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Palin Sunday Music Will
Be Offered At Churches
Os Henderson Tomorrow
Jte,jvil It Firet Methoditt Church to Continue Nest
W'ck. Dfcon. To Be Installed at First Baptist;
Visitor at First Presbyterian Churrh
Sunday. the pre-Baster Sab-
I will bo observed m Henderson
I (ttn-iro tomorrow The observance
I** in ,he lurniatoed by tiie
I and :n r*>me ca;*es in the »er-
I by the vurkwa. pastors. Eia-
I **»:. musical programs have been
I by *>me of the churches.
I v* the public ia aaa-ured of lmerewt-
I t ~d hofpful services wherever the
I t*>h;p hour * be spent.
jbc revival meeting which has been
I a prc*r«*- at the First Mrttvodkft
I *«vh during the past week will be
I o'er the week-end and
I the coming week until Easter
I How To Get Into Kingdom
of God Was Theme On
Friday Evening
I jwvices will be hold this evening
■ she usual 7:30 o’clock hour in the
I rmval meeting in progress at the
ft lint Methodist church, it was an-
I touncrd today by the pastor. Rev. D.
I E Earnhardt, who Is doing the preach
■ ins The subject of the sermon will
I M. "An Eternal Sin. or Sin Without
I Pnrdon Thoughts in the discussion
I will include these: Is there such a
I thing as spiritual suicide? Who has
I namitled it? How is it committed?
I lader what circumstances is it com
aitted. How does a man feel after he
has entered into this unpardonable
The subject of the sermon Friday
tveoing was "The Kingdom of God
u>d How To Get Into It.” The pastor
Mid in part:
•Jesus did not argue for men to
prepare for a bieet abode beyond the
ikies but for them to prepare them
tetves as the abiding place of the
Bptnt of God. The Kingdom of God
b not behind the moon but within the
heart* of God's people. Wherever a
heart beats true to God there is God's
Kiardom. The fruits of grace grow in
the hearts of good men and that is
the field that God is interested in
"Jesus said that the way to enter
Into the Kingdom and have the King
dom enter into you is to repent and
believe the Gospel. The only thing
•hat is separating people from God
u their iniquities. When a man gets
nd of his devilment, including bad
habits and prejudiced attitudes he is
. already walking with God. This re
pentance carries with it confession of
the particular sin which is being re
pented of. a resolution of amendment,
hnd a decision to repay what has
**fn taken frond others. If a man
br, ng> his gift to the altar and there
remembers that his brother has aught
»«ain.'t him let him go and be re
conciled to his brother and then come
»nd offer his gift. If that reconcilia
tion means an apology then make it.
If it means paying back shat you
b<*ve stolen then pay it back with in
terest. If it means repairing a char
acter that you have damaged then
make whatever atonement is possible
*nl ■‘how a willing mind for the rest.
All God wants us to do is to come
f| ean and walk straight. He will walk
with us if we will do that but If we
®URzer when we walk or if we take a
circuitous route then we depart from
God f..r that is not the way he goes."
Koval AmbsMMdon To Meet.
The Royal Ambassadors of the First
Baptist church will meet with E. V.
Bunn Jr., on Zene street Monday aft
*rno°n at 4 o'clock, it was announced
Two Good Tenants With
Force to Cultivate
Two Horse Crop Each.
Apply to
Henderson Loan &
Real Estate Co.
AL. B. WESTER, Secy;, and Trea*.
day. a week hence. The pastor. Rev.
B E. Earnhardt Is doing tbe preach
ing in the evening, with the pastors
of other churches preaching at the
9:30 a. m. services.
At the First Baptist ohurch three
new deacons who were elected by the
congregation on last Sunday will be
installed with appropriate exercises.
A visitor is to be heard at the First
Presbyterian church in the person of
L S. Dixon, of Durham.
Interesting services have also been
announced for the other churches of
the city, to all of which the public is
Palm Sunday Program Ar
ranged for Morning and
Evening Services
A special musical program has been
arranged at the First Baptist church
for both morning and evening ser
vices tomorrow, which will be ob
served as Palm Sunday. The program,
Organ Prelude. The Palms, Faurc.
Doxology and Invocation.
Response by the choir. “Hosanna!
Loud Hosanna! tbe little children
Hymn No. 107. “All Glory Land and
Honor." Smart,
Anthem: Jerusalem. Ranter.
Soloist Wm. B. Harrison.
Scripture Reading. Matt. 21. 1 to 22.
Offertory Solo. “Ride On! Ride On!”
by Scott, Soloist Wm. B. Harrison.
Hymn No. 138. At the Name of
Jesus, Prothero.
Sermon: “Who Is This?" Dr. Ellis.
Hymn No. 140: Hail! Thou Once
Despised Jesus. Barnby.
Organ Postlude. “Fling Wide the
Gates." Stainer.
Miss Neliene Perry will sing as an
offertory solo. “There Is a Green Hill
Far Away.” by Gounod.
The Rev. Lonnie B. Reavis. pastor
of the South Henderson Baptist
church, will preach.
Cnrlnne Parker Society To Meet.
The Corinne Parker Missionary So
ciety of the First Baptist church will
holds its meeting Monday afternoon,
at 3:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs.
W. R. Trogden on Young street, with
Mrs. Trogden. Mrs. H. A. Ellis. Mrs.
L E. Cansler and Mrs. J. S. Gardner
as hostesses.
Y. W. A. To Meet.
The regular meeting of the Y. W. A_
of the First Baptist will be held in
the Junior department Monday even
ing at 8 o'clock it was announced by
Mrs. E. A. Latta, the leader. An at
tractive program has been planned
and all members are urged to be pre
Washington. March 19. (API-Fur
ther decline in tax recipts from 1931
incomes were shown today at the
The statement for March 17. the
third day of collections, showed re
ceipts for that day of 124,289,074, as
compared with $44,178,143 on the com
parative date a year ago.
JlWkts Doing Churches
Rav. I. w. Hughes, rector.
Palm Sunday.
7:30 a. m. Holy Communion.
9:45 a. m. Church School.
10 a. m. Men’s and Women's Bible
11 m - Morning Prayer and ser
7:30 p. m. Evening Prayer and Ser
St. John's Mission. North Hender
son, - o'clock church school.
2:45 p. m. Holy Communion.
Rev. M. W. Warren, pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. H. M
Leckie, superintendent.
Senior Epworth League at 6:30 p.
World * Friends will meet at 6:30 n.
m.. with Mrs. Willie Jarvis, superin
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
A cordial welcome awits to all these
Rev. R. A. Whitten, minister.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m., C. D.
Newman, superintendent.
Worship at 11 a. m.
Junior Christian Endeavor 2 p. in.
The Senior Christian Endeavor so
ciety will conduct the evening hour
of worship. Program by F. M. Har
ward and Robert Whitten.
No mid-week prayer meeting next
week, and we hope that our people
from this church will continue to at
tend the revival at the Methodist
Episcopal church.
Rev. L. W. Gerringer. pastor.
9:45 a. m. Sunday school. C. F.
TanketTKtey. Jr , superintendent '
11:00 a. m. Worship and preaching.
PaSOor will bave> an appropriate Palm
Sunday message. The choir will fur
niih special music.
7:00 p. m. Junior Christian Endeav
or. Mbs Elizabeth Fox. superintend
7:30 p. m. Preaching service.
Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock,
auxiliary crirctes numbers 1 and 3 will
meet at the ohurch. This wiH be fol
lowed by an executive cotntntitityee
The public will find a cordial wel
come at this church.
Rev. E. R. Nelson, pastor.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. S. W.
Oakley, superintendent.
Worship service at 7:30 p. m.. with
preaching by the pastor. The subject
of the sermon will be. “Saving Our
South land.”
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- with a strap 59 To move swiftly. 21 Ape
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f if' yarh Revolution
lirroidted arch . . DOWN -8 More than usual
1 Ottjf'ln -Germany 3 ? S* 1 /
*• in 2 Earth, soil 32 Babylonian god
J* f*rm<at (conib form! 3< [
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1| Portion of milk ttonal )anßuag „ 43 r ° * ,ve *udibla
from which cheese 5 Suffix forming expression to
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19 Crude naef&l s jjj treatment of misstle
21 Hebrew teacher 7 Feminine name 46 Grimace (slang)
S 2 Not* Os scale g college degree *1 £**
14 Speedily, quickly <abhr ) 4 * Fish
(arch.) 9 Fish French lily
ST Greek letter „ Pronoun B,lk M '° rm
31 I have (contr.) lt sleeping cot 52 ° ne of th * Caro.
II Elf (var.) 15 Before line lslands
M D*n<* (Ft.) lg „ ol(ls rc f Us e I® h * < abbr '
33 Wine measure 20 Sheds CE-I 5o Right (abbr.)
JJ Anaw*r to Previous Puzzle
35 Life (comb, form) , _
31 Money used iMIO C|C A S I H A C)OkU
chemistry an |L|I P 5. DIBO P B N. g
alcohol Ft o wßm i rßf q pßbe r r
40 Inflame again |X~krr|lfA a pTlBn & w c C^H
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44 Personal worth. rrrrrdß=r = M?TTr
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50 Watery portion of ■ ■ Sb S ? =T SIS 1 &
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54 Woodland deity ” “ ST ~~ sr
(Gr myth.) |SBr|E|s}t jAl^lCl^
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Iwai mbs
Rev. D. E. Earnhardt, pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 a, m., with
classes for ail ages.
Worship services at H a. m. and
7:30 p. m., with sermons by the pastor.
Subject for the morning, “The
Triumphal Entry of Christ," Subject
for the night sermon, “Things That
At the morning the organ prelude
will be "The Palms.” by Faure. The
choir will sing as an anthem.
“Jerusalm,” by Parker. A quartet will
sing at the night service.
Pastor, Dr. Hugh A. Ellis.
Sunday school, with classes for all
ages, meets at 9:45 a. m., Clarence
E. Greene, superintendent.
Morning service at 11 a. m. The
pastor will preach on “Who Is This?"
Special Palm Sunday music by the
Evening service at 7:30 p. m. The
preacher will be the Rev. Lonnie B.
Reavis. pastor of the South Henderson
Baptist church. Special music by the
At the close of the service the re
cently elected deacons with others,
will be ordained by the pastor, assist
ed by the Revs. E. R. Nplson. J. U.
Teague and L. B. Reavis.
Warm welcome to all services.
Rev. W. C. Cummlng. pastor.
J. Harry Bryan, Sunday school
Sunday sChoo! at 9:45 a. m.. wttli
Bible classes for men and women.
Morning church service at 11 a. m.
L. S. Dixon of Durham. N. C. will
speak and every member of the
churoh Is asked to be present to hear
The choir is to aing. “Ride on in
Majesty” as an anthem, and “Palm
Branches" will be played as a violin
and organ voluntary.
The evening service* is at 7:30 p.
m. and the sermon subject wiil be,
"The Road to Victory.”
Come and worship with us.
Rev. M. W. Warren, pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 ol m.. P. M.
Porter, superintendent.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
m. by the pastor.
Junior Epworth League at 6:45 p.
m . Miss Elizabeth Savage, leader.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7:30 p. m., T. E. Rocker, leader.
To Address Men's Class.
It was announced today that T. S.
Kittrell will address the Men's Bible
class of the Episcopal church tomor
row morning at 10 o'clock.
■»' . ■ 1 ■■■'«>»
Each of the Salvation Army’s 45,-
000 workers throughout the
United States has been enlisted in
the nation-wide search for the kid
naped son of Col. Charles A. Lad-
SATURDAY, March 19
“The lavs of Christ Constralneth Us”
(Read II Corinthians 5:1-17).
When a person has surrendered him
self to Christ he knows what the Apos
tle meant when he wrote, "The love
of Christ contftraineth us." This is not
a cramping experience, nor is the con
tttralnt of Christ's love a limiting re
straint. On the contrary. It expands
our capacity to feel, to think and to
act. He who loves Christ most com
pletely is able to live most fully. He
ceases to evist for himself, or for
potty and trivial ends. He is now at
the disposal of cosmic forces under
the rule of Univei-aal Love. What
more can life hold than this? "The
love of Ohrirt conatrainoth u»'-«o
t'hwt we may live as new men in a
new and boundless world.
PRAYER: As Thou hast found us.
O Christ, and hast brougt us back into
the Rariance which is Thine, so lead
us toward tlhe prize of the 'high call
I How You Can Have |
I Money of Your Own I
I For Savings: I
If you are interested in saving money, you can adopt ■
no better plan than that of buying Building and Loan
shares. There are scores of people in Henderson and
Vance County, who owe a great deal of their success to ■
the fact that they bought Building and Loan shares a
few years ago, in that way acquired the saving habit. I
I For Home Building: I
Many of the homes built in Henderson during the past I
fifteen years were financed through the purchase of
shares in this institution. .Their owners will tell you
today that there is no better or easier way to become a
home owner.
I Our Fortieth Series Now Open I
Buy shares now and get on the road to home ownership.
I Come in and talk things over. We will be glad to ex
plain the system to you.
I Home Building and I
I Loan Association I
I W. A. HUNT, Pre». JOEL T. CHEATHAM, SeoTreat. I
burgh. Members of the Army’s
Chicago staff are shown here fa
miliarizing themselves with fea
tures of the baby published in po
lice circular*.
ing that is in Thee. Thou hast shown
us the Father anu it sufficeth us. for
Thou and the Father are one. May
Thy Spirit flow remain with us and
abide in us forever. Amen.
SUNDAY. March 20
"Hosanna; Ble*M-d Is He Thai Cometh
In The Name of the Lord”
<Kcvid Mark 11:1-10, and Psalm 118).
When Jesus came to Jerusalem the
Light shone waJi a Rariance such as
was never seen by men before. While
j! seemed for a space after the cruci
fixion lo rtavi t-een extinguished, it
buret forth thereafter with a glory
ar.d a power which time has been un
able to dim or to impair. Christ, who
brought Light into the world as Jewus
of Nazareth, continues to bring Light
into the world as the Risen Savior.
Palm Sunday. Holy Week, and Easter
Day. represent in temporal history a
pi occasion of events the counterpart
of which each one of us may witness
in his own life. They ate recorded In
the illuminated soul as occurring al
ways and everywhere. Let us. there
fore, give the Radiance full right of
way this week so that we may be re
minded once again of all that farth
and hope and love are able to accom
plish both in our own liv«-s and in
the life of the whole race of men, un
der tihe swuy of Christ, the Everiaft-
Ing Light.
PRAYER: O Savior of the world, who
comeat In mortal guise to £rove that
God is Love, may wo bd espectslly
near to Thee in spirit during the days
of this week. We pray that the con
viction of Thy Presence may so whol
ly arras tour minds that no tamer
thought nor any minor interest shall
be able to usurp the place which now
we devote to Thee in sincerity and
truth. Amen.
'Continued from Page One.)
cidents result fro mu disregard of the
highway laws. Whenever motorists
start observing the laws, the accidents
will stop."
The Highway Patrol wilt continue
to wage its war against speeders and
reckless drivers more vigorously than
ever. Captain Farmer said.
Os the 38 killed 14 were pedestrians,
leaving only 24 killed who were ac
tually occupants of'automobiles. while
65 of those injured were pedestrians.
Five of those killed and 32 of the in
jured classed us pedestrians, were
children under 14 years of age. while
5 of those killed and seven of Un
injured were over 55 years of age.
Intoxicated drivers are blamed for
5 fatal and 34 non-fatal accidents,
which is more than in January, when
intoxicated drivers caused 4 fatal and
29 non-fatal accidents. '
Only one woman driver was involv
-1 ed in a fatal accident in February,
though 31 women drivers were in
volved in non-fatal accidents, while
44 men were involved in fatal acci
dents and 288 in non-fatal crashes.
Collisions either with pedestrians or
other cars killed 29 of the 38 fatally
injured .only 9 deaths being caused
by non-collision accidents. Ten per
sons were killed and 58 injured in
colllisions with other cars, and 2 killed
and 3 injured in collisions with trains
at crossings.
Reckless driving caused the most
fatal accidents, the reports shows,
with 13 killed and 72 attributed to
recklessness. Only 5 were killed and
26 injured In accidents attributed to
excessive speed, while only three
deaths and five injuries were attri
buted to "cutting In" in passing, us
ually the cause of a large number of
serious accidents. No fataliUes were
caused by passing on curves or hills,
by failure to signal or by those not
having right of way. There were but
two deaths from hit-and-run drivers,
hough 8 were injured. Causes were
not stated for accidents in which four
were killed and 36 injured.
improvement" shown
Washington, March 19.—(AI*)—
The cotton spinning industry was
reported today by Die Census Bu
reau to have o|terated during Feb
ruary at 925 percent capacity on
a single shift basts, compared with
MS percent during January this .*
year, and 87.2 i>ercent in FebmaryU
last year. f

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