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Lm JsEB Mjttl
H. L.
Service Grocery
113 Wyche Street ,
Opposite Cooper’s Warehouse
Make Our Store Your Store
So. 1 t*ll ran milk, OA
» ~jiiis f*»r «MIC
Small thu .Milk,
i, ,i.n> for 4i«JC
No. - 12 i lC r
jM-iM-lios. per can AeJC
}W full cream t
clieese lIC
S'.i - can tomatoes. AA
4 rans for OvC
1 ll>.. jar peanut 1 C
l.iitter IDC
Weiners. S Cj*
Bolotin. 1 f
pound AeJt
All l*ork Sausage, 1
pound 1 I v
I V >i/e 13c
:Uk- size 25c—
tiOc size, 50c
Salmon, No. 11 A
tall ran lvC
Saw Wans, hotter beans, £
i»-nv pinto beaus, all lb. vt
Heavy Thick fat
hark moat, lb I C
Heavy rib side OC
meat. 3 lbs for mDC
I‘icnic Hams, Ttt-l-2e
I id Jli-**''
f?i \ * ••
• t
Kreslj conutry eggs, IF
per dozen IvC
* ‘i
I test WAtefc" ground OA r ’
meal. 10 lb., bag dwVC
High grade guaranteed flour,
I*l3lll or Self Rising
High grade guaranteed flour,
Err.' $1.05
Plain or Self Rising
High grade guaranteed flour,
24 pound ££
Plain or Self Rising
Kvervthing in Fresh Vegetables
and Fruits. Full Line of
The Market Basket
By The Bureau of Home Economics,
• »- Department of Agriculture, and the Woman*! Division of the
PrreidentV Emergency Committee for Employment
KEEU the babv cod-liver oil.
For children under two years of
age. cold-liver oil. with its high con
tent of vitamin A tfnd vitamin D. is
not a medicine, nor a luxury, but an
indispensable food. This is the em
phatic statement of Dr. Martha M.
Eliot, director of the child hygiene di
vision of the Children's Bureau of the
l’. S. Department of Labor and Dr.
Hazel K. Stiebeling, senior food econo
mist of the Bureau of Home Econo
mics of the U, S. Departmentof Agri
Mothers are therefore urged to pro
vide three or four teaspoonfuls of cod
liver oil every day for each child un
der two year old. This will cost about
15 to 25 cents a week per child. But
it is vitui to the children’s health in
winter time, and for city children it
is good advice for all the year.
These statements are based on
scientific studies which have shown
the relation of vitamin D to the nor
mal development of bones.
Every grain goes through Eve
cleansing processes, before be
5. ing roosted.
Saturday Specials
10 lbs., of Irish potatoes free with every
cash purchase of $2.50
No. 2 can English Peas 12 l-2c
No. 2 can Butter Beans 12 l-2c
No. 2 can mixed Vegetables for Soup 12 l-2c
No. 2 can sliced or grated Pineapple 15c
No. 1 can sliced or grated Pineapple 9c
No. 2 1-2 can apples, 25c value 15c
Fresh country eggs lftc
Fat Back Meat, pound 6c
Phone 162-163.
Startling! I
Best American
I Sweet Crushed
I Corn 4 No. 2 Cans 25/ I
I Nucoa a. 15/ 1
I Whole Grain
I Rice 10 lbs. 39/1
I Campbell’s Tomato
I Soup 4 Cans 25/ |
Pork and
I BEANS Can 5/ I
Plain or Self Rising
Flour 241 b. Bag 55/ I
D. P. Blend
I Coffee Lb. 29/1
In all temperate climates," says
Doctor Eliot, “very many babies will
develop rickets during the winter
months unless some substitute for
sunlight, some food that contains
large quantities of vitamin D, Is given
every day. Most mothers know that
cod-liver oil is the beat food substitute
for sunlight that Is on the market to
day. It contains naturaily much of the
same vitamin D that is formed in our
skin when we expose ourselves to the
direct rays of the sun. Cod-liver oil
may well be started before the baby
is a month old, often at two weeks
and if continued regularly throughout
the first two years of life, it will keep
most babies from developing the de
formities and the complications of
rickets. Breast-fed babies as well as
artificially-fed babies need cod-liver
"Cod-liver oil, however, has more
than the one virtue of preventing or
curing rickets. With every teaspoon
ful of cod-liver oil, if it is of good
grads, you give your baby many units
of vitamin A—the vitamin that helps
growth, prevents a certain eye dle
e#?e! nd P rot » b, y doM much to keep
ors infections of various sorts.
•Cod-liver Oil is the chief food on
tne market today that Is naturally
very rich in both vitamin A and
vi amin D. Milk and its products are
r ch in vitamin A, but can not be de
pended on for vitamin D. Eggs con
tain both vitamins but In consider
ably smaller quantities than does cod
iiver oil. Cod-liver oil, then, beeause
of its double value In vitamins Is a
highly important food. Babies need
the vitamin D part of cod-liver oil
more than do older children because
it is while they are growing fast
that they are most likely to develop
rickets. Older children, especially
those who are poorly nourished, need
the vitamin A part to help them grow
and resist infections.
"Cod-liver oil has still another food
value. With every teaspoonful of eod-
Hver oil the baby receives 4 or 5
grams of easily digested fat, which
is about the equivalent in energy of
the fat in a teaspoonful of butter.
The baby or child who is given 3 or
4 teaspoonf uls of cod-liver oil a day
receives a very appreciable addition
to the value of his diet not only in
those indispensable vitamins A and D,
but also In energy providing food.
"But you may say ‘how can I each
my baby or my child to take cod
liver oil?* Much, perhaps everything
depends on the attitude of the moth
er. If cod-liver oil is begun very early
in infancy and the mother always as
sumes the attitude that the baby will
like it, nine times out of ten lie will
grow up to really like it and will want
tolick the spoon.ltls c shrdl ens etao
to lick the spoon. If it is begun when
the baby is older, the mother’s at
titude is even more important. She
must not laugh or <?c<*'d if the baby
m il eo a face the fir>i ;l»i. he gets
it. She must not say 'I don’t be
lieve he will like it’ or I wonder if
he will like it.’ She must honestly
expect him to like it, for moet babies
In the recent leaflet put out by
the Children’s Bureau and the Bu
reau of Home Economics for the
guidance of relief workers, sntttled
’ Emergency Food Relief and Child
Health,” the foods listed as indispen
sable for a child under two years
old are as follows:
At least one pint of milk. He should
have 1 1-2 or 2 pints.
At least two taaspoonfuls of cod
liver oil. He should have 3 er 4 teas
At least ons vegetable or fruit
(tomato juice, orange juice or greens)
He should have three or four.
In addition, the child should have
plenty of bread, cereals, and other
energy and body-building foods. With
children in the family, says this leaf
let. one-fourth of the money that goes
for food hould be spent for milk, one
fifth for vegetables, one-fifth for
bread, cereals, and legumes, one-fifth
for fats and sugars, and the rest for
eggs, cheese, meat or fish, and other
Only Fifty Klll.d In
Accident* In January
(Continued from rage om)
speeders or reckless drivers. But
these enemies of lire and safety on
the highways must be stopped."
Pedestrians as usual comprised &
large portion of the casugltiee, with
25 killed and 55 injured. Os the 25
pedestrians killed, 8 were children un
der 14 years of age while 21 of the
55 Injured were children. Six children
were killed and 14 injured while play
ing in streets or roadways. One per
son was killed and four injured as a
result of becoming confused in traf
fic, while four were killed and six
injured while walking along the high
ways. One person was killed and five
injured in merely walking across
Only 9 persons were killed in col
lisions between automobiles, although
169 were injured in these accidents.
This decrease in fatalities in collisions
accidents is attributed by Ifr. Harris
to better body construction of moet 1
cars now. Fifteen were killed and 77
injured in non-collision accidents.
Exceeding the speed limit ie given
as the cause of 31 aceidents, of which
8 were fata) and 23 injured- Reekless
driving is given as the cause of 71
accident sin which 11 were killed and
60 injured. There were 22 hit-aud-run
accidents, in which 7 were killed and
15 injured.
There were 133 accidents in cities, in
which 20 were killed and injured,
and 149 accidents in rura,l sections 7 in
which 33 were killed and
L, 1 f.r.
Postponement of Jackson
Day Affair Gets Approval
(Continued from page One.)
while al Ithe various candidates for
office or potential candidates were
present, except Senator F. M- Sim
mons —who was wise enough not to
be present —those who attended the
dinner were plainly not interested in
anyone except Bailey and Ehrlnghaua
As a result of this psychological
carry-over from the first Jackson
Day Dinner, it was generally assumed,
as soon as it was announced that
another Jackson Day Dinner would
b held tips year, that it would resolve
itself into TUtle more than a big rally
and whoopee party for Eh ring ha us.
with Senator Cameron Morrison a
partial recipient of tta benefits. In
fact, one reason it was decided to bold
the dinner in Raleigh rather than In
Charlotte, was to avoid having It in
terpreted as a Morrison rally.
But if the dinner had been held be
Charles Stare
Spring Millinery— Newest
styles and shapes.
fore the primary—it was originally in
tended to hold the dinner in January
and then decided that March would
he » better time—there would have
bean no way in the world to have
prevented thoee Democrats not in
sympathy with the Toung Democrats
from interpreting it as a purely par
tisan rally for Eh ring ha us. Many be
lieve that if the dinner were held, it
would so stir up the antagonism of
the other candidates and their fol
lowerx that ti would make it impoe
sible for Ehrlnghaus to be nominated
and thus defeat the candidate the
Toung Democrats have seem most in
terested in helping.
As a result of the decision of Mr.
GUI and his committee not to hold
the dinner until after the primary—
probably not until shortly before the
November election—an dto have the
Democratic nominee for Preeident as
the principal speaker, if possible, the
Toung Democrats have pretty effec
tually removed themselves from the
vicinity of the power house and are
proving to all the Democrats in the
State that they are not seeking to
promote the candidacy of any one
candidate but are actually interested
in the welfare of the Democratic
party, first last and all the time, ac
cording to a majority of the observers
here. And in doing so they have raised
themselves in the estimation of every
(Pontlnuec from Page Ooa.)
the Japanese ultimatum expiree.
Await Time.
Beginning of the Japanese of
fensive tomorrow morning was
considered made virtually certain
this afternoon when General
Uyeda said unless the Chinese had
withdrawn from their front line
peel ti ons at Chapel, Kiangwan
and Wooeung by seven a. m. (six
p. m. EBT today) the Japanese
will take independent action.
“Thus far,” he added significant
ly, “we see no signs of a Chinese
There waa no sign that the
Chinese had any other intention
than to fight It out to a finish.
Light waves are only millionths of
an inch in length.
Charles Store
Ladies house JQ
Dresses, sizes 16 to 50
Values Extraordinary
WUKW Extra Standard A No 2 OC«
Stringless BEANS Standard
10*39c t,‘ 10c 25c
Raspberry PRESERVES 'll? 15c
Baked BEANS Sri" 5 'lt 25c
circle ib. 23c | 27c 2 lbs. 9c
8 O’CLOCK ",&.■? 3 in. 50c | ftaur 24j. 55c
SUGAR 10 & 47c 25 £, ‘1"
LUX Toilet Soap, 3 cakes 19c SCOTTISSUE 3 roll* 25c
LUX FLAKES, 2 Pkgs. ... 19c WALDORF Tissue—4 roll* !9e
STAR Wadiing Powder, 10 pkga. 25c OCTAGON SOAP 10 25c
Lettuce, mediae size hard . 9 Apples, fancy cooking, _
head, 2 for WC 7 lbs., for MC
Banana*, golden Freah tender Spinash, 1 A _
ripe, 4 lbs. 4«/ C pound IVC
Beans, fancy tender, Freah tender YeI,OW 19 l-2c
2 lbs., for ssaJC Squash, lb Jt»*
noflLKi ri™l
3E3K E3Z
New SPotajtoep, _ _ _ Tnth
I jazz 7 ** EGGS
■ mmmm Dozen
I FAT BACK MEAT Thick lb, 6r
pound frv, "< f si “> lb
I : Sr‘ ioc HENS ib. 14*
I R. T. COFFEE. . . lb. itn
Kingan’s Pure Dill Pickles Cheese
Lard p , )umi
8 pound bucket Ap
I 69c Zsc 17c
Savoy f
■ Fresh Danish
Tomatoes Cabbage Cabbage *
pound P° und pound
| He 4“• 3c
I T ""LW K *'« C.l.ry
Pound pound Largo Sin lk
I 7* 7 120 10c
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