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nUUtT* A. dAWKI* PrO* and* Ator
n. L PINCH. t*ac-Treaa And Bus. M«r.
Tk« Hvnderaon Daily Dispatch MJ|.
•Mb« of tba Aaaociaied Praaa. N*WS-
■•WtVlkMtthiii'ciaauatf to it of not
MhaHfldletaintfta in thla papa r. iU
Olaa the local n«*a pubJubad haCala.
All riabti of publication of apecjal
•agiwbad* hartl* afa ala 6 raaervod.
J_ 1,11 iraiebimo.l p«nai.
Thr«4 AIN *Mr".7. I.H
Far Copy - .*
to iniMliiaiiu.
Lyug at the printed label on poor
Aadfif The data tbareon pbowp vban
Ba eftbifrlptloP' expire*. Kora*to
■oaf' m Oft a* in aetpfe time for re
mA| Notice data oa label carefully
r>| ts pot correct, pleaae notify ua at
Mti ffcbetrlbere desiring the address
•a tbprr paper changed. o’eaad atata la
lAafr communication bcib tba Otl<
Mt NEW addraM
■ attaint adaartlrtkar Kapraadafatiaba
MS Park AvMW, New York City: U
Sat W acker Drive. Chicago ; Walton
•alldlaw. Atlanta; Security Building
1. ixux:
■alaM at tba poat office la
•an. N. C.. ak second claaa mall matter
JW JUn—e n$
man s ways please the Lord, hr mak
rth even h 1.4 enemies to be at peace '
with him. Proverbs 16 7.
ourtfrrviNC the gangster
Americans of the quality Who form
the backbone of this republic hav*
found themselves nauseated and siclt
ened by the necessity of dealing with
the underworld in art effort to recov
tr the kidnaped Lindbergh baby. No
one be*jrudges C olonel Lindbergh the
rigtit to resort to any method that will
restore th* infant to its home, and
all of us WovHd b< willing, under Hke
circumstance*, to deal with gangteera
thugs, gentlemen or whatnot, so tong
as the child were recovered
But he thing that strikes dismay
in the hearts of oUr people is that the
Lindberghs have felt the power of the
underworld so strongly as to call upon
Its deniasrvs to give them aid in their
search. Is it not an tvidnw* of tile
breakdown of the law and of the im
potence of constituted authority In the
face of a heinous crime? It musk be
admitted that that is so. as dreadful
a thing as it is. ,
There is cause for rejoicing in the
turn of events that ignored A1 Ca
pone’s offer to give assistance, and
his wager that he could get the baby
back if given his liberty from jail,
whefre he is waking transportation to
a Federal penitentiary to do penance'
for his crimes. The thought of a
great nation haiboring a set of law
breakers who. when caught red
ha Tided. attempt to baiter with the
government for the restoration of
their freedom. Let Capone out and
this king of the underworld will re
turn to his old habits and his former
criminal cavorting*.
The Cleveland Press speaks of the
incident as “th«* Capone bunk.” And
It is nothing leas thd n that. If Ca
pone could get the child beck, why
couM he not do It from his jail cell
and If he refuses under such clfciim-
Wah'ees. why should he not be kept - In
pridon as a.further punishment? Dis- *
cawing the case, the Pram says:
hi!* Why a cheap and cowardly
murderer Who happen* thru the
breakdown of Illinois justice and the ■
accident of federal intervention to be
in Cook County Jail instead of on his
way to the gallows should be given
major attention in the Lindbergh case
by American newspapers, we do not
‘ We refer to Alphonse Capone and j
his offer to “do his bit” to bring back
the Lindbergh baby.
• Capone, like the rest of them, !
Is a cheap little ernok, a wholesale
murderer, who !as been turned up *
out of the skme of a great city, only
because high-powered guns and other
tnertmnical devices of a mechanics! '
age - have made it possible for little j
men to put up brave fronts behind
oteef barricades and machine guns.
“Adi of us tolerated Col. Lindbergh's
move to use the New York gangsters,
becMse we felt deeply for him in hts
dWfress. and could have no ccwure
for anything to which he thought he
couM pin hope.
'Alt these gmfigrters are being
'thoroughly donated. They have done
nothing except to get their pictures in
the’ papers along with a lot of lush
noriitense about their fives as “big
“Now this Capone stuff is too much.
We’ sincerely hope that Col. Uiuh
bergh doesn’t deal with this cheap
Chfoago show-off. and we donl thing'
he will.
“As for this newspaper, we WtH con
tinue to give Capone In this case just
about the mention his underhand at
tempt to deal hlmse*lf out of jail da
atld o*2 WOT bT vBT MOW*"
Rumors circulated side* the kirf
mpMg of the’ Ltndbi*hrf‘ babjf as to
the amount of ihe ransom demanded
for hia safe return have given rise to
speculation as to the rise of the Ltnd
bergtix* fortune. StkitV vftt»kA ago' at
the time when Interest in the kidnap
ing was at Its peak, an Associated
Frews out of Tick said
tn&t the* “fortune ori' which the kid
nt: pens’’ w'ere seeking “to lay hands
constitutes one of thV larged in
New* Jersey’."
Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh are be
lieved irt avlatloh circles ill N*w Yblß
to be' worth brtWfcen twd and 4 three’
million dollars. t4»c . fortune the
lcte Senator Dwight W. Morrow, fa
ther of Mrs. Lindbergh and - a tortnw
Morgan partner, is beflevsif to have
l*.ft his widow is nearly $19.000,(XW.
Col. undberfcb was a poor boy
when' he httppei oft in a I
plane for Paris in a fligf* that miade
him the world’j foremost birdman.
Fortune smiled.
He got the $25 OWT CJrteig - priae fo*
the flight and the St. Louis group
which backed h's venture gave htaV
>he “Spirit of St. Louis" plane in
cognition of his success. He received
in undisclosed sum from Daniel Gug
genheim for making a tour of the
United States after his return, later
becoming technical adviser of Pan-
American Airways and T. A. T., as
well as serving in ah advisory capa
city for the airways division of the
Department of Commerce. Hia adjur
es from the two aviation concerns
are report erf to total $30,000 yearty.
Large sums came to him from news
paper syndication, and from a book
he wrote. The first check he receiv
ed for the book Wiis SIOO 006. aviation
circles said - , and royalties are still
coming in. Miscellaneous awards in
recognition of his flight sWetledf the
total, while in 1939 newspapers said
the then Antbcsdadvr Morrow had
: -tablLshed a $1,000,000 trust fund for
;helr daughter Anne, Lindbergh’s Wife.
The object of the kidnaping in all
likelihood was money. The imjprea
sion given the night of the kldhdplng
was that a note left oh the window’
-ill demanded $50,000 ransom. Such
a slice out of a fortune so tenge'
would be a small consideration, from'
the Standpoint of the bereaved pa
rents, who woutt doubtless be wUrfng
to give their all to get the little tot
baCk again. Colonel Lindbergh has
been reported ready to pay the price
*aid to have been demanded, but thus
r the criminals who stol the baby
iave not exhibited any readiness to
■nake the trade.
Mr. in offeHng a tax
,>rogTam, lays down one principle 1 that
joght to have a tremendously strong
ippeai, but which' WIN likely W ignor
ed'by him and the teW-makCre in the
1933 General Assembly as it has in
previous sessions, except to deal with
•t only slightly. is the lde& of
he inbofhe to*. Indeed thert is merit
n the theory of a single tax, srtWch
In times past has been brought for
med mote as a theory thmV anything
else, and has never received the con
sideration it really deserve*. But if
t could be put upon a practical basis,
a world of artnoyAhce wbdM' be gotten
rid of at one fell swoop, and' there
would not be the harassing that ob
tains under the present system,
wherein the citizeh faCee a tax nearly
every time he turns around.
The Elizabeth City politician leads
jp to the idea progressively In a logi
cal statement, thdugh he dock nol ,
openly and directly adVockte the rais- <
tng of at) Stare revenues from income ■
sources. Since every citizen and
every kind of ptoperty shares in the
benefits of government, he says so
fach of thesp should furnish some
thing toward the support of govern->
ment. Bach would be required to pay .
according to his ability, the rich ac-|
cording to his wealth and tfi'e poor;
according to hjs poverty. The striv-'
ing should be not for exemptions but I
for equity, requiring aM people and,
all property to carry its
ate burden. Mr. Fhringhaus would
recognize that North Carolina is inj
competition with other states and '
make it desirable for ourtsiderA to!
live and to invest mon*y in the State.'
He would not be unmindful that heavy
tax burdens are destructive, and that
the power to tat. is the power to de
si roy, and tfctt poWbr must not be
That sounds good. Why, then, does
ndt Mr. Ehringhaus advocate a tingle
ta* for the State? Instead of the In
come tax. thW property ta*. the fran
chlee tax and a hoik, of others, why
not roll them all mm one' and re
quiYe every individual and every bus
inw» or corporation to pay on a basis
that would enable ah to share In the
codt of government, whether In s
large wky or a unrfft oUe| iM have
ohly that single Wry? ifnder such a
scheme there would be no such thing
** Income." The preaotti tax sy»-
tem is not ba*ed ott net earnings.
| other tmm inttomgr rbrnr niniif ppy v
its' share oq gross income, and ttie
man Wild ekms five dottbi* a week
to *be" as liable to pay'his pdrt
of tbs bill as the fellow who grts
s£oo a week.
bolild a legWlatufe In Witt CVim
ima. anywhere else for that matr
teK be petdttedrtT to adopt surti a
pian*» Tike queiy is parttafty ankwsb
ed in t<he fact that none ever has.
But if we are ltvlrtg hi a ehfcngW
p«4nd,‘ why not a chkiSged* pten of
taxation, and one that would reach
evrty- otte? Then We should have
mbtV seriooM cotisidfnttfoh of the
funcitohs and performiancea of gov
ernment. More people would take an
interest In elections more of thehV
kouK vote. Etch wA\i)d fehl he had
something to do with it and trtnrtd
wisdi to know 1 nolle of what it is ad
Mr. Ehringhaus would seem to favor
khe suggestion he has outlined, but
feart hr whhlrf be treading
upon treacherous grotlnd if he weri»
to come out in open and daft nit* ad
vocacy'of the idea. But such a scheme
oughF to' find favor enough to make
dt possible.
_ BY
where* o*/r<snr s. bradceY
sponsor ed or
TUEStTAY, March 22
“The rfark'nesg Is Past and the Truf
Light Now Sliiineth
< Read I John 2.1-10)
The pathway of Radiance lies on the
road with Christ, -rhis is the basic
truth and this Is tb« ulWmate fact. It
is the primary axiom of the splrftiuaHy
illuminated soul. It is the “given"
from which ell conclusions must be
derived. Questions regarding private
conduct, social relationships, economic
or political praotices, scientific proce
dure and aesthetic enjoyment, must
be answered by the truly enlightened
mind from this standpoint. The path
way of Radiance lie* on the road with
Christ. If the world is still darkened
by hatred and blinded by lu«t and'
gtoed, this is Hue only because the
world persists so lortg in following
other ways than Chrrtt’s. As men
learn to take His road and to go with
Him, they grow accustomed to a life
of inward joy end outward capacity
for practical helpfulness. Even when
their journey takes them to the CW
vary of suffering, the Light does not
foresake them. No way is dark for
those who go with Christ.
PRAYER: Help us, O Christ, to walk
in Thy eternal glory. Abide with us
when our feet grow weary, and be
pbfcien*. when our stops are sloW.
Open our eyes to the vistas that Me
beyond all valleys of shadow, and to
the ranges which beckon us on
through days of toil; and grant, we
Ptov, that wheresoever Thy Spirit may
bid us follow, our hearts may gladly
undertake to go. Amen.
1699—Sir Anthony Van Dyke, famous
Flemish painter, born. Died Defe.
9, 1641.
T797—William 1., of Germany, in
whose reign was accomplished
the unification of modern Ger
many, born. Died March 9, 1888.
—Braxton Bragg, noted ConfedfcK
ate commander, born in War
rehton. N. (3. Died in Galves
ton, Tex., Sept. 27. 18^6.
1822—Roealie M. Bonheur, celebrated
French animal gjid , landscape
' painter, whoee ”The Horae Fait”
■ is probably the most popular
' picture of the kind, born. Dfed
1,. MAy 23, 1899.
38*5—John Bannister Tkfib; the Mary
land RtmiPh Catholic priest
poet, born in Athelia Co., V&.
Died in 1900.
teMt2—Laura Jean Van
Mater Sfriwem, apthbr of more
i than' 50 of the ard'ehf love novels
1 associated with her name, whose
works sold by the mltlicms, who
was .in private life a Brooklyn,
N. Y. society matron and charity
leader, born in New York. Died
there, Get. 23, 1824.
1783 Congress voted five full years’
pa£ to officers in liCii of haif
, for life protnlsed in. 1789.
4820- SepHeh DCcaf □!*, nbted Ameri
can naval officer--hero killed iiV
[1832— Goethe. German poet, among
the world's greatest, died, aged
Dr. Robert A. Millikan, Collfortiid’s
great sclehftstt aAd NdHel priie wto-
Vifer in physlca, born at MOCfiAoh', 111.,
6k years agfe‘.
; U .S. Senator Arthtt’r H. VandCh
burg, bom at Grand" Rapids, Mich.,
48 r years ago.
Governoi 4 d. hf&X Gstdn#r of North
jCaroltna, bbi*n in ShClby, N. C., 50
Wars ago., .
( Henry Ci’Malley, O. S. Codilhliislbn
st- of Fisheries, born at St. JoNhs
bUry, Vt„ 56 years agio,
1 George B. Elliott of North Carolina,
Resident of the Atlantic Coast Line,
ip&rn in Norfolk*. Vo., 36 year* agb.
f Kent Cooper, genera! manager of
jtkk» Associated Press <AP)I, born in
polumbus, Ind., 62 years ago.
William Heyltgec,. noted boy atory
twllter, bora at Hobokfen, N. J., 48
preiidCnt of France,
«NJrn 75 yeafs afb.
P todays wiWrortt
In olden tiatoi thte W** tR* brt»«-
nDtr of tba’ yetr. It is a vafy forca-
ful day. The person bdrn on this day
W!il be capable of silrtnlnlng arduous
idbtfds. RafhCf too aghtesslvel a litfie
qbNDeEwiHile, and' liktsij? to be urtcon-
Irollablk* If antagonized, it will be
better if this nature be left to work
bdt its own destiny* rather than try
to direct it'. If any assistance be
ferred, let it’be'ddite in a very cir
cumspect manner.
• Near York, March 22—Manhattan
Some dizzy connoisseur of crowds
Ought to station hlnu«tff on th** cor
ner say, of 42nd street and Fifth avo
-1 r^f— —La***' - nue, and apply
the thermometer
tton to that how
ling intersection;
and then he
’ should shoot over
to some otiher
oqunhy irtfornin
mHlHHlr tive spot in an
other to^h—aay to where Pennsyl
vania avenue joins 13th street in
Washington, D. C., or to where Fred
erlckstrasse meets Unter den Linden,
in Berlin.
He’d accumulate, I wager, more lab
oratory material on the Manhattan lo
cation than in the other towns. There
have been times when, watching thait
improbable human crisscross of
stieimis at 42nd and Fifth, I’ve been
convinced that I saw two sharply dif
ferent rivers of humanity, one along
Jhe irlstocratic avenue and the other
along 42nd street.
I never have seen a silk hat in 42nd
street. I have rarely seen a piognant
iy k>v*ly lady—and whenever such a
figure' floats by, she seems to have
Idfet her way and wandered out of
Flfth > her proper milileu. If Jimmy
Walker or Grover Wlhalen should be
spied strolling crosstown, the observer
might be sure that both would turn
lefit or right into Fifth—yet this cer
tainly wouldn’t obtain at ail a block
north or south, in 43rd or 41st. Then
they might easily keep going.
■ Am I obscure? I don’t mean to be;
the thing is in reality almost a tang
ible faot. The types along these two
boulevards are, it seems to me, the
moat constant and the most marked
of any that frequent the highways of
the world.
And' that doesn’t necessarily Anean
£hafc all the color of Fifth avenue is
ACROSS ThlX % h Treble
1 Man's tempter J * f 2« Europe and Asia.
6 Toothed wheel on 66 Gl ' er combined
*Pdr 29 Condiment bud
II Eccentric DOWN 30 Tree
1$ Grave 1 Visioned 32 Angered
IK Kind of furi 2 Periods of history 35 Roadway advertise*
16 Spars 3 LarK e tub ment
1$ Bite off gradually 4 Leader in child's 37 Lifeless
D 'Own* game 33 Jutting rock
29 Scarfs * K Unbounded 39 Surfaced with
32 Spring 6 Musical signs stone; macadamised'
33 Mystic Hindu 7 Correlative 41 Poorer
expression 8 Toupee 43 Floating moisture
24 Rest ® Eternities Roots used in mnk
-38 Folio* 10 Part of upper ing sugar
37 Above * 1 Kongo river 4.'» Father’s hoy
28 Recall 11 Public supervisor 46 Round stones con
-81 Falla to pieces of Greece taining tin. in.beat*
(Scot.) 12 Complete; headgear Inga mining vein
*8 Dip slightly Into 13 Extent or limit 49 Incensed
*ater, OS a bird (Eng mining) 53 Gnawers
34 Young so* 14 Barters r.r. Solution for Icathei
3 Biblical name 17 Characterized by . r >C River of Tuscany
Exhibiting rainbow grand display tx Negative prefix
. tints 20 Sesame 60 Cotton seeder
_ 39 Methods 21 Shrub of color in 62 Roman coin
40 Wheel tooth autumn 64 The Puffin
♦1 Japanese coin
• |> Author of Answer to Previous Pucxle
“Twenty Thousand ,
;> Under th# (whHtl l [Uo)m| SEEEEI^E'
H Btyle of whiskers |R|B.Tn O^S^
<7 Close by IStQINMx/ S
41 sr^ n ' ter m iiPli£^sEea|ly|
KO Constrictor IE L. A fi g
K1 “Whaf?” O O EBa C E ft
»J Knave of clubs fgfr L, . a 7~7~r> ge g !
in -Loo* T »
$4 Country’s betrayal AdU O E SflfM R U 1 P T
6« Femlnihe name U IkiK/s.TE oryp nk t u * Kiifc !
* K7 Methddist pteadher \V Z g gfg m g | f
«nd educator - HM. IIA
19 Pompeian courts T|o i S'
or entrance halls A D h 1 m aBIH-r’ T
40 Battery plate ——
«I Repaints K N l S L SSBS H B
13 Pointed m imita- B{M]ull ATB lE SC AP'la
tion of markings k> [a It It 1d c c fe" 7" 7~ a" H P ”
of markings on l N l^l T l u l R Fp | LSFi 1 I^|Al7>
~ 3 |4 f 7 jd j®
' *
; r- 3 —|gßs —— ; mr

n — mdp Wmtr—
-—W- -^7-— P— —
• ’’fyr jp ~~pp
,i ME 9 " wm* irw
jJP—^ —i—P—^ : P t
Y L|43 W 5 meL g|pT-|'
n — Wm»* P- —
i tZXZJi^ —~#zziL
,J -t—pp
SpfeaAtifcg of Barter Bttfixete—
- ■■ —A
what Is described as “class ’’ The
other day I was attracted to a gen
tle-eyed little old lady jin fur tippets
who was pausing at intervals, bound
uptown on the avenue, to cross her
self, point frowning toward the sky,
make a neat curtsy to no one in
particular and continue the ritual.
She drew scarcely a sidelong glance
from the intently strolling walkers at
her elbow. In 42nd akreet one of
several things would siwe-ly have oc
curred. Either she would have been
arrested, she’d have been surround
ed at once by a tittering crowd, or
she’d have been selling something.
At say, the Washington intersec
tion, on the other hand, the crowds
possess more homegendty and less
excitement. It is impossible, since'
the bar was removed from the Willard
hotel, to tell in which direction a sen
ator Is gbihg to turn.
The identical coat-of-arms is flaunt
ed by thp president of Finland, Har
vard’s PorceUian dub and Gordon
gin... It’s a boar’s head...lt is whis
pered to me that Gene Tunney has
changed his mind about the rodJb and
wotDd be wilting to commeht on
sports over the ether, for a titillating
Delegates to the recent Columbia
Scholastic Frees association hod the
excellent taste to yawn, when quer
ied by reporters on their views of
world crises, the economic situation
and future journalism, replying hon
estly: ’Don’t bother us. We’re in New
York to see the town and have a good
timh!”.. .Which is an excellent atti
tude for a reporter, anyhow...lf orily
they could maintain it from cutohood
to coup desk!...
It seems that the husky gentlemen
noted in Central park the other even
ing with convoys of glided youngsters
from the apartment cHffs in tow,
were not kidnap guards at atk but,
as one parent expresses it, “former
football stars employed to jnstttt ideals
of mfcmhood in the chjidrsn!" Add
curious professions ... Incidentally.
Otto Schwartz, fallback of Columbia
U., is one of thein...
What the world needs for its gen
eration is. not so much a startling’
revelation of new truths, as a newer
conibihation and a bctter appfeclation
of old ones.
Having qualified as Adtofnkftrator of
the estate of Joseph S. Royster, de
ceased, late of VanCe County, N. C.,
this is to nottfy aH - persona having
claims against the ertate of the said
deceased to exhibit them’to the un
dersigned at Herufetson, ort or before
the 23rd day of February, 1933, or this
notice will be pleaded in bar of their
recovery. All persons indebted to the
estate will please make immediate
Admflnlst rotor.
Kktrell A Klttrell, Attys.
■Bn t
Low Sound Trip Fares to Almost Every Town in America
Over The
East Coast Stage Lines
The Short Line System
These tickets are good on all regular schedule buses.
Call the agent for information. >
’Phone 18 Union Bus Station, /
Henderson, N. C.
When planning a trip always ride the bus.
Ride De Lnxe Mdtetr Rases The most safe and
oonrteuus way to travel.
AbßtfttrtSTttArtttN NOTICE
Notice is hereby given that I have
qualified as Executrix of the estate of
r Thomas M. Pittman, deceased. an«
an persons having claims against said
decedent will exhibit some to me oi
mV attorneys within one year from
date hereof or this notice will be
pleaded n bar of recovery. An per
sohs indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment
This the 23rd dajt of February,
A. D., 1932.
Pittman, Brfdgera St Hicks, A ttys
Xacter Coach Excursion Fares
Portsmouth (Norfolk) .... $1.50
Richmond $1.50
Ticket* on tele for all trains March
25-26 and morning trains March 27.
Good returning until March 29.
No baggage checked—No stopovers
Children five and under twelve -
Half Fare
Bound Trip Euter Fares Between
Afl points in the Southeast ONE
Mbrch 23-24-25-26—Limited 15 day?
Stopovers Allowed—Baggage Checked
Tickets good in puilman care on
payment of puilman fares.
$16.95 Round Trip Easter R»t* to
And other New Jersey Resorts
Oh sale March 23-25—Limited IS days
And Return
On Sale March 3A, 31
U halted AprH 2nd.
Fbfr InfftrmatlPw See Ticket Agent
Ka*4gh, N. C. «**»<** **
506 Odd FVBowa Building
I miir Aikiwi AMtuttar

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