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Hi«H Point College Pretu
dent at Methodist Pro
testant Church
()\ fiHti l‘tol"r To Preach And Hla
% \ tfc* Will *•«« *■ Morning;
Cummin* To Preach On Pm.
hlh lion Question
Two out of town preachers will be
lie.! rd in the P'llpi* 9 °f Henderson
churohei tomorrow. At the First
Mithodi.'t Protestant church. Rev.
duieoii 1 Humphreys. 1> D.. president
us Hifth Point College will preach, and
at the First Baptist the congregation
W nl he;«r Rev. Roy R. McCulloch,
ptator of the First Baptist church of
oxford Both will preach at the mom
my service at 11 o'clock, and Dr.
Humphreys will also preach in the
afternoon at Rehoboth and at night at
Spring Valley, both rural Methodist
Protestant churches. The offertory
solo at the First Baptist will be by
jlrs R. R. McCulloch, wife of the
Oxford pastor.
At the First Presbyterian church.
Kev W C. Cummlng. the pastor, will
pieach on prohibition.
lntersting services are planned at
the irther churches of the city for the
day At both morning and evening
hour*, special music is to be offered
bv the choirs, and the public is in
vited to all of the services.
Woman’s Auxiliary
Will Have Supper
Members of the Woman's Auxiliary
oi the First Presbyterian church will
inert at the church at 5 o'clock Mon
day afternoon for a study of foreign
missions, it was announced today. Sup
per and a social hour will be had at
i ociock. and this will be followed by
anuther period of study of missions.
Ali members of the Auxiliary are
uiyed to attend.
To Teach Class.
J B Crudup will teach the Men's
Bible Class at the Episcopal church
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.
Zeno of all virtues made choice of
silence, for thereby he saw others' Im
perfections. and concealed his own.
IjWkts flomq Cktrckisl
R**v W. C Cumming, pastor.
J Harry Bryan, Sunday scfioul
tupri int< nilent.
Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. with
U.ble classes for men and women.
Church service at 11 a. m. The
pa.doi will speak on some phase of
Thn Prohibition Question." and there
w n be an anthem by the choir.
The evening service is at 7:30 p. m.
The sermon text will be “Art thou
f< i us. or for our adversaries?” The
<boil will sing an anthem.
C<<me and worship with us.
Rev R. A. Whitten. pastor.
Sunday school 9:45 a. m . C. D. New
m.n superintendent.
Worship 11 a. m. Subject, "The
Perfect Law of Liberty.” James 1:25.
Christian Endeavor meets at 645
P m. Miss Josephine Langston, lead
Evening Worship 7:30 p m. Sub-
J‘C” Halting Between Two Opinion*"
1-t King 18:21.
I’niyer service Wednesday evening
7 30 o'clock.
Choir rehearsal Wednesday evening
fc 3»» o'clock.
As a day of worship. Sunday should
he a delight to every man of
L'od conscience and good judgment.
P.ev. D. E Earnhardt. pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m„ wilti
rl«-,,es for all ages.
Worship services at 11 a. m. and
• 3»> p m , with sermons by the pas-
Cr and special music by the choir.
Text for the morning sermon.
S:and in awe and sin not.”
Subject for evening sermon, "Three
Rinds of Love."
Questions to be answered in the
Beginning Monday, running through the
week until Friday Night.
Two Suits Dry Cleaned
and pressed
One Suit Dry Cleaned 45c
and pressed
Top Coats Dry Cleaned 45c
and pressed
ladies Spring Coats 45c
No tur
Ladies Fur Trimmed 75c
Grissom's Tailors and Cleaners
BIBLE LESSON Je»u» and the Samaritan Woman " " ■**.*«. am.e.*h j
' - j*lrt 4» ■■ Alfred J. Baasehar J
Jesus had no sympathy with his people’s aneient
prejudices against other races. He refused to
make a detour around Samaria, as they were ac
customed to do, because of their hatred of the
Samaritans. When, therefore, he desired to go
northward from Judea into Galilee, “he must
needs pass through Samaria.”
Sunday. January 24, services will be
at the Mission of the Resurrection on
Andrews Avenue, as follows: Church
school 2:30 p. m Sermon and cele
bration of the Holy Communion by the
Rev. Isaac W. Hughes. 3:30 p. m.
Evening prayer 7:30 p. m.
We extend a very coixiial invita
tion to all of our friends to attend
any and al lof these services.
The Rev. Mr. Hughes gave us a
beautiful and impressive sermon and
service on the fourth Sunday in De
cember. Come and bring your friends
to hear his message. We are an
xious to see every department of our
work grow this year. We hope to
soon start a mission meeting which
will run for several days.
In our mission day school the little
boys and girls have done good work.
The church is taught in the school
dally. We can never forget the fine
services which have been rendered
to our mission work by our white
friends. I want my people to show
their appreciation by helping this work
to go forward. Let this be our Lest
Missionary in Charge.
night sermon: Do you love God with
the same kind of love with which we
love people? What kind of love may
a man have toward his enemy? Do
love for God and love for child ever
conflict? Does God ever take away a
child because parents love him too
much? Can there be conflict between
love for mother and love for hus
band or wife? What is usually' at the
bottom of the mother-in-law trouble?
Which kind of love is most free from
In the morning the choir will sing.
"He That Dwelleth in the Secret
Place of the Most High.” by Hubert
McNeil Pot eat.
At the evening service the choir
will sing. “Great Is Thy Love.” by
Cart Bohm.
Rev. L. W. Gerrtnger, pastor*.
9:45 a. m. Sunday school, C. F.
Tankersley, Jr., Superintendent.
11:00 a. m. Dr. Humphreys, presi
dent of High Point College.
7:00 p. m. Junior Christian Endea
7:30 p. m. Evening worship. The
pastor wtll preach.
7:30 p. m Wednesday the pastor
will have an interesting announce
ment to make Sunday concerning the
Wednesday evening service.
The public is eordtally Invited to
these services and especially to hear
President Humphreys at the eleven
o’clock hour.
Rev. I. W. Hughes, rector.
Sepiugeasima Sunday.
7:30 a. m. Holy Communion.
9:45 q. m„ OhureJi school.
10 a. m. Men’s and Women’s Bible
Individuals Must Put Own
Affairs Upon Sound Basis
—— L_
Babson Say* “Pergonal Expansion” Had Much To Do
With Starting Depression; Suggests Outline of Year
ly Budget for Families To Observe
Copyright 1932, Publishers Finan
cial Bureau.
Babson Park. Fla.. Jan. 23.—1 n this
time of great distress we are all prone
to blame some one else for our trou
bles. We hear that It is the bankers
that caused the depression, or labor
by too high wages, or corporations
by over-expanding, or the Stock Ex
change by allowing excessive specula
tion, or the government by extrava
gance an dinactlon, or unscrupulous
foreign borrowers, or any number of
groups and institutions. Lete's be
honest with ourselves. Are not we, the
public, fundamentally to blame and
does not the hope eof avoiding or
ameliorating future depressions de
pend entirely on ourselves? Bankers,
business men, labor leaders, govern-
r ment officials are not blameless, but
these groups merely cater to the at
titude and desires of the public. I am
convinced that business depressions
will become less frequent and less
severe only as we, the common peo
ple. get the right spirit. W'e must start
by putting our personal affairs on a
sound business basis.
General disregard by most of us to
ward a sound personal living program
in the boom period is the basic
of our present economic condition. We
tried to get something for nothing
We over-expanded; mortgaged our fu
ture incomes; became interested in
getting rather than giving service, and
in not only "keeping up with the
Joneses” but going the Joneses one
better. Now that we are feeling the
effects lets put the blame where it
belongs, and do something to correct
our own wrong attitudes. Let us high
ly resolve in 1932 to follow a budget
of planned saving and planned spend
ing, avoiding extravagance on the
one hand, and niggardly hoarding on
the other. No matter what our In
comes are this same rule applies.
How One Employer is Helping.
In talking with a business friend
the other day I learned of a plan
which he is successfully using to help
his employees get a new start on a
sound basis of living and finances.
The Scovell Manufacturing Company
of Waterbury, Connecticut, at the sug
gestion of its president, Mr. John H.
Goss, has established what is vir
tually a personal economic clinic for
Its employees. The Comptroller’s De
parement of the Scovell Company is
instructed to consult with any em
ployee- who asks help, advising him
on budgeting his income, readjusting
his living methqds and generally es
tablishing a sound financial place for
himself and his family. Personal pro
blems solved in this way are setting
many men free of the worry and fear
so detrimental to personal progress
and In the aggregate so harmful to
the general economic health. Con
fidences given in these interviews are
held sacred just as the relationship
of the doctor to his patients. It is a
plan not only to help workers when
they are in trouble, * but also to help
11 a. m, Morning prayer and sermon.
7:30 p. m., Evening prayer and ser
St. John's Mission, North Hender
son, 2 o’clock, Church school.
Pastor, EJr. Hugh A. Ellis.
Sunday school, Clarence E. Greene,
superintendent, meets at 9:45 a. m
with classes for all ages.
Morning service art 11 a. m. The
Rev. Roy R. McCulloch, of the First
Baptist church of Oxford, will bs
the preacher.
The choir wtll sing the Anthem
"Fear Not, O! Israel.” Spteker.
Mrs. R. R McCulloch wilt sing the
offertory anthem.
At the evening service at 7.30 p. m
the Pastor will preach. A male quar
tette composed of Wilson D. Smth,
J. C. Gardner, W. B. Harrison and
Kerroft Combs will sing the negro
spiritual “Steal Away to Jesua.”
Everybody Is welcome.
At noon one hot day Jesus came to Jacob’s well
near Sf char in Samaria. A* he rested beside the
1 1 00-year-old well, a Samaritan woman came to
draw water, and Jesus asked her for a drink. In
amazement, she asked: “How is it
being a Jew, askest drink of me, who am a Sa
maritan woman?”
them keep out of trouble.
I wish that many more such econo
mic clinics wouiu De estuonshed by
forward-looking employers throughout
Performance -thrills
you’ve never had In anv low-priced car
65 to 70 miles an hoar • 0 to 35 miles an hoar in 6.7 seconds
Silent Syncro-Mesh gear-shift • Simplified Free Wheeling
Unsurpassed smoothness and quietness • 60 Horsepower
You must drive the new Chevrolet Six to conventional gear, and try shifting gears with the easy,
appreciate fully the many new thrills of non-clashing, quiet Syncro-Mesh transmission—which »
its performance. exclusive to Chevrolet in the lowest price field.
Take it out on the street, compete with other cars in .... . __ ,
_ . , Never has the actual driving of a Chevrolet Six meant so
traffic—and understand what it means to accelerate
, much as it does today. Come into our showroom—
from a standstill to 3;> miles an hour in less than seven
, , T¥ . . ... . without delay. Try out the Great American Value foe
seconds! Hunt out some long Btretch of highway, open J *
. . , . , , . 1932. Faster, livelier, smoother than ever—easier to
the throttle to the limit—and experience the keen joy .
. , . , _ handle and control—it gives perform* nee-thrilia you ve
of a top speed without stress or strain. Travel over the *
, , . ~ , ~ never had in any low-priced car!
roughest road you know—and learn the advantage of its
new stabilized front end. Run the car throughout its a—
full range of speed and power—and know the pleasure 'r
of Chevrolet’s new smoothness and quietness. PRICED AS LOW AS sHT W
Then, try the thrill of Free Wheeling—of gliding along
. .... Alt pritm /. «. b. Flint, Michigan. Special equipment extra. Lam
on momentum in a modern quality six-of shifting gears Jeii9tnd mUeaayG. M. A.C. term,. CkeeruLt Motor Com
ftaaily, simply, and quietly. And finally, change bade to P**y- Detrek, Michigan Dimeim e§ General Mater*.
' ~'! —— S||« TOVI DEALER BELOV j ; ~
Henderson, N. C 4 Warren ton, N. C.
It was a tactful method of getting at the deep
est spiritual needs of a sinner. “Every one that
drinkcth of this water shall thirst again: but who
soever drinketh of the water that I shall give him
shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give
him shall become in him a well of water springing
up Into eternal life.”
the country. If the great mass of the
people could be set on the right road
of personal living and personal fin
ance this depression would soon be a
thing of the past. Contrary to general
opinion, the need for it is greatest
among the more skilled and trained
workers—the so-called more intel
ligent groups. Unskilled laborers are
generally better managers of their
affairs than the skilled workers. They
have to be. They have to split pennies
and make fullest use of every pos
session they have. Their way of liv
ing makes them resourceful in meet
ing emergencies and because their
wants are fewer their resistance to
the high-pressure salesman Is greater.
They train their families as an econo
mic unit. What the skilled workers,
the white collar workers and many
business men themselves need is to
■' .i n. >-•.
Jesus, having spoken to the woman of her sins
and of the gift of salvation, revealed himself as
her Saviour. With glowing faith in the new
found Messiah the woman rushed back to town
to tell her friends of the Christ, and brought
many out to hear him. They, too, believed in
Jesus and many were converted.
HOLDEN TEXT; I Timothv 1:1*
become masters of their own finances
and living habits, and train their fa
milies along sound lines of personal
A Suggest Budget.
This is National Thrift Week, a fit
ting time to lay out a plan of living
that will make you an economic as
set to yourself and the community,
instead of an economic liability. Thrift
is a much misunderstood word. It does
not mean niggardliness. It means
“planned saving” and "planned spend
ing,’’ as contrasted with extravagance
on the one hand and frightened hoard
ing on the other. How one's income is
divided must depend upon individual
circumstances. No blanket rule can
be laid down. The main point is to
adjust your living expenses to your
income in such away that you will
have some margin of saving for the
It is the same process through
which a business concern goes when
being re-organized. Most of the great
corporations of the country have at
some time gone through a re-orgdhl
zation. They then started out on a
real road to prosperity.
Stop Leaning On The Government.
We are in the midst of a great de
pression. Emergency Government re
lief measures are necessarily being
taken. However, unless we learn to
rely more on ourselves and Moo on
the Government, our characters will
be weakened. Everybody seems to
think this an opportune time to dump
all their troubles on the Government.
If all the bills now before Congress
calling for appropriations were passed
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