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Only Small Number Attend
Session; Dabney Meet,
ing Thursday
Only • small number of farm non
■Ad women attended the first of the
ion meeting? sponsored by
tie North Carnim* Orange at Seb
Vance school la-t night. The crowd
ia attendance, however, was enthu
siastic. and twelve announced their
intention to affiliate with the grange
organ lavon after hearing a talk by
Harry B. Caldwell, state lecturer and
orrantaer of the grange.
A return meeting for further organ
isation of Ihe grange group at Zeb
Vance will be held on March 3 apd Mr.
Caldwell will again be present to out
line the alms and purposes of the
grange organization. Those in at
tendance at the meeting last night
promised that they would secure a
larger attendance at the second meet
Another grange organization meet
ing Is scheduled to be held at the
Dabney school on Thursday night of
this week forth- purpose of allowing
the farm men and women of that sec
tion to organize. In three sections
where the grange has been organised
in Vance county a total of over 200
members have b«en signed up.
Hat Successful Opening and
Carries Full Line of
Groceries, Fruits
“ And Produce
lahsw's. the latest addition to the
retail grocery business opened for
kaslness last Saturday. In the build
ing opposite the Motor Sales Com
pany (0k South Garnett street.
*The new store is own-d and operat
ed by Elliott G Shaw, formerly with
ito Henderson Grocery Company, and
dho baa had many yca~s of experi
ehce In the grocery business.
Shaw reported a moot satisfac
tory opening Saturday. Hundreds of
rple ended during 'he day and sight
■take purche.-e* and express their
;i«ed wishes to the proprietor.
/.The s’ore car sics a complete line
cS fancy groceries, cakes and all kinds
oJ fror*» fruits nr.d produce.
| Deed Recorded.
'ln n deed recorded in the office of
t Ve register of de“ds here yesterday
1 i. E. Clements and wife and Joel T.
f heatham and wife, sold to C. M.
House three lots* in Vance county for
a consideration of SIOC.
In ar.otner deed L. B. Holden and
wife sold to L B. Holden, and in
Vance county for $lO and other con
6 6 6
6M Uqckl cr Tablets used internally
and 666 Salve externally, make a com
plete unil effective treatment for Colds
$5,000 in Cash Prizes
A*lf Vmir I»rf«tr Fartkailan
How Progress
is Made Possible
Look down the canyons of commerce of
any great city; glance over the panorama of
industrial plants; observe the millions of
comfortable homes of die nation. Credit
made all this possible and is the basis of
progress and prosperity,— credit, sustained
by the greatest system of financial strength
and economic safety the world nas ever
known , —INSURANCE! Your banker, law
yer, credit specialist, recommend—-urge
insurance. Your business associates, credi
tors, neighbors, expect yon to have it for
their security as well as your own*
Phone 199
Insurance Department
. Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
• W. H. FLEMING, Myr.
THAT EVENING, Marcia found a
special delivery letter from Vivian
awaiting her. She tore It open eagerly,
and scanned the one page hurriedly.
Vivian was losing no time. She
would be In New York Friday night—
that was tomorrow night. Marcia eati
mated—and could atay for ten days.
She had obtained a two weeks’ leave
of absence from the office She had
not dared to give up her position
until ah* had seen NeW York, and as
certained If ahe could find work
there. Marcia waa a darling for sug
gesting that ahe might come and stay
with her. She could scarcely wait to
see her.
So waa Marcia eager to see Vivian.
Too bad. she thought, that Vivian
was not here for the party tonight.
But there would be others, she waa
confident. Three beautiful girls and
no parties? Impossible. In New York.
She went out to tell Connie, hurrying
down the hall toward the Deltz living
room. Marcia had made arrange
ments to have her breakfasts and
dinners with them when she waa at
home, for convenience, and because
Mrs. Delta bad instated that there
waa no reason why ahe shouldn't. It
would be very little extra work for
Helga. and would save Marcia much
Inconvenience; also, tbe girls could
come home from work together.
Marcia rapped on the closed doors
and turned the knob, calling "yoo
too." as the entered. Already, she
was a part of the household, and en
joying It Immensely. “Good evening.
Mrs. Deltz.“ ahe smiled, and added
with a glad tons In her voice. “Viv
ian’s coming, and will be here to
morrow night."
•“That's lovely." Mrs. Deltz com
“I'm so glad." Connie enthused.
■lsn't tt too bed she’s not here for
tonight T’
That's what 1 was thinking, too.
Well, we shall just have to scare up
•otne more parties after she arrives."
ahe laughed gayly. "Collect all the
Invitations you can. tonight That's a
shocking thing to say. Isn't It Mrs.
Deltz r
Mrs. Deltz laughed with her. "It
would have been a generation ago.
But It Is probably very mild now."
While the girls were dressing for
the party that aight, Mrs. Deltz
hovered over them, obeying Marcia's
Instructions for Connie's adornment
and enjoying herself mors than she
had In years. It brought back vivid
memories of the past—the happy
onee. Marcia thought she almost
looked younger, and reflected that It
was a pity such a woman had allowed
tragedy to annihilate her. She was
actually quite a young woman, as age
was now regarded.
"Just Imagine, mother!" Connie
waa exclaiming for the dozenth time.
"A pent-house party. Isn’t Marcia
vweet to take me?"
Mra. Deltz’s brow wrinkled slightly.
II was not so easy to allow this lone
sheltered fledgling to leave the nest
She wished that chaperones were still
the proper thing for young girls in
society, and that she might accom
pany them In that capacity. Rather,
she guessed that more probably this
pent-house was a bachelor apartment,
and there would act be a married
couple in the group. But she couldn’t
change the modern world nor the
Members of the Henderson bar are
to meet tonight to select a successor
to the late Judge Thomas M. Pittman
as its president. In advance of the
meeting, there was no definite word
today as to the man ho would be
named to the leadership of the or
way or » omul wno yearns rot youth
and pleasure. Anti .“he trusted Mar
cia. It was evident that Marcia hnd
taken care of herself fr a long time,
and she conceded that Connie might
lie capable of the same things,
if ahe were given a chance In the
sordid experience of these past fif
teen years, Mrs. Deltz had rented
rooms to many g.rl*. but It had taken
a girl like Mnrcle to open her eyes
to Connie's world, and her lonely, un-'
natural existence. If she did not ap-
of her friendship with a girl
like Marcia. Connla might not b« so
confidential about the next friend ahe
chose, and that one mlicht prove to l»e
less worthy.
Marcia arranged both Connie’s and
her own coiffure as she had done so
efTsctlvely a few evenings previously.
Mrs. Deltz approved with mounting
pleasure And when her daughter
waa arrayed In the new gown and Its
glamorous accessories, she was as
much surprised over the effect os was
Connie, herself. True, the white
jacquette waa rabbit fur Instead of
ermine, and the ruby and diamond
braceleta were not genuine, but they
created almost the same effect in
their sparkling newness. Connie's ap
pearance was even more striking than
Marcia had anticipated. If ever a
human being were transformed by
clothes. Connie waa Her pale wist
ful ness was now only an elusive
quality that contrasted with the more
daring effect of the costume Her
hair glinted more golden, and her
gray eyes ye re darker, adding mya
tery and depth to her face.
Connie stared at her Image In the
long pier mirror which had reflected
her mother’s beauty upon many Im
portant occasions. Then she turned
and clasped Marcia around tbe neck
aa a happy child might have done
“Oh, I never dreamed that it was pos
sible for me to look like that!” Tonrs
glistened on her turned-up eyelashes,
and made her look even more childish
Then she embraced her mother
“And you. little mother, for buying
me these gorgeoua thlnga Don’t you
think I look wonderful, darling?”
“Yes, Connie, you do —lovelier than
I had dreamed that you could be.”
she confessed. “Forgive me for hid
ing you away with me In my
wretchedness.” There were tears in
her own eyes. "We both have much
for which to thank Marcia. Re good,
my dear, and deserve her for a
friend. I am glad that you are dnd
ing life, at .last"
Marcia dismissed their gratitude
with a happy chuckle. "Oh, if 1 have
done anything for Connie, that Just
make me happier. You see. I really
had a selfish reason, after all. I
wanted a chum, and one I could be
proud oL But that's tne way it al
ways works out, isn’t It? Whenever
we give happiness to others. It brings
happiness to us. Well, are we all
ready? It's about time for our prince
and coach to arrive," glancing at the
clock. She wore the same green tulle
gown, which DuMott had declared
was a creation for her alone. Even
had she been able to afford a new
dress, there would have been no time
to took for one; furthermore, no one
who would be there had seen the
dress except DuMott And he was
the only one who would know that
she could not afford a new dress like
that every week. Besides, she was
not in love with him. which madb a
Gubernatorial Situation
In State Still In Muddle
from Page one.J
torial pond.
Neither Willis Smith nor General
Cox would discuss the question today
as to what action they expected to
"I intend to wait a while before I
make any announcement of any kind”
Smith said.
“For the time being. I have nothing
to say,” said General iCox.
Solicitor McNeill could not be
reached for a statement.
However, the report has persisted
both yesterday and today that letters
and messages of all kinds have been
coming in to General Cox urging him
to become a candidate now that
Daniels definitely removed himself
from the race/and that a great many
of these messages are from those who
heretofore have been for Daniels. It
Is further being pointed out that Cox
and Daniels have been close personal
friends for many years, that their
ideas are very similar on a great
many questions. These facts are caus
ing some to believe that Cox will get
into the race and that if he does, it
will be with the assurance that
Daniels will support him.
Very few of the supporters of the
three announced candidates, however,
believe that Cox or any one else will
get into the fray and maintain that
the present effort to reinflate the
Cox boom is nothing more than wast
ed energy in trying to pump up a
badly worn out inner tube.
A majority of the more impartial
observers who believe the campaign
will be limited to those now in It
are inclined to think the campaign
now seems to be between Ehringhaus
and Fountain, with Ehringhaus ap
parently leading in the Piedmont
counties and with Fountain ahead in
the eastern and far western counties.
It is admitted, however, that Max
well has developed some unusual
strength in various localities lately
and that he may cause Ehringhaus
more trouble than Fountain. The
Fountain followers appear te be con
fident. but are more worried at
Ehringhaus than at Maxwell.
(Continued from Page One )
lug on In the disarmament con
ference at Geneva.
Negative Vote.
By a margin of 157 to 134 the Sen
ate turned him down and as he had
made the vote a question of confid
ence the (proceeded Immediately to
confer with hie political advisers and
turn in his resignation.
It was the third time in the past
•even years and the fourth time in
French parliamentary history that a
government has been overthrown by
an adverse vote in the Senate. Us
ually it is th Chamber of Deputies
difference. Had eke been, and know,
ing his fretUtioue nature, she might
have exerted herself further to ad*
tract him.
Instead, she was deltghed at Ms est.
Pre sal on when he flret saw ’V-nla.
Marcia took her arm and said. « .lik
ing roguishly at Connie, “Maj 1 pre
sent you to— Miss Dettx, Mr. De-
His obvious aatonistunent affected
his speech, which was unusua.. “Why
—of course, I know Miss Deltz." he
"But not Gils Miss Deltz," Matcln
Insisted. "Did you ever ree a ~v . dee
transformation, Mr. Beauty-sent*"?"
"I never did.” he admitted “Wom
en are beyond understan m* g. A dash
of color, a few yards of clotr. and a
Jewel placed her* or tli-.re, o-.-i they
are transformed. FI *:• do n*i take
these remarks offensively. **>so Delta"
he added. "You r.iwa«a were lovely—
In such clothe.! as tl«*‘ are
well. I shall have to .*es;-:t to French
for an adequate wotf. Yea are «*-
dlmencke." He bowed qu'-.otlcally.
"Shall-we go. then?”
Marcia felt as If fcl.e were. Indeed,
being driven with a prince In his
coach, as Du Mott's French c-ar. hav
ing a closed tonneau of unique de
sign. glided toward the avenue and
entered the brlHiem stream of eve
ning uptown traffic.
A little later, they enter* <T a tower
ing new apartment hotel, where an
elaborately decorated bronze-doored
elevator whisked them skyward for
several momenta They were next
admitted to a sumptuously appointed
foyer that appeared to be only the
entrance hall to the apartment
proper, there a servant directed them
to a room already filled with guesta
It was their host who came to meet
them as soon as he saw DuMott enter
with his two glorified chargex He
was slightly bald, and somewhat
corpulent, as if his barber and dieti
tian were almost winning the race
against competing age. even though
barbers and specialists had had a de
layed chance at him: and. what was
more Important, he had manufac
tured enough of a certain commodity
—an article valuable to the cosmetic
Industry—that If laid end to end. they
would reach from one point to an
other. You know. American big busi
ness. Jack’s-beanstalk-success type.
All he needed now was pleasure and
beauty—enough of it to make him for
get that he was on the dangerous
side of forty, and skidding toward
middle age. He also was show ing the
world that he could be as generous aa
it had been to him—reciprocity ges
ture. Hl» name was Rennie Colmn»;
and his age stepped#naek a notch
when he was presented to Marcia and
Connie by their escort, who added.
"But you don’t need to look so hope
ful. Bennie, because one of these dis
coveries belongs to me. and tbe other
is an extra for that fellow you hav*
here who couldn't get his own girl.”
“Oh. that's all right." laughed Ben
nie. "Being a good host. I gave him
mine. And generosity always pays,
because you usually get more than
you give. This l* no exception to th#
rule, either.” His covetous eyes i>,
spectcd them as if he were at a public
auction, where the choice went to
highest bidder, and he could riTerd to
be that one If be chose
<?G ?x J>)
which votes a ministry out of office.
The Senate overthrew Andre Tardieu
in 1930 and Edward Herriot In 1926.
When the premier presented his
resignation .. to the president this
evening it was accepted immediately.
Artillery Opens Fire When
Jap Planes Discover Column
of Chinese Moving Forward
(Continued from Pagu One.)
which has not yet been mate
The Chinese took advan
tage of the lnll to strengthen
their lines and repair roads
and communications in the
Chapei area.
Some do wisely to counterfeit a re
servedness. to keep their hearts al
ways locked, not for fear any one
should steal treasure therefrom, but
lest one should look in and see, that
there is nothing within them.
“A FEW years ago, I was in
a miserable, run-down con
dition.” says Mrs. M. M.
Brett, of 806 Albany Ave.,
Waycross, Ga. "I was so
weak, I could hardly go. I
was nervous and all out 6f
heart, getting very discour
aged with my condition.
"A friend of mine, seeing
how miserable I was, told
me to try CarduL I have
never ceaafd to be grateful,
for I felt better from the
time I began taking It,
taking Cardui KB
until I felt well I
and strong. I B
was lees ner- H
vous and was IB
toon enjoying MBS j
good health.” |jagMug E
Sold at drug |
on m counts
Nine Charges In Two Indict,
menu Still Fnce Repub
lican Official
Greensboro. F*b. lfl.—(AP) —Judge
Johnston J. Hayss today directed ver
dicts of acquittal on all ! nine
counts of two indlctmer. - glng
W. H. Foster, ssere n y t reu. u.v of
tbs North Car-Maa *'• ‘.i.Hcnn Exe
cutive Committee, with Illegal hoi<«u
tation of campaign funds
The ruling was m<uie after a
lengthy conference of the judge and
attorneys for the government and de
fense. Footer is on trial in United
State* District court.
After the fudge’s ,‘decision argu
ments were begun. Indications were
the Jury would receive the case some
time this afternoon.
(By Jne. F. Clark and Ce.)
New Orleans. Feb. 16—The cotton
market ckwed steady today:
Open High Dow Close
January 7.49 7.56 7.48 7.52
March ........ 6.75 6.82 6.70 6.80
May 6.92 7.00 6.89 6.99
July 7.07 7.17 7.22 7.34
December 7.42 7.53 7.41 7.51
1 <
Aluminum Co 55 1-2
Electric Bond and Share 12 7-8
Cities Service 6 5-8
Ford Ltd 5 3-8
American Superpower 4 1-2
A Festivolof Bargains
Profils Sacrificed
on ovor 20C items
YOUR CHOICE MilkefMasnc.il
I Alcohol * 0 59c° t,U ° f Pur y*our R “hti«
I of any one of these home needs .... a regular 74c v#lu«
Everywhere jj| ] I p
J ■BHHl’' Boric Acid Powder, 4 oz. 15c
I JHNQnjnj
■ B = ’" i “““ :r “B! Sodium Bicarbonate, looz 17c
I I Bk. l J- Sulphur, So/.. lie
I P mwßdS&wjwßp 1 Fl. Ext. Cascar i Aromatic, 4 oi. . 28c
Bj >S||yHjjQfUH mtaHneA EMBT B Glycerin A Roue 19c
I gg Mercurochrome, 19c
Duska Double Compact 98c Olivo Shampoo 29c "t
Jonteel Talcum Powder 19c Toilet Waters 79e
Jonteel Cold Cream 39c Theatrical Cold Cream, 1 1b.... 59c IN CASH PRIZF.S
Klenzo Dental Creme, large 39c Jonteel Vanishing Cream ... 39c
Klenzo Liquid, 20 ozs 49c Georgia Rose Body Powder 79c
Harmony Bay Rum, 16 oz 49c Midnight Talcum 29c Will be awarded
Harmony Lilat Vegetal 59c Georgia Rose Bajh Salts 49c
________________________________________________ listeners to the
*l/, lj* vv-., i The wo r I dVpi os thefuti full y REX ALL
*s «* io n s DRUGGISTS’
45c prophylactic, tDCC >nART MINfATURE the DADTA PARTY
Tooth Brush .. 25f t ;l\ tot to perfume of the immortal* with AU±\J rAtt
95c Kleenex Facial SHARI LISTEN IN' every '•nn«la\
Tissue 35c Coast llook-up of .\ I! <
Brush 88c WjE
<W . NfcrWf ‘" l3E ’ 79c
56c Jergen’s 89c I wft^Hazel,
B Glycerm Supp jsiton*. -..
50c Lucky Tiger Hair ■ Cascara Tabi-ts, 5 gr.CC,
Tonic M‘ l °° S T6il R n _r y?*
25c J>t. West Tooth LithU Tablets, Eff., 5 gr..
Quinine Pills, 2 34’«..
a SEKWSwSi": **
KiwHdc-.lv % Patent.
Dyspepsia Tablets, 50’s 39c
85c Tond’s Cold Cream 25c Hygienic Powder, 6 or. tfc ti *a A
Uxative Cold Tablets, 24’5..';:; 19* SIAO Csrdul
25c Johnson’s Baby Laxative Salt, 7 oz 3s c SI.OO Wompoles ....
*N»wder 19c , 50c Phillip* Milk «f
JBL Magnesia ....
see Ipnna Tooth Paste 39c B^|
, Th»®e Flowers Face “63” Hair Lotion. 14 nr 7Z. $, 0 ° Dr N ** nin ''
Powder and Perfume 68c Peptone, 160 z.. J”’***” 79c 60c Scott’s KniuKion : ’ l '
vJS2e F T o r ith 60E * IJW A carol, Tomp. s,r *
,U» CMf .. k»e V*”-*” ”« Oil «
Drug Store
Market Very Bullish After
DuU Morning and Mod
erate Se!!ing
ißjr J*o F. Clark a»d Co.)
Now York, * b. 16—Cotton prices
j w.ugtd yes eroay'a close until the
I o;jrly afternoon, when the market ad
vanced in sympathy with the strength
In *>• :'i* and wheat. The trade and
Wak SRredt were buyers. Cd-op
brokers and the Eoutlh sold moderate
ly. There was no par lcular cotton
news. If stocks continue upward,
cotton should follow unless chi cked
by increased southern selling.
(By J«u. F. Clark sad Co.)
New York. Feb. 16 —Cotton futures
closed steady.
Open High Low Close
January 7.51 7.G4 7.52 7.64
March 6.71 6.80 6.69 6.79
May 6.90 7.00 6.88 6.99
July 6.06 7.17 7.05 7.15
October 7.29 7.40 7.26 7.40
December 7.45 7.57 7.45 7.57
Spot xteady 6.95; up 10 points.
For Better Printing Phone 62
The large*! and tost equipped job simp in |.»«n.
J. Ed Gill Made Offidj, q
ExposU.cn; Pro
J. Ed GUI, ~~
School of North Carolina S ***&
lege, Raleigh, has been ? C *
man of dyeing of the St u '£ n !' l I# *
Uis Exposition and Style
will be held in Raleigh
4his is said to be one of , h *
honors a student can at*-
textile school. t in i! > th
As a part of the program '„ r
annual event, 76 young h.o
senting Catawba. Louisbuiv vt 'JO?
Peace and
will wear garments they h av ***
as a part of classwork in home
mics. from fabrics des|g
woven by the textile 41
Ed GUI is understood to have
an outstanding student a»
>ge for four years ..nd is , n e t ,f a
most prominent men on , h e c 'JJ
He has represented State (v.i;,. 7*
number of debates and hr. '
eral medals in speaking eont^jT'
Mr. Gill i« the son of J r .,, .
Route 1 Henderson.

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