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R. Y. HcPherson Become Director
of Agencies
iirya.i ami Wild Went Slum Star At
traction at Next Slate lair Taking
or Testimony in I la to Cases to Be
ar in at once JiitreaM? in Postoffiec
ICeceip Restraining Order Served
Lixn Corporation Commission and
Attorney General.
MesseDger Bureau,
Raleigfc, July 2, 1&07.
Mr. R. Y. McPhc-rson, a widely
known and very successful insurance
man, has resigned his position as
agency director for New York Life in
Eastern North Carolina, to become
the agency manager of the Greens
boro Life, taking charge of the latter
position July 1st. He was with the
New Yrork Life 14 years and during
that period buiit up a great volume of
business for the company, and made !
its agency foro.- very strong in the
forty counties under his direction. He
will continue to reside at Raleigh.
William Jennings Iiryan and Buf
falo Bill's wild west show will be the
star attractions at the next state fair
here which is to occupy a week in
Ex-Judge Walter A. Montgomery,
.standing master of the federal court
in this district, who is to take testi
mony in the railway rate cases, says
that work will very probably occupy
him for two months anj that if the
evidence is all to be in for use in Oc
tober the work will have to be begun
at once. As usual, he will go from
place to place, as may be most con
venient for the interested parties. Ex
Judge N. G. Shepherd, who is the
couusel for the state, when asked
whether he would advise private in
dividuals not to sue the railways
which had excepted to the two and a
quarter cent rate, said he had nothing
to do as to this matter, adding that he
had advised his own clients. The
attorney general and the commission
will conform to orders of the judge in
the matter. It seems from what can
be learned from some local talk heard
that suits against the Southern and
the Atlantic Coast Line will have to
be brought by some persons at least
and this will add an interesting fea
ture to the matter.
Great numbers of watermelons are
going northward from Georgia. The
Seaboard Air Line made a contract to
haul 400 car loads from Savannah.
Postmaster Briggs is authorized to
employ two more clerks. This is the
largest allowance ever made this office
in one year. The receipts for the year
ending yesterday wore $74,5G3, an in- i
crease of $G,7G2 over last year.
Today Marshal Dockery served a re
strainging order signed by Judge
Pritchard, upon the corporation and
the attorney general, in the matter of
the passenger and freight rate on the
Louisville and Nashville railway,
which owns a few miles of road in
this state from the Georgia line to
Murphy. The Louisville and Nash
ville is virtually owned by the At
lantic Coast Line.
A. R. Williams is commissioned
second lieutenant of Company F, of
Second regiment infantry, Fayette
ville. A charter is granted St. Paul's Cot
ton Mill Company at the place of that
name in Robeson county. It will spin
and weave. The capital stock is $100,
000, Lock Shaw and others being stock
'We heard that Mary Ann Butler
was to pay Salisbury a visit at the
same date with Carrie Nation. Some
how the correspondent at that town
are not treating Mary Ann fairly, if
indeed he is there, for we scarcely
hear his name mentioned. Charlotte
When the baby is teething it is
-cross and restless; it becomes feverish
and in many cases vomits a great
deal and oftentimes cannot even keep
cool water on its stomach. All the
delicate little organs of the stomach
are affected, bringing qii colic and
diarrhoea. Cascasweet for babies and
children makes stomach right, allays
inflammation and prevents irritation.
Cascasweet makes the baby happy and
well. Sold by Robt R. Bellamy
Tt seems that state prohibition this
year is almost a suro thing for Geo
gia. A strong fight is being waged to
that end. and victory seems to be al
most certain. Charlotte News.
During the hot summer kidney ir
regularities are often caused by ex
cessive drinking or being overheated.
Attend to the kidneys at once by us
ing' Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold By Jas.
C. Sheppard and J. Hicks Bunting.
Does Baker's wife dress appro-
No, indeed she wears forty horse
power togs in a runabout Life.
When there is the slightest indica
tion Of indigestion, heart burn, fla
tulence or any form of stomach trou
ble take a little Kodol occasionally
and you will be afforded prompt relief
Kodol i3 a compound of common vege
tableacids and contains the juices
found in a healthy stomach. Kodol
digests what you eat and makes your
-food do you good. Sold by Robt. R.
i T-n.-.:-
Has Buried the Hatchet But Will Con
quer With the Ballot.
The only original and nevcr-to-ue-equaled
Carrie Nation, of hatchet fame
arrived in the city on an eariy tram
last night, and has scattered the news
abroad that she will deliver a series of
Aunt Carrie put up at the hotel Van
derford last night, but this inorain?
was successful in her quest for a
boarding house, and is now giving ht-r
entire time to the moral and intel
lectual uplifting of this community.
At 2 o'clock this afternoon Mrs. Na
tion delivered a lecture in the court
house her subject being, "The Differ
ence Between Law and Anarchy."
She said the United States was in a
state of anarchy and that the world
in general was rapidly growing woise.
She declared that the only hope of the
country rested ,in the success of the
prohibition party. She said everybody
was after the dollar.
She will deliver a lecture this even
ing at S oVlock and she is scheduled
for two more tomorrow.
This morning "Aunt Carrie" spent
her time paying her respects to a num
ber of saloons. She said on arri " nr4
here that she had "buried her hatches"
and so there was no trail of smashed
furniture or attened noses as a result
of her morning's outing.
At the saloon of McCall & Stewart
Mrs. Nation told a youthful bystander,
ornamented with an oderiferous cigar
ette, that he "smelled nasty."
She gave the saloon men of the city
fair warning that she proposed to put
them out of comrnissicn, but said shc
would do it this time with the ballot
rather htan the hatchet. Salisbury
Special to the Charlotte News.
Thousands of people are daily suff
ering with kidney and bladder trou
bles dangerous ailments that should
be checked promptly. DeWitt's Kid
ney and Bladder Pills are the best
remedy for backache, weak kidneys,
inflammation of the bladder. Their
action is prompt and sure. A week's
treatment for 25 cents. Sold by Robt.
R. Bellamy
Judo Bennett Scores Again.
Judge Bennett's hand has not. lost
its cunning. He has written in The
Wadesboro Messenger and Intelli
gencer the obituary of another Anson
man, his subject this time being the
late John B. Ingram, of whom, afUr a
brief biography, he says in part:
"Upon this brief recapitulation his
caithly house of this tabernacle was
fitted, founded and pbints this way. We
thank our gracious Master in Heaven
for the gift of him to our weak and
vacillating nature Vice, by a sin
gular paradox, reproduces itself; vir
tue does not. It will remain to
the loving household garnered in his
home, when moved to recount one to
the other the loving kindness, sweet
counsel and gentle admonition he car
ried as balm in the paternal office.
Like some very wise men he married
in sight of the smoke mounting from
the chimney tops of his neighbor's
house. His tastes were bucolic other
wise rural. The soil was his problem.
At the portals of the grave his
worldly affairs were settled as far as
varied and large ventures would allow
on precarious notice. His cribs
groaned with fatness; his smoke house
budded and blossomed with cured
hams, cut in shapes which appealed
to genius and the vulgar. He culti
vated a laudable pride in his blood,
which flowed from lofty Virginian
strains. At his home a gentle hospi
tality diffused the house. His table,
laden with sweet comfort and peace,
spread its wide leaves and cheered the
guest. How disappointing it is
to me that the solemnity of death re
strains my wish to strike a note apa- f.
from the 'Dead March in Saul.' Hard
by, the Great Pee Dee, more majestic
than elsewhere, flows without ripple
or murmur to the funeral home of
waters. Here he was a central figure
of deep import and now, to preserve
unbroken the sweet influence of his
life of his lent of God, adorned with
the grace and chastity of honor, the
dead man takes his little crib and as
sumes citizenship in the Republic of
the Grave."
The good man is the official obituary
writer of Anson county. He writes the
obituary of everybody who dies in An
son of whom there is anything to say.
Who. with equal gentle pen and sym
pathetic heart, will do as well for him
as he now does for others, when his
time comes? Charlotte Observer.
Nearly all old-fashioned cough syr
ups are constipating, especially those
that contain opiates. They don't act
just right. Kennedy's Laxative Cough
Syrup contains no opiates. It drives
the cold out of the system by gently
moving the bowels. Contains Honey
and Tar and tastes nearly as good as
maple syrup. Children like it. Sold
by Robt R. Bellamy.
A cleansing, clean, cooling, soothing,
healing, household remedy is DeWitt's
Carbolized Witch Hazel Salve. For
burns, cuts, scratches, bruises, insect
bites, and sore feet it is unequaled.
Good for piles. Beware of imitations.
Get DeWiti's. It is the best Sold by
Rebert R ellamy.
Cures Indigestion
and Sour Stomach
Do not suffer longer. You can be re
lieved immediately by Hicks Capudine.
It induces the proper flow of gastric
juices and cures the distress and acidity.
Try it; It's pleasant to take It's liquid.
Cures headache also. At all druggists.
Sidxer in the FtekJ.
Now, Hon. William Sulzer, Con
gressman, and a shining light of staid
old Tammany Hall, comes forward
and denies that Mr. Roosevelt is car
rying out Mr. Bryan's policies; be
cause, he says that the policies which
the president is executing so strenu
ously are Sulzer's own policies; and
that Roosevelt swiped the said policies
from Sulzer, and from no one else.
"The president," he says, "has taken
my policies the policies of govern
ment I was advocating when he wu
a civil service commissioner. He is
working them out to their logical con
clusion." The conclusion being work
ed out is, that "no power in the wo.id
an prevent the renomi nation of Pres
ident Roosevelt next year;" though it
is doubtful whether he can be re-elected.
Evidently, the only way to beat
Roosevelt is to have the democrats
nominate the true author of the Rcoe
veltian "policies" namely. Sulz?r.
Well, we are for anything to Leat
But what is to be done with Mr.
Bryan, and the candidates talked of
from the southern states; the "dark
horse." of Mr. Watterson, and trc
other able and honest candidates
whose policies on some matters have
also been swiped by Mr. Roosevelt?
If there are any others whose policies
the president has swiped, let thsm
now come forward so that the free
dom loving and discriminating dem
ocracy may inspect them and their
policies and decide between tfcin.
What the democracy wants is a crm
didf.te who can unite the party; and
there will be no trouble in the conven
tion fixing policies and principles that
the majority demands Greensboro
G. 15. liurhans testifies afwr four years
G. B. Barhans, of Carlisle Center,
N. Y., writes: "About, four years ago
I wrote you stating that I had been
cured of a severe kidney trouble by
taking less than two bottles of Foley's
Kidney Cure. It entirely stopped the
brick dust sediment, and pain and
symptoms of kidney disease disap
peared. I am glad to say that I have
never had a return o those symptoms
during the four years that have elaps
ed and I am evidently cured to stay
cured and heartily recommend Foley's
Kidney Cure to any one suffering
from kidney or bladder trouble." Sold
by Jos. C. Shepard and J. Hicks
Th3 negroes are rallyng to Mr.
Foraker and we aro glad of it. It
would have been a pity for him' to
have lost the stake after making
such a play for it. Durham Her
ald. Get a free sample of Dr. Snoop's
"Health Ciffee" at our store. If real
coffee disturbs your Stomach, your
Heart or Kidneys, then try this clever
Coffee imitation. Dr. Snoop has close
ly matched Old Java and Mocha Coffee
in flavor and taste, yet it has not. a
single grain of real Coffee in it. Dr.
Snoop's Health Coffee Imitation is
made from pure toasted grains or
cereals, with Malt, Nuts. etc. Made in
a minute. No tedious wait. You will
surely like it. Sold by S. W. Sanders.
I had no idea when I penned this
little child of my brain
The poem shows it madam Hous
ton Post.
A Happy Man.
Is Amos F. King, of Port Byron, N.
Y., (85 years of ago); since a sore on
his leg, which had troubled him the
greater part of his life, has been en
tirely healed by Bucklen's Arnica
Salve; the world's great healer of ,
Sores, Burns, Cuts, Wounds and Pile&
Guaranteed by R. R. Bellamy, drug
gist. Price 23c.
But, asked the veng doctor, why
do you order champagne for every
new patient that comes to you?
Because, my boy, replied the old
practitioner, I can judge by what
the patient says whether or not he
can afford it. That helps me when
I come to make out my bill. Phila
delphia Press.
For the strong that they
may keep their strength.
For the weak that they
may regain their strength.
For the young that they
may grow in strength.
the most nutritious food made
from wheat.
Clean, crisp and fresh
She Rake, the Saloon Keepers, the
i-cpuDiicaii I'arty arni Preideat
; Salisbury has beta favored with
visits from Roosevelt, Bryan. Si rah
Berhardt, Jim Jeffries. Leslie M.
Shaw, Booker Washington and many
other celebrities but none of them
proved a greater drawing card than
Carrie Nation. She had two im
mense audiences at the court house
Saturday and the waj she poured
shell and shrapnel into the whiskey
ranks was enough to make the Liquor
Dealers Association tremble. She
said she would prefer ten horse
thieves to one saloon keeper; that the
horse thief was a better citizen. The
way Carrie scored President Roose
velt was a caution, referring to him
as the t-er guzzling Dutchman. ' She
talks with pride of her sufferings for
the cause she espouses and tells of
her various imprisonments. She says
she first began her saloon smashing
on account of a revelation from God
and says she demolished four sa
loons with rocks before resorting to
the hatchet.
"Why," she exclaimed to her au
dience Saturday night, many of whom
were ladies?, "I can rake a half doz
en of you women with as many rocks
as we can carry and go down here
and smash every barroom in this
place and not spill a drop of blood.'.'
Special to the Charlotte News.
Long Live the King.
is the popular cry throughout Euro
pean countries; while in America, the
cry of the present day is "Long live
Dr. King's New Discovery, King of
Throat and Lung Remedies!" of whL-h
Mrs. Julia Ryder Paine, Truro, Mass.,
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ate relief and to quickly cure a cough
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ed by a majority of the inhabitants if
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edy. Guaranteed by R. R. Bellamy,
druggist. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle
Mr. Builer finally went back on the
populist party but he stuck to it
longer than did some other gentlemen
that were equally guilty. Durham
War Against Consumption
All nations are endeavoring to check
consumption, the "white plague" that
claims so many victims each year.
Foley's Honey and Tar cures coughs
onrT r-nlrlt: rvorfr'tl - r. n H vnn nrp in
no danger of consumption Do not I
risk your health by taking some un
known preparation when Foley's Hon
ey and Tar is safe and certain results.
The genuine is in a yellow package.
Sold by Jos. C. Shepard and J. Hicks
Mr. Bryan allowed it to be under
stood (that he would be a candidate
should the necessity arise and in the
meantime' he is seeing to ft that the
necessity is apparent Durham Her
ald. Was in Poor Health for Years.
Ira W. Kelley, of Mansfield, Pa.,
writes: I was in poor health for two
years, suffering from kidney and blad
ter trouble, and spent considerable
money consulting physicians without
any marked benefit, but was cured by
Foley's Kidney Cure and I desire to
add my testimony that it may be the
cause of restoring health to others."
Refuse substitutes. Sold by Jas. C.
Shepard and J. Hicks Bunting.
Probably Bryan didn't count Penn
sylvania when he raid he would be
a candidate for president if the party
demanded it. The party in Pennsyl
vania isn't demanding him to any
enthusiastic extent. Philadelphia
It would have made matters much
plainer if the Houston jury had ex
plained the process by which it ar
rived at its conclusions. Durham
moisture and
proof packages
I 1
;. . ' -'"wHoL 3 PER CENT.
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i j YORK.
tract Copy o wrsppe.
n VI ii I m mm
cf every meal, but just think of the
, .
I W; Murchison & Co. I
figims Up
There are sign makers of ability and others
who have no original ideas, We study the re
quirements of each location and building.
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J. E. HATCH, WiUmMoHoiu
Telephones 136 and 808
The Liverpool & London
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the United States.
For liio sreat CHICAGO lire in
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- ft - Pate
171 it pai.l S S.2.tS.l9f Vj.
Im HOSTO.N ronfUisnttion 1.127.2UO
at k in 1901 it tiaitl .. 307,0041
paiil I .OA 1,3 1 3
I90G it iaM 1.322,fr05
i9 Agts.
&l Sor
Hind or ForeaarUTH, Saddle or
Chop. cTerj part of onr Lamb
suect und tender, aod m Juicy as the
moxit f;itidiott coaJd demand. .Our
MaCtoo. u. Iwwi all the eating flavor
Uiat the particular pwwn dodrw. Try
a joint of oar Beef or Teal and you
will hare a dih fit for an cpice.
Poultry In neanoa ki tremh and run,
atid tltc deilat of ttMMe iIm relish MjrJ
ood and tender fowl. Dot, perhaps?
oar ereatc&t mj u in... i.
wtssrat oton. k. o.

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