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mtiiiau raaxoa
bocul ionverm
(or* Itof .»
an i cotta#* whW« %*>< mil.
8 l""** tumbling o'er a wall;
. **d if***. bo,h COOI *®«* green,
j. x» „f flowers lo between;
«mb ***
4-fl ou« P“rcb «o rest wad sew
* k«\ sweet morning-glories
#l# rr a**-
. av r.w.ms kept clean Inalde.
wimluwo big and wide;
, * * u " room bright.
‘<’" ,rs sofl ***«**•• U#ht;
~t y Jrram place sweetly blest
iuH twn*du:«»>ry I*"** and
in which to srork and live.
rjZr end trust if need, forgive—
e roc like ,h,< - u *•*"“ to ms.
ra-ily br Arcady!
rnm Funeral la Alabama.
y r and Mrs E. B. Wllkerson have
-arnel from Tuscaloosa. Ala., where
‘ Handed the funeral of their
lifter m-law. N B. Barrett.
Mr Royster Very IIL
r c. Royster continues quite 111 at
t . no»e on West Chestnut street.
„.h his condition reported about the
T» F.ntertVn lefien AuvP irj.
X.« J W. CL per srlll entertain the
1 Legion Auxillaiv at hei
.>n Nicholas street Ftiday after
-old a; : '*> o'clock.
ts. P. Choir Rehearsal.
IV Methodist Protestant church
rtmtr will hold Its rehearsal tonight
d - jit orl xl; in the home of lira,
p R Harris on Young street. It was
enounced today.
suaday WMh Friends
jjtin Hoyle sad Forest Smith
■*>B- Sunday afternoon as the guest
jMr and Mis. C. B. Tucker of
I lamsboro.
rmkytariM Chair p ~hrar—l
here will be a rehearsal of the
oar of the Presbyterian church to
uitt at a 15 o'clock in the church. It
b announced.
No Baptist Prayer Meeting.
There will be no prayet meeting
tttifht in the First Baptist chuich so
■tat :be members may have opportun
ity of attending the rov'val at the
rv-» flmaiiaa church, it was an
ic nod by th» j».’»or Pr. K. A. Gllis.
fe See Mr. Carhltt Off.
R J Corbitt. Sr. Mrs. W. S. Cor
bitt I M. Petty and Mrs. W. H. Fur
inan left last night for New York City
•uh W. S. Corbitt, who will sail for
Europe the latter part of the week on
business. While in New York will be
-be guests of John Parks at tb* Shel
ton hotel.
Play aft Ayesck School.
"Coontime in Dixie.' 'a blackface
minutrel. is to be given at Aycock
li.gh xhool on March 4 for the bene
fit of the Aycock Athletic Association
The ministrel was presented at Zel
Vanoe high school some week's age
before a capacity house and will be
repeated at Aycock Friday night.
Henderson Ladies
Born on Feb’y 29
Mrs. William Pulley and Mrs. H. A
D»nni< were dinner guests at the
baeie of W. C. HtaJnback, brother of
he former, at his home on Bui
Montgomery street Tuesday evening
i celebration of their birthday, which
toi on February 29. They are the only
Henderson or Vance county residents
•arned whose birthdays came on leap
v*»r day
Both were born on February 29 in
'be same year, in the same commun
is®' Epsom, this county, and thali
."■omes were almost within a stone's
'brow of each other. Both ladies were
r *ceipients of remembrances from re
•atnes and friends on their quadren
r-«l birthday last Monday.
Bobbitt News
Mr and Mrs. P. J. Smith and chll
f* n - Donald and Juanita, were guests
y Mr and Mrs J. R. Ellington. Sun
Haul Wood lief was the guest of
Achei Watkins of near Henderson
be past week-end.
Mr and Mrs. Robert Lassiter and
'“‘l* daughter. Mary Ann. of War*
"«t? n were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
" Pinch. Sunday.
• Etta Strick, *nd I* visiting Mr.
* rs Eugene Strickland of Louls
Mrs J M Wood lief and Mrs. LudUS
oernan of Henderson were visitors
‘‘ Mrs. R. o. Woodlief, Monday.
Mr and Mrs. Johnny Wynn, who
, been residing in Raleigh are
J* o, aking their home with Mr.
"vnnes parents. Mr. and lira. 8. T.
> nn e of this community.
HazH Woodlief was the guest of
I 'L Huff of near Henderson Mon
**>' fight.
Mttktnl tt
ywr ia«Uf
—» M1 tfc*
,ck Plan far Battar
,n yaar Bmmm*
' m
Dr K. h. Pattbb#oh
t-j* S'fk Spmahti
h»,— it'g. tr tl
Epworth League at
Lokesbury Meets
The Lems mot
'Up.rtM.ndM by
■ Oprning snag. No. 28
2. Devotional, by Fnion Wmlnw.
3 Topic. ’The problem of Buffering"
L Introduction. by Mrs. Sk*4 E*-
2 Talk: “Who U to Blame” by Mfcn
Kathryn Spruill.
6 Duet: by Mrs. Boyd Edwards and
Miss Vergie Hicks.
Heading “A Matter of RAVlffe" By
Ml.-w Frances Buchanan.
K Talk "Reaping What Is Rosso" ky
Vernon Breedlove.
9. Song. No 183.
10 Talk: "The Trouße is Not WUh
lod.” by Charlie Bartholomew.
11. Talk "His Grace Is Sufficient ’*
»y Mrs. J. M. Tucker.
H Soivg No. 127.
13 Poem: "People Will TWk,” by
lulia Harris.
H. Poem: "Sunset” by Grace Vau
14. Song. No 29.
16. Business discussion.
17. Benediction.—Reported.
Entertain Junior
Class At Dabney.
By MRS. |t 4 SCOTT.
a |**** R «* h **l FuMer %od Alma
BMier ware Joint hoeteseee t« the
Junior class of Dabney h|gfc' school
Saturday evening from 8 'to 10
• Clock. They vere entertained in the
home as Mies Rachael FuMer.
The home was haauUfuHy decorated
with spring flowers and feraa,
A* the guests arrived, they were in
vited Into the living room, where jium
s roue games and contests were con-
Jueted throughout the evening.
Betwaen games, mints and salted
puto were gaesod around U the guests.
On the refreshment glgtee were
cumbers which were read aloud. Mies
LrfMiis Harris read the lucky number
and waa presented with a hook.
Members of the Junior class pre
sent were as follows: Alma Sadler.
Louise Harris, Rachael Fuller, Norma
Hunt, Mildred Harte and Gilbert
The invited guests were: Irvin Boyd.
Dorsey TiDotson, Henry Hunt Jones,
Edustus Williams. Thurston Parham
Moses Loyd, Francis Wrenn, By la
Mae Newton, Louise Jones. Ora Hunt,
Edna Blackwell. Louise Daniel, John
Ed Sadler, Jimmie Hollowny, Thomas
Walters, Marvin Davia, Morris Wil
liams. Harold Fuller and El/in 1 u;-
1 :♦ r.
Kittrell News J
Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Sterling of
Ourham. were the guests on Thursday
>f Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Hester.
Mrs. E. R. Woodlief. Misses Phyllis
Eleanor and Ruby Smith, were recent
/iskors of Mrs. J. B. Allen, of Hen
ierson. Route 1.
Miss Elizabeth Siewart of the Zeb
V'ance teaeherape, was the week-end
ruest of her mother, near Mnnson.
Mrs. W. H. Finch had aft her din
ner guest on last Monday evening,
Mrs. A. B. Deans, of Henderson,
.oute 1.
Mrs. L. R. Woodlief, Mrs. Annie
Grissom and daughter. Miss Bobbie
Grisaam. of Route 2, were visitors on
'sat Tuesday, of Mrs. B. B. Wood
tief and Mrs. C. S. Smith.
Miss Annie Fuller Young of the
Seb Vance teacherage, spent the week
end in Henderson with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Young.
Mrs. E. R. Woodlief. Misses Phillis
Eleanor, and Ruby Smith were visitors
m Thursday of Mrs. S. ,V. Floyd,
ind daughters, Misses Emily and
Grady Floyd, at their home in the
•’loydtowTi community.
Mr. and Mrs. ▲. B. Young and
Mrs. Young's mother, Mr*. Sallle.
stubbs of Henderson, were, visitors of
Mrs. Stubbe cousin, Mrs. C. S.
imtth on Friday.
Miss Bessie Atkinson a Zeb Vance
.acuity member, spent the week-end
n Blackstone, Va., with her parents
Miss Ruth Branch of Henderson,
vis Red friends here Sunday.
Mrs. J. B. Ellis had as her guests
cm Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N.
Cl He of Warren ton.
Mrs. Nina IRghto of Ftoydtow'n
Community, came Sunday to spend
i ■ ITU 111 l r^o iinmy y*~JL i 1 /Hcucncould U
££& M .* aw jf*s /Tt4.a^c j 3 fgsass:/^
w. 9 • , t
mUEOMg Oft
W The Story of an Unemployed Girl
Rf AD TBUt I'iJMr:
Abkeli, 18-war oli mMeb,
totiere ohneephtre of a
kom. decide* «Ae
a cmreer rather tha&* • social
m 4 anew ere «m «d to • kro
* f** 94U*§ sot firle tor
mev»e*. Through correepeadeace
toJaapr* te ham Tkoouu Ulane,
f*«4 looking mid worldly wise, *ho
•iverlhed, pom* to the homo of her
kWDAg parent* in golem. 1/qj*.. t or
• perianal interview, gge tcear* her
pajama* uhen
S *\ 9nt te U* Aer ha in*truct*
totented I firl* for picture career* and
*° r «*m aicay from home,
taking with her all her eavinpe. They
•rraap* to meet the *e*t day on the
LILLIAN ABBOTT looked out ot
window Into the enow
•tdtfrad aunehtoe of a Boeton mom
IBF—and aaw Thomae Btane etanding
m the platform of the etatioa.
' the pondered whether he had been
tookla* far her long. She wondered
Whether there had been any doubt in
hi* mind aa t# whether ehe would
haep their appatßuneat
' U hgd been his euggaatlon that
IhO wqgld oaf leave Salem together.
Whejg the gawd pa es the town be
ta* to wonder why LiiHaa Abbott
had left be* due old home there
wouldn't be a a©uk eot one eyt-
Wltneaa to ear: “She boarded the
Uaia With a talL dark paa* There
Would be no ooe to aay that ehe had
goat with anyone They could just
eajf «he departed wearing bar becom
ing white egracul beret and black
eoat. carrytng h«r white mult She
had walkod te tbe train that morning,
h* Bhe bad left home Immediately
after bar mother had gone to a com
mittee meeting at the church.
Lilltaa left a note—-not addressed to
anyone la particular She gad drawn
•va*T sent aha had eut at her sav
in ge account. She had a little over
Knowing bar New England. Lillian
»elt*ed that were ehe seen boarding
0 train with a strange man. aw) not
returning, there would be one con
ciuMen at which those who knew her
would arrive. But, thank goodness,
they wouldn't have a clue.
At Boston Thomas Blane spied her
through tbe window. His eyes
lighted. He touched the brim of his
gray bat. She could tell be was
pleased at seeing her—and, yea she
thought a little surprised.
Thao ha was in tbe coach, there by
her. with hta hat in hie hand.
“You charming thing!* he greeted
her to a low voice, aa If he didn’t
want any of the other passengers to
hear. “1 was so afraid you'd change
your mind" • -
She held eut her whfte-glevad band
and he pressed It as If ta sheer relief.
LSttau did look charming lo her
trim little white bah which hugged
hhr black wavy hair and exposed her
Woad forehead. Her coat. too. was
becoming, with Its silver fox collar.
A white gardenia snuggled down in
the soft fur. And she wore white kid
gloves, the kind with gauntlets which
turned hack over her coat sleeve.
Qtr far* was flushed. And her
dark ere* were sparkling.
"tfo I haven't changed my mind—
ret." ah* Maid.
A fro* a appeared between his
kahdsome area aa he sat down beside
•• *1 tried to get a drawing room for
«a—but it aeems I can’t"
, *T>h,* said Lillian, "don’t bother.
Ft don't need one—this seat la com
"Rut not at an private," he an
jnHred, cat hlng her eyes and smll
tb£ raising one eyebrow a little
higher than the other.
"Oh—no, R Isn't.* ehe answered,
and fait a little sttly. it suit at
ad the kind es answer she would
have made to eoow or the fellows
wear bar ewp age. But the feßowe
she knew would pot he likely ’o say
anything Hke that to her.
Thomas Plane seemed Hmnt Ae
tpop as be eepld he sought the con-
several days ihere with her mother,
Mrs. B. T. Woodlief.
S. I. Saunders, of Raleigh, was a
vlaftor here Sunday.
Mr- and Mrs. J. E. Hight, and son
Ralph, of Henderson, were visitors on
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
J. A. WoodHef, had as visitors Sun
day, Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Woodlief,
and daughter, SWrley, of Raleigh; Mr
end Mrs. Horace Woodlief, and son,
Horace Jr., of Henderson; and Mr.
and Mrs. Otho May, and of
Miss Ruby Smith, was the on
last Monday and Tuesday of Miss
I] fIHH|
(D A 7i*ey *
“You'ne too pretty to work herd.”
Juctor for seats In the parlor car.
He carried Lillian's bag and lifted
it Into the baggage rack above them,
and he took pains to turn the backs
of their chairs to tbe aisle, as if be
were trying to hide her from the eye*
of the other passengers
Lillian settled herself comfortably
and smiled across at him. The train
slid out of Boston, along tbe snowy
trail leading to what Lillian believed
to be the adventure of a lifetime. It
was the trail which led from her
quaint, quiet homeland, which she
had long yearned to escape.
Blane was personable, and he fas
cinated Lillian. She observed that
his clothes were well made, and that
at ail times he had a poise which re
mained unruffled. ■*
Here was a man who could direct
her. She felt It. He could make her
a star. He stood for adventura For
big things. He wasn't the type her
mother would approve. Ha waa too
worldly. And It waa likely his an
cestors could not ba traced back to
the Mayflower, as could the Abbotts*.
Now. in Salem that was something
of groat Importance, j But. In New
York she imagined It was not the
thing one talked of. evening after
evening, between seta of chess and
backgammon f
Lillian could not prevent the
thought from scampering through
her mind—that perhaps she was fall
ing a little In love with this man.
What If she did” He was Charm
ing. She no longer felt he was e
stranger. Queerer thlftgs had oc-1
cur red. but of course, flfcr in her set
that a girl answered an ad. and
the man who had advertised fell lo
love with her.
Blane smiled hack at Lillian.
It would be delightful, having him
take her to the smart places In New
York, she was thinking. To play
where the real play boys and gtrls
Perhaps he soon would forget that
she had told him she was only IS.
“What are you thinking?" be
“About home—but not wt\aj you
imagine." she answered. To qot
sorry I've left My mother wop't
even miss me for a couple of days—
she's so busy with committees and
historical societies, that sort of
"But when she does miss you?
Then what ?“
“By that time I will have registered
at some little hotel under another
Florine Smith, at her home in the
Bobbitt Ootmnunity.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Freeman, and
children, James, Fannie Mae, Robert,
and Benjamin, were visitors on Sun
day of Mss. Freeman’s mother, Mrs.
T. J. Conyers, near FrankUnton.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Nutt, and
children, of Oxford, were visitors at
Mrs. Nutt's father, J. E. Freeman,
on Sunday evening.
A very Interesting meeting of the
Needlecraft Chib was held at the
home of Miss Ada Wloodllef, on Satur
day evening, February 2T, with nine
members present.
The club will meet on Saturday
H0&1A % k. M. TO 12 MOON
name— anu bttome anotner girt n
probably read in tbe papers some
thing like this: ’Heiress Disappears
From Wealthy Home.’"
“Heiress?” asked Blane, as If be
didn't know.
“The newspapers no doubt will call
me that.*
“But why?"
’’Well, my father Is the Abbott who
owns a chain of grocery stores over
New England"
tOh. reaHy?" answered Blane. and
to one more discerning than Lillian
the tone of his voice would not have
held conviction of newa
Thomas Blane’s mind had gone
through the entire situation, sifting
each possibility Tor a hitch.
Bhe really waa an helresa He’d
checked up on that long before he
decided to come to Salem. Any way
ke looked at It he was to make money
by this little contact—lnveigling the
daughter of Cyrus Abbott Into a
Some might call It blackmnfl—lf he
wrote that he could give him news
of his daughter, her address, etc., for
a sum. They couldn't prove any
thing really bad about him. though.
He had taken care not to pay her
fare, or to leave the town with her.
She was 18. Bhe was her own
“Ijet’s go Into the club car," ba
suggested, rising.
There Blane ordered white rock
and produced a flask frorp his hlt>
Lillian put her hand over the top es
her glass and shook her head.
“Oh. you’ll get over that, all right."
he said, poqripg the. liquor Into his
own. “In New York- When you got
Into the {navies’"
"Will J?"'she smiled.
"We'r* going to have a swell time
together." he said.
"And going to work hard. too.
aren’t we?" she added “I'm mad to
get down to work. It must be great
—to have definite things to do every
day—lnstead of lust steeping unto
noon, then lunching wiih some boring
person, then having ten with some
more boring person and. to think.
If f hadn’t left rd be doing that sH
the rest of my life—unless I took to
historical societies and church com
mittee* *e mother has—poor mother •
“Yoq’rf too pretty to work too
hard—" be said, reaching for her
hand "You’re not the type to work.
. . Just look at your hands ..*
(TO rk nnxTixnKrr>
evening, March 5, with Mrs. C. S.
Smith. Everyone is cordially Invited
to attend. g
Regular church services will be
heM at the Mcthodi.t Episcopal
chureh, South on Sunday evening.
March 6 conducted by the pastor,
Rev. R. E. Pittman. Everyone is
cordially invited to attend these serv
ices. V
230 years ago. A German mother,
Maria Sibylla Merian, and her two
daughters, spent two years in South
America on an exploring trip to study
and paint the insect life of the re
New Bethel W. M. S.
Met Sunday Night
Op Sunday night. February 29th tbe
regular monthly m«-eting of the W.
M- 8- of New Bethel was held at the
home of Mrs. Jctin Buck Lassiter at
Epsom. A good attendance was pres
ent and an Inspiring program was
nicely curried out.
The regular Royal Service program
whs given as follows.
Devotional President,
Washington after two-hundred yearn
A 111 ▼ mi CT 9 \Jr JN tomorrow
Added: Comedy and News
Children 10c; Adults 25c
STEVENSON leiut.reon I
How Much Are “They” to Blame?
What About The Men?
Adults Only
Low Round Trip Fares to Almost Every Town in America
Over The
East Coast Stage Lines
The Short Line System
These tickets are good on all regular schedule buses.
Call the agent for information.
’Phone 18 Union Bus Station,
Henderson, N. C.
When planning a trip always ride the bus.
Ride De Luxe Motor Buses—The most safe and
courteous way to travel.
and tht strength of our nation—Six.
R. Stain back.
Tlie PerU* of our Nation—Mix. P.
A- Duke.
MBaton Study condimtod by' Mr*.
T H. Weldon.
Business—Aef»it of 90c worth of
bandages for a burnt child wan made.
Week of 'pißycc was discussed and
it was decided to meet on the Hint
Saturday afterYinnn after preacMog
for prayer.
The society the n adjourned to mere
in March whh Mis. T. 11.
Mrs. Geo T. Ayseue. Secy.

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