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AuKWof ‘iapi omc "jawrrrr gfNriflvc mere wed* c—ng l ttg&gtgT.oi«.
c**rmt m
ON THY following afternoon when
Mm Mftey Into Marcia'*
department. it was Kitty whom hr
approached and engaged In conver
■iilaa. Aecrding to tMr pwtiow
qrrangemem. aha called Marcia over
flfeeeetl?. and fermsli.v presented
Pa— u» Aar. Mama joined thews
amiable enough conscious ol the
cMterrara. and acknowledged the
Introduction. then walked straight to
the roccaa for her hourly rest be
tween lectures.
•be. herself, could not explain her
tadlfference toward him—unices it
aslght bo that ba had ao attracted
her that a— eeneed the need for a
defensive attitude. His presumptu
ous manner and perseverance ap
pealed to her romantic nature, which
warned her that aha liked him too
•ett, already. It uraa madueaa to en
courage him further.
Marcia wondered If he would accept
this second rebuff as Anal. She hoped
that he would, and wished that he
would ml That eternal feminine
dual nature fought It a duet within
htr mind and heart.
Perhaps Dana knew women, from
tga wisdom of his extensive expert
ffcee. if any man ever understands
wafern. At —y rata he returned
la tec that earn# afternoon. Just be face
her work was finished for the day.
U£d approached Marcia with a lens
imperative manner.
' as sons aa ho eouM spook to her
alone, he venture*! “Mine Moyer.
p|ease don't be so on n follow.
Let sne show you the town, be your
hf*» for the week—compliments of
the firm and all that. If you don't. I
•hall keep coming here every day this
week, so you had better relem now
sod have it over with You must be
lonely in e piece like thl* after com
ing from New York: and believe me.
thin la no place Tor a /frouns fellow 10
be marooned. Lot's cheer each other
up a little, why not'*"
Marcia melted a little. Which was
a—y. etnee her congealed attitude had
been forced, from the beginning. She
had been fascinated by him ever
since their firm encounter, and onlv
her determination to show him that
she was not ready to topplo Into his
kfms had prevented her acceptance
if hts first Invitation He was the
handsomest man she ever had known,
baa suite obviously the most popular
la this city, and his manner was
gulxotlc. to say the least.
She smiled, and hts coo fide fife
mounted rapidly. Also his admira
tion for her. “You certainly are no
mint heart.’ I’ll say that for you.”
Marcia conceded.
“Ho I win the Talr lady? Now aln t
that more like somethin'? Do you
know that you are even more beau'i
ful when you smile? Keep It up.
please “
“You want me to grin like a Chesh■•••
cat all the time?"
“You couldn't grin If you warn .1
1 pT/~ Vs I
«/ 'PAD’S OmC ‘JOHtTTA*and~tOVg PWErgRRED'
oigceat colonial nuuulon, carefully
lacktd Into a auperb setting or grOen
hill* and roiling fairways. The gi
ran tie white pillars of the entrance
gleamed like white satin-sheathed
farms and Marcia felt like a pygmv
M aha passed between them on
Dana's arm. A genial gray-hatred
negro la uniform greeted him as ts
ha owned the establishment, and
scurried Into the next room to w e
that ho was rendered Immediate
service, and the bast- Dana was not
arrogant. Marcia observed happilv.
He accepted their concern with ms'-
/ tdr-of-fact appreciation, and ex
changed pleasantries with them.
' Whea they entered the spacious,
white-paaeled dining room wherb %
Swmbsr of people wars tflalag. USr -
<da was conscious that everyone
M|pked st them, sod not s few rv.
pshted their inspection mors ths n
•era. Low comments ead inquirin'.;
1 ; fhlhefs Mswtd Dana Morley was
** 'hlMays % subject for these. hat to
t*ee him appear at ths cfnh with %
girl- whom ag one know, and that
flirt the most beautiful stranger who
hgd graced the community fbr as
MM as anyone remembered—was a
wkjat for further laveetigstloa.
* When he ead Marrta were seated
H • elds table Dana glanced
feeund the rosea Heade nodded end
WW smiled— eome es them gradoun,
h fen of them hypocritical. U was
dnmaUrlal to Dana which they were
Fhera were several reasons why he
£aet need to trouble himself about
if attitudes Now, Marcia added
W We aonchsdanea Be had town 1
• M Me peart of great price and
Ma greatest -concern at the moment
•■s to obtain H far hlmaelf—the
wooer. the better.
Be looked Into the shining depths
ff her eyee “I hope that I never
•Me up, ts I am only dreaming. C
M* »ftoir IT ,1 haven't fust left
N«» haughty presence and you
haven't fust said. 'No. thanke Me
Morley.'- He laughed. "Believe me.
that was the worst blow I ever got"
Marcia laughed, too. with, amuse,
nwat, "I’m sorry jr I was unkind.
• rldlcalnoa"
**Tow were neither," he assured tier
f*eiy. "Just wonderfft as yog are
Wow did you ever happen to
Msaathla piece. 1 wonder?"
’‘Escapes tt is reputed la hgvs
•tody beautiful women who would
f SPprsrtaio our products."
/*•* “ *■• ••to »ny repgtaflon
•C IMI kind since you arrive* You
MW Introduced a new standard that
Wiß wreak havoc with the native* f
to* ffkse es them ogling you this
MfE When they discover tfmt
BtoO your own brand of tbehuty at
toy's. there will be a stamped* I
••fa yaw."
"I think we have eneugh stock to
SPgOhf the demand." she dismissed
tl| swhtoHC “But I'm cuitotgiabsot
Ito Haws you a profeeeiew or o
imhf or ago yea fust a unsafe that
aetther toils nor won-lee odd yog
tsiftga falmeot that would mr Bsto*
Dispatch Advertising Pays
Uk Ysu'vu tha kiad they invuptud
the bord 'urmle* for. You will accept
my humble escort for the evening,
won't you?"
“If you still Inatot"
"Now. I ask you. what else have I
butt) delag? deal that’s nice of you.
though.* he exulted, like a small boy
who baa lust boos granted something
which he had Insisted upon having.
"Will you come along with me now.
or shah 1 call for you later?*
“At the hotel, please. About
“That's almost two hours yet,” with
“Silly boy.* she taunted him.
“Wei! I've waited now about
thirty-two hours for you. i guess I
can stand two more. Good-bye.
then.* He walked away Jauntily,
his flare reflecting his success, ao that
every ana knew that be had won over
the new girl for a data and to bis
favor. He bad. mere than anyone
guessed. From the first. Marcia
liked so many things about him. For
one thing, she loved the way he In
flected hls words, so that they con
veyed a —w maanlng. almost. Hls
good-bye had embraced at least three
tone shades, which started gently,
rose strongly m the middle, and
dropped lightly with a melodious
tanut instead of sounding tlie two
flat, harsh syllables that moat people
used. No man bad so excited her
emotions Her previous engagements
with new men acquaintance* had ex
cited her because the experience was
so new to her. All that had worn off
now. (t was Dana Morley. himself,
and hta dominant, romantic air which
stirred her.
For the first time since she had
left New York. Marcia fluttered nerv
ously while she arrayed herself for
this new conquest, It was scarcely
that for it appeared that already
she had met the victim and he was
hers, with oaly a brief persistent
effort to discourage him. She had
decided ta look her beet for the eve
ning. but would not admit th* rea
son for i hat decision, even to herself.
A new gown which hod been pur
chased for the party on the evening
before Connie's marriage, woo the
creation of white satin and tulle with
silver stars sparkling lo Its misty
folds, like enow crystals In silver
moonlight. Its contrast to her own
vivid coloring made her radiant.
When ha sow her, Do— exclaimed
incoherently The beduty of a girt
adorned for hie admiration was aa
innovation hi hls experience But.
whether it was because Marcia en
hanced the vision of glistening purity
which he beheld or because she was
the most beautiful woman be had
known, he was Impressed as he never
had been before
“Cah two hours—have performed
this— mirscle?'" he marveled, hls face
solemn even while hla eye* lighted
with pleasure and unconcealed ad
She laughed happily—that musical
mon ln all hm glory to shame? You
have told me about everyone except
“And are you interested In me. by
any chance?"
“Mora than anyone els# of whom
you have told me” she smiled en
He appeared to be anxious then.
“Now what shall I do? Which dooa
the lady want me to be? I must
meet her requirements, somehow.
Tell me, to obtain your unqualified
approval, must I boa dreamer or o
doer? The latter, of course. I can
sea It in your ambitious eye But I
mast confess that I am not much of
a doer. Frankly, why should I agon
ize over the monotony of keeping
enough table lines fa stock to supply
tha households of ffontvtile and Im
plore them to pay for them after
they have charged them, wheo (
want to mold beauty from plastic
clay and chisel undying fame from
imperishable stone?"
"A aculptor?"
"A lazy one. I putter around and
raise dad’s ire and than t tail de
spondent and throw up the whole
thing, But tt get* me again, al
ways, and I have the innane idea
that I are going to achieve some
thing worth while, But I haven’t.
You nee. 1 haven't even the Inspira
tion or hunger to spur me on. But If
I had a girl Mko you." be lowered hla
voice confidentially. "1 think l could
produce the world's master piece, You
ore Just what I have needed and been
looking for an this time—my Inspira
“That’s a nice thing to bo.” Marcia
assented. Impressed more than ahe
wished to bo. “but don’t set your
hopes too high- I may prove to be a
.disappointment, after aIL You don’t
know much about mo."
“I don’t want to. You are per
fect aa you are. You couldn’t have
bean less and you can’t bo more.*
“Have yog done anything yet
finished anything of yobr owit crea
tion?" Bba was Interested. ‘
He turned hla bead negatively.
"Just one Incomplete effort after an
other. Always, there waa something
lacking. Now I know what it was—
Marcia dismissed tho ImpUcaUoo
from ber thoughts Ttrto man's easy
confidence and epddeu oenduoieaa
Kubled ber. He was Ilka a rushing
rent eweeplpg her along over
jagged rocks and dizzying addles She
had to bold steady and guide earo
fußy. to save all her dreams and am
bttloua from being dashed to pieces
in this aew cutreat which ahe hod
qptered eo suddenly and unexpected
ly when ahe rounded tho fast ourvn
Their dinner arrived and they made
ImrenaequenttaJ remark* white the
negro waiter served them with elabo
rate eoacere and detail. Marctn bad
dinod on somthera etoeken. btocufta
nod yams ta bo tele and roadhouses
oU over too north! but she found
that as boat than had bean poor tent
tattoos of thq dinner aha eo joyed that
rtf- too atmosphere of gen-
scale which sounded as if Mr head
had eareeoad a harp, and made men
who adored her feel aa If tbs bad
touched their bearta. “Two hours—
and Beauty akin products," she as
sured him.
"You sent deceive me about that
No chemist hag found away to pro
duce beauty like yoara. Now isn't tt
just like you—to nay that? Most
girl* would hove used the whole line
of products from start to finish. what
ever they aro, and try to make mo
believe the result* were natural"
“Believe It or not—have It aa yon
like It.*
“I like tt Just ao you are. But
where, eh, where, shall I display such
a prize? Huntvllle has no place
worthy of you." he appeared to be In
a quandary, then resigned to the best
be could da "It to either dine here
at the hotel er drive out to the coun
try club. Not much doOgfl thorn
now. but lt*s a good drive and a dark
of a nigh! What do you say?"
"The club would be nice." ahe
"The club tt la. my lady.” he bowed,
and gave ber hls arm.
Hls nickel-trimmed, lemon-yellew.
closed ebr was snugly luxurious. In
which they akltnmed swiftly over the
road that rolled and dipped over the
hitls and made fantastic douhte-8
curves around them. The night was
so clear and bright and keen that the
whole world seemed to glitter and be
filled with • benevolent glory for
their enjoyment. Marcia had experi
enced this pleasure of driving through
the night in luxurious motor cars
with handsome men. before—but this
was different. She did net analyze
and speculate about Dana Mortey. she
did not pity him for what he hod or
had not had: she Just resigned her
self to the comfort end pleasure of
the moment and the dominant pos
sessiveness of her companion.
He was gay and Informative on
the way to the dub. sketched for her
briefly the highlights of the com
munity. referred casually to the
business of which hls rather was the
“Are you Interested In the store?"
Marcia asked, byway of appearing
“Why should I be? ft runs much
better without my Interference, igd
resigned from active business a cou
rts of years ago and turned It over
to his associate who bos been there
for o couple of decades. Ho lives In
the country most of the year—hunts
and rides, both the horses and a pet
hobby. That Is collecting moths—
chasing butterflies, if you will. Oh.
I guess I am something of a butter
fly chaser myself, but the one 1
caught tonight would be worth a
million priceless specimens like
“But Is that ail you do—chase
butterflies?" Marcia wondered.
tility and bar companion added to
her pleasure, but ahe wondered what
more life could offer her than she had
that night. Dana was more enter
taining than she bad anticipated, and
it developed that be was more serious
than be had appeared to be upon first
meeting him. She had classed him
then as an irresponsible play boy who
lived luxuriously because bl* father
had been Industrious before him.
Which was true to a certain extent.
Rut she sensed to him a thwarted
ambition which was not Impeded by
want of ttmc or money, but by lack
of encouragement aad inspiration, aa
he bad said, (t was possible that he
was capable of great achievement,
with these, but only their provision
and time could prove that. He had
declared that she could provide the
first of these, and only time could
decide for her If she wished to divert
her own ambitious Into those of Dans
"Whgt kind of things do you do
or «iot to dSiT* she Inquired. . ■ ,
"Symbolic, stuff." hi* reply was In-'
sternly definite “Besot I rut figures
In suggestive poses—the wind, music,
despair, ecstasy—that kind of stuff.
Dad raves He'd rather dress hop.
rible wax figures In bungalow aprons
for the store window than drape the
most exqutstte nude figure for art,"
he toughed.
"But your mother?"
“Oh. she’s sweet—and hopeful thdft
«omebo* I shall cornu out all right
as' afl mother* have to be when thelv
offspring has reached maturity.
Either dad will force me to hla view*
point or accept mine She la vary
vague about what either of aa tMnb,
Dad Is the whole show to the family
and ska Is the skeltered, obedient,
little mlad-of-ber-owo woman of tho
south’s gnat generations, she would
l>l*rxt with pride If I accomplished
adjrthtxm. n»i yet stand by me if I
niter iRd s thing. You must meet
her/soon. You win. won’t yooT’
"Why. I should love to. If you want
me «o and she wishes ft."
"Mother will meet anyone I oak
her to. Dad to mors of n snob, but
ha’s not bad. really. You know bo
chases butterflies, ao he can’t be a*
hard an ho looks. Usd I figured that
out when f waa o kid. V might bavfi
get on batter with him." ho mused.
"Wasn’t ho bind to you?"
"Not always. Sad not always now,
either. Funny, how a mao can study
and nspfyxa aad catalogue moths,
and oovur taka the trouble to anatyuo
hla own son. Ini It? But I'm out
blaming him for my lazy habits He
certainly boo demo hie beat to moke
a met* of no."
"Tfifi kfpd gs man bp wanted yon
to bo feat sad of tho kind you should
be. Re was probably using tho wrong
methods on th* matertaMie had—llka
using hammer and tonga to fashion
a fabric pf silk.*
"Somethin# Rke that." ho agreed.
"Qonbt you’re wonderful, do you
Ikoow ft?"
Tends To Make Hoover
Solid With Largo Eb.
menu of Voter*
Central Pros# Staff Writer
Washington, Feb. 22.—Taking him
for all in all. Senator James B. Wat
son, f%o. P .loader la the upper houss
tjuofrm, probably la the moot con
rVaUve, politically orthodox atatoo
toarf on Capitol Hill at present. Re
presentative FWelio H. LaCuardta.
wbq actually served a term on the
national legislature onOe as a socialist,
hi* district organization having
euchred him out of the regular Re
publican nomination undoubtedly Is
the moot radical.
Who could have foreseen that those
two would agree upoa may subject
more controversial than, maybe, the
Tet they did agree the other day,
and it was upon a subject of nearly
as much importance as the selection
of a president.
They agreed that Hr. Hoover’s
choice of Chief Judge Benjamin Na
than Cardoeo of the New York State
court of appeals, for a seat on the
foderal supreme bench, succeeding
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, re
cently retired, was ideal.
Lawmakers of every shade of opin
ion between them concurred in this
Had the contrary not actually been
demonstrated, one surely would have
believed It Impossible for a single in
dividual to possess qualities mixed in
such fashion as to meet the aprova!
alike, of legislators as far apart os
Senator Watson and Representative
L&Guardia, not to mention all the in
termediates— such as Senators David
A. Reed and Cordei Hull, Arthur Van
denberg and George W. Norris,
George W. Norris, George McGill and
Robert M. La Follette, James Couzens
and William H. King, William B.
Borah and ex-Justice Holmes himself;
an extraordinary assortment.
The Honest fact is, it is Impossible
that the ultra-conservatives are aa
well pleased as they pretend to be.
Justice Cardoso was so plainly in
dicated by every rule of suitability
for the vacancy created by Justice
Holmes’ resignation that he simply
had to be named. Any other selection
(even, in itself, an excellent one)
would have disappointed folk, by
It was a peculiar situation.
Justice Holmes was regarded for a
generation as the spokesman of the
common people in a generally reac
tionary body.
The truth is that Justice Louis D.
Brandeis is equally a liberal (In some
respects hts views are more advanced,
indeed, than the old New Englander’s)
but he has senfad barely half of Jus
tice Holmes' years on the bench, is
less spectacular and consequently
never has had* Jhe advertising of hls
Justice Holmes had a really popular
The moment his resignation was
announced, a kind of sigh went up—
“ And so the voice of progress is
silenced in the supreme court cham
When, however ,the decision at last
was forthcoming, it is fair to recog
nize this:
It not only was a good appoint
ment; it was good politics.
It by no means can be cited in sup
port of tho complaint, so often made
against the White House during Mr.
Hoover’s incumbency, of a persistent
disregard of public sentiment or in
eptitude in reading it.
A judicial nomination followed by
a senate rejection, as in the case of
Judge John J. Parker two years ago,
or followed even by a vigorous fight
as in the case of Chief Justice Hughes
a few month previously, would have
been highly injurious to the presiden
ts! prestige, at a juncture when the
executive mansion’s tenant can least
afford to lose any—and an indiffer
ently 1 popular nomination at best
would not have added to It.
The Cardozo appointment unques
tionably has added to It, very
Today for tho find Vu» In Hender
son a presentation type stage show
will be presented at the Steve mod
theatre. Shews of this type have
proved very popular la tile world's
finest theatres, including tho WiMam
Fox theatres in Detroit. Washington,
Philadelphia, also the famous Roxy
theatre In New York City. SunKist
Vanities is erf the Presentation typo,
full of action and speed and a great
improvement over the old-time vaude
ville Bhows. There are no stage
waits between acts; no dull moments
when the theatre orchestra felts to
pick up the cue for the next song or
is out of tempo with the dancers. Sun-
Kist Vanities has it’s own musicians,
dancers, master of coremontoa and
other specialty artists. This company
ha* been on tour two years, playad an
ontlre season in William Ftrx theat
ers from Coast-to-coest, and is said to
he one of the finest units over sent
out of Los Angeles.
The principals iochtde that Well
known comedian, Harry Berry, who
acts aa Jeeter-<rf«ee remoo tea; The
Melody Trio, three musical misses;
Him Thao Keith, alee Rosita and
Rsrao, California Steppers, An added
attraction is Rex, the Cantos Prodigy.
There is a grand finale bp all the
company, and the spools! eeenery and
lighting effects are said to he very
The feature picture program accom
panying this stage attraction will he
“Sooky” with Robert Coogan, Jackie
sheets, letterhead six*, out hto good
news stock. flOo per tho—and. Larg*
quantities at lower prices. Bends*
eon Dally OMpfltefc. ,
Goldsboro, Fob. 24. (AP)
Kike of Eastern North Carolina
will moot here on Match S to hear
an address by R. 6. Barrett, of
Alexandria, Vs, chairman of the
good order committee es the
grand lodge.
Wilmington, Feb. 24.—(AP)—
Jesse Weeks, of Wllmln*: .n in
dlratod for robbery of (In* Bank
of Magnolia, has 1.c0.i extraJ.i,*.’
from Jackson' I i«. F r.. : Hi<; now
In State’s Prison awaiting hls
trial which has been set for the
May term of court.
It was an opinion formerly, that It
was conducive to a man’s health to
be drunk once a month.
Pooh ; )
i fi Mwe. J
\ipiO& b/11 . /
Dispatch Want Ads
wanted immediately to handle Wat
kin* Products in Roanoke Rapids.
CudtxHners established. RxceMent
opportunity, steady employment,
rapid advancement for right man.
Write today, J. R. Walking Com
pany, 281-119 Johnson Avenue, Ne
wark, N. J. 24-111.
rooms, close in, reasonable rent. Ap
ply J-6 Care Dispatch. 23-2 M.
blooming size bulbs, 25c per doz ;
5 dozen SI.OO postpaid. Pinkney
Gardens, WhttevUle. N. C. 23-6 U.
Europe, Orient, Bouth America;
good pay; experience unnecessary.
Details, 2c stamp. G. Arcuius,
De|*. 292. Mt. Vernon, N Y. 24-1.
next to Dr. Upchurch's residence.
Belle Street. Each has private en
trance garage. P. H. Rose. Phones
171-352-W. Frt. Mon. Wed-ts.
of February and March. Atl work
at reduced prices. Special atten
tion given children's beds and fea
ther beds. Anthony Mattress Co.
Breckenrddge Street? 24-lti.
bred Jersey milk cows at grade
- prices. W. J. Brum mitt, Rptoq 3,
Oxford. N. C. T< 2|l2U.
weeks uwly. Ladies’ half soles, 50c
leather UR plate* or rubber lift* free.
Boston Shoe Shop. 237 f.
prompt service No job too small.
Phuge 262 now and our representa
tive wtll call Immediately. Hender
son Printing House. Wed-Fri. ts
a bargain, perfeoriy gentle. Giving
tour gallons milk a day. Can be
seen at my house. A. J. Cheek.
Phone 387 . 24-26.
for coiiiag, flooring, siding, doors
windows, asphalt or pins shingles,
roll roofing, 5-V crimp galvanized
roofing, brick, lims, and cement,
▲lex S. Watkins. 9-ts.
wll> buy a limited quantity of each
for cash or in trade. Legg-Parham
Company. sti. eod.
trade or sals. See Fred B. Right
tor prompt and efftoient swrvtee in
Raal Brtate. Rents and Insurance
Office phone 289, residence 5Y7-J
with bath mi half acre lot on Ox
ford Ruud. *15.09 pur mouth. Ap
ply to PaUersun-Carisr, Inc. 9-ts.
cement aad Brlament at “The
Place of Values.” Brixmsnt makes
ptadtte mortar. Saves time, dur
able and scunocnlcal. Alex S. Wat
kins. 24-lti.
bull pups; males, 310.00; females,
JTOO. Papers furnished and guar
anteed to pleass. One male Toy
Boston pup, $20.00. Tyson 1b Bull
Terrier Ken net 9, Sanford, N. C. l
3*4tL l
Some Foreign Demand And
' Higher Stocks And Grain
Lift Price*
New Tori , Feb. 24.—Aside from li
quidation in March or transferring to
other months duo to the tendering
.- about 22,000 bales, there was little
doing In the cotton market. Spot peo
ple were apparently able to get their
tenders bask at a full carrying
charge. The market averaged firm
on lighter Southern offerings. The
usual Wednesday report from spot
centers mentioned a foreign demand,
high basis and scaroity of avoilabls
cotton. Firmness in stocks and higher
wheat helped steadiness in cotton.
NEW fOBh o*ll**
(Bv J*o. V. onrt and Co.)
New York, Feb. *4—Cotton futures
closed steady.
Open High Low Oose
January 7.61 7.69 7.61 7.66
Match 6.82 .6.90 6.82 6.88
May 7.01 7.07 7.00 7.06
July 7.17 7.2 S 7.17 7.22
October T.2* 7.4* 7.28 7.42
Spot steady, 7.06; up 10 points.
(»y Joe. r. nuk and Oe.i
New Orleans. Feb. 24—The cotton
market cloned steady today.
Open High Lew Cl os*
January 7.60 7.64 7.61 7.64
March 6.8* 6.90 6.77 6.90
May 7.01 7 oft 7.01 7.07
July 7.18 7.24 7.16 7.23
October 7 8* 7.42 7.86 7.40
curb Market
Aluminum Co .V 49 7-8
Electric Bond and Share 10 1-8
Cities Service 6 3-ft
Won l Ltd 5
American Superpower 3 7-8
apartment. Located on Gholson
Avenue. For particulars apply to
l Mrs. Goode Cheatham. 25-ts.
birthday sale the month of February.
Big savings for you. 25c Dr. West’s
ioefth paste 14c. 50c Phillips Milk of
Magnes.a 34c. Profits sacrificed on
, 200 items. Parker’s Drug S.ore.
The Rexall Store. 16-18-24.
serve you, first class work guaran
teen. On each Thursday we s
free shampoo with every haircut.
Tonic 15-20-25 c, shave 15c. Opera
Barber Shop. 23-2 U.
wanted at (Mice. Your application
Will be held in gtrlct confidence.
Apply in writing. Stating experi
ence . Address Bookkeeper car*
Daily Dispatch. 22-3 ti.
■.,■ . . i
rean and Kobe Luspedeca seed ai
the lowest price yd made. Our seed
have been recleaned. Lespedeza 1?
the greatest land builder and will
make the fattest cattle and sheep of
anything we have ever seen. Write
today for free samples of seed and
our DiscripUve Circular. Bray Es
late, Siler City, N. C.
10 I* 17 » 24 27 2 5.
renfl. tfSWrfclfXted. . We pay for
fuel a2&l flredne furnace. Also for
rent to gentleman one steam heated
room, bath adjoining, Eric G. Flan
nagan. Mob. Wed. Fri. ts.
good location, nice garden and ga
rage, all modern conveniences. See
Miss Carrie Draper, phone 215-W or
I. M. Petty, phone 455-W. 23-ts.
for Flexo-Glas«, flooring ceiling, sid
ing, rough and dressed lumber. Es
timates gladly furnished. Where
your dollar goes the farthest. Phone
574 • 25 and 29-
quickly corrected. We give factory
•et-vice using newest and meet mod
an equipment. Parts for all radfea
Mixon Jewelry Co. 14-ts.
fbr paint*, giaas putty, doors,
brick, lime, cement and
specialties of all kinds. Where your
dollar goes (he farthest. Phone
574 • 26 and 3-1.
Blakemore, Missionary. 25 in
bunch, State inspected; 1,000, s2*o*
5.000, sll IS; 10,000, S2OOO. Ca*h
with order. W G. Fuasell, Roue Hill
C 22-6 U.
folks! Floor wax, O’Cedar mops,
scrub mops, Le Pages glue, plastic
wood, varnishes, valspor. enamel,
stove polish, she Hoc. wash tuba, etc.
Fhofle S 3. Alex S. Watkins. "The
Place of Valuee”. 24-144.
Everyone must have a trap* why nut
«aks yours PIUNTOfO. Tha
Industry offers —mrtttosl wages. In
struction available. Monotype, keyboard
and raster, Linotype, Hand rnuipesntnii
and Press work o* modern preasafl fp
faU information write the NOUIOBth
South St* Nashville, Than.
Un D SA!|X
Under and by v«rtu# of
- power contained i c *
Book 104 page g*.
. to the payment « bj
| cured by said deed of *** o.
request of the holder <?V ld *tb
offer for salg at public « u * *4
bidder for <**, "> a.
houee door ln ** tog
■“ ° !l° Ck noon ’ Monday 'J. C
i int ‘ following dewriiJf *<
. tnte, to wit: **l
Lying and being i n
. T.”'*'
Falkner. S. R. Harriet ? * *
r * nd others; begin at ’«
Harris and G B. Hsrrl*° * 8 E
Falkner’s line ana run the*,??* •
W 47.96 chains to a pU^ 8
thence SBB E 7.62 chahuTn ***
stone; thence N4B 21 PIWHN
stone; thence NB9 W k /.kT* 0 * •
Place of beginning. W P 6 0^‘0,.
scription see deed from *
Harris and wife to 8 t B
the office of the Reg^t, r * »
Vance county. This prowJV* l l ,or
ng 37 1-3 acres more omS
“ay of February
H*"ry T.
By virtue of power ooiSalned m ,
eerioin mortgage deed. execwJ7
R. E. Overton and Cora Overtoe Z
wife on the 20U, day of M.rt*
and recorded in the office 0 f th,.
lster of deeds of Vance county i„
16 at page 231, default havm*
nade In the payment of th,
herein secured at Ihe request of.,
holder of the same, we will wU .
public out-cry at the Court Ho*
Joor ln Vance County, to the htrte
bidder, for cash at 12 o'clock
an Friday, the 25th day of Man*. %
the following described prope^
A tract of land in which R c
Overton and Cora Overton lived n
Kktrell Township. Vance Cou K
bounded on the South by the laid* u
Horry Day, and <he Crudup estate «
tho West by the land* of the rig*:*
vay of the Raleigh 6 Gaaton Ifc
/ay. on the North by the lands (f
Walter Perkinson and on the &-
by the lands of Elizabeth Wood*
ind Sanky Overton, and contains
twenty fWe acres. Abo a (.other j
adjoin * j the one above d«t:ribt'
containing 26 1-2 acres and also a
joining the tanda of J. B Cruse
heirs, and Mrs. E H. Wood lief tk*
er tract, this being Mrs. Mo*'« 4u r ,
of the Overton tract now owned .i
full by R. E. Overton.
This 24th day of February IWJ
M. B. Hedgepeth and P B
Finch, trading aa Hedgepeth 4
Finch, Mortgagees
Under and by virtue of auilmty
conferred upon me in a deed of trw:
executed by B. V. Bowen and wilt
Vella C. Bowen, On the sth day a'
April, 1930, and recorded in book 115
page 247. Vance County Region?. 1
will, on the 20th day of March. Itt
at 12:00 o’clock M, at the court boor*
joor in Vance county, Henderson. X
2., sell at public auction, for ca.<h.»
the highest bidder, the following pro
perty, to-wit:
Begin at an iron Make In the
line of Garnett St., Rose comer, art
run thence along Garnett St., S. 5J W
57 feet to an iron stake, Powell wr
ier; theme# N. 35 W. 294 feet lo i
rtake Kktrell line; thence N. BE
17 fert to a slake. Rose line; tb-w
■4. 35 E. along Rose line 294 feet i»
place of beginning. See deed fr«
Lena L. Wester to B. V. Bowen
Also aii household and kitchen far
nKure, eonobrting principally of rw
cook rtoveo, seven beds and bed
ding. dining room suil. electric ?-
frigera|>r, pictures, chaffs. dW»e
druggets, and such other furniture w»
owned by the above parties.
Thia sale is made by reason of th’
failure of B. V. Bowen and wife. Vfth
C- Bowen to pay off and discharp
the Indebtedness secured by said dert
of trust.
Thia the 16th day of February l** s
Under and »>y virtue of the author
ity conferred upon us in a deed «'
trust executed by W. B. Parham an<>
wife, Alma J. Parham on the
jay of September 1*25 and recorded
in Book 127, Page 175-176, we will on
Saturday the sth day of March.
12 o’clock noon at the Cour:hou*e doc?
In Vanes County, Henderson N C.
sell at public auction for cosh *o ,i3 '
highest bidder the following
Bat/tn at a stake In the center «
tha Henderson Road, corner of
Noo. 1,2, 9, 10 and run thence N
E. 2280 feet to a stake in ,hP Coop'-
Uaa; thence N. 1000 feet to a
comer of tract No. 3; thence S
W. 2*oo feet to a stake in HenJ«
son Road; thence with the oieiiw»
Os aald road to a stake, corn"
tracts Noo. 1. *. 10. containing « # fr
SECOND TRACT: Begin »t a f**'
old road, run thence S. 84 E.
feet to a pine stump Rake in
lias; run thence S. 24 W 16«
to stoke to old rood, corner***
lino; run thence N. 41 W.
to a Make. Wilson line; thence » j
WHoaa lino to stake is o,d
place of beginning, containing
a eras, and being tract No 13
W. B, Fartiam farm
This aale ia mads by reams or
folium of W. B. Parham
Atom J. Parham to pof off *"*, tr
iNatfro tho Indebtedness retires
«** deed of trust.
A deposit of 10 per cent wi
Rtod from the purchaser a<
thM the JOth day of
W. o. BRAMHAM and T.
Receivers for First Nation**
Paay of Durham. cm
temorty First Nstkmsl Trun
•fluff. Durham, N. C.

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