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Police Investigating Came
of Death of J. H. Daniel,
Well Known Merchant
body run over and
Police Working On Two
Theories Regarding Mys
terious Death—Wns Seen
gy Policeman Late at
n»cky Mount. Jan. 8. (API- J. H.
Pnm*l a merchant, banker and real I
oetate owner, was found dead on the I
tailwnv trick'* In the warehouse see- ,
„f i:«>eky Mount today. {
Holic- m.inched lnvc*tlgmtk*i» upon J
tan iheurie*. one that Daniel was j
Ulb-d and his body thrown on the;
inu-ks l<» divert suspicion and the i
nlker that he was a victim of an uc- (
pano-l was seen alsiut last mill-1
«a the businc** section of the .
rti> b> Police Sergeant George j
Wbtele** wh » said he told him he j
vtu. on ht- way honw at Ihe time. He |
noicr mu'hrd home and a search
|>v member* of his family this I
n<-rn:ng faulted in Ihe discovery of‘>
ih<- N»ly. J
Tli.- • "ini where the body waa found ■
l- •■\t-ial hundred yards from where;
Rau:"l r poke to Wheel*** aiu! not on]
his wav home. I
lh. K*iy apparently had been run !
«. * - !«• n train and the u'lim wtu
virtually severed.
fVtroiMT J. E. I» Thomas, t»f Tur-
Ikiih. call si »:i inquest.
Unniel »>t*- r itit-d fosr >ns here,
was president of the New Home Build
ing and Loan association, a director
of th- Tropics Bank and Trust Com
pany and had extensive real estate
holdings. He was about AO years old.
His widow who prior to her marriage
was Miss Mar)' Jones, and three j
daughters, and two sons, survive.
State Department Announc
es Attention Being Cen
tered on Garment Trade
Dnlif l>i»if»irk Rems.
I- ikr »tr Hall-r H«tr«.
nr J. r. KtRMiUv n.l.
Raleigh. Jan 8 Continued develop
nx-i.t of the garment making trades In
North Cnrollnn attracts more attention
*«• th*- State jls n market center for
tin- ami other tv|*e* of goods manu
f;ictuie«l in the Sinte. officials of- the
Impertinent of Conservation and Do
vi'l-.pment said today.
Thy depart me lit Is encouraged by
tin inetensed interest being taken In
Ciriie nl manufacturing after having
stre-sell this type of industrial de
v-ti.ri for some time.
‘'"iiservation official-* |Mdnl to the
rl*.f*»njr of textile manufacturing
southward, and believe that garment
treking will show this future trend,
particularly In view of the predomin
ance of the manufacture of cotton
s "*l .
Sled man Appointment Is
(selling General Approval
llnllr llnenlrl Harraa.
• n Ik* -ir Unllor Hotel.
n» j <*. nxtuKHvn.i-
Rul-igh. Jan. N. Th<’ iippoirttfiient
JtiliM I*. StedniHu. 37->for-old Ilu-
Iqiokcr os Stat*' Treasurer by
‘kivernor O. Max Gardner, to succeed
'title C.iptHln .\;*th:tn O'Borry cumc
;« 'iMliurt Kur|>ri.-c l<< almost all of
•"'•Rite officialdom here and especially'
to Raleigh itself so that ft is still
■unewhat difficult to get a definite
i "action to the appointment. So far
tbeje has not been a very great en-1
Ui'tKia.'nt on the part of Raleigh and
R-«i< igh people over the fact that one
• t their «>wn citizen* wax selected for
tin. |H,st. This nmy partly be due to
the fact that as son a* one of it* cit
i/*m gets a State office. Raleigh us
•■;'by becomes exceedingly critical.
Those whj really know Stcdman
'■■‘■ll. however, arc delighted at the
•'•l-pointanent und maintain that he is
VV,, H fitted In every way to fill th«
''•Ricult office left vacant by the sud
den death of Captain O'Berry and
•bat as time goes on he will prove his
a 1 ditty and hla worth. He was very’
i' ongly recommended for the poet by
: number of hi* immediate aseo*
'■••'<'>-*. and Mpccially by leading m«m>
b* '* of the American Legion poet here
1,1 Raleigh, of which he was Com
mander last year. The factor that
probably had ntorfe to do with Stud
bian * appointment than anything el**,
•• we-.-e;-, ie that fact that Captain
die try thought very highly at Btad
Henileratm Hailit Hiapatch
r O^THM AwSciATilD PRmF*
-k > ■ ( '"" v - f -• • > - I '- v ••
k- -■ iMSPh/ 1 ■ j
•fv- . »-y ,#t
r I *
H| * I * ..
■—'■■■' x • ... • - > : -•-
In this little green cottage at Hous
ton. Tex.. Harry and J.'nninj,.- Young 1
desperados sought in the slaying of
six Springfield. Mo., officer-, ended
Estimated Expenditures and
Receipts For Year Told
to House Clerk
Washington, Jan 8 .API The Dem
ocratic National Committee today re
potted its expenditures in 1931 totalled
$1.0304*6. and contributions, loaned ,
and other receipts amounting to sl.- I
I 032.207.
- ha-w RUM* «E*iiWlH>-Um Hum*c
clerk, by James W. Gerard, treasur- ;
cr. Tn eowipttmnce _ with the federal
corrupt practices act, out stancfftlg'*>b* ;
ligations totalled $787,717.
or this $315,250 is due John J. Ras-
J koh, rhnimmn for loans and $133,766 j
I lo the County Trust company, of New j
i Y<>ik. for borrowed money.
! lijipuhi bills were listed as amount
mg to
The report showed u balance of s<>.-
166 at the beginning of 1931 and $8,217
on January 1, 1982.
Jonas Appointment
Not To Come Up In
i *
Senate This Week
* Washington. Jan. A—(Al'I —Ac-
tion on the appointment, of < h»r
--i j In A. Jonas as district attorney
-j for the Western District of North
-i Carolina can mil In* extaeted hc
; fore next week. Senator Thomas
, I W alsh, l>cn»«K*r»t, Montana, said
, | toJay.
l! Senator Walnli is chairman of
, I the NUb-eomnilttee apjwtnlerl by
-1 the Senate Judiciary committee to
I I consider objections to Jonas' con-
I flrmatlon.
man and hi* ability tiud several
month* ngo -in August, in fact ten
dered hi* resignation to Gvernor Gttrd
ner and requested him to appoint
S tod man in hi* place. Again in Sep
tomlier or October Captain O'Berry
asked to be permitted to re*ign and
again urged Stedman a* hi* successor,
on the ground* that he had a thorough
understanding of the States financial
problem* and of the measures needed j
to handle them and that he was a
looting man .able to bear up under
I the nervous strain of the respon
sibilities of the office. So in the ap
pointment of Stedman, Governor
Gardner knew he was carrying out
the will and desire of the Grand Old
Man from Wayne who literally gave
, up hi* life in the service of his State
and its people, more beloved to him
than his own life. Because Governor
. Gardner had as much regard and re
spect for Captain O’Berry as for any
* one in North Carolina and because
’i he relied almost implicitly on his
judgment, he carried out his desire
[ and named Stedman as State Trea
t; surer.
' It is a ase similar to that In which
. Elijah cast his mantle upon the
i shoulders of the younger Elisha, with
. tbe admonition that he carry on his
t work, as hte old prophet was carried
. up to heaven in the chariot of fire.
The people were eomewhat skeptical
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Desperadoes, Cornered, Ended Li\ es Here
their own lives rather than risk cap
-1 ture when surrounded by Houston of
fii'cts. Punl Young, a third brother,
and a fourth member of the gang,
w ho are believed to have fled to Tpxua i
l)<'(ies # I»ov<‘riiiii4>iit »
-i m sri. ;
i. . .. |
Hurling open defiance «* in-' new
governmental elect limiting tht ;
number v s clergymen who may
fnnerion in the Federal District tc
•• r for every oO.hOO inhabitants i
* Voshop Pascal lilaz. Primal' I
at" the Konia i Catholic Ch-irch in
Mexico, hri issued orders to hit
flock to ignore the new law. In
prartire the edict would close 219 ■
of - !
Asks Holding Up of 25 Post
office Appointments In
North Carolina
Washington. Jan. 8.-(AP)— Carry
ing his recently announced drive
ngnlnst alleged Republican patronage
evils in North Carolina to the halls
of Congress. Senator J. W. Bailey,
has asked the postoffice committee,
of wtilch he Is a member, to hold up
25 postmaster appointments in his
The senator has also asked the De
partment of Justice and the Civil Ser
vice department for a complete In
vestigation of methods employed In
handling Federal patronage in North
Bailey Investigation Os
Complaints Result In De
ferring of Action
Washington. Jan. 8.- -(APl—Senator
Bailey, Democrat of North Carolina,
has held up all postmaster nomina
tions for the State pending studies of
complaints made to t{ilm of “irre
gularities in the appointments.”
Bailey said he was making an in
i quiry to ascertain the facts. Com
plaints are before him also of “unjust
discrimination against former soldiers
in the making of the appointments.”
The postmasters nominated by
President Hoover whose nominations
have been held up by Senator Ballej
Include: James J. Hathaway, Battle
1 boro; Mary W. Yarborough, Louie
burg; John C. Matthews, Spring Hope
P-d-cmfwy petaoin ghrdiu cmfwypmt
i after thv wholesale killing of officers
In th« Ozarks near still
are sought by police. The slayings re
sulted from an attempt to arrest
Harry Young.
- _ ,
Hitherto Unpublished Re
port of Wickergham
Group Offered Senate
Washington, Jnn. 8. iAP> -''Flag- j
rant violations” of California law by i
l»olice and prosecution in the famous !
Moonc>-Billings case are charged in a |
hitherto unpublislted report submitted j
to the Wichertham commission. ;
The document s«nl to the Senate b\ j
the Justice Peparlpient in respynse to J
; a resolution requesting it. was never
i accepted by the Wickershani commis
i slon which contended it had no right
| to review State's cases
! The report was .made bv Zechurla
Chafec. Jr.. Walter H. Poliak add "Cart x
‘ S. Stern, research and investigation I
! experts <>f the commission.
Brother of Slain Desperado*
Appears At Police Station j
With Lawyer
Houston. T''xas. Jnn. 8.- <AP) Paul :
| Young, brother of Harry and Jennings |
I Young, slain desperados, api'enred to
) day at the police station with his at- j
torncy and denied he had made
threats In connection with the trap
ping by police of his brothers wanted
for the slaying of six Springfield. Mo.
peace officers last Saturday.. 1 ,
The brothers Harry and
were trapped in a cottage near here
last Tuesday by Houston police aiid
either committed suicide or killed
each other.
Atbury Respus Electrocuted
At State’s Prison For
Guilford Slaying
Raleigh. Jan. 8 <AP>—Asbury Res
pus, Negro, confessed slayer of eight
persons, was electrocuted at State's
| prison this morning for iho murder of
Vera Leonard, nine year old Guilford
county child.
The Negro who was about 50 years
old, entered the death chamber' 1 sing
F tag.
He was asked after b<< had i-cen
strapped in the electric chair. If he
was “ready to go."
“Anytime." he replied.
r “Anytime you all are ready."
The first shock of current stopped
' a repetition so the statement.
He wns given two one of
two and a half minutes and a second
of one minute and eight seconds. The
'* first was given at 10:36.
>- , ■ - i . ■ -a
y Rain aad aomeMst odder to
p night; Saturday generally fair;
h wider o* the ceast; moderate to
s. freak shifting triad* keoeastag
b nacthwaat.
Twenty Enlisted Men Face
Court Martial In Wash- ,
ington for Accept
ing Bribes
Federal Authorities Begin
Sweeping Probe of Coast
Guardsmen Acce pti n g
Money From Rum Runners'
Washington. Jnn. 8. —<Al*l j
Charged with having accepted
bribe* from rum runner*, about
2* enlisted men of the United
States Coast Guard, today faced
court martial whch already has
passed sentence on four enlisted ;
men accused of accepting nione>
front liquor smugglers.
• l
New York. Jan. 8.- <AP> Whole- i
sale bribery of coast guardsmen by |
rum runners In the the New York ,
dren .the total running to an e*tl- j
mated million dollars, wns revealed
today by Federal District Attorney !
Howard W. Ameli.
Twenty coast guardsmen, he suid, |
had been arrested and some confess- ,
*ed complicity.
He said, "coust guardsmen have ad- j
milted complicity in conniving to al
low smuggling. We ore going to the
bottom and unearth every bit of evi- \
dence. no matter how high it may i
reach, before we go to tbe grand jury
for may infer that J
commissioned officers are involved." '
Fake of Woman and Two
Men Now Rests In Hands
Os Jury At Wilson
1 Jsip 'J'tAFI- The trial of |
Mrs. Margaret M. Ramsey, and Alton-
L. Jordan, of Norfolk. Va.. and R
Clarence Dozier, of South Mills, on n
charge of conspiracy to obstruct just
ice went lo the jury in United Staves
district court here today.
Judge Johnson J. Hayes in chaig- ,
Ing the Jury’- *eid ° f *e person could
not be guilty of a conspiracy and that
It must find ali the defendants not
guilty or convict at least two of the
Repudiate Confession Os
Setting Cabin On Fire
Killing Eight Persons
Gailipolis Ohio. Jan. 8. <APt Twy :
youtlut, Albert Hamer and ElLsworth
Mowyer. who Tuesday told Sheriff
Charles Swanson they burned a father
and his seven children to death in o .
log cabin near here rcuudiuted their ;
confession today
The two boys previously had des
cribed in detail how they went to the
log house of James White. 59. during '
darkness and set the building afire
after fastening the doors nnd window.- i
They said they were revengeful
against White who had beaten Hamct
in a fight.
Salt* of Passenger
Cars In N. C. Drop;
Trusks on Increase
Raleigh. Jan. 8. (AP> Sale of new
motor trucks in North Caroliha In
1031 exceeded sales of 1930 by 344
vehicles while sales of passenger au
tomobiles decreased 6.670 the motor
vehicle bureau reported today.
There were 28.088 new automobiles
sold last year compared with 31,758
in 1930 and there were 6,827 new
trucks in 1931 compared with 6.483 the
previous year.
Goldsboro. Jan. B.(AP> -A coroner's
jury today held the fatal shooting of
Ed Daniels. 36, by Joe Howell, 20. at
Sauls ton filling station last night, was
justifiable by reasons of self deefense
Witnesses testified Daniels was in
toxicated and attacked HoweU with a
knife after accusing him of steailing
his whiskey.
t* - -
U. S. Note On Manchurian
Situation Is Delivered To
Both Japs And Chinese
Women Fliers Die
4 '*Vn, JB
m mm mm *
After beinq untfport.-d foi hour*,
the bodic* of Mr*. Hulh Stewart. Si
Louis avlutrix. and her coinpunion
Debbie Stanford, of Toronto. Canada
who were on their way from St. Loui.s
to New York to begin a flight to
Bueno* A're*. Argentina were found
in thy wreckage of then 'plane in tin*
hills of Pennsylvania. The finding or
their wrecked maihine and theii bo
dies resulted after a watell by fliei*
from many points in that section
“Get Licenses or Park Cars,
Highway Commission
i Chairman Says
Rnleigh. Jan. 8. (Alb E. 14. Jef
ftes*. chairman of the State Highway
commission, said today that motorists
who have not secured their 1932 auto
mobile licenses by Januarv 15 will be
"Bu; your licenses before Tuesday,
or park your ears." was the warning
broadcast by Jeffreys. He added thul
the highway patrol would be told fu
lake out warrants in cases where li
censes are not displayed after Friday
of next week, but machines will be
parked after Tuesday if plates are not
i on them.
Buying Power Os Dollar
| Reaching formal Levels
llallr llUpnlrh Hert-ne.
In Ikr Mir Uiiltrr Mulrl.
Raleigh. .lan. 8. For (he first time i
•dnre 1914. the dollar is again worth
just, a dollar according to the leading
' economists aud financial expert*, with
the exception of the farmer's dollar
which as yet is worth only "2 to 72
cents as compared with the 15414 farm j
. dollar, though the 1931 farm dollar is}
gradually increasing In value.
This return of the dollar to buying j
; power of the 1914 dollar is an excel I
' lent thing for those who still have ;
I dollars and for alt those who work on I
' a salary or wage basis, according to j
i Henry Buike. assistant director of the •
j Budget Bureau here, but is not so .
: good for the State of North Carolina.
its many subdivisions and for other J
j states that borrowed large sums of]
( money ten or twelve years ago. For j
, in 1919 and 1920. a dollar was worth ,
I only 38 cents as compared with 1914 !
' dollar. Now these dollars, borrowed
, when worth only 58 cents, must now
1 be paid back when they are; again
■ worth a dollar. Mr. Burke points out
’ "As a result of the increase;in the
value of the dollar until it <s now
i j back at the 1914 level, the State of
r i North Carolina will eventually pay
t hack glmost twice as much, as the
t i value receivWfrom the money it bor
rowed when the dollar was worth only
58 cents." Mr. Burke said. "This
i means that In spite of the fact that
r the State is paying off matured bonds
and Interest at the rate of about $14,-
| Ambassador Cameron For,
| bes Hands Secretary Stim*
son s Note To Jap For
eign Office
Chinese Foreign Minister
Immediately Begin* To
Draw Up Reply to Posi
tion Taken by United
1 Tokyo. Jan. 8 <AP» American Am
baasadoi W. Cumerou Forbes pi paint
ed Secretary Stimson'* note on the
Manchurian situation to the Japanese
foreign office late today and off.eiai
1 circles expieased the view that the
; military operation* In Manchuria are
not of a nature to justify Interven
tion by third powet*.
Japanese Ambassador Debuchi also
ca'ded a t<xt o» Secretary Stimt>on'»
note which invoked ihe nine power
i treaty and it was relteruied that Ja
pan ha* made no demand ;n Man
churia except with respect to bet
treaty ri; v,, .a and that even In tin
face of the representation* of othe|-
j powrty there is little chance that she
will mo<yfy her Mnnehurlan policy.
In thL cennectlon it wa* eropha
' sized that any admiuiatratlve inb
| grity of Ch.tia proper, in Manchuria
! pilot to September 18, 1931 was not
! destroyed by Jupaneze because it wus
I Stated Nanking had never exercised
any real authority whatever In the
I province.
S*-nt To (kiss
Nanking. Jan. 8 <AP> U. 8. Consul
! General William Speck formally deliv
ered the American note Invoking the
J nine power treaty in connect ton wtth
' the Manchurian situation to Eugene
Chen, Chinese foreign minister today
Mr. Chen said later he was busy
j preparing an answer to the note
, which would be forwarded to Wash
, ington a* soon at the Notional govern
mint approve* probably on Saturday,
While he di-ciined to reveal tbe na»
I ture of his reply, it was generally be
lieved that the attitude expressed by*
i the I'niH-d States coDCernlug Man
| chur.a would receive Chinas uuquati
' fled - approval and that the govern
ment would reiterate Its position to*
; wards japan
| ~ »
Ban oa Mmgaziaea.
Richmond. V'a., Jan. 8. -Four hu>
1 mor publication* .one of them a “best
seller.” yesterday ware barred from
1 Richmond newaatands by police order.
, The banned magazine*, all of which
1 were termed "obacena," are Rtollyboo,
Tickle Me. Slapstick and Hooi^y.
Apology Accepted.
Washington. Jan. 8. Secretary' Stim
son said yesterday that Japan's
i apology ft the attack by Japanese
- at Mukden on American Consul Cuk
i ver B. Chamberlain had been accepted,
t ’ The only point Co issue between Japan
i and America n tbe Incident concerns
the puntuhmeot of tbe assailants. .
( (ino.OQU n year that the State in one
sense will owe more ntoney in 1935
■ than it did In 1928. ft is this in
equality in the matter c*f public debts
that is today presenting one of tho
biggest problems that can be found ill
the world of finance."
During the present fiscal year, the
Stale will have paid off a total of 1
Sl3.ril7.inxi in mature'! bonds, interest
land .inking fund requirements. Dur
' mg the next fiscal year, from July
I 1. 1932 to June 30. the State alii
have paid off another $14,102,000 in
j bonds and interest. But on the basis
| basis of the i»n dolflar, the State only
! received -57.839.860 wiorth of value from
the 513.517.000 born.wed back in 1930
i or 1921. so <bat In addition to the in
j ten'sl they havev received, the buy-
I era of the origin: 1 1 bonds are getting >
i back $5,677,000 if ore than they ex- f
] peetde to or th 1 1 much more' then J
| they loaned, bet t use of' the Increase
! in the value of 1 he dollar during the
j past ve*r or tvfo. likewise. the pey
! ment of $14.102.'H0 which will be made
I on the slate's c'y-bt next fiscal year. Is
| in payment f* m - ig value received of
i only S 8 per cant of that amount* or
f $8,179,160.
I The remain in g stale debt at -the pre
sent time, cot listing mostly of ga
r*Mred highwt .y bonds. Is 177,609JJbu
When this rn<* tey was borrowed, back
, when a 1914 d >llar wee worth only ftft
cents, it amoj ited to only $108,012^90.
i ‘
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