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Commissioners Authorize
Borrowings For Schools
Two notes aggregating $11,784 were
authorized by the Board of County
Commissioners at a called meeting
held today .the money to be used In
the operation of the schools toward
the nd of the eight months term.
One note for $6,794 represents 80
)>ercent of the uncollected taxes,
against which the credit is sought,
and which is permitted under the
provisions of the school law The other
note for $4,990 represents a deficit In
the budget, it was stated, arising out
Most Establishments to Take
Full Holiday For Easter
Must business houses of Henderson
sir jto be closed Monday Tor the
Easter holiday, it was learned today.
An agreement circulated among the
merchants resulted in obtaining the
signature* of most of thoae to whom
it waa presented.
Both the Seaboard and Southern
Railway freight depots will he closed
all day Monday. The post office will
run as usual, however, with regular
city and rural deliveries, and with
the office open as any other day. The
Citizens Bank and Trust Company
*•*11 not observe a holiday, but the
Industrial Bank of Henderson will be
closed for the day. > .
No Damage. However, to S. K. Cha
• viutr Home: Fire Chief Shep
herd Appeals ta Public
Leaves burning in the gutter on the
roof of the S. R. Chavasse house on
Orange street was the cause for the
alarm shortly after the noon hour
teyiay. Firemen quickly extinguished
the flames before any damage was
done to the roof.
Fire Chief E. T. Shepherd asked
that home owners in the city look at
itheir roofs and to clean out Vll trash
and leaves that have accumulated
dining the fall and winter months,
for the March winds can very easily
blow sparks into this trash and may
cause a very dangerous fire, he said.
A meeting of the Vance county
chapter of the American Red Cross
Is to be held on a day next week yet
to be determined upon, and the meet
ing is for the election of officers and
the hearing of annual reports. No
chairman for the annual Red Cross
Roll Call for 1932 wiU be chosen at
this time, it is stated- the matter be
ing deferred until a later date.
Owe Case Tried—One case was tried
in police today. S. G. I’ox and
'Alti'n Cheatham were charged with
being drunk, and .ox w«s fined $5
and own Cheatham was char-barged
City Property kioM—A lot on Rock
Spring and EXx vis streets changed
hands in a deed filed Friday. It was
w»*d by J H Bridgers, t runtee, to
SI Try A Bunn for $835.
l>rnard Shaw is in South Africa
and any eruptions from that vicinity
is therefore duly accounted for.
Wf iir»* pU-asni to iiiiiiminrp that \v»* have
mm*llidi tin* services of
A Registered Pharmacist
Whn will li** *rli«il to meet ami serve you at our store.
Phones 58 and 59.
I To Delinquent
I Tax Payers
I There will be a penalty of 3 per cent on all
unpaid city taxes after Friday, April 1. ;
I Street assessments are past due and must
also be paid. Pay now and save addi* ■
tional penalty.
of the fact that the yield from the
tax rate was cut down by reason of
adjustments in valuafiona made in a
number of cases after the rate had
been fixed.
So far as learned, no further busi
ness was before the board, and the
meeting was very brief. It was an
action that followed a conference
earlier in the week In Raleigh with
officials of the |Lo<*x! Government
Commission. when authority w mb
given for the borrowing of funds for
the purpose of operating the schools.
Some of Defendants Bound
Over And Others Given
Road Terms
A givup of young white men figured
in several every in recorder's court to
day involving the Ihetft of rCwtomobWe
pails, and some'of them were sent up
!.» superior c\nt^t < 'while m some in
stances rood sentences were imposed.
Malcolm Abbott, latwrcnce Abbott.
1 40 retie Abbott and Early Abbott wdre
charged with Uu theft*of automobile
parte, and each was given 12 months
i.n the toads, but each gave notice of
;n appeal and bond for each was
. .xed at SSOO.
On another charge of larceny Mal
colm Abbott was bound over to super -
.or court under SI,OOO bond. In still
another case. Malcolm Abbott. Ralph
taylor and Lawrence Abbott was tried
on a similar change and each bound
ever to superior court iii $1. , 000 bond.
The same three Were also accused of
automobile parts theflte in another case
and the two Abbott* were sent to the
loads for 12 months, while Taylor was
round not guilty.
The clergy of Bulgaria's Orthodox
Greek Chyrch is paid by the State.
Armenia is a member of the Union
of Soviet Socialist Republics. ’
Guard Princesses
>.* * <
A, ' 4:,; '
As a result of warning letters
received bv the Duke and Duchess
of York hinting that there was
danger of their two little girls
being kidnaped as waz the child of
Colonel Lindbergh, the two baby
Princesses have been placed under
a special armed guard. Above is
one of the children. Princess
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, 6 years
old. A granddaughter of the King
of England, the Princess and her
19-months-old sister are being
guarded by a strong force of
Scotland Yard men.
IftmlJrraonßatlaj Stspatclj
Rivals for supremacy in the
hearts of the nation’s children
at Easter time, the rabbit ami dg
the chic meet to talk things J^g
over. Mr. Bunnie larger jBKb Mmkj An -
and th- fIH JPaffgf
eggs Mrs. lays on
in life) what would Ea.ster be'.' HMKgSggtjjgSy
In Union There Js Victory
ItS an old adage. Nations have
Irtn built upon it. It rcntalm* us
good as ever It is on** of tin*
workTu doz«*n ideas that nev**r lose
In union there is strength.
.We ran win If we get together
and stick together.
That is why War Against Drpre
sion, waged by United Action for
Employment, is winning, finding
Jobs where most folks thought
there were no jnia.
Harp Playing Skits Given
and Mrs. Miles Gives
Solo at Meeting
J. li. Gee was in charge of lhe pro
gram at the Kiwanis luncheon-meet
ing yesterday evening. He staged a
harp-playing skit in which E. G.
Shaw was featured/”Mrs. M. C. Miles
| sang a solo which was much enjoyed
by members.
There were no speeches at this
meeting. An attendance report whs
given, in which it was shown that the
attendance for the month hud been 09
Registrars and Pollholders
To Be Selected Mon
day Night
Registrars and poHlholdeis io be in
•i charge of the annual Municipal elec
i ticn of Tuepday, May 3, .are to be ap
' pointed by tbe City Council Monthly
| night at it* regular monthly meeting
| for March.
There wtll, of necessity. be a seve
ral changes, at leual two due to deaths
that have ocourred since the last
Champion Corn Grower of State
SfiNtlf JgCl g. .||[email protected]
Pufr" —
IPi f -t
*' r-.t % -*• Jbl
* mm, syfM
By growing 481 bushels of com |
on three acres, on average of 160.6
bushels per acre, eighteen-year-old
Arthur Marlowe, a boy of Tabor high
school, Columbus county, has been de
clared the corn growing champion of
the State among 5,000 students of vo
cational agriculture according to an
announcement by. Roy H. Thomas,
There mm mill ions of joto In
If ever) American makes if an
organized business to help find a
million jobs for Americans now un
employed, jobs will; he 1 - found, not
for a million, but for two million
and quit** possibly for three million.
And then where will Old Man
Depression be?. He'll be knocked
Into a cocked hat and everyone
can Join In a great Victory Parade,
loot's go! All of w!
election, and these, together with the
others, will be appointed at that time.
Such WMter business as may oome up
for consideration was expected bo be
of a routine nature.
The source of every social awaken
ing is found in the fact that society is
trying to ravalue itself.
Apparently books on bridge are de
lecond Mother Jones
* -
'4pSf:. ;: V:.:r-: : -;. V" ;j<,„
■A 'W /
Known throughout Athens county,
Ohio, as a “second Mother Jones/'
Mrs. Mollie Robinsor, Crane, ol .
Hollister, 71 years old, has be*h
taking pail in mine strikes in the
Hocking valley field for the past
half century. Mrs. Crane i»
shown here after addressing •
crowd of 1,200 striking miners at
New Lexington.
| State supervisor of agricultural educa
tlon. The project was carried out un
der the direction of M. L. Tatum,
teacher of agriculture at Tabor.
Young Mrtrlowp was the South's lead
ing corn grower last year among 50,-
000 vocational students. In 1931 he
surpassed his previous year’s record
by 82.4 bushels on three acre*.
Thinks Retailer Is Key
To Revival Os Business
Readjustments of Recent Months Have Placed Him In
Position to Pull Up With the Tide Now; Sales
Program Must Be Kep t Lively all the Time
Copyright 1982, Publishers Finan
cial Bureau.
Baboon Park, Fla., March 26. — As
optimism and self-confidence were
over-developed during the period of
prosperity, so pessimism and fear
have likewise been over-developed
during the depression. This means
that every one is carrying curtailment
too far, and an actual shortage of
goods is being developed. For the past
eight ecn months more goods have
been consumed than have been made.
Merchandise in the hands of pro
ducers, wholesalers, and retaltere Is
lowest in many years. Stocks op hand
in the stores are 20 per cent below
.a year ago and 27 per cent below nor
mal. In recent months manufacturers'
bankrupt stocks have been purchased
by retailers and gold at auction prices
to consumers, ITtese distress stocks
are now pretty well cleaned up. More
over, many consumers have put off
buying so long that almost everything
they have is nearly worn out.
This obsolescence applies to motor
cars, tries,, clothing, footwear, fur
niture. houcshold equipment, houses,
and practically ail the necessities of
life. People must soon buy to replace
and a little buying would result in a
decided stimulation to business and
employment. More employment, in
turn, will mean more buying and
genera] business recovery will be
started. The various unemployment
relief measures effected are only stop
gaps. useful and necessary, but tem
porary. The only way to permanently
, help the unemployment situation is
by- stimulating consumer buying.
Every dollar that goes into retail
stores multiplies itself many times In
its effect on business as it works back
through the wholesaler, jobber, manu
facturer, and producer of raw ma
terials. The retail merchant, there
fore. is the key to the nation's pros
pects for return of prosperity.
Retailer Is Helping.
In the early part o fthe depression
the retailer, like most other people,
thought It was only temporary and
avoided changing his prices or meth
ods of doing business. Gradually, bow
er, as the depression re
tailers have been getting down to
hardpan and have greatly increased
► heir economy and efficiency. Nearly
every store in the country has trim
med down expenses, eliminated
“frills” and got its business onto a
really efficient basis. Certain cost
«s> HE> H 3» HO <Sfr <3*» <S* CP <^Ngg?
| Building Permanent Friendship j
| Through Our Service |
* a
0 Month after month, year after year, we serve the same §
$ customers over and over again. New ones keep coming
in to join them —and to stay. *
$ 9
■ If these good friends of ours from Henderson and the «
country around, didn’t like our service, they would not v
v give us their patronage. §
5 ..4
We are proud to point to the 43 year record of the Citi-
a zens Bank and Trust Co., as convincing evidence that
T our service builds permanent friendship.
$ V
YOU are invited to join this friendly circle.
0 0
| l |
* Citizens Bank i
!' and Trust Company |
Av ; Henderson, N. C A
Capital and Surplus $500,000.00.
A’ WM. A. HUNT, Praident a
V . j
| SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 1932 ~~
items have been slow to change, such
as rents and taxes. Retail savings are
being passed along to consumers in
lower prices. Also a new spirit of ser
vice to the public is emphasized. Even
though there are about 1,500,000 retail
stores in the United States, there is
always room for the store that sup
plies people with the kind of goods
they want at the lowest costs consis
tent with good quality, style, service,
and timeliness.
Although most retailers, with (he
exception of some of the large chain
systems, operated at a loss in 1931,
and although dollar sales have so far
this year been running about twenty
per cent under a year the read
justments carried out in recent
months have cleared the way for fun
damental improvement. Customers are
how offered quality merchandise at
low prices, fitting their lower pur
chasing power. But the days of the
less-than-cost bargains are rapidly
drawing to a close. To those people
No*h Numskuu.
Pouticau QROUP
agio '<W ygyiT MASH V/t-iJg,-raw
For Better Printing Phone 62
The largest and best equipped job shop In town.
who have the means to buy .»»-
sent is an opportunity such « k! Pr *'
been seen for twenty yeam or T! n ° l
and may not be seen again ter J, r *-
time. While further downward
readjustments in individual it- m P<>
b.b.y retail
eral are now in much closer
ment with wholesale prices than tk
were a few months ago. Those ZL*
wait too long to buy will, in * 0
ture. look back with regret at
opportunities. miß!,e<l
Keep feait*. I’rognun ij v «j v
The first sign many business
will have that depression "
when the see their competitors ru 1
ning away with the orders they them
selves have been waiting to gel I
sure American business men wo Ta
be better off today if they would st„„
worrying about foreign debts. re., ai l
tions, the .stock market, etc., and is
gin to go after the busineess which i
to be had right now. Regardless „r
what happens Abroad we can have
good share of prosperity right In ihi*
country if we will only work hard
enough to get it. That means that w*
haae to keep our sales programs live
ly. While I thoroughly approve of . u *
ting all possible expenses. I also ihink
•hat it is foolhardly to cripple y „ ur
sales efforts by unwise cutting at ihh
time. Instead of cutting out adverts
Using, seek to improve its appeal It
is the business of the sales and ad
vertising department to get custom
ers into the store.
To the independent retailer I say
stop worrying abkut chain store com
petition. and stick to your own field
which is specialized quality merchan
dizing. Do not stray Into the olher
fellow's territory which is moss dis
tribution of low-priced merchandise.
Above all. time your advertising to
suit the changes in mode and fashion
The independent store is far better
able than the chain system to adapt
itself quickly to changing demand.-,,
its buying policy is more flexible, li
is better able to meet local require
ments because it can keep its ear
close to the ground in the community.
Can Render Great Service.
Both Independents and chains must
remember that the consumer is still
king. He will be served, and those re.
tailers who serve him most fairly and
at the lowest cost for honest good*
are the ones who will change red ink
to black on their books in 1932. By
so doing they will also speed the re
turn of general prosperity. Consum
ers, in the same way, can render »
great service by making needed pur
chases now, thus helping not only
themselves but the unemployed, and
the whole welfare of the country.
General business as measured by the
Babsonchart is now 34 per cent below
the normal X-Y Line, compared with
34 per cent a month ago, even with
adjustments for usual seasonal move

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