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Georgia Beats Carolina 26-24:
■ vore 26-24 In T * tle Malch
■ Conference
I Tournament
AU*nU. Ge. March 2-
I rliveraiy of rvil«* the
■ * Southern Conference beaket
■ tt* “*
I "L from A l * l ’'"' «**«* *
I Tviciory over University of North
I ** T»r Heels last night in *
I ?!2ii»s championship final to the
I tournament hen-.
I Tit for the very Hr** nndnutee when
I <h* ml,u ‘ i( ' d , *' c SPOrin C and
I (Lv n f frw mmutcs the
I £ c« u P ht U P- lhe «*"
I af,l *' r w ‘ th scorln « *«11
I!_tr.l on both stdeo and the team
I STbunrhcd at all times.
I °%nird In lad Three Minutes
I +y .-uw was decided in the final
I " mtmiies Ju* three minute*
■ Jie end thv count was tied at 22-
I T m vh<we closing minutes the
I La«? added baskets by Young and
I „ while all Carolina could tally
U m 4 f*hl troai by Hines a minute
|m -he end
I ju !b. contest ended. Catfish Smith
I i Otocgi* was fouled by Chandler of
but the wildly enthusiastic
warmed on the court and Geor
|a» ** r athlet? who gained nod
Mfit rrnown as a football player waa
I ti red away on shoulders of admlr-
I % So his free throw chances are
I 0 mting
I th first half ended with GeorgJh
I n,q> u IH-16 Th* Bulldogs had
I pm away to a 7-0 lead at the be
■ but Carolina had fought back
■ „Hill and got ahead at 11-9. Dur
■ l» rest of this half play was close
I v xore being tied twice and the
la* changing five times
I TV only time the teams were tied
■l lie -frond half was at 22-all three
Istar- fro rot he end. Georgia led
gutter umes
Wfathers Injured
As injury to Weathers, star Oaro
ju forward took his services from Ms
mu in thf home stretch. He was
ajured dur.ng a scramble of players
ikut five minutes from the end of
& fame He came back for a brief
rpet; but bad to retire.
■Urn to
V. P. I. Professor Has Uni
que Record for Jump
ing Performances,
On pH Mill. March 2- Harold 6H
kn. V P I savant, who still h&lda
fV world outdoor high jump record'
uifeet 3 1-4 inches, and w*io Is prolyl
>Wt the only man in the world who
M cleared 6 fra 6 at the age of 3*
"l* pre an exhibition for a special
cat bhe Southern Conference
l*hw games here Saturday .nijtat,, W''
*" wnounceri by Chairmen R. A
* fad rieid of 40 teams and 400 in-
has taken shape, and 13 of
j»H» teams will make the fight for
™Mcn> Conference titular honors.
individual duels between indi-
T '** J Aars promise to be as inter-
the merry scramble for the
are talking already
*•** wtats going to happen when
®»*nnan of Tulane and Gordy and
" n L S. u. meet in the pole
rv7* Morreau of L. S. U. and De
of Tuhne in the Wgh hurdles;
of w * L . Brownlee of
* »»d Sliwser of Carolina In the
hurdles; Farmer of North CaTO
uw. ZT Wrecll Ke,, y <* Kentucky
of Alabama in the dash;
g fr of Duke and Bowman of L.
X«rrh r* ,t,e bro * ld jump; Jensen o#
m " C "° ,lr » and Leuck of Virginia
sh« and ** ° *** t * ie way down
U* *'-•*> entered for
na— In the Scholastic Di-
H Mn ensboro nosed High Point
w a OIJt of *** r hampk>nahlp last year
'narrow margin of 11 33 to 11.17
g * am! ‘ rondng back to fight
year and the field will almo
tn- man > - , *tars from such strong
Durham. Raleigh,
and Wilmington high
vT" J Hargrave Military Academy,
Episcopal Schools. Tech
liom • ~ant' l Woodberry Forreet,
< Ten n ) high, and John
of Richmond. Va.
Hu”, fl Unt probably the favorlle
y ' ar ~ '* sending Slxemore and
lwo individual state
t^T p, “ ns ~f '»-•*» year, and a relay
beat the field Jndoors and
'nbia^ 8 yOHT ***>e*«tf >» °° n *
Pkt a ,1° ' un ,he 1000 y* MMM
from Riohmmd. Va..
It if pfH in thirty-clued drf-
ferent states, and in 14 foreign
Up and Over for Uncle Sam
/fA-L»4.'k . •
a#r-.JBHP .G - /
ti ■—
Members of the 0. S. Army equestrian team are hard at work at Fort
Roseerans Cahf.. for the coming OjYmpjcs. Here are Capt.
T - B . r * df ° rd < left > on ••Sutanne” afld Lieut. Carl Raguse on
Sir Neal taking a jump »n fine style. “Suzanne” is champion jumper
•f the Army Mkbles. having title gt the International military
•vents at the New York horse show last year. Europe's best will com
pete against her at Lot Angeles.
.Wisconsin Coach?
* ■
Guy Sundt, aide to recently re
signed Coach Glenn Thistie
thwalte, probqbly will succeed
Thistlethwaite as head football
coach at the University of Wis
consin. Sundt was aster fullback
and captained the 1 'J-0 Wisconsin
who was second in the national inter
sohotesttes last summer. Durham
high Is adding Spain, who placed sec
ond in the sprints last year, and gho
will push Sizemore. Win
dton-Salem and Wdimtngtou HJghe are
all coming back with bigger teams
than ever. Intent on placing well up
the ladder.
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support the candidacy of J. C. B.
Ehrlnghaua. For the statement of the
principles he would have advocated
had he sought the nomination bristles
with barbed darts or sarcasm directed
almost point blank at the “readjust
ment’’ platform of A. J. Maxwell, ac
cording to nfeny observers hqgg, al
though Mac Lean does not mention
Maxwell by name. There is nothing in
MacLean’B statement to indicate he
has any friendliness whatever for
Lieutenant Governor R. T. Fountain,
the third announced candidate in the
race so far.
While no surprise was caused here
by Mad Lean's announcement that he
would not become a candidate, since
it <bas generally been understood in
political circles for several weeks that
b« would, not run, seme surprise was
ca|ued that Mac Lean 'committed him
self to the extent he did*'ln Ms plat
form statement. Maclean, of course,
made it clear that whatever candidate
for governor hoped to win hts sup
port would have to subscribe to his
platform advocating complete support
of the six months school term grlthout
*ny ad valorem taxes .the imposition
of a sales tax and the will to “get the
money- where the money la.” He also
made it very clear that he waa not
In sympathy with the Maxwell pro
gram to readjust the cost of govern
ment so as to hold It within present
revenues without making It necessary
to impose anV new taxes.
It Is no secret, of course, that Mac
lean and Maxwell have never agreed
on taxation theories and that they
were at. swords points during the last
General Assembly, with' Mac Lean ad
vocating a sales tax and Maxwell op
posing It.
Here is what Mac Lean said in his
statement, that is being interpreted
as a direct slap at Maxwell and as an
indication that Ke will eventually sup
port Ehringhaue:
“I favor' economy and efficiancy in
administration, d-hich I distinguish
entirety from „the\ n&rrow, selfish and
short-sighted policy of those who
wwql* rather - «Wp)e / the State’s
schools .and other institutions than
submit to-the Inconvenience of- pro
.vlding adequate support. The argu
ment that'you-can reduce taxes by
reducing expanses is as plain as a
pikestaff, but it cannot he patented on
the ground of novelty. You can also
save expenses by walking instead of
riding, but it may be a pennywise,
pound-foolish policy."
In this paragraph, according to most
of the opinion here, Mac Lean is more
or loss Inferring that because of his
dlfcapprpv&t of a sales tax. Maxwell
aqd those who stand with him, are
preferring tQ cripple the schools rath
er than “submit to the inconvenience
of adequate support” by which he
means a sales tax. Mac Lean and
Tilllli and their followers continue
ta to tpmintaJn.that if a sales tax had
beph Imposed there would,have been
plenty of mon *y . ar.d’To 'spare with
which to operate the six months school
term without any ml valorem tax.
although the n>jf recent and ac
curate fig? 'res sh * / that even the gen
eral sales tax, which Mac Lean advo
cated most strongly, would not have
yielded more than 33,500,000 a year.
The 15 cents tax on property was es
timated to yield 34.500,000 a year,
though -revised estimates ' indicate a
yield of only R3.7b0.000 which Is about
3300.000 more than the sales tax would
have yielded.
Since Ehrtnghaus has recently lib
eralized his attitude toward the sales
tax and indicated that he might be
prevailed upon to accept it as an em- 1
ergency measure, and with hts plat
form more or less committed to carry
ing on the essential activities of the
State government unimparled .even
If some additional taxes are necessary
it ts regarded by many that hts re
vised platform U already acceptable
to Mac Lean. Mac Lean has already, in
effect, followed the example of his
fellow townsman, Congressman Lind
say Warren, in renouncing many re
quests that he seek the nomination
for Governor and indicated he will
support Ehrliighaus. those In political
circles here feel. It is also agreed that
if Mac Lean openly supports Eh ring
ha us, it will help him greatly.
fHteiPKm FFF.
MtlA.iß mc Tim
SMoqstH *rh» expxcTA
Sm y •kmm Cxka*. mnae*
A EeuNb
wix eauue
sAbu*. isSus
i».4.UPPIIk IOWA. -
Last Home Game of Season
Won by High School
Girls, 40 to 16
The Henderson high school girls de
cisively defeated the girls team from
Franklin Hon high school 40 to 16 taM
night In a game played at Cooper’S
warehouse. There was no doubt as to
the superiority of the local team over
the representaiHvefl [from Frtuiklln
county, and from the opening whistle
Henderson took the lead and never
was hedged 4o the final gun.
It was said that the Franklluton
girls were the chanvploofl of Frank
lin counity, having won out In a re
cent tourney of the schools In that
Coach Bryant gave practically her
entire squad a chance to see action
last night, and. judging from the score
they acquitted themselves very well.
The stars of last night’s game were
M. and V. Johnson . forwards, and
Loughlin and Neathery. guards, .with
bhe entire team giving wonderful sup
At the end of the Hirst half, Hen
derson had the girls from Franklin
ton by the score of 20-10, and In ttre
final half scored exactly the same
number of points, while Frankllnton
was scoring only six.
Thi« was the last home game of the
season for the local team. They go
to Frankllnton tomorrow night for s
return game with the beam they met
last night, and on Friday night go to
Wkke Forest to met the girls team
of the high school In that city.
Lineup for last night’s game:
M. Johnson Hagwood
Right Forward
Hun * Jenkins
Left Forward
V. Johnson Perry
Neathery Fuller
Loughlin M#y
Burohe * Talbert
Subs; Henderson—Ellis, Hester, 2,
Hardee Watkins, V. Goodrich, E*
Goodrich, Lowry.
FrankUnton: Pernell
Referee; Payne.
Your Income Tax
Forms for filing returns of income
for 1931 have been sent to persons
who filed returns last year. Failure
to receive a form, however, does not
relieve a taxpayer of his obligation
to file his return and pay the tax on
time, on or before March 15 If the
return is made on the calendar-year
basis, as is the case with most Indi
Forms may be obtained upon re
quest, written or personal, from the
offices of collectors of internal re
venue and deputy collectors. Persons
whose net income for 1931 wis jd6-
rived'chiefly from salary or wages and
was not in excess of 35,000 Should
make their returns on Form 1040A, a
single sheet. Persons whose net In
come was In excess of. 95.000, or,, re
gardless of amount, was derived from
a business, profession, rents or sale
of property, are required to use a lar
ger form, 1040. Failure to use the pro
per* form presents difficulties to both
the taxpayer and the Bureau of In
ternal Revenue. Therefore, it is em
phasized that a taxpayer engaged in
a business or profession from which
he derived a net income of less than
35,000 Is required to use the larger
The return must be filed with the
collector of internal revenue for the
district in which the taxpayer has his
legal residence or principal place of
business on or before midnight of
March 15, 1932. The tax may be paid
in full at the time of filing the re
turn. or in four equal installments,
due on or before March 15, June 15,
September 15. and December 15.
MMdleburg Farm Sold, in the
only realty deed filed Tuesday with
the register of deeds. John H. Bul
lock. Sr., and wife sold to Rufus
Scales and wife for 310 and other con
siderations a track of 61. f acres In
Middleburg township.
No Marriage Licensee.—No marriage
licenses were issued by the register of
deeds yesterday.
No Poftloe Court—-No session of Uie
police court was held today, for the
second successive day with do cases
on the docket for trial.
Durham, March 2,-VThe centralised
control of industry will be debated on
Thursday night when the George
Washington university team comes to
meet Duke. Duke will uphold the af
firmative side of the query.
Next week the University of Porto
Rico team will come here for a debate
discussing the United States interven
tion policy In the Caribbean.
biles to wash at your own
price. Anything above
cost Adjusting carbum
tors, focusing light, clean
ing upholstery etc., free.
Frank Fuller s Place. 2-lti.
Henderson Girls Win
Farmer 7te»ife
PromisesGreatßaceA tU.N. C.
Chapel Hill. March 2.- The sprint
ers who are pacing the fast field to
the third annual Southern Conference
Indoor Games here Saturday night
are so fast . that one well-known
Southern track coach figures conser
vatively that there will be at least
three boys running who can out-step
any man who placed last year.
The coach bad In mind Charlie
Farmer, Carolina's Conference indoor
record holder; (Shipwreck) Kelly, of
Kontucky, Conference outdoor cham
pion last year; and Jack Burnett, Mis
sissippi sophomore, who twice step
ped the hundred In 9.6 seconds last
summer. Farmer pulled a muscle run
ning in the preliminaries last year and
the other two boys didn’t attend.
Coach Bob Fetzer and other offi
cials are expecting a great race when
the three get together here Saturday
night to fight It out amongst them
selves and against a field that shows
such other good boys as Smith, of
Alabama, who finished second last
year; Slusser, of North Carolina, who
finished fourth, and Brownlee, of
Duke, who is also a hurdles star.
Thirteen Conference teams, four
Non-Conference college teams, 10
dttddu .
Tlie only
pipe smoker who
doesn’t like it,
is tke one who
never tried it !
11* 11 * k \ Wa
Packed in a
WFi ha ndy pock e t
i iv / l*auch of heavy
Keep* tke
tobacco better
M oiml make* the
price lower .
freshman teams, and . 13 scholastic
teams are entered' in < the four 4i y l*
slons. respectively, so 'that tlfe flefd
will he large as well as great. .. .
The Conference teams include North
Carolina, - defending champs; • Tulane,
outdoor champs; Virginia .second in
the outdoor meet last year; Washing
ton and Lee, indoor champs In 1930;
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana State,
Kentucky. N. C. State, Georgia, Sopth
Carolina, V. P. 1., and Duke. '
Carolina’s defending- champs “an
nounced revised entry list to
day. The -Tar Heels will bank,on Char,
lie Farmer, Clarence Jensen and
Lionel Well, indoor record holders in
the 60-yard dash, mile, and quarter
mile. respectively, and on such other
men as Higby and Morrison, sprint
erd; Slusser, DaVis and Stafford, hur
dlers, Mariand, quhrter-miler; Wat
kifis. Case, Jones,. Groover, Mcßae.
Hqbtaard, Cordie. Sullivan, Henson
and Kimery, distance runners; Dock
ery. Hamlet and Reid, high jumpers;
Mullis. shot putter; Higby, broad
jumper; and Smith and Blount, pole
vau iters.
Several leading North Carolina high
schools are among the teams which
will vie for the Scholastic title. Salis
bury, Durham. Raleigh, High Point,
Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Wil
mington Highs will all send big teams
to compete against a fast field that
also Includes Hargrove, Virginia
Episcopal, Tech High of Atlanta.
Woodbury Forest, Morristown <Tenn>
High, and Jbhn Marshall High of
Chapel Hill, March 2.—Two hundred
high schools have enrolled for parti
cipation in the twentieth annual con
test of the High School Debating Un
loti of North Carolina, It was an
nounced today by Secretary E. R.
The query which win be discussed
in.all of the debates Is: “Resolved,
That the United Btatee should adopt
a System of compulsory unemploy
ment Insurance.”
The triangular debates will be held
on April 1 and the final contest for
the Aycock Cup will take place at
the University on April 14 and 15.
Other events, besides the debating con
test, in the University's annual High
School Week program on April 14 and
15 will be the twentieth annual inter
scholastic track meet and the seven
teenth annual interscholaaUc tennis

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