De worKea out. a
' though differinv more radically from
I one another than thfv do frnm th
great parties, the view, points of these
candidates are curiously similar in
S r- o.,nnf '. ZL.
hnr nntr, ,r,Mhtt. ..ii:n.f'
1 v iiiiif l 111 1 1 1 1 r-iiiir i j m t
. - v- ,
me ravors with these parties and
thus keep both !n the field is the pol
icy of the liquor traffic." he says. "Be
tween the ru publican party and the
democratic party there is no differ
ence so far as the working man Is
concerned," says Mr. Debs. New
York Post.
Can You Eat?
J. B. Tayiof, ft prom5nt merchant
of Chriesman. Ter,. sava: I cmT'l n
eSt because Of a Wfak minmxeh. T Itut
at! efrengih and ran aorrn in weight.
All aat money could do was done,
but all hope of recovery .vanished.
Hearing !Z some wonderful efffes ef
fected by be use of Kodol-Dysep3.a
Care, I concluded to try IL The firjc
bottle benefitted me, and after taking
four bottles, i am fully restored to my
usual strength. wisht and health."
"-dol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you
a .
wt auu cure, coia uj it. at. xseiuimy.
WatsoO can claim that he . would
have won ad hfs health not given out
in the middle ot tne campaign. At
lanta Journal
Testimony of a' 3Hnter.
Rev. Jno. S. Cox. of Waka, Ark.,
writes 'For 12 years I eunTerea from
Yellow Jaundice. I consulted a number
of .tmvsiclans and tried an sons oi
frines. but eot no relief. Then I bi-
-- r prtrI BUters and feel
h.u'v w -o"
that I am now cured of a disease that
had me in its grasp for twelve years.-
I I r TDII S all L. Cfc icuauiv aIVn.mv,
I iri - j trMn trnuhlo. litamaoh d;s.
wicr ouu -v, - : . .
gv - - -
I a rAeeiver has been appointed for
for It to liquidate.- Atlanta Journal.
'"- One cause ol the frequent miscarriage
ox justice is that a smart lawyer mir
set up an ingenious pica however ab
surd and ridiculous and some one will
believe it and be influenced by what he
says Instead of the evidence in the
case. It is this sort of thing that some
times makes trial by Jury & farce.
Henderson Gold Leaf.
The American Cotton Company, of
i-iiiaaurg, nas Deen ior len years ex-
ki V i 7 i. w picms ma
Ier one-quarter of
dollars experimenting. The company
owns a plantation for the express pur
pose of testing the picker In the field
and they have built quite a number of
machines, some operated by mule pow.
er and some by crasoline rtower. The
experts oi me company are an sanguine
that they will this year be able to dem
onstrate the practicability of their ma.
chine. Mr. Thos. R. Morris is the gen
tleman who will be in charge of the
experiments in the field, and it is said
that Mr. Theodore Price, of New York.
will make a trip to the plantation to
observe the workings of the new In-
ventlon. Charlotte Chronicle,
. check. I see you have a whole
kaa. ..n w
,r snuj.
uer. a nave usea up my oaiance &i
the bank. Mrs. K. Then why didn't
you give up your check book? Now,
it's no use for you to tell stories.
Joseph. If you mean to say I shan't
have any money, why don't you say so
right out, like a man? Boston Tran
script. The democratic party needs eighty
eight votes outside of the certain vote
from the southern states to insure
the election of Parker and Davis. The
certain southern states give 151 elec
toral votes out of the 239 votes neces
sary. This leaves eight-eight votes to be
obtained from other states which are
doubtful, every one of which either
voted for Cleveland In 1S92 or for Ury
an in 1896. The states which must,
according to popular estimate, furnish
this necessary eighty-eight votes, have
one hundred and twenty-one electoral
votes as follows: Colorado 5, Dela-!
ware 3, Maryland 8, West Virginia ,
New York 39, New Jersey 12, Connec
ticut 7, Indiana 15, Wisconsin 13, Ne.
vada 3, 'Montana 3, Idaho 3, Wyoming
3. Total 121. tNews and Observer.
If Mr. Watson's sole object !s to
worry the democrats he should be sat.
lsfied with what he has done. Durham
If Mr. Roosevelt Is elected the demo,
crats will perhaps remain in the coun.
try in the hope that something will
happen. (Durham Herald.
A unique agreement has been enter
ed into between more than forty of the
l'ouor dealers of iScranton and Dun
more, Pa., on the one hand, and tht
Scranton Municipal League on the otn
er. By the terms of this compact, the
former have agreed to pay the cost of
prosecuting themselves, and to plac
a fund of $o,000 in the hands
of the
League to prosecute either the contrib
utors or such- other offenders as ma
be guilty of violating the l'quor laws
cf the state during the next three years
i When the. Toledo (III.) Argus sa
; that G. .Holsapple homed with his
wife Sunday. it add3 a new signifi
cance to a verb that is now usually ap-
J Ued "n pigeons. The wonde.
is that we have not had it sooner, foi
,s mucn easier to say .-Mn Holsapplt
, homed Sunday," than "Mr: Holsapple
; Sundayed at home." As between two e!t
ant eXnressions. the shorter is to be
j preferred.-Portland Oregon'an.
! "After all, success in business only
! comes to plucky people." "You mear,
i 'from plucking people,' don't you?"-
ij.'nnaaeipnia Leager.
j She'I think a girl is very foolish tc
marry a poor map." He-" Yes; but noi
: half so fooiish as the poor man who
, marr?es that kind of a girl.'-Chica
Daily "News
"I'm going to try to prove that exces.
s-ve drink Avill weaken a man s menta
! faculties." "I'll help you." "Good
How?" "You furnish tne excessive
i drink and I'll be the hhorble example."
! Cleveland Plain Dealer.
(Farmer Hornihand 'I notust in th'
paper that a woman at Chicago tells
how f dress on $23,000 a year." Mrs.
Hornihciid "Daw sakes! What could
any woman want with 23,000 calico
wrappers in one year!" 'Baltimore,
Tramp (piteously) 'Piease help a
cripple at this festive season, sir."
Kind Old Gent, (handing him some
money) "Bless me, why, of course.
How are you crippled my poor fellow?"
Tramp (pocketing the money) "Finan
I ciallv crin'-.l
sir. -rsl?' -Evening
a '
Sunday School Teacher "Of course,
you love the Lord, Willie?" Willie "I
dunno as I do." Sunday School Teach
er "Why, Willie, you must love the
Lord, because He made you and
Willie "Yes, but you just told Timmy
Tuff that He made him, too. an I think
that was a pretty mean job." Philadel
phia Press.
"Now, my dear, don't fret because
James has gone into politics. A man
must have some vice, and it Is better
to have it politics than gambling, or
drlniklng' or "But the newspapers
say such awiZ1 things abont him
"That's the advantage of politics over
all the others, my dear. Tou don't
have to watch him yourself." Puck.
She Was Embarrassed. JBobby (at
the breakfast table)-"Ciara. did Mr.
Spooner take any of the umbrellas or!
hats from the hall last night?" Clara-
"Whj-. of course not, Bobby; why
should her' Bobby "That's what I'd
tike to know. 1 thought he d!d. 'cause
I heard him say when he was going out,
-I'm going to steal Just one, and why,
what's the matter. Clara?" Plck-Me-;Upu
Saves- Two from Death).
"Our l'-ttle daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping couch and
bronchitis." writes Mr. W. K. Havfland
of .Armonk, N. "but, when all other
remedies failed, we saved her life wth
Dr. King's New Discovery. Our niece,
who had Consumption in an advaacsl
stage, also' used this wonderful medi
cine and today she is perfectly well."
Deserate throat and lung diseases
yield to Dr. Kings' New Discovery as
to no other medicine on earth. Infalli
ble for cougths and colds. 50c and $10
bottles guaranteed by IL R. Bellamy.
Trial bottles tree.
General Stoessell doubtless envies
KuropatkfcVs privilege of taking: plen-'
ty-TDf exercise. Atlanta Journal.
fin. E. Spri
Pureed Building,
Unusually Fine Quality.
New Arrow Ties,
Full Cream Picnic Cheese.
Has Arrived and we can fill orders for all sizes
t 4 i 4""t'
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We have had mere than half a thousand of these Cat' ?
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we.will be glad to furnish you one, as well as show ?
you fashion's latest creations in Fine Footwear, X
h : : 1 1 : i : :m i : : : : x - h -
-A.. T
arc known as rThc Peace
Maka s ,f because they
cause things to run so
smooth in the kitchen
4r. Co.
Wilmington, II. C.
. i r. i . . i .
h - s. w-i i ; : : i h-?-h i n n n:
Where to boy the best School Shoes
for the least money. Try FHENCITS
S V25, tUSO or $2.00 SCHOOL SHOES.
They never lali to give the satisfac
tion wanted. Come, and bring the
children to -
Geo. ?. French & Son,
108 H. Front Street.
nnADQi i: mnorc
f0. now and moncr. Unta October
Wiotos of latest stylo monuments, and prices riht.
Can 'Phono 200 for design and prices.
- u.c3s.er & 33ro
P. O. Box 277.

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