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H. L.
Service Grocery
113 Wyche St., Phono 388
\Ve want every lady
in Henderson to visit
our store —Compare
prices on quality
groceries and save.
Klll'r-'MII s Reliable Sliced
Hir-.ikfa-st Bacon.
1 |1... carton mwC
Mr. laurel, Brookfield or
rltiver Bloom Qf|
Butter, lb «MJC
Armour Star or Swift’s d A
I’rcinium haras. lb JLOv
Fresh snap 3 A
In-,‘ins, lb., iwC
Iteets. fresh, 3 bunehes 25c
t’alTOtS, fir*
:{ for
Lett nee, hard head,
for £3C
s,r-. ioc
NVw Potatoes, No. P
1 lb. a)C
Fresh Tomatoes, 3 O l-2c
pound m£d
Kin"an’s all Pork 3 O I
Sausage, lb IvV
Best Full Cream 1 *7
1 In-ese. lb.,
No. 2 can fancy Petit o|*
I’oi'. Peas. 2 canß for a#vV
No. 2 can sweet tender o|*
1 '••in 3 for »0C
No 2 can Tomatoea, OCa*
cans for "VV
•». fnr»on Soap. Off _
10 cakes for
Fresh vegetables
screen cabbage, white
cabbage, new pota
toes, squash, snaps,
carrots, green pep
pers, tomatoes, spin
ach, mustard, turnip
salad, onions* collards
beets, lettuce, celery.
We save you money
on flour, sugar, cof
fee,, meat, lard and
feed stuff—Make our
store yours and save.
The Market Basket
By The Bureau of Home Economics,
* 7 ‘ ** as Agriculture, and the Woman's Division of the
President’.- Emergency Committee far Employment
FrotSn is ane of the elements of
food essential to the human body,
which is found in milk. egga, cheese
and )««,, mast of ail kinds, in nuts,
•n the vegetables known as legumes
(beans and peas of all kinds >, and
in some other foods. Protein, the nu
tritionists tell us. is needed for the
building and repair of muscles and
other body tissues. The baby depends
on milk and eggs for the protein to
build his muscles. The adult gels more
protein as a rule from lean
meat, for American are notoriously
fond of meet, and some authorities
say they spend more money for this
than for any other type of food.
To provide appetizing meals at low
cost, then, says the Bureau of Home
Economics of the U. S. Department
of Agriculture, use cheap cuts of meat
as the chief protein food for the
adults in the family at least several
times a week. At present prices, some
cuts of meat can be utilized at very
low cost, and meat, with a sufficient
variety of cereals and vegetables, will
supply the adult with the protein he
All flesh foods—beef, pork, mutton,
poultry, game- are included under the
heading of meat, 'and all have high
protein values. Fish and shellfish are
also protein foods.
Nuts of ail kinds contain protein,
and such nuts as almonds and pea
nuts. where they are used often and
In large quantities, are important
sources of protein. Peanuts especially
because they coet so little and yield
som uch food value, are especially use
ful in the low-cost diet.
Among vegetables, the best proteins
are found in beans and peas of all
The body must have an adequate
supply of protein, and It must have
‘efficient” protein. Nutrition chemists
explain that there is great variety in
proteins, resulting from different com
binations of some 17 or 18 simple sub
stances, called amino acids. Some of
these amino acids are essential to the
needs of the body and must be pre
sent as constituents of the protein
food. When a protein fQod contains
in good proportions all of the amino
acids necessary for growth and main
tenance of the body tissues, it is called
a complete or efficient protein. Others
are incomplete, according to their com
position. One of the reasons for va
riety in diet is that several foods of
this type are likely to supply all the
proteins needed. Meat and fish are
gbod protein foods, because they con
tain the essential amino acids. Milk
and eggs are examples of complete
Cereal with mflk—Toast
Coffee (adults)—Milk (children)
Roast stuffed cured pork shoulder
with raisin stuffing
Scalloped sweetpotatoes and apples
Cold slaw—Bread and butter
Milk (children)
Baked rice, tomatoes ,and cheese
Jellied fruit (canned peaches, ba
nanas and apples)—Bread and But
ter —Milk for all.
Roast Stuffed Cur*.. I Pork Shoulder.
Have a cured pork shoulder skin
ned and boned. Wash the shoulder
and soak it overnight in cold water
to cover. On removing the piece from
the water wipe it dry. Lay the should
er fat side down, pile in some of the
hot stuffing, begin to sew the edges
>f the shoulder together to form a
pocket, and gradually work in the
rest of the stuffing. The recipe for
stuffing given below makes the right
quantity for a 4 to 5 pound shoulder.
Lay the stuffed shoulder, fat side
up, on a rack in an open roating pan
without water. Roast the meat at very
modate heat until it is tender when
pierced with a skewer or a fork. A
( to 5 pound shoulder will require
about 3 1-2 hours to cook at this oven
Raisin Stuffing.
2 tablespoons butter or other fat
1 tablespoon chopped onion
1 cup finely cut celery and tops
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
2 1-2 cups fine dry bread crumbs
1-2 pound seeded chopped raisins
Grated rind of one-half lemon
1-2 teaspoon salt
Cook the onion, celery, and parsley
in the fat for a few minutes. Mix the
imisins thoroughly wflth the bread
Full Line
M. G. Evans
Phones 162-163
1 crumbs, stir in the cooked vegetables,
and add the lemon rind and salt.
Curried Fish
2 pounds fresh cod, halibut, or other
larie fish
4 tablespoons butter or other fat
1 tablespoon ihopped green pepper
1 small opion, chopped
1-4 chapped celery.
3 tablespoons flour
2 cups liquor from the simmered
1-2 to 1 teaspoon curry powder
3 drops tabasco sauce
Salt to taste
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
Simmer the fish about 10 minutes in
a small quantity cf water, in a shal
low pan; then drain. Meanwhile melt
the fat and cook the egreen pepper,
onion, and celery a few minutes; and
add the flour and the cooled fish li
quor, with water, if necessary, to
bring the quantity up to 2 cups. Cook
for 3 or 4 minutes, dad the seasonings
and stir constantly. Remove the skin
and bones from the cooked fish, ar
range on a hot platter with a border
of flaky rice, pour the sauce over the
fish, and sprinkle the parsley on top.
Broiled Hamburg Steak on Onion
2 cups ground lean raw beef
1-4 cup ground suet
1 cup soft fine bread crubs.
7 slices Spanish onion
1-2 inch thick
1 tablespoon cnopped parsley
3 tablespoons butter or other fat
2 teaspoons onion juioe
1-2 teaspoon salt
1-8 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon water
Lay the slices of onion in a buttered
shallow baking dish. Pour over them
2 tablespoons of melted butter, or oth
er fat, sprinkle with salt and pepper,
add the water, cover closely and bake
ina moderate oven for 30 minutes, or
until tender. In the meantime, cook
the chopped parsley in 1 tablespoon
butter, or other fat. and combine with
the beef, suet, crumbs, and season
ings. Knead until thoroughly mixed.
Mold into seven flat cakes. Place each
cake on an onion slice in the baking
dish, and bril under direct heat for
five minutes on each side. Baste oc
casionally with the drippings. Serve
at once from the baking dish.
If it is not convenient to broil the
meat cakes by direct heat, pan-broil
them in a hot skillet, and serve on
the onion slices.
Cheese Scuffle.
4 eggs
1 1-2 cups milk
1 cup* fine dry bread crumbs
1 tablespoon butter or other fat
1-2 pound American cheese
3-4 teaspoon salt
1-8 teaspoon paprika
3 drops Tabasco sauce
Heat the milk, bread crumbs, and
fat in a double boiler. Shave the
cheese into thin slices, add it to the
hot mixture, and stir until the
has melted. Add this mixture to the
well-beaten egg yolks. Season to taste
WHY? 1
pr It’s a rich man's coffee at ft
poor man's price.
1 ALEX S. WATKINS, Receiver I
I Fat Back Meat, Thick, lb. 9c I
I 8-lb. Bucket of Pure Lard 67c I
UPf ./'***
Campbell s Toma- „ _ _ I
I to soup or _ R. T. Coffee, lb 19c ;|
I 3 cans ... »OC i I
I Peanut 1C r I Pure Rio Coffee, lb., „ 12c I
Butter. 1 lb *dv
I Cheese per lb. 17c I
White O Kale J l-2c Celery, in
cabbage, lb. OC pound . . L large stalk iUC
Green A l-2c Fresh 7 Lettuce, ■■ a
cabbage lg. » salad, lb. • large head lUC
presh I
I u,~ EGGS \4c |
with paprika and Tabasco. Fold the
hot mixture into the sttffy beaten egg
whites containing the salt, pour into a
greased dish, and hake la a very mod
erate oven for one hour, or until set
in the center. Serve immediately.
Italian Baked Bke.
4 cups boiled rice
3-4 cup grated cheese
1-2 cup chopped pimiento
1 1-2 cups tomato Juice
2 teaspoons salt
1-8 teaspoon pepper
Mix the ingredients well together
and pour into a baking disk. Cover
the top of the dish with the pulp left
from straining the tomatoes. Bake for
30 minutes in a moderate oven and
serve hot. This' dish will make 10
average servings.
McNeill Considered Most
Likely To Be Candidate
(Continued rmm Page One.)
did not get so much encouragement
from Daniels.
It has not oeen learned here what
the McNeill ambassador to Lord An
gus D. Mac Lean found out from that
inscrutible Scotsman. But it is not be
lieved that the report was very en
couraging especially sinoe many now
think it likely that Mac Lean will even
tually support Ehringhaus, now that
Ehringh&us has modified his position
somewhat on the question of the sales
tax. The last speech made by Mac-
Lean about a week ago, in which he
had a good deal to say about a sales
tax and especially the general sales
tax, is interpreted by a good many
here as being the opening gun in a
systematic campaign by Mac Lean,
aided and abetted by the tobacco and
power companies and the railroads,
to put over a general sales tax in
the 1933 general assembly.
So there is no doubt but that Mc-
Neill has been considering the mat
ter of becoming a candidate very care
fully and that he has been feeling out
the situation very thoroughly, in ac
cordance with good Scotch tradition.
For McNeill is a canny Scot and not
/fOAH AFumskuu. I
P TTN* _</
Fur, catnap;
miss BAUt-tNc MoNcaiaep
wttTMoHauvip, ■mmc.
Dear noah- Does a
NWWctwt , N.T.
dear noah» where can
I <Set smokeless
Powpfiß Ron A ecrrAOcr
dkaly t# torn away his Job as solici
tor and the $7,500 a year that goes
with It, unless he can be sure of some
prstty substantial support. There is
no doubt that up to the time Daniels
announced he would not be a can
didate, McNeill and his supporters be
lieved the Daniels followers would at
once demand that McNeill become a
candidate in order to carry forward
the D&piels banner. But for some rea
son or other, this demand has not
materialized and what was expected
would be a shout has so far not been
much more than a whisper. The
friends of General Albert L. Cox also
expected there would be a great de
mand for him to become a candidate
if Daniels did not run. But that de
mand has also failed to materialize.
There is no doubt that McNeill
would make a rather spectacular cam
paign, if he should bcome a candidate.
He is admittedly of the “Alfalfa Bill"
Murray type, who knows rural psy
chology and how to employ this know
ledge in making speeches that can
get an audience of farmers and work
ers yelling with enthusiasm. But Mc-
Neill is credited with having more in
telligence than some of his speeches
indicate and with knowing that he
cannot be nominated for Governor by
rural votes alone.
Charles Store
Ladies house i A |
Dresses, sizes 16 to 50 .. uafC !
"• — 1 ' 1
Choice Cuts!
Meats that do honor to the I
hostess and win the admiration
of the priests on every oeoasion. I
. ‘ i
Best Quality and Service
Turner’s Market
Phone 304-305.
Rp? • raSE-jS ■***>& wQf
D* A e* veoß* ft
\^ e a\> o^
■st° 0 ~oC- „(> Now Only 12 l-2c
0 SB> v per quart
Delivered night or morn
Brookside Dairy Farm
Phone 430-J.
fljf! CAKES
row 19c
Quaker Maid
R*J*h Sunnyfield
8-oz. Jar pint Jar % H>. pk|. lb. pkg.
10c ISc 13c 25c
Flavor *• 17c
»' PEA El Rio .
Be*t Foods” *
nucoa beans coffee
it. 15c 6 its. 25c 2 its. 25c
N. B. C. Windsor Assortment lb. 25c
6CTAGON SOAP 2 Urge cake. Sfc
Celery, large stalk 12 l-2c
Lettuce, medium sise, hard head 7 l-2c
Carrots and beets, per bunch 10c
Beans, fancy, tender 12 l-2c
Apples, York, 7 lbe., 25c
Spinach, fresh, per lb., 10c
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