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Farm Agent Meets With
Large Group At Kittrell
To Discuss Outlook
Tw* Mwttnp Scheduled For Today;
Morning Meeting Will Bo Held
At Gill's Siding Tomorrow a.
The first of the series of meeting*
scheduled by County Farm Agent J.
W. Sanders for the purpoee of dis
cussing the outlook for the year with
Vance county farmers, was held at
Woodlief*s store at Kittrell yesterday
afternoon with about 45 farmers In at
tendance. Mr. Sanders conducted the
discussion and made a short talk to
the farmers present.
Mr. San dr* discussed with the farm
ers the outlook for the year and re
viewed the progress made in the past
three years, declaring that the pros
pects for the future were very en
couraging. Many things are needed to
round out the program of “live at
home" however, he told the farmers.
One of the principal needs Id-a'n in
crease in the livestock on the f*sma
In Jhe county, he declared. More
home gardens, and the saving of the
surplus of the snpply by canning are
also needed. An increase in the wheat
acreage is also desirable he said, but
indications point to increased crop 4
this year A discussion at the meeting
showed that in 1929 only two of those
present planted a wheat crop. The
following year about four said they
planted wheat, while last year 20 de
clared that they cultivated a crop of
Two meetings were scheduled today;
A good turnout of farmers met with
the farm agent at Pardue's store at
Bobbitt at ten o'clock this morning
and another good gathering was pre
sent at Tarry Brothers store at
Townsville this afternoon.
Th«» Wednesday afternoon meeting
at Aycock school, has been postponed
until a later date it was announced,
since Mr. Sanders will accompany a
group of farmers to Rocky Mount
tomorrow afternoon for the purpose
of hearing an address by William F
Schilling member of the Fedora.
Farm Board, representing the dairy
and poultry Industry, in which he will
discuss methods of marketing poultry
and eggs The morning meeting will
be held at White's Store at Gill s Sid
ing. however, at ten o'clock.-.
Both white and colored
landlords and tenants, men and wo
men. are invited to these individual
meetings. Mr. Sanders announced to
Final Report of Branch Os
fice of Carolina Motor
Club Made T6day
Total sales tor the branch office of
the Carolina Motor club here, under
Miss Nell Jordan, which was in
charge of the distribution of 1932
s’ate license tags in Henderson were
announced "today as 4.037. The office
remained open for two months, hav
ing opened on December 15th, closing
kt the end of the day on Monday.
Sales of tags during the past several
weeks have been very small, but the
office was kept open for the conveni
ence of persons unable to secure their
licenses until that time. A number of
other branch offices in the state were
also closed today, but about thirty
will remain open for the entire year,
as has been the practice for many
The hirthstone for February is the
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* HOTEL • * *
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C. W. Hargrove And 4. H. Zolttoeffer
Bid In Huge Nursery Interests
At Kittrell
All lands and buildings of the Con
tinental Plant Company at Kittrell
were sold under foreclosure Monday.
Ihe concern has for many years been
one of the largest nurseries in the
South. •
Twelve tracts aggregating approxi
mately 1,100 acres were bid In by C.
W. Hargrove of Townsville, for
000. while the buildings and 100 AcTea
of land adjacent to the buildings were
bid In by Johon H. Zollicoffer, of
Henderson, at ;$7,500. . His' purchase
consisted of three tracts.
The sale must remain open for’ten
days, under the law. pending the tooe
slble raising of the bitja, and if there
are no increases, confirmation of the
sale by the court is expected.
Appeal for Permanent Com
pensation Dismissed by
Industrial Body
The claim for compensation of
$19.25 per week for the rest of his
life for Injuries received was denied
to D. M. Vfck in a ruling by the North
Carolina Industrial Commission and
sent here to counsel on both sides of
the litigation. A hearing in Mr. Vick's
claim was held h?re several days ago
by T. A. Wilson, member of the com
mission. and the ruling as sent back
here was signed by Matt H. Allen,
Mr. Vick was an employee of The
Corbitt Company when the alleged
permanent injury occurred last sum
mer. His action war brought against
the company and the Lumberton's
Casualty Company as surety under
the State workmen's compensation
law. The ruling of the Industrial Com
mission held that the plaintiff did not
sustain injury by the accident aris
ing out of and in the course of his
employment, and his claim for cone
pensation was denied and dismissed,
each party to pay his own costs.
J. H. Zollicoffer represented the de
fendant manufacturer and insurance
company and M. C. Pearce was coun
sel for the plaintiff.
Damage Suit Againgt Sea
board Air Line Railway
Appealed From Vance
An appeal in the $50,000 damage
suit brought /against the Seaboard
Air Une Railway by the adminis
tratrix of I£. W. Hunt, who was kill
ed in July 1929 when he fell from
a mail crane platform on the right
>f way at (Jraystone, near this city,
is being argued before the North Car
olina Supreme court today. The plain
tiff is appealing from a non-suit ren
dered by Judge W. C. Harris in the
Vance County Superior court here
some time ago.
Appeals in cases from the third and
fourth districts are being heard to
day, but the Hunt case is the only one
for this district. There are sixteen
from the fourth district, none of them
being criminal cases.
In the Hunt case the plaintiff
claims Hunt was employed by his
wife to carry mail from the Greystonc
postoffice to the mail crane, a device
to deliver the mail pouches to trains
in motion, and is alleged to have fal
len from the platform to the ground,
a distance of about five feet, while
engaged in this work. His wife charg
ed negligence on the part o fthe rail
First Laymen's Meeting At
First Baptist Has Big
A congregation of proportions which
leaders said was even a surprise to
them attended the first of the lay
men’s prayer services held in the First
Baptist church Monday afternoon at
5:30 o’clock The weekly meetings are
to be continued indefinitely as a
means of drawing people of all Chris
tian denominations, as well as the
public generally, to gether for prayer
services for divine guidance and as
sistance in the present national and
worldwide economic crisis. The idea is
somewhat of the nature of- that car
ried on during the World War, when
the people gathered together at re
gular intervals to pray for the cul
mination of the war.
A statement of the purpoee of the
prayer meetings was made, in which
It was explained that they will be
held in the different churches of the
community, rotating in alphabetical
order, with a layman in the church
where the service is held being in
charge each meeting. Clarence IS.
Green, superintendent of the First
Baptist Sunday school, led the ser
vices Monday afternoon. Next Mon
day the services will be held In the
First Christian church at 5:10 o’clock.
It is stated that there are to be no
talks at the services, unless of an
impromptu nature, end that the 90
or 38 minutes meeting is to be given
over entirely to prayers, the singing
of hymns and Scripture reading.
Soil Improvement Alloca
tion Adopts Resolutions
for Helping Farmers
Township chairmen and officers of
the County Soil Improve
ment Association, in "a meteing with
the teachers, of-vocational Agriculture
on February; 8, /discussed plans, for
the coming-year. One of the features
of the meeting was a discussion of the
merits of leepedeza. with W. T. Moes.
chairman, issuing a statement re
garding Upvalue as money crop, as a
hay and far Improving the soil.
A number of resolutions calling on
the farmers to cut their cash crops
this year, end to make an effort to
improve thb. soll of their farming land
were adopted at the meeting. The re
solutions follqpw:
1. That much of our cash crop land
be allowed' to “lay out” this year or
be grown in some legume for sofl Im
provement as our cash crops show a
surplus and do hot pay a profit.
I! LUCKIES are certainly kind ||i
j|||j ■ throat. And hurrah for that improved Cellophane wrap- jlll
02 CUMNIOVESONO,*«miicho« Ta a *t*
mm w• did. Lupe’s bean a UJCKY fan I wljjj f
what is politely called 'Ylnancial
3. That we recomt&iiTd/the use of
tospedcaa. at least oft* prefer
ably more, on every farm in Frank
lin County, for soli Improvement, pas
ture, hay or seed. We further suggest
that only a part of a field be seeded
to so next year the whole
field >mas~ be planted In some other
crop /and tys soil building value ob
served. The leepedeza to be seeded by
March 15th on small grain, broad
casted and furrowed in with weeder
or smoothing harrow.
3. That we favor "tfiSVifse of cow
peas and soybeans for ha-yand soil
improvement. We especially suggest,
due to the cheapness of the seed, that
these legumes be planted with corn,
either in hills or drills for soil Im
4: We further recommend for all of
the above crops that farmers use
their own seed for another year.
5. This organization solicits sup
port, cooperation and membership in
this drive to make soils more pro
ductive, thus making it possible to
keep more and better livestock. When
this is possible we wilt find our coun
tryside taking on a new appearance,
painted homes, well kept lawns and
In all a better educated and happier
people. We strive toward that goal.
Those who desire lespedeza seed
are asked to write or see Mr. G. L.
Cook of Louisburg and Franklinton
or get in touch with their township I
L. T. Henderson, of Knox
ville, Here In interest f
of Brotherhood
J. T. Henaeraon, successful busi
ness man of Knoxville, Tenn., a Bap
tist layman who gives much of his
time to the work of the Baptist
Brotherhood of \the South, to in the
city for a fefw/ days In the interest
of laymen's work here. He spoke last
Sunday morning to a large congrega
tion at the First Baptist church,
treating the work of the missionary
enterprise of the church. At 3 p. m.
Sunday he addressed a meeting of a
group of men from North and South
Henderson, Carey’s and West End and
the Fimt Baptist churches, as well as
a sprinkling from other churches in
the city on “A Twofold Challenge to
Laymen." In the evening he spoke
again to men on the stewardship of
life with the investment of life and
opportunity. At the morning service
Sunday Mr. Henderson spoke of the
"immense field" opened to the gospel
today In all the world, and told of
the response of the churches to this
, -/-During this week he is holding con
ferences each- evening at 7:30 o’clock,
discussing the financial support of the
I church, tithing avreftular attendance
at all services and the need of men
gttlng solidly bshlnd the work of the
churches. Tonight he devotes a part
* : of the session to a discussion of the
, duties of the deacons, and Mr. Hen
derson to desirlous of having all avail
able deacons hearing him.
The Baptist Brotherhood of the
South consists of local church organ
izations of men who are banded to
gether to stand behind the work of
the church and 4 its,- leaders. It is in
this interest tttac*Mr. Henderson is
spending severafcddys in this city
this week. >**
Grant Burroughs faced a charge of
assault, before Recorder T. S. Kit
trell in recorder’s court here this
morning, his case being the only one
on the docket for the day. He was
ordered to pay half of the court costs
and Minne the prosecuting
witness was ordered to pay the other
half of the costs.
Joseph S. Royster, form*, sher.fr ,
Vance county, am; a widely L, of
citizen, is ill at his home on
Montgomery street following - 1
attack over the week-end Whti.! n
ailment is enough to confin. h ,l hls
... Not Same Man.
. The Willie Buliock, tried in polien
r court here yesterday. on a
•H-.r.g drunk, wvs no. the VS?*?
lock, colored, an employe of u».
Jewelry company. MlXon
Was Colored Man Tried
The man named Melvin Wiis
tried in police court Tuesday 0 f
week on a charge of assault was „
colored man and not the white ma,t
by the same name who lives in
Corbitt section. " e
thei " R* a. strangle hold.
Fight germs quickly. Creomulfoon com
bines the 7 beet helps known to im>d.
« “a***- Powerful but fannies.
Peasant to take. No narcotics. Money
refunded if any cough no matter of
how long standing ie no*, relieved. Aak
yonr dniggnt for Creomolaioo. (adr)

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