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nineteenth YEAR
Japs Land 10,000 More
Crackle of Machine Gum
and Crashes of Big Guns
Audible Occassional,
ly In Region
But Japs Deny Any Serious
Fighting Since Advance
Halted Two Days Ago;
Refugees Pouring Back
Into Captured Chapei Sec
tor Fast as Permitted
'-h.ingh’.ii. March 5 <AP)—Ap
|,ri>xlniAl«*ly 10,000 additional Jap
jfiv troops were landed in the
Mianchai urea today and the
ruckle <>f machine nun* and oc
casions! crashes of heavy artillery
(ire -.till resounded over the coun
iruidr between Kiangwan and
the hunks of the Yan[tu
Army units totalling A'>oo men were
i'nded at Liuho, on the southern bank
of the Yangtze, and 2,000 more were
put ashore at Woosung. It was un
derstood that bluejackets who have
been on duty in thea*- areas were re
timing to their ships.
Japanese military and naval autho.
rt es continued ;o maintain there has
tKen no serious fighting since the
Japanese advance was halted two days
h*r» n irip - through the K.kmgr i
van and Wooeung areas today sup
port- J Chinese claims that there has
Vet considerable akirmiahing along
the BOithweat sector.
Usnflre was heard frequently and a
yriudron of Japanese planes roared
overhead In the direction of the Yatvg
Th- rru-;h of returning refugees in
to Chapei continued dunng the day
i nrw di.-itrirts were opened, but un
re tru-trd return will not be pei-miUed
unt.l all bodies have been removed
Jepenese authorities -aid.
State Division of Personnel
To Make Inquiry of
Scales of Pay
lUrtu iMaamm Hitrea
In «hr «lr \» »«f.r t|..trl.
n» » r. niDHUtvii.i,
Raleigh. March 5.- What ia the cost
of government i nthe 100 counties and
■*9s incorporated cities and towns of
North Carolina? What portion of the
total amount of taxes collected in the
•"'•unties and towns is paid back to
office holders"' Are the salaries paid
to county and city officials in line
*ith salaries paid by the Htate and
h\ business generally, or are they
higher than in other lines of en
The Division of Personnel is al
rendy starting to g etlhe facts with
v'hieh to answer these questions. In
(•'•cordance wit hthe law enacted by
*he 1931 Qaheral Assembly which dl
rf'*ta that the Division of Personnel
shall make a study of the salaries
Paid in the counties, cities and towns
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Three Convicts Escape
Camp At Cary, Including
Joe Swindell, Long-Timer
Raleigh. March 5.- (AP>— Three
R, a»e prisoners gol away from the
Caiy prison camp last night, and ear
lV loday stole a car belonging to J.
r ilarriin and made their escape after
one of them had tried to persuade
R T. Melvin, of Whie Oak road, to
S*ve them some clothes.
The escapes were:
Joe Swindell. Pasquotank county,
sentenced in February. 1928, to serve
22 1-2 to 30 years for abusing ft girl
under 16.
Bill Saunders, sentenced in Rowan
county in May. 1880 ,to serve five
ten yeans for breaking and enter
Heniiersmt DatUt Biauatrh
r ««^socSnip VSSn 9
Kidnaped Boy
In Niles, Ohio,
Is Recovered
Youngstown. Ohio. March 5 <AP>
.Jamo» DeJute, Jr . 11-ycar-old Niles
Ohio, boy who wits kidnaped while
on bis way to school early Tuesday
morning, was recovered this morn
in": In a house about eight nuies from
Niles Two men. who police said they
thought were th> kidnapers, were cap
tured by she posse of six officers.
The boy was found in a secret tun
nel at an alleged gambling resort-neai
Youngstown. •
wag recroveged.by a party
of officers beaded by W. J. Harrison.
Mahoning county detective, who acted
on a tip. The posse stormed the place
and found the hid being held by twe
"r he men were booked at the coun
ty jail in warrants as John J. Marco
3f>. and Dowell Hargroves. 27. both
of Youngstown
The men were seized and taken tc
the Trumbull county jail at Warren
i. 0. W' GRAVELY, Os
Prominent Tobacco Buyer
and Exporter Stricken on
Way to Office
R>>cky Mount. March 5 (API—J.
n W. Gravely, head of the China-Ame
rican Tobacco Company here, and for
to yens a leader in the industrial life
of this section, died suddenly here
Death came unexpectedly. He ap
parently wav in good health and start
ed for his office this morning, but
suffered a stroke en route and died
in his automobile.
Gravely was she father of Stole
Senator L. L. Gravely. Also sur
viving are his widow two other sons,
Page I< and J O. W. Gravely. Jr,
and a daughter. Mrs. Kenly McGee.
Mr. Gravely was 70 years old. As
soon as he was stricken, chauf
feur started for a hospital, but before
it was reached, he was dead.
The China-American Tobacco Com
pany. organized by Gravely, is a large
buyer of Eastern North Carolina to
bacco. and maintains several foreign
selling depots.
J. O. W. Gravely, Jr., Is now In
Shanghai, China, in connection with
the company’s business.
James Sedgewick, sentenced In
March. 1930. in Transylvania county,
to serve six to eight yearn for as
sault with a deadly weapon.
One of the convicts who was clad in
overalls knocked on the door of the
Melvin home early this morning, and,
when Mr- Melvin answered, asked him
for clothes. Mr. Melvin convinced the
convict that all of his clothes save the
pair of trousers he had on were at
the cleaners, and the felons left. Mel
vin communicated with the police,
but by the time they arrived at his
home the men had taken the Hardin,
car .which was parked in the street,
and had left.
Martha Ford, 10, Taken
From School Friday and
Was Held Captive 24
Hours By Man
Unable To Give Officers
Any Information; Identi
fied by Woman In Front of
Latter's Home by Descrip
tions In Newspapers and
on Radio
Columbus. Ohrio, March 5 (AP)
Ten-year-old Martha Ford. who dis
appeared from school here ait noon
Friday, eluded a man who had kid
naped her and held her for 24 hours.,
police reported today. The child, suf
fering from the effects of an attempts
td attack, was found on the west side
ihortly before noon.
The child told police she wars lured
from school by a man and held by him
for 24 hours. She could give no de
tails and police removed her to a
She was in a dazfi condition and
suffering fro mexposure. Miss Eliza
beth Moe. recognized the child from
description* broadcast by radio and
the newspapers. She met Martha
an the sidewalk in. front of her tome.
The child was in a dazed condition,
and Miss Moe took her into the house
and summoned poliae.
Doctors said that, while the child
was unharmed, an attempt had been
made to assault her.
Willi* Smith May Follow
Suit; McNeill Decision
Ditllf IMacntrk l)lrr»t.
In tfc«' *lr Walter lintel,
«*▼ j. r. iu«kkmhii.
Raleigh. March f>. —General Albert
L. Cox. of Raleigh, is expected to
decide this afternoon or tonight not
to become a candidate for the Demo
cratic nomination for Governor. Mon
day or Tuesday Willis Smith who was
Speaker of the House in the 1931 Gen
eral Assembly, is expected to reach
a similar decision and to announce
that he will not be a candidate. What
decision will be reached by Tom Mc-
Neill, of TiUmberton .the third re
maining potential candidate and re
garded by many as being much more
likely to get into the campaign than
either Cox or Smith, is much more
prob’ematical. It is believed that Mc-
Neill will probably sit tight until both
Cox and Smith announce what they
are going to do.
A week ago it was regarded in po
litical circles here as virtually cer
tain that Cox would become a can
didate for governor. At an American
Legion meeting In Winston-Salem
Monday Cox told at least one man, if
not several others, that he intended to
announce his candidacy this week.
Then came the meeting of the State
Democratic Executive Committee here
Tuesday. Cox circulated among the
members, as did several of his friends,
sounding out sentiment. He received
a very cool if not a frigid reception.
His friends were told by many that
it was too late for Cox to get Into
the race, that too many were already
pledged to the other candidates and
that Cox could not be nominated if he
did become a candidate. That night
Cox had a conference with Senator
Joetah William Bailey. What was dis
cussed in that conference Is not
known. But ever since Tuesday night,
fewer and fewer here are believing
Cox will get into the race.
Washington, March S.—(API Mrs.
ary Mooney, mother of Thomas J.
Mooney, who was convicted of the
San Francisco preparedness day
bombing in 1916, made en uosuccaas
ful appeal to President Hoover today
in behalf of her son’s release from
the penitentiary In California.
Troops In China, 4s Skirmishes Continue
Baby Lidbergh, As He Looks Today
’ .
' | . -.iill.l 1 1.. - ... {
ft jagjjggßgss
I H j?? Pi "iM* -4*
mBsMT ffi if .
Mr - jw . jk -.•-'wß ’*^o^
K m" lilS *«BWk
- jHHjp
,31 ?
These are two unusually good pic- I
lures, taken recently, of Charles A. I
Lindbergh, Jr., kidnaped son of I
“Pay the Kidnaper*"
■MM to to.l •••<£'!
c s
“Whether it’s a million dollars or
$50,000, the Lindberghs should
pay whatever the kidnapers de
mand for the return of the*
baby.” That was the advice es
Pat Crowe, reformed convict, who
blazed Into the limelight in 1900
when he led in the kidnap
ing of Edward Cudahy, son of the
wealth/Omaha meat packer. Now
in Scranton, Pa., Crowe said,
“Lynch the kidnapers, burn them
or quarter them—but get ths
baby back first.”
Washington, March 5.—(AF)—
The House Ways and Means Com
mittee agreed today by a vote of
15 to 9 to impose an excise tax
of one cent a gallon on petroleum
Rain tonight and possibly Sun
day morning, changing to snow
flurries In extreme west portion;
warmer In extreme east and cold
er in west portion tonight; much
odder Sunday and Sunday night.
I the World renowned, flyer The i
large photo sdiows him In a happy
I mood as he aits In his high chair |
Expecting Early Return
Os The Lindbergh Infant
Officials Hold Conference;
Girl 4 * Suitor I* Further
Trenton, N J , March 5 <AP> Aftet
conferring with police officials of ten
States and the Federal government
Governor A Harry Moore announced
tod’iy that it was expected tihe kid
raped Lindbergh baby would soon bi
restored to its parents unharmed.
Governor Moorr said it was the gen
eral opinion of the assembled Pollc*
far as Chicago, that the kidnaping
who came to the conference from as
was the work of amateurs and they
would soon realize their only chance
of Cudape was to place the bnby in
some safe place and notify the au
thor ities. ,
Hartford. Conn., March 5 <<AP>—
Henry (Red) J'ol‘4nrx>n. Englewood
last nigM for ques
tioning in connection with the Lind
bergh baby kidnaping was brought
before county authorities shortly be
fore noon today for a renewed grill
ing. Dozens of questions were put
to the sailor by the State attorney
and county detectives who became
noted for their prosecution of Gerald
W. Chapman, who was hanged for the
slaying of a New Britain policeman.
Secretary Hyde
Strikes Back at
Robinson Attack
Washington. March 5. —<AP) —Sec-
retary Hyde today called the 8132,-
000,000 highway construction measure
approved by the Democratic House,
"pork barrel” legislation in reply to
a charge In the Senate by Democratic
Leader Robinson of Arkansas that
he was misusing public funds.
Washington. March s.—(AP)—ln a
scorching attack from Saaator Rob
inson, of Arkansas, Secretary Hyde
again has been put on the Demo
cratic griddle, charged this Unto", wkh
misuse of public money. X"
™ BUSH /x D c K S?^ff.“ ,roo "
|on tho law of the
estate near Hopewell. N. J, Inset,
I a' he appeared two weeks ago.
Mrs. Donald Widenhouse
Says She Shot Her Hu*,
band In Self Defense
Had Whipped Her Twice and Was At
tempting It Third Time When She
Fired, According to Story
Told Officers
Concord. March 5. (AP) Donald
Widenhoube. 30, was shot and killed
by his wife at their home In this
"ounty today when, she told police,
he attempted to beat her.
Mrs. Widenhouse said her husband
had beaten her twice and that he
was preparing to attack her a third
time when she fired. The wounded
man was taken to a Charlotte hos
pital. where he died from pistol
wounds in the chest.
Officers investigating the shooting
were told hy Mrs. Widenhouse that
her husband "came home about 4.
o'clock this morning and began beatr
ing me."
-Mrs. Widenhouse said the attack
took place at their home. She told
officers her Ivisb&nd started after lier
a third time, and that she ran from
the house, first procuring a pistol.
As he shot from the back porch, she
related, the fatal shot was fire<L Mrs.
Widenhouse said the fatal shooting
took place between 8 and 9 o'clock
this morning.
Hull. Mass., March g.—(AP>—An un
identified fishing vessel canght fire
off here today and was apparently a
total loss. O. H. Reemy, keeper of tbe
Graves lifehouse, who summoned the
coast guard, said he. the
crew take to the. boats, 1 row sway
and later were picked up by another
Reemy s;ud there was no evidence
of an explosion, but from his point of
observation the vessel was several
miles away.
Official* of Ten States Meet
Hoover Agent In Trenton
To Plan Hunt For
Rooming House In New
York Where Nurses Sweet
heart Lived, Is Searched;
Suspicious Letters and
Autos Scanned; Fear Mrs.
Lindbergh Will Collapse
Hopewell, J., March 6.
YAP)— I The Lindbergh baby, stolen
from lt» crib laxt Tuesday night,
still was miit ting today, and the
kidnapers h».d not yet broken
theii ominous silence.
Officials of ten states gathered in
Trenton with, a representative of-the
government dseigned by President
Hoover himisclf to arrange details oC
a concerted campaign to restore the
baby to its farmous flying parents.
At Hartford, Conn., Henry (Red)
Johnson, * suitor of Betty Dow, the
missing hmby’s nurse, was held for
New Jersey State police, who had
**mninfKl Miss Dow at length and ex
onerated her of any connection with
the kidnaping, announced they were
not i interested in Johnson. They said
he wwa being detained at the rajunt
of the chief of police at Englewood,
N. J., for reasons unknown to them.
New York City police, howiever,
searched a rooming house which had
been Johns'i home and where hie
brother sun lives. The brother eaid
Johnson was deeply In love with Mtie
■Dow. An Englewood landlady said
that Johnson had beetn in her room
ing house Tuesday night when the
baby waß stolen, bug she could not
remember if he had "been In ail divert
An automobile (containing three
men and a baby for which New Eng
land police were r earching, stopped
at Weatherfield, Ff ass., and changed
license plates.
A letter mailed, from Hartford to
Mrs. Lindbergh Was not intercepted
by police, and tjiey said today that
they knew nothing of its contents.
A rumor »p» iad today that Miss
Dow "had confessed" but this was
officially denie J at the governor’s of
fice in Trentr ji, and State police
reiterated ths f they had completely
exonerated he i\
The Engle' rood chief of police and
a sergeant w i» n t to Hartford to aaslst
in the quest toning of Johnson. A de
tective ther > said he believed the in
formation ' teould "crack" the case.
New Yo-rU state Police sought a
radio station which broadcast a gen
eral call, 'saying:
"Lindbfjgh baby safe."
A Chi.- ago man signed a sworn
statement giving a Niagara Falls, N.
Y., add c ?ss where he said the baby
was h«.'id. No such address can be
The mother of the 11-year-old boy
kidiu.T.ed at Niies. Ohio, a few hour
after the Lindbergh baby was taken
sent a message of sympathy and hope
to Mrs. Lindbergh.
T'nysicians warned that Mrs. Lind
bergth might suffer a breakdown un
less she gets some sleep.
Miss Betty Dow cabled to her moth
er in Glasgow, Scotland, to ask her
to "cheer up."
Raleigh. March B.—Whooping ccugh
and measles continue to be the two
most prevalent communicable dis
eases in the State, according to the
reports being received by the 3 tate
Board of Health. During the past
week 344 new cases of whoa ping
cough and 294 new cases of met isles
were reported to the division of ept •
demiology by physicans over the
State. In the same week in 1931, onl;
94 new cases of whoos|ng cough i wer
reported as cbtnpared with 344 -case
reported last week. The week pj*
vious 353 new cases were repo rtec
The number of cases of measWx > rt
ported is considerably leas th|ii yl<
number reported for the same \& sell
last year, however.
Only 21 cases of dlphtberl* 17 j*f
scarlet fever, 14 of pellagra, 4 of typ
hoid fever and 5 of smallpak a mm
reported to the Board of Health last,
week. Chlckenpox ranked third in the
number of cases repored, with 143 for
last week and 168 for tbe week . be
fore. Two cases of meningitis \Wre

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