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Coldest Weather
Os Winter Grips
Carolina Region
Mew Low Record for March 1
Set In Many Places
Where Weather Sta
tions Are Located
thermometer hits
Continued Freezing Weath
er Predicted for Tonight;
Extreme Cold Extends
Over Two States, Though
Not So Severe in the Coast,
al Sections
(By The Associated Press)
The coldest weather of the
winter came to the Carolinas ;
early today.
In m.kit cities wiicre lmice] Stair.-
• rather observatories are maintained,
the cold ret a new low record for
March and in others the low way
w.ihin a few points of the record.
Continuous freezing weather way pre- i
dieted for tonight.
The thermometer at the airport at !
Charlotte dropped to 15 degrees at I
8 30 am., and had risen only to 20
bv mid-mqrning. At Asheville the mer
cury went to 10.
Raleigh's low for the night wa.s 10.3
icgreea, within 1 of a degree of the
lowest temperature ever recorded
there in March. It rose to 22 by the
middle of Ihe morning.
Tlir extreme cold extended over ihc
teru section i‘l ths tjfp jftatga. but
not so severe on the coast, Golds-
Kiroa low wu 17. The low at Wil
mington of 20.9 degrees was one
ter.th of a degree below Ihe previous
tfronl for this date in March.
low 'land Flooded
By Rising Rivers;
Damage Is Light
luicigli. March 10.—<Al')—The
lliimniltr, .Venose and Cape Fear
ruers t ontiiiued in flood lowlands
»f l«|i>rn roiinilei Uwlav. but
•In'tuigr was slight, lxx* A. l»en-
v 'ii. United sla tew Weather Ru
riMii director here, said.
Th*- Cape Fear created al 31
»t ElliaMMown today, about
•■i;ht nu ( „/ || g banks, and the
Neijse was falling at Kmithflrid,
'here It reached 17.9 feet yester
•la> to gi, over tlw usual borders.
I he Koanoke reached a depth of
II feet at Weldon thin morning,
ami at a stand, being expect
hl *•' start failing during the day,
Mr. Denson said. It was 11 feet
not of ip, hanks.
Mashing ton. March 18, — (Al*)—
' r, "»C Chairman Crisp of the
ll"iive Ways and Means C'oinniit
,*r. I«kl the House today he be-
Hexed the proposed amendment to
'**•' lax Nil to levy a tax on beer
"as germane and that he hoped
I* WHibl lie so ruled to permit a
'“l*. He added he did not believe
in'* I louse would approve the levy.
w hieh proposes that 2.73 beer
"onhl Im< allowed.
Two Smashing Victories
Spur Roosevelt Candidacy
New York Governor Win* New Hampshire and Minne
sota from Alfred C. Smith, and Moictfe on Toward
Further Victories In Fight For Delegates
Waohlngton- March t#.—(AP)—
T,v " Kuccrmlvc vMcrtn »purred
(lie campaign «f Gorprnor
1 ran Klin l>. Roosevelt for the
Democratic presidential nomina
*>n lop of his popular victory for
‘ cw Hampshire'*? eight convention
Roosevelt obtained yesterday
iMmeaoias 24. Hi* managers turned
'iHir eyes immediately further west
f,j r a drive to obtain In next week's
primary North Dakota's ten votes, for
''lnch Governor Murray, of Oklahoma,
h campaigned In person. As the first
between Roosevelt and Murray,
'csults of that primary are regarded
* maliy as important as the thorough
*. i.ig victory over the Alfred E. Smith
iriegaiion in New Hamshire.
The Roosevelt supporters are work
_ - - > * • * ' » T ' • •-~ ''■ < * fc,.
Hrnjicrsmt Dailu oiauatrh
or «gvj cm
Only Four Held
In Ford Rioting
Ib-lrolt. Mich . March 10 (AF>—
All toil four of the 48 persons ar
rested In connection with the riot
at tin* Ford Motor Company plant
Monday were releas'd today on or
ders of the prosecutors and nivesti
Reforc lieing released, they were
served with subpoenas lo appear
lieforr the Wayne county grand
Jury which next Monday will start
an investigation of the riot.
Raleigh Thinks Robeson So.
licitor Will Fqllow Others
Out of Race
Admits 110 Would Like To Be Gover
nor, and Obt-ervcre Read Between
The Lines In That Part of
Ills Statement
Dolly Ulopnlrfe Uorroo,
fa Ikt Sir WaNor Hotel.
•«v x. &, sttanufibb
Raleigh. March 10.— The derision by
vVillis Smith of Raleigh not to become
a candidate for the Democratic nom
inal ion for Governor "at this time”
now leaves Solicitor Tom McNeill of
Lumhrrlon. us tlre only remaining po
tential candidate for governor still in
tlie field. One by one, all the other
would be candidates whose friends
maintained they "were sure to run"
have voluntarily decided dot to mil.
Now. as much an it ii conceded that
McNeill would like to run. the bulk
of the opinion here is that he will fol
low the lead of the five others who
decided the call was not loud and in
sistent enough to warrant their get
ting into the campaign, and decide to
stick to his job as Solicitor. A few,
however, continue to maintain that
McNeill will run and that he will be
come u very formidable candidate be
fore the campaign is over.
The decision by five of the six “po
tential candidates" that have been
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route Flections Committee Decides
Contest in Favor of Stanley IT.
Kunz After Recount
Washington. March 19.—(Al’) —
The House Flections Committee
decided today that Stanley H.
Kunz, Democrat, Is entitled to re
present the eighth Illinois district
In the House of Representative*.
It agreed that an eventual re
count showed he waa entitled to
elecUon instead of Peter C.
Granata, Republican, Incumbent.
The Democrats contended bal
lots had been changed and asked
for the recount.
ing hard to consolidate this New Eng
land lead, going aggressively after the
big Massachusetts delegation.
So much of the State’s organization
is for Smith that a real struggle is in
sight. Yesterday Mayor James M.
Curley, of Boston, sought withdrawal
of Smith's sanction of the delegation
making the race for him, but the 1938
nominee replied he considered his
consent in line with his original an
nouncement that he would not seek
the nomination, but would take it
if the party called him. Curley hailed
this as good news for Roosevelt.
In California a State of Smith dele
gates was announced, and selection of
one favoring the nomination of John
N. Garner was to be put into the
field today. A Roosevelt delegation
was named earlier.
Police Repel Rioters At Ford Plant
Thla unusual photo waa snapped
outside the Ford River Rouge plant
nor Detroit. Mich., as 3.000 unem
ployed said to be led by Communist
Gathering outside the gates of the |
River Rouge plant of the Ford Motor
company Cite sc men formed a mob of [
Japan Ready To Discuss
Peace, She Informs China
Shanghai, March IW.—(AP)
Five United State* destroyers left
here today as the result of the
improvement in the Chlno-Japan
ese situation.
Shanghai, March 10,—(AP)—
Marmom Shigemitsu, Japanese
minister, today notified Chinese
authorities that Japanese civil and
military' officials were ready to
enter into negotiations for peace
Senator Optimistic While In
Raleigh For Speeches In
Hall? Utspatrfc ■areas.
Is ike Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh. March 10. -Senator Cam
eron Morrison is not letting any grass
grow under his feet and is making
use of every opportunity to strengthen
bis lines here in the State, looking
forward to the forthcoming June pri
mary In which he Is seeking renomin
ation for his seat In the senate, op
posed by three candidates—Robert R.
Reynolds of Asheville. Frank. D. Grist
of Raleigh and Tam C. Bowie of West
Jefferson. Ashe county.
Senator Morrison spent the entire
day yealerday in ICaleigh conferring
with friends and supporters, en route
to Durham, where he addressed the
State convention of the Daughters of
the American Revolution last night.
He appeared to be encouraged by the
reports he received from those he
talked wtih and was not in the least
worried. He indicated, however, that
he is taking nothing for granted and
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t?-(fIWP B MIMI • -<W:s:Y »«.
rX4I - >*-
■ Ko Wj;:JK
K I .• • f 4 ,
M t• ii|. p .
Sr I\ • tJte H
£l' A # J
J^ -- * '> • '■XC X & : - •: :X '-^V\k ■ *tV3Br HIW ; W • »XK».OByxjglßg:?:. .
5* vHEti z A
bQHri ■ ?• ■-■^^ : - t ,-4 A a jMai
r g7ih, t— ~ - f i. ■
demonstrators, engaged In a battle of ,
bullets, clubs and with Ford's
private police and in Which four men
were killed and 40 Injured, he po- J
| 3,000 unemployed that clashed with
company police who sought to break
lup the demonstration. Four men
in accordance with the resolution
which the League of Nations. A
ssembly adopted March 4.
"There is reason to entertain some
anxiety concerning the situation at
the front," a note presented by the
minister, "and we consider it a matter
of urgent necessity to reach a ne
ftnite agreement for cessation of hos
tilities forwith. Then, we may discuss
and determine arrangements for a
withdrawal of Japanese troops.
"Japanese authorities have presum
ed all along that the Japanese al-
League Backs Up
U. S. Stand Toward
Invasion of Japs
Geneva, March I®.—(AP>—A re
solution affirming that the League
of Nations Assembly cannot recog
nize any treaty or any agreement
obtained by means contrary to the
league covenant was adopted to
day by the Assembly's drafting
The resolution was circulated
among the delegates with a view
to discussion before the Assem
bly’s general committee tomorrow.
It would place the League’s su
preme organ In the same attitude
toward Japanese occupation of
as was taken by the United States
In Secretary 8 Urn son’s note of
January 7.
Generally fair and continued
gold tonight and Friday.
For 24-hour period ending at
noon today: Highestest tempera
ture, 45; lowest, IB; no rain; north
west wind; partly cloudy.
lice can be seen driving back the dem
onstrators with tear gas bombs. Ase
the gas cleared away the crowd rustl
ed the gates.
I were killed and 10 injured In the bat
j tie. his photo was snapped as the
j crowd gathered. The plant car. be
| seen in the background.
titude on this matter was understood
by the Chinese. Failing to hear any
thing from the Chinese, however,
since the League's resolution was
passed, the Japanese authorities wish
to make clear beyond all doubt their
readiness to negotiate along the lines
laid down by the League resolution.”
Japanese official sources announced
this afternoon that 532 Japanese were
killed and 2,072 wounded from the
beginning of the hostilities here on
the night of January 28 until March
State Commission Authoriz
es Hood To Do That To
Obtain Loans
Raleigh. March 10.— (API— The
State Advisory Banking Commission
today authorized Commissldher of
Banks Gurney P. Hood to pledge as
sets of closed banks for loans from
the Reconstruction Finance Corpora
Loam* would be uued to pay off the
depositors and creditors of closed
State banks.
Commissioner Hood said that plans
are under way to secure loans from
the Reconstruction Finance Corpora
tion for all closed State banks, which
the commissioner thlnks are in con
dition to effect the loans.
Lawrencetmrg < Term, March It.
< AP)—A sawmill boiler located,
five miles west of here expiated
today. kllUng three persons In
stantly and seriously InJuithgi
three other*. *
8H«P w | rnntT^ i Ai>Timi» oo| i
Neither At Home
Nor On Way, Says
Police Statement
Mayor of Boston
Accused by Smith
New York, March Ift (API-
Former Governor Alfred K. Smith
today accused Mayor James Cur
ley of Boston of “trying to put me
in a false light with tny friends In
Repljlng to a seceond telegram
from Curley. In which the latter
again urged that Smith’s name be
I withdrawn from the Massachu
setts priaaary, the former governor
“The printing of our telegraphic
correspondents In the newspapers
indicates to me that you are try
ing to put meins false light with
any friends In Massachusetts.**
Offered by Committee In
Lieu of Shies Tax If That
Is Rejected
Automobiles, Gasoline, Radio and
Household Utility Services Would
'Mhdrtida' tteflw
posed Hparn
Washington March 10—< Al*) A
program calling tor 'heavy excise tax
es* on several big Industries waa of
fered as an alternative to the House
today ip the eveht it declined to favoi
or the 2.25 manufacturers' sales tax
program of the Way:; and Mean.. Com
Acting Ohainhan Crisp said tire
committee believed the sale, tax the
most just, bust that if p, along with
the levies to return 1675,000,000, were
defeated, the HUise could adopt the
Troamily program
It dpi Is for heavy taxes on totoaoco,
automobiles, gasoline, radios, phono
graphs, electricity, household ga« god
taxes on bank checks, real estate trans
fers and Increasing first class postage.
Raleigh Insurance Company Takes
Over High Point Company,
Tratufering U Raleigh
Raleigh. March 10^(AP) —Laurence
K. Lee. president of the Occidental
Life Insurance Company of Raleigh,
today announced the merger of thq
Colonial Life Insurance Company t>f
High Point with the Occidental.
The combined companies will op
erate under the name of the Periden
tal Life Insurahce Company with Mr.
Lee as president.
Norfolk, Va.. March I(X—(API—The
Coast Guard, busy since Monday re
scuing oommerrial vessels In distress
as a result of the storm which swept
the Atlantic seaboard, is now out to
save its own.
The C. G.-218, Coast Guard patrol
boat, with seven men aboard, has
been missing since Monday afternoon.
It was reported today.
Girl Drowns As School Bus
Plunges Into 4-Foot Creek
Lodged With 40 Children As It Goes Into Deop Water
Near Wadesboro; Children Scuffling Fall Agajmt
Driwer, Making Him Lose Control of Car
Wadeabom, karcb 10.—(AP)t-A bus
loaded with 4b school children over
turned into a creek near beta today,
killing one of them and injuring a
dozen others.
Pearl Betts, 20, was killed. None
of tl»e others, yraa injurea seriously.
Wilson Jones, 10, driver of the- baa
said several of the children were
scuffling and fell against his shoulder,
causing him to lose control of tin
bus. • <
' Tfcfc water In the creek was four
Quick Replies Made To
Questions Submitted by
Newspaper Men At
Lindbergh Home
R<4vts Had It That Infant
Had Been Found Fire
Miles From Its Parents'
Home, Also That It Was
Being Returned on Train
From Chicago
Plymouth, England, March IS—
(APT—Polled searched the liner
Isle de France this afternoon on
the possibility that the Lindbergh
child might be aboard. They
found nine babies, but all of them
were satisfactorily Identified.
Hopewell, N. J., March 10,—(AP)
—Police at the Lindbergh home
announced today that they knew
nothing of a rumor that the Lind
bergh hoby had been found In
Hopewell, N. J., March 10
(AP)— Rumors that the kid
naped Lindbergh baby bad
had been found within fire
miles of this village, or that
the child was being brought
htfi on a tram from Oh&oago
were denied from the tkuL
bergh home today.
In accordance with the procedure
established by police, the press sub
mitted a list of questions about the
case shortly after 8 o’clock,
It has been customary for police
confer on the questions about i
hour, in some instances showing the
to the Lindberghs. Thip morning, ho«
ever, two of the questions were v
swered immediately.
The first was:/
“Has baby/'been found five
from Hopeenli?" .
The pollute answered:
The other questions read:
“Is baby being returned now on
train from Chlcagb?”
“We have no knowledge of It,* po
lice reported.
An hour aad a half after the ques
tions were Submitted, answers were
tlephoned out from the Lindbergh
hoqse. As'lde from the two answers
sutler, the questions and answtrs In
“I* Golonel Lindbergh on the v*rgt
of x nervous collapse 7"
-• *‘No.”
“Has the baby been returned?"
"Is there any i Indication that baby
is alive or when it will be returned?"
"The question previously answwwd."
(The police answer to this has been
Wake f orest, March 10.—(AP) —Dr.
Joseph T7. Bloodgood, of Babtmore
noted iyiternationally for his work ir
cancer research .asserted Here today
cancgr today are surgery or irradia
tion. with X-rays or radium.'*
• /peaking to the medical students of
W*ake Forest College and vlsltgng phy
ftdeians. Dr. Bloodgood treat
ment and prevention of canc|er.
oi five feet deep, and the bop frwdxt
la ft upside down. The aitildren dived
' through the but' windows to escape
the icy water.
The bus was taking the children to
Peachland school.
R. W. Alien, iuperintdndent of the
school, who went to tfre scene daid
he believed Mich .Betts -was unable to
escape from the bus because she was
trampled under the feet of the other
occupant* as they struggled to "“fc*
their'Way f:•.m the vehicle.

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