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Henderson Loses, Middleburg Wins,
mmi m.
ftulldoft Give Good Account
tof Themselves In Class
A Tourney
The fighting boys' basketball team
feofn Henderson high school went
Sown in defeat this morning at 9
o'clock before the strong Fayetteville
five in the Stare College Tourna
ment at Raleigh bv the score of 19-
The game was played In Frank
Thompson Gymnasium at the west Ra
high school, and was one of the open
log games of the class A tourna
team gave a good account of
ftself in its battle with the Fayette
ville representative, but the latter
was too strong for the boys from the
high school here.
The Fayetteville team lost to Ra
leigh by a small margin and Char
lotte nosed out Raleigh for the State
championship for class A schools of
fforth Carolina, which proves just '
how much competition the Henderson
representative had in its game this
&oach Rill Payne's starting line
uh showed William Green, forward.
E. Watkins, forward. Marion Rogers,
©enter, P. Rogers, right guard, and
1%. Chavasse. Left guard, with the
fallowing substitutes: F. Mills. Eason.
Clements. J. Mills, and Harper.
This game probably ends the sea
acfn for the local boys, who have had
a very good season. They finished
second in the county tourney, being
nosed out by Middleburg in the final
minutes of play after leading for the |
entire game. They 'battled Aycock j
last week and topped them 15-14 in
a wry fast game, and then started
training for the State College tourna
ment, from which they were elimfnat- ,
ed this morning by Fayetteville.
In the game played this morning
the first half ended with the score
ended 8-7 in favor of Fayetteville, and i
the second half saw Fayetteville WM- 1
en the margin between the two to
four points.
P. Rogers, captain of the Hender
son team, was the individual star of
the game, scoring 11 points for his !
team, with Sears, for Fayetteville,
scoring seven.
Suggest Platform
For Candidates In
Lt.-Gov. Campaign
Raleigh, March 4 Why not a plat
form for candidates for the nomina
tion for lieutenant governor? No can
didate for the nomination for gov
ernor can get any hope of considera
tion without stating in a definite pla:
form what he stands for, it is being
pointed out here. Why should it not
be just as essential for the candidates
for lieutenant governor to state their
positions uvn public matters as for
the candidates lor governor?
"I heard several members of the
Democratic Executive Committee and i
several others discussing this ques
tion here this week,” said State Trea
surer John Stedman. “They all agteed
that there would be a great more
interest in the contest for the nonrina- !
tion for lieutenant governor if ’he
votei-s would demand fa statement !
from the pther candidates telling t-x- ;
phcitiy just how they stand on publi
matters It is rather a novel idea, at
For the past several year.; the of
fice of lieutenant governor in North
Carolina has come to be looked upo.-i
as one of minor iiroort ice and ns
something of a political sop to throw
to thiie who se«.k political pref* --
n|«nt but who at the same time must
be kepi 4n a position where they can
db llsUe' political damage. This at
tftude has been furinshed by the fact
that North Carolina Democrats us
tfelty elect pretty ihealthy mi>n as
governors so that no lieutenant gov |
emor has succeeded to the governor
ship in a good many years. This has i
helped to create the impression in
the minds of many people that the j
office of lieutenant governor has sunk !
into inocuous dissuetude and now Is j
little more than an empty title with '
a salary of S7OO every two years at
tached to it.
Charles Store
Boys' kniekor pniits. OA
: 7 to 14, pair .... C
I Crab's Place I
Farmer’s Warehouse Corner
Ice Cream, Pop Com, Cold Drink* I
I A Free Sucker to All I
I the Kids I
Hot Dogs, Hamburger and I
Barbecue Sandwiches.
Fruits, Candy and Groceries I
j R«d Sox Act StnhWd
With deep knife wounds in hit
chest Ed Morris, Boston Red So*
hurler, battled fftr hls life in *
hospital at Century, Fla. Morris
was stabbed by an acquaintance
during a fight which broke up a
fish fry given in Morris’ honor by
friends on the eve of his depart
ure for Savannah, Ga., the Red
Sox training camp.
Seems New Fim Here Will
Have Chance To See
Some Summer Games
The old baseball bug has started
buzzing around town and it now
-seems that Henderson fans will have a
chance to see some baseball this sum
A letter was receiver from old Pat
Townsend from Weimar, Texas, stat
ing that he has just- turned down a
contract with Galveston for £325 per
month in the Texas League. You see,
the secret of the whole business is
that Pat is running a restaurant
down in Weimar, and business must
be good for him to turn down a fat
contract like that.
In a telephone conversation with
George Whitted. of the Durham Bulls,
last night, Manager Otto Pahlman,
of the local team, arranged games
with that club With the dates to be
announced later. George has promised
a pleasant surprise for local fans
when his club shows here.
Ashby Cook and “Red Oak” Eld
wards write in to say they are limber
ing up daily on the vacant lots in
their home towns and rarin’ to get
in uniform once more.
It is reported that Bill Branch, lo
cal boy, has signed with Selma, Ala.,
of the Southeastern League. We wish
Bill all the luck in the world, and
hope he has a big year.
Red Guthrie, who is~Tb report to
Richmond, Va., on March 25, is work
ing out daily in Otto’s Gym. Red
should be able to catch every game
this season at the rate he is punching
the bag and swinging the gloves.
A letter from Bunn Hearn, at
Chapel Hill, a former manager of the
local team, says he’ll be glad to bring
his University team here for a game
if the athletic. authorities at the Hill
give him permission. You local alumni
can certainly help to get your alma
mater’s team here. Lend a hand.—
- ‘ '
Moose Swaney, forme!*.. HehW^on
Gamecock hurler, wba in town .yester
day to see a few of Jtis friends while
en route to Join the House
of David bearded boys for the com
ing baseball season. The bearded ones
are to train in Florida. Moose’s beard
has not been allowed to run wild yet,
but it will not be long before he packs
up his razor for the summer.
Throughout the 19th century con
tinuous attempts wer made to.j>ut an
end to wars by leagues, CbnWntions,
and what not.
HEkfcEßdONv (R. C„) ftAftY ijSSPATCH, FfcibA¥,_ R A R C H L iWfc
tfefeAts Bethel IS-11 Irt
Pity it State College
Middleburg high .school boys’ bas
ketball team, ttre VaYf>ce County Cham
pNffns, moved ttrto Second round of
play at State College tourney lasd
night by defeating Bethel 16-11. At the
half, the whistle found Middleburg
leading Bethel by a lone field goal,
The Vance county team was card
ed to meet Sylva last night, but this
team withdrew from tourney play
and Bethel, a late entry took its place
on the card.
Dunn, Bethel center, and Woodall.
Middleburg pivot man. sunk eight
points each to lead the scoring, with
Stainback, fast Middleburg forward,
running second with six points.
Middleburg meets Glennwood this
afternoon at 3:15 o'clock. Glenwood
moved up by defeating Jonesboro 25-
24 in the first upset of the tourney.
fOoMhmed from Page Om.)
of McNeill, however .point out that
there are still thousands of Demo
crats in the State, in the Piedmont
and west as well as in the east, who
are far from satisfied with the three
present candidates, who would wel
come McNetH’s entry into the fray.
They also point out that McNeill Is
a whirlwind campaigner, has a dy
namic personality and can make a
stump speech that can get an audi
ence. especially of farmers and wage
earners, yelling with enthusiasm
within ten minutes. It is conceded
that none of the three present can
didates have ben able to do anything
like that so far.
McNeill is being more and mote
likened to Governor “Alfalfa Bill’*
Murray of Oklahoma. For Murray,
while posing as a backwoodsman and
as more or less of a "hick”, is in
reality one o fthe best educated,
erudite and profound thinkers in
American politics today. Who became
governor of Oklahoma because he
knew how to capitalize on his know
ledge of rural psychology and because
the farmers, cowhands and workers
in the oil fields knew he both spoke
and understood their language, ac
cording to those who really knoW
Murray. It is now conceded that Mur
ray is looming larger daily as a con
tender for the Democratic nomination
for president and that he is making a
large appeal to the people who earn
their living with their hands in all
parts of the country.
Similarly, McNeill has already made
his biggest appeal to the farmers fri
the eastern part of the State because
he knoWs them, knows thir problems,
knows the hard times they have had,
of the low prices they have received
for thehr cotton and tobacco and the
burden of their taxes. He speaks their
language and understands theirs and
they are for him, lock, stock and
barrel. It is freely conceded here that
McNeill, if he should run, will carry
almost every county in the south
eastern section of the State and pro
bably would get most of the present
Fountain following in the entire east.
McNeill is a real orator, while no
one who has ever heard Fountain
has ever maintained Fountain could
make a speech. McNeill takes a de
finite stand on questions and pro
blems, while Fountain avoids as much
as possible taking a Stand on any
thing, unless it be the Brookings re
port, whjch died even before the 193 i
general assembly extoirCd.
Opponents of McNeill whb do not
wish to see him become a candidate,
maintain that he could not hope to
get any votes outside the eastern
counties and that he would be a com
plete flop in the Piedmont and west
ern counties, largely because he Is nek
'known there. But his friends main
tain it would not take McNeill,long to
become well known in the Piedmont
and west and that his platform, which
would be similar to the Daniels plat
form for lower taxes on land, higher
taxes Oft the corporations and the
spending of less money by county
and State governmental agencies,
wotrid be receiped With just as much
enthusiasm by the farmers and work
ing people in these sections as In the
east. They admit he would be taking
a gamble, just as “Alfalfa Bill” Mur
ray took a gamble. They also main
tain he might win, just as Murray
won, though opposed by a multi-mil
lionaire oil man. - - .
It is also pointed out that McNeill
does not come up for re-election as
solicitor for another two years, that
Octavio Stevens
Frank Stevens
The defendant, Frank Stevens, will
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been commenced in. the
Superior Court of Vance County,
North Carolina, to obtain an absolute
divorce <tn the ground* of five year
separation las allowed by Consolidated
Statutes, Section 1659. The .defend
ant trill fOttJWr take notice that he ,is
required to appear before the Clerk
of the Superior Cbflrt of Vance Coun
ty at this office l n the Court House
ift Henderson, N. m the 4lh dgy of
April, 1932, and answer or tietpuf to
the complaint in this adttMi, on fo*
plaintiff wifi apply to die court , for
the relief demanded fti the aald com*
HltlißY PERRY,
Clerk Superior Court. Vance Co.
This the 3Y4 day 6f March, 1932.
Attorney for the plaintiff.
Two Mote Records foi* U. S.
’ntings are certainly looking rosy for Uncle Sam ae he gfeefpfty
reviews bis chatacM In the forthcoming Olympics at tea
Samuel s devoted nephews are blasting world's records all oyer thfc
place in ny abandon The two young men above aria tlft latest to set
new world s marks They are Michael Pecot* <Wt), trf Brooklyn. N.
w“£at the A. A. 0. meeting tak tfadlMm 3qna*i
ln * : ? 7 1 * 6 * break a
18 Jos «Pk WcCfStefc nt FotdhaX
University, who Won the two-mile steeplechase at tte same meriting,
cracking another world’s record wide open with a math ts s
■ minutes and 46 4-5 seconds.
Conference Track Title
And Grid Game Tomorro w
Chapel Hill March 4 —Carolina holds
holds its winter sports carnival to
morrow with the Monograms meet
ing the Rookies in the final game
of winter football at 2 o’clock, and
with the ttitrd tnnnal Southern Con
ference Indoor Games to be held at
4 and 7 o’clock.
The winter grid game is packing a
big punch, for it has been announced
that Jim Magner, Ray Farris, Odell
Sapp and otheik of Carolina’s great
est stars of the past ate going to run
onde more under Monorgrcrm co'ors.
The Rookies are a tough, cocky crew
this year, and qurtte a battle is ex
pected as Coach Collins parades out
his material for next fall.
The Indoor games, a conference
championship affair, are drawing
what is one of the largest and prob
ably the finest field of track stars
ever assembled in the South.
There are 336 individuals and 44
teams entered m the four divisions.
Thirteen of them are Conference
teams, scTAppfng for the title now held
he would not have to resign, bench
has nothing to lose even if he should
not be nominated, and that the pub
licity he will get will help him, re
gardless. It looks very much as if
McNeill will run.
(Continued from Page one.)
outspoken. As a considerable propor
tion of these gentry have held assign
ments at far eastern posts, and have
studied conditions, personalities . and
peoples in that part of the world very
closely, their views are not imerrlight
That the Japanese were able to land
and maitnain a foothold at Shanghai,
and to make some gains in its vicin
ity, is not regarded as of much sig
Tn fact, it is conceded that the is
landers will be able to progress ln
defnitely if they put sufficient effort
into the task.
The question is:^
Call’ they afford the effort?
Western- experts always have con
tended that- any Body of a fejv thou
sand occidental troops could cut Its
way from the coast in any direction,
clear across China, subject only in.
their ability to transport their equip
ment and ammunition, living on the
country if necessary.
But What good (the question in
variably has betn raised) wduld that
Tt is the consensus among commen
tators on the campaign that the Jap
anese have tried to work too fast
and that they have done it thought--
Their Manchurian grab is mention
ed as having apparently been doty
considered in advance by Baron
Shtdehara, under whom, as premier,
it was undertaken. It was effected and
a Japanese-created government has
been rat up In that area, as per pro
gram. If Tokyo had stopped at that
point and given that particular ac
complishment time to solidify, all
might have been well (from the Jap
anese angle), in the Judgment of
Unluckily for the success of the
venture, as strategists interpret sub
sequent developments ,the ambitions,
militarists had been excited by the
ease of their Manchurian p’erfor
martce, tend they were determined to
“show off" still farther and win fresh
The probability that J apart esc states
manshtp looked toWAYd the Ultimate
control of Chinese ports, in order to
dominate the republic's entire export
and import trade, was suggested
While Manchurian operations Were
still pending. The idea, hoWSver, that
the seizure of Shanghai Wduld be at
tempted was dismissed as fantastic,
because of the international complica
tions which it was evident such a step
would involve. ,
Yet the militarists reeoWad Jpen
the v*ry enterprise which the. wnarat
of alarmist predictions had speclficai
by Carolina, and packing such stars of
track and other sports as “Shipwreck
Kelly from Kentucky; Don Zimmer
men, Calvert DeCollgny and Nebby
Miller, ffoih TuTarte; Sidney Bowtaan,
Stewart Gordy, iForreat Yawn, Alvin
Moreau and Gladstone Sfewart, from
L. S. U.; Bostwick, from South Caro
lina; Charlie Farmer, Lionel Weil,
and Clarence Jensen, of the hometown
Tar Heels; John Rrownlee and Henry
Fulmer, from Duke; Jim Swart V
P. I.; and Billy Lauck. Virginia.
Several of these men are national
champions or record holders. There
should be great competition when they
set out to out-do one another and set
new records, and when the many
promising youngsters light ln>jo out
step the old heads.
A special feature will be an exhi
bition by Harold Osborn. V. P. 1.,
savant, who hoMs the World outdoor
high jump record with a Teap of 6
feet 3 1-4, and who is probably the
oniyman who has ever jumped 6 feet 6
Inches at the age of 32.
ly excepted as outside reasonable ex
And it resulted more disastrously
for Japan than the strongest pro-
Chinese calculaions had contemplated.
By virtue of power contained in a
deed of trust executed by S. Overton
and SnlHe Overton, his wife on the
25th day of October 1927, and record
ed in the office of the Register of
Deeds of Vance county in book 140 at
page 446, default having been mode
ill the payment of the debt therein
secured at the request of the holder
of the same, I will sell, by pubkc auc
tion, to the highest Mdder for cash,
at the Court Houee door ln Henderson,
Vance County N. C. at 12 o'clock,
noon, on Friday, the 25th day of
March 1932 the foflowfng described
That tract of land known as the
Sankey Overton hothe place, contain
ing sixty acres more or leas and bound
ed as follows: on the North by the
lande of S. M. Blacknall (deceased)
on the East by the lands of Walter .
Perkineon, on the South by the lands
of Mrs. Mollle Put ley, and on the
West by the Seaboard Airline Rail
way, situated In KittreH Township,
Vance County.
This the 28rd day of February. 1932.
'■W. H. FINCH, Truatee.
Under and by virtue of the author
ity conferred upon us in a deed of
trust executed by W B. Partisan and
wife, Alma J. Parham on the Bth day
127 Page 177-178, we will on Satur
day the 26th day of March 1932, 12
off October 1925 and recorded In Rook
o’clock noon at <the Courthouse in
Vance county, Henderson, N. C., sell
at public auction for cash to the high
est Mdder the following lend to-wit.
Begin at a stake in the center of
Hendetson Road, corner of tracts Nos.
11 and 12, and run thence along said
Henderson road S 22 E. 500 ft. to a
stake th said Henderson roatP, thence
S. 4 E. 571 ft. to a stAke, thence N.
87 W. 1270 ft. to a stake in Setter
white’s fine; then S. 4 W. 541 feet to
a stake ln said Royster line; thence N.
87 W. 1272 ft to a stake. Hart corner;
thence N. 2.30 E. 1576 ft. to a stake
tn Hue of tract No. 18; thence S. 98
W. 2436 ft. to the s©»ni of begin
ning, containing 76.75 acres.
This sale Is made by reason of We
failure of W. B. Parham and Wife,
Alma j. Parham to pay off and dis
charge the indebtedness secured by
said deed of trurt.
A deposit of 10 per cent wHI be re
quired from the purchaser at the sale.
This the 22nd day of February. 1932.
W. G. Brambam and T. L.
Bland, receivers for First Na.
tional Company of Durham,
Inc., trustee, formerly First
National Trudt Company
Durham, N. C. * ’•
In Cage Tourney
Henderson Girls Again
Beat Franklinton Team
In Basketball Contest
Thre Henderson Mgh school girls’
tausketbal) team journeyed over to
Franklinton last night*and defeated,
for the second tfftnfe this season, the
Frahkhti county champs, the Frank
linten Mgh school girls’ basketball
team. The score of last night's game
was 28-17 for the local team. Velma
Johnson was hfrgh scorer for Hender-
White HagWOod took the Honors
for Frankhntoh.
Coach Bryaht announced that this
(Continued Imm Page One.)
attention and I am going to do every
thing within the power of this office
to see that the county accountants
or county auditors enforce this law
to the limit,” Mr. Johnson said. "The
law requires the county auditor, ac
countant or manager in each county
to audit the books of every court
in the county once each month and
require a settlement, be it the Su
perior Court, recorders court, town
ship courts or Justice of the Peace
courts. The nek school )aw also re
quires that the fines and forfeitures
collected In these courts be turned
into the school fund for maintenance
of the school plants in the county and
for capital outlay. If the money is
not turned In and accounted for as
the law requires, the counties will
have no money with which to main
tain their school plants.”
If the county officials do not com
ply with his request and enforce this
law and collect the money from the
fines and forfeitures as the law re
quires, he will ask the next general
assembly to amend the law and give
the Local Government Commission
power to enforce the law whenever
the local officials fail to enforce It
properly, Mr. Johnson said.
“I am satisfied the Local Govern
ment Commission can collect thous
ands of dollars that now never find
their way into the county school
funds, if the general assembly will
give it authority to check up the
books of the Justices of the Peace
and other courts in the counties, in
cluding the Superior Courts, when
ever the local officials fail to enforce
It properly,” Mr. Johnson said,
A county superintendent of schools
from a county in the western part of
the State was in Raleigh this week
And reported to Leßoy Martin secre
tary of the Board of Equalization,
that so faT this year not a single
Aifmission H Admission
35c of the 35c
Adults --- -- - - ■ M Adults
■■ l
adults Duly
~ f-Jj
ji•' 'v-'"- 'VB
Low Round Trip Fares to Almost Every Town in America
Over The
East Coast Stage Lines
The Short Line System
These tickets are good on all regular schedule buses.
Gall the agent for information.
’Phofre 18 Union Bus Station,
Henderson, N. C.
When planning a trip always ride the bva.
Ride De Luxe Motor Buies — The most safe and
courteous way to travel.
4 '
Is her iafct game for the season .
Last night’s game was a
header with the local town team m
mg Franklinton boys’ team i„ *
close game which ended 2-'-2-» i I y
Play off. the Henderson s
four points, while holding FWn
ton seorrie«. and took the game
22. Matthews led the Henderson tea,?
coring, while McGhee topped
Franklinton quint ln *
dollar had been utfhed into the school
fund from fines and forfeiture a)
though there were two large record
er’s courts, a large township Cl , ur|
and eight or ten justices of the
courts in the county. He said he had
asked both the counts accountant and
the county attorney to do something
about it. but that they had failed t 0
do so.
. %
“The trouble is that both the county
accountant and the county attorney
are more or less dependent upon
standing in well with the politicians
in the county, of whom the Justice*
of the Peace and the judges of the
other courts and Oetr employes are
the leaders," the superintendent said.
“As a result, I doubt If we get a
Single dollar from fines and forfeit
ures this year.
“A Justice of the Peace has had
an office in the court house near my
office for years. He pays no rent for
the office, tises electricity for which
ths county pays, as well as the heat
provided by the county. Yet he ha*
never turned in a dollar to the school
fund since I have been county .super
intendent. Yet If I get him to cry a
pafe of an old school house. I have
to Fay him. He seems to be busy all
the time. He may turn in the fines
ftnd forfeits he collects to someone.
But none of It has ever been turned
Into the school fund.’’
The guardians of the world's peace
the League of Nations feels its im
potence most when the nations bent
on war again muster their forces.
Charles Store
Men ’s Rayon | A
Rooks, pair tvV

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